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Spring-Summer Edition 2010 • Iyyar-Elul 5770

Shavuot Holiday Schedule In this issue
Erev Shavuot and Affirmation
Come join us Tuesday, May 18, at 7:00 pm as we celebrate the holiday of Shavuot and Affirmation Rabbi’s Corner, 2
of our 10th grade students. The ceremony of Affirmation is a time when our oldest students in the President’s Message
school affirm their identities as Jews, a process that was started when they were consecrated and
continued past their Bar or Bat Mitzvah. It is a group ceremony that affirms the importance of the Cantor’s Notes 3
"peoplehood of Israel." Come and celebrate with our students as they affirm their participation in
both the people of Israel and our Congregation Sinai. Oneg to follow service. Lifelong Jewish Learning 4-5
And then...Study into the night!
9:30 pm Chassidic Texts and Stories with Rabbi David Cohen
What’s Happening 6-7
10:15 pm Yummy dairy snack break
10:30 pm Women's Poetry with Dr. Sherry Blumberg
“Scene” at Sinai 8
Shavuot Service (with Yizkor) on Wednesday, May 19 at 9:00 am.
Sinai Committees 9-10
Spring Shabbat & Holiday Schedule
Shabbat Behar May 29 Torah Study 8 am
Social Action 11-12
Leviticus 25:1 - 27:34 Morning Minyan 9:30 am
May 7 Minyan Katan 5:30 pm My Sinai 13-15
Shabbat Sh’lach
K4-2nd Grade & Congregational
Numbers 13:1 - 15:41
Dinner 6 pm
June 4 Family Shabbat Service 7 pm
Family Shabbat Service 7 pm Supporting Sinai 16-17
June 5 Torah Study 8 am
May 8 Torah Study 8 am
Morning Minyan 9:30 am
Morning Minyan 9:30 am Sinai Directory 18-19
Rebecca Klippel Bat Mitzvah 10 am
Shabbat Bamidbar
Shabbat Korach
Numbers 1:1 - 4:20
Numbers 16:1 - 18:32 May/June Calendars 20-21
May 14 Shabbat Service 6:15 pm
June 11 Shabbat Service 6:15 pm
May 15 Torah Study 8 am
June 12 Torah Study 8 am
Morning Minyan 9:30 am
Morning Minyan 9:30 am In the Sinai Family 22
Erev Shavuot
Exodus 19:1 - 20:23 & Numbers 28:26 - 28:31 Shabbat Chukat
May 18 Shavuot and Affirmation Service 7 pm Numbers 19:1 - 22:1 Those We Remember 23
Study into the Night begins at 9:30 pm June 18 Shabbat Limud 6:15 pm
May 19 Shavuot and Yizkor Service 9 am June 19 Torah Study 8 am
Morning Minyan 9:30 am My Sinai Summer 24-26
Shabbat Nasso
Numbers 4:21 - 7:89 Shabbat Balak
May 21 Shabbat Service 6:15 pm Numbers 22:2 - 25:9 High Holy Days 27
Special Oneg honoring Dr. Blumberg June 25 Wine and Cheese 5:30 pm
Outdoor Shabbat Service 6:00 pm
May 22 Torah Study 8 am
Morning Minyan 9:30 am June 26 Torah Study 8 am July/August Calendars 28-29
Morning Minyan 9:30 am
Shabbat Beha’alotcha
Numbers 8:1 - 12:16 Contributions 30-31
May 28 Music Shabbat Service 6:15 pm

Rabbi David B. Cohen • Cantor Rebecca Robins • Rabbi Emeritus Jay R. Brickman
Director of Lifelong Jewish Learning Sherry H. Blumberg, Ph.D., R.J.E.
Director of Administration Karen Lancina • Program Coordinator Jen Friedman • Sinai News Nicole Sether
Congregation Sinai • 8223 N. Port Washington Road• Fox Point, WI 53217
414.352.2970• 414.352.0944 (fax)•
Page 2 May-August 2010

Rabbi’s Corner
Why do synagogues matter? Simply put, they provide with God. The spiritual quest is alive and well and openly
a place to meet three intrinsic human needs: the need to be- embraced.
long; the need to believe; and the need to become. Today’s challenge to belief centers less on the nature of
It’s been said we Jews are a hopelessly communal God, and more on the truth of the Torah’s moral message. In
people. We want to belong, to feel noticed and needed. Unfor- our multicultural society, we are taught that what’s right for
tunately, we participate in so many communities, you may be right for you and wrong for me. When
we feel only an attenuated sense of allegiance to subjected to the caveat of relativity, the Ten Com-
any one group. The soccer team, the civic group, mandments can be reduced to the ten sugges-
professional associations, the boy scouts and tions.
brownies, each of these lays partial claim to our It’s become impolitic to express the belief that
attention, based on a limited set of mutual inter- the Torah speaks clearly and universally about
ests. what’s right and wrong. Indeed, I feel the Torah
We relate to each as a consumer. The didn’t get it right every time, e.g. the death pen-
synagogue is different; it’s a community of cove- alty for Sabbath desecrators or homosexual rela-
nant. Relating to a community as a consumer is tions, but Jewish law provided a corrective when
different than relating to it as a covenantal part- science overtook ancient erroneous assumptions.
ner. Where the consumer approach to community Occasional errors aside, the Torah provides a
is transactional, the covenantal approach is relational. Where framework for justice that is True with a capital ―T‖ and
the consumer approach is contingent, the covenantal ap- ought not be marginalized through the lens of multicultural-
proach is committed. Where the consumer approach is indi- ism. To assert there is an ultimate right and wrong might not
vidualistic, the covenantal approach is communal. be politically correct, but it is the irreducible essence of Pro-
In contrast to the consumer approach, synagogues phetic Judaism, and if we consider that message seriously,
are intended to be a covenantal community of caring, a place we’ll be doubly motivated to act on our beliefs, to bring jus-
where each person is noticed and valued, his accomplish- tice and compassion to the world.
ments communally celebrated, her losses collectively Last, the synagogue provides not only a place to
mourned. Reform synagogues, in particular, present a radically belong and act on our beliefs – it also is a place to become.
inclusive approach to community, embracing Jews irrespective Just as Judaism is not a static set of beliefs and behavior,
of color, sex, status as an interfaith family, age, or sexual ori- but rather is constantly evolving, each of us is somewhere
entation. Such diversity not only strengthens our community; it on our ―Jewish Journey.‖ No matter where you are on that
models Judaism’s most central and enduring values. journey – even if you’re at the beginning! - the synagogue
An important caveat: as every volunteer knows, the provides a place to experiment, to learn, to reflect, explore
laws of physics don’t apply, as we know them – when we get and discover, to be empowered, and to experience life en-
involved in the synagogue, we often get back much more than riched with a sense of meaning and a sense of purpose.
we give. Belonging. Believing. Becoming; three intrinsic hu-
The synagogue is also a place to explore one’s beliefs. man needs, each of which can be met through involvement
As Jews, we tend to stress the importance of action over be- in the synagogue. Think about it. The S.S. Sinai sets sail
lief, but it’s in a reform synagogue that you would be more soon and we’d love to have you aboard!
likely to encounter a conversation about one’s relationship Rabbi David Cohen

From the President

I have learned from being president of Sinai that ONE resonates for each of us. We want to have our precious
each day I have a lot to learn. "I've time commitments to have purpose. Let’s make that happen
learned that people will forget what you by being an active participant in synagogue life. This last
ha ve s aid, p e op l e w ill fo rg et month I helped with the Purim festivities. I am always grati-
what you have done, but people will fied when I see the tireless dedication of volunteers. Jill,
never forget how you made them feel." Bobbi, the Brotherhood, Jenni, Annie………the list is endless.
And that speaks to our warm and caring It reminds me that our synagogue is a place where commu-
congregation. nity is created and strengthened. Our volunteers come in all
Sinai is a blessing. We need to shapes and sizes. Some are retired and choosing to devote
care for it and nurture it. We need to time to the synagogue, others are working and raising chil-
experience our personal mitzvah mo- dren; yet all manage to find ways to give back to the commu-
ments by volunteering. The power of Continued on page 3
May-August 2010 Page 3

Cantor’s Notes
In college, I drove a four-door Honda Civic. It was nection. Love to explore new recipes? Jill Weinshel can’t
black, and the New York State license plate on the back read wait to welcome you to Sinai Cooks to cook and chat! Ready
QTPIE24. No I’m not kidding, and yes, I am slightly embar- to start training for that 5K? Call Carrie Ellerbrock, and she
rassed to admit this to you all. Nevertheless, Potsdam was can help you set up a group here at Sinai to train with.
about eight hours from Long Island, and every time it came to Under the leadership of Program Coordinator Jen
break, my friend Philly Greco and I would get into my Civic Friedman, Membership Committee chairpersons, Elyse Cohn
(with whomever needed a ride), and Philly - always proudly in and Carrie Ellerbrock, a dynamic environment of diverse and
the front seat, would announce: ―here we go Becca - its all interesting opportunities is emerging at Sinai. Look right here
about makin’ time.‖ Sometimes this went to an in this edition of the Sinai news...the ―My Sinai‖
extreme. A voice chimed from the back seat page will direct you to countless activities, events
―hey Becca, can we stop so I can use the bath- and opportunities that can connect you to this
room?‖ ―Hold it for 20 miles,‖ Philly chimed in. kehillah kedoshah - this holy community.
―We’ve gotta make time.‖ To this day, I cannot At Sinai, community is our cornerstone,
get in a car for a road trip without thinking, ―OK and the opportunity for you to connect comes
- we gotta make time.‖ wherever you want it to be; in song with our volun-
In 2010, we often find ourselves strug- teer choir; in prayer at Friday night services; our
gling to ―make time.‖ ―Take this route to Chi- Saturday morning minyan; in learning in our Beit
cago...we’ll make better time.‖ ―I would love to Midrash on Tuesday evenings; at the theatre; in
have coffee with you! Let’s see when we can nature; on the river; in the name it.
make some time.‖ ―Yes! Let’s take our kids on If you’re making time for it, we can help you make
that bike ride. When can we make time?‖ that time in your Sinai community.
For some of us, making ―Jewish time‖ is an added We look forward to seeing you around the building
challenge. Can we fit in lighting Shabbat candles this week? and around town with your Sinai community...and we can’t
What about going to temple to celebrate this holiday or that wait to hear what you’d like to see! Your passion has a place
holiday? But looking around here at Sinai, I can’t help but in our community, and we can’t wait to ―make time.‖ You can
see just how much time we all are making to be one dynamic reach Carrie with your ideas at And
community. Whatever you like to do, wherever your passions check out what’s going on around here in May, June and
lie, there’s a way to get involved in your Jewish community through the summer - I know there’s something you just don’t
here at Sinai. Like to hike? Call Bobbi Rector and put some- want to pass up!
thing together with Sinai Outside! Theatre junkie? Sarah
Hwang can help you put an event together for Culture Con- Cantor Rebecca Robins

From the President (continued)

nity they feel has given them personal growth and meaning. difference; fulfill the mitzvah of tikuun olam (repairing the
I also helped with the Chaverim Seder. The upcoming B’nei world.) You can create the Jewish memories that sustain us,
Mitzvah families participated by making a special dish for those memories that we instill in our children as hope for fu-
this special Seder. We welcomed challenged adults into our ture generations, and we can join together to sustain a com-
synagogue and we became a family. Cantor Robins led the mitment to our shared future.
seder with her musical talents and her ruach (spirit). When I Personally, I always remind myself that Sinai is home
looked at all of the faces around the table, I knew I was the to me. I come here when I need to find peace, I come here
beneficiary; I was fortunate to be there that day and be help- looking for an answer to the prayers of my heart. Together we
ing. I was in the right place. can all celebrate the beauty of our Jewish traditions.
Become involved. You are a proud member of a Our family has shared many special simchas with our
special synagogue that helps you learn more about your congregation. In June my husband Michael and I are celebrat-
Jewish connection. Avail yourself to take advantage of what ing our 40th wedding anniversary. We want to celebrate once
Sinai has to offer. Join us in prayer, take a class, participate again with our synagogue family. Please join us for an outdoor
in social action, consider a family volunteer project like the Shabbat service and oneg on July 2nd.
family garden, help with a meaningful program. Make a Judi Ketten

Congregation Sinai is on Facebook!

Become a fan and join our Congregation Sinai Facebook page. Stay connected to other Sinai members and
get up to date information on events. Find us at
Page 4 May-August 2010

Lifelong Jewish Learning

Dr. Sherry H. Blumberg, Director of Lifelong Jewish Learning
Sadly, this is my last article to you all. In my two years at Sinai, I have tried to live by Rabbi Chananya’s words: ―When
two people sit and words of Torah pass between them, the Divine Presence rests between them.‖ As I say farewell and thank
you, it would not be me, if I did not leave you with a challenge to go and learn more.
First my thank yous….To Rabbi Cohen, my student and friend, you model a person who con-
tinues to learn and who loves it. To Rabbi Brickman for leading a wonderful Shabbat morning experi-
ence of prayer and study. To Cantor Robins, your beautiful voice enriches the prayer experience. To
my school secretaries, Nicole, Deborah, and now Jeri Danz, thank you for making my work possible
by helping with the smooth running of the programs. To Connie, Stacy and now Jen and Karen, as
well as Karen and Ilene, thank you for a delightful working environment. To Tim and Dick for all their
work and help keeping the school and congregational programming going. To my superb school
chairpersons, Sarah Skebba, Annie Golding and Jennifer Goldbaum, and Jim Beer, my adult educa-
tion chair this past year, thank you for your energy and enthusiasm as well as your creativity and ad-
vice. To the wonderful teaching staff and the madrichim (student assistants), blessings upon you for
your work with the children and their parents. Thank you also to the parents of our children who
drive and ―schlep‖ and are concerned with creating our next generation of Jews. Thank you to the
members of the board and a wonderful group of office volunteers for your hard work and time, Thank you to those of you who
have opened your homes to David and me and shared eating and speaking together. Mostly, thank you to the children of the
school, and all of the adult learners who open their minds and hearts to learning. Judaism survives on your willingness to learn
and grow.
Two years are not enough time to make the important changes needed to make the educational experience at Sinai
one of excellence. But time and circumstances ―Shift‖ and so I am reminded of the words of Rabbi Tarfon: ―You are not re-
quired to complete the work, but neither are you at liberty to abstain from it.‖ I have worked hard for you and for Jewish educa-
tion here at Congregation Sinai in these past two years. The task is not complete. Learning needs to be unbounded, transcen-
dent, continuous, interactive and social. I pray that what has been begun does not end but only grows intense. God Bless you
all with wisdom, compassion, a sense of justice, and a thirst to keep learning.

Primary Grades Intermediate Grades

My challenge for those of you with your precious At this time of children’s lives they need to explore the
young children is to allow them to have a childhood. Children heroes, symbols, and languages of our Jewish tradition. As
learn by imitation so give them Jewish actions to imitate. Al- they begin to recognize that they are Jews, give them Jewish
low them to just play, use their imaginations, and create their books, music, and ceremonies to learn, and to eventually lead.
own art. Encourage them to try things and answer their ques- Help them to cherish their diversity. Take them to services
tions the best you can. Help them learn to set limits and to and sing and pray with them. Ask them to read with you their
have hope for a wonderful life. Show them that helping others Hebrew school and Religious School texts. Discuss with them
is a wonderful Jewish value. Finally, allow them to seek God in their questions, especially the ones in which they begin to
their own way, providing for them alternatives and perhaps question the Biblical accounts of the world. Remember to help
reading with them Jewish tales and Jewish books. them understand that science talks about the ―how‖ of crea-
(Visit our library if you need some!) tion and Judaism the ―why‖ of creation!

Teens Adults
This is the time when young Jews must challenge I challenge you to learn something Jewish and new
themselves and others. It is a time when they must be valued each week if possible, or at least once a month. We all have a
for themselves, no matter what personality they are ―trying on‖ lot to learn. Seek out opportunities to participate in acts of
and becoming. Remember that our Biblical fathers, Jacob and loving kindness (chesed) and to learn. There are wonderful
Joseph grew up. Help them see you continuing to learn and Jewish teachers all over Milwaukee, you can seek out teachers
doing Mitzvot. Help them to examine the values behind their at URJ Kallot, summer programs and special events. In addi-
actions, and find out what they like about their friends, music, tion, there are many resources on-line. Remember that Hillel
games, sports, etc. Remind them that prayer is an option said ―In a place where no one behaves like a human being,
when they despair, and that Jewish tradition can provide a you must strive to be human.‖ And Hillel’s rival, Shammai sug-
safe structure during times of stress. gested that one way to do that is ―Make Your Study of Torah a
Help them find ways to be Jewish while they are trying Fixed Habit.‖
to be like everyone else.
May-August 2010 Page 5

Lifelong Jewish Learning

School News
Shabbat Dinner
The K4-2nd graders will celebrate Shabbat with a special dinner and participation in the Family Service on Friday, May
7th. The dinner is at 6:00 pm and the service follows at 7:00 pm. The dinner costs $9.50 for an adult, $7.00 for a child under
12 and maximum $30.00 per family (2 adults, 2 children under 12). The teachers, Rabbi Cohen, Cantor Robins and Dr. Blum-
berg look forward to celebrating this Shabbat together. RSVP and pay at:
―Imas and Abbas‖ (Mothers and Fathers) Concert and Art Show
Please join us as the school presents our concert and art gallery in honor of our parents on Sunday, May 9th, at 10:30
am. There will be an art display, a sale of the special bowls to fund solar ovens for Darfur, songs, dance and theater. Parents
will receive special gifts. Refreshments will be served. We are looking forward to sharing this day with you.
The Jewish Lens Milwaukee Exhibit
May 11th the students of our Mini U program will have their photos displayed at an exhibit at the JCC. This event is sponsored
by the ―Jewish Lens‖ program of CJL. The event will also include photos from other Jewish teens in Milwaukee. Please see
advertisement on page 6.
Final School Awards Assembly and Picnic
At 10:00 am on Sunday, May 16th awards for attendance, Tzedakah, and special recognition will be given. All parents
should plan to join their children on this last day of religious school. At 10:30 am, children will go to class for their final time
with their teachers and then at 12:15 pm we will begin the picnic. Parents should plan to attend the annual meeting at 10:30
For the Picnic, please bring your main dishes and salads. The school will provide ice cream and toppings for sundaes,
and drinks. There will be time to help plant the Sukkah garden at Sinai, blow bubbles, participate in some relay events, and
say goodbye to teachers and friends.

Affirmation of Sinai’s Class of 2010 will Adult Education-Shabbat Limud

take place on Tuesday night, May 18th, The learning Shabbat on the third week of the month
will continue. On May 21st, Dr. Blumberg will speak about the
Erev Shavuot at 7:00 pm in the evening. Women’s Torah Commentary. As a member of the editorial
committee, Dr. Blumberg participated in the inception of the
project, and now uses this commentary to teach here at Con-
We congratulate the following students gregation Sinai. Dr. Blumberg will speak during the 6:15 pm
and their families: service.

Hanna Holman, daughter of Jodi & Alan Holman Join us on Friday, May 21st for a special Oneg in honor of
Caleb Hunnicutt, son of Susan & Carter Hunnicutt Dr. Sherry Blumberg and her contributions to Sinai.
Jonathan Lopez, son of Sharon Madnek
Jennifer Pereles, daughter of Susan & John Pereles
Andrew Phillips, son of Nancy & Scott Phillips
Mitchell Rowen, son of Ellen & Larry Rowen Yisrael Neeman spoke Friday night, April 16th at ser-
Jodi Stern, daughter of Terri & Jeffrey Stern vices about his special community in Israel where religious
and secular Jews lived together, working out the issues and
problems. On Saturday, April 17th he addressed the problem
of the Hamas Covenant and demonstrated how it is con-
The congregation is invited nected to the Moslem Brotherhood’s anti-Semitism, not to
to join these families at the Palestinian Nationalism. He recom-
service on Erev Shavuot in mended that Jews needed to be ac-
the main sanctuary. quainted with the philosophic posi-
A celebratory oneg will tions of Hassan AlBanna and Sayyed
follow the services provided Qutb, the thinkers who write that we
by the families in their are in a ―struggle against the Jews‖
students’ honor. and that we must ―obliterate our
May-August 2010 Page 6

What’s Happening
Life is Complex - Laughter is Simple
Wisdom comes in many shapes and sizes

Poetry Doodles by Jay Brickman Art and Design by JoAnna Poehlmann

plus tax

Good advice comes in small doses

A book you’ll want to give or to keep on your bedside
table for the first thought to start the day or the last
thought to round it off. Rabbi Brickman signs a copy of his
book for David Blumberg.

Sinai Wishes
When you wish upon a…..

Underwriting Opportunities:
High Holiday security service
Upgrade of security system
Table linens
Ice maker

New or nearly new:

Digital cable converter
Outdoor table and chairs
Flowers for our yard & patio during
the coming splendid summer days
Thank you, Jim Stillman, for the small college-sized
refrigerator from our wish list. Your generosity is
greatly appreciated!

….Our dreams come true

(Please contact Karen Lancina at
to discuss how you can help
make our dreams come true!)
Page 7 May-August 2010

What’s Happening
Minyan Katan! Sinai Shabbat Walks!
For children through 2nd grade, we'd love for you to Did you know that every Saturday after Shabbat
start your Shabbat with us! services at Sinai there is a group that enjoys walking? If you
Our "little minyan" is a great are interested in a Shabbat Stroll for about an hour around
way to come sing and pray and get
the immediate neighborhood with Sinai friends we'd love for
ready for Shabbat together! We'll
play our instruments and march with you to join us. For more information contact Randee Zitel-
the Torah together. man at
Join Rabbi Cohen, Cantor
Robins and Dr. Blumberg at 5:30 pm
on May 7th on the steps of the
bima. Bring your moms, dads,
grandparents and your singing voice
for a great Shabbat together!
Stay for dinner, too! Join us for Shabbat dinner beginning at Weight Watchers is Back With a New Session!
6:00 pm - right after Minyan Katan finishes!
RSVP at:
Weight Watchers introduces the new Momentum
program. It goes at the things that have always stood
Aleph Bet Yoga between you and losing weight, like hunger,
temptation or just a bad day.
Every Tuesday with Susan Solvang New session beginning Thursday, May 20th.
8:45 am, Social Hall
Join us for a high quality, friendly, and 13 weeks for $156.00
accessible yoga class. Easy 3-part payment option!
10 class pass is $100 or pay per class @
Contact Laura Waisbren at
Please arrive 15 minutes early. Weight watchers will be meeting in the mid–level
Yoga mats and props are provided. Don't miss the fun!! classrooms.

Staying Connected
Online Registration Sinai Enews Sinai’s
Online registration is now Stay informed about all the happen- website
available at Sinai! Register for all Sinai ings at Congregation Sinai!
programs and events online through Each week you should receive a Si- has a new
EventBrite. By using this tool, Sinai nai Enews about the upcom-
can be more efficient in planning and ing events at Sinai. Be sure look!
you can pay by credit card when you to open and read your Sinai
register through EventBrite. Please Enews. All kinds of exciting
call Congrega- things are happening at
tion Sinai if you Sinai and you won’t want to
have questions miss any of them! If you are
about online not currently receiving the Enews, please
registration. email or call
Thank you! Congregation Sinai at 414-352-2970 so we
can update our distribution list.
Page 8 May-August 2010

“Scene” at Sinai
Purim at Café Sinai
A costume contest, shuk, music, wine, Persian din- val give-away, are also a symbol of Narwaz, the Persian New
ner and the Megillah. All of these contributed to the fun of the Year, he said. Both fall on the astrological calendar in the
third annual ―Café Sinai,‖ on Purim this year, Saturday eve- sign of Pisces (fish).
ning, February 27th. The evening ended with a DVD showing of Eurovision
Cantor Robins, Eti Ganin and Bobbi Rector’s Megillah 1973-2004, a compilation of Israeli artists singing and danc-
reading was met with spirited responses by a crowd of 80 ing at the European song festival.
revelers. A shuk featured handcrafted jewelry, photography Café Sinai offered a wonderful opportunity for our
and personalized canvas bags. And the Fundraising Commit- members to gather and enjoy their community. There are
tee sold Sendiks Scrips (debit) cards and Tribal Blends cof- many people and committees to thank for their commitment
fees, by Alterra. Greening of Sinai demonstrated uses for my- and dedication to making this night a great success: Eti
lar and plastics. Mitbach (Kitchen) Sinai, headed by Sinai Ganin, Sue Kimmel, Jim Stillman, Jill Weinshel, Sue Fishbach,
member Jill Weinshel, prepared a buffet dinner of grilled ka- Bill Rickards, Jim Salinsky, Paul Rector, Mike Weinshel, Jerry
bobs, eggplant and other delicious dishes and desserts. Si- Salinsky, Jen Friedman and the Sinai staff, Women of Sinai
nai member Bill Rickards presented a program on Persian and Brotherhood for donating the beverages, and Rich Taylor
history, symbols and customs as they relate to Jewish prac- for donating his photography services for the evening.
tices of Purim and Pesach. Goldfish, the familiar Purim carni-

Idy Goodman, Jody Hirsch, Chip Mann Deb Schermer & Naomi Cobb talk to congregants about Greening Larry Golding, Anne Golding and Jill
and David Blumberg at Sinai Weinshel

Chaverim Seder
"It is so rare that we Assisted by Chaverim Director, Hazzan Carey Cohen,
get an opportunity to Cantor Robins led the Seder, which featured many beautiful
share our goodness in stories and songs. Some 45
such a meaningful Chaverim members and their
way," said Cantor Re- caregivers were served a lunch
becca Robins on Tues- of gefilte fish, potato kugel,
day, March 15th. She carrot tsimmes, tuna salad,
was speaking to volun- fruit and grape juice prepared
teers assembled in and served by volunteer partici-
Congregation Sinai's pants of Mitbach (Kitchen) Si-
kitchen just before nai. Three sixth-grade congre-
they welcomed special gants, Amanda Jacobs, Ilana
B’nei Mitzvah students Amanda Jacobs, Ilana needs adult members Friedman and Benji Cohn, all
Friedman and Benjamin Cohn help serve. of the Harry & Rose students at Maple Dale School,
Photo by Andrea Waxman Samson Family Jewish took some time from school to
Community Center's assist with serving and making
Chaverim program for a Passover Seder in the Social Hall. the guests feel welcome. Jill Weinshel helps Debra Brodkin.
Photo by Andrea Waxman
Page 9 May-August 2010

Sinai Committees
Brotherhood News
Cantor Robins Sings our National Anthem our solidarity of identity as a congregation.
One hundred and ten Sinai fans will join Cantor Re- The game will be preceded by a tailgate party in the
becca Robins in a joyous celebration of America's pastime on parking lot NORTH OF THE EXPRESSWAY (enter off
May 16th, 2010 at Miller Park as the Milwaukee Brewers Bluemound Rd.). Please arrive early since that parking lot
take on the Philadel- tends to fill up quickly. The tailgate (look for our collection of
phia Phillies (7 pm helium balloons) will last from 5:30-6:30 pm and grilled bur-
game). It has been gers, hot dogs, soda, juice, beer, side dishes, will be pro-
rumored that Cantor vided. Each person who attends will get a complimentary
Robins has some mis- bag of peanuts/cracker jack provided by the Sinai Brother-
guided sentimental at- hood.
tachment to the team in Tickets should be picked up at the Sinai office begin-
red but that she is also ning Friday, May 1st. Rain or shine, win, lose, or extra in-
starting to feel the good nings, we should all have a great time cheering on our Cantor
vibes that the Brewers and our favorite team! The Brotherhood is thrilled at the
bring to our fantastic city on the lake. That being said, we are great turnout and is looking forward to sharing this family
in for a great time and are encouraging all who come to event with all. By the way, please bring a camera, we need
wear something that is in the category of "Brewers blue" or some new pictures on the Sinai website. Play Ball!
some other appropriate Brewers gear in order to demonstrate

Women of Sinai News

The crocuses and daffodils are up in my yard and the on May 20th, let me know if you are inter-
birds are singing each morning. The Women of Sinai body ested in joining this healthy life style. We
and soul emphasis continues. Yoga meets weekly in the Wor- will be able to get E-tools as well at that
ship and Learning space with our instructor Susan Lubar- time. So, come join our very friendly group
Solvang. We have definitely benefited from the stretches, of weight reducers! You can contact me
relaxation and breathing techniques. New members at
are always welcome.
580 pounds lost! Yes, the Weight Watches group Laura
has had tremendous success. A new session will be starting Enjoy the spring!

Are you interested in an Artists/Artisans group?

Do you want to learn great Jewish songs on your guitar?
How about a beer brewing group?

Sinai's Membership Committee is looking for your input!

We would love to put together special interest groups but need to
know what you want! If you have any suggestions or want to get
involved, please email with your ideas.

Carrie Ellerbrock & Elyse Cohn, Membership Co-Chairs

Page 10 May-August 2010

Sinai Committees
Israel Committee
News from Sinai’s sister congregation Emet VeShalom in Nahariya Israel
Shalom Chaverim!! Members of our youth are looking forward to attend-
The leadership and members of Emet VeShalom ing an outing in the desert during Pesach vacation with other
hope you and your community have a Hag Pesach Sameach! Noar Telem youth from around the country. It is an important
During Passover we will hold services and a festive congrega- opportunity for our future leaders to meet and share experi-
tional Seder on the second night; many in the congregation ences as they build the Reform community in Israel.
enjoy participating in the second Seder for the sense of spirit Friendship from Abroad is Meaningful to Emet VeShalom!
and community feeling. Members of Emet VeShalom had the pleasure of
The community of Emet VeShalom has been hosting Rabbi Stanley Miles of Temple Shalom in Louisville,
busy! We are happy to share some highlights of our year with Kentucky, Rabbi Aryeh Azriel of Temple Israel in Omaha, Ne-
you… braska, Rabbi Leah Herz of Temple Israel in Canton, Ohio and
Purim is celebrated with Great Merriment Temple Israel President John Spera during their recent trip to
We celebrated Purim with great merriment. After Israel.
Havdalah, the reading of the Megilat Esther was followed by a We are grateful to our friends abroad for their contin-
children’s costume parade, klezmer music, a light supper of ued friendship and support; we enjoy participating in projects
pita, hummus and hamantaschen, and continued dancing with them which bring our community and theirs closer to-
into the night. Everyone enjoyed participating in this event gether by exchanging ideas about Israel, Progressive Judaism
with the wonderful sense of spirit and community that perme- and our heritage.
ates all our Shabbat services and holiday celebrations. We We invite you and your congregation to learn with us
also took part in the annual Ad Lo Ya Da municipal parade and be part of our overseas family; your membership will help
through the center of Nahariya with other groups and schools ensure the future of our egalitarian congregation which offers
from the area and shared in the joyful carnival like atmos- northern Israel a place to express Jewish religious and spiri-
phere that surrounds Israel during Purim. tual identity in an open environment. Both women and men,
While the Rabbi is Away Youth Lead Services! daughters and sons, have a place to celebrate life cycle
Congregants enjoyed the services led by our youth events on an equal basis and share in a complete and equal
during Rabbi Horowitz’s vacation in Argentina. They joined in religious life.
the prayers and singing with their usual spirit and afterwards We are grateful that our community, the only Reform
expressed great pride in the young congregants who con- congregation in Nahariya, is flourishing and going from
ducted the services so ably. strength to strength. We extend an invitation to you to visit us
English Speaker’s Club Continues! when you are in Israel. Celebrate Shabbat and holidays with
Emet VeShalom English Speakers’ Club features us! Visits to our community and contact and support from our
speakers on topics affecting Israel and Judaism. This is the friends abroad are very meaningful to us at Emet VeShalom.
only forum providing the opportunity for English speakers in On behalf of the leadership and congregation of Kehillat
the area to gather and hear interesting and relevant discus- Emet VeShalom, we wish you a Chag Sameach!
sions. All in attendance were stimulated by the recent lecture To become an Overseas Member or to renew your
by Manny Socolovsky [Major Reserves] on The Information Membership, contact Sharon Mann at
War. A native of Pennsylvania, Manny Socolovsky has lived in or use the link to Kehillat B’Yachad to make a tax deductible
Israel since 1980 on Shavei Zion (2 kilometers south of Na- donation:
hariya) since 1987. He was an Infantry officer, a former com-
Rabbi Israel Horowitz Sharon Mann
pany commander, and he has served as an army spokesper-
For Kehillat Emet VeShalom Nahariya Israel
son since 2003. Manny spoke about how he explains the
Tel/Fax: 972-4-9927293
official IDF perspective on the Second Lebanon War to jour-
nalists, politicians and other visiting delegations.
Emet VeShalom Nahariya Israel on Facebook – Become a
Emet VeShalom Youth to attend Israel Reform Movement's
Youth Group (―Noar Telem‖) Weekend Conference in the De-

SDC May/June Disposable

Vegetable Plants,
Collections Seeds & Dirt & Diapers
(size 3-6)
Page 11 May-August 2010

Sinai Social Action

Sinai Hosts Miklat!
On Friday, February 19th, Congregation Sinai hosted tection and enforcement efforts by ICE in the post September
representatives from ―Miklat!‖ and the New Sanctuary Move- 11 world. Of particular concern is the effect on the families
ment for a discussion of Jewish perspectives on the contem- of workers facing deportation when the children are U.S. Citi-
porary immigration debate. zens and have been raised exclusively in this country. Other
As Rabbi David Cohen noted in introducing the pro- challenges for current policy include the problem faced by
gram, no fewer than thirty-six times the Torah exhorts Jews to young people who have been raised in this country, achieved
―remember the heart of the stranger, for you were strangers success and distinction in school, but face a troubled future
in the land of Egypt.‖ The Rabbi further noted that given the because of their undocumented legal status.
history of the Diaspora, ―an empathic response to immigra- Many Sinai members in attendance drew parallels to
tion and immigrants is encoded in our DNA.‖ the experience of their own families in immigrating to the
Professor Rachel Ida Buff, a history professor at Uni- United States and the sometimes-hostile reception that Jews
versity of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, discussed efforts of ―Miklat!‖ have felt as ―strangers‖ in various countries throughout his-
to educate and promote discussion of immigration issues tory. The group also discussed recent legislative efforts to
within the Milwaukee Jewish Community. ―Miklat!‖ is a local address the problems, including the ―Comprehensive Immi-
organization that seeks to create a Jewish response to the gration Reform for America’s Security and Prosperity Act of
current ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) policies 2009,‖ which would both strengthen border security and re-
and the effect of deportations on individuals, families and form some of the harshest aspects of current U.S. immigra-
communities. Buff noted that for many Jewish Americans tion policy.
immigration is an issue that is relevant to the experience of The Social Action Committee continues to discuss
their own families in this county. She also applauded the and promote ways for the Congregation to be involved in this
work of Voces do la Frontera, a local organization working on important social issue. To get involved or contribute to the
immigration issues. debate, contact Social Action Committee co-chairs Idy Good-
The speakers addressed the current concerns of the man: and Craig Johnson: johnson-
families of undocumented workers who face stepped-up de-

What’s Greening at Sinai

“It is forbidden to live in a town that does not have a green garden.” (Jerusalem Talmud, Kiddushim 4:12)
So…we need School. Come join in the fun as we prep the beds, plant
to plant one. This seeds and set the tending schedule for the summer. We
month we launch the need folks to sign up for watering or weeding or both through-
Sinai Sukkah Garden out the growing season. Sign up for the week of your choice
again!!! We are ex- by contacting Naomi Cobb at or com-
cited to uncover our ing out on May 16th to the planting day. Those who help can
Magen David shaped nibble the harvest!
and r e ct a n g u l a r If you have any questions, suggestions, or ideas
raised beds, throw off about our Sukkah Garden, or other thoughts about Greening
the winter chill, and plant. The garden was a tremendous of Sinai activities, please contact Deb Schermer at
success last year and we have no doubt that it will be even
better this year! But we need YOUR HELP!
Planting day is Sunday, May 16th at 12:15 pm, fol- Happy Spring!
lowing the Sinai Annual Meeting and final day of Religious Greening of Sinai

Sinai’s Social Action 2010 Projects Need Helping Hands!

Congregation Sinai will once again be collaborating all year with the SDC Family Support Center, at 3025 W. Mitchell Street. The Family Support
Center Emergency Shelter provides shelter for homeless families as well as tools needed for families to regain an independent life-style. The shel-
ter offers immediate relief by providing bedding, food and clothing and also long-term relief by providing case-management, employee counseling,
parenting skills, supportive services to restore family stability, and assistance in obtaining adequate and affordable permanent housing.
You can help throughout the year! Volunteers are needed to run workshops in: Financial Literacy, Self-Esteem Building, Parenting, Nutrition,
Sewing, Knitting, Jewelry Making, and Cooking. Volunteers are also needed for: Homework help, Reading to children and Tax tutoring.
Contact Idy Goodman at or (414) 351-3386 to learn more or to sign up.

June 13, 2010 from 10 am - Noon

SDC Family Support Center Emergency Shelter
3025 W. Mitchell Street, Milwaukee

Bring your family!

Join residents and staff of the SDC Family Shelter to:
• Join children's fun specialist, Jill McGuire, in a variety of activities
(Games: jump rope, chalk drawing, relay races, hula hooping...)
• Decorate cookies
• Plant the vegetable garden
• Plant large flower pots
• Prepare toiletry case kits*

RSVP to Idy Goodman to attend and/or

arrange donations at (414) 351-3386 or by June 9th.
Please bring your own shovels, spades and work
gloves (clearly labeled with your name)

How Can You Help?

Attend & provide toiletries and/or a flat of flowers or
vegetable seedlings
Or Donate:
Place sun and shade-loving plants or vegetable seedlings in the
wagon in the Sinai foyer beginning June 1st. Place toiletries in the
SDC bin. Cash for purchase of toiletries and plants can be sent to
Congregation Sinai C/O Social Action Committee.

*Sinai is collecting items to fill toiletry kits for newcomers to the SDC Family Shelter. Please
bring the following items to the collection barrel in the entrance to Sinai by June 11: wash
cloths, combs, hair picks, hair brushes, bars of soap, razors, toothbrushes, regular sized tooth-
paste, shampoo & conditioner, deodorant, lotions. WE NEED A LOT!!!!
What is it that YOU love about Sinai?
Warm, inclusive & musical worship?
Engaging, interesting and challenging learning?
Nights at the theatre, the ballpark or on the hiking trail with your
Sinai community?

Share what YOU love about Sinai with a friend!

Beginning June 1, 2010, we are proud to offer you the opportunity

to bring your friends and families into
the amazing community that is Congregation Sinai.

Know someone interested in checking us out?

Please contact our

Program Coordinator, Jen Friedman at (414) 352-2970 or
She’ll give you a token to share with your currently unaffiliated friends or family good
for their one-year membership at Sinai.*

Bring your friends and family

into our congregational family!
Share what you love!

*Religious School fees not included

Page 14 May-August 2010

My Sinai

 
“Parents… Dinner!”
Two special Mitbach Sinai events in honor of
Mother’s Day, Shavuot and
Father’s Day.

Monday, May 17th at 6:00 PM

Moms and kids come together to
prepare and indulge in a delicious
Shavuot dairy meal. Please bring
$10 to help share expenses.

Monday, June 21st at 6:00 PM

It’s Dad’s turn! Dad, bring your
kids and we’ll make a special summer dinner
July 11th, 2010
together. Please bring $10 to help share
Lake hike and picnic at Seven Bridges,
South Milwaukee. For more
information contact: Bobbi Rector at Please RSVP to Jill Weinshel at

Sinai Outside—Paddling Culture Connection

Our first paddling adventure will be on Sunday, May JAZZ IN THE PARK
23rd (weather permitting), beginning at 12:30 pm. We have
some Sinai folks who have expressed interest in pad- Thursday, June 24th, 6-9 pm
dling.....but we would like more. Please join Congrega-
We will be canoeing and kayaking tion Sinai's Culture Club for Jazz
on the Milwaukee River. We may in the Park, Thursday, June
see giant blue heron, osprey, wild 24th. We are looking forward to
turkeys, various ducks, and the enjoying with you Milwaukee's
non-elusive Canada goose. The favorite summer outdoor music
exact location depends on water series, featuring diverse enter-
levels, and whether participants tainment from the region and
have any prior paddling experi- across the nation. Concerts take
ence. Please contact: Jan Letven place downtown, in Cathedral
at or 414-540-9755, by May 13th, so Square Park.
that we can know how many canoes, paddles, and lifejackets Bring blankets and a dish to share (more info on this
will be needed. later). Children are welcome, but not required!
Our second outing will be at night, under the full Please look at the enews and Eventbrite for our
moon, on June 26th (weather permitting) in downtown Mil- meeting spot.
waukee. Milwaukee by water, with the twinkling bridge lights,
and the glow of the full moon, is quite amazing. Please con- RSVP at:
tact: Jan Letven at or 414-540-9755 for
more information. Robin Arenzon and Lori Salinsky
Page 15 May-August 2010

My Sinai
Annual Meeting of Congregation Sinai
April 15, 2010

Dear Congregants,
Annual Meeting Agenda
It is my pleasure to invite you to attend the Annual Meeting of Congregation
Sinai on Sunday, May 16th at 10:30 a.m. in the Worship and Learning space. Sunday, May 16, 2010
The Annual Meeting is an opportunity for you to come and learn more about 10:30 AM
the ―state of the congregation‖. I will share my perspective for this past year;
new trustees will be elected from the slate of nominees prepared by the 1. Welcome
nominating committee; and the 2010-2011 budget will be presented for your 2. D’var Torah
approval. Your comments and participation are welcomed and encouraged!
I have come to the second year of my two year term as President and I thank 3. Approval of Minutes from the 2009
you for allowing me the honor of serving Congregation Sinai. It truly is an Annual Meeting
honor and a privilege to be a part of this caring, warm and giving community. 4. President’s Congregational Address
We always appreciate your loyalty and commitment. May we share another 5. Financial Report
successful year growing and learning together and shaping the vibrant future
of our congregation. 6. Presentation of Budget
B’Shalom, 7. Recognition of Outgoing Board Members
8. Nominating Committee Presentation of
Slate of Trustees
9. Announcement of Volunteer of the Year
10. Good and Welfare

Judi Ketten

Sinai “Fun” Raising Dinner Parties!

Sinai Congregants will be hosting a series of dinner
parties between June 12th and July 25th in an effort to
support Sinai.
Already we have some exciting themed parties with
dynamic hosts! Different party opportunities will be
available for all to enjoy.

$100.00 per person for adults only party

$50.00 per person per adult for family party

Interested in hosting a dinner party or attending?

Please contact Jen Friedman at
or 414-352-2970
Page 16 May-August 2010

Supporting Sinai

*Coupon can be downloaded from the Sinai website

Shop in Style ...With this

Beautiful, Eco-Friendly Canvas
Sinai bag
Made from 100% recycled cotton
Bags are large with longer,
comfortable straps
$10 per bag
Proceeds to benefit Sinai's Tzedakah fund
Please contact Deb Schermer (414) 332-
2374 or to
Also available in the Sinai office.

Let Us Eat Bagels! Beginning June 6th and on the first Sunday of each month
thereafter, you and your family can enjoy bagels and 15% of all sales will be given
back to Sinai. Please cut out the attached coupon, shop at the Bruegger’s in
Audubon Court (the corner of Brown Deer and Port Washington Road) and enjoy!
Don’t forget to bring this coupon!!!!!

*Coupon can be downloaded from Sinai’s website.

Page 17 May-August 2010

Supporting Sinai
Support Sinai While Shopping at SENDIKS!
Now you can purchase your Scrip card at times that are convenient for YOU!
Options for Ordering!
1. Buy in person and receive your card the same day
Stop in the Sinai office during office hours (9 a.m.-5 p.m. Mon-Thurs., 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Fri. )
OR Buy your card on the Sundays listed below and receive the card the same day
Special Sunday order and delivery date is May 16th and will reconvene in the Fall.
2. Order by mail
(Please make your check payable to Congregation Sinai & write “Attn: Scrips”on the envelope)
All orders MUST include your name, address, phone number as well as the denomination of Scrips you want ($50, $100, etc.)
Enclose a check for your full payment. Your Scrip card will be available in the Sinai office during office hours.

What is Scrip?
Scrip means “substitute money”. Through Sendiks Food Market Scrip program 5% of what you pay for your Scrip card is donated to Sinai .
Scrip cards can be used at any Balestreri owned Sendiks: Elm Grove, Franklin, Germantown, Grafton, Greenfield, Mequon, Wauwatosa and Whitefish Bay

Questions? Contact: Lori Salinsky:, Sue Fishbach: or call Cara Seppi-Bern (262) 236-0263

Looking for the perfect graduation or b’nei mitzvah gift?

For beautiful Judaica

Open during office hours
Or email Susan Solvang:
for special orders.

Sponsor an Oneg or Bimah Flowers….A Lovely Way to Say It

If you are looking for a ees. The cost of sponsoring an Oneg Shabbat is
wonderful way to honor or remem- $260.00. The cost of sponsoring Bimah Flowers is $60.00.
ber someone, or recognize a spe- Email Jen Friedman at or
cial occasion, you can do so by call (414) 352-2970.
sponsoring an Oneg Shabbat after
a Friday service or the Bimah flow- Available Dates for
ers for the week for all congre-
gants to enjoy. Congregation Sinai
typically provides these items for Friday evenings when there May 7, May 14,
is no Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Simply let us know that you would May 28, June 25, July 9,
like to sponsor and we will create a beautiful dessert table or July 16, July 23, July 30,
order a lovely floral arrangement for the Bimah to recognize August 6, August 20, and
your occasion. All sponsorships will be acknowledged in the
August 27
Sinai Shabbat Pamphlet and the Sinai News. We will also
send a note of congratulations or thanks to the honor-
May-August 2010 Page 18

Supporting Sinai
Whether your business is large or small….
Know of someone’s business that can benefit from advertising?
Your hairdresser?
Your auto mechanic?
Your lawn care service?
Your pet sitter?
Your cleaning service?

See next page for size options and costs for each.
AND…as an added benefit, your ad can now be in COLOR.!!!!!

For more information, please contact Rachel Eixenberger,

We’re investigating the addition of email addresses to our annual directory. Please update our
database with your household information so that when this information is printed it will be correct.
If you prefer not to have your email address printed in the Sinai Directory, please indicate as such.
Complete and return this document to Congregation Sinai; note “Sinai Directory Updates” on the

Name 1 Name 2

_____________________ ___________________________ _____________________ ___________________________

First Last First Last

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________
Address Address

_______________________ _________________________ _______________________ _________________________

Home Phone Cell Phone Home Phone Cell Phone

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________
Email Address Email Address

□ Please do not print my email address □ Please do not print my email address
May-August 2010

$90.00 (color)

Back Cover $300.00 ($350 color), Inside Front Cover $260.00 ($315.00 color), Inside Back Cover $220.00 ($260.00 color)
Page 19
May 2010

Torah Study 8 am
Morning Minyan 9:30 am
Jack Rhead Bar Mitzvah 10 am

2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Chug Ivrit 9:30 am Yoga 8:45 am Bible Study 9:30 am 3-6th Grade Classes 4 pm Through the Eyes of Torah Study 8 am
Taste of Religious School 10 am Weight Watchers 5:45 pm Conversational Adult Hebrew 7:15 pm Women 9:30 am Morning Minyan 9:30 am
Affirmation 11 am (last day) Hebrew 7 pm Lunch & Learn 12 pm
Sinai Outside Hiking Minyan Katan 5:30 pm
meet at 1 pm Congregational Dinner 6 pm
Mini-U 5 pm (last day) K4-2nd Grade Family Shabbat
Service 7 pm
Next Chapter Book Fundraiser Next Chapter Book Fundraiser Next Chapter Book Fundraiser

9 10 11 12 13 14 15
Chug Ivrit 9:30 am Executive Committee Finance Committee Bible Study 9:30 am 3-6th Grade Classes 4 pm Through the Eyes of Torah Study 8 am
Mothers Day Concert & Art Meeting 7 pm Meeting 7:30 am Conversational Hebrew 7 pm Adult Hebrew 7:15 pm Women 9:30 am Morning Minyan 9:30 am
Show 10 am Yoga 8:45 am Lunch & Learn 12 pm
Affirmation Rehearsal 11 am Weight Watchers 5:45 pm Shabbat Service 6:15 pm
Affirmation Dinner &
Rehearsal 6 pm

16 17 18 19 20 21 22
Chug Ivrit 9:30 am Mitbach Sinai—Moms Erev Shavuot Shavuot Through the Eyes of Torah Study 8 am
Religious School (last day) 10 and Kids 6 pm Offices closes at 3 pm Office closed Men’s Spirituality Women 9:30 am Morning Minyan 9:30 am
am Yoga 8:45 am Shavuot Service with Group 7:45 am Lunch & Learn 12 pm
Annual Meeting 10:30 am Shavuot and Affirmation Yizkor 9 am Weight Watchers 5:45 pm Shabbat Service 6:15 pm
Family Picnic 12:00 pm Service 7 pm Bible Study 9:30 am Adult Hebrew 7:15 pm Special Oneg honoring Dr.
Garden Planting 12:15 pm Study begins at 9:30 pm Sherry Blumberg

23 24 25 26 27 28 29
Sinai Outside Yoga 8:45 am Bible Study 9:30 am Weight Watchers 5:45 pm Through the Eyes of Torah Study 8 am
Paddling 12:30 pm Seniors Havurah 1 pm Conversational Hebrew 7 pm 5th Grade B’nei Mitzvah Women 9:30 am Morning Minyan 9:30 am
Parent Meeting 7 pm Lunch & Learn 12 pm
Adult Hebrew 7:15 pm Sinai’s Rockin Music
Shabbat 6:15 pm

30 31
Memorial Day
Office closed
June 2010

1 2 3 4 5
Yoga 8:45 am Bible Study 9:30 am Weight Watchers 5:45 pm Through the Eyes of Torah Study 8 am
Conversational Hebrew 7 pm Executive Committee Women 9:30 am Morning Minyan 9:30 am
Meeting 7 pm Lunch & Learn 12 pm Rebecca Klippel Bat
Adult Hebrew 7:15 pm Office closes at 1 pm Mitzvah 10 am
Shabbat Service 6:15 pm

6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Brit Nashim 7 pm Finance Committee Last Conversational Weight Watchers 5:45 pm Through the Eyes of Torah Study 8 am
Meeting 7:30 am Hebrew 7 pm Adult Hebrew 7:15 pm Women 9:30 am Morning Minyan 9:30 am
Yoga 8:45 am Lunch & Learn 12 pm
Office closes at 1 pm
Shabbat Service 6:15 pm
Get your Bruegger’s bagels!!

13 14 15 16 17 18 19
Social Action Committee at SDC Yoga 8:45 am Men’s Spirituality Lunch & Learn 12 pm Torah Study 8 am
Family Shelter 10 am Group 7:45 am Office closes at 1 pm Morning Minyan 9:30 am
Weight Watchers 5:45 pm Shabbat Limud
Board Meeting 7 pm Service 6:15 pm

20 21 22 23 24 25 26
Mitbach Sinai-Dads Yoga 8:45 am Weight Watchers 5:45 pm Through the Eyes of Torah Study 8 am
and Kids 6 pm Seniors Havurah 1 pm Culture Connection: Jazz in the Women 9:30 am Morning Minyan 9:30 am
Park 6-9 pm Lunch & Learn 12 pm Sinai Outside Paddling
Adult Hebrew 7:15 pm Office closes at 1 pm
Wine and Cheese 5:30 pm
1st Outdoor Shabbat
Service 6 pm

27 28 29 30
Yoga 8:45 am
Page 22 May-August 2010

In the Sinai Family

B’nei Mitzvah Bios
Jack Rhead
Jack Rhead celebrated becoming a Bar Mitzvah on May 1, 2010. Jack is the son of Pamela
Finberg and Bill Rhead, the brother of Paul and Evan, and the loving grandson of Dorothy Jones and
Ernest Finberg, and Marie and the late Roger MacPherson.
Jack is a 7th grader at Pilgrim Park Middle School. He enjoys French and video production and
is a keen participant in the Sunset Playhouse Theater acting and Improv classes. He enjoys boogie
boarding in the ocean when visiting family in Sydney.
Jack and his family would like to thank Rabbi Cohen and Cantor Robins for helping him pre-
pare for this very special day.

Rebecca Klippel
Rebecca (Becca) Klippel celebrates becoming a Bat Mitzvah on June, 5, 2010. Becca is
the daughter of Allison and Brad Klippel, Granddaughter of Barbara Wiener, William Wiener and the
late Nancy Hindin, and Shirley Klippel. Becca is the sister of Lauren Klippel and niece of Wendy and
Mark Sommer.
Becca is a 7th grader at Glen Hills Middle School and enjoys music, softball, volleyball and
of course, fashion. Becca and her family would like to extend a huge thank you to Rabbi Cohen,
Cantor Robins, and Marilyn Kaar for all their hard work and dedication.

Alex Elias
Alexander John Maurice Elias will celebrate becoming a Bar Mitzvah on Saturday, August 14,
2010. Alex is the son of Lisa and Dan Elias, brother of Max and Lulu, grandson of Hank Schaub, and
Jennie and Paul Elias.
Alex will be an 8th grader at Whitefish Bay Middle School in the fall. Alex enjoys playing base-
ball, soccer, and snowboarding with family and friends. Alex also loves swimming and tubing with his
cousins at his family’s cottage on Cedar Lake. For his mitzvah project, Alex has chosen to collect gently
used soccer shoes, equipment and cash donations for underprivileged children in Jamaica.
Alex’s maternal grandmother, Lucia Schaub, will be greatly missed at this wonderful family
celebration. She loved Alex very much and took great pride in his many accomplishments.
Alex and his parents would like to thank Rabbi Cohen, Cantor Robins and Linda Ross for their
support and guidance.

Mazel Tov! Condolences to:

Becca Stillman, daughter of Jim and Nancy Stillman has been
chosen as recipient of the Sanford J. Ettinger Award for Aca-
Hamakon Y’Nachem—May God Comfort
demic Excellence, for 2009-2010. Andrew (Shannon Corallo) Komisar, on the death of his
Tim Tyler, Sinai’s head custodian for his award at the Red father, Bernard E. Komisar
Shawl Gala in recognition for his work in the American Indian Diane (Eric) Zall, on the death of her grandmother, Esther
community. Schwade
Ted and Barbara Bradbury, on the birth of their Jan Rosenberg (Marty Barnes), on the death of her father,
granddaughter. Harold Rife
Rebecca Katz, on her position as Legislative Assistant for the Dannette (Avi) Lank, on the death of her mother, Virginia
Religious Action Center (the lobbying and social action arm of Leona Hill
the Union of Reform Judaism.

Welcome to new members

Susan, Peter, Liam, Ethan, Dylan and Sean Gray
Marcie Cornfield, Joshua, Amelia and Jacob Stubbins
May-August 2010 Page 23

Those We Remember
May Yarhzeits
May 7, 2010 Louis Kahn Joseph Lieberman May 28, 2010
Miriam Baum Mathilda Luff Siegfried Lowin Dr. Maurice J. Ansfield
David Becker Frances Pories Leah Mlavsky Sabilia Bibbye Lieberman
Florence Boorstein Paul Pugach Rachel Porter Robert Brill
Dr. Benno Gruenberg Ann Recht Harriet Propper Deborah Schwartz Fields
Robert Hersch Ann Barbara Rice Arthur Ross Fanny Frank
Beatrice Rabinovitz Kapper Bess Rosenberg Manny Rotter Sara Goldstein
Toby Karp Charles Schapiro Abe Sevak Tillie Jacobs
Hinda Larkey Gertrude Schulner Ann Stein Maurice Kimmel
Ruth Mayer Corrine Smith Leah Stein Bessie Kohlenberg
Marilyn Meissner Maurice Stemerman Gene L. Suvalsky Edward Portnoff
Bessie Kaplan Mendelson Sidney Weinberg Samuel E. Schechter
Lester J. Meyer May 21, 2010 Erno Weisz Max Schulner
Nina Rotman Rae Baily Etalka Weisz Benjamin Semon
Rose Taitelman Susann Colton Izsador Weisz Hattie Semon
Shirley Wile Gerald Flegel Joey Weisz
William Friedman Jupi Weisz
May 14, 2010 Wolfe Gershan Linka Weisz
Mollie Friedland Sylvia Jacobs Mimmi Weisz
Erwin Grossmann Jack Kohlenberg Sara Yerukhimovich

June Yarhzeits
June 4, 2010 Solomon Brown Lore Levy Helen Grossmann
Goldye Anoff Borkovitz David Fishkin David Lipschultz Grace Gruenberg
Edith Bilsky Frieda Friedman Robert Pereles Dr. Raymond Henkin
Fran Morris Boxer Myron Fromstein Yeva Pinsky Ellen Hunnicutt
Hans Nathan Brauer Helen Goldberg Else May Rubinstein Herman Larkey
Martha Brauer Louis Greenebaum Sr. Lenore Sachs Bessie Mendelsohn
Louis Cohen Bessie Hiken Dick Schulhof William E. Miller
Barbara Eiseman Robert Hindin Dr. Sidney J. Silbar Judith Peck
Sam Gassman Beatrice Hoffman Doris Tishberg Morris Rabinovitz
Murray Glass Joseph Sadowsky Dr. Eugene Jack Usow Elza Roth
Arthur Goldstein Evelyn Silverstein Ben J. Wiener Irving Sanderson
Sol Gollin Abe Simon Morton Wolfe Ruth Schmidt
Martin Jacobs Sophie Smuckler Earl Zechman Sam Sevak
Sam Kaufman Harry Soifer Nathan Weinberg
Edward Loewenthal Jack Stark June 25, 2010 Min Ziskind
Milton Peterman Dr. Theodore Cayle
Edith Sarah Schermer June 18, 2010 Murray Denemark
Daniel B. Albert Ardell Eisenberg
June 11, 2010 Beverly Bender Rose Fishkin
Sadye Brown Izzie King Avram Gelbart

Life Cycle Events

If you learn of any events - births, engagements, mar- When there is a death in our immediate family,
riages, ordinations - that should be included in our ―In the please notify the synagogue office, even if the funeral is out
Sinai Family‖ page, please notify the congregation office at of town. The clergy and the Sinai community would like the or by telephone (414)352- opportunity to express sympathy for your loss.
May-August 2010 Page 24

Summer at Sinai!
Check out all our Summer Happenings Here!
Please note: There will be no July/August edition of the Sinai News.
Stayed tuned at

Top Ten List to Check Out Sinai in the Summer

10. Welcome back the snowbirds from warmer winter places.
9. Sunday bagels for a great reason: The first Sunday of the month, a percentage of your breakfast supports Sinai.
8. Watching our garden grow – its fruits to decorate our sukkah come fall.
7. Having a great time at the “Fun”raising dinner party you and your friends signed up for.
6. Letters to your kids at camp from Rabbi Cohen and Cantor Robins (don’t forget to send us their address!).
5. Melting popsicle dripping down your arm at the ever-popular Popsicle Shabbat.
4. Our amazing softball team and their famous Softball Shabbat, complete with the “Sermon on the Mound.”
3. Picnic Shabbat dinners on our beautiful lawn before or after services.
2. Rabbi Cohen rockin’ Shabbat on the guitar and Cantor Robins singing Shabbat in!
1. A huge community celebrating together, praying together, remembering together, and enjoying Wisconsin’s perfect
Can’t wait to see you around!

Summer Shabbat Service Schedule Come Join Us as

Shabbat Pinchas Shabbat Re’eh We Kickoff Our
Numbers 25:10 - 30:1 Deuteronomy 11:26 - 16:17
July 2 Outdoor Shabbat Service 6 pm August 6 Outdoor Shabbat Service 6 pm First Outdoor
July 3 Torah Study 8 am
Morning Minyan 9:30 am
August 7 Torah Study 8 am
Morning Minyan 9:30 am
Shabbat Matot Shabbat Shoftim
Numbers 30:2 - 36:13 Deuteronomy 16:18 - 21:9
July 9 Outdoor Shabbat Service 6 pm August 13 Outdoor Shabbat Service 6 pm
Friday, June 25, 2010
July 10 Torah Study 8 am August 14 Torah Study 8 am Please join us for wine,
Morning Minyan 9:30 am Morning Minyan 9:30 am cheese & schmooze at
Alex Elias Bar Mitzvah 10 am
Shabbat Devarim 5:30 PM
Deuteronomy 1:1 - 3:22 Shabbat Ki Teitzei
July 16 Outdoor Shabbat Service 6 pm Deuteronomy 21:10 - 25:19
July 17 Torah Study 8 am August 20 Outdoor Shabbat Service 6 pm Services at 6:00 PM
Morning Minyan 9:30 am August 21 Torah Study 8 am
Morning Minyan 9:30 am
Shabbat Vaetchanan Families welcome!
Deuteronomy 3:23 - 7:11 Shabbat Ki Tavo
July 23 Picnic Potluck 5:15 pm Deuteronomy 26:1 - 29:8
Outdoor Popsicle Shabbat Service 6 pm August 27 Outdoor Softball Shabbat Service 6 pm
July 24 Torah Study 8 am August 28 Torah Study 8 am
Morning Minyan 9:30 am Morning Minyan 9:30 am
Shabbat Eikev
Deuteronomy 7:12 - 11:25
July 30 Outdoor Shabbat Service 6 pm
July 31 Torah Study 8 am
Morning Minyan 9:30 am
*All services will be held outdoors. In the
event of inclement weather services will
be held in the sanctuary.
May-August 2010 Page 25

My Sinai Summer
* Coats, Dresses
* Children's Clothing
* Men's Clothing
* Sweaters
* Designer Items
* Jewelry
* Fur Coats
* Purses
* Luggage
* Bicycles
* Children's Riding Toys Sunday, July 25, 2010
* TVs, VCRs, DVD players Rummage Sale: 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
* Small Appliances
BAG Sale: 12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.
* Furniture
* Bedding Items Drop off items in good condition and on hangers Sunday, July 18 to
* Sports Equipment Thursday, July 22.
If you have any big items and need a pick-up, please contact Jennifer
* Kitchen Supplies Moglowsky at 414-352-4311 or
* Shoes in good condition Volunteers Needed to Help Sort During the Week & on Sale Day:
Please contact Jennifer Moglowsky or Cara Seppi-Bern at 262-236-0263 or
(No Lingerie, Mattresses, Car Seats,
Cribs or Playpens with slats)

Brotherhood Softball
Sinai softball begins May 4th and will continue with games through
the first week in August. This year there is a league tournament Sunday, July
2010 Schedule
18th at Kletzsch Park that will run from morning through early evening. Hot
dogs, soda, etc. will be sold by the Milwaukee Maccabi Youth Delegation as a
May 4 at 6 PM: Brown Deer 1
fundraiser for their trip to the games in Richmond, Virginia. May 11 at 6 PM: Brown Deer 1
The team is looking for some under 50 men who are interested in May 25 at 6 PM: Algonquin
helping transition from the "old" group to a new, younger, group that will con- June 1 at 7 PM: Brown Deer 1
tinue Sinai's winning ways for the next 5-10 years and beyond. Cost to join June 8 at 7 PM: Brown Deer 1
includes being a currently paid up member of the Brotherhood ($36 annual
dues) and to also pay a $25 assessment for the league play. This translates
June 15 at 6 PM: Kletzsch 2
to about $2 per game and is a real entertainment value! (We always are en- June 15 at 7 PM: Kletzsch 3
tertained by the quality of our play!) There are 14 Temple affiliated teams June 22 at 7 PM: Kletzsch 3
that play in this league and it is a modestly competitive June 29 at 6 PM: Algonquin
league. The emphasis is usually more on having fun July 6 at 7 PM: Kletzsch 2
rather than winning.
If you are interested in joining the team for the
July 13 at 7 PM: Kletzsch 2
summer of 2010 please contact Marc Kartman ASAP at July 18: Tournament games Bring a friend, bring your July 27 at 6 PM: Algonquin
A game, (or actually your B-Z game will do.) August 3 at 6 PM: Algonquin
August 17: Post season match up
We look forward to seeing you on the Diamond!
Page 26 May-August 2010

My Sinai Summer
What’s Greening at Sinai?
Shipping is a terrible thing to do to vegetables. They probably get jet-lagged, just like people.
~Elizabeth Berry

Here is some food for thought as we bask in the months. To find one near you, go to http://
warm summer months in Milwaukee – eat locally grown Also,
food! The benefits are numerous, and it is easy to do consider purchasing a share in a CSA (Community Sup-
here in Milwaukee, as farmers markets and community ported Agriculture) farm. There are 14 Milwaukee-area CSA
farms surround us. Locally grown food travels a shorter farms. Most take share reservations for the next growing
distance, so it reaches your kitchen as a much fresher season, which runs June through early November, in the
and better tasting product. And since there is less travel fall. There are several outstanding restaurants in Milwau-
time, there is less pollution produced. Small, local farms kee that serve locally grown produce. Check out Roots on
are less likely to use hormones and more likely to raise Hubbard Street, or Café Manna in Brookfield (3815 N.
grass fed or free-range animals. Organically grown vege- Brookfield Ave,), which is the only restaurant in the state of
tables keep you and your family free of questionable Wisconsin that is certified by the Green Restaurant Associa-
chemicals. Eating local means more for the local econ- tion.
omy. Did you know that a dollar spent locally generates
twice as much income for the local economy? When Deb Schermer
businesses are not owned locally, money leaves the com- Greening of Sinai
munity at every transaction. And keeping family farms
alive keeps rural landscape alive, supporting less sprawl.
Consider the ―dirty dozen.‖ According to the Envi-
ronmental Working Group (EWG), consumers can reduce
their pesticide exposure by 80% by avoiding the most
contaminated fruits and vegetables, which are: spinach,
potatoes, celery, bell peppers, strawberries, raspberries,
pears, peaches, nectarines, grapes, cherries, and apples.
The EWG has written a Shoppers Guide that includes this
list as well as the ―Clean 15,‖ a list of conventionally
grown produce items that have the lightest pesticide
load. The Shopper’s Guide can be downloaded free at It is also available as an iPhone ap-
There are nearly 20 farmers markets in Milwau-
kee County that operate through the summer and fall

Kids at camp?
Send us their address and Rabbi Cohen and
Cantor Robins will be in touch!

Reply to :
Page 27 May-August 2010

High Holidays on the Horizon

From the President
How can you beat summer in Wisconsin? Very little Rosh Hashanah, at 5:45 pm, we will gather as families with
humidity, very blue skies, and everyone is outside enjoying children in third thru sixth grade to welcome the new year in
everything southeast Wisconsin has to offer! And inside, our story and song with RabbiCohen and Cantor Robins. This fam-
staff begins preparing for fall - for the High Holy Days. ily-friendly worship opportunity will enable you to worship as a
As President, I love seeing our entire congregation, family, head home for dinner, and join us again in the morning
their friends and extended families come together to cele- while adults pray in the sanctuary, and your children learn and
brate and reflect as we welcome a new year. Like you, I pray in our school. Along with all of our other dynamic and
await Rabbi Cohen’s wisdom, and the melodious sounds of creative prayer and learning experiences during the holy days,
Cantor Robins, the choir and our musicians with a sense of this family experience is sure to be a warm and wonderful way
joy, anticipation and excitement for what will be in the year to start 5771.
to come. I look forward to greeting friends - new and old - as Michael and I wish you and your family the sweetest
we enjoy one another’s company in our beautiful sanctuary, of new years - Shanah Tovah u’metukah.
and pray and learn together at this holy time.
This year, I am especially excited to wish you and Judi Ketten
your family Shanah Tovah at a new Family service. Erev President

High Holiday Service Schedule: High Holy Days 5771

Holiday Date (Day of Week) Time of Service
Erev Rosh Hashanah September 8, 2010 (Wednesday) 5:45 PM Family (Grades 3-6)
8:00 PM Adult
Rosh Hashanah I September 9, 2010 (Thursday) 9:30 AM Adult
2:30 PM Young Family (Pre-school-2nd grade)
3:00 PM Tashlich & Shofar Blow
Rosh Hashanah II September 10, 2010 (Friday) 10:30 AM Family & Lunch
Shabbat Shuvah September 10, 2010 (Friday) 6:15 PM
Kol Nidrei September 17, 2010 (Friday) 8:00 PM Adult
Yom Kippur Day September 18, 2010 (Saturday) 9:30 AM Adult
12:30 PM Adult study
2:00 PM Young Family (Grades K-2)
3:00 PM Afternoon Healing
4:30 PM Yizkor
5:30 PM N'ilah (Family)
Break Fast (Sponsored by Women of Sinai)

Spend your High Holy Day prayer raising your voice in song!
Join our High Holy Day choir at Sinai. Rehearsals are:

Tuesday August 3 Tuesday August 31

Tuesday August 10 Tuesday September 7
Tuesday August 17 Tuesday September 14
Tuesday August 24 (all 7-9 PM)

Interested? Contact Cantor Robins for more information.

July 2010

1 2 3
Weight Watchers 5:45 pm Through the Eyes of Torah Study 8 am
Women 9:30 am Morning Minyan 9:30 am
Outdoor Shabbat Service 6 pm

4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Office closed in observance of Yoga 8:45 am Weight Watchers 5:45 pm Through the Eyes of Torah Study 8 am
Independence Day Executive Committee Women 9:30 am Morning Minyan 9:30 am
Meeting 7 pm Outdoor Shabbat Service 6 pm

Get your Bruegger’s bagels!!

11 12 13 14 15 16 17
Sinai Outside Hiking Finance Committee Men’s Spirituality Through the Eyes of Torah Study 8 am
Meeting 7:30 am Group 7:45 am Women 9:30 am Morning Minyan 9:30 am
Yoga 8:45 am Weight Watchers 5:45 pm Outdoor Shabbat Service 6 pm

18 19 20 21 22 23 24
Mitbach Sinai 6 pm Yoga 8:45 am Weight Watchers 5:45 pm Potluck Picnic 5:15 pm Torah Study 8 am
Board Meeting 7 pm Outdoor Popsicle Shabbat Morning Minyan 9:30 am
Service 6 pm

Rummage Sale Drop-off Rummage Sale Drop-off Rummage Sale Drop-off Rummage Sale Drop-off Rummage Sale Drop-off

25 26 27 28 29 30 31
Rummage Sale 9 am Yoga 8:45 am Weight Watchers 5:45 pm Outdoor Shabbat Service 6 pm Torah Study 8 am
Seniors Havurah 1 pm Morning Minyan 9:30 am
August 2010

1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Yoga 8:45 am Weight Watchers 5:45 pm Sinai News Deadline Torah Study 8 am
HHD Choir Rehearsal 7 pm Executive Committee Through the Eyes of Morning Minyan 9:30 am
Meeting 7 pm Women 9:30 am
Outdoor Shabbat Service 6 pm

Get your Bruegger’s bagels!!

8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Finance Committee Weight Watchers 5:45 pm Through the Eyes of Torah Study 8 am
Meeting 7:30 am Women 9:30 am Morning Minyan 9:30 am
Yoga 8:45 am Outdoor Shabbat Service 6 pm Alex Elias Bar Mitzvah 10 am
HHD Choir Rehearsal 7 pm

15 16 17 18 19 20 21
Mitbach Sinai 6 pm Yoga 8:45 am Men’s Spirituality Through the Eyes of Torah Study 8 am
HHD Choir Rehearsal 7 pm Group 7:45 am Women 9:30 am Morning Minyan 9:30 am
Weight Watchers 5:45 pm Outdoor Shabbat Service 6 pm
Board Meeting 7 pm

22 23 24 25 26 27 28
Yoga 8:45 am Weight Watchers 5:45 pm Through the Eyes of Torah Study 8 am
Seniors Havurah 1 pm Women 9:30 am Morning Minyan 9:30 am
HHD Choir Rehearsal 7 pm Outdoor Softball Shabbat
Service 6 pm

29 30 31
Yoga 8:45 am
HHD Choir Rehearsal 7 pm
Page 30 May-August 2010

Donations received as of April 13. In memory of Ben Berger In memory of John Miles
Sanford, Daniel and Lauren Paul Meissner
Andy Brickman Museum Fund
Berger In memory of Harold Primakow
For Rabbi Brickman’s speedy recovery
Peggy Goodman In memory of Nanette Berlin Francine Glusman
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Barbara Shafton In memory of Raymond Rattner
Schmidman In honor of Eli and Jacob Cohen’s b’nei The Rattner Family
Dorothy Schmidt mitzvah Beth and Gary Rattner
Margie and Irv Becker In memory of Harold Rife
Adult Programming and Education Bernstein Family
Endowment Fund Jan Rosenberg
Jean and Jim Bromley
In appreciation for Dr. Sherry Blumberg Joan and Michael Friedman In memory of Margaret Schlossmann
Paula Fine Lita and Mitchell Fromstein Bob Schlossmann
In honor of Eva and Stan Jolten’s grand- Francine Glusman In honor of Barbara Shafton’s 80th
son’s bar mitzvah Nancy Gorens-Edelman birthday
Edith Gilman Toots Hassel Bede Segal
Allison Klippel
Miriam Miringoff Kitchen Fund Sharon Madnek Cantor’s Discretionary Fund
In memory of Shirley Aaron Rachel Mishlove In appreciation
In honor of the engagement of Cantor Bettie and Dave Meltzer Jessica and Ethan Lasser
Robins and Zerek Schwartz Nancy Ostermann
Pat and Allen Rieselbach In memory of Ann Hassel
Judi and Michael Ketten
Sheila and Morrie Rudberg Toots Hassel
In memory of Ann Matsoff
Dorothy Schmidt In honor of Jacob Lappin’s bar
In memory of Bobbe Petasnick
Lois and Ken Schmidt mitzvah
In memory of Esther Schwade
Caroline and Bill Schulhof In honor of Noah Lookatch’s bar
Judi and Michael Ketten
Jill and David Sheer mitzvah
In honor of Sheryl and Mike Primakow’s Doje Sherman Linda and Bill Ross
new grandson Jan and Jack Shlimovitz In memory of Harold Rife
In memory of Sally Waters Lauren, Elliott and Muriel Silbar Jan Rosenberg
Judi and Michael Ketten Sheila and Don Taitelman
Leslie and Barry Usow In honor of Cantor Robins’ engage-
Tzedakah Fund Ilene, Jeff and Seth Wasserman ment
In memory Lillian Allschwang William Wiener Sheri and Lloyd Levin
Elyse and BJ Cohn and family Sue and Neal Zechman Dorothy Schmidt
Shari and Allen Luck
In memory of Adolph Emerman Passport to Israel Fund
In honor of Eli and Jacob Cohen’s In memory of Mollie Fromstein In memory of Efrat, Naomi, Ya’ari
b’nei mitzvah Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Gamliel-Atinsky and Esther Gamliel
Elyse and BJ Cohn and family Fromstein Judi and Michael Ketten
In memory of Leona Virginia Hill In memory of Morris Friedman In memory of Benjamin Adelman
Joan and Mike Friedman Joan and Mike Friedman Albert Adelman
In memory of Hinda Larkey In honor of Edith Gilman’s 80th birthday In memory of Katherine Fagan
Jay Larkey Bob and Edith Schuerstein Bernice Fagan
In memory of Sadie Weiner In memory of Jean Hoar In memory of Charles Hinterberg
Naomi and Mort Soifer Dr. and Mrs. S. F. Horwitz Jill Gershan
In memory of Milton Kerns In memory of Arthur Tiber
Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund
Joan and Henry Kerns Joyce and Charles Tiber
In appreciation
Anonymous In memory of Charles Lubotsky In memory of Rosalyn Zaret
Jessica and Ethan Lasser Barbara Shafton and family Sheri and Lloyd Levin
Elana Kahn-Oren and In honor of Gail and Arthur Meissner’s
Ronen Oren 60th anniversay Contributions made to the Temple
In memory of Esther Ansfield Bettie and Dave Meltzer In memory of Shirley Aaron
James J. Ansfield In memory of Beverly Stix
Sheryl and Mike Primakow
Page 31 May-August 2010

In memory of Regina Adelman In memory of Anne Goldstein and In memory of Leona Virginia Hill
Albert Adelman Dorothy Goldberg In memory of Mollie Razeper
Betsy, Peter, Jessica and In memory of Harold Rife
In honor of Eli and Jacob Cohen’s b’nei
Shelly Goldberg Doje Sherman
James Peterman In memory of Ansel Schmidt In memory of Eugene Horenstein
Bobbie and Larry Polacheck Lori and Marc Jacobson The Rattner Family
Lisa and Ben Waisbren In memory of Helen Koppel
Floral and Oneg Fund Steve Koppel
In memory of A. Leon Fishbach In memory of Andy Brickman and
In memory of Sylvia Fishbach Harriet Sederbaum In memory of Anna Lauwasser
In memory of Pearl Stolzer Rabbi Jay Brickman and Mrs. Marv Lauwasser
Susan and Nathan Fishbach Rita Brickman In honor of Marlene Lauwasser
In memory of Mannie Hassel In memory of Robert Hersch Nancy Gorens-Edelman
Sharon and Melvin Bernstein Ida Pumpian
Bobbie and Larry Polacheck Future Fund
In memory of Anita Horwitz In memory of Brian Adair
In honor of Noah Lookatch’s bar Ann and Fred Horwitz Madeleine Kelly Lubar
Carole and Howard Pollack In memory of Gertrude Levin In memory of Eunice Kartman
Deborah and Jim Gollin and Cynthia and Marc Kartman
In memory of Milton Padway family
The Padway Family Barbara Eiseman Memorial Fund for
In memory of Sylvia C. Levine
In honor of Jack Rhead’s bar mitzvah Joan C. Levine Spiritual Growth
Pauline Zarne In memory of Shirley Aaron
In memory of Ruth Rich Gloria Krasno
In honor of Bobbie Shafton’s birthday Joyce and Charles Tiber
In honor of Eli and Jacob Cohen’s b’nei
Bunny and Chuck Winter In memory of Lois Schatz mitzvah
In honor of Anita Stone’s birthday In memory of Sidney Schatz Shirley Denemark
Julie and Sherwin Peltin Carol and Marc Schatz
In memory of Harold Rife
In memory of Leslie Unger Jan Rosenberg
Landscape Fund The Rector Family
In memory of Eileen Bernstein Janet Greenebaum Scholarship Fund
Michael Bernstein In memory of Shirley Wile
Naomi Arbit and family In memory of Sarah Bender
In memory of Ellen Friedlander In memory of Freda Bratt
Jean and Ted Friedlander Chesed (Caring) Fund Rosalee and Herb Bratt
In memory of Hyman Madnek In honor of Eli and Jacob Cohen’s b’nei
In memory of Manford Holman
Sharon and Ruth Madnek mitzvah
Phyllis Holman
In memory of Max Meyerowitz In memory of Max Feuer
In memory of Morris Mendeloff, Jr In memory of David Meyers In memory of Katherine Loewenthal
Alan Mendeloff Dorothy and Al Meyers Janet and Donald Greenebaum
In memory of Anna Rosenblum In memory of Ansel Schmidt
Caroline and Bill Schulhof and Lieberman Memorial Arts Fund
Dorothy Schmidt In memory of Sheba Jacobson
Judy and Art Saltzstein
In memory of Harold Segal Music Fund
In memory of Shirley Aaron In memory of Ben Kolbur
Beatrice Segal and family
Eileen and Glen Graves In memory of Faye Kolbur
Laurie and Dean Segal
Sharon and Robert Sanderson Ruth Goldmann and
In memory of Harvey Simon Joan Lieberman
Beatrice Segal and family In memory of Ruth Babbitz
In memory of Sandy Schmidt’s mother In memory of Ronald Oxman
Marlene and Marv Lauwasser Arlene and Marty Zuckerman
Jacob M. Fine and Family Library Fund
In honor of Jacob and Eli Cohen’s b’nei In memory of Ida Beckerman Prayer Book Fund
mitzvah Laura Waisbren In memory of Mildred Albert
In memory of Monroe Zarne In memory of Leonard Bernstein Molly Schapiro
Pauline Zarne Michael Bernstein
Congregation Sinai
8223 N. Port Washington Road, Fox Point, WI 53217
Member of the Union for Reform Judaism

Board of Trustees, 2009-2010

Judi Ketten President
Marc Kartman Vice President
John Mann Vice President
Nick Padway Vice President
David Cobb Treasurer
Sandy Saltzstein Secretary
Marlene Lauwasser Past President
Patti Levy Past President
Jim Salinsky Past President
Susan Fishbach Fundraising
Jenni Goldbaum Youth Education
Idy Goodman Social Action
Hugh Hoffman Finance
Craig Johnson Social Action
Ruth Lebed Rofes Outreach
Steve Moglowsky Finance
Bobbi Rector Israel
Tom St John Finance
Beth Shapiro Communications
Susan Solvang Gift Shop
Jim Stillman Brotherhood
Mark Sweet Young Families
Laura Waisbren Women of Sinai Congregation
Jill Weinshel Celebrations

The form below may be used when submitting your donation. Those remembered will be promptly informed of your thought-
fulness. Please return form to the Sinai office. Please make checks payable to Congregation Sinai.
Note: Suggested minimum donations is $5.00.
□Adult Programming & Education Endowment Fund □Miriam Miringoff Kitchen Fund
□Andy Brickman Museum Fund □Music Fund
□Barbara Eiseman Memorial Fund for Spiritual Growth □Passport to Israel Fund
□Cantor’s Discretionary Fund □Prayer Book Fund
□Chesed (Caring) Fund □Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund
□Floral & Oneg Fund □Robert Grant Marks Youth Fund
□Future Fund □Temple Fund
□Jacob M. Fine & Family Library Fund □21st Century Endowment Fund
□Janet Greenebaum Scholarship Fund □Tzedakah Fund
□Landscape Fund □Other_________________
□Lieberman Memorial Arts Fund
Enclosed is a $________________ contribution

□In honor of □In memory of □Other ________________________________________________________

Send acknowledgement card to: From:
City:____________________ State:_____ Zip:__________
City:___________________ State:_____ Zip:________
□ Do not include my contribution in the Sinai News.