M.A.P.S Candidate Questionnaire © Questions are designed for the candidate to provide detailed answers in an attempt to give a clear depiction of the candidate’s full position on the issues 1. What are your reasons for running for office? 2. Are you pro-life? If so what is your definition of pro-life? 3. What is your belief on absentee voting for any reason and same day registration and voting? 4. What is your stance on the REAL ID, enhanced drivers license in Michigan and National ID? 5. What is your standpoint on a Michigan Constitution Convention that will be on the ballot in November? 6. What is your opinion of “revenue neutral” type- plan being proposed by Business Leaders for Michigan? In a nutshell, what aspects of the plan are you for or against? 7. Would you support sovereignty legislation such as HJR YY? 8. Would you consider the idea of a part time Legislature in Michigan? 9. What is your interpretation of the rights afforded in the 2nd Amendment in the Bill of Rights? 10. What is your definition of limited government? 11. What are your top three priorities to restore and increase free market opportunities in Michigan?

12. “What should be the appropriate response(s) of a Michigan elected official to any unconstitutional proposed legislation (state or federal) which will impact Michigan citizens?” Check ALL that you think could apply 1. Press Release/Conference 2. Introduce legislation to block any Federal unconstitutional legislation 3. Become a co-sponsor of said legislation 4. Marshall a coalition of fellow conservative legislators to brainstorm and enact all appropriate measures 5. Educate constituents on the potential impact and appropriate measures taken to combat via newsletter/web site, constituent Town Halls to educate and inform 6. Write editorial piece(s) to submit to various media 7. Lobby Governor and Attorney General to combat bill through all authoritative avenues available to them Please return to or Grassroots in Michigan P.O. Box 31 Holt, MI 48842

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