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To: Inez Anders

From: Jessica Feltner
Date: 3/4/2016
Subject: Kyle Houston’s Performance Evaluation
After giving much thought and reviewing evaluations about Kyle Houston’s work at
Anders Consulting, I do not believe he would be the right fit for the position of Team
Leader at this time. I came to this decision by reviewing 15 peer evaluations as well
as my own observations over the last six months as his supervisor. The three main
performance categories which Kyle has been evaluated on include: contributing,
listening, and facilitating group problem solving.
Kyle has shown excellent attendance at meetings and has shown attention to
deadlines. In the category of “Contributing” Kyle scored 2.83 out of 3, showing that
this is a strong point for him. In addition to his attendance and meeting deadlines,
he has been excellent in providing ideas and offering suggestions when
brainstorming. This quality shows that Kyle works well in a group setting and could
eventually be promoted to team leader.
One area that Kyle could improve on is the “Listening” category, which he scored
the lowest. On a scale from 0 to 3, Kyle scored a 1.96, placing him below the
average rating. Group members noticed that Kyle often struggles with letting other
members of the group contribute to the conversation and often tries to control the
group. Because he often doesn’t effectively listen to others, he struggles to
summarize or clarify other’s ideas. He received a score of 0 in this area, which is of
great concern to me. Once Kyle learns to listen to his peers more often, I believe he
could be a successful leader.
The final category of the evaluation is “facilitating group problem solving”. Kyle
scored better in this category than the previous listening category, but could still
use some improvement, scoring a 2.18 in this category. Kyle has shown valuable
skills while asking questions to organize the discussion and keeping the group on
task. However, at times, Kyle has been criticized by group members for only
discussing topics that he sees as valuable, while ignoring other solutions.
Overall, Kyle scored a 2.42 out of a possible 3 on his evaluation. Even though this is
an above-average score, I still see some areas of concern. Kyle works well on a team
and possess a variety of strong qualities such as attendance and attention to
deadlines mentioned earlier. I believe if we give Kyle some additional projects to
focus on, he could greater develop his skills and be ready for the next promotion. At
our evaluation meeting, I discussed my concerns with Kyle, and we were able to
develop a plan for him to better succeed in the future. I appreciate your trust in me
to provide this recommendation, if you have any further questions please feel free
to contact me.
Jessica Feltner, Team Leader Ander’s Consulting