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Sai Baba helps me buy a house .............................................................................................. 45 Baba Blessed Me With Much More Than My Desires.......................................................... 47 My Experience ............................................................................................................................ 51 Sai - The Trustee of My Life ..................................................................................................... 53 Sri Sai Baba’s Miracles ............................................................................................................. 55 Our Father’s blessings for my Mother ..................................................................................... 58 My experience with Baba .......................................................................................................... 60 Satsang ........................................................................................................................................ 62 An experience ............................................................................................................................. 64 Life Has a Purpose .................................................................................................................... 65 Miracle of Baba’s Udhi .............................................................................................................. 66 THE USUAL MAN ...................................................................................................................... 68 Baba helps me get a new job ................................................................................................... 70 Everything is Possible With the Grace Of Baba .................................................................... 71 Baba has been with us always ................................................................................................. 73 Our Beloved Baba ...................................................................................................................... 75 One of many experiences with Baba ...................................................................................... 77 Got comfortable darshan .......................................................................................................... 79 Baba’s saying.............................................................................................................................. 80 The Miracle!................................................................................................................................. 81 .......................................................................................................... 82 ..................................................................................................................... 83 , .............................................................................. 87

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By: Ashok Jain Do you know what the best thing about working for this magazine is? Any little effort made towards this magazine is a tonic to boost our own faith in Baba. It is like we have taken one more step towards Baba. We get opportunity to see Baba in completely new light by virtue of it and strengthen the ties of our faith in Him. The various experiences of devotees from various corners of globe are really humbling for all of us. Dear readers, thanks a lot for sharing your experiences in SAMARPAN, reading this magazine and being enthusiastic about receiving it every quarter. Each experience with Baba is unique and is based on devotee’s observation, feelings and understanding. It is amazing to know how much faith people repose in Baba during times of crisis and are helped by Baba. As we are bound by karmas and are bound by the laws of the world we live in, we should carry out all our duties with utmost faith in Baba. We should remember that God has also made provisions for doctors, hospitals and other facilities. We should seek their help and do our assigned duties whenever there is any health related issue with any of our family members. God’s intervention comes when we have done all what we could have done still retaining faith in Him. We should never give up our duties in the name of faith and in the belief that Baba will heal or cure our near and dear ones. Before we expect grace from Baba; we should have done our duties. Grace is after all “grace”, it is a limited opportunity for us and we would be receiving it in mysterious ways and during special times. Hence explicit grace and high hopes on Baba’s grace while we forget everything else will not be very pleasing to Baba. Having faith in Baba will keep us on path, will save us from many troubles, however unless we carry out our assigned | Baba | Baba

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duties, even Baba will not be pleased with us. So, in order to please Baba, we should do our duties and for rest of the time lead our life in as correct manner as possible according to Baba’s wishes. Let us talk something about SAMARPAN now. By Baba’s blessings our editorial team has grown up with addition of very nice people who have helped in creation of this magazine. Mythili, Poornima, Anisha and Nikhil have volunteered their help for this edition of magazine. You will find small introduction of each one of them at the end of the magazine. Nikhil, Anisha, Poornima and Mythili thank you very much and I expect your continued associations with this magazine. Dear all, we are always willing to hear from and you can always let us know your thoughts by emailing us. We are aware of the fact that we have a long way to go to make SAMARPAN one of the best spiritual magazines: the magazine which sustains faith in the current devotees, the magazine which is able to bring many more people into Baba’s fold, the magazine which we eagerly look forward to and the magazine which heals us spiritually and uplifts us. Wherever we are today, is by Baba’s grace and with the help of Baba’s devotees. Baba will ensure that SAMARPAN will touch many more souls, give solace to them, given hope and peace to all. We all pray that Baba leads us, inspires us every moment and we learn all what is required for us. Peace and love to you. | Baba | Baba

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Kumkum sprinkled on us
By: Padmini Brindawaneswarie Kathiereson Sir, I shall be very much obliged if you can please publish the following article in the SAMARPAN magazine. Thanking you in advance. “I am indeed very proud to say that Shirdi Baba had helped me in numerous ways. I quote a few of Baba’s miracles below: When my son and I went to White Field with my sister along with a group of 18 others from Kandy for the Buddha Poornima festival, I was fortunate to buy Shirdi Baba’s Satcharita. I was even fortunate to be blessed by Sathya Sai Baba when He walked along the pathway created by the foreign devotees, i.e. we were asked to sit facing each other by leaving a little space for Sai Baba to walk. When He came near my friend who was seated on my left, while answering her question, Baba kept His hand on my head and blessed me and the book ‘Sai Satcharita’, which I opened and held in my hands. I felt a vibration going through my whole body at that time, and I could not get over it for a long time. After we got back to Sri Lanka, I was in the habit of reading Baba’s Satcharita as and when time permits. In the year 2003, my husband and I had to go somewhere and both of us were standing at the bus stand. Then, all of a sudden, we both felt a few drops of water being sprayed on us. Both of us looked up to see whether the sky was cloudy, but the sky was very, very clear and the others who were waiting for the bus a few yards away didn’t show any movements. Then, some kumkum appeared on me, which made us realize that Shirdi Sai Baba was blessing us with the spraying of holy water and kunkumam. This was the time we were undergoing tremendous financial problems due to my husband being out of employment, and a man in my office who knew of our problems was trying to be funny with me. My husband and I realized that no power could separate us as Shirdi Baba is there to guard and guide us. Following day, when I came to office, and as I am always in the habit of worshipping Shirdi Baba prior to starting work, I did so and kept the ‘Shri Sai Satcharita’ on my table. To my surprise, suddenly holy ash started appearing on that book and on the other table where Shirdi Sai Baba’s picture was kept. After a few minutes a line of holy ash appeared on my saree to prove that Shirdi Baba is always with me to protect me. Words fail me in expressing my gratitude to Shirdi Baba. Wherever I go, I always carry Baba’s Satcharita with me. All praises are to our Shirdi Sai Baba. | Baba | Baba

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Fortune brought to us by “SAI BABA”
By: Lalitha Ashok We were financially weak in year 2005. We went to Shirdi and prayed to Baba to shower his blessings and piece of good fortune on us. But immediately after our return from Shirdi my husband met with an accident, fractured his leg and was on bed rest for next 3 months. I had gone through a very tough time. Every night I used to sit This dream occupied my mind in front of Baba’s photo crying and telling completely and I kept on sensing him all my anguish. Then one night I had a and thinking about it. One day I dream, I saw Baba standing in front of my started reading “SAI SACHARITRA” house asking for alms. When I went to give – A book on Baba’s life and how he him alms, he started running and then I helped his devotees. On the final also followed him. Then he bought himself day of reading the Holy Scripture to a standstill at a place and spoke to me i.e. Thursday, I received this call this: “I will always be there beside you to from my husband in the afternoon help”. informing me that he got his promotion letter and his salary was After 2 months of my dream, my husband began going to his work. This dream hiked by Rs 2 Lakhs per annum. occupied my mind completely and I kept on sensing and thinking about it. One day I started reading “SAI SACHARITRA” – A book on Baba’s life and how he helped his devotees. On the final day of reading the Holy Scripture i.e. Thursday, I received this call from my husband in the afternoon informing me that he got his promotion letter and his salary was hiked by Rs 2 Lakhs per annum. I was tremendously overjoyed and I prayed and thanked to Sai Baba for showering his love and blessing us. Even today I feel that he is always beside me, guiding me and helping me whenever I am in need of. Jai Sai Ram | Baba | Baba

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My Experience
By: Janaki I would like to share my experience with all SAI Devotees. When my daughter was in tenth standard, she was unable to concentrate on her studies & kept informing me that she could not retain anything. I prayed to Baba everyday to bless her with due concentration and attention on studies. But as she failed in quarterly exams & scored 50% in half yearly exams, we were anxious of how she will do Exams started and she did well in in board exams? One of the Sai devotees every exam. I was hastily waiting gave me Shirdi Sai Nav Guruvar Vrath for her result. In India results were Katha copy on her udhyaapan day. I also out but in UAE it takes 2 more days thought of keeping fasts on 9 Thursday’s to be declared and I was unable to and I subsequently I started them. I kept sleep. I kept praying to Baba, when praying to Baba about my daughter’s one Friday results were out I was studies. On first Thursday of my fast I read a story in Vrat Katha which was exactly just so scared to see her result on similar to my situation and my heart got internet and I called for and heavy and tears started rolling down my requested my friend to check it out. eyes. While my daughter prepared for her She showed me the result and I exams, I sat with her till 12’0 clock in the could not believe that she got night. I told her to do her best and leave distinction. the rest to Baba and he shall take care. Exams started and she did well in every exam. I was hastily waiting for her result. In India results were out but in UAE it takes 2 more days to be declared and I was unable to sleep. I kept praying to Baba, when one Friday results were out I was just so scared to see her result on internet and I called for and requested my friend to check it out. She showed me the result and I could not believe that she got distinction. My joy knew no bounds. I was extremely joyful & rushed to puja room with tears. First I thanked Baba and fell down on his padukas. I have no words to explain that with Sai’s grace only she scored great marks. Now my daughter is studying in India. I would say it to all that if we pray to him with 100% devotion & dedication Baba certainly takes care of us. | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 10

Baba’s Visit to My House
By: Lakshmi Tanuja (I am thankful to Sai SAMARPAN Magazine for giving me an opportunity to share my experience with Baba). In the month of June 2008 I was completely distressed due to some personal reasons. I always pray to Baba whenever I am happy or sad. I kept complete belief on Baba and asked him to give me peace of mind. One day I and my mother were going to give lunch pack to my brother. Suddenly I saw a person at the end of the street. He was in Baba’s Attire and while chanting “SAI BABA” he was crossing the houses in The above is the photograph of our street. By seeing him my eyes were Baba’s Attire when he visited our drenched with tears and I felt really joyful. house. And then Baba moved I was surprised to see him and thought forward and we turned to come Baba came to me. I asked my Mom to back. I asked my mom to look back bring some food. Unfortunately there was where Baba was. When she turned no food available at home so we thought of back, to our surprise nobody was giving Rs. 2 to him. When Baba was about there. We are highly pleased by Sai to cross our house I asked him “can you stay for a moment Baba”? He looked at us Deva’s darshan. with great smile, stopped near our house and said to me “From now onwards there are good days coming to you. Everything will be fine. Just believe in Sai” and he asked me “If we wanted to go to Shirdi” to this I said “Yes, Baba”, and he replied “Go to Shirdi, everything will be fine. Good days are approaching you and Baba’s blessings are with you”. Immediately my mom brought Rs. 2 and offered it to him. Baba blessed her saying “Sai’s blessings are always with you. You will be happy”. Uttering these words he looked at us with his charming, smiling, glorious face. The above is the photograph of Baba’s Attire when he visited our house. And then Baba moved forward and we turned to come back. I asked my mom to look back where Baba was. When she turned back, to our surprise nobody was there. We are highly pleased by Sai Deva’s darshan. This is one of my experiences with my Lord, Friend, God, Well Wisher and EVERYTHING to me. | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 11

Sai Baba blessed me and my friend
By: Molly Spirituality is relating to, or having the nature of spirit and the same I had experienced - The power of Sai Baba. My name is Molly, I am from Jaipur Rajasthan. I had experienced the power of Sai Baba in last few days. (It was Thursday. As usual I visited Sai Baba’s Temple, offered him sweets and as I reached office I received the Sai SAMARPAN mail where everybody shares their experiences and I too got a chance.) I believe in Baba from past 4 years. I always try to visit temples and remember Baba all the time. I chant Sai Baba’s name as I wake up and even before going to sleep. Days back I was facing lot many problems in my life. Things were dire at my work place and even home. I was piled up with tensions and I lost my faith in him. I had not visited Sai Baba for 15-20 days nor did I chant his name. Even if I went to temple, I always stood outside. After some days I realized that may be he is testing my faith and patience and I thought I will not let my faith down on him. There was a time when one of my dearest friends was in depression as he was out of job. Being in depression he thought his life is a waste and he got out of touch from all and dropped conversation. How special he is to me is hard to explain. Only Baba knew this as our relation started from his door when we used to visit his temple together. Seeing him in great pain, I decided to keep Baba’s 9 fasts of Thursday. I had heard a lot that “agar sachhe mann se Sai Baba k fast karo to wo apki manokamna zaroor puri karte hai”. Maine puri shraddha aur bhakti se Baba k vrat kare and to my | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 12

surprise on second Thursday of my fast he got a job with a handsome package in one of the reputed firm in Gurgaon. We both were thankful to Shri Sai Baba for granting us this job. And this time my faith grew stronger than earlier and I promised “Sai Deva ki abb aapse kuch nahi mangungi”, he had blessed me with such a nice friend to whom I met after 6 years of my school and with his grace we are again together and maintaining a good relationship. “Maine apna sub kuch Baba ko de diya hai, abb jo wo mujhe denge mujhe manzoor hoga”. I read Sai chalisa daily and also insist my friend to visit Baba’s temple. I ask Baba to always keep my friend happy as there is more happiness in seeing others happy and when that person is so close to you, you feel hurt when he is suffering as Baba is in pain to see his children in pain. I wish and pray to Baba to make us together. Here is my second experience I am sharing. Whenever I am in trouble I try to remember him. You won’t believe that my mom and dad never visited Baba but when I served Baba with “Poshak” my mother entered Sai Baba’s temple for the first time. “Sai Baba apni kripa mere upar banaye rakhe aur mujhe jaldi Shirdi bulaye. Mera bahut mann hai ke wo meri bhakti se khush ho aur mujhe waha aane ka param avsar de”. I wish you all keep your faith on him forever. Thanks to Sai SAMARPAN with whose help I have been able to share my experience. | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 13

My Experience
By: Jayprakash Dubey (There are lots of experiences I had with SHRI SAI BABA and today I’ve got an opportunity of sharing some of those) In 12th standard (2005-2006) I had a target of achieving 86% and to attain it I studied with utmost sincerity. That was the time when I developed interest towards spirituality. Since then I started reading ‘Shrimad Bhagwat Gita’ and now it has become my habit of reading it even today. Studies became my priority; I started devoting more than normal hours in it and felt anxious even if a day was spent without it. I became blind in it and because of this habit and other parameters I always When the results were out I was had a confused look on my face. moved to see that I stood first Everyone looked upon me as a mentally position in subject-wise merit list by sick person. I had developed immense securing 100 marks in Information Faith in God during this phase. The Faith Technology. Another surprise was multiplied when I was encountered with that I scored 86.33% which was my difficulties. Time passed and board exams target. were approaching in February 2006. With growing anxiety and bewilderment I became a victim of depression. With intense efforts I gave exams but was ambiguous of whether I’ll clear them or not. When the results were out I was moved to see that I stood first position in subject-wise merit list by securing 100 marks in Information Technology. Another surprise was that I scored 86.33% which was my target. Truly speaking this miracle happened only because I had great respect towards ‘Shrimad Bhagwat Gita’. It changed my entire life. So I request readers to read their holy books like Gita, Bible, Kuran, Guru Granth Shaib etc. to live life truly. I had psychological problem since childhood. My elder brother’s marriage in November 2008 changed the entire environment of my family. My brother | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 14

and his wife had a quarrelsome relationship and because of it I was unable to concentrate on my studies and felt that I will not be a graduate. Losing control over situations I always thought of attempting suicide. The psychic problem was that I was unable to visualize and imagine things. Semester IV exams were near-by and I had not prepared for it. Due to this I had great tension in my mind. I used to pray to Sai Baba to get me rid of these problems. Exams started and the first exam went bad because of my impatient attitude towards writing. I went into depression and decided to leave studies and go to Hyderabad/Bangalore in search of work. It was evening time when I boarded bus to Kurla station. While on the way I experienced Sai Baba’s miracle. I saw “Sai Krupa” or “Sai Baba” written on most of the vehicles passing by. I decided to go forward and reached Lokmanya Tilak Terminus (L.T.T) and searched for train for out-stations. To my surprise I didn’t find any train for out-station. After this Baba replied me to look out for his help and I conversed with him and finally he sent me back home. As per Baba’s advice I appeared for exam and it was great surprise to see that I secured second position among boys! And also the psychic problem vanished by each passing day as I started meditating. Now, I am psychologically perfect person with SAI’s grace. Studies had always been a foremost priority for me. So I promised Baba that if I secured distinction in all the semesters of graduation then I will come for his darshan. However, I failed to get distinction in two semesters and hence was tremendously upset. I had a great desire to be blessed by getting Baba’s darshan but he had not allowed me. For next three years I waited for an opportunity to go to Shirdi. I thought that Sai will never give me this opportunity. My graduation was over and was pursuing my post-graduation and I was eager to See Baba in Shirdi. Suddenly my mind got stricken up that I shall visit him on my birthday when ill have my winter break too. I had early morning darshan and was pacified and delighted. Later on I realized that Baba had decided to call me to Shirdi on my birthday. !! JAI GURUDEV !! OM SAI RAM !! | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 15

Spiritual experience with Sai
By: Sachin Naidu In 1997 after completing diploma in Mechanical Engineering, I got job in Whirlpool Company by Baba’s grace. I worked hard, earned name and fame. I switched to BPL Company in Nagpur and I was selected by that company as their Franchisee. I got married in year 2001; however my marriage didn't last long as I was not capable to handle my parents and my wife together. I became depressed, had silent fights with Baba. In time I was attracted towards a girl named Nirmala and was in relationship with her for four years. However, her leaving me put me into depression again. A girl named Priti who was my colleague, noticed my depression. She started taking me to the nearest Sai Baba temple. I used to pray to Baba seeking revenge on Nirmala, however Priti advised me to pray correctly and we used to have spiritual talks and many discussions. My parents never stopped me for going out with Priti. Every morning I got up and prayed to Sai and also used to recite all Mantras which Priti had given to me. I was able to concentrate more on my business. My parents decided to get me married once again. My parents narrowed down on a girl from Tatanagar. However due to certain arguments with my parents after | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 16

that, I told my mother that I will not marry again as they (my parents) did not have trust in me. Priti and I decided to get married in time as we liked each other’s company. However, she wanted me to move out from that town away from my parents. I started searching for jobs through internet and through my network of friends. One day I got a chance to learn a software course by Baba’s grace. I was selected for a project in the same institute where I was doing this course from and again the problem arises that how am I going to convince my parents that I want to do job and business simultaneously. I told Priti to handle my business and keep informing me on mobile all the updates and problems. I was selected by mechanical branch head for sale of the software which I learned. With the blessing of Sai Baba I was able to arrange couple of demos of the software which I learned within short period of my promotion. Within this short period my name was highlighted in the organization. I thanked Sai Baba once again & worked hard for both my business as well as for the sale of software. Sai Baba gave the promotion in my life by sending me to Mumbai through the same organization to teach the software, to Lecturers of Mumbai University. Everyone was happy at Mumbai with my performance and they gave positive report to my organization. After getting this reports the lecturer of mine who told me to do these courses tried to pull in his team from Mechanical stream and he got success also. I was sent to Mumbai for teaching the same courses to other students of Mumbai who wanted to learn from our institution only of Mumbai Branch. Within Six month of time span I | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 17

got success which I never thought of. And also to my surprise my parents used to get convinced by me for whatever I tell them and whatever I planned to do. They never stopped me from doing all these things. And this thing never happened in my 32years of life that my parents supported me and didn't stop me from doing all this things or you can say ever questioned me. All this happened because this time Baba must have thought that I was true to him and also I was trying hard to fulfill my commitments given to Sai Baba. Finally I came to Mumbai and I started working for the same organization faithfully but the payment that I was getting was not enough for me and Priti to survive in Mumbai but within three months by Baba’s grace, I got a job in an MNC with good salary. The software which I had learnt helped me get this job. Currently, I am posted at Kuwait for some time. Sai Baba arranged my marriage in Mumbai with Priti and helped me in settling my life. Today I lead my life happily, and I believe that this is all because of the grace from Baba. | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 18

Why Lord Krishna Abandoned Mathura and Settled at Dwaraka
By: S.Vinayachandran In Bhagavad Gita, we find that the threat of King Jarasandha of Magadha to attack Mathura prompted Lord Krishna to go away from Mathura and settle at Dwaraka. Many feel that Krishna, despite his divinity and strength, exhibited cowardice when faced with the threat of Jarasandha. Prima facie this argument seems to be right! Even an ordinary mortal with no divine powers like Krishna would have decided to fight it out with the invader or even to fight till death instead of turning away from the challenge. But is it possible that the Lord would have opted out of a combat with Jarasandha instead of giving a valiant fight? The Lord had different ideas. Let us analyze these one by one. Jarasandha had not qualified! : Jarasandha’s birth had a peculiarity. His father, the King of Magadha, despite having married two wives had not been blessed with a child. They prayed to the Gods and did penance. A divine sage gave the King a rare fruit and assured him that if his wife consumes this fruit, she will be blessed with a child. Since the King was not partial, he cut the fruit into two equal pieces and gave a piece each to his two wives. Each of them gave birth as assured by the sage. But Alas! Each gave birth to a boy with one half of a normal body. The King and the wives did not relish the sight and they threw the half bodies into a nearby dense forest. There was a demon named “Jara” living in the forest. She saw these pieces of the body and with her supernatural powers joined them together to form a single bodied, normal and strong boy. The boy immediately cried out aloud and the powerful cries fell into the ears of the servants of the King. Coming to know of this, the King took the | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 19

boy from Jara and gratefully honored her with gifts. The boy who was joined together by Jara i.e. sandhi (joint) made by Jara, was therefore named Jarasandha. Jarasandha grew up as a strong boy. However, as he grew up he showed tendencies to join with wicked people. By the time, he ascended the throne of Magadha, he had earned a name as a powerful and cruel King. He was bent upon invading and conquering the other kingdoms. During the battles he proved himself to be a successful warrior but was found to be cruel to the defeated kings and their people. He killed many innocent people, imprisoned the kings and destroyed/ looted a lot of valuable property and wealth. He was rightly named “Chakravarthy” (King of Kings). He married off his daughters to Kamsa, the Prince of Mathura (Krishna’s Uncle). Kamsa and Dantavakra, two demons like individuals who created all sort of problems to people around through their inherent cruelties were actually the reborn Jaya & Vijaya who were Courtiers of Lord Mahavishnu at Vaikuntha. Due to their disrespect to some Holy Sages, they were cursed to be born in the earth over three times as Asuras. However, they requested Mahavishnu to see that in their birth on Earth, their lives as Asuras, their death should be only at the hands of Mahavishnu himself so that they attain salvation in the end. Mahavishnu granted this boon and they were thus born as Asuras on three occasions. First they were born as Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakasipu and they were killed by Vishnu as Varaha and Narasimha Avatars. Next they took birth as Ravana and Kumbhakarna and were killed by Lord Shri Rama at Lanka. The third | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 20

and final birth as per the curse was as Kamsa and Dantavaktra. Both of them were killed by Lord Krishna and they attained salvation. It is well known that if one dies at the hands of Lord Vishnu, eventhough he was wicked or Asura, he is bound to get salvation (Moksha) and go to heaven. Jarasandha who had taken birth in a peculiar manner was a very cruel person; but did not yet qualify for a death at the hands of Vishnu and needed to take so many rebirths to attain salvation. If Krishna had decided to confront Jarasandha at Mathura three things would have happened. OneJarasandha was known to destroy the wealth and kill many innocent people even if he wins the battle; Two- The people of Mathura, the Yadavas were totally unprepared to wage a battle against such a powerful enemy and were sure to lose and face the above consequences at the hand of Jarasandha who was very furious over Krishna killing his son-in law Kamsa. And three – once they start fighting each other Krishna would necessarily have to kill Jarasandha, which would ensure that Jarasandha gets salvation. Krishna did not want Jarasandha to get this “privilege” and knew that he is destined to be killed by a normal human (later by Bhimasena- the second Pandava). The future killing of Jarasandha by | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 21

Bhimasena would lead to freeing the Kings imprisoned by him and their loyalty being assured to King Yudhishtira. This was pre decided by the Lord. All the above factors made Lord Krishna take a decision to avoid a fight with Jarasandha so that the people of Mathura are saved from death and destruction. It was a well thought out decision involving politics, tact and futuristic vision. The Yadavas willingly moved to Dwaraka on the western sea coast and accepted the fact that they have to learn to become good warriors also. Soon they were given good military training at Lord Krishna’s initiative and were known as dependable warriors also. They formed a Narayaneeya Sainya who joined the Mahabharatha War at Kurukshetra where they had to join with Duryodhana, again thanks to the Lord’s diplomatic moves. The Lord knows everything. He can never do anything wrong. The Jarasandha episode explains it all. Let us all bow to the Lord Mahavishnu and his Avatars! Hari Om! | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 22

By: Ritu Pareek Spirituality is an extensive term. It is the crux of the entire world comprising of our inner conscience affecting our deeds and shaping our future. We use it most of the times without understanding its real meaning which we just can’t comprehend merely by reading books or by hearing to what our elders say about it. To understand this we need to introspect our self, what we feel

about different aspects of life, we need to analyze our own actions that why we behave in a particular manner? It is not about walking away from this materialistic world and attaining the purity of soul but it is about understanding the element of purity and divinity in each living entity while living in this acquisitive world. Our soul is chaste but it is our deeds that are affected by the course of action each time we analyze our self. Remember, that Lord is within each of us and one should search that supreme power within himself. He is there inside in the form of soul, our good deeds, honesty, kindness towards our fellow beings and those | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 23

who need us, and it is about how we approach to reach him. It is truly quoted as “our deeds shape our destiny”. Due to our needs and greed we become selfish and egoistic in fulfillment of our needs that we move away from what we are to what we want. That who discovers God inside him put his first foot forward towards spiritualism and ultimately attains it. Serve Humanity to serve God. Religion is based on spirituality and Vedanta is the basic philosophy of religion taught by Vedas, the most ancient scripture of India. It too says real nature of human beings is divine and God exists in every living entity in this cosmos. Religion is therefore a search for self acknowledgement and enlightenment, a search for the divine within our self. We should not think of being saved as we are never lost. At worst we are living in ignorance of our true nature. There exists different religions but their teaching is the same. There are different approaches to God but all the spiritual and religious practices lead to same state of self realization and teach respect for all religion. Lord is indivisible, absolute and impersonal beyond name and form but presents itself in various forms to reveal its self to us. He is our soul present in three forms: “Aatma” which is common man who has yet to discover his true self that is the element of God present in him. “Mahatma” who has discovered their divine self n moves towards being one with the third form of soul “Paramatma” that is God. God is the centre of all energy - he who generates, operates n destroys and governs the human destiny. | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 24

Baba gives me strength
By: Nidhi Sharda I have personally experienced the presence of Shirdi Sai Baba. I loved a person from the bottom of my heart and always thought of getting married to him. But he always showed his helplessness owing to his family restrictions but still we continued our relation. In March 2009 when he went to a deputation outside the city, I was left alone. Those days were nightmare for me. I was unable to adjust without him and the days were almost like hell for me. I used to pray to God every single day and night to help me out of that emotional crisis and unite me with my love forever. Before this phase of my life I hardly Before this phase of my life I hardly knew Shirdi Sai Baba. One day I was sitting in a depressing mood when suddenly I switched on the television and it was showing a serial on real stories of Shirdi Sai. I keenly saw it and somehow something in me stirred and I got inspired to visit Sai temple. I visited his temple and since that day I had belief in him. There were many instances when I felt his presence and found him near to me. In sad moods or in times of trouble I did found some or the other help for myself which I believe was sent by Baba. Today I am in a much better state of mind and quite balanced too. Thanks to Shirdi Sai for giving me hope and strength. knew Shirdi Sai Baba. One day I was sitting in a depressing mood when suddenly I switched on the television and it was showing a serial on real stories of Shirdi Sai. I keenly saw it and somehow something in me stirred and I got inspired to visit Sai temple. I visited his temple and since that day I had belief in him | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 25

Baba protects his children
By: Surjeet Singh Chauhan My name is Dr. Surjeet Singh Chauhan and I am working as an Assistant Professor of Mathematics and HOD Applied Science Department in Punjab College of Engineering and Technology, Mohali, Punjab. This all is by the kind grace of Shri Sai Baba. I am a firm believer of teachings of Shri Sai Baba. I am blessed by him as I got a chance to visit Shirdi thrice along with my family, so I have a profound impression on my heart that Sai Baba always comes to save the life of his children. An incident that happened in my life, further strengthened my belief in Sai and through this column of this spiritual magazine, I feel blessed to share my experience. I have a Sai Baba temple in my house. As a part of my daily routine one day before going to my office I was standing and reading Shri Sai Sacharitra by holding it in my hand in my house. Suddenly, I felt little dizzy and could see some darkness around me and when I became conscious, I found myself lying on the floor of my temple. My niece was weeping in grief. My wife was yelling and calling my neighbors for help. Later, my wife told me that she heard a loud noise and thought that the geyser in our bathroom had fallen down, and she ran towards bathroom but found that everything was perfect there. When she stepped towards our home temple, she saw me lying on the floor and Shri Sai Sacharitra was under my head, which actually I was holding in my hand. I was astonished to hear these words of her. It was the journey of Shri Sai Sacharitra from my hand to under my head that saved my life otherwise something worst could have happened to me. But I was saved by Sai Baba and there was not even a single mark of injury on my body. Whenever, I recall this incident my belief grew stronger every time. This is all about my real and true experience. | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 26

Baba’s grace
By: Subhashis Ghosh From a very long time I was thinking of sharing my story with you all. I am a simple person with not much of high ambitions in life. I used to have faith in God just as much as any other normal human being would have. From the age of 23, I was working in different Govt. organizations and at the age of 29, I got married and the next year of my marriage I was blessed with a girl child. At present I am 47, my daughter is 16 and my wife is 42 years old. With my parents and almighty’s blessings we were leading a very peaceful life and in between these years I purchased my own small flat in Jamshedpur, a car and our life was moving at a smooth pace. When I was in my 45th year, I got an opportunity of jumping to the next higher rank in my service and was supposed to shift to Kolkata. It was becoming very difficult for me to mentally accept a change in location and that too when I was already so much established in Jamshedpur. To my surprise just one day before shifting from Jamshedpur to Kolkata, I got an offer from a private firm in Jamshedpur who were willing to pay me more than double the amount of my then salary and were giving me posting in Jamshedpur. I was as delighted as I can and accepted the offer. Here began the most difficult phase of my life. Not knowing the culture of private firms, that life was becoming unbearable for me. I didn’t have time for my family, my daughter and since throughout my career of 23 years of service I never worked with any of the private firms. It was a real wrong decision taken up by me to join a private firm at this age. Many times I thought of quitting that job without even having an alternative. My office had another plant coming up in Kolkata. Thinking that I can go and adjust in Kolkata in the new upcoming project, I proposed to the management to transfer me to Kolkata. The readers may note that it was only because of the reason that I have to leave Jamshedpur made me to take the decision of leaving a Govt. job and joining a private job, but situations forced me to leave Jamshedpur. A new | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 27

chapter began in my life. I had to start everything from ground. I searched a school for my daughter who studied in IX standard, searched for a new rented accommodation in Kolkata. I sold out the house in Jamshedpur at a very less price as I had to purchase a new house in Kolkata. I shifted my whole family with all the belongings to Kolkata in the rented house which was too small to accommodate my belongings. So I started my search for another flat in there. My service in Kolkata was also not too smooth. Being in the project stage, full fledged work was commencing from Pune and hence I had to station myself in Pune permanently leaving aside my family all alone in Kolkata. Like this we spent almost one year. Both, me and my wife used to cry and pray to God to help us come out of this trouble. Then one evening, I saw a program on India TV where the love and affection of Sai Baba for his disciples was being telecasted. That program was seen by me and my wife almost at the same time while I was in Pune and her in Kharagpur at that time. Both of us took the shelter of Sai Baba right from then. We started praying to Sai Baba to help us come out of this situation. On one Thursday, one person in Pune told me to visit Sai Baba temple in Chinchwad, Pune (near Thermax Chowk). After visiting that place, I started feeling as if all my pain and suffering has gone and I felt secured. My wife too in Kharagpur started feeling relieved without any reason. We could not explain ourselves as to why are we feeling relieved. In | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 28

the mean time, I came to Kolkata and as my family was living in a very small rented room, I had to purchase a flat in Kolkata. Suddenly another blow to our normal life came, i.e., our project was shifted to Gujarat, and the flat we purchased in Kolkata on a huge loan from bank became a heavy burden on us. We kept praying to Shri Sai Deva for help and he showered us with his love. I got a call from my parent employer (The Govt. firm) to return back and they proposed me to join at a higher post than the one which I left in Jamshedpur. Me, my family, my friends and everyone around were amazed to see the love and affection Baba showered upon us. It was indeed a miracle. Now, we were all staying peacefully in Jamshedpur in the company’s quarter, sold out the house in Kolkata and were planning to purchase a flat again in Jamshedpur. Then we got one, and the name of the building is “Sai Dhaam”. My daughter is also studying pretty well. By the grace of Sai Baba, we all are happy now. | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 29

Baba is everything for me
By: D P Mishra From our childhood we are taught that God will take care of our issues and our problems once we pray and surrender to him completely. Lord is our wish fulfiller. He is kind and he always listens to what we ask for and pray to him. When I was in extreme distress, I went to lot many holy places to worship and to pray to God to help me come out of my problems that I was facing. At the time when I was almost lost and finished I got Sai Satcharitra and all the definitions I had read and learned about God, the Almighty, matched to Sai Baba of Shirdi. And I went to Shirdi. It is since then that all my problems are resolved and I am very happy and leading a comfortable life. For me definition of God starts with “Baba” and ends with “Baba”. He is eternal, he is everything. | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 30

Baba who came in form of Lord Ayyappan
By: Kala Thiagarajan This is the real incident happened for my brother. that

Once, my brother went to Shirdi. When he was standing in the crowd to collect the Baba's ashes, an old man stood behind him, touched his shoulders and put rose flowers in his hand. My brother immediately turned back saw that the old man disappeared after walking a few steps. Then he realized that only Baba had come in the form of that old man and gave him the flowers. My brother is a deep devotee of Lord Ayyappan. Every year he goes to Sabarimala. Once during his visit to Sabarimala, when he was walking on the path full of stones, holding the supportive bars at the side of the road, he suddenly slipped down but did not fall since he was holding the bars at his side. Immediately an old man came and gave his hand to my brother and made him stand up. When my brother stood up and raised his face to see straight, he couldn't find any old man in his front. All his group people were walking. Really that was Lord Ayyappan who had come in the form of the old man and helped my brother in getting up. | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 31

Baba’s Blessings
By: Maheswari Srinivasan This is just to share my experience with my Sai Ram. I can go on and on in letting you all know the experience that I had with him which brings tears in my eyes out of happiness. But would like to share one which I feel where I experienced him in real. I was about to go to Mylapore Sai temple in Chennai. It was almost twelve and the temple will be closed. I felt bad for missing this chance to see him and drove very fast in my bike to reach the temple. It was a great pleasure to see that the door was almost closed and they allowed only few at that time and I was the one who was let in the last after which the door was closed. There I felt his presence and his blessings. I prayed well. At the same time I had one disappointment that I was not able to buy anything for Sai like flowers and I had fifty rupees with me. I also did not have the mind to give fifty rupees completely to the temple instead want to buy food and give it to someone. Having all this in mind came out and could not find a single soul who will be in the door step of temple. I really felt bad and came back to the parking lot with a long face. To my surprise didn't know from where came a woman, asking for food. I was so excited that I immediately went with her, spent some money and got food for her and she was so happy that, the food will be enough for two meal times. There I saw Sai in her and was overwhelmed. Of course now too I can visualize that scene in front of my eyes. Thanks for giving me this opportunity to share this with you all. Let all have Sai's Blessings forever and I pray for it. | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 32

When Baba is here, no fear
By: Vinaya Paramesh I would like to share my spiritual experience with Sai Baba with all the devotees After my 2 years of marriage I and my husband wanted to have a child and same was expected by all around us. One of my cousins gave me Sai Satya Charithram book to read understanding my difficulty to face questions of relatives and friends. I started reading the Sai Satya Charithram book with no expectations one chapter a day. It was a Monday morning in January 2009; I completed reading the book and called up my cousin to inform her that I have completed. Suddenly she told me to check with doctor the next day as something (May be Baba in her mind) telling that I would be pregnant. I told her may not be possible as every day I am going to gym and doing exercise heavily. The next day I checked, it was neither positive nor negative. I conveyed the same to my cousin who forced me not to go gym till Thursday and asked me to check again on Thursday. To all out greater surprise, I was pregnant when I checked on Thursday. All were very happy and me very thankful to Baba. I keep praying Baba from then on for each and everything. Then I had sugar complaint during my pregnancy and I put on more weight. Everybody including doctors told that normal delivery is quite impossible. But I kept praying to Baba that I should deliver normally and few days before my delivery I started reading Sai Satya Charithram again and I delivered baby boy on Sep 13, 2009 normal and without much of pain. I got my water bag broken at 1.30, admitted in hospital by 2, I had no pain till 3.30 and to everybody's surprise with no difficulty I delivered normal just by grace of Sai Baba Again I faced a problem that milk secretion was very low and I had to start formula milk. This was after a month so doctors informed that any action that is taken before a month only will yield good result. Then I started reading Sai Satya Charithram again and my baby is running 6th month now | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 33

and I am still feeding my friend to whom I have told about my experience also read Sai Baba stories praying Baba for a child is blessed with twins 10 days before. My mom on seeing my experience prayed for good alliance for my brother and started Sai Baba vrath. On third week, she got a call from a girl’s family and nearly before 9th week, everything got finalized and my brother is getting married in May 2010 I am very happy to share my experiences with all of you. Keep Praying Baba. When Baba is here, there is no fear. | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 34

Meaning of a Devotee
By: Amit Gupta Actions are not performed by a devotee of God, rather every moment there is "Puja" i.e. worship and adoration of God taking place through him; because in each of his actions there is the sentiment of worship and adoration. He whose mind is ever engaged in Bhagwan (God), he should not be seen as an ordinary man; because he is a member of Bhagwan's (God, the Almighty's) court. Just as a greedy man's eyes are fixed on money, similarly devotee’s eyes must be fixed on Bhagwan (God). You become the servant of God, and then God will make you a master. However low a caste a devotee of God may be from, he is greater than a learned Brahman who is without any devotion. | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 35

There is no one else in this world that respects as much as, the respect that is in Bhagwan's (God's) heart for His devotees. That devotee who sees nothing great in himself, who has no, pride whatsoever regarding anything, then Bhagwan's exceptionality and extraordinariness permeates within that devotee. A devotee who has taken refuge in Bhagwan (God), does not have to make an effort to worship and remember Bhagwan, rather through him worship and remembrance of God takes place automatically and naturally. | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 36

Baba Please Help Our Family
By: Sujatha Amarnath I live in Charlotte, NC. I am just going to tell a couple of things that happened in my life this year, please feel free to delete this message because it is nothing worth your while, but I am just writing to remind myself of SRI SAI BABA'S touch in my life. I am in a lot of confusion with so many things in life that I just wanted to remind myself of HIS miracles. So, I am just typing. I know it feels strange to receive a email from a total stranger, but you being a SAI devotee I am just going to consider you my brother. One of my friends who are a devotee of SAI BABA gave me a Sai Charithra book to read. This July when I went to NJ, where she lives, she took me to SRI SAI BABA temple. This was the first time I had been to any SAI BABA temple. When I went in that place was quiet. There were a few devotees, but the place was totally quiet. Once in I felt like SRI SAI was angry at me and I just sat there. Suddenly, I was not previously thinking about it, I felt a sudden thought come over me and made me want to deposit $ 20 in the hundi. I know you will believe me, the very same second the silence was broken with SAI bhajan played on the sound system in the temple. I just felt like in the book, where SAI BABA gets angry at his devotees and then forgives them and asks for dhakshina. I just deposited the money and came back and sat down. HE still looked angry. Then after sometime few ladies who I saw making garland downstairs came upstairs to the temple with their finished garland. One gentleman who was there opened up the barrier and let them go up to SRI SAI and was allowed to offer the garland. They fell at his feet and came down. Seeing this, I thought devotees must be regularly allowed to touch SAI BABA'S feet I went up front with my friend to fall at his feet. But that gentleman just closed the barrier and said it was not allowed. We just did not know what to do. I just stood there praying. I don't know what happened, because half a minute later the same gentleman came back and opened the barrier and told me to go up and fall at SRI SAI BABA'S feet. I never in my life trusted anybody present or past as my guru, or GOD. But that second I felt like the same | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 37

thing happening in the book where devotees don’t get permission to enter his Dwarakamai and then SRI SAI BABA gives them permission to come near him and touch his feet. I am sure we were very blessed by SRI SAI BABA. Then when I came back and sat down HE was smiling this time, and there is no words I know that can explain the strange peace come over me and the feeling of being accepted and forgiven. I had an accident just 6 weeks before visiting NJ in which my odyssey van was totaled but my son and I walked out of it without a scratch. At that time when I was sitting on the curb waiting for police to finish their formalities I knew my father SRI VITTALA PANDURANGA with THAYAR with SRI SAI BABA was there with me

keeping me company. I have been to often to find peace of mind. When after the accident I asked for his guidance regarding the accident by entering a number in the first website this is what I got as HIS answer "You will survive an accident. Get letter, be happy." As told we did receive a letter with the compensation check and needless to say it was more than what we were expecting it to be. I am a stay home mother. I just have B.Sc degree from India. To plainly tell the truth I had never had the courage to go out and work for somebody. So I tried to sell jewelry and silver articles from home and due | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 38

to the price increase from the time I started when ounce was $ 300 to when I had to stop because price jumped to $ 900 because I could not afford to do anything anymore. I went to NJ to sign a contract for abacus franchise. But I am sure due to SRI SAI BABA'S grace that fell thru and I came back. From then on I have been preparing abacus lessons on my own. I know I can teach but somehow my confidence is broken time and again. I am just worried that I will not have any name brand backing my teaching and that children will not understand what I teach. So I am worried this will turn out to be a failure too. SAI BABA PLEASE HELP. I have been blessed with wonderful parents, loving husband a daughter that no parent can wish for a better one, and a loving 10 yrs old son. My daughter is applying to college and aspiring to become a doctor we pray BABA guides her thru her life. SAI BABA PLEASE HELP. I have bothered you enough. But thank you very much for your site. May BABA be with you as he has been with us? Thanks to my friend who gave me the book and took me to his temple. Please pray for her because she is worried of a health situation, which she fears would be life threatening. | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 39

Baba fulfills prayers
By: Bindu S. Mohite I am employed in GCC country, Sultanate of Oman. My story may not be a very interesting one, but I wish to inform all the Sai Bhaktas that, prayers offered to Baba with all your faith and belief will not go waste. Baba fulfills your prayers and blesses you. In both, our marital and maiden families, there are strong believers of Baba. This incident happened twothree months ago. I work for a Telecommunication Company in Muscat, and we have an identity card for every employee. This identity card is used for exit and entry. One day, while coming to the office early morning in my hurry scurry, I lost my ID card. I thought that I must have forgotten it back at home. I called my husband to check if I had left it at home. He told me that it was not at home. I was totally dejected because we had to pay R.O. 8/- ie, Indian Rupees 80/for another ID card and this amount was too big for me to pay, as we have been going through a cash crunch. So, I immediately prayed to Sai Baba, asking his help to get back my ID card and not to shell out R.O. 8/-. Nearly, a week had passed, I had not found my ID card and I had lost hope of finding it, as there was no return address printed on it and even if it was | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 40

found, it could not be returned to our company. Then one fine morning, one of our suppliers came and handed over my ID card to me, saying, have you seen this female somewhere. Seeing the ID card I was extremely happy because, firstly my prayers were answered and secondly Baba had stopped me from shelling out R.O. 8/-. This supplier's friend who works in a Bank near our office had found the card and had given it to his friend who came and handed over my lost ID card. I thanked the supplier as well his friend for returning my ID card. I narrated this incident to one of my colleague (Ms. Suma Menon, who is also an ardent believer of Baba) as soon as I got my ID card back. She and I both thought that this incident of Baba's miracle should be written in SAMARPAN. Thank you so much Baba for your blessings and for giving us the strength to keep going in our difficult as well as good times. I render my heartfelt thanks to Baba for being with us always. As said by Baba, keep your faith and belief alive - Shraddha and Saburi will be paid off in due course of time. | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 41

Thoughts about Sri Sai Baba
By: Dr Chandrashekhar Nayak I am a devotee of Sri Sai Baba and have been experiencing various miracles when Sri Sai Baba has helped me and my family. I am a regular reader of Satcharitha and pray Sri Sai Baba to bless his devotees all the time when they need Him. Some questions came to my mind while reading Saicharitra and I thought I should write my opinion about these thoughts. Was Sai Baba a Hindu or Muslim? Sai Baba was neither a Hindu nor a Muslim. He was an avatar of shakti (power) to protect humanity against devils. Some people believe that Sai Baba was a Yavan (Muslim) but acutely he was neither a Yavan nor a Hindu he was a great Saint. He said, Allah Malik (God is the sole owner) and he performed some customs of Islam religion to preach, motivate and bless Muslims. Baba knew that Muslim community was quite orthodox and they would not develop faith in Sai Baba and seek his blessings unless he preached and practiced their religion and faith. Sai Baba was working for all humans irrespective of Hindus, Muslims or Christians or any other caste. So thinking about Sri Sai Baba as Hindu or Muslim is not justified. Sai Baba was an avatar of God and we need to worship him to get his blessings. Anger and abusive nature In some Sai literature, it is mentioned that on some occasion Sai Baba would get angry without any reason. This is not true. He always worried about his devotees, even though the devotee was far away from Him, Sai Baba would get angry when any of his devotees were being tortured or in grieve situations. This anger of His was short-lived. After some time Sai Baba himself wouldn’t know why he was angry. This was his affection and love towards his devotees and he always thought about their well being. Dakshina Sai Baba used to ask dakshina only from those people who had promised or had taken money and did not return it back. In this way Shri Sai Baba used to remove the sins and attachments of the devotees. This dakshina he used to distribute among needy persons. | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 42

Baba accepts my magenta flowers
By: Kinari Patel I would like to share a beautiful incident which I experienced recently, with our beloved Sai Baba, I live in the UK and a beautiful Shirdi Sai Baba temple has just opened up close by. Every Thursday as it is Baba’s day, a lovely evening is organized. Dhoop Aarti followed by a chapter from the Sai Satcharitra, Hanuman Chalisa, followed by bhajans then the Palki procession then Shej Aarti followed by Preeti Bhoj. I attend this every Thursday. Last Thursday I was feeling low and just wanted to go home, pray and sit by Baba alone. Somehow my friend persuaded me to go with her to the temple, as it would be nice and also because I go there every week without fail. Before going I went to a few florists to buy some flowers for Baba. I wanted to get nice ones so I ended up going to a few places. I came across a nice | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 43

bunch with a lovely magenta flower in the middle which I purchased. On my way to the temple, I was hoping that Baba would like my flowers, especially the magenta one as it was vibrant and beautiful like our Sai. At the same time I was thinking of all sorts of seva that I could do whilst being at the Mandir. I reached the temple, gave my flowers to the priest, got the darshan of Baba, and then walked round to see if any help was needed in the Mandir, whilst I was busy helping, one of the trustees of the mandir called me over and asked me to look at Baba. I was overwhelmed because Baba had my Magenta flower on his topi (cloth covering the head of Baba). I was so happy that I cannot describe my happiness in mere words. After some time, the Chavadi procession was organized, I was amongst the devotees and I was called to fan Baba by standing near his palki and walking with him. Yet again I cannot describe how I felt. I was worried that Baba wouldn’t like my flower and he did, and I wanted to do seva whilst being in the mandir - Baba heard me and I got the privilege to fan him whilst the procession was going on and also throughout the whole Shej aarti. I couldn’t stop smiling all night. Like always, Baba had made my life. He is always there no matter what, he doesn’t leave anyone out. Baba is beautiful and looks after his children all the time. Baba’s leela’s are anmol (precious), I LOVE YOU SAI . JAI SAI NATH | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 44

Baba’s leelas in my life
By: T V Parthasaradhi OM SAI RAM ! There are many Sai Leelas in my life. However, I would like to share the most recent leela with my devotee friends. One day, my son was to appear in the court, in connection with a case and he reached the court room a bit late. There was exchange of verbal abuses between the court staff and my son, and that made the Hon'ble Judge to issue an arrest warrant against my son. I was informed telephonically about it and I just prayed to BABA. To our surprise, within a few minutes the Hon'ble Judge had withdrawn his decision and had decided to pardon my son and not to issue a warrant! The second leela happened a few months ago. My son, working in the US had visited India on business and was to return to US after completing his work. On the day of departure, at 2.00 am, he left for airport and on the way he realized that he had forgotten to carry his VISA papers. He informed me to search for the same, if it was found, he would come back and collect it. We could not trace the papers at home, by which time he came back home and once again started to the airport leaving everything to BABA, deciding that he would face the situation at the airport. However, by the grace of Sai, on the way he suddenly remembered that the papers were kept in some cup-board. He came back again and collected papers and reached US safely without anybody asking for the papers! | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 45

Sai Baba helps me buy a house
By: A.S. I am a software engineer working in Bangalore for the past 9 years. I stay with my parents. I have one elder sister who is married and stays very close by. Everybody in our family has been a staunch devotee of Sai Baba for many years. Almost 5 years ago I had a strong desire to buy an apartment

in Bangalore. I found a very good 2-bedroom apartment very near to my house. The builder was good and I wanted to finalize it. A 2-bedroom apartment in the area I live would cost not less than Rs. 25 lakhs, out of which at least 8 – 9 lakhs would be in cash – down payment (not part of the home loan). At that time I did not have enough savings to pay this amount by cash. I was running short of at least 5 lakhs. My father and elder sister volunteered to help me by giving their money which I could repay later. But I did not want to take any help from them because it would become a burden on them. I wanted to manage the | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 46

complete expense on my own. I almost lost all hopes of buying this apartment and I had given up. That night all of a sudden I saw Sai Baba in my dreams. This was the first time I saw Him and heard Him in a dream. He very clearly told me, “Do not worry about money. Go ahead and buy the apartment. I am there to take care of all expenses”. The next morning I was elated remembering the dream. I discussed this with my parents and immediately decided to buy this apartment. Needless to say, as Baba promised, He made sure that I did not take even a rupee from anyone to manage the expenses of the apartment. Normally the sale price of an apartment would be much lesser than the original price as sellers would want lot of money in black. But in my case, the seller agreed to register the apartment at a higher value only for me which he never did for any other buyer. With this I could get a higher home loan amount. Fortunately for me, the registration of the house also got postponed by 6 months due to a new rule by the Government. And in the mean time I could save enough from my salary to pay for all the expenses. Today after 4 years, I have already closed my home loan and I own the house completely. I can just thank Baba for taking care of me and guiding me in the right way at the right time. Jai Sai Ram. | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 47

Baba Blessed Me With Much More Than My Desires
By: Purnima Dhonk It was pursuing my degree and I was 21 when my father started his search for a suitable match for me. The only reason I could seek behind this rapidity was that I was a Manglik (Manglik Dosh causes delays and hurdles in marriage). Before actually going ahead with meeting with anyone, he asked me whether I have anyone in mind, who could be my life partner. A name was there in my mind, but, as a quick response to his question I could only say that I was not capable of taking such a big decision of my life - I would go with the one of his choice. Of course, I realized that my answer was very right because the name in my mind was physically not present in my life. It was my illusion that he was the one Baba had chosen for me but my friendship could not change his thoughts to a relationship. If I could change his thoughts, my family would have welcomed my choice which according to me was God’s choice. In the circumstances, I had no other choice but to think about the one my parents would choose for me. The search started but my mind was in a restless condition with only one question as to, why Baba introduced him in my life when we could not be together - why did I dream about my future with him when he was nowhere in my present? These questions were too hard to suppress. In the meantime, my father found a match and our Kundlis also matched, but my mother was not willing to go for it, maybe it was Baba’s will. In between, I got a lot of proposals, some were not pleasing and many were denied due to my Manglik Dosh. Every time I got an offer, it created stress in my mind which affected my studies and all these were happening during my exams. Though I was left with no interest in marriage, I prayed to Baba to please let this come to an end, and I could not bear this mystery any more by putting my studies at stake - If it had to be decided by my parents then, let them not hassle anymore and help them find a match, I was ready to go with their choice without any regrets. I remember the lines of Baba in a serial on the | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 48

television - Baba gave a beautiful definition for marriage-“Shaadi yani shubh aadi” (the beginning of all good / auspicious) This definition created further more queries in my mind that if Baba had given this definition how could it provide unhappiness to me, maybe it’ll prove to be a good beginning to my life as well. But somewhere now I was losing all my patience. Two years had passed and still the search was on and what was disturbing me the most was that I was not able to settle my mind to stop thinking about him and make a place for someone else; it was really tough to follow my own strategy of marrying the person of my parent’s choice. I wanted that man to come in my life now because, it was my belief that if not he then let anyone come and then maybe it will be easy for me to forget him. He was the person I glanced once when all my friends were teasing me for not having any special person in my life. I asked God whether there was no one for me, who is my kind – when my eyes stopped at him. I thought, not a bad one. Gradually I forgot all this and was involved in my studies. Then again I saw him, and again, and this was found to be a beautiful coincidence. I felt as if Baba did not want me to forget him and that’s why every time my memory got faded he was brought in front of me. I couldn’t gather the courage to approach him, but as time passed he had captured my mind and heart also. Before it was too late I dared to approach him through his classmate and a very good friend of mine. We became good friends but I guess that was not the right time to think deeply to indulge in a relationship with each other, more so when his feelings were not more than a friend for me. I thought that was also Baba’s will that he came in my life and this is also Baba’s will that we were not in touch. This made me believe that Baba is the one who works for our best and we are not capable to even think for our better. So I was waiting to welcome the one who was actually chosen for me by Baba. I was working with all these thoughts in my mind and I got his call. It was impossible for me to believe that he could be back in my life. His voice sounded different; from my past experiences I was hesitant to understand anything. I never thought this would happen. When I was struggling to forget him, he was there and now it was very difficult to think about another person when he was present. I kept on praying Baba - either make it clear what’s on his mind or settle | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 49

this issue forever. I wanted Baba to be with me always and to feel His presence all the time, I even put His picture with a blessing hand on the wallpaper of my cell phone and pledged that I would not change it till I got ultimate peace. Just after half an hour I came to know that he is the one Baba has chosen for me. For me it was a big miracle that Baba’s grace had showered on me like this. It was beyond my thinking. Now I could also realize that Baba made His definition for marriage true for me. But everything was not settled yet; I had to inform my parents who were still busy in finding a match for me. This task was also fulfilled with Baba’s grace, He guided me in such a way that both our parents agreed. His parents were willing to go for any girl of his choice but on one condition, this was also in my favour all because of Sai Nath - that the girl should be manglik, and I was. Even the kundli’s matched well. Again to my surprise my parents agreed with a pleasing condition of being together for life long. Among all these happenings, I was worried about my result too for which I also kept fast for 9 Thursdays as I would complete my graduation if I could pass in the examination. Here also Baba’s blessings were with me and spared me from being inferior in my education. Baba blessed me with more than I desired and from all these happenings my belief has come to a point that in spite of being circled with worries we | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 50

should concentrate more on worshipping Sai Nath. He has lot more to give us than what we desire; He is the supreme and knows what will work best for us. He only expects a helping hand for all His creatures and respect for His creation. | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 51

My Experience
By: Poornima S This happened a year ago – sometime in January 2009. I was facing a lot of problems on my job front. I am an ardent believer of Baba and go to Baba Mandir every morning and chant Vishnu Sahasranama. Also, sometimes, I used to visit a temple near my office, after finishing my work. It so happened that one day, in the evening, after visiting the temple near my office, I was sitting on a bench within the temple premises and was engrossed in deep thoughts. I was praying to Baba to help me come out of the problems. One elderly gentleman – a devotee, who happened to be sitting in the temple, started walking towards me. He came near me and asked me whether I had visited the Baba Temple near Bangalore International Airport. When I told him that I was not aware of this temple, he gave me the directions and told me to go there and that all my problems will be solved. He also took out a small photograph of Baba from his wallet and a packet of Udi and gave it to me. I accepted it happily and left that place. I narrated the incident to my friend. She, being a fervent devotee of Baba was very happy to hear this and readily agreed to take me with her to the temple. From whatever the gentleman had mentioned to me, the temple was very far from the city and was approachable by a private vehicle only, i.e., own car. Although my friend had agreed to take me to the temple, she being a very busy person, it was doubtful if she could actually make it. But when Baba graces you, nothing is impossible. It so happened that during the next week, my friend called on her own and said that she would pick me up the next day to go to the temple. This was nothing but Baba’s miracle. Without any difficulty, we reached the temple the next day at around 6 pm. What an awesome sight it was. It was a huge temple with the statue of Baba in the centre, visible from a very far distance. It was so calm and so serene – I feel short of words to express the feeling that me and my friend | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 52

experienced upon reaching that place. We sat there for some time, had Prasad and very reluctantly left that place. I and my friend did not speak to each other for quite some time on the way back, because we were still in a trance. I wanted to thank that gentleman who had helped me to get this divine experience. So, I went to the same temple where he met me, but could not find that gentleman. I went everyday for almost a week, but could not find that gentleman anywhere. It was then obvious to me that the gentleman was none other than Baba himself who had come in this form and gave me darshan. Though my problems have not been solved completely, this experience gave me a lot of strength and confidence to deal with the problems and I am sure that whatever plans Baba has in store for me, it will definitely be for my good. I have surrendered to him completely and know for sure that he will take care. Sai Ram ! | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 53

Sai - The Trustee of My Life
BY - K.K.DIXIT I am one of those fortunate people, who could get the association and blessings of one of those devotees who had been very close to Sai Baba, at SHIRDI during His life time. His original name was Vamanrao Patel, but on the instance of Sai Baba, he accepted sanyas, and his name turned into ‘SWAMI SAI SHARNANANDJI'. He was a philosopher, principal of a college in Gujarat, who was in search of a person who could say that he has seen God. He found this man in Sai Baba, and dedicated himself to the service of Baba. Baba in turn loved him too much. In 1968, I happened to visit Sai Sharnanandji, as his only neighbour in a solitude bungalow at Ahmedabad. Since then I was regularly visiting him. I called him as BAPUJI. He made me acquainted with the life and teachings of Sai Baba. It was he, who had sown the seeds of faith within my heart for Baba. I was experiencing the miraculous powers of Baba, as and when I was in trouble or even otherwise. I would narrate one of them here, in short. In 1980, I had lost all the money in my export business of Indian books, as the party in Malaysia had failed. I was under heavy debt of Bank of India. Whenever I asked Bapuji as to when I would be out of these crises, he always said that ‘’ Sai Baba says that it would soon be over ‘’. That was the day of Thursday, when I lost my patience to hear the same answer all the time. I told Bapuji that I had lost now all the faith | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 54

in you as well in Sai Baba. He consoled me, and said that the coming Monday is the dead line, but I did not believe him. I was so disappointed that I started thinking of suicide. Anyway, the same evening, the Manager of Bank of Baroda (where I had my accounts) came to my house and asked me with all the affection of a father, the reason of all the checks were being bounced. I explained him the circumstances. He asked me not to worry about, and see him next morning in the bank. All the night I was thinking, the reason of his visit and his attitude of helping me out, as I had no intimacy with him. I was just an ordinary customer like others. However, I visited him, and in my presence, he phoned to the Manager of Foreign Exchange Department, in Bank of India and said ‘’ Bank of Baroda stands as a guarantor for Mr. Dixit, for whatever amount he owes you. 'Call me whenever you need the payment’. He just smiled at me and asked me not to worry. I was just extremely surprised, as this was out of the usual banking procedures. I could not find the words to thank him. Just the tears rolled out of my eyes, to express my gratitude, and the miracle, Baba has done. Later, Bank of India was regularly in contact with the President, and the government of Malaysia, and ultimately they got cleared my debt completely, and intimated me accordingly. Sai Sharnanandji took mahasamadhi on 26th August, 1982, leaving me with the memories of his kindness and love, entrusting me to Sai Baba, who inspired me to write a book ‘’ SAI BABA – A PRACTICAL GOD ‘’ Jai Sai Ram | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 55

Sri Sai Baba’s Miracles
By: Balaji Hariharan My humble pranams at the LOTUS FEET of SAI BABA. I would like to share a wonderful experience I had recently and what makes me to write my experience here at this time. I used to read the SAMARPAN e-magazine during the past few months and happened to read the special Anniversary/Diwali issue released in September 2009. I read an article written by Mrs. Anita Srivastava in page no. 19 of the said issue in which she had elaborated her experience and the website which provides the devotees answer to their questions, i.e. Since then I started to seek reply for my queries on the said site. Immediately having seen the information I tried my first question for an issue which disturbed me for quite long time. I was trying to establish my own business with the help of some others and it was deferred indefinitely. Even today my objective is not materialized. In my first question (on 5th November 2009), I was replied by the website that I have to feed a black dog to fulfill my wish. I asked my father and he informed me that there are no stray dogs here in our area and they have not seen any black dog even though we are staying here for long period. I also took a vow that if my issue is solved I will write my experience in the SAMARPAN magazine. So I decided to go in search of a black dog and finally gone to a temple which is quite far away from my house where there is a huge open yard in front and to see the possibility of finding one. It was happened on 06th November 2009. But when I reached, I could not find and when I enquired with the local people, they said there is no black dog and I could find only a brown one. | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 56

Then I decided to go further to another temple which has huge yard in front. I went inside the compound and could see only a white dog inside the entire compound. I came out and look for outside and finally prayed to BABA and decided to go inside the compound once again. I said to myself that if I could find a black dog now I shall come inside the By: Swarna temple and make my worship even though it was not the right way. To my surprise This is Swarna. As I promised to this time when I went inside, I could see a Baba, I am sharing my beautiful black dog, which is not just a experiences with you all. I am stray dog, which is visible from the tag on experiencing Baba in many its neck. This time it was playing with the ways for the last 7 years. I love white dog which I saw earlier. him like anything, he is Finally the dog went towards the temple entrance where there are lots of steps. I waited there and tried to attract it by the bread which I took with me. The dog came near to me and took four pieces and gone away continued playing with the white dog and finally it went towards the exit of the temple. I went inside, had my prayer and came out and looked for the dog again because all the things happened were like a dream for me. But I could not find the black dog again inside the compound and only saw the white dog alone. After that there was some talks and developments in my business and in fact one buyer was serious and almost finalizing their order. I continued seeking advice in the website and it gave different replies every time.
everything to me. I saw many miracles; I believe that Baba is with me always. My recent experience is, on Thursday Baba spoke to me in my dream, I was worried about my family problems, so he said "Why you are all worrying, you are doing nothing, all you do will be waste, don’t worry, I m here, tell me your problem, I will solve., do not go on your own, believe me and tell me your problem." This is really a wonderful experience to me, of course Baba told all these words in my native language. I am very thankful to him throughout my life. I love you Baba. | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 57

During the beginning of December 2009, one day I asked my question in the website and I was replied that you visit Shirdi and your work will be done before Christmas, but due to some reason I was not able to make my visit till today. After that I continued seeking advice and got different replies. But I got one same reply for three times in different days that “you have failed to fulfill your promise to Baba”. Since I was of the impression that I should write my experience only after materializing the sale, I did not write to SAMARPAN magazine. Since I could not find myself where I failed, I asked the question to Baba himself and asked him to give me a hint. Finally I thought that I failed in my promise to visit Shirdi. The particular business which had given a good momentum was finally withdrawn by the buyer himself by the end of December 2009 saying that they could not proceed with the order. Later in January 2010, I got an email from the SAMARPAN magazine inviting devotee’s experiences which shall be published in the January 2010 issue. Since I have the least impression that I failed in giving my experience I neglected that email. On 3rd February 2010, I received the latest January 2010 issue of SAMARPAN magazine. To my surprise, I saw a few experience letters written by devotees which started by saying that “As promised to BABA”, which I have not seen in the earlier issues, I took itself as a clue to my promise to BABA and decided to write my experience immediately as I have described. While going through the experiences written by devotees it is understood that BABA’s miracles work in his devotees beyond their imaginations and boundaries. | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 58

Our Father’s blessings for my Mother
By: Prasanna Raja J My mother had a throat operation on Sri Rama Navami Day. Doctors have operated and removed a thyroid and a swelling in her neck. She was scared before the operation since all tests and scans done before the operation has had no implications yet symptoms as something dangerous. Everyone in my family believed only in our Father Sai and he can only save my mother. A day before the operation, I was talking with my mother to give her some confidence to face the operation through Sai stories. I remembered the words from Sai Satcharitra where Baba said to a devotee Gowri, “I will cross all the 7 seas to save you” A miracle happened at that time. Moments after, my mother opened Sai Charita to read a chapter and she exactly opened Chapter 47 and the page where those same words are present. Yes, Baba showed her that He is with her. And it gave me the complete confidence that this is going to be a successful operation. From Day 1 till Wednesday (for about 4 Days) my mother’s bp has not come down. Doctors said that they could operate only if the bp is normal. But it kept fluctuating and they could not decide. Yet still, on Wednesday Doctors said they would go ahead and the operation is fixed on Thursday. This again proved to us Baba wants to give us the confidence to face the operation. Operation started in the morning at around 9 AM. It took more than two hours for the operation to complete and she came back to the room safely. Later next day, early in the morning, slowly she opened her eyes and spoke a few words. She told me that an old person came in her dream and said, “Daughter, I was with you for the whole day, now I will go and come back” and he is Baba himself. The same day, Baba again appeared before her at around 5:30 PM in the evening and said, “I have just averted the biggest danger that was about to cause you”. She was taking rest in the evening. My grandfather who was passed away (before 20 years) appeared before her with another old person. They both | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 59

were sitting near her. She could hear my Grandfather telling her, “There is nothing to worry ma”. The other old person, who was sitting near him with a white beard, said my mother. “I have just averted the biggest danger for you”. Yes, it is our Sai Baba, who again appeared before my mother and blessed her. He gave all the promising words to her and stayed with her till the operation. Call him with faith he would come for you where ever you are. Trust him for he is living with us. Only Love and Faith are the two things does he expect from us. Thank you Baba, I know you are with us. Behold us in all our actions and stay with us every time. We love you Baba. You are our Savior.

By: Rajesh M. My son Pratik, 3 years old was admitted to a hospital in Ramdaspeth, Nagpur. He was suffering from high fever due to blood infection. His TLC/DLC report was quite abnormal and the doctors were trying their best. Heavy antibiotic doses were being administered. On the third day, I went to Sai Baba temple at Wardha Road, Nagpur and I begged for my son’s health. When I returned to the hospital, my wife Meera told me that a boy came to my son’s room in the hospital, aged 12-13 years, wore dirty clothes and asked to my son what happened to him. He told nothing to that boy. The boy told him, don’t worry you will be ok very soon. The wonder is that, the hospital was so posh and had full time security at the gate; how could that boy enter the hospital, only to visit to my son and wife. Also, the time was matching, when I was praying for my son at the Sai temple at Wardha road. After three days, my son was discharged from the hospital. We are very sure that the boy who visited the hospital was none other than Sai Baba. | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 60

My experience with Baba
By: Prathusha As Promised to Baba, here I am sharing my experiences with Baba with you all. Strange is the way how Baba responds to our prayers or protects us. At times, we keep yearning and praying Sai to fulfill our desires, Sai makes us wait but helping us build up more Faith and Patience on him and finally helps us out of our troubles. At times, we don’t ask him anything and He helps us mysteriously and we finally realize “It was Sai who helped me

out ". 'Appa ' (father) as how I call Him , no matter what kind of difficulty it is he says " Don’t worry and pats on my head " I know you all should also be experiencing how wonderful it is when Sai talks to us and comforts us. 2009 , the year has been very hard for me but looking at all that happened I should only say Baba was always there watching me and taking care of me and my family. I feel pathetic when I think I seldom realized how I was protected by Baba during troubled times. My family was facing a lot of financial problems, with great efforts and will power; my father educated me and my brother. Now it was our turn to hold the responsibility and support | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 61

our parents. Sai helped me get a job in one of the biggest IT companies in India and within a year I was also sent onsite. During this period I got into lots of troubles which I don’t wish to share but I had always asked Sai why does he let me face these much troubles without making me realize my mistakes quite for some period of time. As how all of us face problems with Love, I did too. One of my problems was, I failed to realize true love and started doubting my Guy whom I thought was God's gift to me. Loneliness was too much into me that though I had faith on Sai, I failed to realize Sai is my first companion, my best friend. Things were totally against me that my boy friend went to an extent of breaking the relationship. I could find no hopes at all, but all these days my Faith on Sai was increasing every day. I started feeling Sai every day. I always yearned for Baba to come in my dreams but all this while I got strange dreams on which I couldn’t find Sai but confusion. I then read in one of SAMARPANs magazine that Sai has numerous ways to reach us. So Sai is always near me but dreams were not the only source for me to reach Him and speak to Him. I started practicing Sai vrutham, I have completed my vrutham, so merciful is our Sai, He did bring my love back. We are together now but few happenings in the past are always creating some hurdles in our path which only Sai knows what to do and how to make us cross it. All the financial troubles my family had is over now and only few days left to go back to India, by Sai's Grace , everything will settle peacefully. Sai, I will come along with him to your temple the day I reach India as how I prayed to you. We seek your blessings to be together and be happily married. I wish to bring my parents and brother to Shirdi this year, Please help us and bring us to Shirdi. There are many people who pray to you with full Faith and Patience, Please be with us in every moment of our lives. We don’t wish to come to you only with troubles but share our happiness too. We cannot also see you carry only our burdens and troubles. We Love you a lot. Many a times, I wonder how selfish we all are. We only care for our family, love and friends. Sai does help us but what do we do in return to His endless love. Devotion and Faith is not the only offering we can give to Him. Let’s keep our Sai happy too by keeping our fellow people happy. I gave up my anger, ego and pride for Sai is everywhere and keeping all these will only make us move away from our devotion to Sai though He still remains by our side. I have started keeping 10% of my salary every month for the cause of helping needy people. What if all of us start doing this and Money is not the only tool to help people but Love too. Let’s show our love to distressed people, for Sai acts from within us, we are mere tools for Him. We Love you Appa! | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 62

By: Revathy Ramkumar SATSANG is a Sanskrit word meaning, the coming together (the SANGA) of those who are seeking (SAT), i.e. Being, Truth, God. So a SATSANG is a term used to describe a fellowship or companionship of Seekers after Truth. Satsangh in the common man's language means a group of

likeminded people sitting together singing bajhans or reading scriptures or discussing the scriptures and so on. The greatness or the importance of satsangh is manifold. Satsangh purifies the mind and takes one closer to the Divine. There is a very interesting story which comes to my mind at this point of time. Once the great sage Narada asks Maha Vishnu what is the greatness of Satsangh? Vishnu in reply points out to a worm and says, “Ask that worm and he will tell you"!! | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 63

Narada is of course a bit confused, but still he goes to the worm and with some hesitation asks the worm," Oh worm tell me what is the greatness of Satsangh?"The worm looks at sage Narada and drops down dead. The sage is shocked and runs to Vishnu and tells him what happened. Sage Narad questions the Lord, "Lord why did you send me to the worm and then have him killed"? In reply to this Lord Vishnu tells the sage just now a parrot has taken birth in a house nearby, go to him and asks your question. Very obediently Sage Narada went to the parrot and after a few minutes of hesitation and with some fear in his mind asks the parrot "Oh parrot tell me the importance of Satsangh?" The parrot just as Narada feared looks at him and drops down dead. The sage is now pained and so goes to Lord Vishnu and pleads that he should himself explain him the greatness of satsangh. The lord in return points out to a newly born calf and tells Narada to ask the calf. The sage is now full of anxiety but still goes to the calf and asks the same question to the calf, and as it happened on earlier occasions the calf too looked at Narada and dropped down dead. Sage Narada feels really miserable now because his question had caused three deaths. He again rushes to the Lord and says "Oh kindly explain this to me I am deeply pained by all these deaths"..... Lord Vishnu replies, "Narada do not worry, just now a prince has been born, go to him and ask this question and you will find the answer. Trust me; this will be your final visit". Sage Narada went to the king's palace and with some fear asks the prince "Oh little one do tell me the importance and the fruits of Satsangh"? The little prince laughed at the question and replied "Oh wise one have you not understood the greatness of Satsangh even now? When you first asked me, I was a worm, and because of your darshan I was born a parrot, then you asked me again and I was given the body of a calf. There again I had your darshan and now I have been given the highest birth, as a Human Being. Just by the darshan of a great saint like you I have gained so much. Sage Narada now fully understood the greatness of satsangh and bowing to Lord Vishnu, admitted "Oh Lord!,Oh MahaPrabhu!,Your Divine ways are certainly difficult to understand". Jai gurudev. Om Sairam. | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 64

An experience
By: Usha Hari I am mother of two sons, we wanted to buy a car, I suggested going for a used car, but my boys were for a new one. Then my elder son got convinced and said: finalize the deal, so I said yes to my brother. Just after half an hour, my son called up again to say let’s go for a new one. I kept quiet, so he could make out that I have already accepted the deal. He said not to feel bad and that a new car can be planned after a year. I was so confused I asked my husband he said not to worry and leave to Baba. I prayed to Baba not to materialize the deal if it is not good for us. I was not myself the whole day. I went to the site "Baba will answer your question". I typed my question" Is it good to go for a car, if not please cancel it" The answer did not match a bit to my question. I read it again still I couldn't infer any meaning. The answer was" An auspicious event will take place on Thursday and you will meet a saint --believe Baba" All this happened on Monday. My brother called up on Tuesday to say that the vehicle will be delivered the next day. I requested him to send it in such a way that it should reach us on Thursday. He checked all the documents and the condition of the car and came back to me, told me that the condition of the vehicle is excellent /all the documents are clear. But above all he said your Shirdi Baba is already there in the car. I felt so happy all my confusion got cleared. Now I understand the meaning of the answer to my question. Baba guides us always. | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 65

Life Has a Purpose
By: Lekha Pandarinathan This article is for the people who believe that their life has no meaning. If you feel your life to be a burden, I will share my experiences with you which will change your opinion. I was 13 when I had lost my father in a road accident. My father being in private sector did not have any provision for pension. Also we did not own any house to live in. My father was like all the three legs of the furniture of our life. All of a sudden, we became burden on all the relatives close to us. We had to borrow money for food, shelter & even clothes and education too. It was very difficult to ask money from our own relatives. Our main guardians were our maternal grandparents & uncles. However, their condition was not that good to support a family of 12 on a single shop. When I saw their difficulties I too become more depressed I felt I should end my life in order to lessen their burden. I also felt useless as I thought I was nothing. My life had nothing to give me. It was then one fine day that I got vision of Sai Baba. I was able to feel him, hear him what he is saying. Gradually I got closer to Sai. He gave me inner strength to fight against my odds. When once I asked why did this things happen to me? What I could hear was “Everything in life happens for a purpose". I have lot of belief in Sai. I don’t believe in rituals to please god I just believe that if you do good to others good things will happen to you also. There are many such incidents in my life that really made me feel that Sai is with me always. I always remember one thing that Sai has given me purpose He had asked me to use this life for welfare of the people like me who do not have means to fulfill basic needs. "Believe in Sai he will be with you always. Even if you forget him he will not forget you" | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 66

Miracle of Baba’s Udhi
By: Amudha Narendran I was waiting at the Delhi airport lounge on 24 February 2010 to board flight to Luckhnow on an official tour. I had travelled from Chennai to Delhi by the morning flight and was feeling very tired. I felt sleepy and partly doused off in the Chair. In front of my row few foreigners were sitting and talking. There was an old lady, a middle aged man and a middle aged lady in the group. Suddenly I heard somebody shouting “Help, Help”!! I noticed the middle aged lady screaming for help. The old lady became unconscious and was falling from the chair. I along with two other passengers rushed to hold her and made her lie down on the floor. Some people asked the airport staff to call the emergency doctor on duty at airport. Usually, I carry Sai Satcharitra and Baba’s udhi packet with me in my handbag during my travel. That day I had packed it in my suitcase and was carrying Mystic Musings of Satguru Jaggi Vasudev. Before dousing off in the chair, I was reading to an answer by Satguru to a seeker who asks him about Gurus and he had answered that all Gurus are form of one and called my different names. You call profoundly any Guru whom you surrender and he will be there in a moment to help you by your side. This reminded me Sai’s 11 vachans, “If you seek my advice and help it shall be given to you at once”. I immediately prayed to Baba to help that lady. I squatted and took out the Udhi from my bag and applied it on her forehead closed my eyes, chanted his name and sought his help for the old lady. I did like this twice. The middle aged lady asked me as to what is that I am applying on the old lady’s forehead? I said it is Shirdi Sai Baba’s Udhi which is a medicine. Suddenly to everyone's surprise the old lady opened her eyes. She looked at me and pulled out her tongue. I could not understand anything. Then, I presumed as if she is asking Udhi from me. So I took some Udhi again and put it inside her mouth. She just closed her eyes and looked ecstatic. She extended her arms to me. I kept the Udhi packet in her palms. In a few seconds, she asked the people around her to make her sit. I thanked Baba profusely. | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 67

By this time, the announcement for boarding of our flight came. I had to leave. She waved at me. I was worried as I had only one udhi packet with me in my handbag and what will I do without any udhi for the next three days in Lucknow. To my surprise, when I reached Lucknow and opened my handbag, I got one more udhi packet. That is Baba’s grace. This incident brought a realization in me that mostly I pray for my family, friends, more particularly the known circle and seek Baba’s guidance in every matter. This is the first time I had prayed for someone whom I was not acquainted also, even today I do not know who she was, but I believe I was a tool for Baba to save that lady.

By: Yuvraj R. Chavan In the month of January, my wife was ill. One day, she felt heavy cold at 4 p.m. She covered herself with warm blankets. After some time paralysis attack started. She tried to call me to my mobile from landline telephone, but she couldn’t speak. The attack started from her left side, making her left side unconscious. She remembered Shri Sai and she could speak some words that I heard on my mobile. I immediately ran to home and saw that paralysis attack had started at her left side head, face and mouth. I used to go Sai Temple every day. I remembered Shri Sai and took some Raksha in front of Shri Sai photo from our Pooja place and applied to her head and face. She also remembered Shri Sai and we both prayed Lord Sai to cure fast. After few seconds the entire situation started becoming normal. She rescued from paralysis attack! She could speak normal. After two hours, we went to Sai temple and thanked him for his kindness to his children! | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 68

By: DEEPAK BELLUR I sat in the room of a colleague of mine at my former office one day, and some time later, a person I knew well entered. He asked me if I had continued in the job whether I would have got NFSG. I asked him what that meant. But before he could give me an answer I just said ‘Not forsaken by God’ as a bad joke. Later he informed me that it was ‘Non-Functional Selection Grade Director’, and that those who were lucky to get it would get a much higher pension of over Rs18000/- and that Mr X and Mr Y would get it. I realized that the purpose of the query, and in fact, the whole interaction was only to make me feel jealous. He wanted to rub it in that I had retired too prematurely and stood to lose out a great financial windfall. For whatever reasons, we go about performing such interactions, and inducing others to eagerly interact in similar ways. We are never conscious that we are doing such things, and after five minutes, we would have forgotten that we had ever done it. If I were now to view the aspect of my financial condition in a narrow way, I would feel that a terrible injustice has been done to me by the universe. However, if by sheer luck I were to have the insight and the wisdom to realize that the same universe was kind enough to make me inherit a 60’x40’ house in Jayanagar, one of the more attractive suburbs of Bangalore – something not given freely to all people, and have similarly been given many such blessings (which we overlook when impacted by interactions such as I had above) we feel thwarted. A lack of such understanding makes me to interact in very similar ways spreading ill-feeling among many. On giving one such example, perhaps people may get to understand my need to withdraw from the Office, even if it means losing about forty five thousand rupees each month over three years. I very rarely come across such deleterious interactions and can see very clearly the motives of the actors, which in turn gives me a good understanding of things. This is not to judge that person in particular, but each and every one of us goes about interacting with the same ignorance. I give below a note I had written out to myself many days ago: | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 69

THE DISTRIBUTION OF LARGESSE Let’s say four others and I am living in a house. And a man telephones to say that he would be visiting us to distribute his largesse among all of us. I recognize that I have a strong desire to be treated preferentially. Let’s say he has a thousand rupees to be distributed among the five of us. I desire that I be given a slightly larger portion, even if it means that I be given only one rupee extra. Instead of each one of us being given Rs.200, I would intensely desire all the others being given Rs199.75 and I be given Rs201. When in the course of my life it worked out that the other four were given Rs200.25 and I ONLY Rs199 because of such an attitude, I fell into a depression. Having realized by grace this aspect in me, I am now being compensated by also being given, at the present stage of my life, an extra Rs1.20 and the largesse being distributed among all has been augmented by Rs.1.00 and a sum of Rs1001/- is being distributed. In my prayers, I later asked that I be instilled with such a character that I intensely and sincerely desire that I be happy and contented with all the others being given Rs200.25 and I be given Rs199. I now realize that even such a prayer is being ambitious - I desire to be spiritually superior. Contrariwise, I should strongly desire that each of us get Rs200 nothing more, nothing less. That would be true justice and the truth. In fact, it is really true that when carefully studied, one realizes that all are being given the largesse equally, even if at a particular stage one feels that it is not so. | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 70

Baba helps me get a new job
By: Yashaswini Kamate I am pleased to get an invitation to send article to Baba's forum. Baba is great. He knows what to give and when to give. I am a software engineer and working in a software company. I worked for a company for three years and the work place started becoming an irritating place because of my boss. Day by day it was become unbearable for me and I decided to change my workplace. I tried a lot to change the job, I failed. There is a Sai temple near my office which I used to visit every Thursday and asked Baba to help me get a job. It happened that one Thursday evening one girl gave 9 Thursday Vrat book to me. I was happy and I vowed to take the vrat. I asked Sai to give me job. On the 1st Thursday I got an interview call. But I could not clear it. 9 Thursdays were over but still I didn’t get the job. A month later, there were recruitments going on near my office. I went there and finished the first round of selection process, frustrated and tired, I came to Sai temple in the afternoon. Usually the temple is closed during 12 to 5 in the afternoon. However, on that day it was open and was vacant. I cried in front of Baba and asked Him to help me get me a new job.

A month later, there were recruitments going on near my office. I went there and finished the first round of selection process, frustrated and tired, I came to Sai temple in the afternoon. Usually the temple is closed during 12 to 5 in the afternoon. However, on that day it was open and was vacant. I cried in front of Baba and asked Him to help me get me a new job. After being there for an hour I went back to know the results. I cleared all the rounds of the selection process and got job offer from the same company with attractive package. I am really thankful to Sai who showered his mercy on me. I am blessed and I feel happy. Let Sai bless every one. | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 71

Everything is Possible With the Grace Of Baba
By: Jayasri ramesh I fall short of words in describing the miracles of Baba towards me and my family. I feel blessed to have Baba’s grace showered on us. I would like to narrate one such Shirdi Baba’s biggest miracle which happened to our family. Me my husband and my son (now 7 years old) came to USA in the year 2007, when I was seven months pregnant with my daughter, which I felt was sheer Baba’s miracle .After that, my daughter was born and we got so much used to the place that we started feeling, as if we were living there for generations - as if our souls originated there. Since my husband’s deputation was going to end by May 2009 we were all disheartened. My son’s education was at a toss because he had got so much used to that school and the kind of education. We tried to stay back, but could not get any positive reply. I approached all my friends and relatives but in vain. However, since we had staunch belief on Baba, I prayed to Baba to please make us stay in USA. I said, Baba I will leave coffee (my favorite drink).Then one morning (just 4 days before going to India), Baba in the guise of one of our friends came to our rescue and my husband’s H1 petition was filed. Before filing we took Baba’s permission and to our surprise it turned positive and we left to India with a hope to come back to USA. Our life was very miserable in India because my son’s education was at stake. I tried his admission in all schools but in vain. My son started asking me as to when will we go back USA. I used to tell him to pray every day whole heartedly to Baba and he will definitely listen our prayers. Finally we got our petition approved with his grace. Meanwhile, my husband got a job elsewhere in India. We were in a dilemma whether to go USA or to take up the job. But then, we thought since we prayed wholeheartedly to go back to USA we should first attend the Visa interview. We went for the Visa interview | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 72

but our Visa was put on hold for about a month. Meanwhile my husband joined the job leaving us at our parents place. We got the Visa after a month and then again, I and my husband felt that it was Baba’s blessing. My husband resigned his job in India and booked tickets to USA to take up the job given by Baba, with a belief that things given by Baba are like a boon and are permanent. Now after six months, (i.e., June 2009 to Jan 2010) me, my son and daughter also joined my husband in the same city where we lived earlier - furthermore, the same apartment where we used to stay. After six months my son started going to the same school with the grace of Baba. Above all, we landed in USA on my son’s birthday co-incidentally. Last year we had celebrated his birthday is USA and at that time I had prayed to Baba that we would like to celebrate our children’s birthday in USA every year. I had coffee after going to Baba temple in USA after nearly six months. I can just say one thing. EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE WITH THE GRACE OF BABA. SURRENDER TO HIM HE WILL TAKE US TO OUR DESTINATION. Baba, please shower your grace on us always. Thank you so much Baba for giving me an opportunity to write an article about your miracles.
By: Revathy Ramkumar A village woman was earning her lively hood by selling the milk. One day when she was carrying the milk in a pot. A kite (garuda) had caught hold of his food, a snake, and was flying in the air. The snake was trying to escape by biting the kite. In the process few drops of poison fell in the open milk pot of the old village woman who was carrying the milk for selling. After consuming this milk many people died. This act of killing had resulted in a sin and somebody had to bear the fruit of this sin. Chitragupta was in a confusion that who should be responsible for this sin. Old lady can’t be responsible for this sin since she was unaware of the poison which had fallen in her milk pot. The kite can’t be responsible since the God has given snakes as his food. The snake can’t be responsible because it has right to protect himself. Chitragupta went to Yama for his decision. Yama after thinking while gave decision all the three can’t be responsible for this sin. The sin has to be divided among the people who talks and gives their decision on this incident. The moral of this story is that "Just be talking about someone's sinful activity we can become a party to it. So better not talk about it". Jai Gurudev. | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 73

Baba has been with us always
By: Umakumar Kumar This happened about 3 years back. My office was in Adyar and very often, whenever I got time, I used to visit Ganesh temple, Mookambika temple and Padmanabha swamy temple. One day when I had been to Mookambika temple in Adyar, there was an idol of Baba installed inside the small temple in a platform. My visit to the temple continued. One day, as usual when I touched the feet of Baba, I experienced some kind of a movement which I am unable to explain. First, I thought that it was an earthquake. But then, the other devotees there were very normal without any sign of panic. It was then, that I realized that Baba was living there. My husband was a devotee of Baba. Due to heavy loss in his business we were under debt. Since we are from a religious family, we continued our prayers. One day, again I felt the same feeling when I went to see Baba. But something inside me was telling that all problems would be solved. Later on, the same day I visited Padmanabaswamy temple where Lord Lakshmi Narasimha is also there. To my surprise, when I was praying, a bunch of flowers fell from the idol. Very pleased I was. Added to this, Lord Anjaneya also blessed me by making the butter on him fall, when I was praying. Slowly our problems were solved. I still think of Baba who first made me feel his presence and then blessed me - only to say that he was with us throughout. Another time, when my husband and I were at Baba's temple at Mylapore, my husband wanted to donate something for Annadanam. However as we did not have cash that day, we left the place and thought that we shall definitely do something later. In 2007, my husband fell ill. He received his salary in the hospital. I was continuously praying to Baba and all other Gods. My sister also came to Chennai to help me. Before she could leave she wanted to visit my relatives place at Mylapore. My husband, from the bed, requested my sister to donate towards Annadanam at Sai Baba's temple. This was also done. The next day, when she came, I paid her the money from my husband's salary. | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 74

After 4 days, my husband passed away. Though my husband is no more, I am sure Baba has relieved him from suffering further. Because Baba is everywhere and knows everything that is happening, he even fulfilled my husband's wish. I am also very happy that, he wanted to do something to Baba, though he was on his death bed. Baba had arranged things to happen in such a way that my husband's wish was fulfilled.
By: Vijaya Bharathi Namboori I'm a devotee of Sri Shirdi Sai since my childhood. Whether it is happiness or distress Sai is always with me. I put my complete faith in him and strongly believe that he is always with me. Recently my husband had health problem and the test results indicated a mild problem with heart. I turned to Baba and asked him this cannot be true Baba, he replied, "do not believe in false news and different people have different opinions but put your faith in me" and later we went for more tests and it found that everything is Normal and my husband had no problems. This period was the most difficult part in our lives and my faith in Baba proved very true. He gave me courage and energy to go through this phase. This is not that the first time that we experienced Baba's blessings on us, many a times Baba helped us to overcome our difficulties. Truly Shraddha and Saburi in Baba will help you in all aspects of life. Baba will always be with us. By the grace of Baba, everyday is a blessed day for us.

If we sincerely pray to Baba he will definitely grant our wish. | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 75

Our Beloved Baba
By: Dr. Jyothi No one can describe the ways of our beloved Baba. He always loves his devotees and will get them out of any difficulty by taking away their sorrows and sufferings, also wearing away His body for their cause. Baba was fond of renovating old temples. He would exert himself for the benefit of others. He practiced KHANDA - YOGA, DHOTI - POTHI along with SAMADHI sometimes severing from His body, hands, legs and the head, sometimes joining them together, as before. If considered a Hindu, He looked like a Muslim; and if a Muslim, He exhibited all the qualities of a good Hindu. Who, even with all His proficiency and learning, can describe such an extraordinary AVATAR? No one could trace in the least, whether he was a Hindu or a Muslim, for His conduct towards both of them were the same. So people wondered in their minds. Those who came to find out themselves, behaved in the same manner, too! And after His darshan fell silent! Everybody’s deeds - good or bad, their innermost secrets were all known to Him and He used to astonish devotees by giving a sign or indication of them. He was a reservoir of knowledge and wisdom under the guise of feigned ignorance. To exert Himself for honor and recognition in the world was too irksome for Him. Such was the disposition of Sai! Though His physical frame was human, his deeds matched those of the Gods, being unexcelled. The money that Baba got from people under the guise of dakshina, were given away in parts for charitable works and some parts were just given to people. Many became healthy & robust by His mere Darshan. Some changed their wicked ways & became good, many were cured of their leprosy and enjoyed health. He would always sit in meditation near the DHUNI, absorbed in meditation after His morning ablutions, sometimes without having one. A nice WHITE TURBAN on the head, he would wear a clean dhoti round His waist and would don a long shirt. Such was his dress in the beginning. | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 76

He is our Beloved Baba, always blesses His children with the best things in life, forgives our gravest mistakes, makes us walk on the right path of life towards the goal of selfrealization which is the birth right of every human being. He punishes us also for the mistakes done so that we can learn from them and never ever repeat them in our lives. He wants our path to be towards perfection always.......... Blessed are the people who know about Baba, chant His name always, and think of Him in every mode of life...........

Be a Believer
By: Vandana Chauhan

To believe is defined as to be confident about something or to “accept something as true” in many dictionaries. It is a drive to think and carry out actions with faith. Belief is SAI. Belief is a bridge between doubt and truth. If you are a believer then you can see the truth or else you are beneath the clouds of mystification, apprehension and grief. Belief is not just staying happy with all the desires fulfilled. Belief is leading our life under HIS leadership, decisions and care. Doubt can arise many times but they will never be stronger than belief. Believe in justice from God. Believe in yourself. | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 77

One of many experiences with Baba
By: Janakeesubramanian I would like to congratulate your website for releasing the magazine regularly with spiritual, religious, personal experiences ...... et al. I am happy that there are umpteen who have surrendered to Baba like me for each and everything that takes place in our lives. I have hundreds of experiences where Baba has come in front of me in some form or the other, guided me and asked me not to weep, and ensuring that he is always there for me. I would like to just put forth my latest experience. My husband has six sisters and three brothers (10 of them). The eldest daughter of the family who is 70 years is not blessed with children. Last year she lost her husband. Now, she is left alone to fend herself. Financially we have been supporting them for quite some time but, physically and mentally we could not, due to our various commitments. During 1st week of Feb 2010 we finished the annual ceremony at Chennai and then a decision was taken by all of us to leave her in an old age home, as we did not want to take the risk of her staying alone. On several occasions my husband and me discussed this issue and questioned ourselves "How can we leave her in a HOME" and just walk out. We both thought we will carry a sin with us in case we do this. Heart of hearts, she may also think that God has not given me children, so, I am dependant on my brothers and sisters, and, they do not want to take care of me and hence dumping me in an old-age home. The very thought of leaving her in a HOME and just walking out made me CRY. During the ceremony, all of us discussed and because of BABA’S BLESSINGS we decided to make alternate arrangements, i.e. one of her own sister offered a small flat in her house for rent. Very soon she will be moving to that house, where her other brother, sister and cousins are residing. Financially we will be supporting her, but physically and mentally her other brothers, sisters, their children, her cousins will stand by her. We both apologize to her as we | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 78

are not able to be with her always because of our jobs at Hyderabad. Ours is a huge family and at the time of crisis all of us are united. My husband's sister and her husband (after my engagement) had asked me to put it in writing that I will take care of them till their end and also perform their last rites. It is more than two decades since I put that in writing and I have kept my word till today and will do so later also. My husband did perform the last rites of his brother-inlaw and I stood by him. I thank BABA for giving me so much strength to keep By: Yuvraj R. Chavan up to my commitments. My husband and I are thankful to BABA, without whose blessings, this could not have happened. I would also like to mention here that we both are blessed with an excellent male child who understands all our problems and is a pillar of strength to both of us. By Baba's blessings he topped in his 10th standard and secured highest score in 12th and is now doing his Medicine (MBBS 1st year). It is only because of Baba's blessings he got a seat in Hyderabad and is staying with us.
In the month of January, my wife was ill. One day, she felt heavy cold at 4 p.m. She covered herself with warm blankets. After some time paralysis attack started. She tried to call me to my mobile from landline telephone, but she couldn’t speak. The attack started from her left side, making her left side unconscious. She remembered Shri Sai and she could speak some words that I heard on my mobile. I immediately ran to home and saw that paralysis attack had started at her left side head, face and mouth. I used to go Sai Temple every day. I remembered Shri Sai and took some Raksha in front of Shri Sai photo from our Pooja place and applied to her head and face. She also remembered Shri Sai and we both prayed Lord Sai to cure fast. After few seconds the entire situation started becoming normal. She rescued from paralysis attack! She could speak normal. After two hours, we went to Sai temple and thanked him for his kindness to his children! | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 79

Got comfortable darshan
By: Niranjan Hatri Though Baba has graced me to visit Shirdi since1976 onwards, this time I was in tension on account of my limitation of standing in the queue for hours, on account of old age. I went to the PRO counter after reaching Shirdi on 19th Feb 10 at @ 6-30 PM. The office was closed and I learned from the security guard that the counter would open by 7-30 PM to collect the paid pass for VIP darshan. With the grace of Baba, a staff member around the office overheard me and guided me that it was not necessary to purchase a pass and I being a senior citizen, gate No.3 would allow for darshan. After getting to Gate No.3, I inquired about the possibility of the darshan, based on the information given to me by PRO’s office staff, to which the guard told me to be at the nearby gate and would allow entry at @ 7-30PM. I showed my apprehension carrying no proof for senior citizen, which he graced as it was confirmed with the visible look at us and thanks to Sansthan Administration for allowing us to have darshan without any problem. This is for the information of all senior citizens. I take this opportunity to thank the management and administration of Shirdi Sansthan for maintaining the decorum. | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 80

Baba’s saying
From: Veena & Ashok Gupta Baba's sayings -- Do not be idle, work, utter God’s name and read scriptures. | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 81

The Miracle!
By: K.S. Vishnu I am an ardent follower of Shirdi Sai Nath Maharaj. Like any other person I too had my share of worries, tensions and hard times in life. In the beginning I used to brood over the issues and waste my time. Although I knew, Sai always advises not to worry over the problems, instead, submit them at his feet and lead a happy and peaceful life chanting his name or concentrate our thoughts on him always. But I failed to realize this simple preaching of Sai. Usually I keep reading about Sai and pray to him every day except when I am on tours. Most of the times I do remember him. However since a couple of weeks I had a strange feeling within me that has been prompting me to concentrate even more on Sai, simply forget about all worldly issues and keep thinking about Sai all the while. I started following the promptings to the extent I could. To my surprise I found peace within myself and started feeling very happy. Suddenly I was caught in an accident and felt like I will be penalized for the offence. The problem was, I was still using Indian driving license and yet to get Australian license. Immediately my thoughts went to Sai and I started praying to him. The accident site was a long term car parking lot that was newly built and was opened only a couple of months ago. Everything was laid new - the gates, the cameras, the steel barrier posts etc and I crashed into one of the steel barriers damaging it badly. The crash left my car color markings on the steel barrier. The event would have been recorded on the site cameras. I was sure that I would be definitely caught. Whatever it would be, I had no options but to face the consequences. I was in a hurry to catch the flight and was rushing towards the airport with my luggage. Suddenly I remembered Sai and I prayed to him and requested to show some miracle and bail me out of this predicament and I promised I would write this incidence in SAMARPAN if everything ends up well. And really to my surprise when I returned back to Perth after completing my job I found everything normal. I took my car out and came home happily without any problems. Koti Koti Pranamams Sai for the mercy you have showered on me. | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 82

By: Arun Saxena




- | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 83

By: Ravinder Goel ,





4 | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 84





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SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 85







7 | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 86

9 | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 87


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SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 88

Introduction of new members in the editorial team
Dear readers, you will find below brief introduction of the newly associated people with SAMARPAN editorial team. Some members were very humble and wanted to be introduced just as SAI devotee; however I have managed to put some more details about them. Poornima S.: She is a humble Sai devotee from Bangalore and she enjoys helping in editing our SAMARPAN magazine. She is associated with a herbal pharmaceutical company. K. Mythili: She is a humble Sai devotee too. Let me introduce her to you all. She teaches Mathematics and Computers at Jain Heritage School, Bangalore. (She holds B.Sc degree in Computer Science, M.Sc in Mathematics, B.Ed and has done some computer programs). Nikhil Dugar: He holds and MBA degree. Currently he is helping his father in their family business. He loves reading novels, watching movies and surfing internet. He lives in Bikaner, Rajasthan. Anisha Saluja: She is holding a B.Com degree and a diploma in Journalism. She is associated with Real Estate Group. Besides being an avid reader, she loves writing and above all is a servant of God. | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 89

Guidelines for submitting your article to SAMARPAN
Please follow below guidelines for submitting your articles for next edition of SAMARPAN. 1. Please give a suitable title and write your name or the name of the author (if you are not the author). 2. Please do not copy someone else’s article. 3. Please keep your articles in the range of 100 to 1500 words. 4. Please do not type everything in capital (upper case). 5. Please do not use font size greater than 12. 6. Please use basic fonts like “Arial”, “Times new roman” etc. 7. Please do not use short forms (SMS style of writing) • Write “you” and not “u” • Write “because” and not “becoz” • Write “and” and not “n” • Please use full stop “.” and not “….” 8. Please do spell checks before you submit the article and correct all spelling mistakes. | Baba | Baba

SAMARPAN | APR 2010 | 90

Copyright & Disclaimer
The website does not claim any copyright on the articles and pictures published in this magazine and does not claim authenticity of the same. The liability of writing original articles and giving credit to original authors rests upon the members who have submitted the posts. All the articles undergo a basic level of editing to make them fit for the magazine and to cater to the overall objective of the magazine without changing their essence. This includes abbreviating the articles or doing grammatical corrections or changing the topic of the post or any other edit deemed fit by the editor. Even though the website does check for copyright violations, it is at a very primitive level and the overall responsibility of the articles submitted rests with the members. is a non-profit website aiming at spreading spirituality in its various forms while maintaining emphasis on Shirdi Sai Baba. Please contact us at if you have any questions. | Baba | Baba

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