1900s Offline

1980s Channels

2000s Platforms

Employees sign up by confirming their email

Spread it virally to their coworkers and colleagues

Companies pay to upgrade their networks for more control

Message Delivery Discussions Groups Threading keeps manageable. Employees manage their own mail lists via a transparent web interface. Employees can find interesting groups. Content is searchable and discoverable by colleagues. Does not exist. Easy to monitor.

“Replies to all” overload inbox. IT must manage creation, joining, and leaving of mail lists. Membership in mail lists is not transparent. Content is trapped in each employee’s email client. Chronic problem. Hard to monitor.

Sender can choose recipients, or recipients Sender chooses recipients. can subscribe to relevant content.

Knowledge Base Spam Company Control Liability

Social pressure regulates what is posted & Employees can send inappropriate limits conversation to appropriate topics. personal messages at work. Messages cannot be forwarded outside the Any employee can send information Yammer network. Only employees can outside the company, purposefully or access the network. accidentally. Former employees can be shut out immediately and cannot take messages with them. Former employees can easily take messages with them in violation of company policy.

Data Security

Former Employees

“Pretty quickly about 2,000, nearly twenty percent of our employees, jumped on and started communicating…The number of people that follow and interact with you really is about not only who you are but what you say. That’s one of the great things about Yammer internally: people are starting to create communities and groups around information they’re interested in, relevant to their job, not necessarily to their management.” -Nigel Dessau, Chief Marketing Officer

"We started using Yammer with a small group of people inside Deloitte Australia. The more we used it the more useful it became. We then decided to use it more broadly and did a small internal campaign to get users. We now use it for things as varied as project communications, developing ideas and innovation, knowledge sharing, marketing and many other things. Yammer has helped build on the sense of community in Deloitte." - Peter Williams, CEO of Deloitte Digital AU

“As part of a large global company [Over 77,000 employees in 130 countries], the biggest benefit from Yammer to date has been that a group of employees have been able to find each other and share knowledge across organizational and geographic boundaries that would have been difficult if not impossible using traditional enterprise tools. By offering its free service, we were able to accomplish this without any formal project kick-off or resources. “ -Greg Lowe, Global Infrastructure Architect

“Yammer has enabled us to harness the wisdom of our people who are spread across multiple teams, geographies and brands to help achieve our purpose of delivering business solutions for competitive advantage.” - Jeff Smith, Suncorp CIO

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