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All the staff members are required to perform their duties as mentioned with their names in
accordance with the procedures of bank. They will also be responsible for disposal of
correspondences, maintenance of books and rectification of audit & inspection irregularities
in connection with their assignments.
1. Mr. Sheikh Ahtsham Ahmed / Manager
Managing Overall affairs of the branch as per instructions of the bank, SBP prudential
regulations, Core Principles and all applicable rules and regulations.
2. Ms. Bina Nosheen/ Incharge Operations
Joint custodian of Branch Keys, Cash and Security Stationery including branch documents;
Custodian of Test Key I, Incharge of all operations of the branch in compliance with bank
instructions and all applicable rules and regulations. Account Opening , Second Signatory for
all cheques and vouchers, checking of Current, PLS and all relevant day books, Maintenance
of sundry deposit register, Suspense Register, Stop payment register, Issuance of cheque
books and maintenance its Register, correspondence of operational matters, periodical
balancing of Branch security documents, Issuance of T.D.R, C.D.R, D.D, M.T, T.T., & P.O. and
record maintenance of Zakat (CZ-02) register, Provision register and maintenance
provisioning periodically ,Dead Stock record, and any other duty assigned by Manager.
3.Umer Iftikhar: OG-I
Custodian of Part II test, Daily Data Punching of Transfer Scroll, Clean Cash, Checking of
Daily Transfer Scroll, NBP General A/c, and F-21. Nift Outward Clearing . Incharge
Establishment, Misc Balancing ,Data sending to IBG daily basis and its parallel maintenance
at branch for back up. Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Half yearly and Yearly returns, Inter
Branch Reconciliation. Custody of Branch Daily vouchers, balancing of Government receipts
& Payments in coordination of other PRAL users, any other duty assigned by Manager.
4.Mr. Umair Shabbir: OG I
Incharge Customer Services, Western Union and E- Remittance, Customer facilitation and
maintenance of branch business activity record daily basis. Assisting the Branch
Management in Deposit mobilization and any other duty assigned by Manager.
5. Mr. Dost Muhammad Dost, OG-I
Head Cashier, Incharge Branch Security. Daily Cash Receipt and Cash Payment, Receipt of
Utility Bills, receipt of all government taxes and FBR Collection, maintenance of all Cash
books, remittance of cash , ensure customer satisfaction on cash counter, maintaining of all
cash department related record.
Any other duty assigned by the Incharge Operations / Manager.
Important Note
All the staff members are directed to perform their duties in compliance with Standard
Procedures Manual (SPM), State Bank of Pakistan prudential regulations, Core Principles, all
applicable rules and regulations and in the light of above noted duties with immediate effect
& follow banks & SBPs prescribed procedures to avoid SBP penalties thereof. Staff members
are further advised that they should come in office in time, be punctual, and avoid any type
of political activity in bank/ branchs premises. No one is allowed to leave the office without
prior permission from the management and no leave will be granted without prior approval
to any staff member. In case of any mis-conduct or violation of above instructions / bank
procedure / applicable rules, delinquents will be dealt accordingly.
Additional duties will be allotted by management from time to time to all staff members.