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Technical accounts

Version 11 english


541 100

Hull, Tanks

Shell plating, frames, bulkheads, stringer, cell guides, deck, deck girders, pillars,
sill, bulwark, railing, stairs, ladders and platforms.
Tank plating, manholes, knees, baffle plates, bilge wells, vent and sounding pipes.
Tank anodes.
Superstructure shell, - decks, -stairs, -pillars; masts, beams, windows and bull
Funnel body and plate.
Diver for IW-Survey

540 120


Cleaning / blasting /paint / anodes underwater, antifouling, paint sea stock deck
and engine

548 140

Yard / Drydocking

Tug boats, Dock occupation, docking / undocking procedure, supply during dock
time, transportation, service, agency, staging

543 150


Chemicals and Gases for Deck and Engine

Propulsion plant

544 200

Shaft and propeller,

Shaft and stern tube with bearings and seals, Intermediate bearings
Propeller, Pitch control unit.
Reduction gear with thrust bearing and lubrication system, couplings.

Main Engine

544 320

Main Engine

Main engine consisting of bedplate, frame, cylinder units, running gear, fuel
pumps, oil filters, shaft driven pumps,
Exhaust gas turbocharger, Auxiliary blowers, Air filters, lubrication oil stand-bypump, -tanks, -piping, -valves, -cooler, -filters
Cooling water pumps, -tanks, -piping, -valves, -cooler, -filters,
Local and remote control stand, instrumentation, remote control systems engine
and propeller, automatic control systems,
Operation monitoring system and Safety system. Sensors, pressure and level
switches, reduce and stopping devices, Engine condition monitoring system and
computers (i.e. MARIDIS)

Navigation and Safety

541 410

Communication, Navigation and

Radio transceiver, Digital selective call equipment, Distress alert systems,

Intercom system, talk back system, portable VHF equipment
Radar plant, Gyro compass plant, steering control, engine telegraph or pitch
remote control,
Autopilot, Log, GPS, ECDIS,
Navigation lamps, Search- and ice spotlights, Flags,

Nautical charts, -tables and -books, Periodical fees for NTM, ECDIS Licences etc.

541 420

Anchor- and mooring equipment

541 440

Safety devices

Anchor and mooring winches (Motors, gear boxes, brakes, clutches, hydraulic
packs, controller), chain locker, hawser pipes,
Bollards and fairleads, Anchors and chains, mooring-, working and towing lines.

Lifeboats, life rafts, rescue boats and launching devices, rescue equipment,
Fire detection systems, Fire fighting systems, Fire fighting equipment,
Water ingress fighting equipment, (portable pumps, hoses etc.)
Ambulance outfit, medical equipment, Medical box,
Signal rockets, Maintenance kits for all safety devices.

544 460

Rudder and Thrusters

544 470


Rudder (blade, stock, tiller, bearings, steering gear, hydraulic unit)

Thrusters (tunnel, crates, shaft pillar, propeller, shaft and gear, seals, motor and
hydraulic unit)

Administration computer, Network equipment, UPS, Transformer, copy machines,

photo camera

Cargo facilities

541 500

Loading gear

Cargo masts and beams, -winches, cargo cranes, (ropes, hooks, sheaves, gears,
hydraulic units, pillars) Engine-, gangway-, provision cranes (foundations, rails,
Chain hoists, slings, spreaders, shackles
Loading instruments and cargo computer

541 510

Hatch covers, cargo ventilation and bilge systems

Cover pontoons, cover outfit (cylinder, chains, wheels, links) sealing & drain
Cell guides, Air ducts, ventilation grates and covers, ventilators,
Bilge system with pumps, piping, valves, filters,
Cargo space cleaning machines.

540 520

Lashing material

Stacking cones and twist locks, bars, chains, turnbuckles, deck holders and boxes.

Deck and Catering

541 600

Accommodation Outfit

540 650

Deck Stores

Furniture, fuselage, ceiling, carpets, linen, showers & toilets, lamps, ice boxes,
Accommodation air conditioning and ventilation plant,
Fresh water and sewer systems (piping including pumps, vessels, heaters)
Galley outfit (electric stove, refrigerator, mixer, cutter, etc.)
Laundry machines, dryer, flat iron,
Provision storage equipment, provision refrigeration plants,
Drinking water treatment plants, (filter, sterilizer, mineralizer)

Deck stores (Securing and flag lines, canvas, yarn, grommets)

Stationary (paper, pencils, folder, filer, printer cartridges, labels)

Hotel stores (dishes, napkins, foils, toilet paper, vacuum cleaner bags, cleaner,

540 670

Deck Tools

Hand tools (Hammer, screwdriver, spanner, pliers)

Carpenter tools (knife, saw, drill)
Transportation (trolleys, tackles, ladders, rigs)
De scaling tools (portable compressors, needle hammers, electric grinders)
Cleaning equipment (HP cleaner, buckets, mops, brushes)
Painting tools (spray guns, brushes, paint roller)

Power Generation

544 700

Auxiliary diesel engines

Diesel engines, turbocharger, fuel systems, cooling water systems, exhaust gas
lines, Luboil
Refill and treatment systems, Emergency diesel generator with tanks and systems,

544 740


Generators, exciting units, voltage and load regulators,

544 780

Electrical plants / Measuring plants

Switchboards, Power / light distribution boxes, Electric cable net, transformers,

Automatic electric start/stop control in all systems (compressors, pumps stand by

Electrical temperature control all equipment.

Draft, trim and list measuring and indication plant, Tank content indication system,

Auxiliary Services

544 800

Heating Systems

Aux. Boiler with burner equipment, fuel pump and ventilation, feed water pumps

thermal oil circulation pumps,

Exhaust gas boiler with circulation pumps, soot blower and washing device,
Heating piping system, valves, cascade tank, heat exchanger, tank heating coils,

544 810

Fuel and Lubrication Oil treatment

544 820

Operation Systems

Settling and day tanks, pre heater, viscosity controller, separators, filter, piping
system and valves,
Circulation and booster pumps,
Separators, pre heater, filter, Transfer pumps

Valves and piping, air compressors, pressure reducer, air dryer.

Ballast water piping systems, valves and flaps with remote control system, Ballast
Anti heeling system with valves, controller and pump.

544 830

Supply Systems

ER ventilators, Air ducting system, Air condition units for operational spaces,
Fresh water evaporator, FW tanks, FW filter and pump,
Bilge holding tank, bilge water oil separator,
Garbage treatment and disposal plant, incinerator,
Sewage treatment plant and sewage tanks, pump and piping.

543 860

Engine Tools

Metal (Lathe, Drill, gas and electric welding equipment, buffer grinders)
Measuring (Steel rulers, Calliper, punch)
Hand tools (Hammers, Screw drivers, pliers, spanners)
Electric / Air tools (Hand grinders, power drills, Pending saws, Impact drivers)
Big tools (Chain hoists, crow bars, Hydraulic jacks, sledge hammers)
Electrical tools (Soldering tools, Multi meter, Insulation tester, Gas tester)

543 870

Engine Stores

Rags, Cleaning means, personal protection (Ear mufflers, shoes, gloves)

Standard Parts, (pipes, bolts & nuts, rivets, wire, clamps, gasket sheets,)
Metal material (rounds, flat, angle bar, sheets)
E-Stores (bulbs, starter, cable, switches, fuses, installation material)

501 930

Lubrication Oils

Cylinder oil, System oil, General Lubrication oil, Hydraulic oil, Thermal oil)

Other Ship operation Costs


Periodical surveys, Certificates, Damage and repair surveys,
Fresh water
Radio, cell phone
Technical and administration fee
Fuel-, Lubrication oil-, Fresh water sampling, Flag state and
port state fees.
Stevedore damages
Transportation and Storage
Transportation and storage of spares, stores and mail.
Disposal of fuel sludge oil , garbage and polluted water and oil

ISPS, ISM, Maintenance systems

Guards, Outfit watch men, Camera, Padlocks, audits (internal & External),
travel expenses, CSO

561 000
638 000
169 000

Travel Expenses Inspection

Average /Havarie, code numbers DAK only

Costs which are covered by the Charterer but have to be paid for laid up
5020 0000 gasoil/fuel oil owners account
5130 0000 port dues owners account