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OCT 27 1992 The Honorable Conrad Burns United States Senator 2708 First Avenue North Billings, Montana

59101 Attention: Kathy McLane Dear Senator Burns: This letter responds to your inquiry of September 18, 1992, requesting information about the applicability of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to Federal agencies, enforcement of the ADA, and distribution of ADA regulatory materials. The ADA does not apply to Federal agencies, but it does apply to private and public entities as described below. Similar Federal statutes which do apply to practices and facilities of Federal agencies are the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Architectural Barriers Act. With regard to the ADA, it applies and is enforced as follows: title I covers private employers and State and local governments and is enforced by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission; title II applies to State and local governments and agencies, and enforcement is coordinated by the Department of Justice; title II also covers public transportation, and to that extent is enforced by the Department of Transportation; title III applies to public accommodations and commercial facilities and is enforced by the Department of Justice; title IV relates to telecommunications and is enforced by the Federal Communications Commission. cc: Records; Chrono; Wodatch; Breen; McDowney; FOIA; MAF. :udd:jonessandra:ada.burnsl 01-01652 -2We have enclosed copies of the title II and III regulations and technical assistance manuals published by the Department of Justice. Regulatory materials promulgated by other enforcing agencies are available directly from those agencies.

Sincerely, John R. Dunne Assistant Attorney General Civil Rights Division Enclosures (4) 01-01653 CONRAD BURNS MONTANA COMMITTEES: COMMERCE, SCIENCE, AND TRANSPORTATION ENERGY AND NATURAL RESOURCE United States Senate SMALL BUSINESS WASHINGTON, DC 20510-2603 SPECIAL COMMITTEE ON AGING September 18, 1992 John Wodatch, Director Americans With Disabilities Post Office Box 66738 Washington, DC 20035-9998 Dear Mr. Wodatch, My office has been contacted by a constituent with concerns regarding the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). This constituent requests the following information: 1) What agencies and federal departments, if any, are exempt from complying with the ADA law? 2) How are materials informing agencies about new regulations distributed; such as by bulletin or publication? 3) What agency enforces the Americans With Disabilities Act? Any information or help you can provide my staff to enable us to assist in responding to our constituent will be greatly appreciated. Please direct any correspondence or questions regarding this inquiry to my office at:

Senator Conrad Burns Attention: Kathy McLane 2708 First Avenue North Billings, Montana 59101 (406) 252-0550 Thank you for your assistance in this matter. If there is additional information you require, please feel free to contact Kathy. Sincerely, Conrad Burns United States Senator CRB/klm 01-01654