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I am beginning to wonder if calling these the
“Ultimate Origins Book” might have been a mistake.
When I started compiling the original, it was going to
be a single book, not the first in a series. Not sure if
the word “ultimate” applies anymore. Still, I like the
title, so I shall proceed to call this line by that name,
and there will be at least one more following this
This book was originally going to be called “Odds
and Ends”, and it was going to contain Origins from
DC, Image, and Marvel (and any other source I
stumbled upon).
It quickly outgrew the original intention, when I
discovered Public Domain Super Heroes Wikia,
which is a great site, and a very fun read. I simply
could not find many Origins from Image available
online, and to be honest, I know very little about the
line. I had not originally planned on having a lot of
Origins from Image, but that changed, and I quickly
had well over a hundred Origins, and decided I would
do an Image Sourcebook as a separate project
(coming soon™).

Amazon of Backworld, and Amazon of the Amazon
For this project, I needed to raise money. Making
a .pdf is expensive, and it requires virtual currency
that has no real value, and only exists inside my
imagination. So, unfortunately, I was forced to sell ad
space for the book to a few organizations. I did not
really check them out too well, but I am sure they are
pure and wholesome groups, run by moral people.
As always, I hope this book is enjoyed by others,
and that you find some useful Origins for your
campaign within these pages.

I dubbed this Supplement “Golden Age and More”
because the bulk of the book is Golden Age Origins.
As you peruse the book, you might notice this one
is a little Amazon heavy. When I was showing
Tammra the Origins being added so she could pick
the ones for her Origin Table, she said I should do
one just for Amazons from various comics. I offered
to make one, and told her some of them would be a
reprint of previous Origins, and she said it was OK,
and I did not need to do one. Therefore, to make her
happy, I did some searching an added Amazite,

Golden Age and More


picture to the left is an excellent example, and the one
she uses on various forums).
This project, even though nearly complete, was on
“indefinite hiatus”. Our PC died, and being out of
work, I simply did not have the money to recover
anything off of the old hardrive. I found some cheap
cables, and posted on Facebook asking if they would
work for the transfer, and she sent us an External
Hardrive unit, and a 1TB hardrive for extra storage
(seriously, the laptop I am using right now is pretty
laughable – my mother got it for free as part of a
purchase years ago). She did this all out of her own
pocket, and asked for nothing in return.
This book is dedicated to an awesome lady, who
has been a cornerstone of the Classic Marvel
community for years, even before I started writing
and sharing. Kat is definitely a veteran, going back to
being part of the original MSH RPG mailing list that
is now archived at Topica.
Kat, I could fill pages singing your praises, but you
do like to have a modicum of privacy, and I can
respect that. Hell, it was years before I revealed my
real name on the net, and was only known as
Also, An Iron Butterfly is an awesome moniker.

Kat, you are AWESOME, and Tammra and I
cannot thank you enough, ever. Not only was I able
to recover this, but several other projects, which will
be released over time.
Thank you, Thank You, and THANK YOU


Thank you! As one of the projects I worked the
most on appeared to be lost as well, thank you again.
May you have the life you deserve.
- Tammra

She has contributed many things over the years,
and has sent me quite a few files she has archived
that can be found at Gaming Nerds Я Us, or appear
as parts of the various books I have released over
She is also an amazing 3D artist, and you can find
much of her work scattered across the web (the


Golden Age and More

especially when I use a canon Origin. Ability Modifier Table* Die Roll Modification 01-15 Reduce by one rank 16-50 Remain unchanged 51-70 Increase by one rank 71-85 Increase by two ranks 86-95 Increase by three ranks 96-00 Increase by four ranks *Unless noted otherwise. The hero has the listed abilities. so they left their home. modified by a roll on the Ability Modifier Table. not always assigning ranks to lists of known Powers allows the freedom to roll their initial ranks. Sometimes this can even explain why the character is on Earth (or wherever the setting of the game takes place). occupying random slots. or no initial Contacts (in which case the character is a renegade). the Ability Modifier Chart from the Advanced Player’s Book tends to be the best Golden Age and More Now. Those listed for the Origin may be taken first. option. looking for acceptance.I like to play characters that are unconventional characters. Cyborgs roll on column four. Allow me to paraphrase the Alien Hero Option from the Advanced Set Judge’s Book: You will find that many of the Origins should have their abilities/powers better defined. This is an option that may be chosen by the player with the Judge’s permission. Imagine how a fire-wielding alien born to a race of ice-wielding aliens might be treated? They might have been shunned by their race. the hero may either choose the race/group he/she belongs to. making one roll for each ability. Talents should be chosen with an eye towards the Origin involved. and use the various rolling charts from the Ultimate Powers Book. but I have elected to keep them “generic” to allow players and Judges more freedom in character creation. it may be easy to substitute the base stats listed with some of the Origins presented in this book. As for Contacts. etc… III . Additionally. in place of randomly rolled Talents. As an example. Any Powers possessed by the Origin are similarly wielded by the hero. Aliens roll on column five. rather than using the Ability Modifier Table for everything. no ability may be modified in any fashion below Feeble or above Monstrous To use this book. instead of their home planet.

Feeble Poor Typical Good Excellent Remarkable Incredible Amazing Monstrous Initial Rank Number 1 3 5 8 16 26 36 46 63 Rank Name Feeble Poor Typical Good Excellent Remarkable Incredible Amazing Monstrous 3 High Technology 01-05 06-10 11-40 41-80 81-95 96-00 ------- Rank Name 1 Mutant. This is yet another opportunity for Players and Judges to work together to determine what will be the most fun for the Player. and would like to substitute one of the charts listed below. I have the Player roll their initial number of Powers normally. I limit the number of Powers I allow some Origins. I allow them to buy their Origin’s Powers at a discounted price. They use the Origin for the character’s background. in case anyone disagrees with the base stats/rolling chart provided. Judges should never feel bad about saying “Roll or pick again”. 2 Normal Folks 01-05 06-25 26-75 76-95 96-00 --------- 4 Robots 5 Aliens 01-05 06-10 11-15 16-40 41-50 51-70 71-90 91-98 99-00 01-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-60 61-70 71-80 81-95 96-00 Now. Martin wrote the Ultimate Powers Book. keep in mind that when the legendary David E. I have taken the liberty of reproducing the Ability charts from the Ultimate Powers Book here for convenience. It would be very easy in some of the cases to roll fewer powers then the Origin comes with by default. If they decide they want to buy powers with Karma later on. none of the Origins had as many Powers as some of the default powers listed in this book. Altered Humans 01-05 06-10 11-20 21-40 41-60 61-80 81-96 97-00 --- they do. Generating Primary Abilities Each Origin uses one of the following columns on the Random Ranks Table. To preserve balance in my games. Dagda joining a team of Outcasts could be a little much. Roll for each of the seven primary abilities on this table. I treat every power that is a default Power for that Origin as an optional Power.I always recommend Players and Judges work together on things like this to determine what is best for the game. and Players should understand when IV Golden Age and More . and preserve campaign balance for the game. Players can roll up new Powers on their own and be a Mutant character of that Origin if they prefer.

Table of Contents Origin Tables Origins Chapter One: Aldebarans Chapter Two: Alfheim Chapter Three: Amazar Chapter Four: Amazons Chapter Five: Amazons of Backworld Chapter Six: Amazons of the Amazon Chapter Seven: Amoeba Men Chapter Eight: Ani-Men Chapter Nine: Antarenes Chapter Ten: Antons Chapter Eleven: Arc Centurians Chapter Twelve: Autan Chapter Thirteen: Bems Chapter Fourteen: Berev'ha Dentii Chapter Fifteen: Black Light Men Chapter Sixteen: Blyntzyns Chapter Seventeen: Brain Men of Mars Chapter Eighteen: Cat People Chapter Nineteen: Cathexis Chapter Twenty: Chitauri Chapter Twenty-One: Clawites Chapter Twenty-Two: Core People Chapter Twenty-Three: Crimson Dawn Chapter Twenty-Four: Cybernoids Chapter Twenty-Five: Cyber-Sidhe Chapter Twenty-Six: Cymradia Chapter Twenty-Seven: Deaglos Chapter Twenty-Eight: Demon People Chapter Twenty-Nine: Descendants Chapter Thirty: Drakulon Chapter Thirty-One: Drugs. Formulas. & Serums Chapter Thirty-Two: Fire-Monsters Chapter Thirty-Three: Fish People Chapter Thirty-Four: Fish-Men Chapter Thirty-Five: Flatula Chapter Thirty-Six: Fleshless Ones Chapter Thirty-Seven: Giants of the Elephant Grave Yard Chapter Thirty-Eight: Gnorrkin Chapter Thirty-Nine: Haydes Chapter Forty: Ice People Chapter Forty-One: Imagions Golden Age and More Page 1 Page 6 Page 7 Page 9 Page 11 Page 12 Page 15 Page 17 Page 18 Page 19 Page 20 Page 22 Page 23 Page 26 Page 27 Page 28 Page 29 Page 30 Page 31 Page 33 Page 35 Page 37 Page 38 Page 39 Page 41 Page 42 Page 43 Page 45 Page 46 Page 47 Page 48 Page 50 Page 62 Page 63 Page 64 Page 65 Page 67 Page 68 Page 69 Page 71 Page 72 Page 73 Origins (Continued) Chapter Forty-Two: Invaders from Venus Chapter Forty-Three: Land of the Ghost Fox Women Chapter Forty-Four: Ligra Chapter Forty-Five: Lilin Chapter Forty-Six: Living Corpses Chapter Forty-Seven: Lizard Men Chapter Forty-Eight: Ludberdites Chapter Forty-Nine: Lunerzons Chapter Fifty: Mechanical Monsters Chapter Fifty-One: Mercury Chapter Fifty-Two: Mermazons Chapter Fifty-Three: Monsters from the Mirror Chapter Fifty-Four: Mosquito Men Chapter Fifty-Five: Neo Chapter Fifty-Six: Neptune Chapter Fifty-Seven: Onees Chapter Fifty-Eight: Otherworld Chapter Fifty-Nine: Outcasts Chapter Sixty: Paratwa Chapter Sixty-One: Pellucidar Chapter Sixty-Two: Phantoms Chapter Sixty-Three: Pixies Chapter Sixty-Four: Plasma Wraiths Chapter Sixty-Five: Possessors and Parasites Chapter Sixty-Six: Rigel-3 Chapter Sixty-Seven: Sagittarius Chapter Sixty-Eight: Sakaar Chapter Sixty-Nine: Satania Chapter Seventy: Saturnians Chapter Seventy-One: Scorpio Chapter Seventy-Two: Scorpius Chapter Seventy-Three: Seaweed Creatures Chapter Seventy-Four: Shark People Chapter Seventy-Five: Sharkmen Chapter Seventy-Six: Sidri Chapter Seventy-Seven: Solanoids Chapter Seventy-Eight: Spineless Ones Chapter Seventy-Nine: Starks Chapter Eighty: Stonebacks Chapter Eighty-One: Sunev Page 74 Page 75 Page 76 Page 81 Page 83 Page 85 Page 86 Page 87 Page 89 Page 90 Page 91 Page 92 Page 93 Page 94 Page 97 Page 98 Page 99 Page 107 Page 108 Page 112 Page 115 Page 117 Page 118 Page 119 Page 123 Page 125 Page 126 Page 128 Page 129 Page 131 Page 132 Page 133 Page 135 Page 136 Page 137 Page 138 Page 139 Page 141 Page 143 Page 144 V .

Origin Tables (Continued) Chapter Eighty-Two: The Builders Chapter Eighty-Three: The Homelands Chapter Eighty-Four: Titan Eternal Chapter Eighty-Five: Tor-o-don Chapter Eighty-Six: Tyclosians Chapter Eighty-Seven: Uncara Chapter Eighty-Eight: Venus Chapter Eighty-Nine: Volta Chapter Ninety: White Apes of Barsoom Chapter Ninety-One: Zarko Chapter Ninety-Two: Zutarians Appendix Appendix One: Character Origins Appendix Two: Optional Ways to Round Out Your Character Extras In Closing Index Notes Bibliography VI Page 146 Page 151 Page 153 Page 154 Page 156 Page 157 Page 158 Page 160 Page 161 Page 162 Page 163 Page 166 Page 170 Page 178 Page 179 Page 182 Page 187 Golden Age and More .


Die Roll 01-25 26-50 51-75 76-00 Book Used DC Golden Age and More Marvel Wildstorm The Golden Age and More Origin Chart Die Roll 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 1 Origin Aldebaran Amazite♀ Amazon* ♀ Amoeba Man Ani-Man Antarene Arc Centurian Anton Autanian Bem Berev'ha Dentii Black Light Man Blyntzyn Brain-Lord Brain Man of Mars Builder* Cat Person Cathexis Centaur Chemically Enhanced Die Roll 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 Origin Chitauri Clawite Core Person Cube Man Cybernoid Cyber-Sidhe Deaglos Demon Person Descendant Dragon-Man Dwarven Servant Elf* Fable Fairie Fire-Monster Fish Person Fish-Man Flatulan Fleshless One Fomor Ghost Fox Woman♀ Giant Giant of the Elephant Grave Yard Goblin Gnorrkin Half-Man Ice Person Imagion Invader from Venus♀ Leprechaun Lilin Golden Age and More .Book of Origin Use this to determine which Origin book will be used when rolling up a character.

The Golden Age and More Origin Chart (Continued) Die Roll 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 Golden Age and More Origin Lion-Person Living Corpse Lizard Man Ludberdite Lunezon* Mechanical Life Form Mechanical Monster Mercurian Mermazon♀ Mosquito Man Neo Neptunian Onee Outcast Paratwa Pellucidarian* Phantom Pixie Plasma Wraith Possessor/Parasite Rigellian* Sakaaran Native Satanian Saturnian Scorperson Scorpius Seaweed Creature Shark Person Sharkman Sidri Solanoid Spineless One Stark Stoneback Sunevian* Synthopoid Titan Eternal Tor-o-don* Tuatha de Danan Tyclosian Uncarian Undercloak Vampiri Venusian Voltaman Die Roll 97 98 99 00 Origin White Ape of Barsoom Wolf of Tuatha de Danan Zarkon Zutarian Amazon Sub-Table Die Roll 01-34 35-67 68-00 Origin Amazon♀ Amazon of Backworld ♀ Amazon of the Amazon ♀ Builder Sub-Table Die Roll 01-16 17-32 33-52 53-68 69-84 85-00 Origin Aleph Abyss Builder Caretaker Curator Gardener Elf Sub-Table Die Roll 01-25 26-50 51-75 76-00 Origin Cat Elf Elf (Otherworld) Ice Elf Light Elf Lunezon Sub-Table Die Roll 01-50 51-00 Origin Lunezon ♀ Mooniac Pellucidarian Sub-Table Die Roll 01-33 34-67 68-00 Origin Mahar Primitive Human Sagoth Possessor/Parasite Sub-Table Die Roll 01-50 51-00 Origin Parasite Possessor* 2 .

Possessor Sub-Table Die Roll 01-17 18-34 35-50 51-66 67-83 84-00 Origin Angel Demon Energy Being Magical Entity Psionic Being Undead Rigellian Sub-Table Die Roll 01-50 51-00 Origin Rigellian Rigellian Recorder Sunevian Sub-Table Die Roll 01-50 51-00 Origin Birdman Parrot-Man Tor-o-don Sub-table Die Roll 01-50 51-00 3 Origin Gryf Tor-o-don Tammra’s Favorites Die Roll 01-05 06-10 11-15 16-20 21-25 26-30 31-35 36-40 41-45 46-50 51-55 56-60 61-65 66-70 71-75 76-80 81-85 86-90 91-95 96-00 Origin Amazite ♀ Amazon ♀ Amazon of Backworld ♀ Amazon of the Amazon ♀ Cat Elf Cat Person Chemically Enhanced Fable Fairie Fomor Ghost Fox Woman ♀ Invader from Venus ♀ Lilin Lunezon ♀ Mermazon ♀ Neo Titan Eternal Tuatha de Danan Vampiri Wolf of Tuatha de Danan Golden Age and More .


This Part of the book is dedicated to Origins. 5 Golden Age and More .

Primary Ability Chart. The Aldebarans were also equipped with ray guns.. alien invaders from distant space known as the Aldebarans tried to conqueror the Earth using their advanced weaponry and other technology. their race. 6 .Chapter One: Aldebarans Typical Aldebaran Source: Nedor Comics In the year 2488 A. holographic projectors. They did not succeed in invading the Earth. and language translators. Column Five From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-60 61-70 71-80 81-95 96-00 Initial Score Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Mn 63 Additional Creation Notes • • • Golden Age and More Aldebarans can raise any one Ability +1CS.D. Each fortress was equipped with an armada of ships to defend the base while it prepared to smash into its target. Starting Resources are set at Poor. Aldebarans start out with only one Contact. Their main method of invasion is to convert small planetoids into space fortresses/bombs.

abandoning the rest of Alpha Flight. and friendly beings. etc… • Natural Weaponry – Claws: Ex 16 Edged damage. Elves The Light Elves first appeared in Alpha Flight. if any. friendly. Talents: Tracking The Cat Elves. and ride winged cats as their steeds. Primarily. Alfheim has been described as a land of ice and snow. Another subspecies. and happy beings with few. or if this is simply another portion of Alfheim. to slightly more alien anatomies. a subspecies of Light Elves. the All-Father. whose primary inhabitants are the Light Elves. These Elves are smaller than their brethren. The Light Elves' few appearances have shown them to be peaceful. Little is known about this realm. Their shapes range from appearing physically human save for their pointy ears. the Ice Elves. This prompts Northstar to journey to Alfheim to reside there. claiming he is one of them. are introduced later.Chapter Two: Alfheim Typical Cat Elf Source: Marvel Comics Alfheim is one of the Nine Worlds and exists on the highest level of the World Tree along with Asgard and Vanaheim. Odin. playful. it has been shown to have a temperate. when Northstar learns he has been deceived. It is unknown of this change was brought about due to the rebirth of Ragnarok. Hyper-Strength. The Ice Elves reside in the frozen portion of Alfheim. being peaceful. Alternately. F Gd 8 A Rm 26 S E R I Gd Gd Ex Gd 8 8 16 8 Health: 50 Karma: 40 P Ex 16 Known Powers: • Power Simulation: Due to the mystical nature of the Elves all powers possessed by them are spells. appointed the Vanir known as Frey to be Alfheim's ruler. weapons. were revealed when the Ano-Athox warlord Uthana Thoth wiped one of their palaces out. The blue-skinned light elves of Alfheim's snowy regions share many of the same characteristics of their ordinary counterparts. spring-like climate. The exception to this rule is powers that are “Always on” such as Hyper-Intelligence. At least two different extremes of climate have been documented in the realm. including vast forests. when Loki lied to an ill and delusional Northstar. as per Power Simulation. 7 Golden Age and More .

The exception to this rule is powers that are “Always on” such as Hyper-Intelligence. Hyper-Strength. as per Power Simulation. The exception to this rule is powers that are “Always on” such as Hyper-Intelligence. etc… • Resistance to Cold: Ex 16 Talents: Survival Golden Age and More F Ex 16 A Ex 16 S E R I Gd Gd Ex Gd 8 8 16 8 Health: 48 Karma: 40 P Ex 16 Known Powers: • Power Simulation: Due to the mystical nature of the Elves all powers possessed by them are spells.Typical Ice Elf F Gd 8 A Ex 16 S E R I Gd Ex Ex Gd 8 16 16 8 Health: 48 Karma: 40 Typical Light Elf P Ex 16 Known Powers: • Power Simulation: Due to the mystical nature of the Elves all powers possessed by them are spells. Hyper-Strength. etc… Talents: Archery 8 . as per Power Simulation.

stands atop his huge flying beast. Soon it will not need a name at all. the Amazites battle on. Amazar’s famous floating citadel prepares to die. he relishes the relentless advance of the Golems. The Amazite women are lost and leaderless. as the warrior-women are known. a world of swords and sorcery. Now they commit it to the fires of never-more. Witchcraft keeps the Golems bound and loyal. Amazites A group of warrior women and sorceress. the signs are right. and beneath their unwholesome glow.they know only how to kill. Amazar. burnished fists. It is not known if any of them survived Lore's draining their world's energy. delaying in the inevitable. after which it was presumably fed on by Lore. large and powerful warriors. Now. suffering from an unknown malady. for their witch-queen is sick and dying. Space crackles and shudders. For a lunar month. who captured their witch-queen Eleyn and turned her over to Lore. On the floating citadel. as if in dread or revulsion. Vast magicks are woven in a lattice around the planet. but were no match for the powerful wizard. The Amazites. ready to split open and release their cargo… Iron Golems. Eldritch chaos surrounds this bright. Despite that. no remorse . he and his forces have laid siege to Amazar. It appeared as a lone island floating in the void of space. The warrior-women of Amazar fall beneath the Golems’ creaking. the white marble halls and terraces of their citadel become their tombs. the Golems know no mercy. ruled by the witch-queen Eleyn.Chapter Three: Amazar Source: Marvel Amazar Scarlet Witch’s Dream Amazar was an alien dimension. thus depriving the Amazites of her vast elemental powers. The stars are afraid tonight. no feeling. As they rampage within the floating citadel. Gargan believes his victory is assured and his elaborate plan complete. or the likely follow-up attack by the Scatter. are famed across the cosmos for their nobility and martial prowess. The dread Gargan. and whatever was left when she was done was likely scavenged by the Scatter. which are their greatest strength. wizard and conqueror. while malice alloyed into their metal souls drives them on. lonely world. It was assaulted by Gargan and his Iron Golems. The end is drawing near. Portents are aligned. For the last week she has lain in her chambers. Wave upon wave of landing pods swarm down through the clouds and strike the citadel rock. they fought savagely against Gargan and his Iron Golems. It is almost too easy… 9 Golden Age and More . hovering over the madness below.

• Starting Resources are set at Poor. • Amazites start out with only one Contact.Typical Amazite Primary Ability Chart. Column Five From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-60 61-70 71-80 81-95 96-00 Initial Score Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Mn 63 Additional Creation Notes • Amazites can raise any one Ability +1CS. their race. Golden Age and More 10 .

such as Oran. A mutual attraction between Oran and the Amazonian Queen was seemingly developing. Animal Husbandry. ray guns. 11 Golden Age and More . Oran of the Jungle discovered a group of Amazons with plans of conquest.Chapter Four: Amazons Typical Amazon Source: Fiction House In the Brazilian jungles. & Martial Arts. Their army had a massive modern city hidden inside a mountain. and televisors. The Brazilian army destroyed and apprehended the Amazonian forces swiftly using their tanks. Weapons. a giant reptile resembling a dinosaur or dragon. Their Queen dealt with outsiders. She would force them into gladiatorial matches with her pet. After being informed of the threat by Oran. but nevertheless the queen threw the handsome newcomer to the beast lest he interfere with her plans. that featured buildings such as a palace and coliseum. armed with advanced technology such as rocket ships. F Ex 16 A Rm 26 S E R I Ex Ex Ex Rm 16 16 16 26 Health: 74 Karma: 58 P Ex 16 Known Powers: • None Talents: Engineering.

Chapter Five: Amazons of Backworld
Source: Marvel Comics
The Amazons are a tribe of warrior women
living in a city either in or bordering the "rocky
outlands," across a river from a jungle region.
Having experienced brutal treatment by men, the
Amazons generally slew any they encountered,
though an Amazon could take a man as her
private property. Amazons wishing to claim the
same man would resolve the matter by combat,
sometimes to the death. The Amazons typically
refer to each other as sisters, presumably more of
a figurative designation than literal.

to "do what must be done." As Soreana
acknowledged that she would try, the former
Cody realized what was going on between the
two Amazon women.

They worshipped the god of light and life:
Brontnekkhar, though they also invoked Flauvus,
K'ozar, and Great Zharn.
They wield spears, daggers, bolas, and bow
and arrows.
The Amazons were experienced with the
"Kell," the undead servants of Shlime.
Following a thunderstorm, Soreana wandered
the jungle lands. Observing an eeoynai
approaching the open canister containing the
unconscious body of the mind-erased former
Emmanuel Cody, Soreana struck it with an
arrow, but became trapped under a collapsing
rotten branch before she could finish the
Reviving, the former Cody slew the eeoynai,
freed Soreana, and struggled to breach the
language barrier and convince Soreana of his
good intentions. Coming upon the scene, the
Amazons subdued Cody with a bola, and then
Axomeen ordered the others to slay him, to make
certain he would not do further violence to one
of their own. Before the women could strike with
their spears, Soreana rushed forward, explaining
how the man had saved her. Imploring Axomeen
to spare him, she answered in the affirmative
when Axomeen inquired if she wished to take
the man as her private property. Keelooah
challenged Soreana's claim, further noting how
Axomeen had long favored Soreana, despite
Keelooah being the bravest and strongest.
Whispering to Soreana that Keelooah had too
long spewed poison against her queen, Axomeen
gave Soreana her own blade and encouraged her

Golden Age and More

Soreana slew Keelooah in a fierce struggle,
after which the warrior-sisters broke into a wild
song of praise, an ancient song in honor of the
god of light and life, Brontnekkhar. As Soreana
claimed Bront, he told her that, though he lacked
a past and a name, he was still a man, a free man,
and he refused to be anyone's servant. When he
grabbed one of the warrior-sisters' spears,
Soreana struck him with the shaft of her spear,
knocking him out.
With the former Cody unconscious, the
warrior women bound his arms behind his back
around a thick branch.
As he recovered, Soreana apologized, telling
him this was necessary if he was to stay alive;
"Be faithful and obedient and I will reward you
Shackled and weary, the man was led through
the lush jungle - out toward the Amazon city. As
the group reached the rocky outlands, the night
wind whispered excitedly to the stars, naming
the man as "Bront."


The night wind whispered the name even as
the party of tawny-limbed amazons, chattering in
a strange, musical language, led him captive
through the rocky crag. It was picked up and
carried by the tides and eddies swirling below:
As they crossed a stone bridge between two
cliff edges, presumably hearing the voice in the
wind, Soreana told Axomeen she had decided to
name the man Bront. Axomeen only insisted
Soreana feed and clean up after him.
Suddenly, one of the Amazons noticed and
warned Axomeen that one of the Kell was in the
water, invoking both Flauvus and Zharn for
protection as she realized the Kell saw
them...with eyes that cannot see. Shlime, acting
in unseen fashion through his servant, caused the
stone bridge to crumble, and Axomeen told the
women to be brave as Bront and the Amazons
fell into the water. After the Kell claimed Bront
and rowed away, Axomeen and Soreana pulled
themselves onto land, with Axomeen warning
Soreana that she had feared her pet would anger
the elders...and that she would be whipped for
this. Soreana sobbed over the loss of her Bront.
Identified Members: Axomeen (leader),
Keelooah, Soreana
Note: Some of the women were referred to as
"these two Amazons" in #66, and the group was
referred to a "party of tawny-limbed Amazons"
in #79. The term may well be a descriptor rather
than their actual name, but they were otherwise
only described as warrior women or warriorsisters.

Katrin's Dwarven Servants

Katrin referred to them as her pets, and she
treated them like animals. They spoke in some
primitive language, though Katrin seemed to
understand them.
Telepathically, guided by Shlime, Bront
began a journey to the Lake of Fire and the
Monkey Puzzle Tree. Shlime led Bront over a
ridge and to a cave; as he approached, Bront was
unaware he was being watched by several
dwarven man-creatures armed with axes and
other weapons.
After guiding Bront into a cave, Shlime
realized he actually had made a mistake and that
this was the wrong cave, but it was too late to
stop Bront from being ambushed by at least
seven dwarven creatures; armed with battle-axelike weapons, they swiftly subdued Bront.
The dwarves bound Bront's hands and feet to
a pole and carried him through the caverns to
their mistress, Katrin.
Bront awakened near the end of the trip and
futilely attempted to re-establish mental contact
with Shlime, and his one-sided conversation
amused Katrin. Intrigued, Katrin wondered what
else he could do, and his responses led her to
have him brought to her bed and left there (hands
still bound). Bront eventually became annoyed
with Katrin, and he departed Katrin's abode,
fighting his way past a number of dwarves in the
One of her dwarves told her "Unga Slug
Batha!" She understood this to mean that Bront
would soon be dead if he continued heading in
the direction he was going...towards the lake of
fire and the whampa.
Comment: Most of the time, only 3-4 of the
servants were shown on panel, but there was one
in the initial conflict that showed seven attacking
Bront. Whether it was intentional to have seven
dwarves (as in Snow White and the...), I have no


Golden Age and More

Typical Amazon of Backworld



Health: 74 Karma: 58

Known Powers:
• None

Golden Age and More

Typical Dwarven Servant




Health: 48 Karma: 32


Known Powers:
• None


Chapter Six: Amazons of the Amazon
When Wonder Woman first encountered these
warrior women, they had been brainwashed by
Tezcatlipoca, and were doing his bidding. She
immediately recognized they were Amazons, albeit a
variety she had neither seen nor heard of before. The
Amazonians took Wonder Woman to the sacrificial
altar with her friends, wherein she engaged in a battle
of wills and might with Tezcatlipoca. His thralls were
freed from his control during the battle, when
Wonder Woman released an imprisoned eagle, the
symbol of pride and courage to the Amazons. They
subsequently fought alongside Tezcatlipoca against
animated Aztec statues. When Wonder Woman
managed to open a great sealed door, the Amazons
fled, which prompted Tezcatlipoca to say "Bah! Let
them go... I do not care!" The battle was concluded
when Wonder Woman destroyed an artifact made to
resemble Tezcatlipoca, freeing him from his mortal
form, and he withdrew.
After defeating Tezcatlipoca, Wonder Woman
reunited with the Amazons, who had mistook her for
Artemis (the ancient Wonder Woman). They stated
that Hippolyta told them that she was dead, but the
Queen had lied before. Wonder Woman then
persuaded the Amazonians to let her follow them
back to their Amazon River home, which was very
similar in construction to the architecture of Paradise

the Amazons attacked her calling her traitor and
deceiver, with an Amazon named Ariadne hurling her
spear at Diana.
A brief battle ensued, and Diana quickly brought
it to an end by using her golden lasso to subdue many
of the Amazons, when an unbound Atalanta called
for an end to the skirmish. Atalanta revealed to Diana
that her greeting raised their ire, since it was her
mother's ruinous leadership that caused them to leave
Paradise Island. She continued mentioning
Hippolyta's ill-starred romance with Heracles, and
how he beguiled her then stole her Girdle of Strength.
She stated she was never the same thereafter, and she
withdrew all of the Amazons from the world and
forbade them ever to consort with men. Diana
countered that this was Aphrodite's edict, not the
Queen's, but Atalanta replied that the Goddess of
Love was testing her. It was Hippolyta's chance to
prove that she could overcome her wounded pride
and learn to love again. Atalanta thought she never
would, but believed that Diana's presence suggested
that she did open her heart again at last.
Diana revealed that she had no father. Atalanta
stated she must have sought out Godly help, and that
the love of a mother for her daughter is powerful
indeed, but it is not the only love that women were
made for, and asked her if she had ever loved a man.
Diana said that the picture Atalanta painted was of a
stranger, and that Hippolyta was never so unjust. She
stated that she learned of justice, courage, and
kindness at her knee. Atalanta replied stating that she
was stubborn, righteous, and would hear no dissent.
She continued adding that Hippolyta was a fine
teacher but refused to be taught. Atalanta then asked
what lesson might they would they have learned had
it been Hippolyta who told Diana the tale of the
Amazons of the Amazon, and asked what other
lessons of the past she keeps hidden from Diana.
Visibly shaken by Atalanta's words, Diana
accused her of lying, and said she would not listen to
her talk this way and walked away. Atalanta allowed
her to go, knowing her words had struck a troubling
chord in Diana's heart.

She was taken to their Queen Atalanta by a group
of Amazons led by Maia, as they thought it was her
place to answer Wonder Woman's questions. Atalanta
had questions of her own, and when Wonder Woman
revealed she was Diana, the daughter of Hippolyta,


Diana went to the river, wishing the waters could
wash away her strife. She wondered “if what
troubled her the most was that she can believe her
mother might…” when her reverie was interrupted by
Atalanta. Diana started to apologize, and was cut off

Golden Age and More

She said she would leave Diana with her private thoughts. Typical Amazon of the Amazon F Ex 16 A Rm 26 S E R I Ex Ex Ex Rm 16 16 16 26 Health: 74 Karma: 58 P Ex 16 Known Powers: • None Golden Age and More 16 . and once more. that she has sisters here who will always welcome Atalanta. and that she also comes to that very spot for solitude. She stated that they are very much alike.

and foes of Lance Lewis. Golden Age and More . These included the ability to survive unaided in a vacuum. Primary Ability Chart. and the ability to swallow and digest prey with their acidic bodies. but similar to that possessed by Earth at the time including laser weapons and spaceships. Powers and Abilities Amoeba Men have several unique powers thanks to their physiology. shapeshifting.Chapter Seven: Amoeba Men Typical Amoeba Man Source: Nedor Comics Amoeba Men are an aggressive species of amoeba-like aliens that are said to originate from Saturn. Column Five From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-60 61-70 71-80 81-95 96-00 Initial Score Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Mn 63 Additional Creation Notes • • • 17 Amoeba Men can raise any one Ability +1CS. their race. mass manipulation. Amoeba Men start out with only one Contact. being unaffected by physical blows. Starting Resources are set at Poor. telepathy. Energy weapons or attacks are effective against them. The technology of their race was unique. however.

where the Ani-Men would participate in bloody gladiatorial combat. Example: The animal listed above is an Armadillo. he had his top scientist. The League determined that the Ani-Men were now just normal animals and no longer presented a threat to humanity. They left them to eke out their own lives on a small island off the coast of Newfoundland.Chapter Eight: Ani-Men Source: DC Comics Typical Ani-Man History The Ani-Men were an organization of human/animal hybrids. and the League fought against the Ani-Men on at least three separate occasions. Naming himself Maximus Rex. Betraying her lover. He opened a private stadium called the Arena. and Hawkman all suffered severe injuries. Maximus Rex presided over the festivities to an audience filled with the wealthiest elite the city of New York had to offer. They were the former board members of the bankrupt corporation. When Repli-Tech's CEO Rex Rogan discovered that the company was going under. What Rex and the others didn't know though. scorpion-men. was also robbing them of their humanity. lizard-men. Add the rank numbers together to complete their power rank (round down). Irena. was that the process which gave them their animal powers. The Player can then roll on the Ability Modifier Chart to customize them further. She told the League about Rex and the Ani-Men. In addition. but always as the main event of the evening. plus Typical. Golden Age and More F * A S E R I P * * * Gd 10 Gd 10 Gd 10 Health: Special Karma: 30 *Their initial physical stats are those of their original animal stock (original Armadillo stock is Feeble in all physical abilities). plus any special traits they possessed before. Doctor Lovecraft. Reena eventually grew sickened with what happened to her and the others. Repli-Tech Industries. Others were transformed into rhinoceros-men. the Flash. so the score would be Ty 6 in all physical abilities. They eventually devolved into a completely animalistic state. etc. and League members Elongated Man. became a cat-woman named Reena. Rogan provided his Ani-Men with the glory and power that he had promised them. Rex himself would also engage in combat. whale-men. The Ani-Men proved to be powerful though. Rex became a lion-man. 18 . the Ani-Men will have the listed nonphysical abilities. Using those stats: Fb 1 + Ty 5 = 6. she sought sanctuary with the Justice League of America. while his assistant and lover. use an experimental DNA treatment to transform Rex and the others into powerful beast men.

Marvo pretended to go along with the Antarenes plan until he and his friend Bud found an opportunity to destroy the force ray gun. Marvo1. Column Five From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-60 61-70 71-80 81-95 96-00 Powers and Abilities They have the ability to communicate telepathically with their "amennae". which propelled Antar through space. They have a queen but are ruled by a Grand Dobol. Initial Score Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Mn 63 Additional Creation Notes • • • 19 Antarenes can raise any one Ability +1CS. Starting Resources are set at Poor. their race. This made their planet of Antar uninhabitable. Primary Ability Chart. Characteristics The Antarenes are a green ant-like creature of average height. In the 2680's the Antarenes arrived in the Earth's solar system.2Go+ discovered their plan when he visited their dead world. Golden Age and More . which can push a planet out of its orbit and a propulsor. The ant-men went underground and built a propulsion device to move their planet through space called a Propulsor. Bud and Marvo then sent the antmen's planet out of the solar system. They have antennae and can walk upright. They planned to push the planet Earth out of its orbit and then into the sun while Antar would take its place. antennae like organs on their head.Chapter Nine: Antarenes Typical Antarene Source: Komos Comics Antarenes are a race of ant-men from a distant solar system whose sun had expired. Antarenes start out with only one Contact. The antarenes possess an advanced technological society having developed devices that can move worlds: a force ray gun. However. Using this device they hoped to find a new solar system with a thriving sun.

the Antons then used Electro to help them conquer the earth . including a wide snout and saber-like teeth in addition to shorter fangs. History Little is known of the mysterious race of Antons. and include two arms. and two powerful wings to carry them aloft. though a celestial mishap thrust their home at our own. a world far. it is quite possible that Torsa wasn't the only home of these aliens.Chapter Ten: Antons Source: Marvel Comics Origin: The mysterious race of Antons evolved on the planetoid of Torsa. Regardless. whether or not it is their native planet. Momentarily seizing control of his Marvel. ostensibly an intelligent species. said inhabitants took considerable exception to this plan. Appearance: Its motion and proximity causing untold havoc to its new neighbor. but the Antons have nonetheless made it their home. violent brutes. Torsa was quickly abandoned by the Antons. meaning they could resurface to invade the earth once more! Golden Age and More Ecological Niche: Antons appear to exist at the apex of life on whatever world they make their home. when a celestial accident thrust the world out of its original orbit. They seemed too few in number to have evolved and thrived on the planet Torsa. the Antons are approximately nine foot tall. Whether or not they are egged on by their crowned ruler. Antons appear happy to bully those weaker than themselves. This small planetoid seemed too small to support the evolution of such large entities. To all outward appearances. and feature long. Exploring Torsa as it wreaked chaos around the earth. attempted to destroy the planetoid with his robotic Marvel of the Age: Electro! Winds kicked up by Torsa's movements around the earth derailed this scheme. Thus. their nameless ruler does. far away from the earth. As luck would have it. thick limbs are sea green in hue. and remain in hiding on our world to this very day. While they may come across as simple. minimally humanoid beings hailing from the world of Torsa. Antons are a strange mishmash of terrestrial and alien anatomies. With this done. this resemblance is wholly coincidental. very tight orbit around the planet earth. Torsa was the home of the Antons. shaggy brown hair (or fur) on both their torso and their head. Zog then used Electro to bomb Torsa. Professor Zog and his least until Professor Zog was able to regain mastery of the robot.or. however. Vaguely humanoid in stature. Though they share the features of various terrestrial creatures. Doctor Horrace Forde. at the very least. Naturally. Characteristics: The Antons. two legs. Antons nonetheless possess highly advanced scientific knowledge . Their facial features are vaguely porcine in appearance. it found a new home in a very. seem more than ready to inflict violence on other sentient beings for their own benefit. destroying it utterly! It is possible that some Antons survived the destruction of Torsa. 20 . or at least a small portion of their kind. Furthermore. Their long. so perhaps they originated elsewhere. who decided to conquer this larger world and its weak inhabitants. the calamity that befell the world of Torsa may well have been of their own making.

Talents: None. Standing at approximately nine feet tall. saber-like fangs jutting out past their upper lips. all Antons possess a large pair of bird-like wings.Typical Anton Limitations / Enhancements: • Susceptibility / Z-Rays: Though the exact properties of Professor Zog's Z-Rays are unknown. Being big and bulky. or 120 miles per hour. Antons have demonstrated a particular weakness to them. Contacts: The strange band of aliens known as Antons likely can consider other members of their species reliable contacts. • Wings: Finally. 21 Golden Age and More . as they tended to elevate themselves above others in stature. mostly to showcase their heightened reach and leverage. the torsos of Antons of Torsa are covered in long. • Growth: Though they do not have the ability to actually change their size. and allows them to stand tall in the face of Remarkable (30) ranked cold. This would be particularly true if a given Anton needed help gaining vengeance against humanity! F Gd 10 A S E R I Ex Gd Ty 6 Ty 6 Ty 6 20 10 Health: 45 Karma: 22 Resources: Ty 6 Popularity: Shift-0 P Gd 10 Known Powers: • Fangs: The maw of the average Anton is replete with sharp teeth. All known Antons suffer at least one fourth of their maximum Health score in damage with each exposure to Z-Rays. for short periods of time. Antons are larger than humans by far. This helps them to preserve body heat. Antons possess this power at Feeble (2) rank. Antons may use these fangs to inflict their Strength rank in Edged Attack damage to whatever they bite. with which they may soar through skies both familiar and alien. shaggy fur. Antons can only fly at Good (10) speed. • Resistance to Cold Attacks: Though their limbs lack this benefit. including two oversized.

Chapter Eleven: Arc Centurians
Source: Marvel

Typical Arc Centurian

The Arc Centurians are an advanced alien
race of telepaths from the planet Arc Centauri.
Not much else is known about their race. A
geneticist from their planet was traveling though
Earth's solar system in 1954 when the
gravitational pull of the planet pulled him to the
surface. With his ship damaged, the alien
attempted to get help from the locals of the
northern American town he had landed in, but
was only met with fear.
The appearance of the alien being prompted
the Human Torch and Toro to investigate. They
arrived on the scene just as a young boy - fleeing
from the alien in fear - ran off a cliff. As the
Torch rescued the boy Toro engaged the alien
but struck his head on a tree, knocking him out
and sending him falling down the cliff. Fatally
wounded, Toro was restored to health by the Arc
Centurian, who then communicated to the Torch
and convinced him that he was benevolent. The
alien explained his problem to the Torch, and the
hero helped fix his ship allowing the alien to
return to the stars before he was attacked by an
angry mob of frightened townspeople.
No other members of this race have been seen
since; their present activities are unknown.
All members of the Arc Centurian race are
telepaths and are immune to fire. They also
possess six legs, and a tail.

Primary Ability Chart; Column Five
From the Ultimate Powers Book
Die Roll

Initial Score
Fb 1
Pr 3
Ty 5
Gd 8
Ex 16
Rm 26
In 36
Am 46
Mn 63

Additional Creation Notes
• Arc Centurians can raise any one
Ability +1CS.
• Starting Resources are set at Poor.
• Arc Centurians start out with only one
Contact, their race.
• Telepathy, and/or Prehensile Tail may
be taken as an optional power (counts as
one of the initial powers rolled).
• At least half of Arc Centurians’ powers
should be mental in nature.

Golden Age and More


Chapter Twelve: Autan
Source: Marvel Comics
Not much is known about the planet Autan or
its location in the universe. It is a barren rock
world that appears to have no plant life, but is
rich in various minerals including gold. The only
known inhabitants of this world are the
Autanians. Until early 1949, the Autanians were
enslaved by a creature known as the Brain
Monster, who used his army of Cube Men to
force the Autanians to mine for gold, the
substance the Brain Monster needed to survive.
Eventually the Autanians refused to mine and
were assisted by the Earth heroine known as Sun
Girl, who slew the Brain Monster and freed the

Autanians are the humanoid residents of the
planet Autan. They were forced into slave
mining by the creature known as the Brain
Monster, who required gold in order to survive.
However, Grail, the leader of the Autanians,
convinced his people to stop mining gold for the
Brain Monster. The Brain Monster then turned
its sights to Earth, and its Cube Men brought the
Earth heroine known as Sun Girl to help with his
harvest of Earthen gold.
Sun Girl, learning that the Autanians were to
be sentenced to death, instead convinced the
Brain Monster to let her talk the Autanians into
going back to work instead. The Brain Monster


allowed this, and Sun Girl convinced Grail and
his people to go back to work for the Brain
Monster and plan a mutiny. Sun Girl and Grail
were then taken to the Brain Monster. There,
Grail helped Sun Girl get out of her binds, and
she slew the monster with her sun beam. With
the Brain Monster dead, the Cube Men fell inert
as well, and the Autanians were free. In thanks,
they helped Sun Girl return to Earth.

The Brain Monster
The origins of the Brain Monster are
unknown. A massive brain needing to eat gold, it
somehow forced the local Autanians to mine for
the material it needed to eat. It also developed an
army of Cube Men, robots that were an
extension of its own powerful mind. By 1949,
the Autanians, led by a man named Grail,
revolted against the Brain Monster and refused to
mine for gold. The Brain Monster then sent its
Cube Men to Earth to collect gold from that
planet. There the Cube Men brought back Sun
Girl to present to their master because locals
referred to her as the "Golden Goddess".
The Brain Monster told Sun Girl that it
intended to eliminate the Autanians and harvest
gold from Earth instead, but Sun Girl convinced
the creature to let her talk to Grail and his
people. Sun Girl convinced Grail to feign
subservience to the Brain Monster, and when the
creature was distracted, Sun Girl loosened her
bonds and fired her sunbeam directly into the
Brain Monster's massive brain. The effect killed
the Brain Monster and deactivated his Cube
Men, ending the creature’s threat.
The Brain Monster has a powerful intellect
that allows it to transmit its will into machines,
in particular his Cube Men. The monster did not
appear to have any other extra-cognitive abilities.
The Brain Monster was mostly immobile,
making it an easy target. It also relied on gold as
its only form of sustenance.

Golden Age and More

Cube Men
The Cube Men were mechanical creatures
created by the Brain Monster of the planet
Autan. The Cube Men were powered by the
creature's massive brain, but other than following
their creator’s orders, the Cube Men appeared to
have unique personalities and were completely
autonomous. The Cube Men's primary function
was to force the Autanians to mine for gold, the
only substance their master ate. By 1949, the
Autanians refused to mine any more, and so the
Cube Men were sent to planet Earth to steal gold.
In New Mexico they captured Earthen heroine
Sun Girl, because she was referred to as the
"Golden Goddess". They brought her to Autan,
where the Brain Monster intended to use her to
collect gold from Earth. However, Sun Girl
convinced the Brain Monster to allow her to
convince the Autanians to once more resume
their mining. Sun Girl was sent with a Cube Man
named Bokx to talk to the Autanians.
Sun Girl convinced the leader of the
Autanians, named Grail, to once more pretend to
serve the Brain Monster. This served to allow
Sun Girl to get close enough to use her sun beam
on the monster, killing it. With the Brain
Monster dead, all the Cube Men fell inert.

Typical Autanian

Primary Ability Chart; Column Five
From the Ultimate Powers Book
Die Roll

Initial Score
Fb 1
Pr 3
Ty 5
Gd 8
Ex 16
Rm 26
In 36
Am 46
Mn 63

Additional Creation Notes
• Autanians can raise any one Ability
• Starting Resources are set at Poor.
• Autanians start out with only one
Contact, their race.

Golden Age and More


Typical Cube Man

Primary Ability Chart; Column Four
From the Ultimate Powers Book
Die Roll

Fb 1
Pr 3
Ty 5
Gd 8
Ex 16
Rm 26
In 36
Am 46
Mn 63

Additional Benefits
• Initial Popularity is zero.
• Player character Cube Men
possess self-repair facilities that
simulate normal Healing.


Golden Age and More

Golden Age and More 26 . its natural prey and set them against each other. Primary Ability Chart. Captain Speed Carter. When Speed still refused to give the orders. his sidekick Johnny Day and his girlfriend Stellar Stone soon found themselves captured by the Bems. Their leader Bakka then demanded that Speed order the Space Sentinels to stop their attack on the Bems so they could leave the asteroid they were forced to take cover on. a coalition of planets in Earth's solar system that were devoted to intergalactic peace.Chapter Thirteen: Bems Source: Marvel Typical Bem Not much is known about the Bems. • Bems start out with only one Contact. a race of insectoid aliens unique to the Earth-5391 reality. they were enemies of the United Planets. led raids across the solar system. he found himself transformed into an Elepheagle and set free. By the year 2075. The Bems. a reality where space travel and exploration boomed in the late 20th Century. Retaining his human intelligence. Speed then led the Space Sentinels to the asteroid on a counterattack that saw the Bems wiped out. their race. prompting the United Planets to send the Space Sentinels to deal with it. When Carter refused. Column Five From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-60 61-70 71-80 81-95 96-00 Initial Score Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Mn 63 Additional Creation Notes • Bems can raise any one Ability +1CS. • Starting Resources are set at Poor. It is unknown if any Bems still live. Bakka then used a matter converter device to transform Stellar into a Tigagator and Johnny into a Girafonkey. Speed and his friends were then restored to human form. led by Bakka.

Somehow Verminus Rex resurrected his race. usually Berev'ha Dentii. • Endurance is raised +1CS.Chapter Fourteen: Berev'ha Dentii Source: Marvel Typical Berev'ha Dentii The Berev'ha Dentii are a rat-like race of warrior mystics that were not part of Heaven's overall plan. Primary Ability Chart. When they captured Shoba Mirza. 27 Golden Age and More . they drew the attention of Danny Ketch and his Ghost Rider. and fed them the stolen power of Ghost Riders that he captured. • Berev'ha Dentii must have at least one Contact. Column One From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-05 06-10 11-20 21-40 41-60 61-80 81-96 97-00 Rank Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Additional Benefits • Intuition is raised +1CS. They were hunted by angels and were thought dead before Blackheart resurrected Verminus Rex as one of his Spirits of Vengeance.

Powers The Black Light Men are capable of seeing in the dark and are immune to the effects of extreme cold. The goal of this effort was to lift any survivors of this global freeze off the planet.Chapter Fifteen: Black Light Men Source: Story Magazine Typical Black Light Man Not much is known about the Black-Light Men. They live on a planet that they can apparently direct and. This is likely due to the fact that their planet is rogue. and would require a "Negative-Spot Ray" to be seen through a telescope. They live on an Arctic world that is covered with ice and snow. 28 . the Black Light Men were attempting to reposition the Earth in an effort to render it unable to sustain human life. as such. so they could ultimately sell it to Martians. • Starting Resources are set at Poor. Their planet is difficult to detect by conventional means. no longer being heated by a star. Whirlwind Carter and the Interplanetary Secret Service who stormed the Black Light Planet bravely fought the attackers. an alien race that exists in Universe-5464. Learning that the Black Light Men were afraid of fire. • Black Light Men start out with only one Contact. In their only recorded appearance. their race. the Black Light Men's planet was sent spiraling off into space. In defeat. Column Five From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-60 61-70 71-80 81-95 96-00 Initial Score Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Mn 63 Additional Creation Notes • Black Light Men can raise any one Ability +1CS. Their fate remains unrevealed. Golden Age and More Primary Ability Chart. is mobile. Weaknesses The Black Light Men are afraid of heat and fire. and mostly devoid of life. their armies were chased off a cliff by a group of ISS soldiers carrying torches.

though they avoided being conquered only through luck. and are employed in the United Planets Navy as shock troops. Golden Age and More . and the Voltamens’ preoccupation with the rebellion on Earth. Blyntzyns start out with only one Contact. and are highly resistant to toxins due to their highly (even overly) industrialized home world.Chapter Sixteen: Blyntzyns Typical Blyntzyn Source: Amazing Adventures The Blyntzyns are a race of diminutive. They have a "goblin-like” appearance. Now they are valued members of The United Planets. the Blyntzyn System is very poor in plant and animal life. and explore the universe for them. The Blyntzyn home world is mineral and energy rich. allowing the Blyntzyns to construct a potent fleet of ships and robots. Blyntzyns possess horns that can be used to gore for Gd 8 damage. Starting Resources are set at Poor. Blyntzyns are very small by human standards. would-be conquerors that ran afoul of the Voltamen. Due to earlier disasters in their home system. and robotic weapons platforms. as they build a wide arrangement of highly advanced robots to run their industry. Primary Ability Chart. fight their wars. standing roughly two feet in height. finding the cutthroat world of business and especially industry more to their liking than direct warfare. pilots. Blyntzyn-built robots are a regular sight in dangerous industrial zones. including huge pointed ears and horns. their race. making biomass of any kind highly valued. they are brilliant technologists. In the United Planets. Though small and not very strong. Initial Score Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Mn 63 Additional Creation Notes • • • • 29 Blyntzyns can raise any one Ability +1CS. Column Five From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-60 61-70 71-80 81-95 96-00 Robotics is very important to the Blyntzyns.

Chapter Seventeen: Brain Men of Mars Typical Brain Man of Mars Source: Fox Comics The Brain-Men of Mars are brilliant humanoids who require mechanized exoskeletons to help their small bodies support the weight of their gigantic heads. The Brain-Men are highly intelligent and technologically advanced. which would spread disease across the land. hand held ray weapons. They carry small. Martinious came to Mars. their race. Starting Resources are set at Poor. Stardust arrived on earth. Their plan involved sending meteors to earth. starting with Earth. When Dr. giving scientists there the secret to wipe out the insects and the disease they carried. Brain Men of Mars start out with only one Contact. which are powerful enough to destroy a building. infested with Martian insects. he used the scientific genius of the Brain Men to devise a weapon that would allow him to conquer the universe. Primary Ability Chart. 30 . Column Five From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-60 61-70 71-80 81-95 96-00 Initial Score Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Mn 63 Additional Creation Notes • • • Golden Age and More Brain Men of Mars can raise any one Ability +1CS.

another sorcerer discovered Flavius and Helene with Ebrok. including the man now known as the demonic sorcerer Belasco. and transformed a human woman into a cat-like warrior named Tigra. One night. The number of Cat People grew. The other sorcerers. Flavius and Helene were able to get the Balkatar to do their bidding. that then swept over Europe. when Flavius and Helene were quite old. The current Balkatar is named Grigar. and killed Ebrok. Flavius and Helene secretly remained with Ebrok. however. but Ebrok's fellow sorcerers. and Golden Age and More . A descendent of the second race of Cat People. unknown to the mystics who banished the Cat People. mystical. After Nelson was hit by alpha radiation while battling members of the subversive organization HYDRA.Chapter Eighteen: Cat People Source: Marvel Comics History The Cat People are a race of demons in the form of humanoid cats that inhabit an alternate dimensional netherworld. Tumulo saved her life by using scientific. which is ruled by the god Pluto). which was ruled by Mephisto. Joanne Marie Tumulo. after the most infamous of these realms. Ebrok. This realm was part of the interconnected series of netherworld pocket dimensions known collectively as Hades. since he had to obey the Sorcerers' Guild. magically banished the Cat People to the other dimensional netherworld that the Cat People themselves call the Land Within. who wore it in her secret identity of the Cat. Finally. (This Hades is not to be confused with the Olympian underworld of the same name. Enraged. one of the Cat People must answer the summons of any Earth-born sorcerer who calls upon them. Flavius and Helene instead decided to transform human beings into Cat People. opposed his work with the Cat People. instructed these first two Cat People. According to the spell of the sorcerers who banished the Cat People. but he could not. The member of the Cat People chosen by them to respond to such calls is given the title of the Balkatar. who posed as a normal human being and lived among other human beings. Flavius and Helene had learned of their plan against them in sufficient time to use their own mystic skills to avoid banishment. Flavius and Helene fled to the mountains where they worked to find a cure for the plague. Flavius and Helene. Dr. killing untold numbers of people. She designed a costume. but they were again persecuted by the Sorcerers' Guild. which heightened the agility of its wearer to a feline level and gave it to Greer Nelson. Thus the Balkatar of the time and the original Tigra became the parents of a second race of Cat People. Flavius hurled a container holding the results of their current experiment at the killer. In time the demonic environment of the Land Within caused the Cat People living there to become demons themselves. This original Tigra destroyed the enemies of Flavius and Helene. assisting him in his work. However. created a means to give human beings the powers of the Cat People through artificial means. The Cat People originated roughly a thousand years ago when a human sorcerer on Earth named Ebrok magically transformed two house cats into sentient humanoid cats. who belonged to the Sorcerers' Guild. The Guild also mystically prevented Flavius and Helene from successfully using the spell to transform cats into Cat People. in the mystic arts. they discovered the cure for the Black Plague. which was to mate with the original Tigra. a kindly man. thereby releasing the germ that caused 31 the Black Plague. Since the Sorcerers' Guild no longer existed. Flavius and Helene summoned the Balkatar to protect them.

claws. Typical Cat Person Tumulo sacrificed her own life to stop the rampage of Tabur.psionic means to transform her into a modern day version of Tigra. a humanoid cat created by the High Evolutionary. The now-demonic Cat People of the Land Within still exist and have fallen under the domination of Belasco. and slitted pupils in the eyes. pointed ears on top of the head. • All Physical Abilities are raised +1CS. A Cat Person can see in the dark with Excellent night vision. Column Five From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-60 61-70 71-80 81-95 96-00 Rank Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Mn 63 Additional Benefits • A Cat Person has a tail. Golden Age and More 32 . • Cat People possess claws that deal Excellent Edged damage. fangs. Primary Ability Chart. The rest of the second race of Cat People was wiped out.

Martian Manhunter began to grow aloof from his adopted people and assume a more Martian-like appearance. • Being normally driven by Bruce Wayne's memory of the deaths of Thomas and Martha Wayne.Chapter Nineteen: Cathexis Source: DC Comics Originating from the sixth dimension of reality . the separation had been far from perfect. • As with Superman. and became increasingly less confident in himself. granting any wishes that it sensed to give the wish-maker precisely what was asked for without giving them precisely what they wanted. However. Upon arriving in this dimension. unable to channel his rage into his Batman identity. Wishing to expand their power. and unleashed it upon Earth. just as he was wishing that those superhumans who had two lives sometimes did not have to cope with such pressures. Golden Age and More .he even changed his costume. As its first wish in this dimension. Without the other identity to balance out their personalities. the heroes began to change in initially subtle but increasingly obvious ways: • Lacking Clark Kent's influence. the Flash. • Without the Green Lantern ring to properly express himself creatively. Wonder Woman and Aquaman alone remained the same because they had no secret identities in the first place. it latched on to the strongest superhuman mind it could find. despite promising to keep it the way it was to honor the memory of Barry Allen. found himself contemplating returning to his criminal ways without Plastic Man's powers and lighter nature to give him a reason to remain a hero. Plastic Man degenerated from being a man with a sense of humor to being a nearineffective idiot. to the point where he simply attempted to shoot at a massive flood rather than taking the more responsible solution of erecting a wall to contain it. making inappropriate jokes in the middle of a crisis. Wally. O'Brien. the Flash simply reveled in his speed with no thought for the past . Plastic Man and the Martian Manhunter were split into their human and superhuman identities. meanwhile. Id essentially began to act like the malevolent genie. violently beating a couple of vandals who attempted to graffiti his car. Green Lantern. It is an energy field capable of modifying reality based on the wishes of those it made contact with and subsequently modifying the vibrations of subatomic particles to grant wishes. they created the sentenergy 'Id'. Green Lantern. Superman grew increasingly alien and aloof from the people he had vowed to protect. • Without Eel O'Brien's darker opposed to humanity's existence in the third dimension . became increasingly fearful of even simple things like heights. changing his costume to a more Kryptonian style of clothing and on one occasion actually partially lobotomizing a new opponent to shut down the part of his brain that allowed him to use his new powers. Bruce Wayne. In contrast to the others. Superman. became increasingly hostile. capable of creating sentient energy beings and wielding remarkable power in their own right. on the other hand. As a result. lacked any imagination and simply used his ring as a weapon. • Lacking Wally's human influence. despite enjoying his new freedom not to have to lie about where he has been. even missing dinner dates with his wife Linda. 33 Clark Kent. John Jones reveled in his new freedom. as Wonder Woman and Aquaman swiftly realized. Batman rapidly lost his spirit and resolve without Wayne's memory to drive him. becoming a faceless individual with no real drives of his own. he. Batman.the Cathexis are an advanced and powerful race. including his lack of a fear of fire and him no longer being plagued by the long-standing grief from being the last of his race. Kyle Rayner began to increasingly descend into madness. became increasingly lethargic. obsessively sketching down ideas to try to keep himself under control. lacking the Flash's haste.

Wonder Woman. rendering them easily bested by Batman. • Starting Resources are set at Poor. their race. following a scarred beauty queen's yell of "Don't look at me!!" while on live television. • Cathexis start out with only one Contact. so much time had passed that there was not enough energy to fully reverse the wish. and the reverse consisted of a haphazard mess. but Joey had unfortunately wished that his father was back rather than alive. Metamorpho had been brought back by his son Joey's wish. Eel O'Brien gathered their civilian identities together. Accompanied by the League. making a last desperate gambit. As the Cathexis divided Aquaman into his fish and human sides. who then confronted the Cathexis while Eel attempted to use their equipment to reverse Superman's original wish. 34 . the Flash divided the Cathexis from two sixdimensional creatures into four threedimensional ones. Golden Age and More Typical Cathexis Primary Ability Chart. tricked them into separating her soul of truth from her physical form. With this achieved.While investigating the apparent resurrection of the deceased Metamorpho. with both personas struggling for dominance. lacking the knowledge to ever recreate Id again. the Cathexis were able to reverse the wish. the Cathexis showed their true colors and turned on them. Column Five From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-60 61-70 71-80 81-95 96-00 Initial Score Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Mn 63 Additional Creation Notes • Cathexis can raise any one Ability +1CS. channeling their combined desires into a wish for Id to destroy itself and banish the Cathexis back to their dimension. Unfortunately. and explained the situation to the League. After realizing the problems being faced by the divided Leaugers. the League united around Id. Using Id's power. After the Justice League captured Id using Wonder Woman's lasso and the Flash's vibrations. the Cathexis subsequently tracked Id to Los Angeles after it turned the entire city blind. Using the residual 'Id energies' left from the wish. and so Id had translated his wish as such. her spirit form thus able to reveal the truth to her six split teammates. the League met the Cathexis for the first time and learned about Id. that they were stronger together than apart.

Through the entire conflict of World War II.E.D.D. and devour Kleiser. However. At the same time.I. soldiers were killed and dozens of Helicarriers were destroyed.L.E. influencing the media. For example. and the latter of the two even teleported the Chitauri bomb to the wastes of Nastrond. The Chitauri also infiltrated S. disguised as common office workers. and even from their main Japanese training camps in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.E. Golden Age and More . The Ultimates and all available S.D. and its solar system with a doomsday bomb as part of a scorched-earth policy. They claimed that they were fleeing major defeats across the galaxy by their intergalactic enemies. which could telepathically ferret out Chitauri agents.I. The Chitauri leader. At Captain America's urging. Nick Fury and a handful of SHIELD soldiers survived. wiping out disorder and free will wherever they find it.D.L.L. most notably during World War II and again in the early 21st century.H. Disregarding Herr Kleiser's long-term efforts. The Chitauri claim to be part of "the immune system of the Universe". It is presently presumed that the combination of the Chitauri's series of intergalactic defeats and the destruction of the Chitauri fleet on Earth spelled the complete and total defeat of the alien race. and R. (Radio-frequency identification) microchips to be implanted in schoolchildren. the Chitauri withdrew to make new plans. their location was given away when a fleet of damaged Chitauri starships suddenly entered Earth's atmosphere to hover above the formerly secret base. Furthermore. S.Chapter Twenty: Chitauri Source: Marvel Comics The Chitauri are a race similar to Earth-616's Skrulls. However. and the Ultimates into a trap on a small Micronesian island.E.I. dismember. specifically Earth's solar system.D. but was unable to defeat him alone. this attempt was thwarted by the super-soldier codenamed Captain America. Following the end of the war. involving long-term methods of manipulation such as will-inhibiting drugs in many nations' water supplies. mimicking and influencing the social and military methods of the species they are currently infiltrating. Their next attempt at conquest was more subtle (at first).H. they aided the Nazis in their attempt at world conquest by providing them with the technology to create a nuclear bomb carried by an intercontinental ballistic missile. the Chitauri ordered him to destroy Earth. Captain America battled his old enemy Herr Kleiser. and retreat to the "lower fourth-dimension". took the Wasp to a hidden Chitauri base in Arizona. where its detonation caused only a small ripple in space-time.I.I. The Chitauri then counterattacked by infiltrating the Triskelion and capturing The Wasp. the Hulk was able to beat.. and military forces immediately converged on the alien fleet. known only by his former Nazi identity as Herr Kleiser.F.H. the Ultimates.I. However. particularly the Psi-Division.D. among other means. but thousands of S. While Iron Man and Thor were able to damage the Chitauri ships.H. was able to detect some of the low-ranking 35 "drone" staff of the aliens.H. that the remainder of their forces were forced to the "backwaters" of the Milky Way Galaxy. and wiped them out in an assault led by Black Widow and Hawkeye. the Chitauri were being driven out of their operations in Africa and Europe. Due to the combined efforts of Iron Man and Thor. as they are a shapeshifting alien species that have attempted to conquer the Earth.L.L. They seem to prefer to acting behind the scenes.E. it was the Hulk who downed the majority of the fleet. The Chitauri planted false information through the compromised Psi-Division that led S.

which called itself Galactus.with an even greater need to feed. equipment. Gah Lak Tus merged with the visitor. an entire Chitauri armada was fighting their enemies when they encountered Gah Lak Tus. a rift in the fabric of reality brought a being from another universe. F Gd 8 A S E R I Ty 5 Ty 5 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ty 5 Health: 28 Karma: 22 P Ty 5 Known Powers: • Shapeshifting: All Chitauri possess the ability to spontaneously alter their appearance to that of any living thing. They can even modify parts of their bodies to imitate the appearance and properties of clothing. or secretions connected with the original.Typical Chitauri During the Chitauri-Kree War. When their ships were being heavily damaged by the entity. Golden Age and More 36 . creating an even more powerful Galactus .

The Claw forced his scientist. they are his slaves and serve their master loyally. to create a formula that transformed human beings into deadly goblinlike creatures. 37 Golden Age and More . Some use grenades and most are willing to die for their master. Column One From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-05 06-10 11-20 21-40 41-60 61-80 81-96 97-00 Initial Score Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Additional Creation Notes • Clawites can raise any one Primary Ability +1CS. Primary Ability Chart. They are bulletproof (one cop complained that it took 100 shots of his tommy gun to kill a single Clawite) and they usually carry a trident or pitchfork style weapon. once they were transformed into Clawites. created to serve the Claw.Chapter Twenty-One: Clawites Source: Daredevil Comics Typical Clawite The Clawites are monstrous henchmen. loyal to him. prehensile tails. and wings that enable them to fly. Cling. Though many of these humans were enemies of the Claw. The Clawites have razor sharp claws.

They apparently lived below the surface of the Earth for centuries undiscovered until the year 2075. the Saturnians attacked the Earth. his sidekick Johnny Day. and contains a smaller micro "universe" inside where the Core People reside. the Space Sentinels were able to launch a surprise attack and repelled the invaders. thanks to their new alliance with the Core People. However. and made a trade agreement when he realized that his people were plundering the Core People's domain. a reality where the Earth is apparently hollow. Shortly after a peace agreement was formed. In that year the Core People went to war against the surface world due to drilling and mining minerals out of the Earth. Column One From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-05 06-10 11-20 21-40 41-60 61-80 81-96 97-00 Rank Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Additional Benefits • Core People can raise any one Primary Ability +1CS. and girlfriend Stellar Stone were contacted by the Core People's leader Nikka. whose leader Speed Carter. Carter and his companions then traveled to the center of the earth and made peace with Nikka and his people. Primary Ability Chart. Golden Age and More 38 . who claimed the surface people were invading their home planet. The attack was repelled by the Space Sentinels.Chapter Twenty-Two: Core People Source: Marvel Comics Typical Core Person The Core People live in the center of the Earth on Earth-5391.

the subjects are taken over by the energies of the Crimson Dawn. in vengeance for the fall of the Ming Dynasty. China was overrun by "The Roaming King". and the landscape is devoid of vegetation and harsh and rocky. The sky is blood red. the sky is red in color. the Crimson Dawn is also used as the name of the elixir's location. The air is devoid of any real warmth or moisture. As time goes on. Warren Worthington. and the landscape is harsh and dark. the connection to the shadow realm grows. The Vein also serves as the throne room for its current proctor. Li-Tzu Ch’eng. as is indicated by a The Crimson Dawn has apparently existed for ages. however. more specifically the mystical elixir kept within the realm of the same name. or if it had simply always existed. although certain. Wolverine along with Elisabeth's lover and fellow X-Man. 39 The architecture is reminiscent of that of China and Japan. It can only be accessed by those who can travel through shadows. akin to perpetual sunset or twilight. strangely. though. and is representative of the elixir's properties. A'yin. and are either made servants (if willful enough) or simply mindless slaves. saving her. and the development of the ability to travel through shadows. though they are still bound to serve the Dawn and its proctor. and is heavily guarded by Undercloaks. As its denizens utilize shadows for travel. and Ra'al. darker. Alternatively. Barak. embarked on a quest to save her life through the use of the Dawn. The city itself is composed of multiple buildings of this nature. The Dragons of the Crimson Dawn) retain their intelligence and will. souls tainted by the Dawn's power and made slaves to its current proctor. Within this tower is the Ebon Vein: the chamber in which the elixir itself is located. and its denizens are a species called the Undercloaks. they are unnecessary. The Undercloaks are the lowest general representation of life after tasting the Dawn. albeit much more fantastic in design. Within this realm. sought out the "Covenant of the Ebon Vein". The Realm The realm of the Crimson Dawn is named after the substance it serves to contain. is a life-giving substance with vast mystical properties. the duo was able to defeat the Crimson Dawn's proctor Tar and cast the soul of Psylocke into it. The central tower within the city stands much higher than the surrounding buildings. none of the life that exists there is dependent on food or water to survive. more powerful subjects (Spiral. A group of monks. What is known is that sometime during the last years of the Ming Dynasty (circa 1640). and an innate connection to the realm itself. harsher personality. The X-Man. The most immediate side effect is the appearance of a kana-like red mark over the left eye. colder. It is unclear when exactly the realm was formed. Lastly. There are side effects. With the help of Doctor Strange and Gomurr the Ancient. Being that this realm is mystical in nature. Xiandu. The Elixir History The Crimson Dawn. and were inducted on the promise Golden Age and More . a pocket dimension that exists within the shadows of our world. the buildings have neither doors nor windows. The only buildings that exist in the Crimson Dawn are asian in design. Those near death who sip from the elixir will be granted new life.Chapter Twenty-Three: Crimson Dawn Source: Marvel Comics The Crimson Dawn is first mentioned as a mystical life-giving elixir that could save the life of Psylocke after being critically wounded by the villain known as Sabretooth.

D. the home of Spiral. and the couple was reunited. Gomurr was next visited by the spirit of the deceased Tar. though Strange sensed the true battle for Psylocke's soul had just begun. and Betsy. becoming the next proctor of the Dawn. Wolverine and Archangel travelled to New York's Chinatown to enlist the aid of Gomurr the Ancient in finding the Crimson Dawn. Spiral was able to alert Captain Britain's teammates. who named him the next rightful proctor of the Crimson Dawn. She left him behind. an engagement ring. enchanted by the ring. the group known as Excalibur. During the night. Typical Undercloak Strange was proven right as Psylocke slowly began to change. the X-Man known as Psylocke was mortally wounded by Sabretooth. when the malevolent Kuragari murdered Tar. Together. by guiding her. and the spirit of Xiandu also aided the team. but by then. going with Kuragari. and he joined Archangel in his fight. She was restored. In order to save her life. They can transport through and hide in the shadows with In ability and they posses Ty body armor. A'yin. Barak and Ra'al were corrupted by the Crimson Dawn's powers and murdered Xiandu. but was forced to teleport the Dragons to Earth. They appeared in London. the four of them sought out the Crimson Dawn. Doctor Strange. allowing Kuragari to steal her away to his realm. also joined them in their quest. which was currently being protected by its proctor Tar. In order to free Betsy from the Dawn's influence. as well as a gradual increase of her own telepathic abilities. Though Psylocke was not with them to sip the elixir.that China would be freed from its oppressors. he became the new proctor of the Dawn. They attacked Archangel and Psylocke in their apartment. Betsy had been brainwashed and transformed into Kuragari's Shadow Queen. Finally. to the Dragons' plans. At the same time. and the latter would roam Earth as a spirit for centuries to come. Gomurr came to warn them. The former were transformed into the Dragons of the Crimson Dawn. Gomurr accepted. but was too late. Talents: Martial Arts: A. though Brian was left powerless for some time afterwards. slipped it on. Strange summoned the piece of Psylocke's soul she had entrusted to Archangel and tossed it into the Dawn itself. Much later. the couple managed to stop the Dragons plans. leaving behind Golden Age and More F Rm 26 A Ex 16 S E R I Gd Ex Gd Ty 5 8 16 10 Health: 66 Karma: 20 P Ty 5 Known Powers: • Undercloaks are made of shadows from the Crimson Dawn Dimension. sensing their intentions. Warren sacrificed a piece of his own life force to replace what had been given. She fought the Dawn's influence. developing shadow teleporting abilities. where they intended to use him to breach the walls between Earth and the Crimson Dawn. They fight with In material Ninja weapons. Meggan was able to help Brian. and sent his Undercloaks to claim Psylocke for his bride. She became cold and distant. The four of them tasted the Crimson Dawn and were transformed. namely Meggan. C. and forced her to join them and taste the elixir herself. attacking Captain Britain (aka Brian Braddock) and his fiancé Meggan. & Oriental Weapons. 40 . The Dragons kidnapped Captain Britain and traveled to Hong Kong. and together. the misplaced Dragons of the Crimson Dawn found themselves in the Wildways. Gomurr managed to defeat Kuragari. Warren followed.

They could probably fare well against conventional forces with small arms (say. Powers and Abilities Cybernoids are enormously strong combat robots with concussive cannons for hands and titanium-steel alloy amour plating. for some reason. but it makes them quite mobile outside of combat. Personality Cybernoids will. they typically have a catastrophic Initiative score. the police) — but if they run into fast. They’re not going to win dogfights. imprecise and surprisingly fragile.Chapter Twenty-Four: Cybernoids Typical Cybernoid Source: Malibu Comics History Cybernoids are humanoid combat robots that were deployed by corrupt millionaire Malcolm Kort to support his ultrahuman mercenaries. the results against ultrahumans were deplorable. Known Powers: • Density Increase: Pr 3 • Energy Blast: Rm 26 • Flight: Ex 16 • Growth: Pr 3 • Self-Link (Gadgetry): In 36 • Body Armor: Ex 16 One Cybernoid was clearly seen flying using built-in jetboots. Engage immediate countermeasures. precise opposition with attacks powerful enough to handle their amour plating they’ll get thrashed with surprising ease.” 41 Golden Age and More . and are incapable of adapting to unexpected circumstances. As a result.searching… Supernormal ability: extreme proficiency with ranged weapons. F Gd 8 A Gd 8 S E R I Rm Gd Ty 5 Ty 5 26 8 Health: 50 Karma: 15 In practice Cybernoids are slow. They have fairly simple if-then programming. Their sensors are protected by bulletproof glass and armored plastics. talk aloud and expound what they’re about to do and why. and from context this seems to be standard equipment. Talents: Weaponry (Built-in cannons) P Ty 5 Quotes “Threat assessment directory “Exiles” subject code “Deadeye” . Though considerable effort went into upgrading and improving the design.

including Lyra's wrist-computer. Lyra.M. When a renegade Cyber-Sidhe called Phinn Mac Mram attempted to enslave the Mechlans. The Cyber-Sidhe's Chromedruids began infecting Earth's machines and controlling them.R. acting as an agent of A. Lyra engaged the Cyber-Sidhe and killed Phinn Mac Mram. Primary Ability Chart. engaged them. The Cyber-Sidhe were worshipped by the native Mechlans of this Earth. the Cyber-Sidhe were a race of cybernetic beings native to Earth-10001011. Phinn Mac Mram and his warriors rematerialized on Earth-616 at the Carhenge tourist attraction in Western Nebraska. ending the Cyber-Sidhe threat. Golden Age and More 42 .R.O. Column Five From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-60 61-70 71-80 81-95 96-00 Initial Score Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Mn 63 Additional Creation Notes • Cyber-Sidhe can raise any one Ability +1CS. their race. who made sacrifices to them through the ritualistic Henge-Nodes. Boudicca. they rose up against him and banished his warband to another world.Chapter Twenty-Five: Cyber-Sidhe Source: Marvel Comics Typical Cyber-Sidhe Known in their own language as the Tuatha De Turing. • Cyber-Sidhe start out with only one Contact. Powers The Cyber-Sidhe speak the universal machine language. • Starting Resources are set at Poor. and are able to infect and control computerized devices.

the BrainLords and Synthopoids were depicted with green skin. Cymradian Brain-Lords The Cymradian Brain-Lords rule the planet Cymradia. and equipment capable of monitoring all of their subject’s vitals from hundreds of miles away (possibly anywhere). where the keeper of the dead reigns over the moth-men. including Spidrons. where the former test subjects of the Brain-Lords live as a tribe. They initiated Project: Survival in which they abducted and tested various humanoid species 43 Golden Age and More . There is also the domed city of Sargazzo. They are slaves to the telepathic signals of their creators. However. designed to perform physical labor. in search of the most durable and compatible bodies to serve as hosts to their minds. a massive technological marvel built by the old Brain-Lords of Cymradia. led a revolt against them. and surrounded by purple mists in its atmosphere. looking for new bodies. Futura. Note: In all but their first appearance. butterfly/moth-like creatures and giant dragonfly-like creatures. The city is hidden under a lake in the swamplands. primitive humanoids with purple fur and prehensile tails. the Brain Lords possessed ships capable of nearly instant intergalactic travel. teleportation devices. Many of the Brain Lords appeared to perish when a ship they were in crashed into a geyser of hot magma. and beneath that are crystal caves. they are a dying race.Chapter Twenty-Six: Cymradia Source: Fiction House Cymradia is a planet covered with forests and swamps. The Brain Lords have also built "Synthopoids" which are powerful creatures. standing about 7 feet tall. There are also huge insect-like creatures. with massive heads. They called it the "pearl of the cosmos. In addition to their advanced biological technology. the project was halted when the test subject. They are highly intelligent and technologically advanced humanoids standing around 4 feet tall. tractor beams. from throughout the galaxy. including the lizard-birds in the air and huge alligator and octopus-like creatures in the water. Eventually. The forests and rivers of Cymradia are inhabited by many unusual species including pyro-spores (fiery worms) and large reptilian creatures. powerful ray guns. It is the home of Cymrad City. and transplanting their brains into human skulls." The planet is also home to tribes of the intelligent Arborotes. who live in the forests. They succeeded in both transferring their heads onto larger humanoid bodies.

• Starting Resources are set at Poor. • Synthopoids start out with only one Contact. • Starting Resources are set at Poor. their race. Golden Age and More Die Roll 01-05 06-10 11-20 21-40 41-60 61-80 81-96 97-00 Initial Score Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Additional Creation Notes • Synthopoids can raise any one Primary Ability +1CS. Column Five From the Ultimate Powers Book Primary Ability Chart.Typical Brain-Lord Typical Synthopoid Primary Ability Chart. Column One From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-60 61-70 71-80 81-95 96-00 Initial Score Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Mn 63 Additional Creation Notes • Brain Lords can raise any one Ability +1CS. • Brain Lords start out with only one Contact. their race. 44 .

They have blue-gray wings and feathers about the shoulders and chest. green beaks. They are also bulletproof and retain their intelligence and speech but lose their free will. which is extinct. bird like faces. to turn all his prisoners into these giants. and pointed ears . Column One From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-05 06-10 11-20 21-40 41-60 61-80 81-96 97-00 Initial Score Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Additional Creation Notes • Deaglos can raise any one Primary Ability +1CS. and are foes of Captain Battle. • Deaglos gain the power Winged Flight at Rm 26 rank. Deaglos are about 20 feet tall. bulging red eyes.a few of the nastier ones even have red crestfins. but human torsos otherwise. Black dragon created Deaglos by using the spirit of a dodo bird. Black Dragon sent a division of Deaglos to destroy the navy of an Asian nation. with yellow.Chapter Twenty-Seven: Deaglos Source: Silver Streak Comics Typical Deaglos Deaglos are bird-men created by the magic of The Black Dragon. In fact. his sidekick Nathan Hale was one formerly until Captain Battle cured him. 45 Golden Age and More . Primary Ability Chart. but Captain Battle stops them when he discovered the Deaglos could be killed with simple radio beams.

Mubahn had the elderly scientist Zanoba captured and his mind probed. who would seek to breach the barrier and invade the Earth. Golden Age and More 46 . • Starting Resources are set at Poor. located in a timeless realm.Chapter Twenty-Eight: Demon People Source: Marvel Comics Typical Demon Person In another dimension adjacent to Earth-4040. They are an advanced warrior society that constantly clashes with those who have become trapped in this realm and built the City of the Mirage. Column Five From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-60 61-70 71-80 81-95 96-00 Initial Score Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Mn 63 Additional Creation Notes • Demon People can raise any one Ability +1CS. Breeze Barton led an invasion of the Demon City. Primary Ability Chart. The fate of the Demon People now that they are free of their tyrannical rule remains unknown. • Demon People possess the Power Winged Flight at Ex 16 rank. By 1945 they would be led by the tyrannical Mubahn. • Demon People start out with only one Contact. their race. After failing to learn this technology from Barton. Those who were not loyal to him would find themselves enslaved. slaying Mubahn and freeing his slaves. the Demon People live in the Demon City. When American soldier Breeze Barton found himself trapped in this realm he deduced that magnetism would be a means to get past the barrier. unable to pass through the one-way portal between Earth and this plane.

Father eventually created an underground city of robotic intelligences. the boy's nonhuman ancestry activated. but the Core's rulers nonetheless managed to plant a double agent LMD of Ant-Man on the team. making him the first example of a High-Breed emerging spontaneously from a Descendant/human pairing. before dying. They secured the boy. Father wanted to unveil them. • Descendants may raise any one Ability +1CS. which slowly started turning every human into machines. In the aftermath of the Day of the Serpent.. Golden Age and More . and eliminated the nano-mist from all the humans. but all that changed with Parvez. working for Weapon Plus UK under the secret robotics project called "Project Descendant". the Descendants remained in the shadows. Months after the conflict between the Avengers and the X-Men.Chapter Twenty-Nine: Descendants Source: Marvel Comics Typical Descendant The beings known as Descendants are the creation of the man known as Father. using the Orb of Necromancy to animate their best twenty failures as perfectly functional synthezoid "HighBreeds". Father held onto his faith that Parvez. Seeing this as evidence of the viability of the Descendants as a species. whose natural birth allowed him to survive the Orb's destruction. Column Four From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-05 06-10 11-15 16-40 41-50 51-70 71-90 91-98 99-00 Rank Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Mn 63 Additional Benefits • Popularity is initially lowered -1CS.. the rulers of the Core struck to claim him. would secure the future of the Descendants. 47 Primary Ability Chart. However. mingling among normal humans. accidentally revealing themselves to the Secret Avengers. the Core. the Descendants decided to rise and take over the world. avoiding contact with other robots but slowly building their numbers. For decades. potentially the first of a new android species. raiding important cities of the planet and launching a nano-mist. but they fell to arguing and the synthezoids were released into the wild. and Human Torch managed to destroy the Orb of Necromancy (retrieved from an alternate universe). which reversed the Orb's effect on the original Descendants and their synthezoid offspring. • Descendants gain one additional Power. The Secret Avengers fought the Descendants. When science failed Project Descendant. where he has worked to lure the descendants of the HighBreeds. Father resorted to magic.

Harris Comics. • The Vampiri are immune to many of the old variety’s banes (sunlight. and devoted her energy to ridding our world of the evil kind. who also came from Drakulon but was later corrupted by Chaos. The rivers and seas were full of blood. By a strange quirk of nature. etc. and was attacked. holy symbols.Chapter Thirty: Drakulon Sources: Warren Publishing. Satyr and Circe. Drakulon orbits around twin suns. she managed to pilot the ship back to Earth. where her adventures begin. granting the power Winged Flight. In order for her race to survive. quite literally. Vampirella was sent to investigate. Vampiri are not harmed by sunlight. Draculon is now a part of hell. Futhermore. the water on Drakulon is composed of virtually the same combination of elements that on Earth constitute hemoglobin. last few of them lie dying when a spaceship from Earth crashed on the planet. & Dynamite Entertainment. as the sun wanes. that were causing droughts across the planet. Satyr was creating the larger problem. live on the blood as we do on water They were dying slowly due to the drying up of Drakulon’s blood after Satyr’s latest eruption. Vampiri On Drakulon evolution has taken strange ways on Drakulon. Known Powers of the Vampiri: • Bio-Vampirism • Longevity: Vampiri are seemingly immortal. because they are living (alien) vampires not undead. Then. and it rained from the skies themselves. The inhabitants. destroying all life. Evil vampires owe their existence to Dracula. a planet of blood. It is a variable star that erupts at irregular intervals to scorch the surface of the planet. MTS Note: This chapter was taken from the original history of Vampirella. History Draculon is. Key Differences between Vampiri and traditional Vampires: • Immune to Sunlight: Unlike normal undead vampires.). The Golden Age and More 48 . • Night Vision • Shapeshifting . She retaliated and discovered that the astronauts have blood in their veins. Vampirella became a "good" vampire. A race has developed that depends solely on blood for sustenance.Bat • Superhuman Agility • Superhuman Senses • Superhuman Speed • Superhuman Strength • Wings –Note: These can be summoned and banished at will. known as Vampiri. Later it was retconned that she is the daughter of Lilith and her memories were altered by her evil brother and sister Madek and Magdalene. civilization begins anew. so she would forget they exist.

• Vampiri start out with only one Contact. • Decapitation: Causes death.Typical Vampiri Primary Ability Chart. not just wooden stakes. their race. 49 Golden Age and More . Weaknesses: • Being impaled through the Heart: Any object. • Starting Resources are set at Poor. Column Five From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-60 61-70 71-80 81-95 96-00 Initial Score Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Mn 63 Additional Creation Notes • Vampiri can raise any one Ability +1CS.

the radiation produced a mutagenic side effect within the surviving Cortexin-infected animals from Dr. enabling plants to grow in hostile terrain. but I am sure I have missed others. Source: DC Comics Cortexin Bio-Restorative Formula Many years ago. Grant's labs. bats. Holland was contracted by what he believed to be the federal government to create the process in a small laboratory set up in the bayous of Louisiana. they began to form primitive tribal societies and family clans. With each successive generation. Dr. For years it was believed that the formula had a chemical reaction with the surrounding plant life.Chapter Thirty-One: Drugs. There are quite a few examples listed in this chapter. felines. Grant was a scientist who had developed an experimental chemical agent known as Cortexin.. apes.S. A large section of the Earth was rendered uninhabitable due to atmospheric nuclear radiation. & Serums MTS Note: I decided to combine all of these for simplicity. Earthquakes and tidal waves erupted all across the globe and the nations of Earth found themselves at the mercy of nuclear Armageddon. Golden Age and More 50 . extra fingers. Michael Grant. birds. and tigers. Formulas. canines. Feel free to substitute the compound of your choice for any of these. bipedal locomotion. led by Mister E. ultimately falling into the outside swamps where he "died". He tested his mutagenic drug on several species of animals inside of his laboratory including. there lived a man named Dr. The exact purpose or nature of the Cortexin compound remains shrouded in mystery. rats. however. The Bio-Restorative Formula was the invention of chemist Alec Holland. and a culture of survival of the fittest soon developed among them. on an Earth of an alternate dimension. P. transforming Holland into the creature known as the Swamp Thing. However. As each race grew in strength and numbers. but the lasting after-effects produced a legacy that would endure for centuries. and many other breeds were developing heightened intellect. the world fell sway to a global catastrophe commonly referred to as the Great Disaster. apes. Shortly after beginning the initial stages of his experiments. Grant did not survive long enough to see his experiments come to fruition. and even the ability to articulate. but the strange drug permanently altered their genetic structure. Not only were they safe from the long-term side effects of nuclear fallout. raided the laboratory and attempted to steal Holland's research. – Drugs are bad. All of the various comics seem to have at least one Origin of this nature. The formula was designed to stimulate hormonal growth in plant life. Many of the clans did not live in harmony with their cousins. toes. A villainous organization known as the Conclave. thumbs. Within two human generations. the various animal species began to evolve adopting specific physical human characteristics. but was shot several times. Alec tried to escape with the formula.

Calling herself Elasti-Lass. distilled the essence of the fruit and drank it. Elasti-Formula While exploring the reaches of outer space. trying to discern the secret of these performers' abilities. which causes animals to evolve into the Animal People. the formula eventually wore off. unlike the Cortexin toxin. he used them to play a game of baseball with Superman. she performed 10 great feats of elasticity while simultaneously investigating a man named Raphael Byron. however. Lois Lane borrowed some of the ElastiFormula and used it to give herself superhuman powers. the virus is the cause of the modern form of the Great Disaster on Earth-51. Notes As Earth-AD ceased to exist with the collapse of the Multiverse during the Crisis on Infinite Earths. Using notes taken from Gotham City criminal Bart Magan. It could be argued that Cortexin alters the recipient's biological cell structure allowing it to adapt to its environment. 51 The pliancy of Gingold abstract has been found to have other uses as well. Instead. a large number of people are allergic to it in high doses. allowing them to contort their bodies into various positions. giving him great physical elasticity. Although the Gingo fruit is edible. the concentrate permanently altered his body chemistry giving him the ability to stretch any part of his anatomy into nearly any shape his mind could imagine. whom she suspected of being a criminal named The Wrecker. Pseudoderm is the substance that the Question uses when crafting his elaborate masks. however. Later. Fortunately. Notes Oral consumption of Gingold can grant one the abilities of super-elasticity. However. It was originally Golden Age and More . a junior detective named Ralph Dibny. Gingold is a soft drink whose main flavoring comes from the rare Gingo fruit. they discovered a vial of green liquid. Another version of the formula was later found in the laboratory of Professor Phineas Potter. Jimmy's clumsiness got the worst of him. the toxin is replaced by the Post-Crisis Morticoccus Virus. and upon examining the contents. Excited by his newfound powers. Furthermore. He showed it to his friend Jimmy Olsen. Ralph's body did not suffer any poisonous effects. he decided to adopt the heroic alias Elastic Lad. Man-Bat Serum The Man-Bat serum is bat gland extract created by Robert Langstrom. Jimmy accidentally drank from the serum and gained his super-stretching abilities once again. it appears that the drug granted its benefactor immunity against high level forms of atomic radiation. scientist Aristotle Rodor developed a Gingoldbased synthetic polymer known as Pseudoderm. and also causes some humanoid people to devolved into savage feral animals. Superman discovered an old chest and brought it back to Earth. The fluid temporarily altered Jimmy's genetic structure. After exposing Byron's schemes. the effects of the ElastiFormula wore off. and he spilled the alien liquid onto himself. This time. Gingold is popular amongst Indian rubber men who feel that it enhances their physical elasticity.Powers Gingold While the full nature of Cortexin's effects are lost to history. After several hours. Many years ago. this is not a guaranteed effect and can just as easily lead to death. the existence of Cortexin is considered apocryphal by modern standards. and Jimmy returned to normal.

whereafter the subject was weakened and returned to human strength levels. Ted Benton. The Nuvafed actually increased Fred's histamine levels causing severe allergic reactions. himself. The energy released gives the subject increased strength. When injected into the body. Notes The active ingredient of Miraclo is a special form of phosphorus. However. Bonwit approached the laboratory's patent lawyer. the son of Robert and Francine Langstrom. he landed a job researching vitamins and hormone supplements at Bannerman Chemical. which causes a transformed person to revert to their normal state before the serum would naturally wear off. Hourman derives all his super-human abilities from Miraclo. but the drug caused an adverse side effect in Delmar's body. In Earth 2. Ollins refused to endorse such procedures and instructed Bonwit to find an alternative means to conduct his research. particularly those areas involving biology. it causes a transformation into a half-human/halfbat creature. Dr. Rex found that his strength and vitality and speed increased to that of super-human levels. Batman is in possession of an antidote. Jr. the user returns to their normal human form. After that time. desperate for money. Thomas Wayne uses Miraclo in order to serve as the second Batman. Working his way through college. agreed to participate in the experiment providing that the doctors could guarantee his safety. Delmar convulsed violently for several minutes and finally fell over dead. Keeping the discovery of Miraclo a secret. Golden Age and More Refusing to kowtow to Ollins' commands. Miraclo Growing up in upstate New York. Nuvafed Nuvafed was the name of an experimental chemical created by the project team of Doctor Bruce Bonwitt of Ollins Medical Lab in New York City. Harris assured Delmar that Nuvafed was completely safe. he had hopes that the anti-histamine would actually improve Delmar's health.. the "AQP" burns itself out. limited invulnerability and heightened stamina for about an hour. Bonwitt approached his supervisor Doctor Ollins. Delmar. Harris injected Delmar with a concentrated dose of Nuvafed. who was born with many of the attributes induced by the man-bat serum. A man named Dr.created to amplify a person's hearing capabilities to bat-like levels. In fact. Bonwit and his team had 52 .. requesting permission to experiment with the drug in human trials. A series of discoveries and accidents led him to the "miraculous vitamin" or Miraclo. Benton agreed to help Bonwit find a suitable test subject and contacted a failed lawyer named Fred Delmar. The chemical acted as an extremely potent anti-histamine. which bonds temporarily with the ATP in muscle cells to create a "Adenosine Quad-Phosphate" which energizes the cells. young Rex Tyler developed an affinity for chemistry. This was evidenced with Aaron Langstrom. He found that concentrated doses of that "vitamin" gave a strength and vigor to test mice several times that of normal. the human body could only process the Miraclo for an hour at a time. Taking a dose. but had yet to be submitted for FDA approval. Repeat exposure has been shown to induce serious mutations. Tyler decided that human trials would be limited to the only subject he could trust. Once the serum wears off. and the waste toxins generated need to be eliminated in the bloodstream over about a 24 hour period.

pending unforeseen circumstances. The most infamous example was Dr. an ancient superhero team that covertly defends humanity from various threats. Flack finally got a break after receiving a substantial investment from a man named Dharma. the physical constant of any interaction of matter or energy at the quantum level. who then develop metahuman abilities. resurrecting him as a monstrous creature composed entirely of vegetative matter named intention of letting Ollins discover the truth about their failed experiment. 90 percent of whom died while the survivors later known as Bang Babies gained metahuman abilities. Nemo. Powers Nuvafed is potentially fatal to most human beings. The Big Bang Since its discovery. Flack. Renowned quantum physicist Dr. Quantum Juice can warp the laws of physics to induce mutations in living beings like people. Flack now existed between his universe and a realm called Netherspace. Flack submitted his scientific findings to Dharma while concealing his powers and his long-term plans for humanity. and innocent bystanders. The Nuvafed reacted to the surrounding fauna and mutated Delmar's body. Notes Nuvafed had been properly tested in primate studies. Quantum Juice Quantum Juice. now known as Dr. Flack realized the incredible potential of his new abilities and decided to use Q Juice to similarly "bless" the rest of mankind with such power. thus making him undetectable unless he willed otherwise. developed quantum Juice. Dakota City's deadliest gang war. adding the mutagen to the tear gas that police used to quell the Big Bang. gangbangers. it transformed his body into vegetative material and granted him the ability to project lethal doses of concentrated histamine chemicals. However. for short is the nickname for dequantified plasma. (It was the Bang Babies that Dharma had foreseen as the new race of metahumans. In the case of Frederick Delmar. Thus. or "Q Juice". Amber Leader Mom dispatched squads of Golden Age and More . Flack's efforts resulted in a viable sample of Quantum Juice. Dharma learned that Flack's work would result in a new breed of metahumans capable of saving the world from an impending apocalyptic disaster. his benefactor secretly led the Shadow Cabinet. Nathan Flack. so they drove Delmar's body to upstate New York and dumped it in a field. Whether by accident or not. Through his own precognitive powers. plasma is a gas-like state of matter whose particles are partially ionized.) This plasma is called dequantified because it randomizes Planck's constant. Unknown to Flack at the time.) These results inspired Dr. (In physics. the chemical can alter a body’s genetic makeup granting it a variety of unknown abilities. 53 Eventually. As a result. The two men ended their partnership soon afterward. Stars and lightning are examples of plasma. but the FDA denied Ollins Medical Lab approval for human testing. the container of Quantum Juice ruptured and exposed Flack to its contents. who theorized its existence but lacked the funding to prove it. a unique and sometimes deadly form of plasma. a Dakota-based SYSTEM cell. The Quantum Juice in the gas quickly overcame the surprised police. Nemo to plot replicating the Big Bang on a global scale. SYSTEM Events at the Big Bang caught the attention of SYSTEM Amber. those with criminal or unethical motives have too often employed Quantum Juice.

Grandmother. His body continued 54 . which she used to enhance the powers of some of the captive Bang Babies who had been brainwashed to be obedient SYSTEM soldiers.armored SYSTEMatics to collect as many Bang Babies and unexploded tear gas grenades as possible. who intercepted the missile in mid-air and removed the Q Juice before it exploded. an unseen Dr. the Blood Syndicate. this missile would be a trump card that would be detonated if anyone opposed the Star Chamber's plans of ruling mankind. and plotted to acquire the mutagen as weapon of world conquest. Despite this. During the Shadow War. aided by SYSTEM agent Rose. It was revealed that the formula would not work properly on those who were already vampires. His mad scheme failed thanks to Cabinet ally Hardware. and the Blood Red Moon captured Bennett during rigor mortis. leading to their discovery of the Q Juice formula. Payback and Wise Son of the Blood Syndicate tracked down Nemo. Nemo had been observing the war and took control of the missile. However. The Cult of the Blood Red Moon tried to steal it from his facility. Queen of Blood. Dakota crimelord Holocaust still had a small vial of the mutagen. they loaded the mutagen into a missile that they launched. Shadow War Q Juice's existence also became known to the Star Chamber. Amber was able to again conduct their secret experiments. which came under attack by the Bang Baby gang. the superhero Icon and his Bang Baby allies Golden Age and More Rashnikov Formula The Rashnikov Formula is an experimental chemical compound designed to turn people into enhanced vampires. which he acquired as a member of the Star Chamber. However. Mary. promptly ordered Amber's Bang Baby experiments to be shut down. Eventually Bennett eventually took the formula. which he detonated in order to mutate mankind into Bang Babies. a secret SYSTEM: Amber base where scientists tried to isolate the mutagen used at the Bang. who died when he overtaxed his cloaking powers to escape capture. Holocaust's gambit paid off because his pyrokinetic powers increased to such a degree that he eventually conquered Dakota's criminal underworld. the Chamber attempted to steal SYSTEM's Q Juice stockpile in Las Vegas. SYSTEM: Amber had a temporary setback in their research when they were forced to abandon and then self-destruct Cross Station. Yuri Rashnikov of the KGB developed it to turn Russia's high command into immortals with no vampire weaknesses. making him a major menace to the city and beyond. giving him a full day of humanity with his lover. The Chamber later succeeded in stealing radioactive material from the Einstein Institute and processed it into Q Juice. Deborah Dancer. a group of Shadow Cabinet operatives who went rogue. However. sent Dunya Mishkin to her death trying to take it back. Amber did successfully transfer the captive Bang Babies to their Garden Station base while the tear gas grenades went to a SYSTEM base in Las Vegas. Hence. The defeated Star Chamber surrendered to local authorities while Nemo fled the scene to plot anew. but the Cabinet got to it first. Mom's superior. the Shadow Cabinet destroyed all samples of Quantum Juice once belonging to SYSTEM and the Star Chamber. Static. the Bang Babies overcame the brainwashing and used their increased powers to escape Garden Station. Mom ordered production of a concentrated form of Q Juice. He began to regularly inhale his Quantum Juice in hopes that it would enhance his powers rather than kill him. Holocaust At the end of the Shadow War. thus ending SYSTEM's research into Q Juice. The SYSTEMatics took all they had collected to Cross Station. Months later. although Andrew Bennett took it. Then. Upon reaching orbit.

the victim will die. police claimed he used his giant hammer to decapitate a man. slowly killing the user. combining his Venom-laced blood with elements of Poison Ivy's plants. However. the chemicals begin to degrade into poison inside the body. If a cure is not administered after some time. Tar's effects include granting temporary super-strength and nighinvulnerability. Deborah murdered Mary before watching her lover Andrew wither into dust. Tar Tar is a narcotic. it does not require a storage tank or excess amounts pumped into the blood stream to maintain the effects. With his money. which granted even more strength and invulnerablity. First conceptualized by Doctor Young as a means of strengthening the minds and bodies of weaker mental patients so as to allow for more extreme treatment methods. somewhat similar to the Venom compound that gave Bane his strength. similar to Bane's own drug. and was even more addicting. While infected. and a significant cough develops. bones often protruding from their skin. their skin and muscles splitting and enlarging. strength-enhancing drug.C. with Batman being infected personally by the Joker in Arkham City. People using the Titan serum have their bodies morphed and distorted by the drug's effects. however. Titan users are often shown to succumb to heart attacks after some time. although she revealed that she had taken the formula and suffered no drawbacks. the Washington. the doctor soon found herself financed by a mysterious investor named Jack White (an alias of the Joker). These effects. and explained that a tar-freak could easily inflict the same injuries that his hammer could (which would indicate that a Tar-Freak's skin becomes at least as tough as Steel's hammer. Deborah Dancer was also captured and bitten. unlike its predecessor. Titan Titan is a dangerous super-steroid drug developed by Doctor Young in Batman: Arkham Asylum. At one time. The combined chemicals created a Venom-like drug that would turn normal people into hulking. D. possibly due to the fact that he was insane). as Joker (and possibly other thugs) reverted to his original form after some time. Joker managed to spread this disease to the citizens of Gotham City by shipping his infected blood to hospitals for transfusion. Steel was accused of a savage murder. Also. John Henry Irons had numerous run-ins with gang members using tar to gain an advantage over their enemies. A more insidious effect of Tar is it heightens the affected individual's aggression instincts. S-Tar Later on. probably from the increased strain on their hearts while using the drug. once a person had used S-Tar 3 times. Doctor Young managed to ship the super-criminal Bane into Arkham Asylum. to the point where they are little more than mindless beasts (Joker was able to resist this effect. The effects it had on Poison Ivy were different as she physically stayed the same (aside from green eyes) but it enhanced her chlorokinetic abilities. over time. the person's skin loses color and begins to peel. an enhanced version of this drug called "S-Tar" (short for "Super Tar") would be created. making them actively seek out battles to find (and people to pummel). mindless monsters with only a small dose. hair begins to fall out. using Bane's Venom as a chemical base along with elements from Poison Ivy's plants. The long-lasting effect of Titan is that. the drug buildup in their system would become fatal. while Mary tortured him in a church. and that their super-human strength rivaled many super heroes).to rapidly deteriorate the 400 years he had lived past death. Using her new vampire powers. 55 Golden Age and More . along with the enhanced strength. seem to be temporary. Its benefits do not come without risk. Steel was able to prove his innocence simply by listing the already well-known effects of Tar. The drug also lowers its user's intelligence significantly. these drugged individuals were often known as "tar-freaks".

usually injected in a constant supply into the base of the neck. He hired Dr. Batman became addicted to the drug while searching for a way to cope with his physical limitations and imperfections. Conrad Bortz to help him synthesize the drug. salivating. Later. Kapitalist Kouriers were hired to round up as many Velocity 9 addicts as they could and bring Golden Age and More 56 . Both of these are used on himself. usually accompanied by terrifying hallucinations. Source: Image Comics Project Genesis Project Genesis was an I. The presence of Velocity 9 on the market severely hurt the drug empire of mobster Nick Bassaglia. who was looking to gain superspeed after his access to the Speed Force had been stripped away when it was absorbed by Bart Allen. the impurities of Velocity 9 were successfully removed and a formula was created without the worst side affects. at which point the user would suffer from massive. Venom Venom is a highly addictive super-steroid. It granted its user with a high that included the ability to travel at superspeed. was foiled by the Flash and Dr. Deathstroke supplied some to Inertia. They used drugs and other means to activate latent genactive abilities. who used it to overpower and cripple Batman by breaking his back over his knee. Savage and Bassaglia subsequently disappeared. Gen¹³ and DV8 among others. Bane's apparatus included a special "boost" button to give him a jolt of Venom when needed. It was responsible for Gen 12. staring. However. causing premature aging. But these highs came at a severe cost to the user. forcing him to eventually lock himself in the Batcave to "detox" himself when he realized how dependent on it he had become. Their plan. However. red eyes. It was originally based on the Hourman’s Miraclo formula although it does not have the same 60minute limitation as Miraclo.Notes The effects of Titan can be repressed by someone of significant willpower. It was especially appealing to highly successful young men.O. and eventually death. debilitating withdrawal. exhaustion. Savage was able to convince Bassaglia to form a partnership. The drug. Years later. Batman had managed to develop a cure for both the Titan drug and the virus that follows its usage (the latter with help from Mister Freeze). as the drug wore off or when the user was cut off from its constant supply. but manages not to transform into a monster for a significant amount of time. Bortz. Velocity 9 Velocity 9 was a drug developed by Vandal Savage. 90% died of shock before they could be sedated. their body would rapidly return to its original state or sometimes becomes even weaker. shown when Batman is shot with a Titan dart by the Joker. it resurfaced as the power source for Bane. project tasked with the creation of superhumans under government control. them back to hospital. planning to use Bassaglia's heroin distribution network to bring Velocity 9 to stockbrokers and lawyers and gain control of Wall Street. however. in exchange for his membership in Titans East. would instantly transform someone into a hulking mass of unbridled physical strength. but not before Flash was robbed of his powers after receiving an injection of the drug.

hoping to eventually sell it. Golden Age and More . An unforeseen side effect of the formula was that a genetic mutation was passed on to Zabo's illegitimate daughter Daisy Johnson alias Quake. Zabo has continued to experiment with his formula. The skin apparently does not develop in exact proportion to the rest of the body. Goblin Formula The Goblin formula. She gave this to her beloved Sergei Kravinoff. which gives Badoon Inhumans their powers. he found his mental and physical functions have been greatly enhanced. he found in his notes a formula. Alyosha Kravinoff. which gives Kymellian Inhumans their powers. a mutagenic substance. recovering. which gives Dire Wraith Inhumans their powers. Daisy was born with the power to control seismic waves. a mutagenic substance. D-Lite D-Lite was a drug created by D'Spayre that gave Cloak & Dagger their powers. as he was born a mutant and did not need to ingest the serum to benefit from its effects. a mutagenic substance. is a biogenic chemical compound made to augment the human body. Unknown to him his son had tampered with it to spite him. a big game hunter from Russia. Antigenesis Antigenesis is a process of consumption of the nectar of blooms of Antigen Tree. Norman began research on the formula. Exogenesis Exogenesis is a process of inhalation of the Exogen Spice. and their fingerprints are altered. The transformation is usually complete within thirty seconds of ingestion. After Norman Osborn had his business partner. Infinity Formula (Also known as The Forever Compound) The Forever Compound is an alchemical serum produced by the Brotherhood of the Shield. arrested for embezzlement. adding several hundred pounds of muscle and bone. An unforeseen side effect of the formula was that its effects were passed on to Kraven's son.Source: Marvel Comics Amphogenesis Amphogenesis is a process of injection of the one drop of diluted water from the dormant Amphogen. It is a diluted form of the Elixir of Immortality developed by Sir Isaac Newton in 1652. which was the primary motivation for Norman taking the identity of the Green Goblin. Calypso Serum The Calypso Serum was created by the witch doctor Calypso Ezili from various jungle herbs and plants. It was later learned that exposure also causes severe insanity. He spent the next week in the hospital 57 Hyde Formula The Hyde formula is a hormonal treatment created by biochemist Calvin Zabo. After finally regaining consciousness. increasing its potency as well as prolong its effects. which could apparently augment a person’s body to superhuman levels. The formula drastically enhances the human body. Mendel Stromm. additionally known as the OZ formula. so a user's face has a perpetual grimace. Consequentially the completed formula was unstable and exploded in Norman's face.

The Infinity Formula substantially slowed his aging process. especially in baseline humans. Other countries have passes similar laws. as well as become the target of various villains seeking his secret. However. Sternberg himself was not immune to taking advantage of Fury's delicate situation. the timely intervention of Val de Fontaine saved the day. Fury must be inoculated by the serum every year or he will age dramatically. imprisonment. Possession. In particular. which gives Centaurian Inhumans their powers. Professor Sternberg Nick Fury was seriously wounded in France during World War II. However. Nick Fury's aging process was incredibly slowed by taking regular doses. it increases the super-human powers they already possess. Fontaine had previously liberated the serum from its captors and inoculated Fury just in time to save his life. to ensure that he will live long enough to go insane due to a combination of immortality. but results are known to vary. It was seen being used on a chained Nostradamus. seizing control of the serum. a mutagenic substance. and consumption are completely illegal in the United States. teleportation or increased strength to its users. the consequences of the Infinity Formula would haunt him throughout his life as he would see many friends age and die. and when used by baseline humans it will result what's known as a "temporary genetic shift". and Fury was thrust with a double edged sword: although his life was saved. basically holding Fury's life for ransom starting in 1946. as well. inherited the effects. trade. Isogenesis Isogenesis is the process of injection of the extract of the Isogen Orbs. every year through 1976 by charging Fury a high fee for more of the serum. Steel Harris killed the Professor. Dr. the future indeed looked bleak for Fury as he began to age incredibly rapidly (from not receiving an inoculation of the Infinity Formula). MGH is most commonly available in a capsule form for oral ingestion. it doesn’t keep any of the other properties. thugs. Jr. Nick found Harris in Las Vegas and battled him and his minions.While it still retains the life-prolonging properties of its parent elixir. Discovery The first person known to have isolated Mutant Growth Hormone was biochemist Dr. 58 . This hormone can be extracted and isolated. He was saved in part due to Professor Sternberg's Infinity Formula. which kept the seer alive and also kept his prophetic gifts intact until Nostradamus took the Elixir of Immortality three hundred years later. When a mutant uses MGH. it does not prevent the mind or body of the person injected with it from decaying. fire breath. but a liquid form for intramuscular injection is also available. The MGH is known to be highly addictive. A known side effect of MGH use is heightened aggression. He decided to blackmail Fury even further by making demands to become immersed in SHIELD and other National Security briefings. Since Fury's first inoculation. the Colonel had to pay a blackmail price to Sternberg every year to acquire the serum. and isolation. but now he doesn't take anymore and his son Nick Fury. Newton administered it to Nostradamus in 1652. it temporarily grants super powers like flight. Sometimes the powers are duplicates those belonging to the donor. In other words. Even though the Colonel defeated Harris and his Golden Age and More Mutant Growth Hormone Mutant Growth Hormone (often abbreviated as MGH) is a naturally occurring hormone produced within Homo superior and genetically altered superhumans.

It also provided him with enhanced senses and a greater healing factor. However. Mattie Franklin. Using these enhanced qualities to fuel a clash between their white neighborhood and nearby Natives. Norman Osborn affected a building site and a school with MGH. Dealers and Users Years later. The Runaways and the New Avengers found some evidence of the superhero. PhD. This drug caused McCoy to grow fur all over his body. Having no superpowers. MGH reached prominence when the mutant crimelord. Unfortunately. whom he sold for a fortune). mimicked Cloak’s power with the MGH had performed the attack. Golden Age and More . and changed his ears. Patriot quit the Young Avengers. an unknown party provided a crowd with an experimental drug that gave them powers similar to some popular super-humans such as Thor. beating his partner. As Fear Itself unfolded. It is unclear if this was a release of MGH proper. size. McCoy was attempting to develop a serum that would act as a catalyst for activating latent mutations. he was forced to consume an experimental version of his serum to protect his discovery from industrial spies. Charlie Hustle. The Young Avenger. The origin of this MGH is unknown. However. He attempted to build a criminal empire using the profits from its sale. which allowed him to annihilate Stamford. and received an actual blood transfusion from his grandfather that did give him the powers of a true Super Soldier. making all humans in those areas mutants temporarily. they discovered that orderly Reginald Mantz who 59 Post M-Day During the Civil War. At one point Spider-Woman. Dagger. Beast and Bishop shook down a MGH dealer. The Vanisher sold MGH on the black market until the X-Men stopped him. which landed her in the hospital. he lied to his friends and teammates. According to a conversation between Dark Beast and Norman. Utopia/Dark X-Men To convince Weapon Omega to join the Dark X-Men. Ashamed when his secret was revealed. Owl. was kept sedated in her apartment to be harvested for MGH by her boyfriend. and Daredevil.Henry McCoy. canine teeth. While trying to reverse the effects of M-Day. after chasing Cloak. and the resources to make it again. and auras of Native American devils. Cyclops. a few drug dealers used MGH on themselves to acquire the strength. claiming to have inherited his grandfather's powers via a blood transfusion. they discovered like most mutants. Wolverine discovered that the super-villain Nitro used a combination of MGH and Kick to increase his power level. but Daredevil stopped him. Though the drug also made them extremely aggressive. began refining his own genetic material to obtain a drug he could sell. they had many active MGH samples. and nails to more sharpened forms of the originals. however. Connecticut. Iron Man managed to control the situation. Patriot was a regular user of MGH. and possible targets for Omega's powers. to obtain active MGH samples. these dealers were defeated by American Eagle. Cloak. She was eventually freed when former super-heroine Jessica Jones broke into her apartment and rescued her. or a similar drug. which robbed most of the world’s mutants of their powers and X-Genes. He later rejoined the team after he took a bullet for Captain America. while working for the Brand Corporation on Long Island. most MGH lost its viability (Hustle only possessed viable samples of Whirlwind.

Originally.). Isaiah Bradley. Characters that are considered by a enhancement true "Peak-Potential" are noted to be Captain America. Pym. 60 . at the maximum level of human potential. Later still. Which means. The Super-Soldier Serum. while peak human enhancements have all their capabilities )like mind. Josiah X. Pym was able to synthesize Pym Particles into a gaseous form for quick shrinking results. even one that created the powerful Sentry. Pym Particles do exert a large amount of physical and mental strain on the subject's body. Reinstein established that this potential is the Golden Age and More "Serum" is somewhat of a misnomer. strength. Super Soldier Serum A formula capable of enhancing human beings into "super soldiers. immune system. Variations of the Super Soldier serum have been developed over the years. Peak Humans are superior to any Olympic level athletes who have ever competed. Dr. Repeated. But the more powerful variants come with strange side effects that may also include mental deficiencies. Pym was able to refine the Pym Particles into a pill form. eye sight. there have been many attempts to duplicate it. someday humanity will reach this level. a "Dr. as the "serum" actually consists of various processes. next step in human evolution for regular. and Black Panther (Wakanda-herb). Henry Pym originally discovered and isolated a rare group of subatomic particles. speed. Anderson" indicated that potassium was one of the elements used in its formulation. which would shrink objects or living being to which it was applied. peak level. long-term exposure to Pym Particles can actually result in the subject's body naturally producing its own Pym Particles. which induced greater mutations then peak human capabilities. nonmutant man. Top athletes normally have one or two aspects close to. Janet van Dyne and Cassie Lang's bodies all biologically produce Pym Particles because of this phenomenon. also called the Super-Soldier Formula. via inhalation." The exact formula given to Steve Rogers is unknown. Later. these Pym Particles existed in a liquid elixir form. aging etc. which can increase or decrease the size and mass of objects or living beings. According to Private Biljo White. Union Jack (different SSS variant). or a bit under. which have become known as "Pym Particles". Those people who attempted to recreate the Super Soldier Serum had become something far more than an enhanced human and then became superheroes and supervillains. durability. a man from the coming decades. healing.Pym Particles Dr. Protocide. The Pym Particles work by stunting matter into the Kosmos Dimension when shrinking an subject or accruing extra matter from that dimension when enlarging. Pym personally has had many mental breakdowns because of his Pym Particles usage. is the name for a process to increase the physical attributes of its recipient to the peak of human potential as in almost superhuman.

Additionally. Insanity Type Primary Ability Chart. If the Player and the Judge desire those. Dice Roll Die Roll 01-10 11-49 50-00 Type of Insanity Amnesia Mania/Phobia Multiple Personality Disorder Paranoia Psychosis Schizophrenia Notes: • The above types of insanity are but a fraction of the various mental disorders possible. If the Player or the Judge does not desire the type rolled. Requires Boosters Note: At the discretion of the Judge. and not to force someone to play a character that is not enjoyable due to their psychosis. roll on the following tables. Golden Age and More .Typical Chemically Enhanced Compound Effect Table Die Roll 01-50 51-00 Effect Permanent after one dose. they become Normal Humans if they go too long without a boost. Column One From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-05 06-10 11-20 21-40 41-60 61-80 81-96 97-00 Initial Score Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Effects of Compounds on Existing Characters 01-50 57-70 71-99 00 61 Effect +1 Rank +2 Ranks +3 Ranks +4 Ranks Minimum Rank Maximum Rank Gd 8 Rm 26 Ex 16 In 36 Rm 26 Am 46 In 36 Mn 63 Insanity Type Long-Term Short-Term None Type of Insanity Die Roll 01–11 12–48 49–68 69–78 79–84 85–00 Additional Creation Notes • Chemically Enhanced can raise any one Primary Ability +1CS. for possible side effects of attempting to quit taking the chemical used to enhance the character. if a character requires boosters to maintain their Powers. These tables are presented to provide additional Role-Playing opportunities. feel free to substitute with another type. many of the compounds listed in this chapter can have some rather detrimental side effects. This would work especially well with characters that require boosters to maintain their Powers. • Feel free to use “Drug and Alcohol Abuse” by Jeff Grubb (It can be found in the Original Ultimate Origins Book in Appendix Two).

but not knowing who was responsible. a member of the FireMen. the creatures are located in some remote region of Tibet. it's possible that the Fire-Monsters could be another genetic creation of the Deviants or some other species that has been known for genetic modification prior to humanity becoming the dominant species on Earth. Although entirely left to speculation. sought to use a Fire-Monster as part of a series of crimes he hoped to pin on the android Human Torch. In modern times. and captured Culfa. but they have been constantly kept in check of the Tibetan lamas known as the FireMen for centuries.Chapter Thirty-Two: Fire-Monsters Source: Marvel Comics Typical Fire-Monster History The origins of the Fire-Monsters are unknown. Powers The Fire-Monsters can excrete flames from the pores of their skin and snort smoke from their nostrils. It remains unrevealed whether or not there are any more Fire-Monsters alive in the world today. the Torch slew the Fire-Monster whose destruction he was being blamed for. Golden Age and More Primary Ability Chart. and have also been referred to as the "Monsters of the Hill". Presumably. Ultimately. however their place of origin is also a mystery. 62 . Culfa. turning him over to the authorities. Column One From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-05 06-10 11-20 21-40 41-60 61-80 81-96 97-00 Rank Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Additional Benefits • Fire-Monsters can raise any one Primary Ability +1CS. the Fire-Men sought the aid of the Torch to help. Aware that there was a FireMonster on the loose in New York City.

Varron and his men attacked. A female member of their race was also briefly a hostage of Count Varron.Chapter Thirty-Three: Fish People Source: Marvel Comics Typical Fish Person The so-called Fish People are a race of humans that live on an island in the Pacific Ocean. another earthquake cut off this source of air. In the year 1950. They have gills allowing them to extract oxygen from the water. however by this time the Fish People had adapted to breathing underwater. Also visiting the island was Uranian hero Marvel Boy. after an earthquake caused their island to sink in the ocean. but later released. who made first contact with the Fish People. yet another earthquake caused the island to surface. the surviving members of the race were able to survive due to a naturally formed air funnel created by the earthquake. Likely they have adaptations similar to the Atlanteans. Column One From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-05 06-10 11-20 21-40 41-60 61-80 81-96 97-00 Initial Score Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Additional Creation Notes • Fish People can raise any one Primary Ability +1CS. who sought to exploit it's resources. Powers The Fish People have adapted to life underwater. and attempted to convince them that he came in peace. In the year 750 AD. 63 Primary Ability Chart. but the resulting explosion caused the island to sink. killing some of the Fish People and sending the rest fleeing. The island was claimed by the international pirate Count Varron. drowning Varron and his men. that allow them to live under great water pressure and cold temperatures. The fate of the Fish People is unknown. Around 1450 AD. and scales instead of skin. allowing the Fish People to travel on the surface for first time in centuries. Varron attempted to slay the Fish People with TNT. Golden Age and More .

Chapter Thirty-Four: Fish-Men
Source: Marvel Comics

Typical Fish-Man

The so-called Fish-Men are the product of
underwater nuclear tests carried out during the
1950s that mutated a number of fish into
amphibious humanoids. They gave off a
radiation at levels that were harmful to human
beings. Caused either by the nuclear tests or by
the Fish-Men's own power, a mass of land rose
out of the ocean in 1951, putting the Fish-Men in
the path of the Honolulu Queen Cruise ship.
Thinking the ship a monster, one of the FishMen attempted to board it, but was shot dead.
The radiation sickening her lover Whitney
Hammond, the love goddess Venus sought the
aid of the sea god Neptune in investigating the
creatures. Confronting the Fish-Men, Venus and
Neptune learned their origins and the threat they
posed to the humans aboard the Honolulu Queen.
Neptune took the Fish-Men under his care, while
Venus helped the Honolulu Queen escape and
continue its course. Those exposed to the
radiation emitted by the Fish-Men all recovered.
The Fish-Men have not been seen since, and
their subsequent fate is unknown.
The Fish-Men are amphibious beings that can
breathe both in water and in the air. Any
limitations to their amphibious nature are
unknown. Presumably they have adaptations that
are similar to the Atlanteans and other undersea
races that allow them to dwell under water, such
as the ability to withstand the oceans pressures
and temperatures, as well as the ability to see in
the blue-green spectrum so as to navigate in the
deeps of the ocean. The Fish-Men are inherently
radioactive, causing them to evince a green glow.
While they appear to be immune to radioactivity,
other living creatures - particularly humans - are
vulnerable to their emissions and risk radiation
poisoning after prolonged exposure. The FishMen do not appear to have any ability to control
the radioactivity that they emit.

Golden Age and More

Primary Ability Chart; Column One
From the Ultimate Powers Book
Die Roll

Fb 1
Pr 3
Ty 5
Gd 8
Ex 16
Rm 26
In 36
Am 46

Additional Benefits
• Fish-Men can raise any one Primary
Ability +1CS.


Chapter Thirty-Five: Flatula
Source: Marvel Comics

Typical Flatulan

The realm of Flatula is a mostly twodimensional world that exists in the Earth-616
universe. In 1949, the Flatulans discovered the
third dimensional world and their leader, B4,
kidnapped a number of prominent humans from
Earth to put on display in a zoo on in their
dimension. After defeating B4 and liberating his
prisoners, the Human Torch and Sun Girl
brought him back to earth with them, thus
preventing the Flatulans from continuing to
kidnap people in order to put them on display.

The Flatulans live in the two-dimensional
world of Flatula. By 1949, they had discovered
the third dimension and the planet Earth, and
began kidnapping parts of American culture,
history, and famous individuals. Their targets
included President Harry Truman, the
Declaration of Independence, and the Liberty
Bell. Seeking to stop this, the Human Torch and
Sun Girl hitched a ride on the Liberty Bell as it
was being stolen, and found themselves
transported to Flatula and converted into twodimensional beings. There they were quickly
captured and brought before the Flatulans’
leader, B4. B4 took them to a zoo where they
had displayed everything stolen from Earth.
There the Torch flamed on, reversing the twodimensional effect on himself and Sun Girl, and
began lighting the Flatulans city on fire. He then
rescued the captives and stolen material, and
brought them back to Earth. B4 then used his
device to bring the Torch and Sun Girl back to
Flatula, and attempted to imprison them.
However, the Torch flamed on again and this
time brought B4 with him back to Earth.
Apparently, B4 was the only one who knew how
to use his machine and was thus trapped on
Earth. The ultimate fate of B4 is unknown, and
to date there are no further records of the
Flatulans venturing out of their dimension.


Primary Ability Chart; Column Five
From the Ultimate Powers Book
Die Roll

Initial Score
Fb 1
Pr 3
Ty 5
Gd 8
Ex 16
Rm 26
In 36
Am 46
Mn 63

Additional Creation Notes
• Flatulans can raise any one Ability
• Starting Resources are set at Poor.
• Flatulans start out with only one
Contact, their race.

Golden Age and More

Known Powers
• Two-Dimensional: Flatulans can slip
into small cracks and under doors with
ease. If they stand very still, they can
seemingly fade from view by turning
his body so they stand sideways to a
viewer. This is of limited use (and only
effective against viewers on his or her
right or left), but it allows them Gd 8
Invisibility against viewers who are
actively looking for them, Ex 16
Invisibility to opponents who are
unaware of their presence, and Rm 26
Invisibility when sneaking past an
otherwise distracted viewer.

Golden Age and More


Chapter Thirty-Six: Fleshless Ones
Source: Fawcett

Typical Fleshless One

The Fleshless Ones are a race of malevolent,
skeletal beings first introduced in Fawcett's
horror line. Cruel, vicious, and totally without
mercy, they were bent on world domination,
having succeeded in infiltrating human society at
various levels.
When rookie patrolman Perry Mahoney
answered a desperate cry for help, he was
confronted by a race of undead beings lurking in
deep caverns and dark places beneath the streets.
Motivated purely by hate, these creatures
secretly plot to wipe out humanity, and turn the
world into a vast graveyard ruled over by the
dead. When Mahoney discovered their existence,
they respond by abducting his girlfriend,
planning to convert her to one of "them" through
a process too horrific to conceive. Tracking them
to their lair, Mahoney managed to save Ellen
from a fate literally worse than death ... only to
discover that she was not be all that she seemed.

Primary Ability Chart; Column One
From the Ultimate Powers Book
Die Roll

Initial Score
Fb 1
Pr 3
Ty 5
Gd 8
Ex 16
Rm 26
In 36
Am 46

Additional Creation Notes
• Strength and Endurance are increased
by +1CS.
• The Player and Judge must come up
with a body maintenance procedure,
unless the hero possesses a Vampiric
• Fleshless Ones possess a Psychological
Weakness; their Power is negated while
they are within 10' of a religious
symbol. If the symbol is that of a
religion they practiced while they were
alive, they suffer Excellent damage.


Golden Age and More

They were soon attacked by the gaints. the trap was sprung and the giants began collecting the party. scattering the fragments on the ground. He returned to the party. While avoiding the giants. the shock from the pain was sufficient to kill them. made their kingdom near the elephant grave yard. When the giants charged over the shards. Hallek found himself crushed under a giant's foot. During the confusion. Rulah tried to persuade them not to seek it out. the king of the giants. and Susan and Hallek were taken captive. Rulah figured out their main weakness.Chapter Thirty-Seven: Giants of the Elephant Grave Yard Source: Fox Comics A race of literal giants. Rulah was aware of the danger the giants posed. promising Tongo. men big enough to straddle elephants like horses. claiming he had barely managed to escape. arrived in the jungle with the intent to find the elephant grave yard. and kept numerous normal sized humans as slaves. along with his daughter Susan and her fiancé Hallek. Rulah accompanied them on their trek. but the group was quite determined. She gathered up some available glass and pottery. Golden Age and More Primary Ability Chart. Once inside. all of the party's members as slaved in exchange for the wealth of ivory littering the region. many of Johnson's bearers were killed. hoping to keep them safe. Typical Giant of the Elephant Grave Yard When the explorer Johnson. Hallek had in fact betrayed the party. and avoided their territory. Column One From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-05 06-10 11-20 21-40 41-60 61-80 81-96 97-00 Rank Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Additional Benefits • Giants of the Elephant Grave Yard can raise any one Primary Ability +1CS. and smashed it to pieces. Their feet were incredibly sensitive and easily hurt. and led them back to the giant's castle in hopes of freeing Susan. 68 .

faces that are vaguely humanoid in aspect. The latter of two possibilities was posited by Gnorr himself. Or. for no others of his kind have been seen near this planet. They possess long. Even if Gnorrkin have shuffled off to (hopefully) higher planes of existence. and a bulbous nose. To interact with the world. his species evolved elsewhere in the cosmos. These limbs can be used for manipulation or locomotion. History Very little has been revealed about the species that. but this is not certain. or even if he was being truthful. Appearance: Gnorrkin are non-humanoid entities. These may or may not end in smaller tentacles. the majority of which is occupied by their immense faces . Gnorr's apparent death at the hands of Professor Zog and two hotrodding space explorers means that Gnorrkin were rendered extinct in the early 1940s. spacefaring race that may range far and wide through the cosmos. head-like body. we know as the Gnorrkin. Whether or not his information was correct. and their rich brown skin tone shows through the gaps in these follicles. pointy ears. he spent several thousand years on our moon. Gnorrkin possess four tentacles. with no readily available means with which to leave that dead satellite.Chapter Thirty-Eight: Gnorrkin Source: Marvel Comics Origin: The species which spawned Gnorr. No. But then again. The Gnorrkin (not their actual name. so much so that one Gnorrkin rarely encounters another. bulging eyes. which issue forth from the bottom of their bodies. the only known representative of this species (hence their placeholder of a name). which act more or less like hands do. relics of their species may yet remain. the selfproclaimed Emperor of our Moon. and may very well mirror Gnorr's general behavior and his sense of superiority. They are a long-lived. sparse hair that circles around their head from just over their eyes. is not of our world . Gnorrkin have a fanged jaw. and may originate quite far away from earth. Who knows what kinds of ridiculously advanced. for that matter. but it's as good a title as any) seem to be highly advanced in an intellectual sense. abandoned technology they may have left lying about. they may be dying out. for lack of a better term. On this immense. 69 Golden Age and More . scattered throughout space.or the moon. where almost anyone could find it? Characteristics: Little is known about the culture of the species that ultimately spawned Gnorr. is unknown at this time. The vast majority of their body consists of what looks like a squashed sphere. But if he was right. perhaps in the approximate dimensions of a pumpkin.

Typical Gnorrkin • • would give them an approximate lifespan of 15. pointy fangs. Being that Gnorrkin are a spacefaring race. Unless they bite something. Gnorr. If this proves not to be the case.120 years (normal human lifespan times power rank cubed). assuming they still exist. Super Senses: A large portion of Gnorrkin anatomy is comprised of their sensory organs. after all. However. Equipment: • In and of themselves.Ecological Niche: The people who spawned Gnorr are not particularly powerful. They are a spacefaring species. They may use these immense natural weapons to inflict their Strength rank in Edged Attack damage. which Golden Age and More 70 . On the other hand. Most of their body is their immense heads. so it is safe to assume that a given Gnorrkin might know a thing or two about science in general. • Longevity: Gnorr's people are extremely long lived. Talents: Gnorrkin have no specific talents that are shared across their race. each of which issue forth from the bottom of their vaguely spherical frame.. enormous teeth. They have the benefit of possessing Typical (6) longevity. they seem to have a facility for either the creation or modification of highly advanced devices. they are quite intelligent and long lived. they presumably have perception that's better than a mere human's. should they so desire. one member of this species may very well be highly motivated to assist another in need. should they happen to luck upon each other in the wild. the kin of Gnorr do not possess inherent technology. leaving only their relatively small (if long) tentacles with which to affect their surroundings. Gnorrkin have four tentacles. F A Ex 20 S E R I Gd Ex Gd Ty 6 Ty 6 10 20 10 Health: 42 Karma: 40 Resources: Ex 20 Popularity: Ty -5 P Gd 10 Contacts: According to this species' only known representative. in a physical sense. however. Tentacles: Instead of the limbs possessed by a conventional humanoid. barring injury or disease. or possibly some specialization therein. they likely rest at the top of the food chain on their world. that is. which means a given Gnorrkin may very well possess various examples of fantastic gear on hand. Gnorrkin also have two large tusks protruding from their mouth. but not both at once.. As a result of this anatomical oddity. They may attempt Intuition FEATs dependent on conventional senses at a +2 CS. They can use these as either extra arms or extra legs in a turn. which readily lends itself to the manufacture of advanced technologies. Supplementing their sharp. it's quite likely that Gnorrkin are extinct. Known Powers: • Fangs: Gnorrkin all have horrible.

Chapter Thirty-Nine: Haydes Source: Marvel Typical Half-Man The planet Haydes is a world that is unique to Earth-5391. later explored the planet. • Half-Men start out with only one Contact. Golden Age and More . a universe where space travel and exploration boomed in the late 20th Century. Kurt continued his ghastly experiments on the indigenous population. It is a world with rich vegetation. The fate of the Half-Men after Kurt's surrender is as of yet unrevealed. • Starting Resources are set at Poor. mad scientist Professor Alfred Kurt came to this world and experimented on the natives. Each half could then move and operate independently. a universe where space travel and exploration from the planet Earth boomed in the late 20th Century. they appear to be the original inhabitants of the planet which resides in the Earth-5391 reality. but split in half. although they were loyal to Professor Kurt. and was home to a race of humanoid beings that eventually became known as the Half-Men. Column Five From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-60 61-70 71-80 81-95 96-00 Initial Score Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Mn 63 Additional Creation Notes • Half-Men can raise any one Ability +1CS. turning them into the Half-Men. His personality was split between the two halves. The people who became the Half-Men were the victims of mad scientist Professor Alfred Kurt. In the year 2075. who fled to Haydes with his daughter after escaping from an insane asylum for experimenting on cutting human beings in half. and his "good" half killed his "evil" half before he turned himself into the authorities. They were brought to Professor Kurt who then attempted to repeat his experiments on Speed. 71 Primary Ability Chart. their race. Half-Men The exact origins of the Half-Men of Haydes is unknown. who were the residents of Haydes. however. Speed Carter and Johnny Day of the Space Sentinels peacekeeping force. only to become a victim of his own experiments himself. eventually succeeding in creating his Half-Men. The Space Sentinels peacekeeping force eventually sent Captain Speed Carter and his sidekick Johnny Day to explore Haydes where they were attacked and captured by the HalfMen. which put a stop to Kurt’s mad plans.

Prior to their dominance. and merely froze them in ice. and although doing so was punishable by death they were lenient to the alien visitors. and unleashed the prehistoric beasts to destroy them. With the threat neutralized. ruled their world. • Ice People start out with only one Contact. Johnny. and learned they were in suspended animation for over two decades. entering a state of suspended animation. Speed led them to the explorers’ ship. They were confronted by a group of Ice People. and found that it could not take off. The Ice People feared that the Earthmen would free the frozen beasts. Unfrozen by the leader of the Ice People. Speed Carter and Johnny Day of the Space Sentinels crash-landed on the Ice People's planet following a battle with space pirates. the renegade faction of Ice People tried to escape in Speed's damaged rocket. and their leaders at the hands of the creatures. and returned them to their world. Twenty-five years later. Meanwhile. Golden Age and More 72 . The prehistoric beasts then caused the rocket to explode killing them all in the blast. Column Five From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-60 61-70 71-80 81-95 96-00 Initial Score Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Mn 63 Additional Creation Notes • Ice People can raise any one Ability +1CS. Their world was first visited by the human race when a group of Earth explorers discovered their world in the year 2050. prehistoric beasts that were eventually wiped out or frozen in ice. The traitors left Speed. who then neutralized Speed and the others with their freeze rays. the explorers. and managed to escape the planet. Primary Ability Chart. • Starting Resources are set at Poor. a universe where space travel and technology boomed in the late 20th century. their race. they used the rockets from their damaged spacecraft to thaw them out. Powers The Ice People are resilient to the cold. in the year 2075.Chapter Forty: Ice People Source: Marvel Comics Typical Ice Person The so-called Ice People are a unique alien race that resides within an unspecified frozen world on Earth-5391. Speed made peace with the Ice People. However. Discovering the frozen explorers from 2050. there were renegade elements among the Ice People who then stole Speed and Johnny's Hydro-Guns.

their race. since their sun lost its gravitational hold on the planet. He also said that one spark will cause them all to be atomized. escaping on a stolen saucer after Flash destroyed the other ships. and are able to shape-shift as well as imitate voices. Primary Ability Chart. Captain Flash and Ricky entered the impact crater. and take over the world. in human form.the Lord of Imagions . unbeknownst to them. Imago is reverting to the gaseous state it was 10 million years ago. Although. Column Five From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-60 61-70 71-80 81-95 96-00 Initial Score Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Mn 63 Additional Creation Notes • Imagions can raise any one Ability +1CS. • Starting Resources are set at Poor. Dalton had already been replaced by an Imagion. Captain Flash and Ricky fought their way out. Imagions have green palms on their hands. and he vowed to take action. • Imagions start out with only one Contact.Chapter Forty-One: Imagions Source: Sterling Comics Typical Imagion Investigating what appeared to be a meteorite. 73 Golden Age and More . only find a flying saucer. Not wanting to end his family's two million year dynasty. then brought on-board the ship and then back to the Alien's home world. he planned for them to use their shape-shifting abilities to insert themselves into positions of power. Powers and Abilities The Imagions are technologically advanced. Mirago . However.explained how. They are subsequently seized by duplicates of themselves. They informed Mayor Dalton of their experience..

Chapter Forty-Two: Invaders from Venus Source: E. • Starting Resources are set at Poor. Moon Girl arrived just in time. due to death of all their males. Column Five From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-60 61-70 71-80 81-95 96-00 Initial Score Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Mn 63 Additional Creation Notes • Invaders from Venus can raise any one Ability +1CS. they landed in Rawley College. Primary Ability Chart. who hurled their out of control ship into space. They quickly set their sights on and subdued him. their race. However. and the invaders promised to never try to return to Earth. and a squad on a mission to capture men from Earth. However.C. Outside of Earth’s orbit. Golden Age and More 74 .A. their queen sent her confidant. Erica's continued infatuation with the prince caused her to return once more to try and capture him. To avert this fate. where Lionel Manning. and forced them to flee. was engaged in sports. Comics Typical Invader from Venus On the planet Venus.K. an Amazonian race was on the verge of mass extinction. Prince Mengu. Erica. Moon Girl soundly defeated them this time. and returned again in Moon Girl #6. the invaders created earthquakes to distract Moon Girl from their kidnapping activities. However. they were once again defeated by Moon Girl. • Invaders from Venus start out with only one Contact. This time. Once on Earth. they were unable to keep this promise. A.

History Upon the Twilight Realm just beyond the veil of death is the civilization of the Ghost Fox Women. F Ex 16 A Rm 26 S E R I Ex Ex Ex Rm 16 16 16 26 Health: 74 Karma: 58 P Ex 16 Known Powers: • None Talents: Occult 75 Golden Age and More . tasked with killing evil men. Her actions will decide her people's fate. The twilight realm is a subtle realm that depends on its ties to the normal world. She controls the ghosts of men she kills. the land will crumble to nothingness. She is driven by the need to harvest these evil souls in order to keep the land of the Ghost Fox Women stable. Ghost Fox Killer Ghost Fox Killer is a female emissary from the hidden colony of the Ghost Fox Women. Without these souls. the land of the Ghost Fox Women needs the souls of evil men to maintain these ties. Thus. A Ghost Fox Woman took it on herself to sustain the land as Ghost Fox Killer.Chapter Forty-Three: Land of the Ghost Fox Women Typical Ghost Fox Woman Source: DC Comics The "Ghost Fox Women" of China live in a hidden colony similar to the Amazons of Themyscira.

British inventory Roland Gale would built a rocket and took his family to the planet Ligra. of course. starting with. However.the first two of which were domesticated by the Lion-People for use against the Dragon-Men. Zog was tortured into using his robot to overthrow Queen Nara. restoring Nara as queen of the planet before being return to Earth. and are capable of interstellar travel. gigantic birds resembling Earth's eagles. This parallel technological development is likely a result of the Dragon-Men's yearning for conquest. Dragon-Men are always identified as Dragon-Men. kidnapped the Earth scientist Professor Philo Zog and his creation the robot known as Electro in order to take over the planet. Roland and his wife were murdered by the Dragon-Men. Zog escaped. which could imply that others have poorly translated their name. the Dragon-Men evolved alongside the Lion-People. who then wishes to inflict the rule of the Dragon-Men upon all others. Luckily. having invented energy-based weaponry. Nara grew up to be the queen of the Lion-People. In the early 20th century. History: Little has been revealed about the origins of the Dragon-Men. but are not alone on their world. should this 76 . at least where technology is concerned. Jago. Dragon-Men The dreadful Dragon-Men are but one sentient species hailing from the world of Ligra. They hail from the planet Ligra. There they were accepted into the Lion-People's kingdom. either by themselves or from those who have encountered them. but Golden Age and More presumably somewhat close. Oryx-Beasts.Chapter Forty-Four: Ligra Source: Marvel Comics The planet Ligra is an Earth-like world that is home to two dominant races: the evil DragonMen and the noble Lion-People. and captured her. ruler of the DragonMen. and a giant species of octopus . orphaning their daughter Nara Gale. leonine humanoids who have developed along generally similar lines. which lies in the Mandahl star system. the Dragon-Men have yet to achieve this goal. Their incredible physical prowess is directly attributable to their unique evolution. In the early 1940s. Other creatures unique to Ligra are War Eagles. even if they came rather close once. Their society itself is ruled with an iron fist by its dictator. which is an unknown distance from our own planet. However. and used Electro to defeat the Dragon-Men. Electro. Both races are monarchical societies that are technologically advanced. thanks to the coerced aid of Professor Zog and his creation. No. the Lion-People. horned and cloven-hooved creatures. Though possessed of two genders.

Dragon-Men of either gender stand upright. and will readily execute whatever order he or she gives them. but two distinct sapient species evolved there: the Lion-People and the dreadful Dragon-Men. Their heads are yellow. lies the strange world of Ligra. This vibrant splash of color comes not from race achieve rule over Ligra. and somewhat bestial in appearance. Appearance: The Dragon-Men of Ligra are reptilian humanoid beings. Dragon-Men tend to come across as thuggish in nature. They thus war with their counterparts on Ligra. which helps them to all prosper. with yellow bands complementing that green on their five extremities. the LionPeople try to peacefully apply their advanced technology. the Dragon-Men are often hatching new plots against them. which is an unknown distance from our own planet. and seems to be somewhat close to us. which cares for its subjects. Lion-People The noble Lion-People are but one sentient species hailing from the world of Ligra. to overthrow the Lion-People's monarch! While he was momentarily successful. but instead from their scutes. Nara Gale. Their incredible physical prowess is directly attributable to their unique evolution. who recovered from his abuse enough to turn Electro against the Dragon-Men. It is rather like our earth. as would an ordinary human. and either red or green spots on their torsos. Zog. eventually betrayed Jago. the Dragon-Men yearn to be at the top of their food chain. They possess long fangs. short claws. Which is why. Lion-People are known to have journeyed through space in the intervening years. the DragonMen decided they must conquer Ligra at all cost. somewhat recently. The former are ruled by a benevolent monarchy. History: Not all that much has come to light regarding the origins of the Lion-People. Torturing him into compliance. It is known that. abducted earthling super-scientist Professor Zog to do what he couldn't. while the latter is steered by the whims of an absolute dictator bent on conquest. regardless of how immoral it happens to be. This is because they are in the complete thrall of whoever their current dictator is. the Dragon-Men's leader. constantly. Having liberated their human queen. Ecological Niche: Though they are not. Desperately coveting the wealth of the LionPeople. the LionPeople. it's only a matter of time before they spread further! Characteristics: Though they're not stupid. Though they live under the constant threat of warfare from their fellow Ligrans. but things proceeded differently there. sequestered within the mysterious Mandahl star system. Little else regarding the history of the LionPeople. Electro. Jago forced Zog to wield his robotic creation. However. with red bands around their eyes. When not actually fighting their eternal foes. but presumably somewhat close. outside this strange interstellar incident. 77 This is because not one. Zog was named an honorary Knight of Ligra before returning home. Jago. Though reptilian. They are primarily green in hue. has yet to be revealed. and a prehensile tail. and one known as Gur even joined Earth's ARMOR organization! Golden Age and More .

auburn fur.Characteristics: Typical Dragon-Man Ligra's Lion-People are a stalwart species. save for those who would harm them. save for perhaps their tails. these sharp implements will inflict a Dragon-Man's Strength rank in Edged Attack damage. humanoid beings. Appearance: The Lion-People of Ligra are leonine. if barely. or in addition to. while others add red to the mix here and there. they are covered in a soft. Advanced in culture and technology. the Lion-People . This bold color comes from their scutes. • Claws: Their primary melee implements. though some exceptional examples of blond and black-furred individuals have been seen in their limited appearances.and by extension. prehensile tails that they may wield either to supplement. what their arms are doing. their monarch lead the citizens of their world to prosperity through peaceful. which provide them Pr 3 ranked. Able to stave off the would-be dominion of the Dragon-Men. Dragon-men all have short. they strive to bring prosperity to all. Golden Age and More F Gd 8 A S E R I P Ex Ex Gd Pr 3 Ty 5 Pr 3 16 16 8 Health: 43 Karma: 16 Resources: Gd 8 Popularity: Gd 8 Known Powers: • Body Armor: The coloration of the Dragon-Men varies. a Dragon-Man may nonetheless bite his or her foe with two elongated. striving for peace while preparing for war. When wielded in melee. essentially resembling humans with a lion's head. • Fangs: While their claws are more useful for melee combat. inherent body armor. Ecological Niche: The Lion-People are the primary rules of the planet Ligra. Male Lion-People also possess a long. with most being some combination of green and yellow. Their lion-like heads give the Lion-People oversized eyes and ears as well as whiskers. all of which grant them a considerable awareness of their environment. keratin claws. • Prehensile Tail: The Dragon-Men all possess long. they would provide humanitarian aid to their enemies if but asked. thick mane while the females do not. a Dragon-Man may inflict his or her Strength rank in Edged Attack damage with each swipe of their hands. advanced means. Using these sharp physical weapons. And even then. They may either 78 . saber-like fangs. On the whole.

these sharp implements will inflict a LionPerson's Strength rank in Edged Attack damage.Typical Lion-Person gain an additional Blunt Attack with this thick implement. Limitations/Enhancements: • None Equipment: • Death Rays: though they are barbaric. though they are by no means required to do so. The most ubiquitous amongst them is their death rays. Sight. • Super Senses / Hearing. a Lion-Person can inflict Edged Attack in melee combat if they so choose. • Resistance to Cold Attack: having evolved from creatures much like the lions of earth. the Lion-People possess protractile claws in each of their digits. This provides them a modest. Most of the Dragon-Men appear to be part of the same military machine. • Fangs: While their claws are more useful for melee combat. the Lion-People have a small amount of fur covering their bodies (manes on the males notwithstanding). which all DragonMan soldiers carry. Contacts: Dragon-Men can presumably rely upon each other for aid should they need it. 79 F Gd 8 A S E R I P Ex Gd Gd Ex Gd Ty 6 16 10 8 16 8 Health: 40 Karma: 32 Resources: Gd 8 Popularity: Ex 16 Known Powers: • Claws: As do conventional lions. and readily fight in formation on the command of their superiors. Quirks: • Hypermobility: Unlike their leonine counterparts. and Touch: their oversized eyes. Though their leadership tends to give the Dragon-Men a reputation for savagery. or gain a +1 CS when grappling others. whose entropic rays can inflict Ex 16 anti-life. Talents: • Military: the society of the Dragon-Men is controlled by an absolute dictatorship. the Dragon-Men are well disciplined. since the species at a whole vies for control of the planet Ligra with their counterparts. ears. the Dragon-Men of Ligra evolved with twice as many joints as do other humanoids of like size and/or proportions. and inherent whiskers grant slightly enhanced versions of these senses to the Lion-People. as their range of motion is greatly improved. the LionPeople. after all. metabolic damage. the Dragon-Men have mastered several technologies. sharp fangs. a Lion-Person may nonetheless bite his or her foe with their long. they benefit from a +1 CS on Grapple and Escape attempts. As such. In addition to providing for their generally Golden Age and More . When wielded in melee. Thanks to this natural weaponry. Pr 3 resistance to cold attacks.

generally aids their own . Contacts: The Lion-People. these three senses function at that rank +1 CS. and thus. which inflicts Ex 16 Force damage with each blast. These ray guns broadcast an unknown form of energy.particularly since they live under perpetual threat of DragonMan invasions. a peace-loving species. They may attempt to strike with fangs or claws at their Fighting rank +1 CS. Quirks: • None Golden Age and More Talents: • Natural Weapons: Though they are an advanced people. assuming no bad blood between individuals is involved. and are often armed with powerful Q-ray guns. usually carry advanced armaments. the Lion-People are nonetheless well-versed in the use of their inherent physical weaponry. They can thus consider their fellow Lion-People a reliable contact. Limitations/Enhancements: • None Equipment: • Q-Rays: Though they are peaceful in nature.high Intuition. the Lion-People live under the threat of the warlike Dragon-Men. 80 .

Fang and Nakota. Ghost Rider and Blaze defeated the Lilin first leaving Creed dead. in order to free Bloodthirst. Blackout was slain by Blade. they went out to seek other Lilin to join the fight. It is undetermined if the first generation of Lilin were demon/human hybrids. the result of Lilith mating with other demons. or creations of some other type.Chapter Forty-Five: Lilin Source: Marvel Comics The Lilin are a race of demons spawned by Lilith. The Lilin later betrayed Centurious after the return of Zarathos. The Lilin then took the fight with the Midnight Sons. The Lilin Short Circuit was also set loose. and Lilith was jammed into her own stomach. the Lilin are either immortal or extremely long-lived. Nakota was the only survivor. Morbius' ex-girlfriend. They would soon find a converted Creed. at the 81 Limelight. the self-professed Mother of Demons. where Meatmarket was brought back to life. after which their adversaries killed many of the Lilin off. they joined Centurious in a task to kill Ghost Rider and get the Medallion of Power. Some survived. but was killed by the Nightstalkers. and where Lilith would bring out all of her demon children. and later reunite with the deadliest Lilin known as Skinner. but at some point. Lilith brought forth a Lilin version of Daniel Ketch. Atlantean magicians incarcerated her within the belly of a leviathan. either escaping to other dimensions or assimilating themselves into humanity. but both Blaze and Ghost Rider defeated him in the end. Blackout who turned out to be Lilith's grandson. Pilgrim. The Lilin grieved over Meatmarket's death. but they were defeated by the Spirits of Vengeanceb and sent to the Shadowside Dimension. Morbius knocked out Doc and drained the blood of Fang. the Lilin Parasite controlled the dead body of Martine. the Lilin Dan Killed Pilgrim by cutting a void into his chest. and poisoned Morbius with Lilin blood. and killed shortly thereafter. The Lilin's first attack started at Johnny Blaze's carnival where Blaze's family was threatened. and Pilgrim open a void in Lilith's chest to bring forth the demons. In the battle. In disguise. For thousands of years. Lilith and her children led a campaign of terror and death against humanity. Soon. They would later add the Lilin Doc to the mix after a meeting alliance with the Darkholders. After the battle. The Lilin went to NYC to find the other Lilins. the Lilin returned from the death after being eaten by Lilith. Rise of the Midnight Sons When Lilith escaped the Levathian's stomach. After their defeat. The Missing Link Months later. With one of her Lilin. Lilith's children awaited her return. During the battle. During this conflict. she prepared to start her quest for demons to rule the world. The Lilin went to Greenland. Lilith would soon try to make the Nightstalkers kill Ghost Rider and Blaze. and were reborn with the help of the Lilin Outcast. Skinner proved a deadly match for Blaze. but was eaten by Lilith to survive. Golden Age and More . and the vicious archenemy of Ghost Rider. Each apparently possessing unique superhuman powers. At this point. Meatmarket died from a blow to the head administered by Victoria Montesi and a series of gunshots from Sam Buchanan. Meatmarket was later spotted by both the Spirits of Vengeance and the Nightstalkers. while the Lilin Meatmarket joined the mix to spy on the Nightstalkers to make sure they did the deed. Later on.

after escaping her host Martine when trying to attack Morbius. Bloodthirst. 82 . the Lilin tried to escape it using the cloth of Devil-Slayer. after being later encountered at a facility called the Blackhole. saying that he will be avenged with a whole new brand of Lilin. using the magic of the Medallion of Power. and most of all tried to eliminate the Midnight Sons and take over the world. Sister Nil would keep Doctor Strange company in another dimension but later would be watched by Doctor Strange back in the real world. Golden Age and More Primary Ability Chart Die Roll 01-07 08-14 15-25 26-40 41-60 61-75 76-87 88-97 98-00 Initial Score Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Mn 63 Additional Creation Notes • Lilin can raise any two Primary Abilities +1CS. During this time. If the Player and/or Judge do not like the generation rules presented here. the normal Demon character generation rules can be substituted. Blackout met with defeat at the hands of Ghost Rider. • Lilin have no initial Contacts (other than Lilith at the Judge's discretion) but will soon be sought out by groups who see them as symbols or tools. and Blackout. but failed. Back in the Shadowside Dimension. The Spirits of Vengence defeated them in time. Lilith spoke to his corpse. I wanted to design them to be unique. Doctor Strange's mansion was destroyed. This was their most brutal attack. Bloodthirst was released from Morbius's body. when Zarathos was killed. I attempted to make them somewhere between a normal Demon. Skinner. I do not see them as powerful as “normal” variety. Parasite. At this point she wanted to fit in with the human world. and Breed Mutants power-wise. the Lilin possessed Morbius (Bloodthirst). After the Siege The only Lilin to not be trapped in the Shadowside Dimension were Sister Nil. • Lilin lose -1CS Popularity. Parasite was killed by ex-Fallen member Embyree. By the end of the Siege of Darkness. MTS Note: While the Lilin are Demons. But he would later come back and join forces with both The Hood's gang as well as joining the dark angel Zadkiel in his mission to stop Ghost Rider once again. Skinner was defeated by Ghost Rider. killed Louise Hastings.Siege of Darkness Typical Lilin The Lilin eventually escaped the Shadowside Dimension in greater numbers and raged chaotically with Zarathos at their side. and both Lilith and all the Lilin were sent back to the Shadowside Dimension. known as the Siege of Darkness. but was soon killed by Morbius after a fight in the hospital. who attached him to a building to burn in the painful sun. the Lilin Pixil tried to spread Lilin forces all over the electronic world.

They have a green pallor and vaguely skeletal appearance. it is unknown if living corpses will plague the earth once more. Ecological Niche: Living corpses are unnatural abominations birthed in the derelict laboratory of the mad neurologist Bruno Varoz. All of his living corpses were given long green robes to wear upon being restored to an animate state. It's possible that his hunchbacks could replicate the process of their creation. Their bodies are devoid of hair whatsoever. they exist outside any natural ecosystem. though their mouths are trapped in a terrifying rictus. Once free of his control. creating horrible. that is. smash.not without Varoz's reanimation process. as corpses tend to once they begin to decompose. How long the process which reanimates a living corpse lasts is unknown. Appearance: The living corpses are dead humans. but they possess minds and the ability to use tools. of course. they will simply continue to steal. They eagerly engage in villainy. and continue to do so even if Varoz is not directing them in this regard. and slay . zombie like creatures that are obsessed with evil . save for the fact that they appear to be unable to create more of themselves . 83 Golden Age and More .just doing so under their own direction. They showed no sign of breaking down during their initial crime spree. They still possess eyes and ears. destroy. Reanimated via his artificial blood formula and a powerful dose of electricity. he can reanimate dead tissues. Using his artificial blood formula and a jolt of electricity. With his laboratory destroyed. having witnessed it firsthand. and murder. or perhaps more artificial blood.Chapter Forty-Six: Living Corpses Source: Marvel Comics Origin: The living corpses are the deranged creation of Doctor Bruno Varoz. or perhaps someone else could develop Varoz's methods in parallel.and follow his every diabolical command! Characteristics: All of Varoz's living corpses are obsessed with crime. but it's possible that they may need additional electricity to empower their artificial blood over time. They are similar to zombies in many respects. This would make them exceedingly dangerous. All of which is pure conjecture. it's not like people are usually buried in functional clothing. Doctor Bruno Varoz felt the need to clothe his living corpses in a like fashion but then. For some reason. and live (again) only to steal.

is that they have no metabolism. even if they can be destroyed by conventional means. they do not age. Golden Age and More Equipment: • Not all living corpses carry equipment. they do not age whatsoever. breathe. it will not recover from it. and even firearms! Furthermore. though that would require getting past the fact that a dead friend and/or relative is trying to get them to aid and abet their murderous crime spree. despite looking like decomposing human bodies. While they may find themselves immobile for vast stretches of time. once a living corpse takes damage. as long as none of the damage taken is to the brain. a living corpse can persist indefinitely. other damage forms affect them normally. Possessing this power at Unearthly (100) rank. Ever. as far as a long term existence is concerned. these walking dead take on a sickly green pallor. Bits that are chopped off become inanimate again. Varoz's 'children' are never 'unconscious'. Even at zero Health! F Gd 10 A S E R I P Gd Ex Ty 6 Ty 6 Pr 4 Fe 2 10 20 Health: 46 Karma: 12 Resources: Fe 2 Popularity: Gd -10 Known Powers: • Agelessness: Varoz's living zombies have no metabolism to speak of. Varoz's creations need not worry about the rigors of extreme cold or pressure. People tend to react to them at a -2 CS Talents: Unlike traditional zombies. • Environmental Independence: No longer truly alive.even something as complicated as firing a gun or piloting airplanes! Contacts: A living corpse could conceivably rely upon former friends and family for assistance should they request it. living corpses lack the abilities that come with a metabolism like healing. numerous members of Varoz's legion of evil dead have been seen wielding clubs. As such. They enjoy -1 CS Damage Reduction against all physical attacks that do not strike them in the head. including fixed-wing aircraft! Quirks: • Unattractive: Living corpses are icky! No matter how fresh they were before Varoz got done with them. a living corpse can maneuver in the depths of the sea or in interstellar space equally well. and always alert and aware of the world. or sleep. even if they're obsessed with crime. However. knives. they have made use of advanced equipment to extend their crime spree. Since their body is 'just there'. with most of it slowly decomposing. As such. and will not grow back on their own. However. If carefully maintained. a living corpse can retain any skills it possessed in life . a living corpse can last indefinitely for labor or other uses. living corpses do not need to eat.Typical Living Corpse Limitations / Enhancements: • Inert Metabolism: The problem with living corpses. drink. In other words. and an almost skeletal countenance upon their reanimation. • Resistance to Cold and Pressure Variance: As walking dead. • Damage Reduction: Living Corpses are surprisingly tough. 84 . the living corpses appear to retain their minds to some extent.

Chapter Forty-Seven: Lizard Men Source: Marvel Comics Typical Lizard Man The missing men and women from a local village. the Lizard-Men are a group of mystically altered humans. With her crown gone. Column One From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-05 06-10 11-20 21-40 41-60 61-80 81-96 97-00 Rank Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Additional Benefits • Lizard Men can raise any one Primary Ability +1CS. he took Iranda's crown with him. After she died. Primary Ability Chart. Queen of the LizardMen. changed them so she would have creatures to serve her every whim. Iranda. her enchantment wore off at moonrise. 85 Golden Age and More . her enchantments faded and the Lizard-Men turned back into the missing warriors from the village. Ka-Zar arrived to rescue the villagers but was attacked by the Lizard Men. He was barely able to escape but after he did. and she became a Lizard being as well.

After his encounter with the Defenders. along with the Ludberdites. • Ludberdites start out with only one Contact. Nebulon used the technology of that world to send the Squadron Sinister back to Earth. owe it to other races to bring them enlightenment. Primary Ability Chart. after which he decided that humankind was beyond redemption. their race. kidnapped a sample of Earth's population and controlled their minds. After this initial success. Golden Age and More 86 . Nebulon and the Ludberdites started the Celesital Mind Control Movement. He.Chapter Forty-Eight: Ludberdites Source: Marvel Comics Typical Ludberdite History The Ludberdites are a race of scientific philosophers who feel that they are a superior race in the universe and. Nebulon took a strong interest in the Ludberdites' ideas. Column Five From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-60 61-70 71-80 81-95 96-00 Initial Score Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Mn 63 Additional Creation Notes • Ludberdites can raise any one Ability +1CS. and decided to make it his mission to "enlighten" the people of Earth. who forced Nebulon to experience much of the history of humankind. the home of the Ludberdites. and he and the Ludberdites departed from Earth. • Starting Resources are set at Poor. offering a type of peace to the people of Earth. Nebulon found himself and the Squadron Sinister transported to Zaar. The group attracted worldwide attention with an especially large following in France. Nebulon was opposed by the Defenders and Doctor Strange. as such. though he chose to stay behind to learn more of the Ludberdites’ philosophy. offering people the chance to reach their true potential.

standing approximately 46 feet tall. They keep men as slaves and breed Mooniacs as their own personal weapons. which were native to the moon. Primary Ability Chart. their race. 87 Golden Age and More . but they also possess powerful explosives. Column Five From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-60 61-70 71-80 81-95 96-00 Initial Score Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Mn 63 Additional Creation Notes • Lunezons can raise any one Ability +1CS. Mooniacs are strong and savage creatures with low intelligence. but have been stopped by Spurt Hammond in the past. • Starting Resources are set at Poor. The Lunezons rely on primitive weapons such as swords and spears.Chapter Forty-Nine: Lunerzons Source: Fiction House Typical Lunezon The Lunerzons are a race of fierce warrior women who live on the moon and resorted to space piracy to obtain goods. • Lunezons start out with only one Contact. They have plans of either conquering or destroying the Earth.

• Starting Resources are set at Poor. • Mooniacs start out with only one Contact. Golden Age and More 88 .Typical Mooniac Primary Ability Chart. Column Five From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-60 61-70 71-80 81-95 96-00 Initial Score Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Mn 63 Additional Creation Notes • Mooniacs can raise any one Ability +1CS. their race.

They also have two nozzles on the lower half of their heads. There were about 30 of these robots. Primary Ability Chart. big enough to easily fit the body of an adult human. which were kept in a hangar in their creator's remote headquarters. easily withstanding conventional firearms. which can project flames at least 20 feet. They also posses superhuman strength and the ability to fly using propellers around their necks.Chapter Fifty: Mechanical Monsters Source: Paramount Typical Mechanical Monster The Mechanical Monster are robots created by a mad scientist to carry out his dirty work. 89 Golden Age and More . The have a large locked cargo compartment in their backs. • Player character Mechanical Monsters possess self-repair facilities that simulate normal Healing. such as robbing banks. Column Four From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-05 06-10 11-15 16-40 41-50 51-70 71-90 91-98 99-00 Rank Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Mn 63 Additional Benefits • Initial Popularity is zero. They are about 10-12 feet tall and they are extremely resistant to damage.

Primary Ability Chart. a number of aliens have been recorded as either living on or having originated from Mercury. the planet Mercury cannot sustain life. It is a small. red planet. • Mercurians start out with only one Contact. • Starting Resources are set at Poor. their race. although a number of alien beings have claimed to originate from the planet. hot. However. there are aliens who claimed to have originated from the planet Mercury. Within the Earth-616 universe in particular. Earth-616 On Earth-616. Golden Age and More 90 . they may be masking their true homeworld. In most timelines. the planet is too hot sustain life. These accounts all occurred in the 1950s and 60s. Mercurians In most realities. Column Five From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-60 61-70 71-80 81-95 96-00 Initial Score Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Mn 63 Additional Creation Notes • Mercurians can raise any one Ability +1CS. and either lied about what world they originated from or temporarily colonized Mercury. it is possible that like many other aliens who have claimed to hail from other planets in the Sol system. However.these aliens were from another planet. On Earth-616.Chapter Fifty-One: Mercury Source: Marvel Comics Typical Mercurian Mercury is the first planet in the Milky Way Galaxy's Sol system. or have colonized many other aliens who visited Earth in the past . Mercury is presumably uninhabited. it could be that .

& Animal Husbandry (Giant Electric Eels). They are able to survive for long periods in the ocean depths. which are raised by the Mermazons. she showed him an area containing giant. 91 Talents: Swimming. tame electric eels. under the ocean. and is ruled by the benevolent Queen Klitra from a crystal citadel filled with air.Chapter Fifty-Two: Mermazons Typical Mermazon Source: Quality Comics The Mermazons are a race of beautiful women who live in the city of Merezonia. Weaponry (Trident). Merezonia is protected by crystal walls. F Rm 26 A S E R I Rm Rm Rm Ex Rm 26 26 26 16 26 Health: 104 Karma: 58 P Ex 16 Known Powers: • Hyper Swimming: Ex 16 • Water Freedom: Ex 16 While Klitra showed Red Torpedo around the city. Underwater Combat. They carry tridents as weapons and are skilled in killing large monsters with them. Mermazons can breathe underwater and are talented swimmers. Golden Age and More .

their race. They cannot concentrate on multiple persons at once. anticipate their opponents every move and probe other knowledge from minds. Column Five From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-60 61-70 71-80 81-95 96-00 Initial Score Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Mn 63 Additional Creation Notes • Monsters from the Mirror can raise any one Ability +1CS. but ordinary punches and kicks can. Von Kelm invented a machine that made mirrors in to portals to another world. From that world escaped monsters! The tried to conquer Earth. They also have telepathic powers. Golden Age and More 92 . This gives them the ability to learn any language instantly.Chapter Fifty-Three: Monsters from the Mirror Source: Quality Comics Typical Monster from the Mirror One day. Keeper theorized that their world had become a terrible place to live. Mr. Dr. Primary Ability Chart. Powers They are brutishly strong. • Starting Resources are set at Poor. • Monsters from the Mirror start out with only one Contact. and nothing that pierces trough them can harm them. but were sent back to their world by Kid Eternity and his companions! Nothing else is known of the monsters. and they wanted Earth to be their new home.

Mosk. which effectively started killing them off. 93 Primary Ability Chart. the pair tracked down the Mosquito Men and used the gas on them. Mosk used the weapon he stole from Frontier and was shocked to discover it was a duplication ray. but died before he could warn Speed and Johnny what it does. having unwittingly made duplicates of Speed Carter . Column Five From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-60 61-70 71-80 81-95 96-00 Initial Score Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Mn 63 Additional Creation Notes • Mosquito Men can raise any one Ability +1CS. Powers The Mosquito Men could fly. The original Speed Carter then killed Mosk and recovered the duplicator and then forced the rest of the Mosquito Men to surrender. They could also apparently live in the vacuum of space without any apparent assistance. By the year 2075.each armed with a DDT Gun. thanks to the wings that sprouted from their back. their race. When their leader. Johnny Day. • Mosquito Men start out with only one Contact.Chapter Fifty-Four: Mosquito Men Source: Marvel Comics Typical Mosquito Man Not much is known about the Mosquito Men. Golden Age and More . learned that Dr. the Mosquito Men were one of the deadliest alien races in the known universe. fatally wounding Frontier and stealing the weapon. prompting the Space Sentinel peacekeeping force to come up with a means of subduing them. With his last breath. they attacked just as Frontier was showing it to the Space Sentinels' leader. With the DDT Gun in hand. Seeking a way to stop Carter. They were highly invulnerable. Speed Carter. the Mosquito Men attacked. Frontier told Speed that the Mosquito Men stole an even more dangerous weapon instead. • Starting Resources are set at Poor. able to withstand blasts from the Space Squadron's hydro-guns. The Mosquito Men complied. a race unique to Earth-5391. Frontier was developing a weapon to stop them. a universe where space travel and technology boomed in the late 20th century. Thinking that it was the DDT Gun that Frontier was developing to destroy them. and his sidekick. and were imprisoned on an asteroid that utilized the army of Speed Carter duplicates as guards.

asking it to side with him against Domina for the leadership of the group. Cecilia managed to evade capture by the Neo for a week. and they went about the building hunting the Neo. They found him studying to be a priest. Delgado. He actually turned out to be a spy planted by the Neo. she decided to take the Rave to better her chances of survival. while Cecila and Nightcrawler had to face off against the warriors of the clan in the basement of an abandoned apartment complex. who adeptly used the collective powers of her Warclan to best them. believing her to be of Neo heritage. which initially prospered. a side-branch of humanity emerged who called themselves the Neo. The rest of the clan sensed Jaeger's death. They were all separated from each other. who found herself attracted to a worker named Seth. and stumbled upon the Charlotte-Delgado being. They first tracked down Nightcrawler. and drowned when her powers were removed. she picked them up so that no one else would be hurt by them. Rax approached the being with the proposition of an alliance. and the X-Men left so as not to be trapped inside. Jaeger insisted that it was his right to make the kill.Chapter Fifty-Five: Neo Source: Marvel Comics At some point in the course of evolution. Nightcrawler and Cecilia happened upon Detective Charlotte Jones — a longtime ally of the X-Men. Golden Age and More Meanwhile. They were happy living a solitary life in their community. After the actions of the High Evolutionary temporarily "turned off" the mutant gene to transform all mutants into "baseline" humans. Domina. with those leaving their home to exact their revenge now calling themselves the Warclan. Charlotte Jones. However. Trapped inside the illusions of Tartarus. 94 . but then had to fend off the barrage from Salvo's attack. and Archangel (who decided to help out his friend) became caught in the illusionary thralls of the two younger Neo. at least until tragedy struck. who could breathe underwater. the X-Men attempted to help repair a space station as an act of good will. Among the X-Men present was Shadowcat. He hunted down Nightcrawler. being a good doctor. Cecilia volunteered to stay behind. but was surprisingly defeated by Cecilia who. in a panic. As the leader of the Warclan. Elysia and Tartarus. a turn of events that only served to infuriated Domina even more. and accompanied the two X-Men on their journey. in space. which impaled the ruthless man. Nightcrawler was able to save his himself but was seriously wounded and teleported off to find help in the form of Doctor Cecilia Reyes. and subsequently trapped. The X-Men barely survived the encounter. since Charlotte Jones was still trapped as well. Among the deceased was the daughter of their leader. The drug worked and she defeated the giant. turned her force field into a spiky barrier. who was on leave from the team to pursue religious matters. Nightcrawler passed out from his injuries leaving Cecilia to defend herself and her friend. Running from the Warclan. She then ordered Barbican to seal off the building. Charlotte Jones and Delgado were in reality merged into a gestalt being with Delgado being the dominant form. and Rax hastily tried to kill him. who sabotaged the space station and kidnapped Shadowcat. many of the Neo perished. She was hunting down a sociopath named Rufus Delgado. However. Rax took over as the new Jaeger. The X-Men finally arrived to help. While facing off against the immense mutant Anteus. and traveled off alone to find his prey. Domina and other Neo who survived swore vengeance (misguidedly) on the X-Men and Mister Sinister (who Domina has "killed" on several occasions). who had a clinic nearby. Cecilia saw several vials of a mutant performance-enhancing drug called Rave and. but were quickly defeated by Domina.

and they went back to their apartment building. The renegade Neo Ransome Sole was also encountered. powered Neo. Arriving on the scene. the Neo were as affected by the Decimation as the other mutants. however. came to threaten the remaining mutants on Utopia. They were able to convince the girl that the X-Men had nothing to do with the worldwide power loss. with him having ties to both Domina and Elias Bogan. the building was sealed off again. Shortly after. and the X-Men helped to stop it. Rax once again ventured out on his own. A few Neo (at least eight of them. It is unknown if this was due to the fact she was maybe a "classic" mutant. Rax had to resort to unethical conduct (endangering the lives of civilians) in order to win the fight. and tried to get her to talk to Domina. However. or her clear affiliation at the X-Men's side made her be spared from the Evolutionaries' action. it can be inferred that many of them perished along with millions of other mutants when Cassandra Nova sent her wild Sentinels to attack the island. extinguishing Neo everywhere around the globe to ensure the survival of Homo Superior. Rax had his fellow Neo Junction teleport him outside of the complex so he could fight Rogue.Wolverine and Nightcrawler teleported inside of the sealed complex. and offered her the same alliance against Domina. Trying to prove himself to the clan. and tried to kill Gambit. and commanded them to serve him in his Genoshan army. the Neo were placed on the path of extinction. and the way to revert it as mutants were about to do. protectors of both Evolution and Mutants. the New Orleans Thieves Guild (Gambit's family) also showed up. Barbican opened the complex for the X-Men. but confided in her teammates that she didn't trust Rax. He defeated her (or so he thought). After the threat was dealt with. The Neo resist. just in time to save Elysia from the creature attacking her. quickly arrived. looking for a response about the massive depoweration of their kind. Under his orders. Just as the Neo arrived and ordered him to kill his target. Domina bows before her new leader. and among them at least two powered) from the Warclan even attacked San Francisco after the mutant community relocated there. was not affected by the termination. Having proven himself to the clan. Kitty Pryde. and for their efforts Magneto dismembers Rax and Salvo. some of them seem to have survived. M-Day and Extinction On M-Day. Given that most of the Neo were never seen again. who was suspected of being a Neo. No surviving Neo has been seen since. Because of this aggression on Utopia. Magneto arrived at the Neo's apartment building. The X-Men later encountered another group of Neo known as the Lost Souls. she was at this point stuck in her intangible form. 95 Golden Age and More . the Delgado creature interrupted their battle. the Guardian Clan. who had to fight the combined might of the Neo. Elysia convinced Domina to let the X-Men go. When they heard about a new baby mutant. As the X-Men left. Rogue accepted. Domina decided to allow Gambit to live. the Evolutionaries.

Column One From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-05 06-10 11-20 21-40 41-60 61-80 81-96 97-00 Rank Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Additional Benefits • Intuition is raised +1CS. • Neo must have at least one Contact. usually The Neo.Typical Neo Primary Ability Chart. Golden Age and More 96 . • Endurance is raised +1CS.

who by that point were believed to have gone extinct. except that their ancient enemies are the vampiric Octopus-Men. it does not sustain life. The Neptunians are amphibious able to breathe under water and on the surface. who eliminated the Octopus-Men who were unleashed upon their planet by Saturn's volcano. as well as Earth's oxygen-nitrogen based atmosphere. their race. however. • Starting Resources are set at Poor. Their race was threatened when a volcanic eruption occurred on Saturn's Dead Sea region. The Neptunians were saved by the Space Squadron peacekeeping force. unleashing the Octopus-Men. 97 Golden Age and More . the Neptunians are members of the interplanetary Galaxy organization. Powers Primary Ability Chart. Neptunians The Neptunians are a race of amphibious humanoids that are unique to Earth-5106. • Neptunians start out with only one Contact. In most realities. By the year 2000.Chapter Fifty-Six: Neptune Source: Marvel Comics Typical Neptunian Neptune is the eighth planet in Earth's solar system. Column Five From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-60 61-70 71-80 81-95 96-00 Initial Score Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Mn 63 Additional Creation Notes • Neptunians can raise any one Ability +1CS. Not much is known about their history. a timeline where their home planet of Neptune is capable of sustaining life. They can breathe whatever atmosphere exists on the Earth5106 version of Saturn.

Their plan was to redistribute the planet's weight with the iron. There. allowing them to take over the surface world above without being exposed to their primary weakness. Learning what they were planning. as the Onees metal fortress exploded. Column One From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-05 06-10 11-20 21-40 41-60 61-80 81-96 97-00 Rank Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Additional Benefits • Onees can raise any one Primary Ability +1CS. the Onees were all sensitive to light. Zog pretended to betray humanity in order to learn of the creatures plot. they stripped the buildings of all their iron and melted it down. Zog escaped. Zog freed Electro. Whether or not any of the Onees survived the explosion remains to be seen. Weakness With the exception of their king. Seeking to take over the surface world but sensitive to light. Golden Age and More 98 . and his robot Electro. they used a suction ray to pull buildings in the town of Fairbanks down into their domain.Chapter Fifty-Seven: Onees Source: Marvel Comics Typical Onee History The Onees are subterranean creatures of unknown origin. Zog sent many of the Onees fleeing from the light of their own suction ray. so that it would move Earth's rotation away from the sun. Primary Ability Chart. and used the robot to slay the Onees' master by tossing him into the furnace they used to melt their stolen metals. When Electro was captured. Their activities led authorities on the surface to seek out Professor Zog.

the son of Finn. The Captain Britain Corps are also headquartered in Otherworld. In myth. set apart from Annfwn as a paradise for certain worthy souls favored by the Celtic gods. Nightshade. Tuatha de Danaan. returned home after three weeks in Momur. Elves. Ogres. • Tir fo Thuinn. Goblins. When Bran the Second left Tir inna mBan after one year. • Tir inna mBan. but this may be because some portals to it from Earth were located there. her father Merlyn. Faeries. King Arthur and the Court of Camelot. The Briton Lord Pwyll ruled here in Arawn's stead in Prehistoric times. Necromon. Other points of interest include the Isle of Avalon. Manannan. the Land of the Dead. son of Mider. Leprechauns. Tir nam Beo. ruled by Leir's son. a land of paradise populated by beautiful women who abducted mortals to be their husbands. and is home for numerous elfinlike creatures. he discovered three centuries had passed in his absence. the god of sea and storm (presumably the same Leir who is god of lightning and the spear). When Oisin. which also exists simultaneously on Earth). (This Bran is not to be confused with Bran the Blessed. Vortigen and the Proud Walkers. White Rider of Death. the Land Of Promise. 99 There is some indication that time runs more slowly in Otherworld than on Earth. where Bran the Second retired millennia ago. Back in Ireland. especially the island of Avalon. Features: Otherworld actually consists of the cosmology of the Celtic gods. It is also intimately associated with: • The Dark Realm of the Fomor (home of the Fomor) • The Netherworld of Necromon (Doomwraiths. and. formerly. The Native races that can be found in Otherworld are: Otherworlders. the Green Knight.Chapter Fifty-Eight: Otherworld Source: Marvel Comics Otherworld is the current location of the Court of Camelot ruled by King Arthur. this realm was considered underground. which is ruled by Midir. The one man who set foot on Eire (Ancient Ireland) immediately turned to dust. his crew realized they were returning home after over three thousand years. and the Starlight Citadel. Note: The Starlight Citadel is the base of Brian Braddock. the Green Chapel (home of the Green Knight. and Trolls (MTS Note: Information on the Trolls can be found in the Original Ultimate Origins Book). Wolfsbane). he turned into an old man overnight before dying. the under-sea home of Leir. Golden Age and More . ruled by Arawn (also known as Donn). • Tir tairngiri. It exists within Otherworld on top of a small floating island. These other worlds include: • Momur (also spelled Magh Mor or called Tir Na Bog). the land of the living. the home of the gods. • • Annfwn. the son of Leir and brother of Branwen) Residents Elves (formerly including Jackdaw and Moondog). headquarters of the Ominiversal guardian Roma until her apparent death. although some references use the name Avalon as the name for all the worlds in this dimension. and formerly Roma and Merlyn. Fomore. Giants. Captain Britain Corps. Bran and his crew returned to Otherworld where they presumably became the Walkers.

He is a highly skilled archer. they are presented as sarcastic and fairly nasty in general. What I found in a few characters. and is also handy with both a knife and his bare hands. so their origins are not entirely inclusive to Svartalfheim. the realm of the Slavic gods. the Celtic motherearth. one of the Nine Worlds of Asgardian Cosmology. The nymphs. Golden Age and More MTS Note: These are not very well defined anywhere (as far as I can tell). He is even able to subtlely alter his appearance.Elves Faerie MTS Note: I could not find any clear descriptions of Elves from Otherworld. and players should simply roll-up Elves like any other character to determine their abilities. was that the descriptions of the elves vary. magical race of humanoid beings with supernatural powers. There are also faeries native to Avalon. their true nature and motives remain an enigma. the Tuatha da Danaan. and possibly vision. and they withheld mortal colonization of the land for millennia. and serve Necromon. home of the Olympian gods. Jackdraw is an excellent archer. militaristic. The original spirits of Ireland. even between dimensions. In Elf if a Gun. Bres and the Fomor were cast from Eire into the Dark Realm. also have faerie attributes. lesser divinities of Olympus. The Fomor are the children and descendants of the Celtic God Nuadhu and the Earth goddess Gaea in her aspect as Danu. they will simply be presented as Altered Humans. hearing. the powers/abilities listed below are not being treated as standard. From what I have inferred. and is only 12-18 inches tall. the Ruler of Netherworld. Giants: MTS Note: If there was information to be found for generic giants from Otherworld. I was unable to find it. Chinese and African pantheons also have divinities nearly identical to faeries. The Hindu. a dimension beyond. which originated from an other-dimensional world that borders upon Britian and Ireland on earth. they withheld mortal colonization of the land for millennia until overthrown by their relatives and descendants. but he is nonetheless a brave and fierce warrior. He can fire mental bolts or teleport. they are a little dull-witted. and Svarga. Goblins Moondog is drawn with animal features. able to track by scent. During a second battle. specifically olfactory. the world of the Celtic Gods. Fomor The Fomor (Fomore) are the original spirits of Ireland. With a great deal of effort he can temporarily influence people's mind for a little while. and has Psychic power above normal elf average. 100 . have a hatred of elves. Oceanic. They are closely related to the Dark Elves of Svartalfheim. He is a skilled tracker and likely possesses superhuman senses. Because they are so varied. For the sake of this book. Additionally. The faerie are an ancient.

MTS Note: The leprechauns are not very
well defined in the comics as far as I can find.
One called Padraic was the first to address
Wolverine as Logan, and when questioned all he
said was "I'm called Padraic mate - an' we little
people know a lot o' things" (X-Men #103).
According to Mr. O'Donnell, three hundred and
fifty-seven of them live in Cassidy Keep.
Typically they are thought of as Fae, so the
character creation entry will be taken with that in

Tuatha de Danaan
Tuatha de Danaan (also known as the "Celtic
gods" and "Children of Danu") are a race of
superhumanly powerful humanoid beings who
were worshipped by the ancient Celts and earlier
Goidelic-speaking people of the British Isles
from about 2000 BC to 500 AD, although a
number of Tuatha may have been worshipped as
early as the Hyborian Age. The Tuatha
originated in the land of Tir na nÓg within
Otherworld, a small "pocket" dimension adjacent
to Earth. Interdimensional nexuses between
Otherworld and Earth exist near Glastonbury Tor
(a hill in modern-day Glastonbury, Somerset,
England) and at the Siege Perilous (in the
Cheviot Hills bordering modern-day England
and Scotland), as well as at various hidden sidhe
(fairy mounds) situated throughout the British
Isles. Worship of the Tuatha de Danaan in the


Earth realm was largely supplanted by the spread
of Catholicism by St. Patrick in the 5th century
AD, although some druid priests and priestesses
(such as Lady Evaine of Scandia) continued to
worship the Tuatha in secret. Even today, they
are still worshipped by practitioners of neodruidism and other nature-based religions, such
as Druid (Sebastian Druid) and Dark Mairi of the
The precise origin of the Tuatha, like that of
all Earth's pantheons, is shrouded in legend.
According to ancient myths, the high chieftain
Iarbonel coupled with the primordial Earth
Mother Gaea (known as "Danu" to the Tuatha)
and produced the first generation of Celtic gods.
Following Iarbonel's death, his progeny (under
Nuada's leadership) left their cities in
Otherworld's Tir na nÓg and traveled through an
interdimensional nexus to Earth in
approximately 1896 BC, just as their hated
enemies the Fomorians had done centuries
The Tuatha Da Danaan are the descendants
of the goddess Danu. They have been at war with
their Fomorian ancestors and relatives ever since
they competed for worship rights from the
ancient Fir Bholg tribes of Ireland. Their leader,
Nuadhu led them into battle at Magh Tuiredh,
but lost his hand in battle. They were
subsequently victorious, but Nuadhu was unable
to reign with this disability and had to resign his
leadership of the gods.
The Tuatha inhabited Ireland until 350 AD.
Upon the arrival of the Milesians (ancestors of
the Celts), the Tuatha relinquished their holdings
in the Earth realm and returned to Otherworld.
Thanks to an agreement made with the Milesian
druid Amergin, the Tuatha were worshipped by
Ireland's new mortal inhabitants as gods in
exchange for protecting the land.
Starting in the 8th century AD, a cold war
between the Tuatha de Danaan and the
Asgardians began when the Norse Vikings who
worshipped the Asgardians began plundering
villages in the British Isles. This enmity lasted
for centuries, until the Celtic God Leir
encountered the Asgardian god Thor who has
pursued a griffin-like creature into Avalon,
where it killed a Danaan family. Because of an
ages old enmity between the Celts and the
Vikings, the two rehashed old feuds as Leir
accused Thor of the deaths. The creature then

Golden Age and More

returns to prove Thor's innocence as Leir and
Thor destroy the beast. Feeling he owes Thor a
debt, Leir later leads an army of Danaans to
Asgard's defense against the Egyptian god Seth.

Typical Elf

Leir defeated a Troll summoned by the
Fomorians. Dagda attempted to dissuade Leir
from seeking vengeance and potentially
reigniting a war between the Danaans and the
Fomor. Leir went off to battle anyway, but
Dagda summoned a swarm of insects to disrupt
the fight, causing both sides to retreat to their
own land.
The Wolves of Tuatha de Danan

Primary Ability Chart; Column One
From the Ultimate Powers Book
The Tuatha de Danan, a race of wolf-people
encountered by Mirage (Dani Moonstar) and
Wolfsbane (Marvel Comics Presents #22),
appear to be an offshoot of the primary race of
gods. Origins and connections are unclear, but
there are no werewolf types in the Celtic Gods.

Die Roll

Initial Score
Fb 1
Pr 3
Ty 5
Gd 8
Ex 16
Rm 26
In 36
Am 46

Additional Creation Notes
• Elves can raise any one Primary Ability

Golden Age and More


Typical Fomor

Typical Fairie



Health: 40 Karma: 40


Known Powers:
• Immortality: If reduced to 0 health and
Shift 0 Endurance, Faeries do not die.
Their Karma reserves are reduced to 0,
and they will automatically begin to
heal. In the dimension of Avalon, and
other such dimensions, they are mortal,
and can be killed.
• Power Simulation: Due to the mystical
nature of the Fae, all powers possessed
by them are spells as per Power
Simulation. The exception to this rule is
powers that are “Always on” such as
Hyper-Intelligence, Hyper-Strength,
• Winged Flight: Ex 16

Primary Ability Chart; Column One
From the Ultimate Powers Book
Die Roll

Fb 1
Pr 3
Ty 5
Gd 8
Ex 16
Rm 26
In 36
Am 46

Additional Benefits
• Intuition is raised +1CS.
• Endurance is raised +1CS.
• Fomor must have at least one
Contact, usually Fomor

• Power Negation: Contact with cold
wrought Iron negates all powers for the


Golden Age and More

Typical Giant


Am Am
Health: 150 Karma: 16

Known Powers:
• Dense Flesh: Ex Body Armor

Typical Goblin


Primary Ability Chart; Column One
From the Ultimate Powers Book
Die Roll

Initial Score
Fb 1
Pr 3
Ty 5
Gd 8
Ex 16
Rm 26
In 36
Am 46

Additional Creation Notes
• Goblins can raise any one Primary
Ability +1CS.

Golden Age and More


• Power Simulation: Due to the mystical nature of the Leprechaun. In the dimension of Avalon. • Tuatha de Danan eventually attract any remaining living worshippers they still have. and other such dimensions. Tuatha de Golden Age and More . Faeries do not die. Tuatha de Danan are honor-bound not to actively promote a religion based on themselves. The exception to this rule is powers that are “Always on” such as Hyper-Intelligence. and can be killed. Column Five From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-60 61-70 71-80 81-95 96-00 Initial Score Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Mn 63 Additional Creation Notes • All primary abilities are raised +2CS. 105 Primary Ability Chart. • Tuatha de Danan have increased Popularity (+2CS) with the public but zero Popularity with the hierarchy of the other “established” Earth religions.Typical Tuatha de Danan Typical Leprechaun F Gd 8 A Ex 16 S E R I Gd Ex Gd Ty 5 8 16 8 Health: 37 Karma: 40 P Ex 16 Known Powers: • Immortality: If reduced to 0 health and Shift 0 Endurance. • Tuatha de Danan gain two additional Powers. they are mortal. HyperStrength. • Tuatha de Danan automatically possess at least one Travel Power. A Tuatha de Danan PC who abuses his worshippers faces a stiff Karma penalty. and they will automatically begin to heal. etc… • Limitations: • Power Negation: Contact with cold wrought Iron negates all powers for the Leprechaun. Their Karma reserves are reduced to 0. all powers possessed by them are spells as per Power Simulation. All of these people serve as Contacts.

energy attacks. In addition. • Natural Weaponry (Claws / Teeth): In wolf form. making it easier to potentially slay them.Danan PCs who try this lose -1CS from all their Abilities and Powers. Wolves of Tuatha de Danan are far hardier than they appear. or animal form. In game terms. Recovery: Whether in human. healing 10x faster than their current form’s Endurance would normally permit. any time they feel like it. Typical Wolf of Tuatha de Danan • • Stats Human Form Wolf Form F Ty Rm A Ty Ex S Ty Rm E Gd In R Ty Ty I Ty Ex P Ty Ex Health: 28/120 Karma: 18/46 Known Powers: • Animal Transformation (Self / Wolf only): Wolves of Tuatha de Danan s have the Amazing rank ability to transform from human form into wolf form. their Recovery and Regeneration powers do not work in regards to wounds inflicted by silver. 106 . Regeneration: Regardless of form. making feat rolls with this rank to recover from Endurance losses. a physical attack from such weapons. often suffering even rashes and other skin irritations from simple iron posts. and are capable of Tracking targets via their sense of smell with Remarkable ability. and resulting in slower healing if they do manage to survive such wounds. • Enhanced Senses: Wolves of Tuatha de Danan possess Remarkable rank senses of hearing and smell. Their transitional form likewise possesses claws of similar material strength that they can use in combat. thus leaving them with no protection vs. physical attacks and Poor protection vs. Weaknesses: • Vulnerability to Iron: Wolves of Tuatha de Danan suffer an extreme reaction to iron. and weapons of iron can more easily inflict grievous injury. and are capable of recuperating from seemingly fatal injuries with Amazing ability. • Body Armor: Wolves of Tuatha de Danan are much more resilient in their transformed state. Wolves of Tuatha de Danan heal rapidly from any injuries. a Wolves of Tuatha de Golden Age and More Danan possesses strong teeth of Excellent material strength. this is represented by the Wolves of Tuatha de Danan suffering a -4CS penalty against attacks made with iron weapons. as per Good rank regeneration. and back again. enabling them to deliver up to Excellent Edged Damage per bite. enjoying Good protection vs.

D. They live in underground tunnels connected to Bruce Banner's hidden desert lab. They befriended the Rick Jones version of the Hulk until S.I. insect.H. he offered to stay and protect the Outcasts. Column One From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-05 06-10 11-20 21-40 41-60 61-80 81-96 97-00 Rank Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Additional Benefits • Outcasts can raise any one Primary Ability +1CS. After Jones defeated them. Primary Ability Chart.E. agents attacked them.I. would not stop looking for Jones.Chapter Fifty-Nine: Outcasts Source: Marvel Comics Typical Outcast History The Outcasts are a group of animal.L.L. 107 Golden Age and More . so he asks him to leave and led the Outcasts to live underground. and vegetable-based life forms mutated into often vaguely humanoid forms by the Gamma Bomb explosion that created the Hulk.H.E. Rattilore knew that S.D.

However. The breeding labs utilized drug and neuromuscular enhancers . History The first Paratwa was created in the midtwenty-first century. called a McQuade Unity. at least three of the ruling caste survived. By the year 2080. Golden Age and More Accelerated developmental programs were used to train the Paratwa. They were trained in all methods of hand-to-hand combat and were given state-ofthe-art weaponry.yet inhabiting two randomly selected physical bodies. Warriors. the Ash Ock (Codrus. some seven thousand Paratwa assassins were believed to have been directly responsible for the deaths of over one hundred and fifty million human beings. Ash mental/emotional consciousness . With intelligence well beyond that of even human genius (as well as being the only Paratwa capable of unlinking and operating as separate beings). The nuclear and biological obliteration of Earth in 2099 was believed to have destroyed all of the assassins. bodyguards. the Paratwa took over the ships.anything that might give their Paratwa an edge over the competition. Gillian was shaken by the loss and 108 . with the world coming apart at the seams and over a hundred mini-wars being fought on any given day. the Ash Ock’s greatest enemies were E-Tech (the organization responsible for controlling technological growth to prevent a second societal collapse) and their elite group of mercenaries who specialized in hunting Paratwa. and Paratwa novels. By 2090. During the final develop as one entity.Chapter Sixty: Paratwa Source: Liege-Killer. it had already learned to hunt and kill its own food. By the time a binary interlink reached the age of five. along with much of humanity.that were considered undefeatable in normal combat situations. it was discovered that two samples from one of these primitive cellular masses were capable of remaining in telepathic contact with each other.namely the Russian Voshkof Rabbits and the North American Jeek Elementals . the two fetuses metamorphosed into a single consciousness. By the year 2070. Instead. The McQuade Unity enabled their brain patterns to interlace . there were over thirty different breeds available from the genetic labs of two-dozen countries. even when separated by thousands of miles. Several years earlier. Sappho. Once on their way. the demand for these Paratwa increased astronomically. Many Paratwa avoided the stringent screening processes involved in immigration to the colonies and bought passage onto the less restricted colonization ships. In 2058. the Paratwa reached new heights of destruction. and assassins… the genetic labs created them and sold them to the highest bidder. the New Jersey division of Intellitech Hydrocomco released the first brood of combat Paratwa onto the world armaments market. the Ash Ock had foreseen the Apocalypse and prepared for it. “The Liege-Killer” (an insane Jeek who served the ruling caste). The result was a creature with a single discrete awareness . Mankind had left Earth in two ways: to the colonies or into space on long-range colonization ships. the Ash Ock were able to plan in terms of centuries rather than years. they were an instant success. During the late pre-Apocolyptic period. All but that group’s field leader Gillian and his dwarf partner Nick died in an ambush set by Reemul. While believed dead by humankind. there were two breeds . Scottish scientists injected a pair of lab-bred human fetuses with cells from another artificially grown lifeform. Aristotle. Theophrastus. and Empedocles). Gemini Blood comics. Under the guidance of the ruling caste. Segments of this McQuade Unity were injected into these fetuses in the hope that two genetically different humans would develop a permanent telepathic link. From a military standpoint.

As this plan aided the Ash Ock’s enemies in E-Tech. and was using it to stifle technological growth. current E-Tech director Rome Franco went looking for solutions. Gillian was able to call up some of his long-dormant Paratwa abilities and kill the insane Jeek.” “Incest between tways occurred. Knowing that Reemul’s presence meant the involvement of the Ash Ock. even the two tways of a single Paratwa may look nothing alike. Description Paratwa vary in appearance as much as any other people . many of the creatures became pedophiles. Gillian found that the rampaging Paratwa was in fact Reemul. mind blocks placed on Gillian by Nick unraveled. Nick and Gillian confronted the other tway in a public setting and used the 109 situation to set a trap for Reemul. and awakened Nick and Gillian. discovered the first program. and were returning to Earth and to the colonies in 56 years time to conquer the human race. to narrow down the list of suspects for Codrus’s second tway. A few even had homes in respectable suburban communities. Nick suspected deeper levels of manipulation. For some reason not fully understood by students of Paratwa psychology. and such specialization inevitably led to the formation of strong habits. Nick and Gillian. Most assassins are rigidly territorial. Add to this the fact that every Paratwa is trained to be a master of disguise (capable of posing convincingly as the opposite gender with little effort) AND has no problem with undergoing cosmetic alteration in order to pose as another person. Gillian opted to stay with Nick and E-Tech in recognition of who he was currently. and you find that even a specific Paratwa may not look the same from day to day. and discovered hidden communications centers on the planet’s surface that allowed Codrus to communicate with the ships. Meridian. but it was more common for the Paratwa to acquire a pair of sexual partners or share a single partner. a process not fully understood by even the most advanced Paratwa Golden Age and More . found that Paratwa had taken control of the ships. doing their killing within small geographic areas. They found that the Ash Ock Codrus had gained power at the highest levels of colonial society through sapient supersedure. Gillian was set in front of the second program. Gillian and Nick recruited a new team of hunters from a group of outlaw “Cousteau” pirates. Repeated actions were predictable actions.Reemul’s disappearance. rather than who he had been. Personality Paratwa live to kill other living things. Paratwa personalities vary by breed. The hunters found the identity of one of the tways of Codrus. nationality. They were creatures specialized almost to the point of absurdity. but they share that one trait fact. During the hunt. with the help of Rome Franco and an E-Tech programmer named Begelman. he was in fact the surviving tway of Empedocles (long believed dead). “If Paratwa have one weakness. it’s their predictability. and particular quirks. Acting in secret to avoid confrontation with E-Tech’s political enemies. Gillian contacted the ships and used his brief conversation (speaking as Empedocles) with the Paratwa. nongenetically related fetuses. the hunters began looking for other signs of Ash Ock involvement. as Paratwa are often/usually created from two. Nick refused to tell Franco what the second program did and told him to hide its existence from Gillian. When a Paratwa was awakened from stasis and set loose in the colonies 200 years later. youngest of the Ash Ock. E-Tech placed Nick and Gillian in stasis in the event that they were needed again.” All Paratwa must “flex”. which unlocked the rest of his memories. Codrus had been left behind to ensure that mankind was technologically inferior to the Paratwa and thus unable to defend against the incoming attack. Nick had planted two programs deep within the computers of E-Tech that would lead to their awakening in the event of a Paratwa-related problem. He and Nick were then placed back into stasis while the colonies began to prepare for the return of the Paratwa in 56 years.

Paratwa both commonly used this last process. A Cohe wand looks like a black egg with a small. giving them superhuman reflexes. While only the leading 6-18 inches of the beam are dangerous. known as “tways”. they fit in a couple of other places in comic book worlds. Golden Age and More Powers and Abilities Paratwa are “binary interlink assassins”. The Paratwa abilities might easily be mistaken for mutant powers. a Batman/Predator type scenario isn’t out of the question. The Paratwa could easily backfire on Gamorra. either. No other breed was capable of this maneuver. they are one mental and emotional being but have two separate bodies. but allowed the Ash Ock to gain control over major governmental institutions. As for the Wildstorm Universe . If this is not done in regular intervals. As later books in the series reveal that the Paratwa are part of a plot by an alien race.physiologists. They are genetically designed to exceed peak human physical abilities. impaling. and movement speed. Training from birth enhances these inbred abilities.e. Cohe wands emit a beam of black energy (capable of slicing. or melting). which would make it look like a civil war rather than an external attempt at an overthrow and thus discourage outside interference. a way in which a Paratwa releases internal pain that has been suppressed during years of training and rigorously imposed discipline. In theory. “Speed Possibly its single greatest advantage. the weapon is extremely difficult to use and most untrained wielders risk severe injury or death by simply activating it. Flexing is the mental orgasm of being totally out of control. Wrist control allowed the Jeek to encircle the target’s neck with the cutting edge of the beam and then tighten the noose. Genetically modified neuromuscular systems enable faster reaction times. the Council of 10 or scientists may have created them involved in it as a follow-up to the Paul Kirk/Manhunter cloning project. from weaponry and unarmed combat to military strategy and tactics to duplicating the appearance and behavior of a target to the point of fooling the target’s family. this may be done through the killing of large numbers of humans or wild or domesticated animals. In the DC Universe. leading to an even more horrific regime than the one already in place. Some members of the Genoshan government escaped into exile and started breeding Paratwa to retake Genosha. Powered by pre-Apocalyptic technology and controlled by subtle hand pressures. silver tube protruding from one end. Sapient supersedure was not as commonly used amongst the lower breeds. While a trained Paratwa can follow a target up a spiral staircase with a cohe wand beam. garroting the neck from all sides evenly. It is a need to kill in a completely uncontrolled and inhibited manner. they are believed to be the most powerful hand weapon ever devised. friends. some Paratwa master a technique that uses the harmless after-trail connecting the front edge to the cohe itself as a distraction.two words: Kaizen Gamorra.” They are trained in every possible aspect of killing. The early Genoshan government was experimenting on mutants. 110 . This leads targets to avoid the after-trail while being lured into lethal front end. causing it to risk going berserk at inopportune times. before the mutants rebelled and Magneto took over. and coworkers. senses. known as “sapient supersedure” for counter-intelligence purposes as well as for personal advancement within human organizations (i. replace the man in line for promotion to manager and thus become the manager yourself). Of course. DC Universe History While the Paratwa are tied fully into the world from their books. the pain and stress overwhelm the Paratwa. which remains connected to the silver protrusion even as it moves towards its target. The Jeek Elementals were capable of a signature technique known as the “Lariat”. Paratwa are masters of the Cohe wand. they also fit well into the plotting of 30th century Dominators as part of events that lead up to or immediately follow the Great Collapse (although they would need flight and sealed systems equipment comparable to the Legion at its peak).

” Typical Paratwa F Am 46 A In 36 S E R I Ex Rm Ex Ex 16 26 16 16 Health: 124 Karma: 48 P Ex 16 Known Powers: • Cold Immunity: Gd 8 • Flame Immunity: Gd 8 • Sealed Systems: Gd 8 • Split: Ty 5 Always on and does not cause abilities to decrease. If forced to attack on a different angle. Martial Artist. • Jetpack: Rm 26 • Disguises: Ex 16 Talents: use of limbs) can be made using the field. Military Science (Camouflage. and Gas Grenades. but is limited to knockback only. It cannot be used for Multi-Attacks. User can attack through Force Field via gaps at the sides of the screen . each Paratwa killed over twenty thousand humans. Anyone without a “Cohe Wand” Weaponry specialization or a minimum Agility of Rm 26. including video. They gain a +1CS to Team Attacks made attacking from this position. Thief (Concealment. Demolition. Locks and Safes. Cartography. attempting to use one is struck with a physical attack of In 36. Systemic Antidote only works against poison gases.Skills and attributes vary greatly by breed. • Targeting Computer: Ex 16 Used to fire automated weapons when the target is not wearing a scrambler. & Weaponry (including Cohe specialization). which are repelled by the crescent web. • Superspeed: Am 46 This power can only be used in combat. Intimidation). • Scrambler: Ex 16 Invisibility works only on electronic forms of detection. • Acid Twister: Ex 16 Acid has Area Effect. Artist (Actor).these holes can be targeted with a Trick Shot (2CS to hit). as well as incendiary “Firedarts”. The North American “Jeek Elementals” and the Russian “Voshkof Rabbits” are considered unbeatable in “normal combat” while even a Paratwa of a lesser breed (such as the Terminus assassins or the Japanese “Loshito” breed) can wipe out everyone on a crowded city block within 10 seconds. Security Systems. split bodies share initiative but have separate dice actions Split Bodies are not necessarily identical in appearance (or gender). • Cohe Wand: Am 46 Energy Blast has a Range of but 03. This is a thin extending arm that rises from a backpack and sprays acid in a circular field around the user. Cohe wands are difficult to control. • Muscle Controlled Thighpad: Rm 26 Includes Fragmentation. Charisma (Interrogation. Equipment: • Crescent Web: Am 46 Force Field protects user and anyone touching the user only. 111 Paratwa always attack with the bodies at 90 degree positions to each other in relation to the target. the Paratwa loses the bonus AND suffers a -1 CS for ALL attacks until it corrects the angle. Quotes Gillian on the Paratwa: “According to figures. Golden Age and More . Danger Recognition. on the average. And that ratio occurred in a society that was infinitely more prepared for violence. Stealth). Concussive. Melee attacks (ramming attacks only . Tracking). Escape Artist. Pickpocketing.

They live in huts built in the trees. and the superficial area 165. and Pellucidar. long arms and thin prehensile tails capable of supporting their weight. The landmasses are the inverse of the land masses on Earth's surface. They wear animal skins and metal jewlery. which resides on the inside of the earth's shell. giant sloths (megatherium). hyaenodons. short legs. They are very strong and agile and tend to grin and chatter. the balance of its surface being covered by water. Golden Age and More The lands are also inhabited by a wide variety of dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures. about a mile off the surface of Pellucidar. who appear to be one of the dominant life forms of Pellucidar. While the jungles can be misty and the atmosphere can make great distances hazy. surviving with primitive tools and weapons in the dangerous jungles. including saber-toothed tigers (tarags to the natives). there are rarely clouds in the skies of Pellucidar.000 miles.000 square miles! Our own world contains but 53. Pellucidar is inhabited by a number of intelligent and semiintelligent species including: Mahars: A race of intelligent flying reptiles. 112 . about 6-8 feet in length. The Inhabitants Because of the constant sun. Intelligent inhabitants can not rely on the sun to keep track of time. The Moon There is a moon.000 square miles of land. ichthyosaurs (azdyryths to the natives). They have sleek black skin. which support a wide variety of animal life. they have webbed feet and are excellent swimmers.000. known to the inhabitants of Pellucidar as The Dead World. which hangs in geosynchronous orbit. The region below it. As a result. things appear to be higher. They have no weapons and wear no clothes or garments. In addition to winged flight. is in the public domain in the United States. and plesiosaurs (tandorazes to the natives). and raging bos (thags to the natives). cave bears (ursus spelaeus). mastodons.000 square miles. Think of it! A land area of 124.Chapter Sixty-One: Pellucidar Source: At the Earth's Core Pellucidar is a world 500 miles below the surface of the hollow Earth. 50 feet above the ground. large white teeth. the farther away they are.480. Pellucidar is covered in heavy jungles of vegetation. They live in subterranean cities and have telepathic powers. The waters are inhabited by all manner of prehistoric monsters and serpents including labyrinthodons. At the Earth's Core. Pelluciadar is hot and overgrown with vegetation. The skies are dominated by fierce pterodactyls (thipdars to the natives). cave lions (felis spelaea). "We know that the crust of the globe is 500 miles in thickness. is the only place in Pellucidar that is naturally dark. The Sun A stationary inner sun that shines on the land 24 hours a day lights Pellucidar. then the inside diameter of Pellucidar must be 7. and this region is known to the inhabitants as the Dark Country. Three-fourths of this is land. It is accessible through a tunnel in the Antarctic. Notes Only information on Pellucidar from the first two novels." As one looks into the horizon of Pellucidar. Sagoths: Semi-intelligent ape-like men who faithfully serve the Mahars.110. Primitive Humans: There are humans who live in Pellucidar.

Column Three From the Ultimate Powers Book Primary Ability Chart.Typical Mahar Typical Sagoth Primary Ability Chart. Column Three From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-05 06-10 11-40 41-80 81-95 96-00 113 Initial Score Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 Die Roll 01-05 06-10 11-40 41-80 81-95 96-00 Initial Score Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 Golden Age and More .

Column Two From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-05 06-25 26-75 76-95 96-00 Golden Age and More Initial Score Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 114 .Typical Primitive Human Primary Ability Chart.

in the Phalbo system in the Milky Way Galaxy. The Young God Calculus. The Space Phantom. and escaping notice of even mind readers. The Space Phantom attacked the Wasp in his insect form. it can be 115 Rom was confronted by Dire Wraiths in Limbo. The Space Phantoms were previously said to have originated on the planet Phantus. After helping Rom in battle with the Dire Wraiths using Karas’ command of The Living Fire. Karas told him that upon his return to his homeworld he had discovered that he has no humanity to return to. the Master of Time. and was observed by the Space Phantom. He then told Rom to “return to Galador to see for yourself. who then began to scheme. A Space Phantom allied with the Grim Reaper and impersonated Madame Hydra. who was linked to Captain Mar-Vell at the time. During a journey back in time to 1873. used a Space Phantom as a pawn. Another Space Phantom attempted to trick Thor into freeing the planet Phantus from Limbo. he first copied the Hulk. As more Wraiths attacked the Phantom tried to use the Living Fire to save himself and it rebelled against him. and battled Iron Man. Karas’ ID reappeared in Limbo and explained to Rom what had happened. For Galador no longer…. the following activities have previously been attributed to the Space Phantom who first encountered the Avengers. the original Firefall. which led to Thor losing much of Mjolnir's power. but was sent back to Limbo because he couldn't affect Asgardians. They are the servants of Immortus. As yet another assault by the banished Dire Wraiths began. The first Space Phantom encountered by the Avengers copied Iron Man.Chapter Sixty-Two: Phantoms Source: Marvel Comics The Phantoms are a humanoid race of aliens. As Rom asked why he Karas didn’t free himself. During the fight. came to be trapped in Limbo. masquerading as She-Hulk. Rom. they begin to forget their former lives and change into misshapen beings. and then became Giant-Man. The Space Phantom incident was the main reason why the Hulk quit the team. but in the course of the Destiny War the Avengers discovered that there was more than one. It allied with Thor to save Phantus. He finally attempted to copy Thor. Hulk. After fighting Iron Man he took Iron Man's form. but Iron Man continued to battle the Hulk. in a scheme pitting Spider-Man against the Avengers. A Space Phantom was compelled by Immortus to impersonate Mantis to deceive Kang. Rom’s old friend Karas. difficult to determine which Space Phantom did what. and GiantMan (Hank Pym). and commanded a division of Hydra. attacked Spider-Man and trapped him in a hole. a trio of Space Phantoms was caught impersonating the Gunhawks and the Black Rider.” And then the dimensional portal shut. He then assumed his appearance. Spider-Man then went Golden Age and More . but was shunted back into Limbo when he attempted to mimic Rick Jones. Immortus conditions these into servants who can perpetuate his schemes and manipulations of historical events. He took the shape of a flying insect to escape. The Phantoms can assimilate anyone. which immediately teleported Karas out of Limbo. even maintaining their guise under torture. The Space Phantom battled the Avengers. Immortus traps individuals who become lost in Limbo. For many years it was assumed that there was only one Space Phantom. and due to the nature of that plane. The Space Phantom sought out another Galadorian trapped in Limbo. The Space Phantom (disguised as Karas) told Rom how Karas. Karas summoned the Living Fire to envelop Rom and returned him to Earth. As all the Space Phantoms appear identical and can also imitate other life-forms.

Powers A Space Phantom can assume the form of objects or people. who was working for a mysterious master. Golden Age and More 116 . Prowler. • Starting Resources are set at Poor. and Sandman to assist him on a case involving the Avengers and a trouble-making masquerading Space Phantom. Typical Phantom Spider-Man gathered Puma. Finally. temporarily sending them into limbo until he resumes his natural form or that of another object or person. Column Five From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-60 61-70 71-80 81-95 96-00 Initial Score Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Mn 63 Additional Creation Notes • Phantoms can raise any one Ability +1CS. the Space Phantom gains all the abilities of that person. • Phantoms start out with only one Contact. Jason Jerome was making harassing phone calls asking Mary Jane Watson out. Rocket Racer. Assuming the form of certain powerful creatures can result in the Space Phantom being forced back into limbo instead. While in the form of another creature. Captain America quickly proved that it could not have been Avengers Mansion to pick a fight. their race. Primary Ability Chart.

He called upon the assistance of his fellow Abysmians who led a counter attack. In 1941. 117 Golden Age and More . the king of the Pixies tried to kill the girl. Primary Ability Chart. The hero invaded the Pixie realm. This stopped their aggression against the surface world.Chapter Sixty-Three: Pixies Source: Marvel Comics Typical Pixie History The Pixies are an underground race of dwarfish individuals who live in a kingdom near Abysmia. According to the legends and folklore of Jugoslavia. To date there are no further recorded encounters with the Pixies. but the Pixies overpowered him and took him prisoner. The ruler of Jugoslavia sought the aid of Abysmian ruler Rockman. With his kingdom crumbling. they captured Princess Alecia of Jugoslavia and brought her to their domain in order to force her into marriage to their king. where they kidnapped the people of Jugoslavia. and his attempts to marry Princess Alecia thwarted. He was stopped by Rockman who disposed of him as leader of the Pixies and installed an Abysmian to act as Prime Minister of the Pixies and govern them as a democracy. the Pixies were known to have come to the surface. Column One From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-05 06-10 11-20 21-40 41-60 61-80 81-96 97-00 Rank Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Additional Benefits • Pixies can raise any one Primary Ability +1CS.

Golden Age and More 118 . o Claws: Ex edged damage.Chapter Sixty-Four: Plasma Wraiths Typical Plasma Wraith Source: Marvel Comics The Plasma Wraiths are the temporal agents of Mojo. serving at the Big Crunch. F Ex 16 A Gd 8 S E R I Ex Ex Fb 1 Pr 3 16 16 Health: 56 Karma: 7 P Pr 3 Known Powers: • Plasma form: These wraith are in essence only plasma. o Plasma Discharge: Rm damage. She gained their help by traveling to the Crunch at the End of Time. 3 areas. o Body Armor: Gd. o When destroyed they explode for Ty plasma damage. and may be based on her. They seem to have powers similar to Jubilee. Chimera is often accompanied by the Plasma Wraiths. she convinced several deadly Plasma Wraiths to serve her. held together by a leather suit. There.

people with this Power displace their own consciousness into the target. or host body. Qareen. 119 Golden Age and More . these types of characters into a host body. and the Shadow King. Spectre Hosts. then it is easy to imagine how they began play in a game with a host body. sometimes even by force. If this option is used. A few examples from DC Comics are ChayAra Reincarnates. Onslaught. and even history are peppered with stories of Demonic possession. If the character does not have a Power that would allow them to possess a host. Possessors (the race). and Ion Hosts. There are Spells and Powers that can place. novels. Khufu Reincarnates. Unlike Mind Control. Angels must possess someone of their own faith. A few examples from Marvel Comics are Gravemoss. The affected individual's actual consciousness is subsumed in favor of the more dominant mind or spirit. Several examples of this can be found in various forms of entertainment. Angels do not appear on Earth in their own bodies. Characters of this type are awarded a +1CS Column Shift to any one Mental Attribute. Malice. Angels In some settings. television. It is not a stretch to imagine some of these characters might have the ability to inhabit a host body. instead they take control of another person. not all Possessors have the ability to switch bodies. they are unable to possess another host body without some form of outside aid. movies. Psionic Beings These are creatures of pure mental energy. and Liches are undead typically associated with possession of mortals.Chapter Sixty-Five: Possessors and Parasites Source: Generic Possessors Sometimes confused with Mind Control. or even possess one in the first place. as well as other forms of entertainment. Undead Ghosts. and they are later expelled. They could have been created through continued use of magic in a single area. This is featured in games. Eclipso Hosts. they have the ability to switch host bodies. but are sentient. possession is a term used to describe the ability of some beings to take physical and mental control over another. If the character possesses a Power or Spell of this nature. Most commonly. Parallax Hosts. no one other than their host can forcefully expel them. this Power is often employed by supernatural entities such as ghosts or demons. To balance out this rather severe drawback. Demons/Daemons Comics. Mindmeld. If the Possessor has a Power or Spell that allows them to possess another body. or various other means. They are simply a being of pure energy. Optionally. Magical Entities These characters are comprised of sentient magical energy. Energy Beings Some Energy Beings are not portrayed as having a body of their own. or a Power/Spell at the Judge’s discretion. They have no body of their own. Now.

Die Roll 01-05 06-15 16-50 51-72 73-85 86-00 Rank Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Mn 63 Mental Stats These are the actual mental stats of the Possessor. o Energy Control: This is an Optional Power (at the Cost of one of their initial Powers). All holy symbols work on Demons. enhanced by the Possessor. 120 .Typical Possessor Physical Stats These are the stats of the Host Body. . Should the Possessor be attacked by a Power or Spell that targets them directly. their Powers are negated while they are within 10' of a religious symbol (A Psyche FEAT can be used in an attempt to resist). • Demons o Fire Generation: Gd 8. • Exorcism Spells or Powers can expel the Possessor from the host. Limitations: • Spirit Vampirism can destroy the Possessor. the character will lose any Powers that belong to the previous host. o Magic Beings can raise one Mental Stat by +1CS. • Demons and Undead Possessors possess a Psychological Weakness. Should they switch bodies again. If the symbol is that of a religion the Undead practiced while they were alive. The Possessor can attempt to resist these with a Psyche FEAT. Spell. Known Powers • Angels o Artifact Creation (Sword): Ex 16. The same limitation from above applies • Magical Entities o All Powers possessed are Magical in nature per MG9 Power Simulation. • Psionic Beings o Psionic beings gain a +1CS bonus to their initial Psyche ability score. Die Roll 01-05 06-10 11-20 21-40 41-60 61-80 81-96 97-99 00 Rank Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Mn 63 Any type of Physical Power. • Energy Beings o Energy Emission: This must be the same type of energy as the Energy Being. • Undead o Vampirism: Undead characters gain one of the various types of Vampirism powers. they suffer Ex 16 damage. their Health Score is determined by Golden Age and More adding Intuition + Reason + Psyche for the amount of Damage they can sustain before being forced out of the host body. Psi-Vampirism can destroy their self-image and reduce the Possessor to a mindless Poltergeist. or Attack that does not specifically target the Possessor affects the host body. Any non-mental/magical Powers possessed by the character belong to the host body.

Players who choose to take this limitation gain the Intimidation Talent free. Players should create their own unique look should they choose this option. Possession by Malice in the Marvel Universe is a prime example of this. and they can distribute them among bonus Physical Attributes for host bodies as they wish. Unholy Water causes Ex 16 Damage to Angels. even when possessing a new host body. Normal Polaris Optional Limitation • Some Possessors alter the appearance of the Host body (like Malice from Marvel Comics). It should be noted that this is listed only an example. Possessed by Malice Shadow King Conduit Effects of a Possessor on a New Host Body* The initial Stats of the Host Body are generated normally based on their Origin. Since the greatest advantage a Possessor has is no one being able to detect them in the Host Body. Stat Fighting Agility Strength Endurance Bonus +1CS +1CS +1CS +1CS *Optionally. • Possessors are vulnerable to Spirit Traps/Wards designed for their specific type. • Holy Water causes Ex 16 Damage to Undead or Demons.• All unholy symbols of Dark Faith have the same effect on Angels as per Demons. • Energy Beings suffer +1CS additional damage from elements that counter their energy type. 121 Golden Age and More . Once those points have been allocated. As always. they cannot be changed. the Player can be awarded a total of four +1CS as the start of the game.

Note: Any claws. fangs. Microscopic to Medium Parasites with this limitation gain the Intimidation Talent free. Die Roll 01-05 06-10 11-20 21-40 41-60 61-80 81-96 97-99 00 In DC the Starro Parasite appears as a Starfish that attaches to the face of the host. impossible to see with the naked eye. or similar Powers may be used in contested grappling rolls for the Parasite to attach itself. A tick. the Parasites are depicted as worms that enter though the ear and attach to the brain stem. Typical Parasite Rank Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Mn 63 Size Modifier Table Modifier to all Physical Stats Size Microscopic -2CS Tiny -1CS Small No Changes Medium +1CS Large +2CS Example Microscopic. In addition. They can be directly targeted by Attacks. 122 . Hermit Crab sized.Parasites Parasites differ slightly from most other Possessors. and Physical stats are generated using the following table. Mental Stats These are the actual mental stats of the Parasite. the greatest advantage a Parasite has is being undetected. In another source. Starro Parasite – Noticeably covers a part of the body Venom Symbiote – Covers entire body Opacity Modifier Table Opacity Transparent Translucent Opaque Physical Stats These are the stats of the Parasite itself. Die Roll 01-40 41-85 86-99 00 Golden Age and More Rank Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Modifier to all Physical Stats -2CS -1CS No Changes Much like the other Possessors. Parasites do not require Powers. nor Spells to attach to the host. they must simply Grapple the target instead. Large Parasites may only gain Intimidation for free if they are Transparent. or Spells once discovered. They have a physical body of their own. or if someone attempts to forcibly remove it. they may also possess physical powers of their own. and attach themselves to their host. Mental Attributes are generated in the same fashion. but take over the host in a similar fashion. they can be removed by force from the Host Body though a contested Strength FEAT. Powers. While they do not possess the same Limitations as the other Possessors.

Jean Grey. Recorders are also used by various cosmic entities such as Recorder 211. A Rigellian colonizer. 123 Rigellians Recorder 211 was later captured by the High Evolutionary. Recorder RT-Z9 works for the Living Tribunal's Magistrati. It was seemingly rebuilt and re-peopled. with the purpose of exploring new territory. The Rigellians are a race of space colonizers. They can also alter their physical density. Rigellian Recorders The Rigellian Recorders are a race of sentient robots created by the Rigellians. Golden Age and More . When renegade commander Arcturus split his ships away from the main fleet. Recorder 211 later accompanied the Asgardian hero Thor on a mission to the Black Galaxy to find Ego the Living Planet. It was arguing with the Asgardian that transcended his programming making him a sentient being.Chapter Sixty-Six: Rigel-3 Source: Marvel Comics Powers History Psionic abilities allow them to control other Humanoids' minds or overpower the bodies of other Humanoids. who lived at Uatu the Watcher's home at the Blue Area of the Moon. including witnessing Thor's struggle against Mangog. had destroyed the planet. tracked him and his followers down. gathering an unprecedented amount of rare data. whilst she was possesed by the Phoenix Force. tried to take control over Earth. thereby granting themselves superhuman strength. The Recorder performed well. Recorders also have a certain amount of legal authority among the Rigellians. Thanos claimed that one of his doubles. Threatened by the expansion of the Black Galaxy and Ego's attacks. and had Arcturus arrested for several violations of Rigellian law. a Recorder Observer. and he decided to apologize by helping the Rigellian colony of New Rigel-3. they sought new worlds to colonize for when they would have to leave their home planet. as Karnak and Gorgon visited the planet in the search of the Rigellian Recorder 236A67. and reprogrammed and reconstructed as the Analyzer. possessed codes to hack into the Skrulls' communications. and report their findings back to the Rigellians. but was not taken seriously by the authorities. allied with Mangog. YJ-18. As such the Rigellian Grand Commissioner permitted it to retain its artificial memories rather than seeing them erased. He recorded the events of the death of the X-Man. Tana Nile. She-Hulk.

• Rigellians start out with only one Contact. Column Five From the Ultimate Powers Book Primary Ability Chart. 124 . Golden Age and More Die Roll 01-05 06-10 11-15 16-40 41-50 51-70 71-90 91-98 99-00 Rank Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Mn 63 Additional Benefits • Initial Popularity is zero. • Rigellian Recorders possess selfrepair facilities that simulate normal Healing. their race.Typical Rigellian Typical Rigellian Recorder Primary Ability Chart. • Starting Resources are set at Poor. Column Four From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-60 61-70 71-80 81-95 96-00 Rank Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Mn 63 Additional Creation Notes • Rigellians can raise any one Ability +1CS.

their plans for invasion were halted when the Centaurs developed poison arrows that could kill Scorpeople. In the aftermath of the carnage. • Centaurs start out with only one Contact. The Scorpeople got a significant advantage when Speed Carter and Johnny Day. However. and is unique to Earth5391. Speed instead sent his ship on a collision course with the surface of Sagittarius. • Starting Resources are set at Poor. that live on the planet Sagittarius in the Sagittarius Constellation the race. The warlike Scorpeople of the planet Scorpio went to war against the Centaurs. and made a peace agreement with the Centaurs. their race. when the Space Sentinels sent Speed Carter and his sidekick Johnny Day to explore the planet Scorpio. where the warrior Scorpeople were wiped out. Despite capturing Speed and Johnny and forcing them to use their rocket to travel to Sagittarius. and constellation are apparently unique to Earth-5391. After the ship crashed killing all on board. leaving the peaceful faction to make peace with the Centaurs. Not much is known about their history. and were flown back to Scorpio where they slew the remaining warrior Scorpeople. It is home to the Centaurs. a timeline where space travel and technology boomed in the late 20th century. and Johnny then united with the Centaurs. of the Space Sentinels peacekeeping force. the peaceful faction of Scorpeople made their presence known. and Speed was ordered to pilot their rocket to Sagittarius so they could attack the Centaurs. Column Five From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-60 61-70 71-80 81-95 96-00 Initial Score Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Mn 63 Additional Creation Notes • Centaurs can raise any one Ability +1CS. Golden Age and More . They then led the Centaurs back to Scorpio. it's homeworld. Typical Centaur Centaurs The Centaurs are a race of humanoids that are half winged men and half horse.Chapter Sixty-Seven: Sagittarius Source: Marvel Comics The planet Sagittarius is located in the Sagittarius Constellation. visited their homeworld. the two Space Sentinels managed to break free and force the Scorpeople to crash. Speed 125 Primary Ability Chart. The conflict was at a stalemate until the year 2075. There they were captured and taken prisoner by the Scorpeople. while he and Johnny bailed out. somehow doing so even though they had no technology to travel between worlds. a race of winged Centaurs who were at war against the Scorpeople of the planet Scorpio.

and oceans. The main threat to the race are the "Spikes". who are spore like creatures that infect the host. They are treated as second-class citizens. Upon the vortex's first appearance. a member of the grouping of eight major heavenly bodies that comprise the Tayo Star System within the Fornax Galaxy. The inhabitants of Sakaar have been unable to determine the cause of the Great Portal's arrival. bulbous body. the people of Sakaar learned that the vortex brought valuable detritus to their planet in the form of off-world technology and extraterrestrial species. The inhabitants have been unable to track its movement or fully explain its seemingly random comings and goings. mountainous arctic wastelands. great archipelagos. These are usually captured on their arrival. extraterrestrial invaders whose arrival on Sakaar triggered the Spike War. The planet is orbited by two satellites: Aakar and Sabyr . The queens are developed from larvae selected by 126 . However. Outer regions once included great deserts with incredible rock formations. tropical paradises at the foothills of steaming volcanoes. Naming it the Great Portal. with many legs and a large. Sakaar exhibits vast expanses of untamed wilderness populated by a great variety of dangerous non-sentient creatures. as they are ruled by a queen. a cosmic vortex opened in the planet's orbit. viewed the arrival of the vortex as a sign of the end of their world. compared to both the Shadow people and the ruling pink skinned beings known as Sakaaran Imperials.the Broken Moon. In addition. However. The Natives also have to deal with other life forms that have fallen through the portal.Chapter Sixty-Eight: Sakaar Source: Marvel Sakaar is the fourth planet from the star Tayo. lakes. both large and small. already beleaguered by the Spike War. it is the most geographically diverse planet in the Tayo Star System. Sakaar is the only planet within the Tayo Star System known to be inhabited by sentient life. Native Queen The Natives of Sakaar are like many other insectoid races. the inhabitants soon came to view the vortex as a boon rather than a curse. although the question of which of these species is actually native to the planet is a debated topic among the inhabitants. which plagued Sakaar for decades. depositing technological detritus and exotic alien species from all corners of the universe onto the planet's surface upon reopening. The planet and its moons are currently inhabited by four main sentient species. various other off-world species have become stranded on the planet's surface in recent years. and taken to the arena to take part in gladiatorial combat for the people’s pleasure. During the height of the Spike War. the inhabitants of Sakaar. but they theorize its first appearance was related to the Spikes. They are primitive and easily conquered by the Red King armies. At first. in time. Sakaaran Natives The Natives are a small insectoid like humanoid race that live in the harsh deserts of Sakaar. and continue to kill and replicate. The Great Portal sporadically disappears and reappears. Sakaar is considered a savage planet that is full of extremes. The queen is ten times the size of the typical Natives. Golden Age and More Most recently Galactus destroyed the planet after he easily defeated Skaar Son of Hulk and his own herald Silver Surfer. it emitted a powerful blast of energy that shattered the moon Sabyr and caused massive earthquakes and tidal waves on Sakaar's surface.

• Sakaaran Natives start out with only one Contact. Cheming allows the entire race to share thoughts. Column Five From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-60 61-70 71-80 81-95 96-00 Powers The Natives of Sakaar are typically bipedal. The Natives possess a low level type of telepathy with which they communicate. and they are protected by natural exoskeleton armor. their race. as Miek shared with the Warbound. and their exoskeleton armor is also much thicker and more durable. 127 Initial Score Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Mn 63 Additional Creation Notes • Sakaaran Natives can raise any one Ability +1CS. They then produce thousands of eggs. as seen with Miek. experiences. and specially fed in order to become the mother of that hive. thanks to the wings they develop on their back. whose hatchlings then follow their queen's orders without question. Primary Ability Chart. They are much stronger than normal Natives. in which they call “chemming”. Unlike the drones and the queens. Typical Sakaaran Native Native King Native King are the also rulers of the “Hive” as they are the only fertile members of the race. The Natives are able to share this ability with other sentient species. Golden Age and More . memories. who was able to withstand punches from the Hulk.worker drones. insectoids with four arms. who he considered part of his hive. A Native King is much larger and thicker comparable to the size of the Hulk. they are capable of selfpropelled flight. • Starting Resources are set at Poor. and emotions.

Chapter Sixty-Nine: Satania Source: Marvel Comics Satania is a planet that is located in the Milky Way. Marvel Boy then traveled to Satania. • Starting Resources are set at Poor. to see the life that the Eternals had made for themselves there. In 1951. Learning of Casimar's connection to the Satanians. They were ruled by a king and worshiped the sun. This rabble rousing caused Marvel Boy to investigate the social disobedience. and stopped his plans for invasion. and try to create animosity on Uranus by causing the masses to rise up against their rulers. their race. Satana and Marvel Boy then brought this information to her father. • Satanians start out with only one Contact. Marvel Boy pleaded with him to not invade Uranus. In 1951 they were under the belief that their world was being pulled into the sun and plotted to take over the colony built by the Eternals of Uranus. and plotted to invade the colony built by the Eternals of Uranus. He then used their technology to give Satana proof that Satania was Golden Age and More Primary Ability Chart. Uranian hero Marvel Boy used Uranian science to prove that Satania was not being pulled into the sun. somewhere relatively close to the Sol system. and the Satanians stopped their invasion plans. where he was brought before the leader of the Satanians. not being pulled into the sun. The planet’s dominant race is the Satanians a highly advanced race of humanoids. the Satanians believed that their home planet was going to be pulled into the sun. 128 . When this failed. Column Five From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-60 61-70 71-80 81-95 96-00 Initial Score Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Mn 63 Additional Creation Notes • Satanians can raise any one Ability +1CS. who realized the errors of his ways. Marvel Boy kidnapped princess Satana and brought her to Uranus. The subsequent fate of the Satanians is unknown. Marvel Boy and his Youth Squad captured him. They sent their agent Casimar to Uranus. Typical Satanian Satanians The Satanians are a race of highly advanced humanoids that live on the planet Satania.

causing its inhabitants to give into their evil personalities. another race calling themselves Saturnians. One of the most prolific members of their race is LLA 38. To accomplish this.s allowing them to read the minds of others to a limited extent. However. Squad 3 assisted the Squadron ending a crisis on planet Mercury. Squad 3 consists entirely of Saturain scientists. They are frequently at war with the United Planets. Golden Age and More .Chapter Seventy: Saturnians Source: Marvel Comics Earth-5106 The Saturnians are a race of aliens that live on the planet Saturn. which is unique to Earth-5106. Earth-5391 On Earth-5391. the Martian leader. who resided on an asteroid that was passing 129 When the Saturnians later attempted to attack the Earth. Incidentally. however Speed Cater also exposed this plot. a timeline where Saturn is capable to sustaining life. sparked war between the Neganatives and Positpeople of the Earth's Moon. who is the commanding science officer of the Space Squadron galactic peacekeeping force. With the extinction of all life in the solar system looming. The Saturnians later attempted revenge on the Space Sentinels by capturing Speed Carter and Johnny Day in a massive robot they constructed. in particular their field leader Captain Speed Carter. Carter and his teammate Crash Morgan stopped this plot. The Saturnians later attempted to infiltrate the United Planets by killing Markov. The Saturnians where approached by an unidentified race of lizard men. and asked if they could share it. Among Space Squadron. Their earliest recorded clash with the Space Sentinels involved working with the Blobs. prompting the desperate lizard men to try and steal the sun. By the year 2000. a globular race of space pirates. a race of being that lived below the Earth's surface. This war has placed the Saturnians to in conflict with the Space Sentinels peacekeeping force. They are a warlike race that has achieved interplanetary travel by the year 2075. through the solar system. They are a highly intelligent race with minor telepathic abilities. The Saturnians rejected the offer. a coalition of four other planets in Earth's solar system who strive for intergalactic peace. the governing body of a union of planets in Earth's solar system. they were taken by surprise and sent packing thanks to the newly formed alliance between the Human race and the Core People. However. Powers Saturians have minor telepathic abilitie. they are a member of the Galaxy. the Saturnians are a race of diminutive humanoids with purple tinged skin and pointed ears. the Saturnian grudgingly joined forces with the Space Sentinels to stop the theft and the situations was defused when Speed Carter invited the lizard people to move into the solar system. by creating a device that pushed away the sun when it drew too near the planet. and having one of their numbers disguise himself as the dignitary. causing them to blame each other. being reptilian in nature. The lizard men sought the sun's warmth. Carter and Day managed to take control of the robot and incapacitate the Saturnian fleet and escape. and kidnapping Speed Carter's sidekick Cadet Johnny Day to keep Speed away. and are characterized by their large brows. they unleashed Lunanimals on both populations. Speed Carter and Johnny Day helped expose the Saturnian involvement and restore peace.

Golden Age and More 130 .Typical Saturnian Primary Ability Chart. their race. • Starting Resources are set at Poor. Column Five From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-60 61-70 71-80 81-95 96-00 Initial Score Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Mn 63 Additional Creation Notes • Saturnians can raise any one Ability +1CS. • Saturnians start out with only one Contact.

Primary Ability Chart. while he and Johnny bailed out. In small doses the poison can 131 Golden Age and More . those who espoused war and those who wished to live in peace. and were flown back to Scorpio where they slew the remaining warrior Scorpeople. However. their plans for invasion were halted when the Centaurs developed poison arrows that could kill Scorpeople. and a strong dose can kill. paralyze. Speed instead sent his ship on a collision course with the surface of Sagittarius. and made a peace agreement with the Centaurs. The warlike faction decided to go to war against the Centaurs of the planet Sagittarius. In the aftermath of the carnage. their race. There they were captured and taken prisoner by the Scorpeople. The conflict was at a stalemate until the year 2075. when the Space Sentinels sent Speed Carter and his sidekick Johnny Day to explore the planet Scorpio. the peaceful faction of Scorpeople made their presence known. Column Five From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-60 61-70 71-80 81-95 96-00 Initial Score Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Mn 63 Additional Creation Notes • Scorpeople can raise any one Ability +1CS.Chapter Seventy-One: Scorpio Source: Marvel Comics The planet Scorpio is located in the Scorpio Constellation. Speed and Johnny then united with the Centaurs. somehow doing so even though they had no technology to travel between worlds. however at some point the race split up into two groups. Powers The Scorpeople tails are equipped with a poisonous stinger. • Starting Resources are set at Poor. • Scorpeople start out with only one Contact. Their exoskeletons make them highly durable and immune to Hydro-Rays. and Speed was ordered to pilot their rocket to Sagittarius so they could attack the Centaurs. a race of humanoid scorpions that were divided up into two factions. one peaceful the other warlike. and is unique to Earth-5391. After the ship crashed killing all on board. Typical Scorperson Scorpeople Not much is known about their history. It is home to the Scorpeople.

When they wondered about the specific methods used to disable them. they split into several teams. After being escorted into the city by Stanislaus. They conquered the home planet of the Kaddak and built an enormous city there. their race. Stanislaus eventually left the survivors and discovered the Scorpius' city. • Scorpius start out with only one Contact. When industrialist George Stanislaus sought to exploit that planet after finding a dimensional rift.Chapter Seventy-Two: Scorpius Source: Marvel Comics Typical Scorpius The Scorpius are an alien race of conquerors. including Skull the Slayer (who had had previous experience with the Scorpians years before when fighting Slitherogue at his Tower of Time) and Lee Forrester. Golden Age and More 132 . Primary Ability Chart. he and his exploration group. Doom showed himself. Column Five From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-60 61-70 71-80 81-95 96-00 Initial Score Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Mn 63 Additional Creation Notes • Scorpius can raise any one Ability +1CS. one of which. For unknown reasons. the Scorpius carried out several attacks against Skull the Slayer and the survivors at the temples they used as a refuge When the X-Men and Future Foundation arrived after receiving a distress signal from Forrester. the trio found themselves under attack and captured. eventually discovered the Scorpius city and Stanislaus. while attempting to subjugate the natives. consisting of the X-Men's Cyclops and Emma Frost and the Future Foundation's Invisible Woman. became stranded there. the Future Foundation's Dr. • Starting Resources are set at Poor. seemingly having allied with the Scorpius Emperor in a plot to conquer Earth.

and later also used dynamite on their machines. who sent Deep Sea Dawson/Kinks Mason to investigate. and gave him a tour of their facilities. led by their Queen. This was because like the rest of her species. the Seaweed Queen had her binding weeds sink numerous ships in the Gulf. but in Captain Flight they were completely green from head to toe. Her men brought the diver before the queen. the monsters drowned and their captives were freed. When Deep Sea Dawson/Kinks Mason fired a torpedo from the sub. The Seaweed Queen The Seaweed Queen was the leader of the Seaweed Creatures who lived in the depths of the ocean. She then proceeded to explain her plan to her captive. are of a race of humanoid plants who live in the deep sea. In order to aquire humans to transform into their slaves. She sought to conquer the surface world by using their chlorophyll machine to transform humans into one of their own and then enslave. this attracted the attention of the Navy. However. the queen was dependent on their supply of chlorophyll to survive. 133 Golden Age and More . They sought to conquer the surface world by using their chlorophyll machine to transform humans into one of their own. In order to acquire humans to transform.Chapter Seventy-Three: Seaweed Creatures Source: Four Star The Seaweed Creatures. the Seaweed Creatures had peach colored torsos on some pages. and then to use those humans as slaves. who sent Deep Sea Dawson/Kinks Mason to investigate. She intended to turn Dawson/Kinks into a Seaweed Creature. the creatures had used their binding weeds to sink numerous ships in the Gulf. Notes In Fight Comics. but he fought back escaping into a submarine the monsters had attacked earlier. this attracted the attention of the Navy. However.

• Seaweed Creatures have -2CS Fighting. Column One From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-05 06-10 11-20 21-40 41-60 61-80 81-96 97-00 Rank Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Additional Benefits • Seaweed Creatures have zero Resources. their race.Typical Seaweed Creature Primary Ability Chart. • Seaweed Creatures gain +2CS Endurance. • Seaweed Creatures have one initial contact. Golden Age and More 134 . • Seaweed Creatures automatically possess Absorption Power of Good rank in the form of enhanced photosynthesis.

and forced her to explain their plan. where they suffocated. who later slipped away to a secluded spot on the beach to return to the water. and even smashing open the hulls of Coast Guard vessels to feast on the crew inside. she committed suicide for betraying them. Namor subsequently organized a fleet of Coast Guard ships that scooped up all the Shark People in nets. they had to return to the water after a few hours or die in the surface. Refusing to surrender. However. capturing a female member of the Shark People. believing this to be the most superior form on Earth. Namor killed the Shark Man. 135 Primary Ability Chart. It is unknown if there are any surviving members of the race known as the Shark People left in the universe. the Shark Person attacked him in his Great White form. • Shark People start out with only one Contact. including the actual name of their race. Typical Shark Person The Shark People terrorized the shores of New York City over the course of several days in 1954. There they created new bodies in the form of life of the great white shark. the Shark People chose death. Namor then demanded that they either project their minds back into space or die. During his investigation of the wreckage of a Coast Guard vessel. their race. After she revealed that her people were meeting off the coast of Cape Hatteras. They attacked people on land in the sea. and were dragged out of the water. As carnivores. • Starting Resources are set at Poor. and when his body later washed to shore in human form Namor began to suspect the truth. These series of strange murders and other strange circumstances prompted the Sub-Mariner to investigate. and adapted the ability to change into human form to better hunt their prey. the Shark People took a liking to human flesh. A group of these creatures projected their minds to Earth. Namor took interest in a witness at the scene who made a snide comment suggesting that he might know something about the attack. He began watching the beach.Chapter Seventy-Four: Shark People Source: Marvel Comics The planet and origins of the so-called Shark People. This of course was one of the Shark People. is unknown. Column Five From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-60 61-70 71-80 81-95 96-00 Initial Score Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Mn 63 Additional Creation Notes • Shark People can raise any one Ability +1CS. When Namor went after the man. They claimed to be an aquatic race that mastered the ability to project their minds into space. Golden Age and More .

and capturing all the Sharkmen but their leader – The Sharkmen were in fact just a gang in special suits. the Seasprite. Leslie wanted to marry Carole only to get close to her Father. Powers and Abilities The Sharkmen suits appear to have scuba gear hidden inside. the scientist behind the Nautilus atomic sub.Chapter Seventy-Five: Sharkmen Source: Sterling Typical Sharkman Professor Wallace Thornton. and took him into a steel capsule and then drug it underwater. As predicted. saving Ricky and the Professor. The Sharkmen come on deck where they kidnaped Thornton. since he double-crossed them. Golden Age and More 136 . for his daughter Carole and Leslie Adams. but in the struggle Ricky is captured. Flash was able to defeat the Tiger Shark and Killer Whale that they launched at him. Flash and Ricky put on scuba gear and fought them underwater. Flash followed the Sharkmen to their plastic bubble base. Primary Ability Chart. so he could then sell the Nautilus plans to the highest bidder. Captain Flash theorized that Thornton was still alive. was throwing an engagement party onboard his boat. Column Four From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-05 06-10 11-15 16-40 41-50 51-70 71-90 91-98 99-00 Rank Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Mn 63 MTS Note: Any powers should be tied to their battlesuits.with the gang backing this up. the Sharkmen attack. Flash identified Leslie as the leader . Upon returning the Professor home. so he and Ricky took another sub and paint it to look like the Nautilus.

In vs. Four limbs are large. Astro Navigation. Physical Characteristics and Abilities The Sidri look roughly like giant beetles or crabs. Corsair killed the Sidri by igniting a petroleum storage facility beneath them. and located on the sides. The Sidri attacked Corsair.Chapter Seventy-Six: Sidri Typical Sidri Source: Marvel Comics The Sidri." The ship matrix is a giant collective Sidri being roughly resembling a manta ray. CL 1000 vs. and destroyed the mansion. • Energy Weapons: They have spear-like energy weapons that deliver an Ex intensity electric 'sting' which inflicts 20 damage. Cyclops. and several Sidri hid there to lay eggs. Sidri are particularly vulnerable to heat. and can stun targets that fail to pass an Endurance FEAT. The underbelly is yellow. also known as Sidrian Hunters. • Claws: They can form claws for Rm edged damage. The Sidri ship matrix then pursued the trio. red eye. and Storm. Talents: Hunting. Sidri have six apparently digit-less limbs. yellow. cold and vacuum. Kitty Pryde was attacked by a group of Sidri in a maintenance tunnel of the reconstructed X-Mansion's sub-basement. and the three defeated the Sidri. & Piloting 137 Golden Age and More . • Adhesive Spittle: Am strength web-like fluid. energy. every three rounds to bind their targets up to 1 area away. large. who had escaped in the Blackbird jet. and are so closely linked that they can combine into a "ship matrix. purple. Two are small. and located near the front of the underbelly. Encounters with the X-Men The Sidri first encountered the X-Men when a group of Sidri bounty hunters followed Corsair to the X-Mansion. Colossus and Lockheed came to Kitty's aid. are a race of extraterrestrial beings. They reproduce by laying eggs. The sub-basement had survived the attack. They are adversaries of the X-Men. Later. This bioship form is capable of faster than light flight and survival in space. Sidri live in colonies. • Self-Sustenance: No need to eat. The dorsal portion of their bodies resembles a shell and is dark purple. sleep or breathe. The ship matrix has a tail and two limbs with digits on the underbelly. Lockheed then destroyed thousands of Sidri eggs by burning them with his fire-breath and eating them. Sidri can project an energy beam of unknown nature to stun their opponents. which they can use once. Each Sidri has a single. • Body Armor: Mn 63 versus physical. F Rm 26 A Ex 16 S E R I Rm Rm Rm Ex 26 26 26 16 Health: 94 Karma: 58 Resources: Rm 26 Popularity: 0 P Ex 16 Known Powers: • The Sidri seem to be partly technoorganic and they are a highly space adapted species.

the Sun King had his scientists create a tractor beam that would pull the other planets out of orbit and into the sun.Chapter Seventy-Seven: Solanoids Source: Nedor Comics Typical Solanoid The Solanoids are inhabitants of the planet Mercury. wishes to prevent the Sun from one day dying. Golden Age and More 138 . They also had force field generators and plasma cannons. He decided that all the other planets in the solar system must be used to re-fuel the sun. since they have no desire to leave the planet so close to the star they worship. The Solanoids do not have interplanetary ships. So. their race. The Sun King. Primary Ability Chart. leader of the Solanoids. who practice a Sun-centric religion. however. Column Five From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-60 61-70 71-80 81-95 96-00 Initial Score Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Mn 63 Additional Creation Notes • Solanoids can raise any one Ability +1CS. • Solanoids start out with only one Contact. Powers and Technology The Solanoids possessed the ability to communicate telepathically. Their plan was stopped by the timely action of Lance Lewis. • Starting Resources are set at Poor.

but he was mostly defeated.Chapter Seventy-Eight: Spineless Ones Source: Marvel Comics The Spineless Ones are a humanoid race living in the alien dimension known as the Mojoverse. Dazzler. However. the dimension-hopping group Exiles found themselves abducted to the Mojoverse. only three fingers on each hand (plus thumb). Longshot escaped and became leader of the resistance against Mojo. the Spineless Ones wanted weapons. called Arize. a megalomaniac called Mojo was their absolute ruler. especially with timedancer Spiral involved. and Dark Beast. or its remains. The Spineless Ones were a primitive society. Golden Age and More . This group forced Arize to create a race of slaves for the Spineless Ones. and most importantly: no spine. (Later it turned out that Arize himself had sent the TV-programs from earth to the Mojoverse. They worshipped the person who created the best television shows. Arize built artificial spines and most Spineless Ones accepted these. This mutant. and wasn't capable of receiving transmitted TV programs like the other Spineless Ones. until a mutant was born. His programming was created using the slaves as 'actors' who were placed in real situations. and the Slave Race were slaves once more. Since the Spineless Ones had slaves to do all their work for them. The current state of the Mojoverse. Earth. hoping that the Spineless Ones would learn from the humans. For a short time. no hair. but due to the time-difference between the Mojoverse and 139 Recently. His greatest star was the being that later became known as Longshot. Holocaust. but the small group who refused the artificial spines ruled them. although he gave his slaves a free mind and a free will. After that. He commanded several insurrections against Mojo. and the creatures in these transmissions (humans) have become demons in the myths of the Spineless Ones. Things seemed to back to the way they were before: The Spineless Ones ruled. with Mojo in charge. was a scientific genius. is still undetermined. due to the Mojoverse’s unique temporal status. Because they have no spine. their legs are mostly atrophied and they are very obese. Arize's programs were the same ones that caused the insanity). Whether Mojo and the other Spineless Ones are gone for good. With these spines the society of the Spineless ones quickly became very advanced. they could mentally receive television programs that were sent from Earth. most of the Mojoverse was destroyed by Mojo's newest creations: X-baby versions of Apocalypse. They have a yellow skin. Arize complied. but Mojo later returned and claimed his throne back. the Sequel. so they would eventually rebel against the Spineless Ones. became the leader of the Mojoverse. The Spineless Ones are larger than humans (about twice their size). a creature called Mojo II. These transmissions caused madness within the Spineless Ones. remains to be seen. According to Longshot's wife. this incident could have occurred at a point before the AoA babies went on their rampage. but Arize refused to work for them any longer and was exiled. they quickly became addicted to television. Sugar Man. For many years. Somehow.

Typical Spineless One F Fe 1 A S E R I Gd Gd Fe 1 Pr 3 Pr 3 8 8 Health: 13 Karma: 16 P Ty 5 Known Powers: • None Golden Age and More 140 .

however. the Stark would study and learn from the technology. The Stark made it a point of pride to see that every member of their race possessed a custom suit of armor. in 2001. The young race even went so far as to name their race and their planet after their new. Habitat: (natural) temperate. Advanced weapons systems primarily based on the technology of Tony Stark. domes sustaining artificial environment and connected by pneumatic tubes.Chapter Seventy-Nine: Starks Source: Marvel Comics During the second invasion of Earth by the Martian Masters. This eventually brought them into conflict with Guardians of the Galaxy. For a time. In time. and to be stripped of one’s name is considered the harshest punishment for failure. and all military commanders and political leaders seem to be female. the Stark lived a golden age of technological achievement. and emulation of their idol eventually depleted the planet Stark of its resources. Stark warriors even remain somewhat reluctant to attack female opponents. The Stark were ravenous. the rocket eventually crashed on an alien world. Level of Technology: Advanced interstellar ships with faster-than-light star-drives. the Stark are also governed by a system of tribal and personal honor. as they grew into an industrial civilization. Atmosphere: Atmosphere of this race is unknown. conquering other worlds for their resources. finding a cache of Stark technology. landing near a tribe of primitive blue. Over the centuries. This rocket carrying the technology slingshot past the sun. ironclad god. Population: Population of this race is unknown.and purple-skinned aliens. Cultural Traits: Though ravenous and ruthless in pursuing power and resources. and eventually all Stark lived in artificial domes. Type of Government: A council of matriarchs heading a militaristic hierarchy. believing that it would be devastating for the Martians to possess such technology. The Stark worship Tony Stark as a god. Names are considered a badge of honor. The Stark soon began 141 Golden Age and More . and tend to "pull their punches" when doing so. Their factories polluted the air. and erected a large golden statue of Tony Stark. Stark society is matriarchal. and investigated. (current) polluted with life sustained in artificial domes. Tony Stark (Iron Man) of Earth-691 launched an arsenal of technology into space. the tribe eventually overcame their fear of the crashed rocket. Gravity: Gravity of this race is unknown. ruining them as they had ruined their own world. After an untold number of years. where it was accelerated by gravity and launched far beyond the Sol system.

Powers: • Some Stark may be augmented by genetic modification. Though the exact abilities of the suits vary from Stark to Stark. and other blasters are common. their race. most jet boots. blades. repulsors.Typical Stark Primary Ability Chart. • Stark start out with only one Contact. Column Five From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-60 61-70 71-80 81-95 96-00 Initial Score Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Mn 63 Additional Creation Notes • Stark can raise any one Ability +1CS. Golden Age and More 142 . Equipment: • Each Stark possesses a suit of customized armor based on Tony Stark’s technology. • Starting Resources are set at Remarkable.

They have a primitive language. 143 Golden Age and More . The Stonebacks capture prey by curling up into their shells and camouflaging themselves as rocks. Their religion is based on the worship of a giant turtle god. which they confused for a stranded space marine Steve while in his space suit. however one of the Stonebacks named Gluck could speak English. their race.Chapter Eighty: Stonebacks Source: Nedor Comics Typical Stoneback The Stonebacks are reptiles from the asteroid called Algol. Primary Ability Chart. • Stonebacks start out with only one Contact. The creatures live in subterranean glass or crystal houses. • Starting Resources are set at Poor. Column Five From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-60 61-70 71-80 81-95 96-00 Initial Score Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Mn 63 Additional Creation Notes • Stonebacks can raise any one Ability +1CS.

However. shortly after the attack. and they knew that men would one day visit them from Earth. Their common language is English. the likes of which the Parrot-Men have never seen. Zephyr and Corky fought them off with their guns. Zephyr would provide the knowledge to make guns to the Birdmen so that they could defend themselves from the Parrot-Men. but were accidentally redirected to the planet Sunev. civilized monarchy that had some advancement in science. the planet Sunev was a chunk of the planet Earth that broke free. Their chief spy. The dominant language is English. Zephyr would leave the Birdmen with the knowledge to build guns of their own. a savage species of avian humanoids that seek to take over the planet. Roudo was exposed as a traitor and executed. Princess Tonka. which further lends validity to the fact that Sunev has some connection to the planet Earth. and provided them with various forms of technology before leaving the planet. Zephyr and Corky would provide them various technologies. However. There they aided the Birdmen in fighting off an invasion of the Parrot-Men. Shortly thereafter. Their major opponents are the Parrot-Men. and Roudo exposed as a traitor and executed. the Birdmen were invaded by the Parrot-Men. however. General Roudo attempted to frame Earthmen Zephyr Jones and Corky Grogan as spies. Zephyr and Corky were freed by Princess Tonka and with their guns. They are a Golden Age and More 144 . With the battle won. inadvertently discovering that world. Birdmen Their ancestry is a mystery. any explanation is speculative at this time. It is possible that the Birdmen and the Parrot-Men could be an offshoot of an avian species such as the Bird-People. their General Roudo was a traitor spying for the Parrot-Men. astronomers could not see it. Earth explorer Zephyr Jones and his friend Corky Grogan travelled in their rocket to Mars. and have them locked up to be executed. Unknown to King Bolo and his daughter. leaving the kingdom of the Birdmen open for attack. Parrot-Men The Parrot-Men are a race of savage and primitive warriors from the planet Sunev. who seek to overthrow the rule of the more peaceful and technologically advanced Birdmen.Chapter Eighty-One: Sunev Source: Marvel Comics According to historical accounts. In the 1940's. and found its own orbit near Earth's solar system. However. to date no other travels to the planet have been recorded. Its two dominant races are avian-humanoids the Birdmen and the Parrot-Men. Growing jealous of Zephyr. While the Birdmen's King Bolo has extended an invitation for visitors from Earth to return to Sunev. however. so that the Parrot-Men would menace them no further. as the suns light was blocked from the planet Earth. fought off the invaders sending them to flee. he would frame the two humans as spies.

• Telescopic Vision: Fb 2 Golden Age and More . Their bodies are adapted to high altitudes.Typical Birdman F Ex 16 A Ex 16 S E R I Ex Gd Ex Rm 16 8 16 26 Health: 56 Karma: 58 Typical Parrot-Man P Ex 16 Known Powers: • Winged Flight: Rm 26 • Resistance to Cold: Gd 10. Their bodies are adapted to high altitudes. • Telescopic Vision: Fb 2 145 F Rm 26 A Rm 26 S E R I Ex Ex Gd Ty 5 16 16 10 Health: 84 Karma: 20 P Ty 5 Known Powers: • Winged Flight: Rm 26 • Resistance to Cold: Gd 10.

Caretakers The Caretakers are creatures created by the Builders to help them shape the universe. Curators. they molded a path of expansion in which they created "systems" to control the structure of space and time. the alien entities ordered their Alephs to auto-destroy along with whatever they could take with themselves.Chapter Eighty-Two: The Builders Source: Marvel Comics The Builders could take with themselves. after the origin site designated for self-repair was unable to stop it from experiencing incursions. their mission is to purge the species which would unfit in whose vision of the universe. When a Gardener raised by an Aleph called Ex Nihilo tried to make Earth sentient. A resistance formed by the Galactic Council and the Avengers managed to oppose the Builders. An Aleph carries the eggs of a Gardener and an Abyss until it finds a suitable environment to let them create life. An Aleph carries the eggs of an Gardener and an Abyss. They are tasked with the vigilance of the Builders’ creations along with the Curators. There are two types of Builders: the Creators and the Engineers. and sent a signal to the Builders. his own creations cataloged the planet as a "failure". They started heading to this planet in order to destroy it and save their universe. although they still had the odds in their favor. whose task when they grow up is to create new life. Abyss. as the tide of the battle had been turned. they had no purpose. 146 . When Captain Universe arrived at the Builder Command Vessel and started defeating the Builders. as it is its job to judge the Gardener's work. When Captain Universe arrived at the Builder Command Vessel and started defeating the Builders. The Builders are said to be the universe's oldest race. All of the Abyss except one mysteriously died when the new universal structure was created. and Caretakers. as the tide of the battle had been turned. A resistance comprised of the Galactic Council and the Avengers managed to oppose the Builders. because if the Abyss had no works to judge. Curators The Curators are robotic creatures created by the Builders to help them shape the universe. Alephs The Alephs are a species of robotic creatures created by the Builders. As they were "perfect". although they still had the odds in their favor. Along the way they went about annihilating and conquering other planets in their path. and the Builders recalled all the Gardeners and forbid them from harvesting worlds. An Abyss always accompanies a Gardener. created different races called Alephs. Gardeners. the alien entities ordered their Alephs to auto-destroy along with whatever they Golden Age and More Abyss The Abyss are creatures created by the Builders to help them shape the universe.

But somehow. who still had the odds in their favor. the Gardeners helped their brother Ex Nihilo to wake up Captain Universe. and his actions to try to make Earth sentient caused the Builders to catalogue that planet as a failure in need of being destroyed. their race. one Gardener wasn't called. In the process. Golden Age and More . and along with the last of the Abysses and an Aleph continued creating life. • Starting Resources are set at Poor. the Gardeners returned to their work of growing life on worlds. the Builders conquered and destroyed numerous planets. always accompanies a Gardener.They are tasked with the vigilance of the Builders’ creations along with the Caretakers. A resistance comprised of the Galactic Council and the Avengers managed to oppose the Builders. An Aleph carries the eggs of a Gardener and an Abyss until it finds a suitable environment to let them create life. 147 Primary Ability Chart. the Builders recalled the Gardeners and forbid them from harvesting worlds. • Builders start out with only one Contact. Column Five From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-60 61-70 71-80 81-95 96-00 Initial Score Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Mn 63 Additional Creation Notes • Builders can raise any one Ability +1CS. and the Gardeners were relegated to being servants to those who created them. Resentful for how the Builders had downgraded them. After the defeat of the Builders and Alephs. who is in charge of judging his/her work. An Abyss. Typical Builder Gardeners The Gardeners are creatures created by the Builders to help them shape the universe. After the creation of a new universal structure and the mysterious death of almost all the Abysses. and turn the tide of the conflict in favor the Avengers.

their race. Column Five From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-05 06-10 11-15 16-40 41-50 51-70 71-90 91-98 99-00 Rank Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Mn 63 Additional Benefits • Initial Popularity is zero. Column Four From the Ultimate Powers Book Primary Ability Chart. • Player character Alephs possess self-repair facilities that simulate normal Healing. Golden Age and More Die Roll 01-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-60 61-70 71-80 81-95 96-00 Initial Score Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Mn 63 Additional Creation Notes • Abyss can raise any one Ability +1CS. • Starting Resources are set at Poor. • Abyss start out with only one Contact.Typical Aleph Typical Abyss Primary Ability Chart. 148 .

Typical Caretaker Typical Curator Primary Ability Chart. 149 Die Roll 01-05 06-10 11-15 16-40 41-50 51-70 71-90 91-98 99-00 Rank Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Mn 63 Additional Benefits • Initial Popularity is zero. Golden Age and More . their race. • Caretaker s start out with only one Contact. • Starting Resources are set at Poor. Column Four From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-60 61-70 71-80 81-95 96-00 Initial Score Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Mn 63 Additional Creation Notes • Caretakers can raise any one Ability +1CS. • Player character Curators possess self-repair facilities that simulate normal Healing. Column Five From the Ultimate Powers Book Primary Ability Chart.

Column Five From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-60 61-70 71-80 81-95 96-00 Initial Score Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Mn 63 Additional Creation Notes • Gardeners can raise any one Ability +1CS. Golden Age and More 150 . their race. • Starting Resources are set at Poor.Typical Gardener Primary Ability Chart. • Gardeners start out with only one Contact.

have acquired the power of speech. an unofficial district of midtown Manhattan. The territories of the Homelands are spread out through a thousand separate kingdoms in over a hundred different worlds. Other Fables may demonstrate a wide variety of abilities depending upon their origin. United under the cause of survival. They became part of an underground network of Fables. Bigby Wolf. the Fables had little choice but to place themselves into exile. Many went into hiding at first. however. or faerie tale known collectively as the Fables. an evil entity known only as the Adversary invaded the Homelands and sought to conquer them. For the past two-hundred years. He first took dominion over his own territory. Over two hundred years ago. Years ago. Fables come in all shapes and sizes. and some are Golden Age and More . for example. • Variable Invulnerability: While each Fable is immortal. Those who could not pass for human were forced to live at a locale in Upstate New York known as The Farm. Those who could pass for human took up residence in Fabletown. and the surviving denizens staged a mass Exodus to Earth. However not every Fable can be killed as easily as the other. it does not mean that they can't be killed. keeping it open as long as they could for any Fables who still wanted to escape the Adversary. the inhabitants of Fabletown paid homage to the lands of their birth at the annual Remembrance Day celebration. A group of rebels from different lands came together at 151 this spot to defend it. Known Powers • Immortality: One gift that seems to unite all Fables is their ability to live indefinitely without suffering the rigors of age. and many anthropomorphic beings. It is a world of magic. They abandoned the Homelands for Earth. He brought with him an army of giants and armored warriors. folklore. wizards or woodcarvers". The Fables worried little about the Adversary's advances at first. such as the Three Little Pigs. a being known as the Adversary sought to conquer the Fables' home world. Fables Fables are a race of beings of myth and legend who originally hailed from a realm known as the Homelands. Bufkin possesses the gift of winged flight. though many are humanoid in appearance. then set out to conquer the rest of reality. populated by nearly every character who has ever appeared in legend. Others took up residence in private abodes elsewhere. many of whom began living at the Fabletown City Hall at the Woodland Luxury Apartments. but the Adversary's minions rooted them out. the creatures inhabiting the Homelands discovered that the Adversary planned on subjugating everyone. and established themselves in two key locations in the state of New York. The exiled Fables established their own underground community on Earth called Fabletown. believing that the Adversary would have little interest in invading such a "mundane" world. has the ability to transform from a wolf into a human and back again. Points of Interest • The Black Forest • The Emerald Kingdom • The Kingdom of the Great Lion • The Shores of Never • Baghdad • The Keep at World's End The Keep at World’s End Behind this run-down castle was a long river that led to the last portal to the Mundy realm. Before long. "We were kings and cobblers. In the words of Old King Cole.Chapter Eighty-Three: The Homelands Source: DC Comics The Homelands is the name given to a series of interconnecting fantasy realms that exist separate from the normal space/time continuum. even when he took control of the Emerald Kingdom and the Kingdom of the Great Lion.

Typical Fable Primary Ability Chart. their race. • Fables start out with only one Contact. how popular that Fable is to the mundane humans. Column Five From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-60 61-70 71-80 81-95 96-00 Initial Score Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Mn 63 Additional Creation Notes • Fables can raise any one Ability +1CS. Golden Age and More 152 . normal beings. Fables who are more obscure are almost as easily killed as mundane. While others who are so popular that they are inherently part of human culture such as Goldilocks or Snow White can survive almost anything including multiple consecutive fatal wounds which they recover from through accelerated healing. • Starting Resources are set at Poor. or even total mutilation were they can appear whole again elsewhere. This all depends on one crucial factor.virtually unkillable.

they may be the most advanced scientific civilization in the solar system. like all Eternals on Titan. & Gadgetry 153 Golden Age and More . she did not possess the powers common among Earth’s Eternals. which had been devastated by a civil war. had not been exposed to the cosmic energy flare triggered by Chronos on Earth.Chapter Eighty-Four: Titan Eternal Typical Titan Eternal Source: Marvel Comics These are the Eternals fathered by Mentor with Sui-San on Titan. and little cosmic energy powers. the Titanian Eternals thus have lower-level molecular control over their body. after Mentor left Earth and found the Eternal colony on Titan. Since SuiSan. F Gd 8 A Gd 8 S E R I Ex Rm Ex Rm 16 26 16 26 Health: 58 Karma: 68 P Rm 26 Known Powers: • Cold Immunity: Rm 26 • Flame Immunity: Rm 26 • Flight: In 36 • Invulnerability: Rm 26 • Regeneration: Gd 8 • Sealed Systems: Ex 16 • Systemic Antidote: Am 46 Talents: Science. However.

Like all humanoids of Pal-u-don. It is uncertain if female Tor-o-dons exist. they roam thier hunting grounds alone. which forces them to do their bidding. They have a relationship of leadership over these powerful beasts that is nearly magical. one of its kind was easily slain by Tarzan when he used his bow. Since this weapon is unknown in Pal-u-don. Tor-o-dons use Gryfs (a tremendous carnivorous triceratops) as mounts or attack animals. more humanlike neighbors. like the Waz-don and Hodon. Golden Age and More A Ex 16 S E R I Rm Rm Pr 3 Pr 3 26 26 Health: 84 Karma: 14 P Gd 8 Known Powers: • Analytical Smell/Tracking Scent: Ex 16 • Animal Summoning: Rm 26 • Extended Hearing: Pr 3 • Extra Limb (Prehensile tail): Ex 16 Talents: Acrobatics (Climbing). They give the great Gryfs commands. Its appearance is extremely frightful. 154 . Even while Tarzan killed it. Tarzan used their techniques to master the Gryf as well. When the Tor-o-don reaches their rutting season. A Tor-o don is of massive build. It is a favorite tactic of these beast-men to curl it around an opponent’s neck and choke him to death. aided by their prehensile tails. They may be capable of some sort of speech. the Jungle Lord was rendered unconscious by this chokehold. It was one of his closest fights because of the Tor-o-don’s prehensile tail. F Ex 16 However. Other than these times. such as clubs and stones usually. & Thief (Stealth). Animal Handling (Gryfs). equipped with large fangs and a fully functional prehensile tail. the Tor-odon are masterful climbers. the Tor-o-don was unaware of its deadly properties. they kidnap females from surrounding. Typical Tor-o-don Tarzan slew one with a knife in hand-to-hand combat. hairy hominids that are either a very high order of ape or a very low order of man. All other humanoids of Pal-u-don. They are merciless killers and hunter. They use tools and weapons of a primitive sort. Description They are huge.Chapter Eighty-Five: Tor-o-don Source: Tarzan the Terrible Background The Tor-o-dons are a solitary race of nearly extinct primates living in the wilderness of Palu-don. fear these manlike beasts. because only males have been encountered.

Gryfs History Gryfs are the most fearsome predators of Palu-don. By screaming a command that sounds like “Wheeooo” and using a staff to beat on their fearsome heads. the Tor-odons change the giant killer into a submissive mount. They are relentless trackers. two large ones above the eyes and one medium horn below. blue bands circling its eyes and a red hood with yellow lining. despite being a tank like four-legged creature. This dinosaur was enormous. Gryfs are “steered” by hitting their head with a stick. Slate blue in color with the exception of its yellow face. They have three horns. It is unknown how the Gryfs came to be subject to the Tor-o-dons. Tarzan learned to control the mighty Gryf by watching the Tor-o-dons and reproducing their cry and behavior with his own wonderful ability to mimic any animal sound he hears. Its roar is capable of terrifying most creatures and men. never giving up on their prey. such a monstrous beast is supreme. a lost land in Africa. Its belly was also yellow. 155 F Gd 8 A Gd 8 S E R I In In Pr 3 Pr 3 36 36 Health: 88 Karma: 11 P Ty 5 Known Powers: • Analytical Smell/Tracking: Am 46 • Claws: Am 46 • Invisibility (Olfactory): Am 46 • Running: Ex 16 • Body Armor: Gd 8 Golden Age and More . but this control is absolute. If it rears up on its hind legs it might reach 50 feet in the air. One curious characteristic of Gryfs is that they cannot be detected by a sense of smell. Description Much larger than the typical triceratops: twenty feet at the shoulder. They have no scent. In a lost world where missile weapons are nearly unknown. seventy-five feet in length. There is a Temple of the Gryf in the Ho-don city of Alur. Three parallel lines of bony protuberances down its back. This ability added greatly to the reputation that caused him to be known as Tarzan-jad-guru. a secret lost in antiquity. They are carnivorous. Their toes were talons as befitting a predator. Typical Gryf With one exception: the dreaded man-beasts called the Tor-o-dons have the uncanny ability to control these monsters. Even Tarzan couldn’t escape them. Tarzan the Terrible. and somehow always manage to keep on the trail despite all attempts to shake them. the overall technique resembling popular conceptions of elephant riding. The inhabitants of Pal-u-don to some extent worship Gryfs.

Disguising himself as a human and taking up the identity of physician Doctor Manning. Realizing that he. who in 1954. Toro. Calling himself the Maker. who was unaware of his true nature. Pete committed suicide. the Tyclosian decided to take over the entire Earth. • Starting Resources are set at Poor. Without Manning's knowledge.Chapter Eighty-Six: Tyclosians Source: Marvel Typical Tyclosian The Tyclon race is mostly a mystery. Pete lived a normal life. built a device that allowed him to travel to the Earth dimension. 156 . One of their race was a brilliant scientist. there have not been further interactions with the Tyclosians on Earth recorded. While the Torch and Toro destroyed the army of robot men. the Maker built an army of humanoid robots in order to take over the world. the Maker was able to keep the true nature of his robots secret from the public. and Pete overheard the Maker's plans. too. some of the Maker's robot men suddenly "died". Column Five From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-60 61-70 71-80 81-95 96-00 Initial Score Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Mn 63 Additional Creation Notes • Tyclosians can raise any one Ability +1CS. their race. meeting and falling in love with a woman named Margot. and followed him back to the Maker's lair. One of his greatest robots was one that he named Pete. After the third such failure. Following the Maker's death. Pete called in the Human Torch and Toro to help him investigate. As Dr. • Tyclosians start out with only one Contact. and attacked. Manning. was a robot created by the Maker. and befriending the Human Torch. There the Torch. Pete shot the Maker and learned his true identity and his mission on Earth. Eventually. they repaired the deactivated robot man. Golden Age and More Primary Ability Chart. and were brought to the hospital to be operated on. but soon found himself trapped there. They exist in another dimension parallel to Earth.

and learned that Cara had no interest in invading Earth. Typical Uncarian The exact nature of Uncara is unknown. They were a highly advanced society that developed dimensional travel technology. and weapons of mass destruction. managed to capture one of the Uncarians who materialized completely on Earth. Meanwhile. believing that Earthling intended to steal her man. Uncarians Uncara is a technologically advanced society that is ruled by a dictatorship. Golden Age and More . and brought her to his palace. Cara. Sun Girl attacked. what has been seen is an Earthlike environment that has unique plants and geological formations. Column Five From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-60 61-70 71-80 81-95 96-00 Initial Score Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Mn 63 Additional Creation Notes • Uncarians can raise any one Ability +1CS. and returned to Earth to tell his father all he knew before dying. Arthur was gravely injured by the Uncarians. • Starting Resources are set at Poor. and reveled in the chaos their intangible forms caused. only having her mate back. They soon caused a panic all over New York City. between dimensions. They all materialized in New York Harbor. Arthur Blair. in 1948. and so they developed devices that allowed them to partially or totally traverse dimensions. who agreed to travel to Uncara to stop Kain and his invasion plan. Cara assisted Sun Girl in escaping the palace. as there have been no recorded sightings since. became jealous of Sun Girl. their leader. it would appear that the Uncarians are forever trapped in Uncara. • Uncarians start out with only one Contact. Kain and his men soon tracked down and captured Sun Girl. a humanoid race that. Travelling to Uncara. was ruled by the dictator Kain. The only known recorded race in this dimension is the Uncarians themselves. Earth refused to surrender. In 1948. had set his sights on invading the planet Earth. and Kain began detonating his Prison Bombs. Kain. As Sun Girl destroyed all their technology. and forced him to reveal the alien’s plot. Professor Blair then contacted Sun Girl. Sun Girl convinced her otherwise. destroying the devices that kept the Uncarian invaders 157 Primary Ability Chart. and Sun Girl then destroyed the Uncarian armory before traversing between dimensions again.Chapter Eighty-Seven: Uncara Source: Marvel Comics Uncara is an alternate dimension that exists parallel to Earth. as they prepared with Prism Bombs to blow up the city. Kain's wife. their race. There. son of scientist Professor Blair. where they drowned. on a different vibrational attunement. It is the home to the Uncarians. Before they could all be set off.

Wishing to use Venusian technology to Golden Age and More 158 . Sometime in the year 1925. gain untold wealth on Earth. The Venusian leader then surrendered. often claiming to have come from those planets in order to confuse the origin point of the invasion. they sought to conquer the planet Earth. He easily trounced these Venusians. and harvested them for salvage as part of their invasion plot. Mechanical Life Forms This race of sentient robots also claimed to be from the planet Venus. a seemingly peaceful race. While some realities in the multiverse have seen life develop on the planet Venus. which are incarcerated for their crimes. as they did not anticipate encountering a human being with his strength and ability to breathe under water. and given the variety of these beings. though after the invasion force fled Earth in a rocket. their claims are called into question. American mobster George Mulford used a stolen rocket to escape to the planet Venus. There are many beings that have claimed to come from Venus. but not without its own criminals. They arrived in late 1953. There. killing the entire group of renegade Venusians inside. Their activities prompted the SubMariner to come out of retirement to investigate. Mulford led his followers in attacking the island nation of Barbuda. Namor slew Mulford and then triggered bombs that blew up his hideout. the Venusians welcomed him. never to endanger the Earth again. However. While commonly accepted scientific research suggests that Venus is a world that could not sustain life due to its harsh environments. and ordered his minions to return to their home world. the Earth has been visited many times by aliens claiming to be from the planet Venus. there is a great question in the timeline containing Earth616 as to whether or not life ever developed on Venus. with the help of Vanza tracked down their secret headquarters. and kidnapped a Venusian female named Vanza. Mulford freed a number of criminals. in order to steal its wealth. and he taught them how to speak English. They used a magnetic beam to sink supply ships. It is also known that many other races in the universe use other worlds in the Sol system as staging grounds for attempted invasions of the planet Earth. A humanoid race calling themselves Venusians claimed to live on the planet Venus. their captured leader instantly went inert. Mulford and his minions clashed with the Sub-Mariner. who. and brought them to Earth in the year 1945.Chapter Eighty-Eight: Venus Source: Marvel Comics The planet Venus is the second planet from the Earth's sun. creating a hideout in the waters of the South Pacific. Initially considering the human race an inferior species. the Sub-Mariner kept the Venusian leader captive to prove his existence. Humanoids His body was turned over to the United States government for examination. There.

159 Die Roll 01-05 06-10 11-15 16-40 41-50 51-70 71-90 91-98 99-00 Rank Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Mn 63 Additional Benefits • Initial Popularity is zero. • Starting Resources are set at Poor. their race. Column Five From the Ultimate Powers Book Primary Ability Chart. Column Four From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-60 61-70 71-80 81-95 96-00 Initial Score Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Mn 63 Additional Creation Notes • Venusians can raise any one Ability +1CS. Golden Age and More .Typical Venusian Typical Mechanical Life Form Primary Ability Chart. • Player character Mechanical Life Forms possess self-repair facilities that simulate normal Healing. • Venusians start out with only one Contact.

and orange- Golden Age and More 160 . the Queen of Mars.Chapter Eighty-Nine: Volta Source: Fiction House Volta was the home planet of an extremely violent and merciless humanoid race with dry green skin and flat noses. • Voltamen start out with only one Contact. they formed an invasion party to take back the Earth from the Voltamen. and used their ship to return to Lyssa's home world. but eventually they became the tall thin green-skinned lizard men familiar to most of the Fiction House readers. Hunt Bowman. their race. leaders of the last humans. The Voltamen built large steel cities on their home world. There. The Voltamen also built great landing pads for their interstellar ships. they conquered the Earth and nearly wiped out the entire human race. • Starting Resources are set at Poor. one of the few surviving free humans. and they have jet black eyes with red pupils. and they possessed advanced technology. In the 33rd Century. mostly geared toward military conquest. Originally. who eventually took their fight to the planet Volta itself. The Voltamen wear gray uniforms with spiked pith helmets similar to those worn in World War I. They were resisted by Hunt Bowman and Lyssa. and together they defeated the Voltamen who had captured them. the Voltamen had already conquered the Earth and enslaved its people. skinned beings. Die Roll 01-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-60 61-70 71-80 81-95 96-00 Initial Score Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Mn 63 Additional Creation Notes • Voltamen can raise any one Ability +1CS. somewhat hunchbacked. Typical Voltaman Primary Ability Chart. with spiraling architecture characterized by spike-like protrusions. the Voltamen were depicted as being short. Column Five From the Ultimate Powers Book The Voltamen By the beginning of their appearance in the first story in Planet Comics #21. met Lyssa.

Often taking shelter in the ruins of ancient cities. Column Five From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-60 61-70 71-80 81-95 96-00 Initial Score Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Mn 63 Additional Creation Notes • White Apes of Barsoom can raise any one Ability +1CS. Warlord of Mars. 161 Golden Age and More . and their intelligence is roughly equal to that of an angry gorilla." They are substantially stronger than John Carter or any other Barsoomians. they have four arms and are hairless except for their heads. possessing tremendous strength and ferocity "unmatched by anything on Earth. their race. They are massive creatures.Chapter Ninety: White Apes of Barsoom Source: Story Magazine Typical White Ape of Barsoom White Apes were natives of the planet Barsoom. and they were among the most feared creatures on the entire planet. was forced to fight these creatures on several occasions. John Carter. • White Apes of Barsoom start out with only one Contact. • Starting Resources are set at Poor. Resembling huge African gorillas. Primary Ability Chart. standing around 15 feet tall when erect.

Zarkons Not much is known about the Zarkons. 162 . they soon recanted their offer. Brfsk. war. Zzzsk. to date there have been no further interactions between Zarko and the planet Earth. to bring back to her planet. They are an advanced society that apparently abolished war and lived in peace. and brought them to planet Zarko. and decided to do something about it. Typical Zarkon To date there have been no other recorded encounters with the planet Zarko and its people. This convinced Brfsk that Earth was beyond help. In 1948. However. or its location. Arriving on Earth. to travel to Earth to collect a man and a woman to bring back to their planet for further evaluation. They are ruled by an Elder Council headed by a great leader.Chapter Ninety-One: Zarko Source: Marvel Comics Not much is known about the planet Zarko. They brought heroine Sun Girl and criminal Peanuts McCoy to their planet to offer them the secret of world peace. and determined that it was a world of strife. their race. and crime. There they were brought before the Zarkons' leader. and sent them home when the pair was unable to stop from fighting before king Brfsk. Sun Girl accepted the offer. a peaceful alien race who became interested in the planet Earth in the late 1940s. • Zarkons start out with only one Contact. and Golden Age and More Primary Ability Chart. It is home of the Zarkons. and he ordered Zzzsk to return the humans to Earth. • Starting Resources are set at Poor. aliens from the planet Zarko. They discovered the planet Earth during the 1940s. Zzzsk did just that. Column Five From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-60 61-70 71-80 81-95 96-00 Initial Score Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Mn 63 Additional Creation Notes • Zarkons can raise any one Ability +1CS. ordered his minion. but when Peanuts McCoy attempted to escape she fought him. Zzzsk allowed criminal Peanuts McCoy and heroine Sun Girl to board his ship. the leader of Zarko. who offered the key to peace to Sun Girl. and the only recorded interaction between Earth and Zarko happened in 1948. Dousing them with gas.

The Zutarians also had an organized military. also called Imps. They possesed technology a thousand years advanced of earth such as monocars. Ulka jumped at Tyrno to save Alice and was struck down. but when he asked Tyrno for a reward. He. 163 Golden Age and More . They are helped by Golden Knight and his partner Alice (Fox) to overthrow Tyrno and prevent him from taking Alice as his wife. Primary Ability Chart. For hid help. as well as long range ray guns. their race.Chapter Ninety-Two: Zutarians Source: Story Magazine Typical Zutarian Zutarians. and told them they could return to Zutarn with his blessing anytime they wished. Golden Knight forgave the imp and. Golden Knight and Ulka battle a fierce sea monster. Golden Knight wins the respect and admiration of their people and is told that he could return anytime he wishes as their friend Notable Individuals Ulka was among the party of three who discovered the sky chariot carrying Golden Knight and Alice. the tyrant sent Ukla to the dungeon. but were not an aggressive race until the human known as Tyrno conquered them. and powerful knockout gas guns. • Starting Resources are set at Poor. rocket powered air transports. along with Ho Gana. Column Five From the Ultimate Powers Book Die Roll 01-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-60 61-70 71-80 81-95 96-00 Initial Score Fb 1 Pr 3 Ty 5 Gd 8 Ex 16 Rm 26 In 36 Am 46 Mn 63 Additional Creation Notes • Zutarians can raise any one Ability +1CS. moved by the earthling's compassion. were an alien race native to the planet Zutarn. took the duo back to Tyrno's palace. • Zutarians start out with only one Contact. but the villain was then shot by multiple ray blasts from Ulka's fellow imps. Ulka decided he would help him. and then burst into the palace. He then wished his new friends goodbye.


This section is comprised of various Fan-Written materials. can still definitely be useful in shaping your character. 165 Golden Age and More . which while not qualifying as an Origin.

this is for those who truly want to randomize their character's history and where they are from. Die Roll 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14-15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27-28 29 Country Algeria Angola Benin Botswana Burkina Burundi Cameroon Central African Republic Chad Comoros Republic of the Congo Democratic Republic of the Congo Djibouti Egypt Equatorial Guinea Eritrea Ethiopia Gabon The Gambia Ghana Guinea Guinea-Bissau Kenya Lesotho Liberia Libya Madagascar Golden Age and More Africa Sub-Table (Continued) Die Roll 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50-51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 Country Malawi Mali Mauritania Mauritius Mayotte Morocco Mozambique Namibia Niger Nigeria Réunion Rwanda Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic Saint Helena. Ascension and Tristan da Cunha São Tomé and Príncipe Senegal Seychelles Sierra Leone Somalia Somaliland South Africa South Sudan Sudan Swaziland Tanzania Togo Tunisia Uganda Zambia Zimbabwe 166 . Roll 1d6.Appendix One: Character Origins Okay. The continents are as follows: Die Roll 1 2 3 4 5 6 Continent Africa Asia Europe North America South America Oceania. Africa Sub-Table Roll 1d60 find the country below.

Die Roll 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12-19 20 21 22 23 24 25-26 27-32 33 34 35 36 37-40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56-58 59 60 61 62 63 64 167 Country Abkhazia Afghanistan Akrotiri and Dhekelia Armenia Azerbaijan Bahrain Bangladesh Bhutan British Indian Ocean Territory Brunei Cambodia China Christmas Island Cocos (Keeling) Islands Cyprus East Timor (Timor-Leste) Georgia Hong Kong India Indonesia Iran Iraq Israel Japan Jordan Kazakhstan Kuwait Kyrgyzstan Laos Lebanon Macau Madripoor Malaysia Maldives Mongolia Myanmar (Burma) Nagorno-Karabakh Nepal Northern Cyprus North Korea Oman Pakistan Palestine Philippines Qatar Saudi Arabia Asia Sub-Table (Continued) Die Roll 65 66-69 70 71 72 73 74 75-76 77 78 79 80 81-84 85 Country Singapore South Korea South Ossetia Sri Lanka Syria Taiwan Tajikistan Thailand Turkey Turkmenistan United Arab Emirates Uzbekistan Vietnam Yemen Europe Sub-Table Roll 1d60 find the country below.Asia Sub-Table Roll 1d85 find the country below. Die Roll 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 Country Åland Islands Albania Andorra Austria Belarus Belgium Bosnia and Herzegovina Bulgaria Croatia Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Faroe Islands Finland France Germany Gibraltar Greece Guernsey Hungary Iceland Ireland Isle of Man Italy Jersey Kosovo Albania Andorra Golden Age and More .

Die Roll 1 2 3 4 Golden Age and More Country England Wales Scotland North Ireland North America Sub-Table Roll 1d70 find the country below. Die Roll 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10-15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32-37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54-69 70 Country Anguilla Antigua and Barbuda Aruba Bahamas Barbados Belize Bermuda Bonaire British Virgin Islands Canada Cayman Islands Clipperton Island Costa Rica Cuba Curaçao Dominica Dominican Republic El Salvador Greenland Grenada Guadeloupe Guatemala Haiti Honduras Jamaica Martinique Mexico Montserrat Navassa Island Nicaragua Panama Puerto Rico Saba Saint Barthélemy Saint Kitts and Nevis Saint Lucia Saint Martin Saint Pierre and Miquelon Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Sint Eustatius Eustatius Sint Maarten Trinidad and Tobago Turks and Caicos Islands United States United States Virgin Islands 168 .Europe Sub-Table (Continued) Die Roll 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44-45 46 47 48 49 50-51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58-59 60 Country Latvia Latveria Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Macedonia Malta Moldova Monaco Montenegro Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Romania Russia San Marino Serbia Slovakia Slovenia Spain Svalbard Sweden Switzerland Transnistria Transvasal Ukraine United Kingdom* Vatican City United Kingdom Sub-Table Roll 1d4 find the country below.

South America Sub-Table Roll 1d20 find the country below.. Die Roll 1 2 3-6 7 8-9 10-11 12 13 14 15 16-17 18 19 20 Country Argentina Bolivia Brazil Chile Colombia Ecuador Falkland Islands French Guiana Guyana Paraguay Peru Suriname Uruguay Venezuela Oceania Sub-Table Roll 1d50 find the country below. or by a combination of both. Die Roll 1 2 3-15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32-35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 Country American Samoa Ashmore and Cartier Islands Australia Baker Island Cook Islands Coral Sea Islands Fiji French Polynesia Guam Howland Island Jarvis Island Johnston Atoll Kingman Reef Kiribati Marshall Islands Micronesia Midway Atoll Nauru New Caledonia New Zealand Niue Norfolk Island Northern Mariana Islands Palau Palmyra Atoll Papua New Guinea Pitcairn Islands Samoa Solomon Islands Tokelau Tonga Tuvalu Vanuatu Wake Island Wallis and Futuna And there ya go. Canada.) can be chosen by the individual character. US. Things like States / Provinces / Districts (in countries such as Russia. 169 Golden Age and More . England etc.. by the Judge.

but the insanity tables were missing. 170 .Appendix Two: Optional Ways to Round Out Your Character MTS Note: Originally. In the end. female Weight Die Roll 01-20 21-40 41-60 61-80 81-00 Female 85-109lbs 110-140lbs 141-160lbs 160-180lbs 181-220lbs Male 90-149lbs 150-180lbs 181-200lbs 201-220lbs 221-250lbs Note: Average Weight: • 150 to 180lbs (male) • 110 to 140lbs (female) Age Die Roll 01-25 26-50 51-70 71-85 76-00 Result 17-19 20-25 26-28 29-31 32-36 Age I think it is best to generally assume most characters are young — late teens to mid-twenties. male • 5ft 6in. and much of the information was similar. I elected to combine the two sources into a single Appendix. I stumbled across the Coalition Sourcebook I for RIFTS. I found a few options not listed.5'5" 5'6" . Gender Die Roll 01-50 51-00 Result Male Female Birth Order Die Roll 1-30 31-44 45-55 56-65 66-80 81-90 91-00 Order First Born Second Born Third Born Fourth Born Last Born First Born of Twins Illegitimate Build Die Roll 1-10 11-30 31-55 56-74 75-89 90-00 Golden Age and More Body Type Skinny Thin Average Husky Potbelly Obese Height Die Roll 1-30 31-70 71-00 Height Short Average Tall In-Depth Height Die Roll 01-30 31-70 71-00 Female 4'9 . All non-table text is by Loh PBEM. I've assembled a series of optional tables to satisfy those details. I've found that many players like as much background and details about their characters as possible.5'9" 5'10 .6'1" 6'2" .6'5" Note: Average Height: • 6ft. so I had to look up the article again to make the proper corrections.5'9" 5'10" .6'2" Male 5' . All tables require the roll of percentile dice. on the LoH PBEM. I had some C&P errors that Firebomb caught. this Appendix was taken from the Legion of Heroes PBEM HomePage. It is best to determine the age by the level of the character's education and Player preference. Consequently.

but… Roll on the following Family Sub-Table & Roll twice on the Random Appearance Table to determine the character's appearance. Loves combat. Dimensional Being: Human (or close to it). Humanoid Alien with unusual features. Gung-Ho. The character may look human. Earth Native. Quick-tempered.Disposition I (Roll Three Times) Die Roll 01-05 06-10 11-15 16-20 21-25 26-30 31-35 36-40 41-45 46-50 51-55 56-60 61-65 66-70 71-75 76-80 81-85 86-90 91-95 96-97 98 99 00 Disposition Hates all aliens. Trusts no one. or select two different features. Wild-person. Snob. Blabber Mouth. Overbearing. Paranoid. One parent was a native Earthling the other a dimensional being. Family Origin Sub-Table Die Roll 01-50 51-90 91-00 Family Earth Mutant. superior to others. Works well in a group. Lone wolf. Sees self as hero. Natural leader. Timid. Family Origin Die Roll 01-50 51-65 66-75 76-85 86-00 Family Origin Earth Native: Character is human. but parents came through a rift from another dimension. Nervous & Cautious. but human mutants with a history of Powers in the family. Golden Age and More . Shy. Nice. Hates to work in a group. Friendly. Complainer. Tends to be a loner. Self-reliant. Constant liar. Dimensional Being. Very prejudice. Foul mouth. Schemer. Cocky. Tough-person. Disposition II (Roll Once) Die Roll 01-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-60 61-70 71-80 81-90 91-00 171 Disposition Worry-wart. Feels. Parental. Hot-headed.

emotional experience or shock. and does not like nor trust dimensional beings. purple. Large or oddly shaped head. is a Juicer or Crazy truly human?" Insanity In the context of this game. Facial features are very feline. A pair of small horns protrude from the forehead. like orange. or affective disorder is possible. but was treated kindly by friendly non-humans). I mean. but is a bit suspicious of creatures who are supernatural or whose appearance is extremely inhuman. Teeth are fangs. humans and non-humans alike! Tends to be a bit paranoid. and aliens/ monsters. mutants. lizard-like tail. Has a long. will be the result of trauma. Skin is an odd color. Hates demons. Suspicious of everybody. Prefers the company of non-humans over humans (had bad experiences with humans. because "in these times you never really know who's human and who's not. Body is covered in tough. ignore it and roll again. Golden Age and More 172 . we will assume that all player characters are mentally and emotionally sound. dog-like tail. psychics. tends to be wary and suspicious of non-humans. Treats humans and nonhumans equally. Wilderness town or city with magic and/or psychics. Body is covered in long fur. perhaps the subject of ridicule and/or prejudice. Note: More than one phobia. large mouth too. 96-00 Sentiment Hates and distrusts all non-humans! Hates all demons and supernatural creatures (including dragons). Facial features are very ape-like. Is wary of demons. Small to medium city. Die Roll 01-10 11-30 31-50 51-70 71-85 86-95 Type of Environment Die Roll 01-20 21-40 41-60 61-80 81-00 Environment Little farm community. Large round eyes and unusual color.e. Body is extremely thin and tall (add one foot to height). but will give all other non-humans the benefit of the doubt. New York). but has had mostly good experiences with non-humans and treats them as equals. obsession. psychosis. Still. bushy. Body is covered in scaly skin. No body hair. Small wilderness town. A psychological trauma may result from a violent. A trauma that will result in an insanity will have to be quite horrible. Teeth are large and flat. If the same one is rolled. without doubt or suspicion. Facial features are very lizard-like. Hates demons. but believes that all races can live and work in harmony together. lumpy skin. Even the humans can have unusual powers these days. developed from this point on.Sentiments toward Non-Humans Random Appearance Sub-Table Die Roll 01-05 06-10 11-15 16-20 21-25 26-30 31-35 36-40 41-45 46-50 51-55 56-60 61-70 71-80 81-85 86-90 91-95 96-00 Appearance Has a long. Has a long. Big city or metropolis (i. etc. Any insanities. green. monkey-like tail. Body is covered in short fur.

prefers to be alone. • Long period of physical and/or mental torture. frightening or unusual brush with death. What constitutes a traumatic experience is. Obsessed with cleanliness. roll on the table that follows. Fear of Animals. Intimidated by spoken language. lengthy. 60% chance of alcoholism or drug addiction. and must use sign language or written communication. Neurosis. Roll on the Phobia Table.Random Insanity Table (Optional) Die Roll 1-19 20-45 46-65 66-85 86-00 Insanity Affective Disorders Neurosis Phobia Obsession Psychosis Insanity Tables Random Insanity Table (Resulting from Trauma) Die Roll 1-10 Trauma I've found that having a character roll on the insanity tables after a terrible trauma is very appropriate. even if of a good alignment. see neurosis. Roll on the Random Insanity Table. Recluse. Disgusted by anything sticky. and fun. quiet. 11-20 21-25 26-30 31-40 41-50 51-60 61-70 71-80 81-90 91-00 Reborn. up to the Judge and the actual situation. cannot speak meaningful sentences. or realistic. Fear of the Dark. Affective Disorder. hideous. Roll on the Random Insanity Table. and must clean up any area he/she is at for more than a few minutes. Terrible. and will go to any length to avoid touching it. Outraged by acts of violence. • Witnessing or experiencing a shockingly grotesque atrocity. adding a new element to the game. • Drug Induced Hallucinations that were particularly terrifying. roll on the table that follows. see neurosis. Kleptomaniac. unobtrusive. realistic. roll on the table that follows. • Witnessing the terrible or shocking death of a deeply loved one. roll on the Random Insanity Table. • Severe physical disability. good becomes evil. a compulsion to steal. Hates music and musicians. Psychosis. alignment reversal. in part. The cause (accidental) of several innocent peoples' deaths. roll on the table that follows. • A real life encounter with the subject of the traumatic hallucination is likely to cause more trauma. Roll once on the Phobia Table. Obsession. Affective Disorders Die Roll 1-19 20-35 36-54 55-75 76-88 89-00 173 Trauma Disorder Frightened by loud noises to the point of cowering and wetting self. 70% chance of developing another insanity. Compulsive Liar. evil becomes good (selfish becomes principled or scrupulous). 72% chance of going berserk and attacking the perpetrator of the violent act without regard for self (MTS Note: As per the Berserker Power). Two to eight weeks: Roll once on the Insanity Table. The following is a guide to some traumatic situations requiring a roll on the Random Insanity Tables. Phobia. (applies to characters of a good alignment). Roll on the Psychosis Table. If extremely traumatic. and will try to destroy or stop the source of those terrible noises. or recurring hallucinations. becoming violent themselves. Golden Age and More . Nine weeks to months: Roll once on the Insanity Table and once on the Neurosis Table. roll on the Random Insanity Table. roll on the table that follows.

be sure to demand stiff fees. or the Judge and Player can decide on a phobia which best applies to the severely Golden Age and More 174 . you!?!"). even if only you have the perspicacity to tell). To determine a specific phobia. snakes. there is a 72% likelihood of going berserk and lashing out at anyone/everyone around until killed or confined. . Manic depressive. Paranoid type. etc. the player can roll on the random table which follows. Fear of Animals (chewed on by the family pet while a nipper) to the point of running away when confronted by small. Invasion of the Body Snatchers: Acute paranoia toward all supernatural entities. you are passive and easily frightened. which may result from a horrifying/ traumatic experience. or upset. nobody loves you) with manic episodes the next week (everything is great and I'm the best that there ever was!). worry about what angels are. While there are scientific names for specific phobias. Schizophrenia. the dark. ("They're out to get ya! They could be anybody!! even . flying. Fear of Heights (Uncle Goober used to dangle the character. or high pressure moments (battle. You hear voices telling you that all the angels are dead. Non-functional/homicidal: Continually going berserk until confined or killed. 30% chance of alcoholism. 1-89% likelihood of happening — roll for each situation. it is far easier to simply identify the object of the phobia. . guns. compulsive liar. everyone is out to get you/trusts no one. The following minuses apply during critical. angry. danger. anything that may have been the focus or cause of the severe psychological trauma. Mindless aggression – see table below. Phobias A phobia is an irrational fear. character is fine as long as they cannot see how far up they are Fear of Success (Mom always said you weren't any good): Character will sabotage self at critical moments. have one lucid day a week and try to talk your way out of confinement. furry things. watched by others. out of windows) to the point of being frozen above the second story. Psychosis Die Roll 1-15 16-28 29-49 50-73 74-85 86-00 Psychosis Hysterical Blindness when under pressure. alternate severe depression one week (suicidal. Cannot tell the Truth. 50% chance of alcoholism or drug addiction. Mindless Aggression Sub-Table Die Roll 01-94 95-00 Result Semi-functional: When frustrated.Neurosis Die Roll 1-18 19-34 35-49 50-64 65-85 86-00 Neurosis Fear of the Dark (spent much time locked in closets) to the point of gibbering and total collapse while in the dark. The object of the phobia can be anything: bugs. . Become a psychiatrist and try to cure everyone around (they're all sick.). . those of alien heritage and even humans born off the Earth. will take 318 minutes of confinement to regain composure. jumpy. heights. typewriters . by one foot.

The character will run and run until they are certain they’ve escaped the object of his fear. The Judge can decide which is most appropriate under the circumstances or roll once on the following table . while the latter is likely to cause the obsessed person to avoid or destroy the object of their obsession. descended into a dark cellar and encountered a walking skeleton. and deadly situations. the player must re-roll. if the character is alone. Golden Age and More . However. If the character is surrounded by friends who can talk and soothe away his fears. walked through spider webs. Remember. or until subdued. use skills. spiders or insects. Panicstricken. unsuspecting person. Physically. and then only until he/she can get away and run. Die Roll 1-3 4-6 7-9 10-12 13-15 16-19 20-22 23-26 27-29 30-32 33-35 36-39 40-44 45-48 49-51 52-54 55-57 58-61 62-64 65-67 68-70 71-73 74-77 78-80 81-84 85-87 88-90 91-93 94-96 97-00 175 Phobia Undead Reptiles Scientists Mutants Snakes Ghosts Confining Enclosures Skeletons Darkness Graveyards/Burial Mounds Abandoned Old Houses/Buildings Giant Creatures/Monsters Basements/Cellars Corpses Users of Magic Spiders Tombs Cats Heights Dogs Contamination Psychic Strangers Insects Flying Bats/Bat-Like Things Water Computers Psychic Healing Open Spaces Supernatural Entities Note: If the same phobia is rolled. Phobic Panic The character who suffers from a phobia will become terrified when the object of fear is encountered. the character's mind will defend itself by causing the character to respond in one of the following ways. For Example: If a character has had a horrifying experience in a haunted house. The former is likely to cause the obsessed person to obtain their desire. concepts and creatures that might bedazzle the mind of a normal. This is a phobic panic. Flee/run away at top speed. or move in any way. Die Roll 1-25 26-80 81-00 Panic Type Pass Out/Fall unconscious for 1 to 10 minutes. whimper or scream. Judge’s Note: Dealing with the supernatural will constantly send characters into scary. the person may be able to contain himself long enough to safely avoid it (Yellow Psyche FEAT). until either the object of the fear is removed or destroyed. the character will ignore the outcry. the dark. irrational love/desire of something. In the latter case. the determination of a phobia should be made on a common sense basis. Upon reaching the breaking point. or they are dragged away from it. But it is only the most horrifying and unexpected experiences that may create a phobia or other insanity. All the terrified person knows is that he or she must escape. fight. corpses. he or she will be overcome by fear. or an intense hatred/loathing. pleas or needs of his or her companions.traumatic experience. one of the following phobias could easily apply: fear of empty old houses. Obsessions Obsessions are either an intense. He/she cannot run. (Roll percentile dice). etc. cellars. The person will fight only if there is no other way to escape. Paralyzed with fear. immobilized with fear. the characters will be prepared and hardened to sights. the character can only cry. the character will stand completely rigid or huddled in a corner. horrifying. bizarre. already nervous or feels threatened.

Phobia: There is no cure for phobias. or the person is physically removed. Danger (either loves the thrill of danger. which usually means throwing caution to the wind. requires another six months of therapy. to satisfy his or her obsession. but prolonged or repeated exposure to the object of the fear will lessen the intensity of the fear. requires another three months of therapy. Fear is lessened so that the person can function normally. Half cured. despises danger. If a villain "crime lord". Requires a minimum of six months of therapy. and/or the use of hypnosis. eat worms and stale food as anything else. Psychosis replaced by phobia. with two sessions per week (this includes treatment for each category of insanity). or can't stand the thought of being left alone for even short periods of time). overly cautious. or abhors even the thought of keeping secrets). anti-alcohol prude). Total cure. Solitude (either loves quiet and being alone to the point of growing irrationally angry and frustrated if continually bothered or interrupted. Appearance (fashion plate or slob). Crime-busting: Loves it if a hero. or an antigambling fanatic). Requires a minimum of three months of therapy. or would. Therapy sessions generally cost $75 each. but he/she still does not like the phobia object — ugh! Fear is intensified so that there is a 50% likelihood that the person will become completely paralyzed until the source of the fear is removed. jumpy). Note: This insanity may drive a character to incredible (even outrageous) lengths. Loves the thrill of being a criminal mastermind. Requires a minimum of three months of therapy. Gambling (will bet it all. Alcohol (either a heavy drinker with a keen taste for the finest liquor. 176 . the more deadly the better. Similar therapy can help obsessions. Wealth. with the following results: Die Roll Result No effect. or. just as readily. Golden Age and More Therapy and counseling. Specific individual. with the following results: Die Roll 1-33 34-68 69-00 Result No effect. The gender(s) the character finds attractive. or a fanatical. Specific object/item or animal. with the following results: Die Roll 1-39 40-88 89-00 Result No effect. a slob). Food (covets only the finest foods and drink.Focus of the Obsession Cures for Insanity Die Roll 1-50 51-00 Affective Disorder or Neurosis: Focus Love/Desire Hate/Destroy Obsession Die Roll 1 -5 6-12 13-20 21-27 28-35 36-43 44-50 51-55 56-63 64-70 71-78 79-86 87-92 93-00 Obsession Timeliness (either a fanatic about being punctual or always late). obsessed with stomping out crime and evil everywhere. Total cure. 1-29 30-69 70-00 Psychosis: Therapy and possible use of hypnosis and drugs to control the moods and tension/stress. Secrecy (either prizes their secrecy above all else. person feels occasional return of old neurosis or disorder when under stress. requires more therapy. High technology (either loves to acquire/use or loathes it). 48% chance. worry wart.


in varying amounts). I do accept bribes. but it is what drives me to write more. Donating time and/or money to projects goes a long way (not interested in polygamy. I truly deplore that site. . so Tammra’s method is Golden Age and More unavailable – plus she does help out with every book. If there are things you would like to see in the future. and you have to pay to be a member. I only said no once (so far). Of all the requests made of me.As stated earlier. feel free to ignore it (or bite me. if you do not like how Tammra always gets her own Origin Table in every book. I have said it before. letting me know is the best way to see it in a book. but share them in the hope that someone else might enjoy them. and do more. please do not upload any Gaming Nerds Я Us books to Scribd. If you want one of your own in an upcoming book. and stated I was the author and asked them to be removed – all my requests have been ignored. Making money off of other people’s work is just dirty. I know I ask for feedback a lot. and people can only view it if they pay for it. They will let anyone upload any book regardless of copyright. I hate how it is a haven for piracy. I am good either way). I hope you find this book useful and enjoy it.MTS 178 . One final request. I always make these for myself. I have even sent them requests showing the original site for my books. I only accept donations to offset some of the cost for maintaining the website. I just did not like the subject matter enough to add it. I do not make any money off of the books I create.

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E Elf (Otherworld) H 102 Half-Man F Fable Fairie Fire-Monster Fish Person Fish-Man Flatulan Fleshless One Fomor 71 I 152 103 62 63 64 65 67 103 Ice Elf Ice Person Imagion Invader from Venus 8 72 73 74 L Leprechaun Light Elf Lilin Lion-Person Living Corpses Lizard Man Ludberdite Lunezon 105 8 82 79 84 85 86 87 M Mahar Mechanical Life Form Mechanical Monster Mercurian Mermazon Monster from the Mirror Mooniac Mosquito Man 113 159 89 90 91 92 88 93 N Neo Neptunian 96 97 O Onee Outcast P G Gardener Ghost Fox Woman Giant Giant of the Elephant Grave Yard Gryf Goblin Gnorrkin Golden Age and More 98 107 150 75 104 68 155 104 70 Parasite Paratwa Parrot-Man Phantom Pixie Plasma Wraith Possessor Primitive Human 122 111 145 116 117 118 120 114 180 .

R Rigellian Rigellian Recorder 124 124 S Sagoth Sakaaran Native Satanian Saturnian Scorperson Scorpius Seaweed Creature Shark Person Sharkman Sidri Solanoid Spineless One Stark Stoneback Synthopoid 113 127 128 130 131 132 134 135 136 137 138 140 142 143 44 T Titan Eternal Tor-o-don Tuatha de Danan Tyclosian 153 154 105 156 U Uncarian Undercloak 157 40 V Vampiri Venusian Voltaman 49 159 160 W White Ape of Barsoom Wolf of Tuatha de Danan 161 106 Z Zarkon Zutarian 181 162 163 Golden Age and More .

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