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Ma. Aiza San Pedro Santos

My dear children hear my plea. I am now suffering an ache beyond physical

pain. It is an agony that strikes through my very core, a grief that dominates my
entire soul. I crave for your attention. For many centuries Ive been imploring you
to notice, and yet you remain numb and insensitive. You failed to notice the signs
Im giving you. Have you just forgotten, or are you really uncaring and negligent?
Then, let me remind you once more. On your mind Ill let you create a picture of
the grief that Im suffering.
My air, the breath of life, has now become a poison. Your various activities
have been the causes. Your industry has improved, in some ways, yes. But it also
brought contamination to my once pure and safe air. You may have improved
your means of transportation, but the burning of your vehicle fuel just increased
the amount of nitrogen oxide in my air by 690 percent. Now, my atmosphere is a
mixture of pollutants- carbon monoxide from your car, sulfur dioxide from your
power generating facilities, lead, nitrogen and particulates from your industries,
volatile compounds, and even methane from your solid wastes. Before, a gulp of
healthy air brings you life; now it could bring you death.
Havent you noticed the change in climate? Global warming has been
rapid. This is because of the greenhouse gases- carbon dioxide, methane,
nitrous oxide, ozone, and synthetic chemicals like chlorofluorocarbon and sulfur
hexafluoride trapped in my atmosphere. Some of these gases naturally occur in
my atmosphere, but most of them are produced at a record level by your

activities, in your industries, and products. Do you know that this global warming
could affect your health? Even plants and animals will suffer. The weather,
glacial ice, the sea level and wildlife will also be affected.
My lands have been barren. The soil that had been very fertile a long time
ago had grown very tired and fruitless. Your unhealthy soil management methods
have degraded my soil quality. The chemicals you use in your fertilizers,
insecticides, and pesticides interfere with my natural soil process and destroy my
useful soil organisms. Your solid wastes are dumped everywhere. Plastics, paper,
metals, woods, etc. are just some of the loads of rubbish you plunk on my once
beautiful face.
My waters are now dead. Industrial pollutants overcrowd my once clean
and clear water systems. Your sewage system is very poor. Before, my waters
are filled with healthy aquatic life. Now it is loaded with toxic wastes. Your solid
wastes carried off from the land are floating in my waters; they replaced the
teeming population of aquatic resources. . Most of them look very unpleasant
now; none of my young ones would be able to swim in it. Remember, my children,
every organism needs water. Dont let the time comes, when you dont have even
a single drop to drink.
My precious minerals are now almost gone. Youve used almost all of it.
And yet youre not contented. Youre destroying me to find the rest of my
hidden wealth.
Most of my other creatures are now in extinction. You hunted them mostly
for pleasure, for fun. And most of them died because the natural habitat they
used to have is now savagely destroyed by your doings. I allowed you to cut my

tress, to use them for your needs, but you dont know how to replace what youve
taken. Now, my forests are almost gone. My wildlife has lost their home.
Our Creator appointed you as our caretaker, for you are the most
intelligent among my children. Yes, you are indeed very intelligent, you are above
my any other children, but you have been irresponsible. You have forgotten your
responsibilities because you are blinded by your modernity and technology. You
are wise, and yet your sight is clouded by your desire to fly higher. I let you soar
high; make use of me and what I have to achieve what you want, but you have
become ungrateful.
Now that it is almost too late, some of your brothers and sisters started to
act. But most of you failed to listen.
My dear children, I beg you to hear me. Im happy for you when you achieve
success, but please dont set aside my welfare. Work for your wellbeing, but as
you advance with your technology and expand your wisdom, may you include me
in your development. May you learn to be humble and look back on your roots,
your lowly beginnings. I and my other creatures depend on you. YOU ARE
Despite all these, you still have my trust and my love.

-Mother Earth