DJ 202-PL-00114 JUL 02 1992 Ms.

Olivia Cromwell Curtis Property Manager Rockhurst Corporation 500 Helendale Road Rochester, New York 14609-3109 Dear Ms. Curtis: This is in response to your letter requesting information about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The ADA authorizes the Department of Justice to provide technical assistance to individuals and entities having rights or obligations under the Act. This letter provides informal guidance to assist you in understanding the ADA's requirements. However, it does not constitute a legal interpretation and it is not binding on the Department. You inquire whether a residential condominium building must comply with the ADA requirements for elevators and interior and exterior ramps. The ADA does not apply to strictly residential facilities. However, the federal Fair Housing Act, as amended, also prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability. That Act does not require the condominium to provide ramps or elevators in existing buildings. However, it does prohibit the refusal to rent or sell to a person with a disability and would require the condominium to permit the person with a disability to make structural modifications at his or her own expense. There are more extensive requirements for providing accessibility in newly constructed multi-family housing, including condominiums. There may also be state or local laws that have more stringent requirements. I hope this information is useful to you. Sincerely, Joan A. Magagna

Deputy Director Office on the Americans with Disabilities Act cc: Records Chrono Wodatch FOIA Library arthur T. 7/1/92 01-00989 Scarborough House Condominium Monday 16 March 1992 U.S. Department of Justice Office of the American Disabilities Act ADA Information Line Washington, D.C. 20530 Dear Sirs: I am writing on behalf of the Scarborough House Condominium Board of Managers. Scarborough House Condominium is a fifty-seven unit, six-floor building located at 1000 East Avenue in Rochester, NY. Please respond and inform as to the following questions: 1. Does a condominium have to comply with A.D.A. standards with regard to elevator requirements? 2. Does a condominium have to comply with A.D.A. standards with regard to interior and exterior ramp requirements? Thank you for your attention to these questions. Please feel free to call me at (716) 288-9540 or respond in writing to the address below. Sincerely, Olivia Cromwell Curtis Property Manager ROCKHURST CORPORATION Copy: E. Leonard Miller, President SCARBOROUGH HOUSE CONDOMINIUM File: Elevator Repair/Replacement

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