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Jahan Swanson

Cincinnati, OH 45214 - 513-807-7608


Data Entry
Randstad - Cincinnati, OH - April 2015 to March 2016
Key in confidential information pertaining to sensitive government documents.
Sort and approve, payments through ground mail.
Skills Used
Data Entry skills the ability to key in information at a set amount of time for 7 to 12 hours a day

Co-Manager/Store Manager
Journeys - Cincinnati, OH - August 2015 to February 2016
Cash handling, Counting Drawers, Scheduling part-timers, making sure hours never went over used or under
used, sorting shoes and placing them on display, conducting inventory counts, checking in stock, scanning,
receiving, and sending out shipment. Speaking with customers to provide the best customer experience
possible. Selling clothes, shoes and accessories, upselling cleaners and socks. Opening and closing the store,
sending out emails, creating invoices, building displays, creating a work plan in the morning for part timers
so they could meet a assigned amount of sales, meeting or going above projected sales goals. creating and
dropping a bank deposit at the end of the night.
I become top seller at my home store in Northgate, producing the most sold shoes, socks, and accessories.
I out performed all my other co-workers and earned my way into a key holder position that had already been
taken by another worker. I not only worked at my main store but covered 5 other stores as a key holder and
then as a newly promoted co-manager. I was transferred to the highest performing store in the state where I
sold among some of the best performing sellers.
Skills Used
I demonstrated excellent customer service skills, the ability to be calm in any situation dealing with a customer.
Mathematical skills were also applied during the job sometimes to provide the correct change to customers,
or count an abundant amount of shoe boxes. Language skills to make the customer feels as though their
purchase was worth wile, communication skills to schedule employs, computer skills to correct PDF documents
and send emails

Bookstore Clerk, Barista

Barnes & Nobles - Newport, KY - November 2014 to January 2015
Shelfing Books, Scanning Customer Orders, Making Starbucks
related drinks, selling
memberships to customers, keeping an neat an organized book area, assiting

customers, and cleaning the store

Selling 9.07% Above required goal of memberships, Up-Selling 10.00$ Drinks at Starbucks.
Skills Used
Customer Service, Business & Marketing, Cashier Abilities, Up selling, and electronic skills.

Mikes Painting - Milford, OH - October 2012 to August 2014
Provide excellent Customer Service to consumers who wished
to purchase paint, Meet monthly sales quota's, ring out customers, talk on
phones, attend meetings, place orders, labor


Education Record
Summit Academy

Graphics Design, Inventory Management, Cash handling skills, Microsoft application knowledge, ability of
basic power tools and knowledge of how to use them, painting, Telecommunications skills, customer service
skills, and ability to talk to anyone.