Silence In Another Light It was there. For just a frozen second.

The elusive morphing of word and air and picture Breaking like a sudden blaze orange sunrise… And then broken, and gone, …vanished In the instant when gray-light causes dreams to be forgotten, The empty pit of stomach lurching with emptiness Clinging to now-imagined certainties of love, Of brilliant thoughts and lives never lived. In a dream Our hearts and minds play cruel tricks Into exhuming hidden oracles And forgotten dances. …Did I dance with her once??? Or was that just …a dream? All that remains is a memory of a phrase That now sounds like Pentecostal babbling… Forgotten languages and fire and beards in a secret room. My ears, however, no longer believe love’s reach from a dream. Ach, Du Lieber Gott! I took a bite out of my hand as it fed me Unable to see or hear the Elusive mysteries fizzing in the deep caves, Unable to see god winking Since my half-eaten hand Is rubbing my eye in the hopes that that Will rekindle the lost vision. Alles ist hin! All I see now are broken stars On the inside of closed and sleep-dusted eyelids. The page remains blank, and Ghosts of life are rendered silent.

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