(b)(6) Lawrence, IN July 2, 1992 Dear Senator Lugar: I am a person with a physical handicap, and I am writing out of concern for

myself and other handicap individuals. It is commonly known to me that Federal Law #504 requires businesses and other public places to provide equal access and opportunities/services for handicap individuals (i.e. ramps, handicap parking, etc.). However, I am also commonly aware that many, many times I see these rules violated (i.e. non-authorized parking in handicapped spaces, no ramps provided or restrooms, etc.). Many times, I have confronted business establishments with much inconvenience and risk on my part. Sometimes, this has been with success; however, other times my efforts have been in vain. On one particular occasion, I called the police to take action on unauthorized parking in a handicap space, and I was told that they could not do anything because the owners of the property were not supportive of police involvement. On another occasion, my wife was unable to walk, and in a lot of pain while waiting on a hip replacement. She went to the drive up at Merchants Bank to close our checking, and she was told "you have to come in." My wife explained her situation, and she was again told that basically it did not matter, she still had to come in. When I confronted the Castleton Branch Manager about this, and that there was not a ramp, handicap space, or accessible restrooms, I was told "Well if any handicap person wants to use our services, all they have to do is call me, and I will help them in." My response was simple, "handicap people have the right to use your services like anyone else." The manner he suggests to provide access is without dignity and respect. To this day, there still is not a ramp, handicap parking space, accessible restrooms, or equal services provided at the drive up window. I find these (2) situations to be frustrating because there is not an agency to report these violations to. Essentially, we

01-01512​ Page - 2 have a law without anyone to enforce it. The EFOC and the Civil Rights office stated that I would have to bring suit against these people on my own, with my own funds. At any rate, the current process is not going to help handicap individuals stand up for themselves any easier. Something needs to be done to keep situations like those I to make sure these rules are properly enforced. Furthermore, are you aware that businesses do not provide a discount to disabled/handicap individuals as they do for senior citizens. This does not seem to be acceptable or fair. Many disabled people live on low incomes, and could use this benefit. If I can be of any assistance, please feel free to notify my at the address and telephone number above. Thank you for your time, (b)(6) B.S.M.A. 01-01513