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Notes all the contents "Ki n t.vr e t a ck.s 1691

of a l2rge folder in the Argyll Archives marked l O't h End of Argyll. II

(Transcribed b v A. I. B. St.ewa r t , Campb e Lt own , 1953.)

Tenant Property Date

I. john lie Younger in l'l t own

2. John Cunnison in Campbeltown

3. Colin Campbell, nephew to Angus Campbell of Kilberry (written hy Duncan McVicar son to Patrick McVicar Bailie of Campbeltown)

4. Captain David Mure in Drumore

5. Donald Campbell in Corillach

6. Malcolme McOshennag

7. John CauJdwall of that ilk

8. John Campbell in Kilmoric

9. Archibald McVicar in Campbelt own

]0. Donald McCneledgc indweller in Sadde11

1]. fohn Cunnin

of Bo

Tenement of houses in

1 LO\-Jn

S. Park d v k e s with the "King 1 s hie rd."

N. The Shore

E. Preaching House & Hendrie


W. Malcolm McCartors & John Murray

Tenement of houses possest by li~J1J 169] McNivane at the old mylne of Campbel-


W. ~~gu~Hc1Ugur~~ (?) N. The mill house

E clachane Dykes




Killocra and Corrilach


Laggan and Drumgarv~ Crosshill

Tortastill, Lepinheg, Lepincorrach, Drumnamucklach

Lagnavreg (?) in Kilcheran Parish

House and tenement in Campheltown E. Donnld Hood

S. Park Dyke

N. Church Street














John McWilliam indwellcr


13. Robert Howie

Tenement in Campbeltown

N. deceased Malcolm McNeill S. Allexr. Bruce

E. High Street

W. Old mill burn running to the backsyde

Tenement in Campbeltown sometime possessed by umqu l.'l Will iaml1o()_(~ S. Neill. Millar

N. Patrick McVicar W. Earl's Park Dyke E. his Crolfold?

Reserving the hie street from the Cross to the Church

14. Duncan Campbell brother german Cleongart to Angus Campbell of Kilberrie

15. John Campbell of Kildalloig Langa, Kilmaho, & Bordadow

16. Donald Lamond in Campbeltown

Tenement in Campbeltown S. Nicholas Todd

N. . ... Allan


W. High Street

E. John McCurdie

17. Donald McNeill in Auchinhoune Achenhoune

19. Donald McLea of Lindsaig

18. Angus Campbell Yr. of Skipness Peninver and Iscka

Ardnacross, Kilkeddan, Altinterve

20. Donald McGibbon

21. Neil McIllmilleine in 8a110- brenan

22. Archibald Stewart in Tangie

23. James Forrester of Knockrioch

24. Donald McNeill in Kilnrnlua

Mill of [ ) in Nether Cowall

(Not a Kintyre lease)

8alobrenan, Balemonach, Kerafuar


Tenement in Campbeltown built by Alexr. Forrester of Knockrioch father of the said James


E. High Street next adjacent to

umqull Thomas Weir?











25. Dougall Campbell of Glensaddcll Baraskomil, Craigs, Margamonach 1691

26. Patrick HcVicar Bai I i.e of Campb e Ltown

Kilwhipnach, Gartvcan, Kerromenach, 1691 Arinarach


27. John Campbell second lawful son to Walter Campbell of Skipness

28. John Campbell

29. Robert Forrester in Killeonan

30. Donald McCallum in Keprigan

31. William Campbell of Lergnaheusion

32. Donald McNeill of Creere

33. John Hoode eldest sone to deceased Donald Hood

34. John & Hew Mcvicare in Ballemcvicar

35. John Hutcheson in Campbeltown

36. Duncan Campbell [iar of Blarintibbert (?)

37. Donald McCallum in


38. John Montgomerie in Ballimeno ch . (Son of William Montgomerie in Ballimenoch. Had a sister Mary Montgomery)


Corphine (?) in Killean

Achachoirk e?) in Kilkevan Parish, Garvachie




The meikle house and office houses built by Donald Hood

W. umqull Malcolm McNeill E. Tolbooth

S. High Street N. Town water

Together with the old house built

by Donald at the back of the Tolbooth bounded between George Bruce on the East, Malcolm McNeill on the south, Town Water on the North, and Mill Street on the South Together with the tenement builded by Donald Hood amd possessed by Joh~Hood lying between unqull John Dickie on the South, Donald McNeil~orth, Earl's Park Dyke on the West, Kirk Street on the East


Tenement in Campbeltown

S. Alexr. Dunbar

----~-~-~--.- --

N. William Park

E. Sea & king hie road W. The Daill (?)

Formerly possessed by his father Eobert Hutcheson

Ballochgair & Kildonan


Crossibeg and Ballimenoch













39. Thomas Aikenhead of Fair (?)

40. William Hamilton of Brownmoor

Machrimore, Dunglass and half 0 Inisrael


Polwilling, Kilblaan, Machribeg, Glaik & Machrihastill, Cattadelmore

& Lagginaver (?), Brerblad. Killervan

41. Thomas Maxwell of Milnhouse Brunerican, 1/2 Innisrael present 1691 possessed by him, Kildavie, Dhrist-

lach, Kerranbeg

42. Hendry McNeill in Campbeltown Carskiey, Glenatowuchtrach, 1691


43. Dougall Campbell nephew to Muastill 1691

Angus Campbell of Kilberry

44. Duncan McVicar son to deceased Lochorodall & Glechnahavill 1691

Archibald McVicar and Duncan

McVicar son to Patrick McVicar

Bailie in Campbeltown

45. Alexander McMillan in Remilerchtrach

46. Donald & Archibald Campbell in Innisgeoich

47. James Maxwell of Southbarr

48. Archibald Stewart in Tangie

49. Mr. John Cunnison preacher of the gospel at Killean





Ballevane & Knocknagoir Drumlea


Drumlargibeg & Drumlargimore


Beachmore, Achiles1ine with its mill 1691


50. Archibald Campbell lawful son Ballnagrogan to Major William Campbell in


51. Malcolm & Alexander McConchies Ininmore in Ininmore


52. Dugald Campbel1 of DrumnamuckJach

53. Patrick McNauchtane in Cartcvaigh

54. Malcolm McNeill in Skeroblingarrie

Drumma (? not Drumnamucklach), Lagndavie (?), Dalsmerran,

Ca r tLo i s h i.n


Kerromenach & Gartevaigh


Sk e r o b I ingnrrie


-ICE -

55. Andrew Dickie, Smith in eltown

56. John McKintyre & John 1'1cHurchv

57. Patrick McVicar, elder in Campbeltowll

58. Mathew Stewart, tailor in Campbeltown

59. Neill Moore in Knockstapill

60. John Adam, shoemaker in Campbeltown

61. Malcolm McNeill in Darlochan

62. Angus Campbell of Kilberry

63. Duncan oig McConnachie in Knockhantibeg

64. John McCurdie in Campbeltown

Tenement in Campbeltown N. Alexr. Dunbar

S. Donald Clerk

W. The ..... of the Daylle E. The highway

Together with the waste ground on the east side of the highway opposit towards the seashore

Barhto (?), Parish of Kilmichael

Tenement in Campbeltown 1691

S. Jo_~n Montgomer~-,=--_Y~J_~T1ge~1~

merchant his house and tenement

N. House of Umqull George Campbell E. John McKirdies House

W. HIgh Street on the West Houses in Campbeltown sometime possessed by umqull John Dick~~, smith in Campbeltown

N. deceased Donald Hoods tenement and ministers Yard

S. umqull, William Hoods tenement and Earl's Park Dykes

E. Sea shore

W. Void Ground between that and the Kirk (?)

Tenement in Campbeltown

S. House sometime pertaining to

Finaly McLevrine, gardiner

N. Archibald Fleming. mason E. The Sea

W. The Park


House at the Lochend near the New Mylne

Darlochan, Clochkiel



Tenement in Campbeltown

N. Hiegait going to the Church E. umqull Malcolm McArtour

N. urnqul1 ~apt~~~ __ _Ca~~~I?_bell' s garden

S. umqull Nicolas Todd's yard










65. Sorlie NcDouga 11 in


t own

66. John Douglas in Campbelltown

67. Colin Campbell ucph ew to Campbell in KiJberrie

68. Dugall Campbell second lawful son to John Campbell of Kildalloig

69. John Campbell of Kildalloig

70. John Cunnison son to John Cunnison, minister at Killean

71. Mathew Gibson in Campbeltown (son of Walter Gibson who previously possessed it)

72. Patrick McVicar, Bailie in Campbeltown



S. lately \~alter_ Cumpb e Ll elder

of Skipness

N. Finlay McKinlav vI. Hie St.

E. John Forester



s Ba 11 och


Tenement & yeard lately possessed by deceased Capt. Geo_rg<:_J=ampbe}:.l:_ S. Patrick McVicar

N. Passage to the Church E. John McKirdie

I~. High Street



Fenochaig (Feochaig?)


Tenement possessed by Mathew himself 1694 S. John Montgomerie Yr.

E. The Sea

N. Town burn

W. John Stirline

1 merkland of Holovich (?) Parish of Kilkerran




(Transcribed by A. I. B. Stewart, Campbeltown, 1953)


1. These notes have been abstracted from copy leases contained in a bound volume in the possession of the Duke of Argyll.

2. All are for 19 years and are similar in form. Any peculiarities in individual leases have been noted.

List of copies of Leases by Elizabeth, Dowager Duchess of Argyll as Commissioner for her son John, Duke of Argyll, contained in bound volume in the Argyll Archives.

I. Parish of Kilcolmkill

1. 21st Sept. 1709 Machribeg, Glach, 1/3 part Machrichastell

Deed written by Robt. McVicar, servitor to Robert Chalmers. Witnesses: Robert Chalmers, Town Clerk; ~onald CampbelJ of Clachan, Geor~e Maxwell of South Barr

2. Fifth May 1709

William Wallace in Kildavie

Witnesses: Robert Chalmers & George Maxwell

Duration: 19 years

Tack duty: Dunglass & Insreil

Tack duty: Gartavilah

Tack duty: Niln

Rent: b93 Scots, 1/2 boll meal for each markland (1 mk 5/- land), 10 marks teind silver, bl:lO/- for the present butter, bl:4:2 for other small present, b2 for hay and straw.

Duration: 19 years

20/- land of Dunglass, 4/2 land of Inshreil, The Miln of Machrimore. as now possesst by

the heirs of the deceast Ian (sic) and

their subtenants. Excluding 40d land of Gartavelach with the alehouses, 40d land of Machrimor possessed by ~aster I:J_ugaU__Campb~_1l:_, Minister in Southend

b153:6:8 Scots, one boll of rrrulture new, b12:4:4 teinds, b2:15/- for present butter, b2:4:4 for poultry & other small presents,

Scots money for seven horses (?) and T/3part and a half hay and the other straw or the hay and straw optional to the Princess (Duchess) doubly the hay & straw when she resides in Kintyre

for the foresaid 40d land & the other 40d land being ane half merkland & for the alehouses & other houses belonging to Gartivil~h bl13:6:8 - Scots wi~h appropriate part of teind silver milline meall butter & other present money and hay and straw or foresaid effeiring to one half merkland

50 bolls good & sufficient oat meal Kintvre Measure to be delivered at Campbeltown between Candlemas and May day.


3. 7th I>lav

William CauldwaJl in Machrimore

Duration: Space of 19 years cropt after Whits 1710

4 . 6 t h Ma y 1 7 0 9

Duncan McMath. Merchant in Campbeltown


Whits 1710

19 years cropt after

5. 6th May 1709

rver Dig McLarty in Machrimoir

Duration: Nineteen years

6 . 5 t h May 1709

John McIlrevie, Sailler in Machrimore

7. 21st Sept. 1709 ~}_c)_b_~1__Y1_1:1_)'_~ .i 11 Hac h rib e g

Nineteen years

8. 21st Sept. ]709


One third part of the three mark land of Hachrimore one of which thirds is possesst by 1_ver Dig; l·lcLart~ and the other third by John Hc Ll r ev Le .

Rent: bIOI Scots, 1/2 boll meal, Kintvre Measure, bl:lOI- present butter, bl:4:2 poultry and other small presents, 10 marks for the teinds and Scots monev for each turse of four turses ( ), one half hay and the other straw as above.

Alehouse of Moinerua with the half markland of Machrimore next adjoining to the same as presently possesst by La ch McNeall, Inn-

-------~--.-~---. -.- _ .. _-

keeper there.

Rent: b60 Scots - and others in proportion

Equal one third part of the 3 markland of Machrimore; one merkland possessed by ~ohn McIlrevi, one merkland possessed by Willia~ Cauldwell.

One merkland of Machrimore with house and acre of ground adjacent thereto.

Rent includes Fourty shillings of Sterling money for the privilege of the Ferry twixt Kintyre and Ireland, yearly, and expressly prohibiting any other the said privilege. The said John hereby oblidgeth himself that during the-said space he shall not carry over any passengers who are not of known and undoubted fame and integrity in boat

or vessell wherein he may be master and whom he may stop from any part of Kintyre to Ireland without a certificat of such passenger from the Chamberlain of Kintyre and allowance from them first had thereto.

1/3 part of 4 mk 1/8 land of Machribeg, G1ach & Machricastell presently possest by him.

1/3 part of 4 mk 4/8d land of l'oJachribeg, Glach & machricastell.

Nineteen years.


9. 12th May 1709

~)_c~vid Crais in Glenamucklacb

10. 25th April 1709

Patrick Ralston in Brecklat & Alexander Ralston his son

I 1 '/\_f1_9_~_~_"':'__~<:t._~_1.__?_r~ in J( 11 0 C k s tap i I I - beg

12. 11th May 1709

John McEacharn. merchant in Campbeltown

13 . 7 May 1 709

Robert and James Maxwell in



1 4 . 5 Ma y 1 709

Donald McCallum in Keprigan Witnesses: George Maxwell of Southbarr, Robert McColume. Chyrugeon in Campbeltown; John Pickan in Killervan

IS. 5 May 1709

John Pickan in Killerivan

16. 13 October 1709

Bailly John Cunnison Witness: Donald Campbell of Clachan

17. 12 October 1709

Call McAlister in Askmilnbeg

18. 12 October 1709

Neill Fleming in Ballobrenan & M~l~m---neming his eldest son

20/- land of Laigh Cartloshan presently possessed by ~obeEE Cr;~_g.

Nineteen years.

20/- land of Brecklat Nineteen years.

Merkland of Knockstapillbeg presently possesst by himself and his mother. Nineteen years.

One merkland of Upper Gartloscan now possesst by himself.

Nineteen years.

1 mkland of Catadilmore, 8/4d land of Lephincaver presently possessed by themselves.

Mkland of Keprigan

2 mkland of Killeruvan presently possesst by him

2 mkland of Feochaig present possesst by himself.

Hkland of Kirafuar presently possesst by Neil Fleming_ and the other tenants thereof. 17 years

2 mkland of Ballobrenan and Ballimenoch presently possest by themselves.

17 years

19. 12 October 1708

l'1alcolm McConnac:hv in Inendownan 8/8d land of Inendunan presently possessed

and John McConnachy his son by them.


20. 20th Sept. 1709

Margaret McCallum relict of Duncan McCumra sometime in Ballymacumra and Donald

McCumra their son

21. 12 October 1709

William Reid son to Hugh Reid in Po l.Liw'i Ll.Ln

Witness: James Cunnison conjunct chamberlain of Kintyre

22. 22 October 1709

Duncan McMillan in Mucklach Witnesses: Donald Campbell (of Clachan) & James Cunnison conjunct chamberlain of Kintyre

23. 22 October 1709

Alexander McDonald brother german to Archibald McDonald of Sana

24. 1st Nov. 1709 Neil Mclrmeid

25. 12 May 1709

Charles McAlister of Cour

26. 23 Sept. 1709

Alexander McConnachy Bailie of Campbeltown

27. 22 Oct. 1709 l-]ugh !1cMil}~n

28. 12 Oct. 1709

J ohn_t!_C:_rl_~~1 t()_n in Mach r imo r e

29. 27 Sept. 1709

NcCaimbrose in

Inengeoch & liP 1 ial11__C_i1_11O£b_c:_1)~ her son

Land of Bal1vmackurnra

1 mkland of Ormsary now possesst by William McKeirmeid.


18 years

1 mkland of Mucklach possesst by himself 18 years

1 mkland of Stron as presently possesst by himself.

20/- land of Amodan and Dalsmerin 18 years

2 mkland of Brunerican and 4/- land of Instreoll as presently possesst by the relict and heirs of milnhouse or their subtenants

Mkland of Remulichtrach, mkland of Glenmurrill presently possesst by himself

1 mkland of Borgadillbeg presently possesst by himself.

18 years

4/- land of lnencocalcoh, 8/4 land of Drumnaranoch presently possesst by the respective tenants thereof

18 years

IO/Sd Jand of Innengeoch & Pubill


]0. 20 Sept. 1709

l{_,:]gh HcvJ-ci1_1~ in Ballymackviccar

8/4 land of Ballimackviccar

]1. 20 Sept. 1709

l_achlan jv~cmillan in Balli- 8/4 land of Ballimachullchonille

mackill chon ill e

II. Kilblaan Parish

1. 24 Sept. 1709

Archibald McDonald of Sana

2. 4th Oct. 1709

William Mitchell in Askillmilnmoir (sic)

3. 4 Nov. 1709

William Fulton Bailie of Campbeltown

4. 1 Nov. 1709

Hugh Dunlop in Enockstapilmor Witness: James Forrester of Knockriochbeg

5. 11 Oct. 1709

Iver McCallum in Machirioch

6. 14 Oct. 1709

Lauchland Mclsake and John Isak

his son in Corphen

Witnesses include Walter Forrester Messr. (?) and Archibald Clark son to Donald

Clark of Drumlemill

7. 13 Oct. 1709

Eachran McEachran in Sockoch,


Angus Cam McEachran there and

John McEacharn merd in Campbeltown

Hkland of Elerig presently possesst Archibald McKenderick

Mkland of Dalbuy presently possesst by himself

18 years

2 mkland of Glenamucklach presently possesst by James Morison and David Craig

1 mkland of Knockstapilmor presently possesst by him

1 mkland of Sockoth presently possesst by Eachran McEachran

18 years

2 mkland of Corphen and Barphearn presently possesst by themselves and other neighbours.

1 mkland of Glenahervie to Eacharn, other


merkland equall betwixt A~guE!__ and ::!__oh~;

corrected in testing clause that _:l_~m has the mkland and _!,:_achran and Ang __ lJS the mkland between them.

18 years

8. 28 Sept. 1709

Dugald_McCallum in Gartnageorach Mkland of Gartnageorach presently possesst by himself


9. 11 Hav 1709

Ronald McDonald In Killone

20/- land of Eredill and Lonochan

10. 14 Oct. 1709

Archibald McIlrevie in Clenehervie 1/3 part being a merkland of Glenehervie 18 vears

11. 18 Oct. 1709

Jean Moor relict of Thomas

Maxwell of Milnhouse and

5 mklands of Kildavie, 4 mklands of Christlach, 1 mkland of Kerranbeg

~_':l:._mes 1'1itchel~, ma It ma n in Campbeltown

12. 8 Oct 1708

James Wharry, John Hc Pha r Lan , 5 mk l and of Polliwilling

Hugh Barr, John Wilson_, ~ames

Rasyde, tenants in Pollywilling

Witnesses include Hector McNeall,

servitor to Robert Chalmers,

Town Clerk of Campbeltown, Sir

Neil Campbell, Advocate

13. 11 May 1709

William Whytt in Kilblaan

2 mklands of Kilblaan

III. Kilkevan Parish

l. 3 May 1709

James Armour in Trudigall and Margaret Thomson his mother

1 mkland of 2 mklands of Tradigall

2. 3 May 1709

William Colvill in Tradigall

1 mkland of 2 mklands of Tradigall

3. 13 Oct. 1709

John Mcneall, mert. in Campbeltown

1 mkland of Achnaslisaig

4. 1 7 Oct. 1709

Archibald & Donald McNeill

4 mkland of Ballygrggan and Crafaig presently possesst by themselves

16 years

5. 28 Sept. l709

~)UI_l__<:_~T!___O:i_g Hcconachy in I

1 mk 8/Sd lands of Inenmore and Inenbeg Inenmor presently possesst by Malcoln~ !1cCo_rmachy.

6. 12 Ha y 1709

Robert Chalmers, Town Clerk of Campbe town

1/2 of 3 mkland of Clechnahavill lately possesst by Hendry Hencal tacksman

--~-,~~~~~-----~ -



7. 12 l-lav 1709

Donald Campbell of Clachan

8. 26 Oct. 1709

Neill McNokaird in Achahork Donald McNokaird in Glecknahavill

1/2 of Glechnahavill

2 mkland of Achahork

IV. Kilkerran Parish

1 . 1 J Ha y 1 709

John McEacharn mert. in



2. 17 Oct. 1709

William Clyde in Ballibrade & Alexander McConachy mert. in Campbeltown

3. 14 Oct. 1709

Donald McEachran in Balnatoun

4. 10 Nov. 1709
Collin McEacharn of Killellan
5. 19 Nov. 1709
Isobell McNeill relict of
Archibald McNab sometime in
6. 4 Nov. 1709 Robert Brown and John Stewart in Knockriochbeg

7. 4 Nov. 1709

Donald Clark son to deceased James Clark sometime in Knockriochbeg

8. 4 Nov. 1709

Robert McColme Provost of Campbeltown and Jea12_Du _gupire (?) his spouse

9. 20 Oct. 1709

John Ryburn, John Fleming, James Sheddan and Mathew


Ryburn younger in Killeonan

2 mklands of Achinhoan, 1 mkland of Knocknagrain (in Kilblaan Parish)

2 mkland of Balnatoan presently possesst by himslef

17 years

1/2 mkland of Ilenadavar presently possesst by himself

1 mkland of 2 mklands of May possesst by herself

16/8 land being half of the 2 1/2 merkland of Knockriochbeg whereof 2 parts to Robe~ _l?rown and 1 part to John Stewart presently possesst by themselves

16/8 land being half of Knockriochbeg presently possesst by himself and _!_sobe~_l Clark his mother

1/2 mkland of Tumack which of old was a part and pendicle of Knockriochbeg possesst by Hm. _l:!_unt_~_£ in Tuma ck .

3 mklands of 4 mklands of Killeonan


]0. 13 1709

Patrick Langwill in Bal1ivean

1 1 . 11 1'1 a y 1709

John Moor on Laggs

12. 14 Oct. 1709 Gavin Ralston in


13. 22 Oct. 1709

L\_()_l~E'_l_:_S_J)my] ie_ in Achnaglach

1 mkland of Garvachv possesst and other tenants.

\,Jm. Fleming

1 mkland of Laggs

mkland of Achnaglach present

Robert l1ie


1 mkland of Achnaglach

V. Kilmichael Parish

1. 12 Oct. 1709

Donald and John McMurchie in Backs

2. 11 Oct 1709

James Fulton in Arrows


5 May 1709
Neill Mcphaull in Clachkeoll &
Angus Mcphaul1 his son

3 May 1709 William Anderson in Machrihanish & Margaret _Pe_coak his mother Witnesses: Robert Fulton in Machrihanish and James Fulton his son

5. 21 Sept. 1709

Malcolm McNeill of (sic) Darlochan

6. 7 May 1709

Andrew Thomson in Kirkmichell

7. 7 1709

David Andrew in Achaleck

8. 7 1'1,1y 1709

John Andrew in Achaleck

3 mkland of Backs presently

1 mkland of Arrows presently possesst by himself

2 1/2 mkland of 5 mkland of Clachkeall

2 1/2 mkland of 5 mkland of Clochkeoll presently possesst by Malco~m McN~~l of Darlochan

4 mklands of Darlachan with 20/- land of Mono(?)choill (in Parish of Killean) presently possesst by himself.

2 mkland of Kilmichael, possesst by himself

mkland of Achaleck possesst


mk1and of 2 mkland of Achaleck possesst himself


9. 9


James Andrew in Lippe1 8311i-

10. 21 Sept. 1709

Alexander Mcneall in Gartgunnel

11. 21 Sept. 1709

HaI co Lm McNeall in Skeroblingarry

2 mk1ands of Ballivullin and four acres of the mountain of Achaleck presently possesst by himself

1/2 of 3 mk 4/8d land of Skerob1ingorrie presently possesst by Malcolm Mcneall

Payment of rent guaranteed by I)_(_l_t~_~l:2i Clark (of Drumlemblc) late Bai1ly in Campb e It own his father-in-law

1/2 of 3 mk 4/8d land of Skeroblingorry presently possesst by himself

VI. Kilchousland Parish

1. 20 Oct. 1709

Robert Templtoun in Ballimenoch, 1 mkland of 3 mkland of Crossibeg

younger (other two merklands let to John Montgomerie in Ballimenoch)

2. 2 May 1709

Robert Templtoun younger & Alexander Templtoun his brother in Upper Ballimenoch as possesst by themselves & their father

3. 19 Oct. 1709

John Montgomerie in Ballimenoch

4. 20 April 1709

James Cauldwell, James Anderson

-~ ~.-------~

& Alexander Dunl_op in Peniver

2 mkland of nether Ballimenoch possesst by himself, 2 mklands of 3 merkland of Crossibeg presently possess t by Wi11ia~ Hontgomery his son.

"moreover there being 5000 merks Scots money due to the said John Montgomery

by a wadsett on the lands of Ballimenoch and the 3 mklands of Crossibeg by the late Earl of Argyll to the said John Montgomery his father and sisters or others his predecessors whereunto the said John has now the apparent title and right which he doth secure out the said lands as said is:

Therefor the said Duchess on behalf of the said Duke is hereby bound to get allowance and retention to the said John Montgomery and his foresaids of the ordingary @ rent of the said sum of 5000 merks yca r l y;"

3 mklands of Peniver and Iska


5. 9 f'lay 1709

William Campbell in Laggan

6. 23 Sept 1709

Robert Fulton in Machrihanish

7. 27 April 1709

John & David Galbreath in Kil-

ked dan

8. 24 April 1709

James Galbreath elder in Kil-


9. 24th April 1709

John Cauldwell in Ardnacross, James Galbreath Yr in Kilkeddan

10. 6 July 1709

James Robison in Ballochgair

11. 4 May 1709

James Thomson in Kilkeddan

12. 4 May 1709

Robert Campbell in Kildownan

1 3 . 4 Ma y 1 709

David Kelvie in Kildonan

14. 30 June 1709

Robert Smith walkmiller in



15. 30 June 1710

John and William Fulton

16. 30th June 1710

Archibald Baird in Smerbie

17. 30th June 1710

Robert Thomson and James McNair

in Smerbie

3 mkland of Laggan possesst bv himself

3 mklands of Drumgarve

3 mkland of Gartgrylan present possesst by J~_l_l_l__li_cIJe_J1L_ and the other tenants thereof

3 mklands of Kilkeddan possesst by himself and his sons

4 mkland of Ardnacross with equal 1/3 part of the moor of Kilkeddan lying next to moor of Ardnacross

mkland of 2 mkland of Ballochgair presently possessed by Patrick Robison his father and him.

mkland of 3 mkland of Ballochgair presently possesst by John Brown & Murchie Mclntyre_.

1 mkland of 2 mkland of Kildownan presently possesst by himself to extent of 8/- land

1 mkland of Kildonan

The walkmill of Smerbie and 4 acres of land presently possesst by himself.

1/3 of seven mkland of Smerbie possesst by themselves

1/6 part of 7 mkland of Smerbie presently posse sst by himself

1/6 part of 7 mkland of Smerbie presnetl




18. 30th June 1710

Malcolm Clark in Smerbie

19. 30 June 1710

Neil & Alexander Martin in Smerbie


Dated at Glynne Graigs 6 July Patrick Stewart lawful son to


{\rct_l_~bald _g_e\var~, ta c k sman 0 f



Dated at Glynne Craigs 6 July 1710 McIlennan eldest son to

Patrick McIlennan in Clachfyne

1/6 part of 7 mkland of himself

posse sst

1/6 part of Sme themselves

presently possesst


1/2 of the mk.La nd of Clachfyne wh i c h hal f is commonly called Strathmollach

the laigh half mkland of the mkland of Clachfyne po s s e s s t, lately by AlexL Mcnaughton and the other subtenants.

VII. Kilchenzie Parish

1. 24 April 1709

John Paterson in Balnagleck

2. 4 Sept. 1709

Archibald Stewart in Ballilergiemore

3. 9 May 1709

Donald Campbell in Coulloch

4. 9 May 1709

John Campbell, Archibald McKendrick & Donald McIlmaluaig

in Kilocra

5. 7 Sept. 1709

~_<:_:remy & John C;i11eis in Skeringblingorry

6. 12 Oc t 1709

James McEachin son to John McEachin sometime in



7. 12 Nov. 1709

~~_1_J_ibalc_!_ McAulay of Ardincaple

2 mklands of Balnagleck

2 mklands of Brunlergiebeg, 16/8d lands of Ballilergiemore, 16/8d lands of Ballilergiebeg, 1/2 mkland of Cluask

1 mkland of Corriloch

4 mklands of Killocra

2/3 of 2 1/2 mkland of Gartgunnel

20/- land of Tangytavil presently possesst by Murchie McIlchrist and or tenants

2 1/2 mkland of Tangiemiln, 3 mkland of Killarow, miln of Tangy, excepting Collosea. presently possesst by Torquill Bet-Jei1l of Ugadale, Archibald Stewart in Balilergie, Donald Mcneill in Killarow and the othec tenants.


8. 6 Ha v 1709

William Fleming in Garvachy & John Fleming in Ballivean

9. 7 Nay 1709

William Hunter in Tumock


6 July 1709

~rch i bal_cl_CamE~,=_]_l_ el.d est lawful son to deceased John C:_ampbe:_Jj_ brorgerman to Archibald Campbell of lnveraw and Susan Chameuse (?) his

-_---.--~--_ ..


4 1/2 mklands of Ballivean presently possesst by George Maxwell of Southbarr

2 1/2 mklands of Drumlea as presently possesst by the respective tenants therein

2 ~(land of Barmollach, 3 as presently possessed by of Ardincaple

mkland of Brackley Archibald McAulav

VIII. Killean Parish

1. 11 Oct. 1709

Donald McKay in Arnicle & Archibald & Robert Stewart sons to John (sic) St:_ewart in Ballilergiebeg

2. 20 Oct. 1709

James Cunnison, conjunct chamberlain of Kintyre Witnesses include Archibald


Clark, writer in Edinburgh

3. 15th Oct. 1709

Archibald Cunnison now in Killean

3 mkland of Putachantuy, half to Donald McKa2_ and half between Archibald & Robert Stewart

4 mk of Kilmory, miln of Achalestrin presently possessed by Donald McConach~, John McBain, Donald Mcneall and Robert

Love milner.

20/- land of Drumnamucklach presently possessed by John McNuer and the other tenants thereof.

4. 8th Oct. 1709

:t1athew Watson & Pat_rick_McQuilkar1_ 4 mkland of Crubastill presently possest

in Corputechan by Duncan McKa~ and the other tenants.

5. 15 Oct. 1709

.42_c:hibal9__ Mc~on~~~}' in Bra id of Ac ha.Le sb i.n , ~l_<?lm McCona_c_~ h 1. s son, ~_1_l__g~ s ~_c:_A_:l~~~_~_e2: & John McPhaull in Achalesnin

6. 4 Oct. 1709

~J~_ Pat r i 0 __ ~~_f11J_J~_,=-!_~_ , 11 in is t e r of the Gospe] at K1.llean

7. 20 Oc t . 1709

James Ross in \-Jeig1 e

3 merkland of Achaleshin

1 mkland of Achachoirk presently possesst by him.

2 mkland of

rt presently possessed

-11 5-

8. 20 Oct. 1709

Robert Ross in Machrihanish

9. 28 Sept. 1709 ~a~~~_~~~l!~~ in Peninver

10. 15 Oct. 1709
C_;_:::_cJ_E g e ~laxw <:.:U of Soutbbar
1l. 14 Oct. 1709
John Love, Yr. , in Bar
12. 4 Oct. 1709
Mathew Kirkland in Drumlemill 13 . 20 Oc t , 1709

Donald Mcneill in Kilmaluaig

14. 14 Oc t . 1709

Janet Camme r on relict of Dug_aId fampbell of (sic) Drumnamucklach and Jame~_~ampEe~~ their son

15. 30 Nov. 1709

Duncan McKay in Bar & ~eill Thomson in Achaduduy

16. 31 Oct. 1709

James Forester in Chiscan

17. 2 Nov. 1709

Duncan Obrolochan & Donald

18. 2 Hay 1709

John McWurricb in High Barr

2 mklands of 4 mkland of Cleongart presently possesst by the respective tentants

4 mkland of Corputachan presently possesst by ~chibal~Ste\var_~, tackman.

1 mkland of Lagnacraig (in Parish of Kilchevan), 5 mkland of Muasdill

1/2 of 3 mklands of Belloch possessed

by Mathew Watson and other tenants there.

half of the 3 merkland of Belloch (Gleocreggan) presently possessed by Ma_t_l1_f.'-":' Watson and the other tenants.

2 mkland of Kilmaluaig presently possessed by himself and the other tenents.

1 mkland of Blarie presently possessed by Duncan McKey sag and the other tenants.

2 mkland of Achadaduy presently possesst by Neil Thomson.

2 mkland of Chiscan (Kilkerran Parish),

1 mkland of Strauchteroch with the pendicle of Ballegregan called Strayorn (Kilkivan Parish), 2 mkland of Stockadell & Garvalt, the upper merkland of the 3 mklands of Amad. "The said Duchess being resting owing to the said James Forrester the soum of 8680 merks Scots by a heritable Bond of this days date payable at Marts 1714 - ~~~E .. ~_s_i:~E entitled

to retaio interest on the Bond out of the rents."

1/3 part of the 2 1/2 mkland of Barr

presently possessed


1/3 part of the 2 1/2 mkland of high Barr presently possest by himself.


19. 2 No v . 1709

Neill Obrolochan in High Barr

20. 2 Nov. 1709

Alexander McMillan in Laigh Bar

21. 2 Nov. 1709

John Love elder in Laigh Barr

22. 2 Nov. 1709

William Smylie in Laigh Bar

23. 2 Nov. 1709
Christian Stewart in Laigh Bar
24. 2 Nov. 1709
John Ferguson in Glenecardoch
25. 2 Nov. 1709
Neill McKergus in Kilgruer 26. 2 Nov. 1709

Archibald McQuilkin & Gilneve

1/3 pt of 2 1/2 mkland of High Barr

1/4 part of 3 1/2 mkland of Laigh Barr

1/4 part of 3 1/2 nililand of Laigh Barr together with the miln of Barr.

1/4 part of 3 1/2 mkland of Laigh Bar.

1/4 part of 3 1/2 mkland of Laigh Barr.

2 mkland of Glenecardoch

1 mkland of 2 mklands of Kilgruer

i mkland of 2 mklands of Kilgruer

IX. Saddell Parish

1. 16 May 1709

}~hn _ _g_ampb~l> tacksman of the 6 mkland of Tortastill and Malcolm McIldonie

6 mklands of Glentortastell comprehending Torchastell, Lephinbeg and Lephincorrach; 4 mklands to }..9hn~C_~Tll_e.b_E:'_l_!_; 2 mklancls to Malcolm Mcildonie.