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The intellectual understanding that All is One is essentialforenlightenmentbutitis notenough.

Appearances ofboththemacrocosm andthemicrocosm aremerelyonesynchroniseddanceof
Siva. Science has conclusively proved that atoms are made up of energy that pops up from
nowhere and disappear into nowhere continuously. This cycle of creation, sustenance and

In addition to these three powers,Sivais perceivedtohavetwomorepowers,namelythepower

to conceal and the power to reveal. The power to conceal throws a veil around the truth and

This veilis ourmistakennotiononhowthis danceis performed.WhenHis powertorevealstarts


There are TWO DANCES within theonesynchroniseddanceofSiva.Allthatappears outsideof

us constitutes the External Dance. Whatis happeninginsideourmindis theInternalDance.We

We clearly see thechanges intheexternalworldandcorrectlyunderstandthem tobepartofthe

single dance of Siva. Our thoughts are also continuously changing andwithsomeeffortwecan
understand them to be part of the same dance. However, we make a mistake of attributing a
causeeffect relationship between the two dances. Understanding the truerelationshipbetween

Everytime we want to drink water, we are able to stretch our hand,pickupaglass ofwaterand
drink. Therefore, we come to the wrong conclusion that I drink water. Thepowerofconcealing
prompts us to perceive an action, where none exists and consequently make us believe that I

The internal dance merely appears to be very similar to the external dance. Thoughts precede
physical movement to give an impression of an action. There are no actions. There are merely
changes in the external world which have NO RELEVANCE WHATSOEVERtothethethoughts
that happen inside our mind. Water disappearing from theglass intoourmouthis thepartofthe
external dance. The thought I want to drink water appears just prior to the act giving us the

If we are to observe the behaviour oflunatics,this willbecomeclear.Lunatics suddenlylaughor

cry without any apparent external cause.This is sobecausethethoughts thatariseintheirmind
are not related to the physical world around them. We are in no way differentfrom them except

This is merely an appearance and not the truth. Thoughts DO NOT CAUSE an action. They
merely precede an action. Our ego assumes responsibility for an externalmovementandclaim

External Dance: Pieces of the puzzles are moved up anddownwithourfingers andassembled


Internal Dance: How to arrange the pieces.. this should go up.. thatshouldcomedown..this is

To the ignorant it may appear that the mind is essential for solving the puzzle.Butthewisesee
the mind merely as a commentator. Thoughts always dwell in the past or ponder about the

Note: This article is inspired by reflecting on Dr Vijai Sankars play of light and sound while


All motion beginsinGodandendsinGod.The whole universe isengagedina whirlingflowofchange and

activity. This is ivas dance. We are all dancing with iva, and He with us. Ultimately, we are iva

The world is seen as it truly issacredwhen we behold ivas cosmic dance. Everything in the
universe, all that we see, hear and imagine, is movement. Galaxies soar in movement atoms swirl in
movement. All movement is ivas dance. When we fightthismovementandthinkitshouldbe otherthan
it is, we are reluctantly dancing with iva. We are stubbornly resisting, holding ourselves apart,criticizing
the natural processes and movements around us. It is byunderstandingthe eternaltruthsthatwe bringall
areas of our mind into the knowledge of how to accept whatisandnotwishittobe otherwise.Once this
happens, we begin to consciously dance with iva, to move with the sacred flow that surrounds us, to
acc ept praise and blame,joyandsorrow,prosperityandadversityinequanimity,the fruitofunderstanding.
We are then gracefully, inunrestrainedsurrender,dancingwithiva.The Vedasstate,The cosmic soulis
truly the whole universe, the immortal source of all creation, all action, all meditation.Whoeverdiscovers
Him, hidden deep within, cuts through the bonds ofignora nce evenduringhislife onEarth. AumNama

Tocre ate ,pre se rve ,de stroy,conce alandre ve alare Hisfive powe rs.Aum.