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Executive Post Graduate Diploma in Management


1. This is a Course in Term-IV of the Executive Post Graduate Program. The course is graded on
100 points.
2. The project work module requires the student to work on a live project in their area of
3. The project is to be undertaken by a candidate either in the organization of current employment or
in a reputed organization of choice.
4. A Faculty Guide and an Industry Guide will provide guidance to the student and supervise the
progress of the project.
5. The Faculty Guide will evaluate the Project Proposal, the Draft Report, and the Final Report
while guiding the student on the academic quality of the project from time to time. Each student
will be assigned a Faculty Guide by Alliance University.
6. The student is required to select an Industry Guide from the organization in which the project is
undertaken. The Industry Guide will assign the project topic and the functional domain or
department where the project is to be undertaken as well as supervise the work of the student on a
regular basis.
7. The Industry Guide so selected must necessarily be an expert in the area in addition to being a
person who is senior to the student both in designation and work experience.
8. The students are expected to work for eight-ten weeks and complete all the requirements of the
project. Students are thus required to obtain a Certificate of Completion from the organization
duly signed and dated by their Industry Guide.
9. The project work has three evaluation components: a project proposal, a draft report, and a final
report. Each evaluation component carries the following weightage:

Project Proposal (10

Marks), Draft Report (40 Marks), Final Report (50 Marks).The Draft Report should be
complete in all respects at the time of submission to the Faculty Guide.

10. The page limit for the Draft Report is 50 to 80 pages (A4 size paper, 1.5 line spacing, and 11
Times New Roman, Normal font.). The maximum page limit for the Final Report should not
exceed 100 pages (A4 size paper, 1.5 line spacing, and 11 Times New Roman, Normal font.). This
page extent includes Annexure and other supplementary materials.
11. A soft copy of the project proposal is to be submitted to the Faculty Guideon or before October
20, 2015 by e-mail with a copy to student services.The Draft Reportis to be submitted only in
soft copy to the Faculty Guide on or before November 20, 2015togetherwith the certificate of
completion from the Industry Guide& the organization with the stamping& the signature. The
student is required to make a formal presentation to the Industry Guide upon submission of the
Draft Report.A copy is also required to be submitted in our web portal.
12. The Final Report must be submitted in hard copy (2 hard bound copies) only on or before
Dec20,2015, 5:00 pm to the Executive-PGDM Department, Alliance School of Business.
13. The formats for project proposal, cover page, certificate,and the table of contents are enclosed.
14. The Project Report will adhere to the format given below:

Title Page.

Declaration Page by the Student.

Certificate from the Faculty Guide/Industry Guide.( with the company stamp&

Certificate from the Organization.(Industry guide signature with company letter head)

Acknowledgements Page (to the Management of the Institute, to the Company, to the
Industry Guide, to the Faculty Guide, to friends/associates/colleagues).

Table of Contents (with page numbers).

Executive Summary.

Chapters (in sequential order).



Encl:(All these certificates are must & to be enclosed in your Project Report)
1. Project Work Proposal Form.
2. Cover Page/Title Page (must use white colour page).
3. Certificate of Faculty Guide & Industry Guide Signature
4. Declaration of Project Work.5. Certificate of Project Work.
6. Letter from the Organization with Industry Guide Signature
15. Students are required to adhere to the chapterization plan of Report given below:

Executive Summary.

Chapter 1 Introduction: problem identification, coverage of industry and company.

Chapter 2 Methodology: type of data collected (primary and secondary data), procedure
adopted, sampling techniques and sample size chosen.

Chapter 3 Findings and Discussions: data analysis, findings, and learning outcome.

Chapter 4 Conclusions & Recommendations.

16. Students will be awarded both the consolidated official transcripts and the final program
Certificate subject to the successful completion of the Project Work Course.

Executive Post Graduate Diploma in Management

Name of the Student:



Phone: 9880799888

Area of Specialization:
Marketing Finance HRM Lean Operations Information Systems Project Management
Faculty Guide: PROF.SUNIL D ANTO

Designation: Professor


Phone: 9845130905

Organization [With complete address]:M/S AQUA CHEM TECH PROJECTS PVT LTD.
no 73,Kantha complex, Dr Rajkumar road ,
Rajajinagar 3rd stage, Prakshnagar
Project Title: Project Report on Advertising Effectiveness on sales Promotion and sales management
for Aqua chem. tech projects pvt ltd

Designation: Director-Projects

Industry Guide :Mr.Rama chandra


Duration of Internship:

Phone: 990069089

Weeks: 6 weeks Start Date:10 nov 2051 End Date: 20 dec 2015
Scope of Work


Learning Objectives: various mode of marketing and effectiveness of marketing on the sale of the
company,sales promation,sales management.
Methodology: sale conversion rate and effects
C. Timeline: 6 weeks

Signature of Industry Guide

Signature of Student

Please Note: The duly completed form must be submitted in soft copy by e-mail addressed to your designated
Faculty Guide (with a copy to student services) on or before Oct 20, 2015. Please upload a copy in the web


Title ()
Prepared by
Registration No:
Under the Guidance of Dr. /Prof..
In partial fulfillment of the Course: Project Work
In Term IV of the Executive Post Graduate Diploma in Management

Class of Sep 2014

Executive Post Graduate Diploma in

Class of Sep 2014

Term IV: Project Work

This is to declare that the Report entitled .... has been
made for the partial fulfilment of the Course: Project Work in Term IVby me at
_________________________________(organization) under the guidance of
Dr./Prof_________________ .

I confirm that this Report truly represents my work undertaken as a part of my Project Work.
This work is not a replication of work done previously by any other person. I also confirm that
the contents of the Report and the views contained therein have been discussed and deliberated
with the Faculty Guide.

Signature of the Student

Name of the Student (in Capital Letters) :

Enrollment No

Executive Post Graduate Diploma

Class of Sep 2014

This is to certify that Mr. / Ms. ___________________ Enrollment No. _______ has completed
the Report entitled ___________________________________________ under my guidance for
the partial fulfillment of the Course: Project Work in Term IV of the Executive Post Graduate
Diploma in Management (Class of May 2014).

Signature of Faculty Guide

Name of the Faculty Guide:

This is to certify that Mr. / Ms. ___________________ hascompleted the Report entitled
___________________________________________ under my guidance for the partial
fulfilment of the Course: Project Work in Term IV of the Executive Post Graduate Diploma in
Management (Class of Sep 2014).

Signature of Industry Guide

Name of the Industry Guide: