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Good morning Teacher, Good morning classmates . Let me introduce myself,
I’m Christian and my partner is Marita. Today We are going to present a
debate, in wich Marita is in favor and Christian in against.
Let’s start.
1.- Now , this debate is about the THERAPEUTIC ABORTION, first of all I’m
going to explain why I’m in favor of this method. THERAPEUTIC ABORTION is
the interruption of pregnancy before 22 weeks for maternal health reasons
and avoids serious and permanent damage.
One of the main risks is ectopic pregnancy, it means that the embryo starts
to grow outside the uterus and it’s a life threatening condition for the
mother. Ectopic pregnancy presents fainting, severe pressure in the lower
body, low blood pressure, severe pain in the back and the abdomen, and in
extreme cases death.
1.- That’s inaccurate . In fact , the THERAPEUTIC ABORTION could be apply
to premeditated abortions. Although the laws states the THERAPEUTIC
ABORTION should be performed when the death of the fetus is the only
way to save the life of the mother . If a mother seeks to end her pregnancy ,
she may request the THERAPEUTIC ABORTION alleging any disease that
seriously affect her life .
2.- A woman can decide to abort or not and clearly it is a crime but

therapeutic abortion not because this is laid down in Article 119 of the
criminal code , which says that can only be applied by a professional
physician , the consent of mother or legal representative and a document
setting out the delicate situation of the mother.
2.- I’m against the THERAPEUTIC ABORTION because it considers the fetus
as a hindrance to health . There have been many cases in which abortion
has been practiced even though it doesn’t imply an improvement in the
health of the mother or drastically limits medical treatments. For example ,
the director of the University Polyclinic UDEP noted that “In reality , there
are different cáncer treatments for pregnant women and , in most of cases ,
not be necessary to perform an abortion.
3.- Cancer treatment involves having to receive from time to time sessions

of radiation therapy that involves using particles or high-energy waves ,
such as X-rays , gamma rays, electron beams or protons, to kill or damage
cancer cells. This involves permanent damage to the fetus such as
malformations after birth and that means a lifetime of medical problems.

Before closing I will tell you a case happened a few years ago here in Peru.3. The protocol doesn’t indicate that the patient should be transferred to a suitable hospital. unlike needed an urgent operation for not be quadriplegic . The protocol of THERAPEUTIC ABORTION forces doctors to solve a treatment without the medical resources.-That doesn’t make sense. “If a hospital is not in the technical capacities of treating a disease. doctors said they did not accept because it would harm the baby . they will offer the mother an abortion “. Now doctors are forced to resolve the case in their own center. a 13. months after the abortion girl natural causes but remained quadriplegic for life .year-old was raped . she became pregnant that she committed suicide . he launched a second floor but did not die . .