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 Assessment Objectives
 Comparison between the current
format and the new format



Contents And Scopes Of The New


6 - 10

UPSR English Format

11 - 46



Sample Of Questions Based On The

47 - 74

New Format


 Assessment Objectives

 Comparison between the current format
and the new format




Assessment Objectives

Ability to communicate with peers and adults
confidently and appropriately in formal and informal

Ability to read and comprehend a range of English
texts for information;

Ability to write a range of texts using appropriate
language, style and form using a variety of media;

Ability to use correct and appropriate rules of grammar
in writing.


PERBANDINGAN FORMAT SEDIA ADA DENGAN FORMAT TAHUN 2016 BAHASA INGGERIS PEMAHAMAN (COMPREHENSION) BIL PERKARA 1 Jenis Instrumen FORMATSEDIA ADA Objektif FORMAT MULAI TAHUN 2016 Objektif Subjektif 2 Jenis Item Objektif Aneka Pilihan Objektif Aneka Pilihan Objektif Pelbagai Bentuk ResponsTerhad 3 Bilangan / BahagianSoalan 40 soalan Bahagian A 20 soalan Bahagian B 5 soalan 4 Jumlah Markah 40 Bahagian A 20 markah Bahagian B 30 markah Jumlah : 50 markah 5 TempohUjian 50 minit 1 jam 15 minit 6 Konstruk  Pengetahuan  Kemahiran mengaplikasi  Kemahiran menganalisis  Pengetahuan Sistem Bahasa  Pengetahuan kosa kata  Kemahiran Membaca 7 Kaedah Penskoran Dikotomus  Dikotomus  Analitikal 4 .

Bahagian A Bahagian A 10 markah 10 markah Bahagian B Bahagian B 15 markah 15 markah Bahagian C Bahagian C 15 markah 25 markah Jumlah : 40 markah Jumlah : 50 markah 3 4 Bilangan / Bahagian soalan Jumlah Markah 5 Tempoh Ujian 1 jam 15 minit 1 jam 15 minit 6 Konstruk  Pengetahuan  Kemahiran Mengaplikasi  Kemahiran Menganalisis  Kemahiran aplikasi Bahasa  Analitikal  Holistik  Analitikal  Holistik 7 Kaedah Penskoran  Kemahiran aplikasi Maklumat  Kemahiran kreatif dan apresiasi Bahasa 5 .PERBANDINGAN FORMAT SEDIA ADA DENGAN FORMAT TAHUN 2016 BAHASA INGGERIS PENULISAN (WRITING) BIL PERKARA FORMAT SEDIA ADA FORMAT MULAI TAHUN 2016 1 Jenis Instrumen Subjektif Subjektif 2 Jenis Item  Respon terhad  Respon terhad  Respon terbuka  Respon terbuka Bahagian A Bahagian A 1 Soalan 1 Soalan Bahagian B Bahagian B 1 Soalan 1 Soalan Bahagian C Bahagian C 1 Soalan 2 Soalan (pilih 1 sahaja).

Of the New UPSR English Format ( Suggested Topics based on DSKP ) 6 .

because .a .regular .frequency .since .countable . Plural Compound words Pair words Homophones Homographs Contractions Prefix & Suffix Positive negative response Question tag * Articles .proper . the zero article 7 .Scopes (Based on the Year 4.uncountable .unchange .past .degree       * Verbs .below .interrogative * Tenses .common .possessive .irregular .although       * Adverbs .near .present .against * Conjunction .time .comparative . 5 and 6 DSKP)         Punctuation Spelling Synonym Antonym Proverbs Idioms Similes Metaphors  Grammar * Noun .along .and .superlative * Preposition .above .reflexive * Pronoun .future * Adjectives .across .CONTENT AND SCOPE OF QUESTIONS PAPER 1 (COMPREHENSION) 1 hour 15 minutes Total marks : 50 SECTION A  20 questions (20 marks)  Multiple choice questions .but .phrasal verb  Quantifiers Modals Genders Contractions Singular.beside .next to .manner .among .collective .over .place . an .through .between .

non-fiction To warn To thank To advise To clarify To compare To express happiness To give and follow directions Comprehension Linear Text                   Non-linear Text            Process Advertisement Recipe Graph & Chart Poster Brochure Schedule Timetable Map Direction Bill 8 .25 Question 21 (Social Expressions )            3 questions ( 6 marks )           To greet To apologise To congratulate To invite To decline To accept To offer To show sympathy To request To instruct Questions 22 to 25 : To reject To suggest To explain To praise To deny To persuade To complain To state To agree / disagree To encourage Narrative Dialogue E-mail Poem Letter Speech Factual Memo Notice Report Fiction.SECTION B  5 Questions (30 marks)  Questions 21 .

PAPER 2 (WRITING)  1 Hour 15 minutes  Total marks 50 SectionA : 10 marks Section B : 15 marks Section C : 25 marks SECTION A Information transfer  Transfer of information from one text to another  Linear to non-linear  Non-linear to linear  Analytical  Content and language function needed  10 marks  Word and phrase level Possible text type  Letters  Message  Notes  Invitation card  Emails   Notice Brochure/ pamphlet / advertisement / flyer  Postcard  Tables  List  Schedules  Dialogue  Programmes  Passage  Thinking maps  Recipe/ menu *suggested (not a complete list) 9 .

comments etc.  Giving opinions based on given stimulus with elaboration.suggestions. reasons.SECTION B  Giving opinions for a range of purposes.  Opinions. Composite picture with helping notes  Series of pictures with helping notes  Descriptions with helping words  Refer to learning standards in DSKP  Guided writing  25 marks  Paragraph form (80-100 words)  Holistic  Fulfill the rubrics 10 . ideas.  Listing  Guided writing  15 marks  Paragraph form  50 – 80 words  Analytical and holistic SECTION C  Assessment Objective : Pupils are able to write a variety of texts with guidance eg.

For Teachers‟ References 11 .

NOTES AND EXEMPLARS – PAPER 1 (Section A) PUNCTUATIONS Apostrophes The following sentences are punctuated with apostrophes according to the rules for using the apostrophe. We claimed the picnic table was ours. 12 . but she couldn't identify the manufacturer's name on it. 1. 15. 11. Our neighbour's car is an old Chrysler. 20. but the Smiths' children looked so disappointed that we found another spot. though the choice is not theirs. John's Ford is his proudest possession. The man whose face was tan said that he had spent his two weeks' vacation in the mountains. and the men's department is on the second. 3. 10. 8. Whenever I think of the stories I read as a child. It's important that the kitten learns to find its way home. Who's the party's candidate for vice president this year? 2. The moon's rays shone feebly on the path. In three weeks' time we'll have to begin school again. 13. Didn't he say when he would arrive at Arnie's house? 12. and Tim's phone number has four 2s. 5. Didn't you hear that they're leaving tomorrow? 6. I remember Cinderella's glass slipper and Snow White's wicked stepmother. It's such a beautiful day that I've decided to take a sun bath. 4. 17. 16. and I heard the insects' chirpings and whistlings. 9. Little girls' clothing is on the first floor. She said the watch Jack found was hers. She did not hear her children's cries. The fox had its right foreleg caught securely in the trap's jaws. The dog's bark was far worse than its bite. 19. I found my cat’s collar on the table. They're not afraid to go ahead with the plans. 18. and it's just about to fall apart. My address has three 7s. 14. 7.

Salinger's best short story. I know that he will understand. 5. " I shall explain the whole situation to him. and asked to see his father. 7. Flannery O'Connor probably got the title of one of her stories from the words of the old popular song." Dot asked me. hoped to work there again during the Deepavali holidays. "Can you believe. he did not return it. At least that's what I read in a book entitled Guide to Europe. Martin said. "We have nothing to fear but fear itself"? 8. came to this country from Asia.Quotation Marks 1 "Mary is trying hard in school this semester. "that the best time of year to visit Europe is in the spring. "that it has been almost five years since we've seen each other?" 11. When he stumbled over your feet. and good conversation. "No. "I believe." 4. The address for the governor's mansion is 391 West Ferry Road. 7. 10. Jamuna. ‘A Good Man Is Hard to Find ’. 3." her father said. festivals. The ginkgo tree." 3. ‘A Perfect Day for Bananafish’ is. 12. When the intermission was over. The villagers enjoyed fairs. 10." the taxi driver said curtly. whose leaves turn bright yellow in the fall." Mr. 5. but did not take the ferry to Nova Scotia. careful attention. 8. 9. turn left." Jack remarked. not rude. "This afternoon I'll bring back your book Conflict in the Middle East". She listened to her favourite record with close. Yesterday. This sentence is correct as is. We went to Bar Harbor. It seems to me that ‘hip’ and ‘cool’ are words that are going out of style." Commas 1. the members of the audience moved back to their seats. William was clumsy. who had worked in the dress shop all summer. "Is Time a magazine you read regularly?" 6. When did Roosevelt say. 6. J. 4. "I cannot get you to the airport in fifteen minutes. 2. Andy took the elevator to the third floor. I believe. She asked. Go the first traffic light. however. 9. My French professor told me that my accent is abominable. and then look for a yellow brick building on the north side of the street. 2. John said. "Certainly. rushed into the office. Atlanta. Georgia. 13 . D.

B 3. Mom asked. "Did you see that!"? B. The moon's rays shone feebly on the path. B. The moon's rays shone feebly on the path. C. Mom asked. Mom asked. The moon's rays shone feebly on the path and I heard the insects chirpings and whistlings. "Did you see that?" D. "Look at that!" he exclaimed. “How was school?Today?” B.SAMPLE QUESTIONS Choose the correct punctuation. and I heard the insects' chirpings and whistlings. “How was school today?” C. A. "Look at that" he exclaimed!. and I heard the insects chirpings and whistlings D. “How was school today” 3. The moons ray’s shone feebly on the path and I heard the insects' chirpings and whistlings. "Look at that" he exclaimed. ANSWERS: 1. C 2. "Look at that"! he exclaimed!. A. Mom asked?. A 14 . A. "Did you see that"? C. “How ? Was school today” D. "Did you see that?" 2. 1.

pottato C. potatto ANSWERS: 1. conversation 3. empploye D. A. convertasion C. B 2. We had a lengthy ___________________ last night. A 15 . potato B. contervasion D. employe 2. 1. We need to hire another ___________________. employee C. A.SPELLING Choose the corret spelling. potatoo D. employer B. conservation B. I love to eat _________________ chips. D 3. A.

A 16 . D 3. 2. 3.ANTONYM Choose the word that has opposite meaning of the underlined word. 1. C 2. In the trial the judge declared this person guilty of all the facts. A easy B rival C innocent D simple The International Organizations are going to be in a temporary way in the country A soak B complicated C guess D permanent Hashim approved of the behavior his respectful sons displayed during the wedding ceremony this week. A reject B commend C support D like ANSWERS: 1.

A tired B agree C try D help When the students heard they would have a test. B 17 . 2. 3. you should read the directions. A complain B convince C convey D confront After the earthquake. Before you attempt to install it. C 2. they started to grumble. A build B help C destroy D attack ANSWERS: 1. the villagers desperately needed aid. 1.SYNONYMS Choose the word that has the same meaning as the underlined word. A 3.

IDIOM Idioms have no defining rules. LIST OF COMMON IDIOMS AND THEIR MEANING Give it a shot .Can’t remember Have a change of heart .Unsure how you feel Draw a blank .A crazy person Have a shot at .Be in the same situation Out of the blue .Try Speak your mind . They are.It’s a certainty Get cold feet .It was expensive It’s in the bag .Changed your mind Be second to none .Improvise Have second thoughts . Phrases that are common in everyday language and have figurative meanings that are widely understood are idioms.Too expensive Get a kick out of .Behave properly Play it by ear .For good luck Be in hot water .Say what you really feel A piece of cake . however.With no warning 18 .I forgot Cross your fingers .Be nervous A rip off .Very easy Slipped my mind . phrases that mean something other than the words that create them.Be in trouble It cost an arm and a leg .Enjoy Read between the lines .Have doubts A basket case .Find the hidden meaning Have mixed feelings .Have a chance Be in the same boat .Be the best Get your act together .

A person doing athletic stunts that are dangerous Doggy bag .Something unclear Give someone the cold shoulder .It’s harder for older people to learn new things Hot dog .Make a suggestion A bull in a china shop .You have my undivided attention See eye to eye .Tell a secret Curiosity killed the cat .Why aren’t you talking? Raining cats and dogs .A grey area .Being somewhere you don’t belong Kettle of fish .Something that is not worth anything Birdbrain .Agree Call it a day .Something is completely different Get off your high horse .Someone told me a secret Bee in her bonnet .Now you’re in trouble For the birds .Make something that is not important into a big deal 19 .Someone who is not very smart But a bug in his ear .Something that is different Let the cat out of the bag .It is raining very hard You can't teach an old dog new tricks .She is upset Goose is cooked .Time to quit The icing on the cake .To pretend to be upset Make a mountain out of a molehill .Ignore someone I’m all ears .someone who is very clumsy Wolf in sheep’s clothing .Asking may get you in trouble Cat got your tongue? .Something additional that turns good into great Fish out of water .A person who pretends to be nice but is not Cry crocodile tears .A bag to take home leftovers from a restaurant A little birdie told me .Quit thinking you are better than others Hold your horses .Wait a minute Horse of a different color .

C Haziq prefers nature to athletics. B Chiew Sum was making small efforts to entertain her nieces. C Johan doesn’t know anything about phones so he may as well be thinking about fruits. B Haziq didn’t even want to play ball to begin with. and the movies. the mall. ANSWERS: 1. D Johan is too hungry to think about phones at this time. 3. After going to the zoo. 1. D Chiew Sum was not trying at all to entertain her nieces. Chiew Sum was sick of bending over backwards to entertain his nieces. Haziq would have been playing ball until the cows came home if it hadn’t been for Suzie dragging him away to eat dinner. 2.SAMPLE QUESTIONS Choose the correct idiom. D 3. A Johan can hardly tell the difference between the two phones because they are so similar. A Chiew Sum was doing very little to entertain her nieces. A Haziq was just about to stop playing ball. A 2. Johan had a hard time comparing the iPhone to the Samsung phone because to him they were apples and oranges. B Johan believes that the phones are so different from one another that they cannot be compared. C Chiew Sum was trying very hard to entertain her nieces. C 20 . D Haziq would have continued playing ball for a long time.

 There is more than one way to skin a cat. you realize how much you love something when you are spend time away from it. In other words. Meaning: If you spend time away from someone you love. In other words. memorable saying that expresses truth or beliefs. you should diversify your risks. even if you give somebody good advice. For example. Meaning: You should not depend on just one thing for success. if someone cheats you out of money. Meaning: You can tell somebody what the best thing to do is. usually of unknown and ancient origin that expresses useful thoughts. Instead. but you can't make them do it.PROVERB Proverb is a short popular saying. In other words. For example. LIST OF COMMON PROVERBS AND THEIR MEANING  Absence makes the heart grow fonder. if one solution doesn't work. don't invest all your money in one thing because you might lose everything if it fails.  You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink. try to find another way to solve the problem.  What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. you will love them even more. A brief. the experience will make you wiser so that you 21 . Meaning: People become tougher and wiser by facing hardships. Meaning: There is more than one way to solve a problem. they might not follow it.  Don't put all your eggs in one basket.

 That's the pot calling the kettle black. For example.  Every cloud has a silver lining. if the parents are bad then the child will be bad as well. For example. Meaning: When bad* things happen. if you are lazy you shouldn't complain when other people are lazy. (*It is also sometimes used for good things as well. you shouldn't spend money that you haven't earned yet. Meaning: There is a positive side to every bad situation. Necessity is the mother of invention.  Don't count your chickens before they hatch. In other words. bad things also produce some good. Meaning: Children grow up to be similar to their parents. more bad luck will follow shortly. For example. they happen all at once. In other words. people can be very creative when they have to be.  The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Meaning: You shouldn't criticize other people's faults if you have those same faults.) 22 . Meaning: Don't rely on something that hasn't happened yet. if you have some bad luck. Meaning: If you really need to do something you will find a way. it pours. In other words.  When it rains.

 You shouldn't judge a book by its cover. In other words. For example. A leopard cannot change its spots. Meaning: Outward appearances can be deceiving.  Look before you leap. In other words. Meaning: You should carefully plan things before you do anything. Meaning: If too many people are managing something. it's better to have one person directing a project than many people. 23 . don't be hasty because If you act rashly. if someone is bad then they will always be bad (so don't believe people who say they've changed). you might get hurt. it will fail. you should look at something closely before deciding if it is good or bad.  Too many cooks spoil the broth. In other words. Meaning: People cannot change their personality or nature.

B 2. 1. B Half a loaf is better than no bread. D A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. C 3.SAMPLE QUESTIONS Choose the correct proverb. A Every cloud has a silver lining. B A friend in need is a friend indeed. D The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. but you cannot make him drink. 3. D The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. When you are in a strange place (temporarily) it is better to follow the local customs. C Absence makes the heart grow fonder. B You can lead a horse to water. do as the Romans do. A When in Rome. 2. C Rome wasn't built in a day. You should be happy with what you have got even if it is less than what you want. A He who laughs last laughs longest. A 24 . C Make hay while the sun shines. If you don't see someone for a long time you like them better. ANSWERS: 1.

LIST OF COMMON SIMILES room full of rocking chairs brave as a lion he hills teeth cute as a bug's ear As sour as vinegar daisy 25 . used to make the description more emphatic of vivid.SIMILES Similes are the figure of speech involving the comparison of one thing with another thing of a different kind.

Similes Can Also Start with "Like"                       (Sing) like an angel (Act) like an animal (Eat) like a bird (Fight) like cats and dogs (Work) like a dog Like a dream (Soar) like an eagle Like fingernails on a chalkboard Like a fish (Racing) like a frightened rabbit (Have eyes) like a hawk (Eat) like a horse (Sleep) like a log Like a moth to the flame (Eat) like a pig Like a pile of rocks Like a rose Like a screaming baby Like stars (Meandered) like a stream Like two peas in a pod Like a volcano 26 .

A as cold as a fish B sleep like a baby C fit as a fiddle D strong as an ox The sprinters in the 4X100 metres relay team had won the first place because they__________________. My grandmother is too old and can’t see very well. 2. B 3. They___________________.SAMPLE QUESTIONS Choose the correct simile. A as quick as a wink B free as a bird C run like the wind D as hard as nails ANSWERS: 1. She is__________________ A as delicate as a flower B as old as the hills C as slow as molasses D as blind as a bat The farmers sleep soundly after a hard day’s work in the farm. 1. D 2. 3. C 27 .

where the pupils are asked to complete the text with the correct words. Every morning. Omar. His wife. SAMPLE 1 Based on the picture. Her C. to B. off A. at D. Zul. Puan Aishah. A. Encik Harun __(13)__ the cows. His son. in C.CLOZE TEST An exercise or assessment consisting of a portion of text with certain words removed (cloze text) . A. Encik Harun owns a farm. Our 28 . cows. collects the eggs laid by the chickens. choose the best answer to fill in the blanks. have B. milking D. 12. milked C. Its B.__(15)__ worker. The animals in Encik Harun’s farm are healthy. milks B. had C. ducks and chickens. 13. takes the goats__(14)__ the field. having D. milk 15 A. He __(12) __ goats. feeds the ducks. His D. has 14.

The chickens rush to get the __(15)__ 12. him C. on C.SAMPLE 2 Based on the picture. A. birds 14. 13. us B. Ah Seng holds a bowl of yesterday’s rice. He feeds __(13)__with leftover food. it 15 A. in B. grains C. geese C. He tosses the rice __(14)__ the ground. ducks B. from A. choose the best answer to fill in the blanks. He is feeding a brood of __(12)__. Ah Seng is in the backyard of his house. rice B. A. cereals 29 . them D. worms D. for D. chickens D.

Julia and her friends are chatting __(13)__the corner. 12. choose the best answer to fill in the blanks. of B. around D. Julia and her family are celebrating Christmas. to D. 13. for 30 . talking D. writing A. Her sister is __(14)__ on the phone. are B. or C.SAMPLE 3 Based on the picture. Their guests are sitting in the living room. is 14. There are lots __(15)__food and drinks for everyone. A. over B. crying B. wiping C. A. at 15 A. about C. They __(12)__ enjoying themselves. were D. was C.

Amad and Amin.SAMPLE OF COMPREHENSION QUESTIONS SAMPLE 1 (LINEAR TEXT) Read the story below and answer the questions that follow. His workers did not collect the fruits. Baca cerita di bawah dan jawab soalan-soalan yang berikutnya. Encik Abu lives in the village in Bidor. There were nobody at the market. B. The fence was too short. jackfruit and banana 3. cows and goats C. 31 . He has jackfruit. Encik Abu and his two workers came to the orchard and were very shocked to see all the fruits scattered on the ground. some wild boars came to Encik Abu‟s orchard and scattered all the fruits. farmer C. He has a big orchard and rears some cows. Amad and Amin finished their work with the cows and goats. fruit seller 2. Who is Encik Abu? A. C. and banana. and hens behind his wooden house. He plants many fruit trees in the orchard. rambutan. The next morning. Encik Abu decided to fence around his orchard so that the wild boars would not be able to enter his orchard anymore. Late in the evening. D. He sells them to anyone who comes to his orchard and at the market. He has two workers who help him at the orchard. hawker D. butcher B. All his fruits were destroyed. Why was Encik Abu sad? A. One day as usual. They were very sad. Encik Abu B. They in the second paragraph refers to A. 1. They put some fruits into the basket and left them at the orchard before going home. durians. Amad and Amin D. goats.

What can he do to prevent animals from entering his orchard? A. boars D.4. Segregate the farm and the orchard C. Put a scarecrow 32 . cows C. goats B. Which animals destroyed Encik Abu‟s fruits? A. Put a barrier around his orchard D. hens 5. group the animals according to the types B.

A. The person in charge of 6 Bistari is A. C. This is the _________________ of 6 Bistari. duty roster D. B. D. 6 BISTARI Teacher : Yusrina Abd Aziz Class Monitor: Firdaus Bin Harun Assistant Class Monitor: Siti Fatimah Duty Day CLEANING THE WHITEBOARD SWEEPING THE FLOOR ARRANGING THE DESK AND CHAIRS Devi MONDAY Raju Shahrul Mei Ling Zakiah TUESDAY Abdul Razak Wahab Sharon Tan Jok WEDNESDAY Bakar Megat Hazrina Sherly THURSDAY Zulhairi Helmi Zakidah Begum Maznah FRIDAY Ah Chong Gobala Christina 1. diary B.SAMPLE 2 (NON-LINEAR TEXT) Read the information below and answer the questions that follow. Firdaus Bin Harun Aminah Rashid Siti Fatimah Raju 33 . Baca maklumat di bawahdanjawabsoalan-soalanberikut. timetable C. registration form 2.

21 22 23 24 5. There are twenty-two pupils. B. There are more boys than girls. B. There are more girls than boys. clean the whiteboard and arrange the desks and chairs arrange the desk. D. B. Which of the following statement is true? A. C. Siti Fatimah is the class teacher. C. 34 . chairs and sweep the floor sweep the floor and clean the whiteboard clean the whiteboard 4. C. D. What is the enrolment of year 6 Bistari? A.3. D. The boys of 6 Bistari have to A.

Fatin is accepting an invitation from Zila to participate in a recycling campaign. a) Complete the dialogue below: Situation. give the correct answer in full sentences Write your answer in the space provided.NOTES AND EXEMPLARS – PAPER 1 (Section B) SOCIAL AND LANGUAGE EXPRESSION SAMPLE 1 Based on the given situations. ____________________________ (2 marks) 35 . Zila : Would you like to participate in a recycling campaign? Fatin : _____________________________________________________ (2 marks) b) _____________________________ (2 marks) c) I’m sorry to hear that.

______________________________ (2 marks) b) Based on the given situation. give the correct answer in full sentences. give the correct answer in full sentences. Izani won the first place in the drawing competition at the state level.A man accidently dropped his wallet on the floor. Shahmi saw it and wanted to return it to him. Shahmi : ___________________________________________________________ (2 marks) The man : Oh! Thank you very much. give the correct respond in full sentences. Situation. What will Ali say to his sister. c) Based on the given situation. Amir’s sister. Ali : ____________________________________________________________ (2 marks) 36 .SAMPLE 2 Question 21 a) Based on the given picture.

COMPREHENSION (Questions 22 – 25)



1. Language system
2. Vocabulary
3. Reading skill

Dichotomous Fixed-alternative question that can
only be answered in one of the two
indicated ways, such as 'A' or 'B',
Agree or Disagree, True or False,
Yes or No.


Analytical Reasoning questions are
designed to assess the ability to
consider a group of facts and rules,
and, given those facts and rules,
determine what could or must be
true. Comprehending the basic
structure of a set of relationships by
determining a complete solution to
the problem posed


SAMPLE 1 ( Linear Text )
Read the passage below carefully. Then answer the questions that follow.
Baca petikan dibawah dengan teliti. Jawab soalan-soaln yang diberikan.

Dato‟ Mohd Nor Khalid is a well-known artist in Southeast Asia. He loved to
draw when he was young. He would draw what he saw, felt and imagined in big
pieces of paper which his soldier father brought home for him.
When he was in Standard 1, his teacher noticed his talent in drawing comics
and pasted his drawings on the wall. He also shared his great interest in comic with
his friends by selling them comic books for 20 sen each. In those days, comics were
sold by the kati (a measuring unit).
In 1962, one of Lat‟s cartoons was published in a popular movie magazine
called „Majalah Filem‟. He was not paid any money but received a free movie ticket
for every cartoon published, which was certainly a thrill for him. In 1964, when he
was in Standard 6, his comic book, „Tiga Sekawan‟ was published by Sinaran
Brothers, a publisher in Georgetown‟s Chulia Street who supplied school textbooks.
He also came up with two other comic books entitled „Kampung Boy‟ and „Town
Lat has been drawing comics for more than forty years. They are well-loved
by many people. His funny sketches are inspired by Malaysian lifestyle – from
Chinese coffee shop culture and Punjabi weddings to kampung festivities and
growing up in small towns. He once told his fans, “In my group of friends, each one
of us is good at something. One was good in arothmetic, one in geaography, another
in soccer. One guy was just good-looking! So, I also had to do something!” He
added, “Whatever ability you are gifted with, exploit it.”
In April 1994, Lat was awarded the „Darjah Paduka Mahkota Perak‟ for his
great achievement – an award which carries the title Dato



Match the year with the correct event of Lat‟s life.

Received an achievement award.


„Majalah Filem‟ published one of
his cartoon.


Sinaran Brothers published “Tiga


[2 marks]


Which of the following pictures would Lat probably draw? Tick [] the correct

[1 mark]

How old was Lat when one of his cartoons was published in „Majalah Filem‟?
[1 mark]


Why do you think his friends were willing to buy his comics for 20 sen each?
[2 marks]


Who is your idol? State your reasons.
[2 marks]

Venue: School Hall  Objectives  to build pupils‟ interest in English Language at a younger age  to encourage pupils to use the language  to build confidence in pupils The Quiz is open to year 5 and year 6 pupils. FIRST PRIZE SECOND PRIZE RM 150 CASH RM 100 CASH THIRD PRIZE RM 50 CASH 40 .00 a. Contact Puan Maznah for entry form. Contact number 012-3456789.m.SAMPLE 2 ( Non-linear Text) Read the notice below and answer the questions that follow. ENGLISH QUIZ By SK Ipoh English Language Society Date: 16th November 2015 Time: 10. Each team is comprise of 5 pupils. Baca notis di bawah dan jawab soalan-soalan yang berikutnya.

Tick ( √ ) the correct answer. Aminah and Latifah are interested to take part in the quiz. There will be five pupils in each team. Write „true‟ or „false‟ The winner will receive vouchers. [2 marks] b. One of the objectives of this quiz is _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ [2marks] e. The English Quiz will be held at ____________________________________________________________ [1mark] d. What should they do? _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ [2marks] 41 .a. The English Quiz is open to pupils aged between _____________________ 9 to 12 years old 10 to 12 years old 11 to 12 years old [1mark] Write your answers in the spaces provided. c.

determine what could or must be true. given those facts and rules. 42 . Information Application Skill 3. Language Appreciation and Creativity Skill Analytical Holistic Analytical Reasoning questions are designed to assess the ability to consider a group of facts and rules. and.NOTES AND EXEMPLARS – PAPER 2 (Section A. Comprehending the basic structure of a set of relationships by determining a complete solution to the problem posed  Holistic scoring gives students a single. overall assessment score for the paper as a whole  A method of evaluating a composition based on its overall quality. B and C ) CONSTRUCT SCORING METHODS 1. Language Application Skill 2.

SAMPLE 1 (SECTION A) – Information Transfer Read the information about a pupil who just transferred to your school and use the information to complete the text. Name : Amerul Bin Abu Age 12 years old : Date of birth: 16th November 2003 Likes:  Swimming  Playing football Dislikes:  Cooking Ambition : Engineer 43 . Baca maklumat mengenai seorang murid yang baru bertukar ke sekolah kamu dan gunakan maklumat yang di beri untuk melengkapkan teks.

I don‟t like _________________ with my mother in the kitchen. I am happy to be in this school and I wish to have lots of friends. My hobbies_______________________ _________________________________. I am _________________________________________ and I just got transferred to this school. I hope to be ________________________ when I grow up. [10 marks] 44 .Hi everyone. I was born on 16th November so I am _____________________________.

List the details from the book cover. Title : _____________________________________________________________ ii.SAMPLE 2 ( SECTION B ) – Information Transfer and Reasoning B (i) Study the book cover and answer the following questions in the spaces provided. Author : _____________________________________________________________ iii. Illustrator : _____________________________________________________________ [3 marks] 45 . Teliti kulit buku dan jawab soalan berikutnya di ruang yang disediakan. i.

Write your answer between 50 to 80 words. Write a note to him.B(ii) Mowgli. You planned to give this book to your friend because he loves to read. Kamu merancang untuk memberikan buku ini kepada kawan kamu kerana dia gemar membaca.Tulis satu nota untuk dia.Panjangnya jawapan kamu hendaklah antara 50 hingga 80 patah perkataan. Gunakan maklumat diberi untuk membantu kamu. The title of this book is ___________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ [12 marks] 46 . Dear ______________ When I saw this book I thought of you. Read more to find about Mowgli and his adventure. Use the information given to help you. a boy who was raised by a pack of wolves.

Based on the new format 47 .

4. Kertas soalan ini mengandungi 6 halaman bercetak dan 2 halaman tidak bercetak di bahagian A dan 8 halaman bercetak dan 4 halaman tidak bercetak di bahagian B. Hitamkan jawapan kamu pada kertas jawapan objektif yang disediakan. C dan D. Kamu di kehendaki menjawab semua soalan dalam kedua-dua bahagian ini. pilih satu jawapan sahaja. 2. Tiap-tiap soalan dalam Bahagian A diikuti oleh empat pilihan jawapan. hitamkan jawapan yang baharu.UJIAN PENCAPAIAN SEKOLAH RENDAH 20XX 013 BAHASA INGGERIS – PEMAHAMAN September 1 ¼ jam Satu jam lima belas minit JANGAN BUKA KERTAS SOALAN INI SEHINGGA DIBERITAHU 1. 48 . Bagi setiap soalan. Jika kamu hendak menukar jawapan. Ceraikan Bahagian B daripada kertas soalan ini. iaitu A. Kemudian. padamkan tanda yang telah dibuat. 3. Kertas soalan ini mengandungi dua bahagian: Bahagian A dan Bahagian B. B.

SECTION A [ 20 marks ] Choose the best answer to complete the sentence. 3. Pilih jawapan yang terbaik untuk melengkapkan ayat berikut. It has just been painted. A stand B stood C stands D standing 49 . 2. 1. A at B on C beside D against He ___________ there for hours but she did not turn up. 4. Is her scarf blue __________ red? A or B but C either D although ____________ can‟t you send the parcel to him? A Why B Which C When D Whom Don‟t lean __________ the wall.

5. Our players played ________ so we lost the match. A worst B badly C bad D more bad Choose the most suitable meaning of the idiom below. 6. A early in the morning B the last moment C the right time D late at night 50 . She has a bad habit of doing work only at the eleventh hour.

A on B 9. They controlled the people ___(9)____ had come to watch. 8. The firefighters drove quickly to the scene of the fire. 7. they saw a factory ____(7)_____ fire. A sadly B badly C happily D carefully 51 . Some workers were trying hard to put out the flames. The police officers came too. The firefighters quickly _____(8)_____hoses and other equipment to fight the fire. 10. Pilih jawapan terbaik untuk setiap tempat kosong.Choose the best answer for each blank. When they arrived. They also kept the crowd at a safe distance. Diana‟s mother-in-law treated her rather well. A where in B which C at C when D the D who A use B used C uses D using Choose the word that has the opposite meaning as the underlined word. Pilih perkataan yang berlawanan maksud dengan perkataan yang bergaris.

Choose the sentence with the correct punctuation. 52 . tonight?” asked Alia. D “Would you like to have a dinner with me tonight?” asked alia. 11. B “would you like to have a dinner with me tonight!” asked Alia. C “Would you like to have a dinner with me. A “Would you like to have a dinner with me tonight?” asked Alia. Pilih ayat yang mempunyai tanda baca yang betul.

Ravi __(14)__ the notice-board because he liked painting. the playground was safe and beautiful once more.Look at the picture and choose the best answer. Lihat gambar dan pilih jawapan yang terbaik Last Saturday. A helping B helped C helps D help 53 . A he B him C his D himself 14. Many of their parents also joined in ____(12)____ they wanted to help. Mazlan‟s father came to ____(15)____ them repair a broken swing. Azman and __(13)___ sister worked hard by picking up dried leaves and pieces of paper. It was hard work but in the end. A or B so C and D because 13. 12. A painted B paints C paint D painting 15. the children of Taman Melor organised a gotong-royong to clean their playground.

The shapes of watermelon are usually A no shape B round or oval C oval or triangle D round or square 54 . The plant blooms and some of these flowers become fruits. It grows on the ground and is called a creeper.Questions 16 to 18 Read the passage below carefully and answer the questions that follow. The fruit is oval or round. It has broad green leaves. It is very juicy. furry stem. 16. Baca petikan di bawah dan jawab soalan-soalan yang berikutnya. A watermelon plant has a soft. The plants below are NOT creeper except A mango B durian C coconut D pumpkin 17.

Why do you think watermelon plant grows on the ground? A It has furry stem. Mum‟s up and cooking. Baca petikan di bawah dan jawab soalan-soalan yang berikutnya. The phrase gone shopping means that the writer‟s mother has probably gone to ________________. Six in the morning. Another day is only just beginning. D It has soft stem but big and heavy fruit. Questions 19 to 20 Read the poem below carefully and answer the questions that follow.18. Dad has finished praying. A school B her office C the market D the restaurant 55 . Time for me to get going. The sun is already smiling. Breakfast is ready and waiting. The alarm starts buzzing. The birds are already chirping. The birds are already chirping. By the time I finish bathing. The school bus is honking. Dad will soon be leaving. Seven in the morning. Mum has gone shopping. B The leaves are broad and green. 19. The cock‟s already crowning. C Some of the flowers bloom into fruits.

A cocks B birds C bees D butterflies 56 . „The alarm starts buzzing‟. which of these animals produce the buzzing sound.20.

Write your answer in the space provided. Answer: ( 2 marks ) (b) Read the dialogue below carefully. Nurul : Mom. Berdasarkan gambar yang dibawah. Maznah : ___________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ( 2 marks ) 57 . Tuliskan jawapan anda ditempat yang disediakan.SECTION B ( 30 MARKS ) Question 21 (a) Based on the picture given. Berikan jawapan yang betul dalam ayat yang penuh. Baca dialog dibawah dengan teliti. Julie. Pn. ( 2 marks ) (c) Read the conversation below carefully. Write your answer in the space provided. berikan jawapan yang betul dalam ayat yang penuh. Baca perbualan dibawah dengan teliti. Write your answer in the space provided. I was the first runner-up in the story telling competition. Answer: Ouch! You’ve hit my leg with the stick. Berikan jawapan yang betul dalam ayat yang penuh. give the correct answer in full sentences. Goodbye.

The bamboo should be of a medium size.Question 22 LEMANG Lemang. The first thing to do is to find the bamboo of the right size and length. How is lemang cooked or prepared? According to lemang seller Hussin bin Ahmad. glutinous rice in bamboo cylinders is a Hari Raya speciality. Lemang tastes best when eaten with rendang. The glutinous rice mixed with coconut milk and a bit of salt is filled in the bamboo hollow which is lined with banana leaf so that it will not stick to the bamboo when cooked. Bulatkan jawapan yang betul. Lemang is a traditional Malay delicacy normally served during festive seasons as Hari Raya Puasa or Hari Raya Haji. the process of making lemang is not as easy as one thinks. not too long or short. The bamboo cylinders are arranged side by side in two different positions facing each other and a fire is lit in the middle. We can see lemang stalls in the places below except villages cities industrial buildings large towns housing estates roadsides [ 1 mark ] 58 . a) Circle the correct answer. It takes about an hour to cook the lemang. To know whether the lemang is cooked or not. It is cooked when the coconut milk is dry. one has to check whether the coconut milk has dried or not. A few days before Hari Raya Puasa and Hari Raya Haji lemang stalls can be seen lining the roadside not only in cities and large towns but also in housing estates and villages.

The first one has been done for you. c) Why do you need to check if the coconut milk has dried or not? _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ [ 1 mark ] d) Why does Hussin cover the lining of the bamboo hollow with banana leaf when cooking the glutinous rice? _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ [ 1 mark ] e) Aminah prepared a lot of lemang for Hari Raya Puasa and gave some to her neighbour. Arrange the bamboo side by side and lit a fire in the middle Find the bamboo of the right size and length 1 Fill in the bamboo with glutinous rice mixed with coconut milk and salt Check whether the coconut milk has dried or not [ 3 marks ] Write your answers in the space provided. Tulis nombor di dalam kotak yang disediakan. What do you think of her actions? _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ [ 2 marks ] 59 . Tulis jawapan dalam ruang yang disediakan. Write the number in the box provided. Contoh telah diberikan.b) Sequence the process of making lemang in correct order. Susun proses membuat lemang mengikut turutan yang betul.

No matter how Salim tried. he had forgotten to fill up the petrol tank! There was no choice. Even if it did. On their way home. Just then. he could not get it started again. the car was heavy and they were all soaked to the skin by the time they arrived home. The next day. textile seller used merchandise fabric retailer petrol tank goods second-hand fuel container [3 marks] b) How does Salim earn a living? ______________________________________________________________________ [1 mark] 60 . but to push the car all the way back. Salim is very popular with the villagers. a bicycle is much easier to push! a) Match the words/ phrase with the correct meaning. Salim was the first to own a car in the village! That very evening. an aching Salim told himself that his bicycle was good enough for him. The road was muddy. it began to rain heavily. The first one has been done for you. The excited villagers crowded around to admire it. Padankan perkataan / frasa dengan maksud yang betul. At least. he spent all his savings on a second-hand car. Salim drove a group of his friends to Simpang to watch a film at the cinema. it would not stop in the middle of nowhere. One day. the car jerked to a stop. he remembered that. He goes around on an old bicycle to sell his merchandise. Suddenly.Question 23 Salim Buys A Car Salim a textile-seller lives with his mother in a small village near Simpang. in his excitement. Contoh telah diberikan.

c) In your opinion why was it difficult for them to push the car? ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ [1 marks] d) If you were in the same situation as Salim. what would you do? ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ [2 marks] e) The phrase „no choice‟ in the passage suggests that they A had no other alternatives B made the wrong choice C must choose the car [1 mark] 61 .

00 ( 1 mark ) 62 . Tanda (√) pada jawapan yang betul.00 RM 48. answer the questions that follow. how much money must you have ? RM 18.00 RM 60. CAKES FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS! Tick (√) the correct answer. (a) If you wish to order a chocolate cake for your class party. Then.Question 24 Study the pictures and the information given below.

Which cake would you buy? Why? _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ ( 2 marks ) 63 . you will get __________________________ Balloons and candles A can of orange juice Red beans buns ( 1 mark ) (c) What are the shapes of these cakes? ( 3 marks ) (d) Which cake has blueberry. durian or mocha flavours? _____________________________________________________________________ ( 1 mark ) (e) If there are forty of you in the class.(b) If you buy the cheesecake.

Kemudian. C dan D. Jika kamu hendak menukar jawapan. Hitamkan jawapan kamu pada kertas jawapan objektif yang disediakan. iaitu A. 3. padamkan tanda yang telah dibuat. 4.UJIAN PENCAPAIAN SEKOLAH RENDAH 20XX 014 BAHASA INGGERIS – PENULISAN September 1 ¼ jam Satu jam lima belas minit JANGAN BUKA KERTAS SOALAN INI SEHINGGA DIBERITAHU 1. Kertas soalan ini mengandungi dua bahagian: Bahagian A dan Bahagian B. Kertas soalan ini mengandungi 6 halaman bercetak dan 2 halaman tidak bercetak di bahagian A dan 8 halaman bercetak dan 4 halaman tidak bercetak di bahagian B. Ceraikan Bahagian B daripada kertas soalan ini. hitamkan jawapan yang baharu. pilih satu jawapan sahaja. B. 64 . Bagi setiap soalan. Tiap-tiap soalan dalam Bahagian A diikuti oleh empat pilihan jawapan. Kamu di kehendaki menjawab semua soalan dalam kedua-dua bahagian ini. 2.

65 . Then. It lays eggs in water. A clump of eggs is called a frog spawn. Then the cell splits into two. its tail becomes smaller and it develpos its lungs. the embryo leaves its shell. four and so on. Each cell forms an embryo. A fully developed frog appears about 11 weeks after the eggs were laid. then followed by its forelegs. It has a long tail and it eats algae.Section A [10 marks] Study the text below and use the information to complete the chart. After about 5 weeks. the embryo is called tadpole. Eventually. Soon the embryo develops organs and gills. It can lay thousands of eggs at one time. These eggs are surrounded by jellylike covering that protects them. The tadpole will look more like a frog. the tadpole grows its hind legs first. usually in ponds and lakes. After 21 days. Teliti nota-nota di bawah dan gunakan maklumat yang diberi untuk melengkapkan teks. This is the life cycle of a female frog. In this stage. The egg begins as a single cell. there are many cells in the egg.

After 5 weeks. 5.___________________________ _____________________________. Then. Its shell and it is called tadpole. 4. It has tail becomes smaller and it develpos its _____________________________ lungs. There are many cells in the egg.Life Cycle of A Frog 1. 3. the cell _________________________ _____________. The egg begins as a single cell. It can lay thousands of eggs at one time. the embryo leaves its _____________________________. About 11 weeks after the eggs was laid. A female frog lays eggs in water. usually in _________________________ . the tadpole grows its After 21 days. 66 . 2. _____________________________.

 People who live near high traffic roads face greater risk of cancer. 67 .  It has effects as small as burning eyes and itchy throat to as large as breathing problems and death. They stir up dirt but without producing gases. asthma and bronchitis as these places contain more concentrated levels of air pollution. heart disease.  80% of lung diseases are caused due to pollution from other cars. Teliti poster di bawah tentang pencemaran udara dan jawab soalan berikutnya di ruang yang disediakan. trucks and other vehicles.Section B [15 marks] B (i) Study the poster about air pollution and answer the following question in the spaces provided.  Air pollution that causes smog affects dolphins and makes them suffer from black lung diseases.  2 million cars in Manila.  Electric vehicles produce less air pollutants. Philippines cause 80% of air pollution. buses.

_________________________________________ ii. _________________________________________ iii.Name three effects of air pollution i. _________________________________________ [3 marks] 68 .

Anda merupakan seorang ahli Kelab Alam Sekitar di sekolah anda dan kelab tersebut akan mengadakan satu kempen menangani pencemaran. Do not do openburning. Write your speech on at least three ways to prevent air pollution. Do not throw rubbish everywhere You are a member of the Environmental Club in your school and your club will be organizing a campaign on how to prevent pollutions. As a member of the club. train or bike when commuting. gas) wisely. Tulis jawapan antara 50 hingga 80 perkataan. Write your answer between 50 to 80 words. Sebagai seorang ahli kelab. Tulis ucapan mengenai sekurang-kurangnya tiga cara untuk menangani pencemaran udara.B (ii) Care for the Earth Campaign Use the bus. anda diminta untuk memberi ucapan mengenai cara-cara untuk menangani pencemaran. 69 . Recycle and re-use things. Use energy (electricity. you are required to give a speech on ways to prevent pollutions.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------_____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ [12 marks] 70 .

Question 1 Write a story based on the picture below. Panjangnya jawapan kamu hendaklah antara 80 hingga 100 patah perkataan. You may use the words given to help you. Kamu boleh menggunakan perkataanperkataan yang diberikan untuk membantu kamu. Write your answer in the space provided. Answer one question only.Section C [25 marks] This section consists of two questions. lake cycled climbed ankle swam plucked cried ate fell careful Begin your story with Alif and his friends wanted to have a picnic. Tulis jawapan kamu di ruang yang disediakan. Tulis sebuah cerita berdasarkan gambar di bawah. Jawab satu soalan sahaja. 71 . Write your story between 80 to 100 words. Bahagian ini mengandungi dua soalan.

crow – steal – meat – butcher – flew . Write your story between 80 to 100 words. Write your answer in the space provided. Tulis sebuah cerita berdasarkan gambar-gambar di bawah. Panjangnya jawapan kamu hendaklah antara 80 hingga 100 patah perkataan. Kamu boleh menggunakan perkataan-perkataan yang diberikan untuk membantu kamu.wanted – told – sing sweetly silly crow – sing .tree fox – saw – hungry . You may use the words given to help you.opened – dropped – ran away 72 .OR Question 2 Write a story based on the pictures below. Tulis jawapan kamu di ruang yang disediakan.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------_____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 73 .

_____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ [ 25 marks ] 74 .


76 .

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