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Under the given scenario, Malaysian quantity surveyors must be well-prepared to face the
competition from foreign quantity surveyors who will be allowed to offer their services here,
and vice versa. Apart from the traditional services provided by the CQSP, examine three (3)
potential roles that the CQSP can offer that the CQSP can offer to significantly contribute
locally and internationally in order to ensure competitiveness in the international market.

1. Improve, control and monitor costs during design process

a) Locally
During pre-contract stage, Quantity Surveyors knowledge about construction methods and
costs is necessary to advice the client on the most economical way to meet the
requirements. The techniques they may use are Cost Planning, Cost Estimating, Cost
Analysis and Value Management to establish and control a project budget in order to
contribute locally for the sake of international market competitiveness.
b) Internationally
For the contribution in international market, QS from Malaysia can learn many things from
the overseas QS and the knowledge obtained from it can be adapted progressively to local
QSs practice. For example QS from United Kingdom work in Malaysia and applied new way
of cost control. So, the local QS can study the method in order to enhance themselves. We
may practice it if the technique is suitable in Malaysia and International market.

2. Provide procurement and contractual recommendation

a) Locally
The appraisal stage in the development process which required both identifying the client
requirements and the possible limitation on development. The feasibilities study need to be
conducted to enable the client to decide whether to proceed and if it can be proceeded,
which procurement method should be used on the basis of the outcomes required.
b) Internationally
So, what if the overseas QS who have opinion on how the procurement method should be
selected for the construction projects in Malaysia. If the method proposed is acceptable and

has been approved by the senior QS for being imposed in Malaysia construction, then we
should try to practice it. So, it can lead Malaysia toward international competitiveness
because the method is used by many countries in the world.

3) Providing supply chain management practices



A supply chain consists of a network of firms , their key business processes and facilities that
is concerned with the delivery of products ,services or information to a given category of end
users or customers (Cheng, Law, Bjournson, Jones and Sriram, 2010; Othman et al.2010).
Driven by clients, the quantity surveyor is increasingly managing the property lifecycle and
the property supply chain to ensure that suppliers, manufacturers and designers meet the
clients sustainable objectives.



The TPPA countries account for 34% of the total import of machinery and transport
equipment for the construction sector. Amongst the TPPA countries, the US, Japan and
Singapore cumulatively account for supplying about 91% of Malaysias import demand for
machinery and transport equipment (MITI , 2015). The wide availability and import tariffs for
machinery from TPPA countries are essentials for quantity surveying companies in Malaysia
to more emphasises on this practices.