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1) Remove the two cover-screw and then a screw 2EA as
shown in the figure
2) Lift up the CONTROL-PANEL by pushing it slightly
from right to left as shown in the figure here.



3) Turn the CONTROL-PANEL ASS'Y and remove 4EA
screws securing PCB ASS'Y.
4) Raise the ass'y gently to the direction to which the
screw are removed in order to separate the ass'y.
5) Disconnect the Wire Harness from ASS'Y PCB.
- Do not allow wire to get too much tension when
replacing control-panel.
- When assembling PCB, check if CONTROL-PANEL
fixing HOOK is properly positioned and tighten with
screws. (If not tightened exactly, Select S/W does
not operate.)
- Check the working condition of each parts (use test


firstly check AIR-HOSE position and connection status. guide water can be united until being in sight of screw.6-2 REPLACEMENT OF PRESSURE-SENSOR. O M 3) WATER-VALVE . J 5) Remove LEAD-WIRE of CHECKER-S/W and then remove 2 screws securing CHECKER-S/W.RING is not missing. WATER-VALVE. AND CHECKER-ASS'Y 1) Remove 2 screws(rear part) securing TOPCOVER. * Secure WATER-VALVE after checking if CAP. (Pressing the hook can open the lead-wires) 6) ASSY-GUIDE WATER DISASSEMBLY You can remove the guide water by disassembling the water valve and loosing the four nuts on the top cover and lifting it upward. Remove SCREW-TAP. (It is not released by pulling out the wire.Remove 2 LEAD-WIRES of WATER-VALVE terminals.After removing terminals of PRESSURE-SENSOR LEAD-WIRE and disassemble by opening the HOOK wide. TH 3EA securing WATERVALVE of ASS'Y-DETERGENT located inside the TOP-COVER and then remove ASS'Y WATER-VALVE. COVER-T. remove the switch while holding down the (A) part. PUSHING I * When reassembling PRESSURE-SENSOR.C. 2) PRESSURE-SENSOR .C to the arrow direction. * How to release DOOR/UNBALANCE S/W - When replacing defective wires. GUIDE-WATER.) A WIRE 28 . and remove them by lifting COVER-T. (without CAP-RING there may be dangers of SHOT due to water leakage) * ASS'Y is the one body of top-cover 4) When opening the LIC-TC.

4) Remove 4 screws securing COVER-TUB and take COVER-TUB out. 2. 7) Remove a nut securing ASS`Y SPIN BASKET and CLUTCH CLUTCH O by using a ZIG box and take ASS`Y SPIN BASKET out. there may be a problem during washing. I ※ Fix in the groove of ① and assemble by pushing ②. After inserting the (-) driver between the PULSATOR-CAP + PULSATOR. ※ Be careful not to cause damage or scratch to the washing machine when you lay it down to the floor. 3) Remove screws (2EA in rear. 2EA in front) securing TOP-COVER and remove SCREW securing EARTH IRE and then lift TOP-COVER ASS`Y backward.5mm∼5. (Check the CLUTCH status as shown in the figure here.) 3.0mm∼4.5mm(ENGAGING DISTANCE) (The Condition During Washing) ※ Assembling is in reverse order as disassembling. 9) Remove BOLT 4EA securing CLUTCH by using a 10mm box and take CLUTCH-ASS`Y out. MOTOR ※ NUT unlock : clockwise NUT lock : counter-clockwise 8) Lay down the washing machine so that the front of J OUT-CASE faces upward and remove 4 bolts securing SADDLE by using a 10mm box. (with Drain Motor OFF) ※ If the joining depth is not deep enough. 2) Check if TOUCH maintains at least 1. M SADDLE SADDLE 6) Remove a bolt securing the PULSATOR using 10mm box and lift it up. disassemble by pushing it upward(↑).6-3 Replacement of CLUTCH ASS`Y 1) After removing CONTROL-PANEL 2) Remove COVER-SCREW 2EA(R·L) in CONTROL-PANEL by using a pin and remove a SCREW 2EA(R·L) securing CONTROL-PANEL by using a (+) driver and then remove CONTROL-PANEL by pushing it slightly to left.0mm(ENGAGING DISTANCE) (The Condition During Spining) . (with Drain Motor OFF) 29 OVER 1.5mm. 5) Remove PULSATOR-CAP by using a pin.5mm distance from the edge of SLEEVE during spinning. Points to check after replacing ASS`Y CLUTCH 1) Check if TOOTH is joined by 3.5~5.5mm depth to the blades of SLEEVE while the washing is in operation.

P0051 P0018 A0242 M I P0030 O C0082 W0032 W0002 J P0008 P0053 P0011 W0004 P0038 .

S0030 U0131 U0225 U0100 U0076 I U0345 M W0030 O U0262 U0195 U0319 J U0344 H0028 U0343 U0075 U0334 U0342 U0136 W0001 .

U0061 F0028 I A0086 O M J0013 J A0282 B0044 B0072 B0070 I0022 I0040 B0012 I0040 .

NBR.-.-.-.-.100JL. 1 SA O J P0011 M A0086 I SVC Code .5.Part Code Description Specification Q'ty SVC DC61-20016U HANDLE WSLS1100A.-.-.- 1 SA P0148 DC61-00108D GUIDE-WATER ALL(LOW MODEL).PP.PET.C WA17RAQ3DW/XAX.BLK.SW90V2P 1 SA J0013 DC96-00035H ASSY-PUMP DRAIN SW10K1SP.-.NTR.RUBBER-LEG+ADJUST 2 SA B0072 DC61-30333A BASE PP.5mm2 1 SA A0360 DC61-60074A CLAMPER-WIRE SADDLE-.-.18mm/1.-.-.-.POM.SEW-PB10.STANDARD/CHINA 1 SA DC97-02388Z ASSY-DETERGENT WA17A2Q3DW/XAX.STEEL WIRE.-.TERMINAL-TYPE(DC5 1 SA P0031 DC61-20175W HINGE-DOOR(R) SW10C1SP.ABS.NYLON#66(DAWS-6NB) 3 SA A0361 DC63-10056D ONGE-CUSHION GIMOZI+PU-FOAM.T5.- 2 SA B0050 DC61-50017A LEG-SPRING HSWR.- 2 SA A0197 DC69-00735A CUSHION-TOP TORNADO-PJT.CD1.LIGHT-G 4 SA P0075 DC61-20175X HINGE-DOOR(L) SW10C1SP.X13-BASE(HI 1 SA B0044 DC61-50164A LEG-LEVER FRPP.ENG 1 SA A0282 DC61-10571D COVER-BACK G8/KS8(CKD-PACKING).-.SNOW-WHT.- 1 SA P0036 DC67-00080J CAP-RINSE SEW-3G100A.ABS.BLK.H TT-PJT.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.NTR 1 SA P0149 DC61-00342A SPRING-Q(L) KS-PJT.PUM 1 SA I0040 DC91-10229E ASSY-HOSE WATER 1.110~120V/50HZ 1 SA M0048 DC61-00553B HOLDER-WIRE SADDLE -.L282.SEW-X10.-. 1 SA A0242 DC64-00748B INLAY-PANEL TORNADO 10.SEW-X13.-.NEAT-WHT 1 SA P0015 DC97-04374A ASSY-L.8. 1 SA B0073 DC61-50167A LEG-RUBBER BUTYL. 1 SA B0012 DC97-00287H ASSY-BASE WA16R3/MEXICO(CKD).POM.-.AG+RESIGN/SAV 2 SA I0022 DC97-00139C ASSY-HOSE DRAIN(O) SW65ASP2/SW55APP2.SBHG1-A.PS-FOAM.ABS.-.-.-.EPDM.55/0.D 5 SA P0008 DC96-00351E ASSY-CHECKER S/W PM100C.- 1 SA F0045 DC97-00252J ASSY-FILTER WA11RAS3EG/XST.-.NYLON66.-.-.SEM/TD-PJT/N 1 SA P0030 DC32-30006Q SENSOR PRESSURE DN-S15.-.-.0MT/MM(COLD).-.-.-.-.MEXICO/CKD 1 SA I0040 DC91-10229F ASSY-HOSE WATER 1.N 1 SA P0058 DC61-60044J CUSHION-LID SW-46J1.10KG/12KG.D29(BACK) 2 SA C0082 DC64-00697E PANEL-CONTROL WA17RAQ3DW/XAX.WHT.MEXICO/CK 1 SA I0046 DC62-10292A HOSE-DRAIN -.-.0MT/MM(HOT).PEACOCK/G 1 SA P0053 DC63-00483E COVER-TOP WA17RAQ3DW/XAX.-.-.-.-.-.- 1 SA P0018 DC97-06662M ASSY-LID T.-.-.-.YEL&ZPC2 2 SA B0070 DC91-11795D ASSY-LEG SEW-D107.-.-.T 1 SA A0358 DC90-10832C ASSY-WIRE EARTH AW-G120.ABS.

-.PP.F PT-PJT.-.STS 304 1 SA U0131 DC63-00251B COVER-TUB WA16R3Q3DW/XAX.L25.HSWR67.FAST-ACTING. 1 SA S0030 DC97-06999C ASSY-BASKET SPIN TORNADO12/SEM.EPDM.Part Code Description Specification Q'ty SVC P0169 DC61-00584F CAP-SCREW WA13V2QMDW/XAX.W7.PI4/T1.50~60HZ(B 1 SA U0345 DC60-50004A NUT-SPIN -.-.- 1 SA W0032 DC62-00024B VALVE-WATER SW12P1S.PP(BJ-730). 1 SA U0343 DC66-10142A BELT-V STATIC.-.CW 1 SA 6501-000121 DA-368.-.-.-.-.SEM( 1 SA U0195 DC66-30024A LINK-DRAIN PP.3-WAY(110 1 SA .-.-.-.L66.100~120V.OD 1 SA P0176 3601-000492 250V.PINK.T1.NBR.FRONT/SPRING_DAMPER 2 SA U0061 DC97-05280D ASSY-DAMPER GENERAL.5.-.F ABS.STS-TYPE 2 SA S0058 DC97-01806A ASSY-BALANCER SEW-SA101E.-. 1 SA S0048 DC61-00586A GUIDE-W.SILICON.PI40XPI25XT5 2 SA R0009 DC60-00023B FLANGE-SHAFT WA16R3/SEM(CKD).-.-.- 1 SA U0344 DC31-20014C MOTOR DRAIN KD-SM11TA.-.-.P=64.-.D_TYPE/L20/NO_LOCT 4 SA U0371 DC61-40054C SUPPORT-SADDLE SBHG-A.L368.L14.L122.-.ZNDC1.12A.BLK.250VAC_60MFD.SEM/CKD.ID30.0.CD2.M24. 1 SA R0160 DC61-70029A SPRING-CLIP -.WIRE HARNESS WA14R3Q5DW/YE.NTR.-.STS430/0.TD12-PJT 1 SA U0100 DC60-40133A BOLT-PULSATOR M8.NYLO 2 SA M O J U0356 FUSE-CARTRIDGE CABLE TIE U0358 DC97-04458C ASSY-SCREW SEW-3G100A.-.9.REAR/SPRING_DAMPER 2 SA U0075 DC90-11070J ASSY-PULLEY MOTOR I SVC Code SEW-100.-.W42.PP.2.SEW-PB10 1 SA U0262 DC61-30094B TUB-OUTER -.PP.S 2 SA P0173 DC61-00343A SPRING-Q(R) KS-PJT.SUB/PUM 1 SA W0002 DC90-10079A ASSY POWER CORD -.5.GLAS 1 SA P0177 DC62-00048A SEAL-WATER -.- 1 SA W0001 DC96-00572G ASSY-WIRE HARNESS WA13R3Q3EW/XBG.-.TORNAD 1 SA W0030 DC62-10291B HOSE-PUMP WSLS1100A.ALDC.T1.-.NTR.ID7.KS-PJT 1 SA U0061 DC97-05280C ASSY-DAMPER GENERAL.5.-.-.-.0 1 SA P0177 DC62-40167A SEAL-WATER -.M22.-.L6.-.O.EPDM.25(50HZ 1 SA U0076 DC97-06551C ASSY-PULSATOR WA16R3Q3/SEM(CKD).-.GRY.-.125V/12A/EP2(P/L) 1 SA W0004 DC96-00737A ASSY-M.OD10.-.SEW-60FX.-.-.-.OD36.SEM-10T(1 1 SA U0342 DC62-50118T CONDENSER-M.5.5.-.STEEL-WIRE.