Michael Canfield died December 26, 2015 but news of his death
didn’t surface until April 1, 2016. When Canfield was a young boy
and he left the door open and people would ask him “What do you
live in a barn?” he would answer that he did. Mike was brought up
in an unheated barn in rural Illinois. When he was a baby the drool
would freeze as it dripped from his mouth. Mike learned to drive
when he was six years old – his daddy would hold him in his lap

and let him steer his car. Mike never had much of a formal
education; he could read but he couldn’t spell the simplest word.
He was beaten up in High School for sticking up for AfricanAmericans and being part of the Civil Rights Movement. After his
father passed away his mother moved to Chicago where she
became a ward leader in the Daley Democratic machine. Canfield
and I stayed with her when we visited Chicago. She was the salt
of the earth.
Mike attended a college for a spell but left after Jesus appeared to
him in his dorm room and advised that he drop out and preach.
According to the Jewish traitor Steve Lamb Mike had been a devil
worshipper: “Mike was a Medium speaking to spirits of the dead
when he became radically saved through an encounter with Jesus
I met Michael while I was hanging outside Dylan’s townhouse on
McDougal Street circa early 1974. He wanted to get Dylan to do
some sort of benefit concert for George McGovern who he said
that he had served as art director for. Bullshit. Never happened. I
invited Canfield to my loft at 6 Bleecker Street and showed him
the tramp shots – photos of Hunt and Sturgis disguised as tramps
on the scene of the Kennedy assassination.
Canfield studied them and immediately came to the conclusion
that this was the key to the “Big Event.” Since Mike was virtually
homeless I let him crash on the second floor of Bleecker Street
and introduced him to all of the Yippies including Dana Beal and
Aron Kay who lived across the street at 9 Bleecker. Despite the
danger Canfield became my Chief Researcher. I flew the boy down
to Miami where he camped out in front of Frank Sturgis’s home for
several days until Fat Frank showed up. He conned Frank into
believing he was a student doing a term paper on Watergate and
got loads of good info out of him. Like Mike looked like the allAmerican boy next door, and the stubble bum Frank got conned
good. Canfield returned with the tape, found a publisher for my

book, namely the Nigerian Joe Okpaku of Third Press and the
research continued. We both moved to D.C. where I worked at the
National Archives while Mike visited various members of Congress
and displayed the Tramp Shots to them. A neo-con turd bag who
worked for Scoop Jackson called the FBI and volunteered to spy on
When Canfield displayed the tramp shots to
Congressman Henry Gonzalez the populist honest Congressman
flipped and invited Mike to lunch. It was that Canfield suggested
the Congressman introduce a bill to investigate the Kennedy
assassination that lead to the formation of the House Select
Committee on Assassinations. Canfield also showed the tramps
shots to Ben Bradley who was going to send a team to investigate
but FBI Director Clarence “the Bozo” Kelly contacted Bradley and
convinced him that a scummy Communistic rioter with
connections to terrorist groups like the Weather people was
behind Canfield and Bradley quashed the investigation. After
Coup D’Etat in America was published Howard Hunt sued me and
Canfield for libel. I started the Weberman Commission as I had
subpoena power because the suit was filed in Federal Court. Mike
and I went on a tour of America appearing on various TV and
radio programs and doing newspaper interviews. We ended up in
LA for the book fair. It was an experience I will never forget as we
slept in the van and stopped making payments for it causing Hunt
to call Mike a car thief. On the way back we got caught in an ice
storm and had to stop periodically to get the ice off the engine.
Canfield moved to LA where Dylan contacted him because he was
curious what my Christian Minister friend was like. Dylan’s Jewish
accountants had Mike arrested when he showed up at Dylan’s crib
in Malibu despite Dylan having given him permission to visit and
hated Mike because Dylan’s Christian music wasn’t selling. Mike
and Dylan were both in the Vineyard Christian Fellowship where
Mike ran the suicide hotline where he would find desperate people
and get them to accept the false Messiah JC. There is no such
thing as a Messiah. It is fantasy land. Mike visited me in New York

City with his new bride, a Christian soap opera star and showed
me a photograph of Bob Dylan at his wedding. He seemed to be
doing well but he didn’t realize that the FBI and CIA would exact a
price for our having instigated the HSCA. My phone was tapped
and all my bookings got mysteriously canceled and my articles
suppressed. Later I found that NY-T1 was a tap on my phone when
I applied for the FBI under FOIA and Jimmy Carter was in power.
So the possibility exists that Canfield’s income was adversely
affected and his wife divorced him. Dylan felt sorry for him and
financed Indigo Motors, an antique car restoration business.
According to Canfield Dylan’s accountants designed the business
to fail but if you asked me Canfield screwed it up as he never had
a head for business. He did have a head for chicks and would pick
them up by saying he was a Hollywood Scout. Many a pretty
woman almost caused Canfield to have an accident as he yelled
at them from the van. He liked Black chicks. So the business
failed and Canfield was exiled to Demming New Mexico where he
became a licensed medical marijuana grower. The idiot also let
some his dogs get run over but that was an accident. I called
Canfield periodically and he was always interested in saving my
soul. He hated Nazis and wanted America to finish the job begun
during World War II. The dude didn’t have an anti-Semitic bone in
his entire body.
The last time I heard from my called ID read PRIVATE CALLER. I
wondered what the fuck is this about. Canfield had an attitude. I
told him I had given out a lot of money to various people for
Christmas and he said Why didn’t you give me money? He
babbled on about the doorman in the Dakota being a Cuban
refugee and for this alone he blamed him for Lennon’s
assassination. I asked him if he really believed Dorothy Hunt was
in Dealey Plaza as he had been posting in Facebook and pointed
out to him that Paul Kangas was the Depperman of the West
Coast. William Depperman was a Nazi hired by the FBI to discredit
the tramp shots. Kangas had said Sturgis confessed in the Realist

so I contacted Krassner and he ran a retraction. I asked Canfield
why he worked with Kangas. “He is the only one who buys books
from me.” “But he buys them to discredit them.” Canfield was
alone an in a wheel chair and his niece Julie Ann CanfieldSteinbeck never visited him. After this phone call he would take
my calls. Judging from the time Mike’s death and when he buddy
Lamb wrote about Lamb had abandoned Mike.
STEVEN S. LAMB Interior Decorator 2450 N LAKE AVE STE 327
ALTADENA, CA Phone - (626) 7976464 like Kangas Steve described as a Left wing activist when in
reality he was an infiltrator and a Christian Reconstructionist.
Lamb, if he was telling the truth, proved Canfield to have turned
into a liar:
So my favorite Michael Canfield story (of hundreds) is
this: For years Mike told me that he went to James Jesus
Angleton's resignation during the whole Watergate
House select committee on Assassinations era. I
remembered Angleton resigned suddenly but that was
about it, Mike always said that in the middle of
Angleton's speech Angelton looks down at Mike and out
of the blue says "I know not who slayeth John" Mike's
story was that he then screamed Liar You're a Liar" at
Angleton who looked shocked and befuddled. I never
knew Mike to lie, but I always suspected he over blew
the story. So Mike and I go to see this movie about the
CIA called the "Good Shepherd". Turns out at the end its
based ENTIRELY on Angleton. The last scene of the
movie is the news recording of Angleton's resignation
press conference. You see him reading along his speech
then look across and stop for a nano second and say "I
Know not who Slayeth John." and because he is not
miked, you can hear what sounds like muffled
screaming young Mike Canfield "Liar! You're a Liar YOU

Killed Him." I looked over at Mike who was giggling as
my jaw dropped. I said "Dude why did you live long
enough for me to ever meet you?" Mike said "Man I
pray the 91st Psalm over myself every day and YOU
should too."
I was with Mike on a daily basis at this time and this simply never
happened. I asked Angleton about his statement about who killed
John during a deposition where Mike was not present. Lamb
Mike, as a College Student published the famous
underground Newspaper, the "Iconoclast", (the paper
was out of Dallas Mike was in Wisconsin) organized
protests that cleaned out University of Wisconsin
corruption (never mentioned this to me). After working
with Congressman Gonzales Mike moved to Los Angeles
where he worked as a manager for several Rock and
Roll groups and with Kleg Seth helped found CENTRUM
of HOLLYWOOD, a ministry to street people, run aways
and sex workers in Hollywood. For many years Mike ran
the Hollywood Lifeline, a suicide intervention line that
was a part of the ministry of Centrum. Mike ministered
to the poor the down and out the powerful and the rich
and famous, including many Johnny Rivers, Bob Dylan
and many others, with the same love, compassion,
humility and humanity. At the time of his death on last
December 26, Mike was working on a new book tying
the Assassination of Robert Kennedy to the CIA, and the
Assassination of John Lennon to a CIA sub group Alpha
AJ Mike was broke this no one can deny. He was always
the FIRST to credit you and ALWAYS admitted the vast
majority of the book was yours. Always. He never got a
dime from Kangas and in fact his speaking for Kangas

usually cost him or me money. He never for a second
disbelieved the tramp photos were genuine and that
Hunt was one tramp and Sturgis another. Now who was
"Frenchie" that was a ongoing unresolved question.But
AJ Michael never betrayed you for a second, even when
you attacked him on the internet.
The minute this scumbag used the word Frenchy for the third
tramp tells me that he has studied the disinformation
disseminated regarding the tramp shot by Richard Sprague and
Bernard Fensterwald or he learned it from the Greek nazi Kangas.
Mike let me down and I hope he rots in Hell because if there is a
God he is going to feel God’s wrath. But there isn’t so he just a
bigger nothing than he turned into. Without me taking him in you
would never have heard his name nor would he have met Bobby