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There is in the Register House Edinburgh on old parchment in MS contai

an inventory of

11 deeds, grants, tacks, etc., from which I have transcribed

some Kintvre tacks of 1666 to 1669. These were presumabJ


the Earl

f Argyle. The pages of the volume have been badI\' dama

and some, hut nOl

verv many, of the wor d s are Lnd ec iph e r ab Le • This Jist u t a c k s , wh i ch ives

the names of the' ho l s and of t.h e occupiers but wh ic h d o o.s not give' the

extent of the llo]dings nor the rents paid is interesting ancl important in that

it is the earliest rental after the main Lowland settlement which about

1650 that has so far come to light. Most of the tacks are dated 1666 but some are also 1667-68-69. Some are undated but these would appear to fall under

one or other of the same three years. The tacks are mainly for 19 years but some are shown as for 9, 12. 13, 15 and 21 years. The ma~~ holding of Laird

Ralston has the tack undated hut that would appear to be 1669 or 19 years after his first arrival. We may perhaps assume that his first taek of 19 years had run out and that this was his second. A curious entry is the "tack of the Assyse herrings" to John Yule. Assyse is here an older form of excise.

In the old days the Kings of Scotland took a proportion of all catches of

herrings as an excise tax and in this case we see the collection farmed out to

a local man John Yule.

It informs us that Campbeltown had a fishing industry

in 1668.

It was going strong in 1685 for among the claimants for damaged

incurred during the Athol Raid were John and Donald McHutcheon who appear to

have been among the most important of those engaged in the fishing industry then and who claimed for a large boat with gear (including a "compass square") v a l.ue d at b233-13-4 and for "24 nets with all ye furniture valued at .':

The Ld en t y of some of the places which are indecipherable in the HS can

be fixed either by a comparison with the 1684 rentals or from otller consideration!


7. Probab

8. May be Balergymore or Ballivain where the Flemings are known to have

been t e na n t s . See r1T_:_J~~l_fl_C_Clll__ C 0 }:~_i_1__1:_E:_ 's pap e r "p r e ga n "co rmnu n j -

cated to the Kintyre Antiquarian Society in 1930.

for Cu es d aLe .

1/+. The La s t p l.a c e must be Drl1mgarve.

See the 1684 rental.

21 .

In Dr. ThumsDn',"'; paper, "The Ancient Churches a n d Chapel

o Scotland"

t the Kintyre An t Lq u.s r ia n Society there is [I reference to a !1cNab


"La i r d of ~lu>,11 who \ .. i3S buried in KiJ Lm i c h a e I . Ht? \·.](-}S descendant of the Ar ch iba Ld 1'.lcN~1b in I,to\' in 1666"

37. Prnbablv Lephenstrath as the McShennags (the old familv of harpers to the Macdonalds) were tacksmen there for a long period.

38. Looks like Culilongart in Glenbrekrie.

"Hill of Be it h " sometimes written "Hill of I t h" is an e s t.a t e

situated near to Beith in Avrshire. In 1666 the estate was owned

John Cun n of the family of Cunninghame of Cadd e L. 'l n

the 16 rental the Cit

Caddcl is shown 3S occupy the same holding of Ha ch r i h a n

Presumably ill the interval he had succeeded to the family estClte

of Cad d e.l . ::f~1~_:_Cu_:1_Il:_ing_11_i_l_l_11(~ of BiJ1 of Beith wa s fined b626: 13:4 in the year ]662 as the portion of his share of the SUnt awarded to the !:'~Cl~} of QU~!_:._t~~_r:ry_ for loss and damage sustained on his lands by the forces under Colonel Strahan and Colonel Ker in 1650. (\.]odrow's History, V~-~T)3ge 130, Fol ~---Ed-:-)----

A. -'-NcKerral

Kintyre Antiquarian Society 143/3


LIST OF KINTYRE TACKS 1666-67-68 and 69


) to Alex Mure 1666. t

Killewman to Ro Campbell latE' Bailie of Kintyre.


Mains and Mill of Saddell to Ro Campbell 1666.

Knockreochbeig to Alex fforE'ster 1666.


3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

8. Ba (

Lagnacraig to Arch. McViccar.

Gartloskinichtrach to Angus McMillan 1666.

) to Jon. Rayburn 1666. ) to Ja. fflemyng.

9. Arh ac hor k and (


) to Ro fforester.

10. Ballagregan to Major Carr~bell.

l I . Bill 1 rin ch to Co] in McEachran.

12. Inver( .... n) to James baird 1666.

13. Ew s d aLe to .J arne s Lockhart 1666.

14. Laggan and D(

) to Cau l dweLl .

15. Kilmichel1 to Ral]ston 1666.

16. Lep inb e i g t Lau ch Lan \<Ill ( .... ) .

17, Oar10chan to Hector McNeill 1666.


18. Skerbl

r r i.e to Dona.] d

eli 1666.

1 c.'.

r ,

Ewsdale to johne Reid 1666.

20. Glenkeddoch and Ball (

) to Donald McNeill.

21. to Arch. Mc~ah 1666.

22. The t wo Kno ckhan t ies to ll e c tor NcNeill 1666.

23. Glenehantio to Donald Campbell 1666.

to Hector McNeill 1666.

25. Ar d n a c r o sh to (

) Galbraith 1666.

26. Kil]ocra to Duncan McKeachin 1666.

27. Kildavie to Jon. Moir and J

Gechje 1666.



Kilbride and Keynachan to Do McDonald 1666.

Innangoy and Puble to John Campbell 1666. Lochoradjll to Malcolm McNeill 1666.


30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36.

Glenadill (or Clenavill) to Duncan McWilljam. Bellivean and Knocknagurr to Donald McNeill 1666. Coulolongart to Arch. McNeill 1666.

Askammilbeig to Arch. Campbell 1666. Puttachantine to Duncan Campbell 1666.


Smerby etc., to Jo Campbell 1666.

37. ) to Malcolm Mcoshennag 1666.

38. )ungart to Ronald McAlister.

39. Cartvaich to Jon. McNachtan 1666.

40. Kilmichell to Rot Meinzeis 1666.

41. Kilblaan to Neill McCallum 1666.

42. Machrihanish to Hill of Beith.

43. Machrimoir to Jon Campbell 1666.

44. Crossal1 to the toune of Lochhead 1666.


R t B k .

to () r a en ri.g


Half merkland of era

46. C:n·

to Neill McNeill 1666.

I{ 7. Huc k lo ch to .Io h u e Hendersone ]666.

48. Killocr~ to Duncan McEachin 1666.

49. Drurmnore Co David l-io r r e 1666.

50. Corputachan to

) McEachane 1666. 1666.


n B;}lJ o c h to .Io


52. KjIeon

Hill to Lachlan :·lcNeiU 1666.

53. Dalvradan etc to

HcNeill 1666.

54. Catadilmore to Arch. McGilchreist 1666.

55. Ac h a Le Lk to Jaime Hc Ln t v r e 1666.

56. Kilmichell to Mr. Ja. Drummond 1666.

57. Crossalbeig and Kilchouslan to him 1666.

58. Kilchubanie and Wegill to Gilbert McLaertie.

59. Rallegregan and Cr ai.g a g to Hr . Alex.

II 1666.

60. The Hill of Lo chh ead etc to Jet Lioup,las 1666.

61. 62.

Hal1 orna na c h etc. to \.J1fI \.Jallace 1666.

cl .

Balligrogan etc. to Ar McNeIll 1667.

63. Kilchreist and others to LauchIan HeNeiU 1667 for 15 years.

64. Kilmorie, Toreastell etc. to Archibald Campbell 1667 for 13 years.

65. Killewan and Beachs to Jon. ffoster 1668 for 19 years.

66. Knockrioehbeig Sheskin etc. to Alex ffoster 1668 for 19 years.

67. Knockhantibeig to Jon HcConachie 1668 for 12 years.

68. Take of the Assyse herrings to Jon Yuile 1668.

69. Killervan and Knockstapplebeig to James Mure 1669 for 19 years.


Strondavan and Hoy to Jo Campbell 1669 for 19 years.

Ballevean and others to Lieut. ColI. Rot Campbell for 19 years. Knokalloway and Achageyll to Kernan 1669 for 9 years.

Kildalig, Mulmartin. Balliwillichter etc. to Geo. and Jon Campbell

1669 for 19 years.

Langa. Bordendow and Kilmaho to John Campbell 1669 for 19 years. Kildona~ Bellochgir, Ardnacreiss, Kilcheddan, Altnitorve, Gartgreillan, Pennivarik and Isla to the L. Dunlop 1669 for 21 years.

76. Smerby. Crossibeig, Kildavie, Killaan, Branerikin, Domglas, WegalJ, Machrigeig, Kileolmkill and Machrimoir to the Laird of Ralston for 21 years.







The list of those who had tacks of houses in Campbeltown in 1666 to 1669 is as fol1ows:


Finlav (

m _"

v.l Kilburn

n .

.10 McKLnlilY

Malcolm ~cArt~our Jon. HcCirdic

Coline Campbell Donald MeNeiJl Jon. Wylie Alex Bruce

Malcolm McArthour (name given twice) \.Ji 11 iam Hood

Neill NcNdl]

Alex Du n (rvfire) ill Niller 1668

John Clarks house 1669

Alex. Dunbar Patrick McLe ....

.l o n , Hu r r ay

Nicol Vuile for Thomas Weirss child

Jon. Fin] :,y Patrick McViccar Jon. Dickie

as tack of his house his lif time 1667





Transcrj cd

A. I. B. Stewart,

Lt own , 1953

1. These notes are particulars of leases contained in two folders in the possession of the Duke of Argyll.

2.. The first folder contains nine leases a11 very faded and wo r n ,

l. The s('concl folder c o n t ain s ne a r 12Cl tacks or leases, practical all of lands in Kint r e; .one appears to have beon granted in J6id a n d one in 1656. Ot herw i s e they were granted in 1666 and subsequent veal'S, but most] between l666 and 1673, though one or two are later.

The following notes are made on the contents of a large folder in the Argyll Archives marked "Kintyre Leases 1666." These are for the most part original leases though some are extracts from the Sheriff Court Books at lnveraray. They all appear to have been examined by the Tenth Duke and in certain cases backings have been added by him.

1. The first folder contains 10 Tacks granted and signed by Alexander MacNacht~~l_ of Dunderave, as Commissioner for the Marquis of Argyll - about 1652. The papers are very faded but in certain cases some names can be deciphered. These are as follows:

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Borgadillbeg: Duncan bane McMillan Ballegreggan: Evir McCourvie Lepensha(?) : Murich of Mcossenag (?) Donald o'Kellie

Machirmoir: Archibald McConochie

Ballymacumbra: Mal. McCumbra (?) The Assessor of (?)



John Hendrie (1 mkland) Archd. McCamrace

(There are only 9 tacks not 10 as stated on cover at date of examination Jan. 1953

Name of Tackman


2. John Campbell


(Possibly other lands; very faded and almost illegible)


3. James Dunlop of that ilk

inter alia, Ballochgair, Kildonan, Gartgrillan, Allinteriffe, Kilcheddan (The deed is very faded in parts but apparently more lands are included.)


? 1666


'1. Dunc;]l1 l'lcvJilliam




6 . He c tor 1< c ~<; c i 1 ]

7. ~r. James (& Rt. Andrew)?

Deed w r i t ten

John Fleming,

in Drumore.

son of James F.1

Hi t n e s s e s : John Carnpb eLl of Glenurchv & Duncan Campbell, servitor to the L1r1

S. Tack - (extr,!ct)

fohn Hood on b f of Do n al d (Hood) en merchant in Campb cl.>t own .

9. Hector McAllester (?)

10. Patrick McVicar, one of the Bailies of Campbeltown

Written by William Campbell, son of John Campbell of Kildalloig. Witnesses: Dugald Campbell of Glensaddell & Colin Campbell, Sheriff Clerk of Argyll.

11. Angus Campbell of Kilberrie

12. llugh Barr

Witnesses: Walter Campbell of Skipness & Angus Campbell of Kilberry & Douga]l Campbell, Glensaddell

Kn o c khan t i erno r e


Ki.rkmichell, Auchalcik, BalJh,j} 1


rentl tenement in



Kilmaluag (?)

Malt kiln & tenement in Campbeltown 1693

Carse & Ardminish (Apparently not Kintyre)


Upper Cartlockan


13. Archibald McAulay of Ardincaple Brackley, Barmollach, Auchinbreck, 1708


This tack would appear to be a draft. It does not appear to have been executed.


14. John Campbell, servitor to the Ki1chivan Earl of Argyll

Witnesses include Dougall Campbell of Clensaddell, Torquill McNeill, lawful son to Lauchlane McNeill

IS. Ea ch r an l'1cEacin-an in Ba Ll inatou as principal & Donald lvlcEachClrn, his son a~:; cdutioner.

Witnesse,; Ln c l.ud e Ca ell

laird & Donald Clark in





lb. To r q ui l 1 r·icl'\ci l L, lawful son t Lauch] a ne ~lcN2.iJ I of Lossait

17. Archibald McNab in

18. Donald McDonche Moih (vcr\, faded)

19 .• Tames Moor

This lease is granted Lord

Lo r ne. Ui t ue s s e s : John Cunninghame of Caddal1e (?), Patrick McVicar, Bailie of Campbeltown, Torquil] McNeill, Donald Campbell at


21. Hector Hc n e iL'l, f La r of Lossit

22. Elizabeth, Duchess Dowager of Argyll

23. Do.

Neither of these were executed.

24. Margaret Weir relict to Alexander Bruce indweller in Campbeltown

Patrick Mcibreid, weaver in Camrbeltowll

Written by John Wylie, son to John Wylie in Campbeltown. \,Htnesses include JoLnl'lontgomrie, merd. in Campbeltown.

Ca r i ch ~, Ke r r orne na c h

Kilcherran ( )

A mid-Argyll lease

Tenement in Campbeltown presently possesst by Marjorie Wright relict of Archibald McNeill and bounded as follows:

E. High Street H. Town burne

N. John McNeill's tenement presently possesst by Clark

S. Tenement possesst by Catherine Campbell, relict of Malcolme McNeill.








Tenement house yeard in Campbeltowll 1693 N.E. John McWilliam

S.H. James Forester

S.E. High Street

N.H. Town Burn

Tenement in Carnpbeltown formerly belonging to John Finlay bounded:

W. Mathew Stewart N. The Shore

E. The old manse

S. New draught made

the Countess.

)6. Ar c h ib a Ld C:1Tll North Kintyre

11, officer of 1/2 merkJand of Cluaish (7) part of 1693 Bal] e uagl a i c

:27. John Hc Ea c.h r anc in CarUosi1ane

\-'/itncssf.'s include i 1. McEdchrane of Kel1ellane.


Upper Gartloshane



28. William Kelso and Marv Mo~tgorncrv, Spouses,

Indwcllers in ltown

(Sec (6)

29. Mr. James Campbell, lawful son to Lt. Col. Robert Campbell in Annat

30. Archibald McAulay of Ardincaple

This tack is not executed.


Alexander Forrester

Granted by Archibald Earl of Argyll

Captain John Stewart and James Stewart his brother



Mr. John Cunnison now in Saddel1

(Part of the obligation on the tenant is to keep the same wind and water tight in the roof and glass (?) windows. Written by Donald McOnlea in, Witnesses names faded.


John Hu r r a v

Archibald McOnlea, lndwcller in Campb e I tOIJm

Deed written by Donald Mconlea eldest lawful son of the grantee. Witnesses: Patrick McVicar in Campbeltown. Mr.

Thomas Bruce & or ('i) John

Ca 11 .

36. ld Campbell. brother [

the laird of Dunardric

This ta k is granted Col.

James Henzies of Culdares, Baile of Kintyre.

The t e.n ernun t. of houses and v e a r d

sometime poss~ssed hv Hendrie Montgomerie his father in law and no~ bv the said Wm. Kelso

i-J. John

N. Sea shore

E. A strai t line drawn from the east corner that is out of the preaching house.

S. Sdid preaching house together with the wa s t e ground that is opposite to the predching house on the side thereof bounded

W. John Wylie's house

S. The park dyke

E. Archibald Flemings house N. Kirk Street


Brackley, Barmollach, Auchinbreck. Craigmore

House (?) in Campbeltown

Lands of Askomilmore

4 mkland of Saddell, manse of Saddell, Kirktown of Saddell, and Milne of Saddell

Apparently land in Campbeltown. House & Yard in Campbeltown possessed by grantee

S. Hew Allan's house

N. Patrick McVicar's house vJ. High Street

E. John l'1cBrid Le s yard

Extensive lands in South end including Amod, Dalsmlrrin







1663(?) 1673(?)


37. John Dougl as

38. Nicholas Todd Donald Hood Alexander Dunbar Robert Hoor Yr. Alexander Bruce (?) John Douglas

John McGirdie (?) Alexander Campbell Dugald McNeal

John McNeal, his son John Murray

Captain George Campbell

Mal McArthur


Archibald McOnlea

Dugald McDougal1

John Campbell in Killdolloig

39. .Iohn Lamond

40. James Lockhart

L+1 • David Moor

Witnesses include Mr. James Drummond

42. John Rayside (?) (Very faded)

43. Corrie McAllester of Loup Witnesses include Duncan Stewart of Appin, although the deed was apparently executed at Campbeltown.

44. John Douglas

Houses & yards in Lochheid N. (?l John Cl ark I shouse S. Tolbooth

E. High Street v. l'lalcolm?

Apparently the lands of Lochhead

The witnesses are Angus Campbell, Bailie of Campbeltown & Mr. Thomas Orr.

Tenement & yeard in Campbeltown N. John (?) Allan

S. Nicholas Todd

E. John McBride's yard W. High Street

Not clear. But the tack does not appear to have been executed.

I am unable to decipher the place

of granting or the date of this

deed. It does not appear to be a lease & is signed by William Lambert. The witnesses are John Class &

Robert Alexander. (John Class was Provost of Rothesay at this time.)


House & Yard in Lochheid

4 mkland of Killegrewar (& Laggs)

The two mills of Carnphel t own with the crofts of the lands of

Drulllore present Alexander Dunbar

possessed by







1666 1673

45. Archibald McNab

46. John McNeill in Christlach

47. Lau c h l a n HcNeHl in Glenamuil

Lands of

Ch r is t 1 a ch

48. Mr. James Drumond Crossibeg & Kilcusland

'19. Archibald l'!cGilehrist Ca t a d elI [, Drs

50. Patrick :-kVicar in Campb c lt owu Ca r t v e a n i ch tr ac h

51. Ni.c h o l a s Todd Hou s e in Camp b el t own

\,Htnesses include t~m. Brm·m in Campbeltown & Donald McNeilage there.

52. Alexander Allan one of the Ba i.l Le s of the Burgh of Campbeltown

53. Colin Mcecharne

54. Capt. George & John Campbell of Kildalloig

55. George Bruce in Lochheid

N. John Lamonts house

S. Donald McWilliam's pretended yard

House in Campbeltown

N. John Murray's house & yard

S. Malcolm McArthur's house & yard E.

W. Dougall McDougall's yard

Ballinatone ('I)

Molemartin, Ballenanach

House in Lochheid




1666 Ib70



1666 1669


Knockriochbeg, Chiskine, Strawochte~ 1669 Bar, Milne of Bar

56. Alexander Forester in Knockriochbeg

57. Robert Campbell. uncle to the laird of Glenlyon & presently

Bailie & Chamberlain of


58. Alies Cochran relict of umqll. Kilchevan & Ballinagrogan Cornett Alexander Moor in


Witnesses include Mr. William Moor son to the said Alexander Hoor.

59. John McNachtane

60. John Campb e l l in Lochhead

61. Lt. Robert Campbell now in Drulll

62. Alexr. Campbell in KiJchamaig

63. John Mcintyre in the Backs Witnesses: Duncan Stewart 01 Appin, Corrie McAllester of Loup & Duncan Fisher, writer in Lnv e r a r av .


'I & Keromenach

Langa Kilmaho & Bordadow

Drum, B.Jl1ergimore, Ballargie Beg






1666 1669 J 672

J 672


64. Alexander Dunbar in Cnmp b cl >t own

Mr. Thomas Bruce


65. Hector ~lcNeill of Da r r a cb an

66. Hendrie Hontgomerie in Campbeltown (See 28)

67. Malcolm McArthur

Witnesses are Mr. Thomas Bruce, Patrick McVicar & Donald


2 tenements in Camp b e I t.ovr, (1) ~.~. Robert McHutcheon S.E. Andrew Dickie

S.W. The wine fields (?) at the back of the said houses

N.E. Street or f o r e g a i t

(2) u.

Old mil] burn runn through the back.

N. Thl" sea


S L'it tl.e cot houses

Darrachan. Clochkill & Monighill

Tenement house in Campbeltown W. John Wylie's house

N. Foreshore

E. A straight line to be drawn from the east corner of the Isle that is out of the preaching house

S. Preaching house also waste ground - Alex. Bruce's house also mentioned.

Tenement in Carnpbe lil own.

68. Alexander Bruce in Campbeltown Tenement in Campbeltown

N. Colin Stirling's house S. Umql1 .Iohn Clark's roume W. The burn

69. Neill McNeil] in Carskay Very faded & indecipherable

70. James Fleming Backs

71. Alexander Bruce in Campbeltown Glenamucklach

72. Wm. Montgomery in Ballemenach Crossibeg & Ballemenach

73. Extract Contract between Earl of Argyll & John Barry relating to Timber in Glencoane

74. John Doug1 as

75. ~blcolm HarLin

76. Dune an 11 brother to

Laird of Glencarradale

77. Duncan McNoliand

78. John H


79. Ar ch i ba I d Hc NeiLl

Two mills in Campbeltown

Lo cho r Ld el.'l


Salmon f ish Lng s


Ca r t ve an etc.







1666 1666 1672 1680 1666








11, brother of


the laird 01 ClenL:-lrr~-}d31e

8 1. D a v i d 1,.J ark (?) Patrick Calbraith

Mathew Anderson Sr.

Mathew Anderson Yr. Alexander Pickan Thomas Anderson

Thomas l'kN t.o n

8. Donald McNeill

Witnesses include John Stirling in LochhejeJ

82a. Archibald McNeill in Lochhead

83. 84.

Duncan McEachrane

Duncan McAvis (McTavish, later Thomson)

John Reid


86. 87. 88.

Lachlan McNeill

John Cunningham of Boighouse

John Crawford of .... hi11 and Cristill? Dunlop his spouse Grisel1

Archibald McNeill



Edward Keith, Minister of Campbeltown


James Moor son to umqll Alexr. Moor

92. Finlay McKinlay

93. John More, John MeGaichy.

Donell Odreane

94. David Moor

95. Lachlan Whyte (?)

96. Ronald MeAllester

97. Neill Hc Ca lLum

98. Allister bane McEachine & Ch a r Le s his son

99. Robert Brackenrigg

Auchn ag l ar-h ~ Amo d 3 Da lsm i.r r an , etc' ~

Ardnaeross, etc.

~\lritten Lo chh e t d .

Donald Lamont in


House in Campbe1town



Eurdale (?)


Be L'l o ch


Ballygroggan (which the Y!a men had for 5 years)


Killeonan & Knockstaplebeg

Braid ..... ?







arne of 1Ii] 1 ab ei t h Ha ch r i hnnish 'I'r o d i ga ll & Co r r y l a ch

Cr ay

100. John CUl1l1

101. John 1] son to Ar ch i.b aLd Kilkerclll, ClenLlllbkLI1 l'1cEan dowe

]02. John Campbell Bone to 1]

Dugall 11 of fnveraw

Srnerbie, Clachfyne








1666 1666 1671 1672








1666 1666






un . C i 1 be r t (?) l'lc La r t \'


ry faded)

lll5 . Na 1 col m &

104 ~ Du n ca n ~lcK('achinl-' in Lagalgarve K'i Ll o c r a



106. John & Patrick Ra Ls t on e s

]07. James

ell of Ormsarv

Mkland of Kilmichael

Carnebeg in Kilcalmonell

108. Charles }lcEachin in K'iLle r ow C? ) Kf.Lo c r a & Pu t e chan t i.e & Duncan Campbell present

tacksman f Putecban


Don !-kCulloch in l:la gregan

] JO.

Alexander Campbell brother gcrrr8n to Dougall Campbell of Melfort


Dugald McDugald in Campbeltown Witnesses: Patrick McVicar & Mr. Thomas Bruce in Campbeltown.

112. Ninian Allan second son to Hew Allan in Campbeltown Witnesses: Alexr. Allan & him Brown.

113. Iver MC:ilmor(?) in Margmonegach

114. Archiba l.d , son of Maj or William Campbell

115. Ar chi b aLd McNab

1] 6. Donald Campbell in Corspillan in LlLa

117. Donald HeNeill

J 18. Ni colas Toadd



House in Campbeltown

S. Tenement of umqll John Clerk N. Tenement of Finlay McKinlay W. High Street

E. Bailie Allan's new tenement formerly possessed by umqulle Dod. Mcmarquesse

House in Campbeltown possessed by Hew Allan

W. High Street E. John Mckirdie S. John Lamont

N. Archibald McOnleas house





Kil crv an (')

Tenement in Campbeltowil

E. Colin Stirling's house W. William Kilbrune (?) S. High Street

N. Hiway leading from Tolhooth to the mill Ull th", North















1666 1673