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Be a solution-driven advisor with outstanding expertise.
We don’t just make skyscrapers, arenas and retail
parks come to life. We don’t just get planes, trains and
automobiles moving from one place to another. We don’t
even just bring unusable land back from the brink. We do
all of this and a great deal more – the world over. Thanks
to our many skills and disciplines, our fingerprints are all
over the built and natural environment.
Working closely with our global clients in a wide range of
markets, we don’t just solve their problems or meet their
briefs – we always exceed expectations and alter people’s
lives for the better.
In fact, through our engineering, scientific, technical and
commercial expertise, we are continually opening doors
to the future. A sustainable future. A future that is full
of possibility.

Always be the first choice for clients, partners and




We encourage and value informed initiative-taking. and learn from our experiences. anticipating and responding to change with agility. .05 INNOVATIVE OUR VALUES We must constantly look ahead. We are problem-solvers who explore new ideas and we are driven to find the ideal solution. think outside of the box. We challenge the status quo.

We act with integrity. . keep our word. We empower others and we feel empowered.06 TRUSTWORTHY OUR VALUES All our relationships are built on trust. We are transparent and ethical. and treat everyone with respect.



We leverage our best-in-class skills. .09 UNITED OUR VALUES Our strength is in the power of our collaboration and teamwork. our best practices and our ideas locally and across the globe.

10 CARING OUR VALUES This is reflected in our attention to client needs. . and reinforced in our work environment by the way we support each other. We are socially responsible and have a positive impact on our communities. We diligently ensure that sustainable principles are woven into all that we do. We make health and safety a priority.



to our clients and to our communities. . We have a positive attitude and we flourish in an inspiring and enjoyable atmosphere. We seek new project and client opportunities.13 PASSIONATE OUR VALUES We believe in providing quality and value in everything we do.

No matter how they grow. we have the agility to respond quickly to local issues. we offer our clients local delivery that’s supported by our global reach. Our experts have a local knowledge and truly value their relationships with local architects. businesses and governments. . what they choose to do. or where they may move.14 WE’RE LOCAL INTRODUCING WSP With experts in every corner of the earth. planners.

WE’RE GLOBAL 15 Structural engineers from London to New York. . based in more than 500 offices. Our network of experts and skills reaches far and wide. Infrastructure designers from Bogota to Bangkok. Energy specialists from South Africa to Stockholm. across 39 countries to provide engineering and multidisciplinary services in a vast array of industry sectors.000 500 39 EMPLOYEES COUNTRIES OFFICES INTRODUCING WSP WSP and Parsons Brinckerhoff have combined and are now one of the world’s leading engineering professional services consulting firms. Land remediation managers from Quebec to Queensland. 32. with a focus on technical excellence and client service.000 staff. We bring together our 32.

We aim to meet all these criteria and more. It attracts. It uses energy in the most cost-effective and sustainable way. It sits sympathetically within its surroundings or stands out as a beacon. even delights all those who live in. it stands the test of time. . when we bring our specialist skills to a building or property project. ultimately. work in or visit it. Grand Palladium in Mumbai to the United Tower in Kuwait – our buildings more than measure up. From The Shard in London to the World Trade Center in New York.16 PROPERTY AND BUILDINGS OUR SECTORS How do you measure the success of a building or property? It performs its function beyond all expectation. Or.

OUR SECTORS Our fully integrated environmental approach also allows us to address the growing pace of human activities and related environmental pressures for Future Cities. transportation design.17 URBAN DEVELOPMENT Utilities. They are vital and need constant attention as the city or community grows and develops. efficient energy supplies. and municipal buildings: these are the arteries and organs that make up a city’s infrastructure. We have over 50 years’ experience working on new rapidly-expanding cities and established cities with an aging infrastructure – delivering comprehensive. . waste treatment. public spaces. innovative and cost-effective solutions that bring life to land and developments.

. employing more than 4.000 transportation professionals worldwide. marine. intelligent traffic systems. roads and rail projects. analyzing. No two projects are the same. designing and managing projects for aviation. Our strengths lie in planning. We’re one of the world’s largest providers of transportation services. highways. bridges. That’s where we come in. OUR SECTORS Like a well-run train service our projects are always on time. but many transport systems the world over are equally successful thanks to us. A country’s economy and quality of life depend on well-run transport systems. We’re also always on budget and deliver world-class standards. getting people safely and seamlessly from A to B is a major challenge for all our governments.18 TRANSPORTATION As the world’s population grows.

we have specialists working with and advising businesses and governments in every area of the environment: specialists ensuring that we all enjoy a sustainable future. .19 ENVIRONMENT We can’t ignore the environment. there are laws bringing us all into line. the need to maintain a balance between our human and environmental requirements has become more crucial than ever. environmental due diligence to future cities. Even in the unlikely event that anyone would want to. noise and vibrations. OUR SECTORS As experts in the built and natural world. In the face of climate change. They work and advise in many key areas from energy supply and renewables to acoustics.

. build and operate an industrial or energy plant. factory building or boiler house. Few can offer this breadth of capability. we couldn’t be more industrious. We work in almost every sector of industry from food and beverages to pharmaceutical and biotechnology.20 INDUSTRIAL OUR SECTORS When it comes to industry. They have a deep understanding of various industrial and energy processes. combined with such rich process engineering expertise. Our industrial specialists offer a unique blend of skills. and engineering expertise required to design. consumer products to process energy.

. The complexities of mining deeper underground. Optimizing existing mines.21 MINING Cost issues. geotechnical and mine design to detailed engineering for mining infrastructure. It’s no wonder so many clients come to us for our rich vein of expertise and support. Environmental concerns. OUR SECTORS Our expertise runs deep and spans everything from resource and reserve modeling to metallurgical testing. We build up intricate and holistic knowledge that feeds into all aspects of our work – nothing is ever lost in translation. And we offer it throughout the project – from conceptual studies in the feasibility stage through to detailed engineering and complete EPCM. Our work takes us all over the world on the smallest to largest. Resource nationalism. award-winning projects. The challenges facing the mining sector seem endless.

Bioenergy. providing advice on technical.22 RENEWABLE ENERGY Onshore and offshore wind. address them and minimize risk. financial. to engineering design during the construction phase. We are committed to a sustainable future and are happy to offer our clients expertise in these areas. We also offer long-term operational management support services. OUR SECTORS Our broad expertise and project management skills mean we can anticipate problems before they arise. Hydro power. These are all renewable powers of the future. Thermal power. emissions and environmental issues. We can advise and work on every stage of a project – from pre-feasibility right through design to operation and maintenance and onto decommissioning. . We’ll get involved with the first feasibility studies. Solar power.

procurement. pipeline. project management and sustainable environmental solutions. or an intricate SAGD facility. project management and construction support. regulatory approval. multidisciplinary engineering design. OUR SECTORS We are market leaders in the Oil and Gas sector offering a complete range of engineering. we are the best connection they can make. geomatics. but a strong global network supports us. . Our diverse services include stakeholder engagement.23 OIL AND GAS Our expertise is centred in Canada and Norway. So whether clients need to connect oil wells. a gas plant.

we are committed to training young people who will lead us in years ahead. . And that applies to us as a company. we are always looking to deliver a sustainable future. To ensure that we remain strong and innovative. too. Investing in talent and potential is real investment in the future.24 INTRODUCING WSP INVESTING IN OUR PEOPLE In every market sector that we work.

During this time they are able to create a wide network of contacts and excellent knowledge about WSP around the world. Tom Smith as part of the Leadership Team and Tom Bower in the Middle East. . webinars and reading materials.25 This is why we created Task Force. There are more than 50 learning opportunities available in the form of e-learning. all designed to reinforce our expertise and constantly innovate. It was piloted in 1995 by then-CEO of WSP. INTRODUCING WSP We also created WSP University to support personal development throughout one’s career. Members of Task Force are taken on for two years and have the opportunity to train in areas such as leadership and career development. Some of our early Task Force members are now running the company – Mark Naysmith in the UK. Chris Cole.


27 It seems that ‘sustainability’ has become a fashionable word that companies bandy around because they think that they should. It is used so often. Only then can we call it successful. it can seem to hold no real meaning. A future that will alter lives. we are creating the future. This is certainly not the case with WSP. INTRODUCING WSP RESTORE THE NATURAL ENVIRONMENT TRANSFORM THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT DECARBONISE WASTE NOTHING ENRICH PEOPLE’S LIVES . A future that must be sustainable and will: It’s our mission to achieve these five aspects of sustainability in every project we undertake. In every market sector that we work.


the One World Trade Center provides an inspirational and enduring landmark in the New York City skyline. . We provided structural engineering services to meet or exceed more demanding anticipated security codes and standards.29 STANDING TALL ONE WORLD TRADE CENTER. In addition to its iconic design. The tower’s footprint of 61 m by 61 m is the same size as that of the original Twin Towers. USA OUR PROJECTS At a symbolic height of 541 m (1. it provides a world-class model of energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. The new 102-story tower provides an extraordinary level of life safety features including those that will make it an unprecedented archetype of security and blast resistance.776 feet).

and commercial facilities. It’s crowned with a steel-framed pinnacle clad with shards of glass designed to blend into the sky. The 310 m tapered tower houses a mix of recreational.30 MULTIPLE AWARD-WINNING HIGH-RISE THE SHARD AT LONDON BRIDGE. We used an innovative top-down construction technique for this multiple award-winning mixed-use building with complete public access. UNITED KINGDOM OUR PROJECTS We are the structural engineers for the new landmark of the London skyline and the tallest building in Western Europe. residential. .

OUR PROJECTS 31 Image courtesy of London Bridge Quarter .

Norrström Tunnel and City Station. . providing detailed design. We are responsible for delivering the largest and most complex part of the project. the City Line will dramatically improve travel into and out of the city centre.32 STOCKHOLM’S LARGEST RAIL LINE AND CONSTRUCTION PROJECT THE CITY LINE. Once completed. project management and technical support during construction. SWEDEN OUR PROJECTS The new underground line is one of the capital’s largest and most complex developments to date – a spaghetti junction of train and service tunnels packed tightly into the rock below the city. We cover about 2 km of the line – the Norrmalm Tunnel.

OUR PROJECTS 33 Image courtesy of Swedish Rail Administration/Ahlqvist Arkitekter .

OUR PROJECTS 34 Image courtesy of Öresundskraft .

35 LARGE-SCALE CONVERSION OF COAL TO BIOFUEL VÄSTHAMNSVERKET POWER STATION. has become an example for the world. and has been presented at several international clean energy conferences. on a scale that had never been attempted before. . SWEDEN OUR PROJECTS We pioneered the conversion of a 100% coal-fired power plant to 100% biofuel (biopellets). Our team even ensured that the energy efficiency of the plant was maintained. in Helsingborg. The project.

CANADA There were critical timelines for the extensive multidisciplinary effort to revitalize the 25-year-old stadium in preparation for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. transforming the city’s skyline.36 AWARD-WINNING STADIUM REVITALIZATION OUR PROJECTS BC PLACE STADIUM REVITALIZATION. The key challenge was to replace the existing airsupported roof with a cable truss retractable roof which transformed the old stadium to an open-air field sports venue while maintaining the multiuse functionality of an enclosed facility. . The award-winning revitalization included an integrated network of energy-efficient digitally controlled architectural lighting which animates the venue on command.



is a cable-stayed bridge with a single 135 m high pylon supporting two equal cable-supported main spans.39 A LANDMARK BRIDGE GEMMA REGALIS BRIDGE. cost-effectiveness and suitability to purpose. It includes two separate bridges that will serve cyclists. . FINLAND OUR PROJECTS Our winning international bridge design proposal ‘Gemma Regalis’ will connect Helsinki downtown to the Laajasalo district. and. pedestrians and trams. The strengths of our proposal were aesthetics. after construction. which spans over the Kruunuvuorenselkä. The main bridge. it will create one of the most visible landmarks in Helsinki.

SOUTH AFRICA OUR PROJECTS This project stimulates a paradigm shift in how South Africans live. . work and play. It is bringing residential neighbourhoods. The precinct aims to consume 50% less energy than the average commercial building and generate 33% less greenhouse gas emissions.40 AFRICA’S FIRST GREEN CITY MENLYN MAINE. while playing an instrumental role in outlining the sustainability strategy and helping achieve a minimum four-star Green Star rating for much of the Menlyn Maine development. retail spaces and office buildings together to create a healthy mixed-use city environment while ensuring sustainability for future generations. We are providing structural and civil engineering services.

OUR PROJECTS 41 Image courtesy of Boogertman & Partners .

OUR PROJECTS 42 Image courtesy of City of Stockholm and Dynagraph .

OUR PROJECTS STOCKHOLM ROYAL SEAPORT. infrastructure and landscaping services for the waterfront community built on 236 ha of former industrial land and scheduled to be completed in 2025. The client’s desire for world-leading sustainability credentials means that total CO 2 emissions per person per year will be much lower than the current average in Stockholm – less than 1.43 BECOMING A WORLD LEADER IN SUSTAINABLE ENERGY We are providing sustainable masterplanning.4 tonnes. SWEDEN . the services provided for small-scale. soil remediation. local renewable electricity and adaptations for climate change. waste and water planning. Another aim is to be fossil-fuel free by 2030. energy.5 tonnes compared with 3. Thus.

we took over the engineering. is the first mining operation and copper smelter decommissioning project in Canada. conducted by Glencore Canada Corporation. one of the most coveted engineering awards in Canada. In 2008.44 A FIRST IN CANADA GASPÉ MINE. . procurement and construction management role and finalized the project. The project won the prestigious Schreyer Award. We were the main environmental consultants for the rehabilitation of the mine and the residential properties that were affected in the nearby towns of Gaspé and Murdochville. CANADA OUR PROJECTS This CAN $116-million site rehabilitation program.


one of Australia’s largest demolition projects.46 REMOVING A CENTURY’S WORTH OF CONTAMINATION PASMINCO SMELTER. . AUSTRALIA OUR PROJECTS We have worked for about a decade to remove more than a century’s worth of heavy industrial contamination from this vast site in New South Wales. The lead and zinc smelter had to be demolished. and the contamination removed from a 190 ha site to make way for residential and business developments.



UNITED KINGDOM OUR PROJECTS We are designing a new interchange station located in the heart of London. . accommodating a new rail line that runs east to west.49 LINKING TRANSPORTATION NETWORKS IN ONE OF LONDON’S BUSIEST AREAS BOND STREET STATION.000 passengers daily. two of them together will have 220. It will link with the existing subway station. It’s part of the largest infrastructure project in Europe and comprises two 260 m long underground platforms extending between two new 35 m deep ticket halls.

50 SUSTAINABLE INFRASTRUCTURE ON A MASSIVE SCALE MASDAR. . as well as the distribution of energy and power throughout the city. drainage and water treatment and sewage. one of the world’s first to be designed to use lowcarbon technologies to achieve low waste. UNITED ARAB EMIRATES OUR PROJECTS Masdar is a 6 km 2 sustainable city. including waste management. multicultural team has been intrinsic in ensuring sustainable infrastructures. a suburb of Abu Dhabi. Our multidisciplinary.



. has become a gold standard for its high operational performance and efficiency.53 MODERNIZING THE LARGEST BUS RAPID TRANSIT SYSTEM IN THE WORLD TRANSMILENIO BUS RAPID TRANSIT (BRT).5 million passengers daily in greater Bogotá. transporting on average 2. The system. which came into operation in December 2000 and has since had several new routes.000 buses. It’s one of the largest BRT systems in the world with a fleet of over 7. with high quality service. ticket collection and information systems for TransMilenio. COLOMBIA OUR PROJECTS We provided audit and supervision of the operation.

200 luxury rooms. a 200.000 m2 wave pool. It comprises three five-Star hotels with a total of 2. MACAU SAR. We were responsible for the design and supervision of installation of all building services. one of the world’s largest gambling hubs. from concept design until final commissioning. COTAI.54 MEGA SERVICES FOR A MEGA RESORT GALAXY MACAU™. a 2. CHINA OUR PROJECTS Galaxy Macau™ is one of the most significant additions to the rapidly expanding Cotai Strip of Macau.000 m2 gaming hall. .700 m 2 high-end retail area and a 6.



.57 AIRPORT CITY TAKES OFF IN QATAR HAMAD INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT – AIRPORT CITY. We are responsible for all engineering and environmental inputs to the masterplanning process for HIA Airport City. and commercial and residential developments. a major railway interchange. QATAR OUR PROJECTS Hamad International Airport (HIA) is a new airport constructed southeast of Doha. which will include new headquarter complexes for a Qatari aviation company and civil authority. This includes planning for the future expansion of the airport and the construction of a new airport city.

CANADA We provided airside and landside planning. now accommodate up to eight gated aircraft positions.58 EXPANDING FOR THE WORLD OUR PROJECTS FORT McMURRAY AIRPORT. . It consisted of an airfield expansion with four new taxiways. along with associated facilities. Changes to the landside facilities included an additional 5 km of road. The project enhanced the capacity for domestic and international traffic to accommodate the exponential growth of this community over the past decade. apron and associated visual and electronic navigational aids. design and construction management for the redevelopment and expansion of Fort McMurray Airport.300 stall parking lot. including a new terminal building. The expanded airside facilities. a 2.


Mall of Egypt in Cairo is one of North Africa’s largest shopping centres. comparable to a huge household refrigerator. . We are providing all engineering services to the Mall. We are the lead consultant on the snow park.000 m2 and with more than 400 shops and a snow park. and are ensuring the design uses as little energy as possible – aiming for LEED Gold accreditation. EGYPT OUR PROJECTS At 190.60 SHOP OR SKI IN EGYPT MALL OF EGYPT. It’s like a very well insulated box. which includes a 200 m real snow indoor ski slope.

OUR PROJECTS 61 Image courtesy of Majid Al Futtaim Properties .


Sitting on top of the mound are five lightweight steel structures. gallery spaces constructed as suspended ‘pods’. a pavilion for special exhibitions and a falconry centre with live displays. . UNITED ARAB EMIRATES OUR PROJECTS Abu Dhabi’s colossal museum is contained within an elevated mound that incorporates a lobby. sculptured aerodynamically to work like the feathers of a bird’s wing.63 ENGINEERING ART ZAYED NATIONAL MUSEUM. We were responsible for making the architect’s ambitious concept buildable and functional. Features include a variety of passive design strategies such as natural ventilation and cooling which adapts to seasonal changes.

. the complex will have approximately 45 to 50 buildings which will house different sports and will easily be as big as an Olympic village. When all phases are completed.64 ‘COOL’ STADIUM IN A ‘HOT’ CITY BASRA SPORTS CITY. Located in Basra. one of the hottest parts of Iraq with frequent sandstorms. it remains comfortable in temperatures of up to 52°c .000 -seat football (soccer) stadium that meets FIFA’s exacting standards. IRAQ OUR PROJECTS We are responsible for the detailed design of the building services for this world-class 65.

OUR PROJECTS 65 Image courtesy of 360 Architects .

400 tons per year. The plant includes a production unit.66 A PLANT FOR FUTURE ENERGY LITHIUM IRON PHOSPHATE PLANT. procurement and construction management services for the world’s first full-scale production plant for this type of process. Quebec and has the capacity of 2. CANADA OUR PROJECTS This new lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) production plant is located in Candiac. administrative offices. . laboratories. We provided engineering. as well as a warehouse.



The project included manufacturing process upgrades through integration and automation of new and existing equipment. UNITED KINGDOM . OUR PROJECTS MEDIMMUNE MANUFACTURING FACILITY.69 PANDEMIC READINESS IMPROVEMENTS IN THE UK We provided innovative engineering services for the egg-based bulk vaccine manufacturing facility. The project was recognised with the Facility of the Year Award for Equipment Innovation. reject and waste reductions at every process stage. The biggest challenge was ensuring safe entry of agricultural equipment into the sterile section of the plant. SPEKE. That resulted in yield increases as well as labour.

000 m2 of office space. electrical and sustainable consulting. The building reduces the carbon emissions by using passive shading systems. The building’s reliance on water is vastly reduced through the use of air-cooled chillers and a fire water system that recirculates test water. located in the heart of Johannesburg’s financial district. good material selection. WSP provided electronic. and comprises more than 40. SOUTH AFRICA OUR PROJECTS This beautiful building. . consists of two tower blocks connected on various floors. and energy and water efficient building services.70 ESTABLISHING SUSTAINABLE BEST PRACTICES 102 RIVONIA ROAD.


OUR PROJECTS 72 © Judy Davis/Hoachlander Davis Photography .




Former St. Elizabeth’s Campus was a historic
brownfield site which suffered from historical
ash-fill and contaminated soil. In order to prepare
the terrain for new development, we conducted
environmental pre-characterization to properly
handle and dispose of impacted materials.
We then oversaw the removal of more than
one million tons of soil, including more than
600,000 tons of ash and contaminated soil in
less than 10 months.




In 2003, Nexen contracted us to provide
surveying services for its Long Lake Oil Sands
Project, which is located in northeastern Alberta
and produces 72,000 barrels of bitumen per
day. The scope of this multibillion dollar
project expanded to include survey work for
additional water wells, and a large pipeline
corridor. We ultimately secured an ongoing
contract for all civil work and Nexen continues
to be a key client for us today.



It’s about enriching lives. the company responsible for many outstanding and landmark global projects. all our employees are truly proud of their work. And it’s about creating a better future for us all in the built and natural world. We want all our clients and potential clients to recognize us as WSP.76 WE’RE PROUD OF WHAT WE DO We are immensely proud of the scope and scale of our portfolio of projects around the world. They believe it has a higher purpose that goes beyond simply delivering products and services. INTRODUCING WSP Whatever the size or scale of our projects. .


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