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House: Season One Episode 21: Three Stories These observations took

place over an hour long episode

This episode begins with house meeting with Stacy, whom he is still in love with, and
she is asking him for help to diagnose and heal her husband. Although he has resentment
he agrees to help her. He then goes to teach a class of medical students, talks about three
patients how all complain about leg pain, and the students have to discuss and figure out
what is wrong with the subjects and a treatment plan. The first patient is a farmer, and he
has a puncture wound, which they think is the snake bite. The second is an older
volleyball player, who they feel has tendonitis. The last patient was playing golf, and was
in extreme pain, but it turns out he was addicted to pain killers.
When finding the snake and trying to inject him with the venom, the farmer then began to
have a seizure, and began to have a heart attack. The volleyball player after conducting
test was then found to have a thyroid gland problem, was given medicine. House, his
team, and the medical students then begin to dig deeper into finding the cure for the
farmer. House throughout this entire time seems to be very hard on the students, with
calling their brainstorming ideas dumb, and he also talks to his fellow teammates about
Stacy, and whether or not he should help her husband.
When dealing with the farmer, they gave him another anti-venom for the snake bake, and
he does not have any type of reaction. House then explains the volleyball player is not
respond to treatment and Houses team and the medical team then try to find what is
wrong with her. Then the man who was playing golf who had extreme pain who they
assumed was addicted to drugs, came back and complained of pain again. After
conducting another test, House came to the conclusion that something was wrong. The
farmer is not responding to treatment, and it is determined that he is dying, and right after
that House tells the medical students that the drug addict begins peeing blood.
House then tells the farmer that he is dying, and the farmer states that he wants to go
home to see his dog. The volleyball player is put through a scan, and find nothing wrong
in her neck. House then learns that the farmer was lying about being bit by a snake and
finds out that his dog bit him, and that is why he is in the hospital. Houses team then goes
to the farmers house to see the dog. The man who they thought was a drug addict, turns
out he has a condition called muscle death, and the volleyball player began experiencing
extreme pain is put through an MRI and she is diagnosed with cancer, and tells her due to
the size of the tumor her leg may have to be amputated.
House progresses throughout the episode becoming much more aggressive with the
students, and even tells them that they will kill someone in their medical career. The man
who was bit by the dog found out that in his dogs saliva there was a deadly virus and it
penetrated the tissue, and they may have to remove his leg. And the golfer who has
muscle death in his leg is having surgery and may have to get his leg amputated. So
interesting enough all patients have a possibility of having their leg amputated.
House then comes into the room of medical students, and when hearing the story of the
man who has muscle death, they recognize that he is telling his own story. It is revealed
that House does not want to have his leg amputated although it is the safer option, and

goes through with an alternate riskier surgery. At this point all patients begin having their
surgeries. When house recovered from his surgery he called in the nurse and told her he
needed medicine because he was going into cardiac arrest, she said she had to call the
doctor and while doing that he went into cardiac arrest. House was dead for one minute
before being brought back to life. House was then told he would die if he did not get his
leg amputated. House said hed rather die, and asked to be put in a chemical induced
coma. Stacy who was with him at the time period was his medical proxy, was told there
was another option, and she doctors to do the surgery ultimately saving Houses life.

Hep. E, he begins to hallucinate thinking someone was on him. He states he thinks he

wets the bed, but when turning him over there is blood everywhere on the bed, and the
patient then goes into shock.
The team then begins to treat him for lupus, gets him a liver transplant, and then House
begins throwing up, and going through with drawls. Dr.Foremen then gets Houses
medicine for him and tells him to take it before he kills the child. House does not take the
medicine, and then begins to think about Joulz, who the patient was hallucinating about.
It turns out that Joulz is a cat that died of old age a month ago. The team then goes to dig
up the cat and begin to do an autopsy, and while doing that a liver comes in for the
patient. While doing that House barges in and says do not remove the liver, and the
patient has termites inside of him, which was what was in the cat. The surgeon calls for
Cuddy and tries to kick House out.
When stopping the transplant, everyone is angry at House, and as usual when checking
out the House it turns out that he was right. The put the patient on the right medication,
and the episode with House admitting that he was an addict.