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Colombia Waste To Energy CWTE /

Ingeniera Aplicada I+A

Presentation for: Land Owners

Thermal Conversion Solutions for Biomass

and Municipal Solid Waste Processing
Into electricity, heat energy and / or Synthetic fuels without sulfur

Who We Are:
Ingeniera Aplicada I+A, is a Colombian Energy, Oil & Gas Project Developer & integrator of Gasification Technologies. Our aim goal seeks
to strengthen leadership in Latin American market, selling electricity
and synthetic fuels from developing Biomass & Waste to Energy
(W2E) projects.

Main Objective
Seeking a long term relationship
with Kawasaki in order to maximize
the Energy Return Over the Energy
Invest in the Termal Conversion of
Urban Solid Waste, Biomass and
Gas in Syngas from Gasification
technologies at Latin American

What We Do:
Within I+A / CWTE, our clients have access to companies with all the
necessary business and technical knowledge besides legal, taxation,
financial and marketing & communications skills to develop alternative business models from sell power since the project financing of
Build Own and Operate schemes, until technology consulting and licensing for the Biomass and Municipal Solid Waste.


Our Mission
To develop and manage talent;
to apply that talent,
through the world of sustainable
for the benefits of clients;
to do so in partnership;
to do so with profit.

How We Will Do It
I+A / LANDI WTE, will be the
parent company and management shareholder for the
Single Purpose Vehicle we
will need to create for each
project development.
This model relive our projects of much administrative

investor relations) are coordinated centrally acting as a

portal to provide a single
point of contract and accountability.
This frees our projects teamworks to devote their time to
the pursuit of technical and
professional excellence.

Financial matters (such as

planning, budgeting, reporting, control, treasury, tax,
mergers, acquisitions and

"The elimination of sanitary landfills and solid waste processing MSW and / or
biomass into usable electricity or heat energy is a reality that cities like New York
enjoy more than 100 years ago."
Thermal Conversion
The termal conversion technologies prove to be a short
term solution for centralized
and decentralized energy
generation, serving as support to the latin america
energy Matrix.
From this perspective, due to
the large amount of Municipal
Solid Waste, Coal Petcoke and
Biomass available, the energy
reuse through these technologies is a viable opportunity
to promote and boost the
Latin American technological
and socieconomic development.

How We Behave / Corporate Governance

I + A / CWTE and its operating projects/ companies have as their core
values honesty, integrity and respect for people and nature. These core
values determine the way we approach business and they define the principles in which we expect our people to behave in the conduct of our business.

How we Buy

We purchase goods and services from diverse suppliers on production,

research, operation facilities, and professional recruitment services.
We aim to select and work with suppliers that protect the environment,
meet high standards on employment practices and commit to acting ethically in all aspects of their business. Managing environmental, social and
governance risks in our supply chain is important both for ourselves and
for our clients. Our expectations will be described in the I+A/CWTE Code
of Business Conduct for Suppliers.
We evaluate all potential new suppliers against a set of business requirements before they can become a I+A/CWTE suppliers. These include assurance of supply, quality, service, cost, innovation and sustainability. Our
sustainability criteria cover six areas: policy, senior responsibility, materiality and issues identification, reporting, supply chain and anti-bribery
and corruption.

I+A / CWTE Leadership

Board Members

I+A / CWTE, board of directors is collectively responsible for promoting the success of the company by directing and supervising
the projects strategy.

Our Board members are an

well seasoned group of
energy, oil & gas C-Suite level

Also is responsible to shareowners for the groups financial and

operation performance.

executives, each with more

tan 25 years of profesional
experience, now witth board
assignation and corporate
development goals.

Board Members Profile

Executive Members
Adolfo Perez, Process engineer, worked for 30 years in
Ecopetrol, he has developed projects in fuel productions, hydrogenation of fuel, thermal power generation and expansion
of refineries.

Ana Lucia Acosta, Financial manager of health, energy and

construction companies, she has more than 35 years of experience in corporate development.

Ana Cristina Hernandez, Electric Market, she worked for 25

years with EPM (the biggest power energy company in Colombia) she was the manager of Non-regulated marked and big

Gustavo Correa, Chemical and Petroleum Engineer, worked

for Aramco ( in Saudi Arabia), also worked in Shell for about
30 years. Now is the country manager of KBC ( English process company), he is 70 years old.

Guillermo Padierna, Chemical Engineer & Project Manager

for about 25 years at Ecopetrol. Now work with Tipiel
Technip engineerig and construction firm in South America.
Juan Fernando Pemberthy, Mechanical Engineer, while he
worked for about 15 years with Hyundai Corporation, he has
been involved in power generation projects for big dams,
thermal power generation, chemical production and bio diesel
production, Now he is the Latin American commercial manager for Boccard ( French company who deploy chemical, oil &
gas and food plants)

Hugo Pemberthy
Telecommunication Engineer with power projects
generation experience.
CEO at Ingeniera Aplicada

Bonny Nunez
Chief Executive Officer at
LANDI Solutions.

Adolfo Prez
ChieChief Technical Officer
at Ingenieria Aplicada I+A

Luis Molfino
Chief Corporate Officer at
LANDI Solutions.

Sebastan Prez
Chief Corporate Officer at
Ingenieria Aplicada I+A.

Pedro Rosales, Chemical Engineer and former Executive

Vice/President with 30 years experience at Ecopetrol. Now
cofounder of Know How Consulting, a partner firm of I+A.

I+A / LANDI Business Experience

2015: Colombia Prefeasibility analysis for 3000 TPD WTE


2015: Colombia / Advanced Feasibility analysis with business model, financial structuring and Process PIDs for 10
Mwh400 TPD WTE.

2014: Sao Paulo, Brasil / Usina Ass / 5 MwhWTE


2013: Bahia, Brasil / Usina Entre Rios / 10 MwhWTE


2013: Colombia, Scoping and conceptual Studies with Prefeasibility and economic analysis for a 500 TPD Coal to Power & Diesel with carbon capture and sequestration CCS technology.

"The elimination of sanitary landfills and solid waste processing MSW and / or
biomass into usable electricity or heat energy is a reality that cities like New York
enjoy more than 100 years ago."
Biomass to energy and liquids
shows undoubtedly a unique and

I+A / CWTE Owners & Board Experience

2014: Consultant PERUOSINERGMIN (Oil & Gas and mining

institute) Hazop and Project Management Protocols.

and environmental fundamentals

2013: Co-writers Colombia: Mining without mercury law.

will, we believe, be attractive to

2012: Cowriters Colombia Renewable Generation sources law

2012: Colombia - Ecopetrol & Morelco / Start Up services and

commissioning for a 45 Mwh General Electric turbo generator.

2011: Colombia - Project Management for upstream projects with

Tipiel and Ecopetrol.

2008-2011: Colombia, Commissioning and Start Up services for

hydrocracking Ecopetrol Project of diesel desulfurization.

2005-2008: Process Engineering services and Engineer leadership for hydrocracking Ecopetrol Project of diesel desulfurization.

2000-2004: Colombia, Process Engineering services for Ecopetrol

blending and alkylation projects.

1995-2000: Process Engineering member experience in New

Cracking major Ecopetrol Project.

Our owners and board members are and well seasoned world
experience in power, oil & gas business life cycle.

ground breaking geometrical

business growth. The economic

investors from both a debt and

equity perspective. The business
debt structure for each project
has been usually identified with
preliminary agreements in place,
for example, with an Export Credit Agency who isnt only providing the guarantees but also the
funding. We are now focused
with this kind of project teams on
getting all aspects of the funding
structure completed."
Gabriel Buck, head of CAPEX
financing solutions at Barclays

Our 4 business models:


How WE DO?

Turn Key Projects. I + A / CWTE offers complete EPC projects reducing the technological and financial risks to its owners.

In order to assure the Offtakes and

other project finance matrix items,

Turnkey projects developed by I+A / CWTE focus on customers interested

in buying Waste to Energy complete solutions, where I+A / CWTE develops the project from the early stages of engineering, to construction and
commissioning. I+A / CWTE has a specialized engineering department,
who knows and also represents and develops energy conversion technologies such as gasification, pyrolysis, dehydrators and hubs energy, gas
turbines, fuel production plants using natural gas or syngas.

I+A / CWTE starts with research of

Companies that may be potential customers are dealers - landfill operators, large industries that produce large amounts of biomass residues,
treatment plants wastewater agribusiness companies that raise pigs,
poultry, etc.

prehensive package is assembled for

the local conditions, and establishes

local connections to assist in assembling the essential pieces required for
a successful WTE project financing.
Once I+A / CWTE has collected the
required information, then a cominvestor review. Investors are then
able to conduct comprehensive DD
(Due Diligence) and turn that into a
bankable, highly profitable long term
utility investment. By preparing all


Financial structuring, Project Finance and Access to Investment.

Some of the companies that own concessions or landfills industries do not

have any money to invest.
I+A / CWTE services provide Project Structuring & Project Financing
Schemes for accessing structured finance with contracts supported. This
is a complementary service and also very relevant for customers who do
not have all the capital required as collateral needed to support the
weight of the debt which can be the source of project payment (future
cash flows).

the groundwork well, I+A / CWTE has

the ability to prepare a rock solid
project for investor finance that will
perform well for the long run.
Investors can be confident in the due
diligence that I+A / CWTE performs.
Initial project information is always
available for a cursory review, and for
an investor to determine their level
of interest. A more detailed prepared
Project Business Overview will always
be the next step of review for investors who express interest in a project
and will be their guideline for making
sure that project is the right fit. The

3. Projects

BOO (Build Own Operate).

Some landfills havent operational or financial capacity to develop a project of this type, but they have the required conditions such as concessions
for over 15 years, environmental licenses, technical conditions, and maybe having a buyer of energy or fuel.
The I+A / CWTE group, in specific cases, may interest in the development
by his own of the project finance at an early stage and also its operation &

Investment Memorandum is the final

step of initial investor project information, which will reveal all the
information needed to make a well
informed investment decision, prior
to Investor Due Diligence. All the
required documents are always
assembled by I+A / CWTE in an electronic data rooms for investor review.


Sale of Technology.

Some integrators might be interested in acquiring some of the I+A /

CWTE technology to advance some of its projects. I+A / CWTE can structure the technological solution that best suits the client needs.

Once an investor is satisfied with all the

documents presented, then the final
step is usually a site visit. Site visits are
always well prepared by I+A / CWTE,
and are the final step to fully satisfy any
investor due diligence requirements.

Business Model

We ensure contracts where the plant will be built as

a guarantee of the supply
of Urban Solid Waste.
We work with local engineers for environmental
and building permits. We
sell 80% of the energy under a power purchase
agreement in the long
term ("PPA") and the remaining amount on the
spot market.
The prices of wholesale

Gasification Technologies
The two types of reactors are often used
in the process of gasification of solid
waste. Primarily the moving bed
(countercurrent and co-current) and the
fluidized bed.

is needed since for good fluidization particle size should be less than 2 cm. On the
other hand, not all easily fluidized solids,
it is sometimes necessary to add another
solid fluidization aid.

Each has a number of advantages and

disadvantages. The fluidized bed gasifier
more easily allows the scaling process
has a higher throughput and better control of the process temperature of the
moving bed gasifier.
Another very important advantage presented by the fluidized bed against the
moving bed is that it allows the addition
of catalysts into the bed to conduct catalytic gassing.
However, the fluidized bed also presents
a number of disadvantages, for example,
prior grinding of the solid feed material

Gasification Technology

Description of our process & technologies

electricity are approxima-

1. Transforming MSW feedstock Energy Bricks.

tely $ 70 per MWh. Other

I+A/CWTE own an exclusive Energy Bricks license, a unique technology for processing
municipal solid waste, converting MSW and other waste in blocks of solid fuel ultra-high
energy they have higher energy content than coal with a fraction emissions. Bricks store
inventory and can generate electricity firm offer. Having energy inventory allows the difference

revenue include sales of

biochar, carbon credits
and recyclable materials.

2. Gasification of Energy Bricks.

The gasification technology fluidizado bed is considered the most efficient technology for
processing MSW Municipal Solid Waste in clean and renewable energy. Our plants, proven
during 40 years are characterized by their reliability, high thermal efficiency and cleaner

Description of our process & technologies

3. Power generation train with Capstone Microturbines.
Capstone Turbine Corporation is the world leader in the production of systems for lowemission microturbines. It was the first company to introduce to the market the technology
turbines with air bearing commercially viable. The company has sold and shipped thousands
of Capstone turbines to customers worldwide. These turbines have been awarded and have
registered tens of millions of hours of reliable operation.

"The energy contained in solid waste and / or biomass allows to obtain high
rates of return and also economic power."

4.Using Synthetic GasGasification Syngas- Coming from.

We use a standard commercial technology Methane steam reforming (SMR) for converting
natural gas into synthesis gas, a precursor of fuel mainly composed of hydrogen (H2) and
carbon monoxide (CO). We can reform the natural gas into synthesis gas alone or take the
syngas provided by our gasifier.
The synthesis gas is then treated to remove carbon dioxide and other impurities such as
sulfur upstream of liquid fuel synthesis.
Our process' can use syngas from a variety of sources, while meets specifications. The synthesis gas can be produced from other feedstocks, including biomass, municipal solid waste,
coal and other carbon-rich substances.

Our Organization

Process Description and Technologies

5. Process Gas to Liquids / Ready to Use Drop in Fuel

Another key issue concerns

risk management in the delivery of construction within
the conditions of the special
purpose vehicle which is formed for this purpose. SPV
projects are typically delivered to the operator of the
service through an engineering, procurement and
construction (EPC). The risk
can be minimized operator
giving all aspects of capital
works - pre-treatment, main
floor and grid connection
infrastructure - in a single
EPC contract. This comprehensive approach, where
the SPV takes a more direct
role in risk management can
increase yields and reduce
the total cost of the project.

For I+A / CWTE Energy

Solutions is important to know
your thoughts and concerns
about our proposal. Similarly we
invite you to come to us so that,
together, build the solution that
best prospective deliver to all
actors involved.
Work Directions in
Colombia / Brasil / Delaware

Para mayor informacion escribanos a:

One of the main advantages of our Gas to Liquids process is that it produces a wide range of
fuels and organic solvents. In addition to free high-octane gasoline sulfur, our technology can
be adapted to produce jet fuel and diesel, both high margin products that are in demand in
various industries. Our process may also produce organic solvents that are widely used in
production of rubber, plastic and other synthetic materials.
Gasoline our process has undergone extensive third-party testing to verify compliance with
all ASTM standards, which measure the quality of gasoline. Specifically, compared with traditional gasoline, present very low sulfur content (less than 1 ppm vs. 30 ppm), benzene content lower (0.16% vs. 0.62%), the lowest corrosion and greater possible stability.
Our synthesis technology lquido fuel is a variant of the Methanol-to-Gasoline process
(MTG) commercially owned and ExxonMobil, which has been simplified to produce gasoline and organic solvents directly, without the need for additional treatment tested. The result
is a highly efficient process which converts natural gas 1 MMBtu in about 5 gallons of liquid
fuels. The process produces fuels that are ready for immediate distribution, sale and consumption using the existing infrastructure.
The owner of our license diesel fuel produced in the laboratory and is awaiting presentation
to the public at its demonstration plant in 2015. Diesel demand is growing in the United
States and the world, in addition, there is a great need for diesel in areas remote where there
is gas available.