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com GA311 Level Design Mark Heller Spring 2010 Project 01 CTF Level Layout

Project 01 – CTF Level Design

Map Legend: 1 A/1 B – Lighthouses / Flag Locations 2 – Fishing Boats 3 – Boat Sheds 4 – Village Houses

5 – Church 6 – Cliff-top Trails 7 – Ferry Docks 8 – Ferry Boat 9 – Ferry Movement Path

Joshua AE Fontany GA311 Level Design Mark Heller Spring 2010 Project 01 CTF Level Layout

Reference Images

Joshua AE Fontany GA311 Level Design Mark Heller Spring 2010 Project 01 CTF Level Layout

Points of Interest / Design Considerations
1 A/B – Team Bases: Each team base is comprised of a 3 story light-house with attached 1 story building (see top reference images). The attached “house” holds the Flag-stand. There is a Respawn point next to the flag-stand, one on the 3rd floor of the Lighthouse (in place of the Lamp), and one near the Ferry Docks. Pickups in the Lighthouse include a Shock Rifle (w/ 5 Ammo) at the top of the lighthouse, an Armor Vest on the lighthouse stairwell ( 2nd floor), and 5 Health Vials tucked under the stairs at the bottom floor of the tower. Next to the flag stand are 2 Health Vials and the Stinger Minigun(w/ 3 Ammo). This is the same for each team. 2 – Fishing Boats: Hidden amongst the Fishing Boats are: a Helmet, 4 Health Vials, 3 Ammo for the Sniper Rifle, and the Flack Cannon (w/ 5 Ammo). This mirrors the Church pickups. 3 – Boat Sheds: There is a Rocket Launcher and 2 Health Packs in one of the Boat Sheds, with 5 RL Ammo and a Impact Hammer in the other Shed. Behind the sheds you can find a Shock Rifle, with 5 Ammo located between the Sheds. Behind the Other shed are 2 more Health Packs. 4 – Houses: The Houses area mirrors the Boat Shed area. The same gear as above is scattered in and behind the houses. 5 – Church: The Church location mirrors the Fishing Boats. In the main room are 4 Health Vials and the Flack Cannon (w/ 5 Ammo), in the bell-tower is a Helmet and 3 Ammo for the Sniper Rifle. This serves as a key sniping location, and mirrors the tactical cover that the fishing boats provide. 6 – Cliff-top Trails: This is a series of trails that run up the cliff behind the village. Pickups along the path should include a Big Keg 'o Health, a Sniper Rifle, a Bio-Rifle, and Ammo for the 2 rifles (5 each). This mirrors the pickups found on the Ferry Boat and should be scattered along the path or hidden in small caves or behind bushes. 7 – Ferry Docks: At the Ferry Docks you can find the Jump Boots, another Flack-Cannon (w/ 5 Ammo), and the Thigh Pads. 8 – Ferry Boat: The Ferry Boat is a fairly large 2 story structure. The main deck has an interior with a Big Keg 'o Health (hidden in the interior with a switch of some kind) and a Bio-Rifle, a railing lined exterior with Ammo for the Sniper Rifle and the Bio-Rifle (5 each), and the upper “captain's deck” which holds a Sniper Rifle. These mirror the pickups found on the Cliff-top Trails. The ferry-boat path from dock to dock takes slightly longer than running along the cliff-top path. The “captains deck” should serve as a viable sniping location to balance the Cliff-top Trails location.

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