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Keeping Up with the Joneses

April 2016
Looking unto Jesuswho for the joy that was set before him endured the cross Hebrews 12:2a
Dear Family and Friends,
Hebrews 12:1&2 is a great passage of inspiration to every believer to live joyfully and faithfully for the Lord.
Jesus is our sterling example. The suffering and shame of the crucifixion could not rob His joy, for His joy
was not governed by events of this world but the glories of the next. With that in mind, we too can have joy
that carries us through any hardship in our service for the Lord. There is joy in serving Jesus!

We started the 2016 movie season

on Resurrection Sunday night at a
homeless shelter in Montgomery,
Alabama. It had rained most of
the day and was predicted to rain
into the night. Two hours before
we were to arrive at our location,
our host called and asked if we
should cancel or reschedule. We
decided to stay on schedule and
make a decision when we arrived.
Shortly before we arrived the rain
stopped, a light wind blew, the
clouds began moving, and as we
set up the Lord gave us a beautiful
sunset and a completely dry night
to watch the Son of God movie
and the Spirit of God work in
hearts of people. (see photo above)

I recently received a
letter from the Prattville
City Planning Dept.
telling me they had received all the information for our permit and
will review it and reply
no later than April 8, so
far not in time for this
newsletter. Please keep
Its time for another FOCUS and we are busy putting together the
articles and praising God for what He is doing through DIM. It
takes more than a week to write, assemble, format on the
computer, print front and back, fold, take to church volunteers
who help us prepare it for mailing, recheck and count, and then
mail the 1600 + hardcopies. Then AnnaMae sends out the email
copies too. It is a big and costly job and we pray for all who
receive it to be blessed and challenged through it quarterly. If you
are not receiving it and would like to, let us know!

God with our family

It is a great joy to be in the Lords service.

There are many hard and difficult times and
many times of great rejoicing, but joy in
knowing we are pleasing Him, joy in sweet
fellowship and service with other believers,
and joy in knowing it will be worth it all
when we see Jesus. We pray that you have
joy in Him too.
In His service together,
Mike, AnnaMae & family

One more month and we will have our first four-year college graduate!
Although we are blessed to know all of our children are Christians, it is
quite an accomplishment to stay in school four extra years, which is
what Samuel has done. He would appreciate prayer for one difficult online class he is taking. Davids youngest daughter, Annaleigh Kate, who
is one, (see photo) has been having febrile seizures and needs prayer.
These are very frightening episodes and we are trusting the Lord for
answers. I will fly to Wisconsin the middle of the month to be with my
mom and family for a couple of weeks. Jennifer and Sarah are also
coming up for several days and we would all appreciate prayer for safe
travels and our family while we are gone. Jennifer and granddaughter,
Allie Faith, will celebrate cowgirl birthdays this month with a fun day
riding horses and grilling out. Thank you for your prayers! amj

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