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Breaking The Barriers Reflections On The Prodigal Son

Show short video clip about Derek Redmond.

The short video youve just seen may seem far about the gospel that
you have heard but they actually have the same ground, the attitude of
the FATHER. Although these are two opposite scenarios, they show the
tremendous love of the FATHER who would break the barriers just to
help his SON.
Now, let us meditate deeper on how the story of the prodigal son
would help us become better persons, citizens and Christians. But
before that, let us know God more in the context of our topic. Lets dig
a little deeper and know who God the Father is. Its essential that you
become aware of this as a guide in our reflections about the prodigal
Our God is:
1. The God of the impossible. He has proven time and time that he
can do exceedingly, abundantly and he can give more than what
we can ask. He is rich far beyond our imagination. His being is
unfathomable and we cannot or will not be able to understand
the great mystery of His being.
2. The God of Love. Gods love cannot be contested. He is the
beginning and end of it. Its the image that he wants to show us,
that He is full of compassion, that He is so full of mercy that He
will do everything, even removing His title of being a God just to
prove His tremendous love for us.

3. The God of irony. He is a God who always does the opposite of

what we are thinking. He is a God who does not think as we think
and there many instances in the bible that shows this attitude of
Using these three important attitudes or characteristics of God, we can
now reflect more carefully about the parable of the Lost Son or the
Prodigal Son. We dont actually have to complicate everything.
Although the story is quite long but let me just explain and let you
learn about it in three simple words, ACTION, RE-ACTION and
In the story of the prodigal son, it was the younger brother who
demanded to have his part of the inheritance given to him. Its actually
an insult to the father. The reason is that with their custom, the sons
can only receive their part of the inheritance if the father is dead. And
so, its safe to presume that this son considers his Father dead. But did
the Father react negatively? No. Without any hesitations, without any
complaints or demand for explanation, the Father gave his son the
inheritance that he was asking for.
Worst, this son didnt only get his inheritance; he went away and used
his money for lots of activities. He drowned himself in sinfulness
without thinking that it was his fathers inheritance that he was using.
He squandered everything and eventually became poor. He sold out all
his money, he had nothing left, he lost his friends and he was already
no one. Now, this son who was once a prince in their household is now
no more than a slave who works for other people just to survive and

eat. His life became far from what he was used to. It was all part of his,
It isnt God who pushes us to commit sins. It is actually our decision that
made us sinners. We have been given what we deserve but because of
our actions, we have made ourselves far from the love of our God. It is
our initial action that made us sinners. We have money but instead of
using it to help others, we use it for gambling, drinking liquors etc. In
other words we choose to become far from God where in fact He never
left us.
Its the twist of the story. The son, coming back to his senses, probably
because he was already tired of his situation, has made a decision to
come back to his father. In fact, he even rehearsed his speech asking his
Father to hire Him as part of their slaves so that he can just eat and
become at least, more comfortable.
This act of coming back to senses is also the twist of our story as
Christians. How many of us have decided to change our lives for the
better? How many of us are already tired of sinful lives? How many of
us want to come back to God? The sad thing here is that there are
people who think that they wont be given a chance, that they will be
abandoned that they wont be accepted anymore because of the gravity
of their sins. But its not who our God is, remember?

Now here comes the Father, upon seeing His son from a distance take
note from a distance, meaning, he was already looking and hoping
that his son would come back, ran into him, hugged, kissed and filled
him with love. Of course, the son having perfectly rehearsed his speech
went on to say what he needed to say but alas, the Father didnt even
listen to any single word of his son. In fact, he made him wear a robe
and ring which were symbols of authority. He commanded his servants
to kill the fattened calf and have a feast. He was so full of joy knowing
that His son, who once was dead, is now alive.
This is the perfection of Gods love. When you learn to look up to him,
when you give everything up, when you go back to his love, you dont
even have to ask for apology. The act of humbling yourself against your
pride is already proof that you are worth loving and you can return to
Gods loving embrace. He wont bring out your sins anymore. He wont
humiliate you any further; he will forget what you have done wrong
even if it was against him. Our God is filled with joy knowing that you
have chosen to return to His love. God will break barriers just to reach
out to you just like the father did in the parable of the lost son. If you
have been blessed before, you will be blessed all the more.
Give testimony about college life.
Give testimony about fathers hospitalization.
Give testimony about family conflict and unity.
Friends, its not difficult to come back and follow Jesus. It doesnt
matter if you have sinned or are sinner. It doesnt change the fact that
God loves you so much that he is willing to do everything just to reach

out to you. He didnt say the road will be perfect or that you wont
stumble anymore. God knows our capabilities, our weaknesses but he
wants us to grow in faith which is why he allows these temptations to
happen. All we have to do is to accept his invitation to come back and
make Him the King of our lives. And so, if youre ready to accept him
please stand and join me in prayer that just like the prodigal son, we
too will be accepted back and become part of our Gods kingdom.
Start prayer and segue to Grace.