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1. Click the FalconPro Icon in the desktop to open
2. Put username (nino), Password (password)
Main Menu

Icons and Task Bar

1. File
2. Window
3. Help

1. New to make new Entry
2. Delete (not usually use, for admin only)
3. Save
4. Retrieve
5. Find
6. Filter
7. Hide Slide Menu (not usually use)
8. Print
9. Close
There are 2 submenus in the main menu
1. Programs new encoding, input and search
2. Reports-for print out of billed invoices


1. For User except Accounts Department we only use the LEASING

(for making new contract), Accounting to input cooling bills, rent
bills and other charges.

A. Leasing Contracts Click Leasing Contracts, you can see

window where you can search previous encoded contracts (if
you know the contract number).

B. If you know the contract number or if you do not know just

click the RETRIEVE ICON the result will come out

Just click the contract you wanted to open and this will show

C. To make new contract click the icon new and input the

necessary details
D. Once done, click save and there will be a message box where
you have to send it to Mr. Hamad (ADMIN)for final approval,
once he approve it will be ACTIVE status.

E. These are example of notification status

And also new notification message like this

What to do when you have encoded the New tenant according to their contract?
1. Once encoded the contract for new tenant, send approval to Admin.
2. Then once received notification that approved already, prepare to make bill for
the rent
Go to Accounting go to Fees Bill Generate then click New icon

1. Fees Item Code: you can choose

the RENT
2. Paid By: Client (constant)
3. Service Charge: 00 (constant)
4. Due Date: When will be the due
date of the rent
5. Build: search the Floor which you
need to issue the rent bill
6. Description : encode the name of
floor they rent and date inclusion
7. Remarks: Describe what is the
payment for or it may same as the
description above
8. Once Done: Click the generate
Button on the right side and it will show the amount, then click the SAVE
button, and a message box will appear to send approval to the ADMIN. Once
send you have to wait for notification of approval.

9. Once approved, you will receive notification and to that notification you can
generate the bill directly. Just click the BILLS ICON to have the bill number

where you can use to print the reports

1. FEES COLLECTION SET UP Where you can input and generate bills for
COOLING (AC and Water), OTHERS (Additional Room including STORAGE
ROOM), any other bills except Rent.
2. Fees Bill Generate Where you can generate bills for the RENT (Contract only)

Fees Collection Set Up To make new

billing for ex. AC and Water
1. Click New Icon in the taskbara. Fees item Code: Ex. Cooling Fees,
Others, etc..
b. Date From: Start of payment
c. Date To: End of payment
d. Start Date: Same as Date From
e. Type:
Area Size*Fixed Amount (is used for AC and
Water Bill)
Fixed Amount or Others for (Basement
Store) depend on what charges are you

Payment Plan Usually put One Installment, depends on what installment

should use. But mostly One Installment.
g. Building click the search on the right side then click OK

h. Description Describe on which is the payment for, which floor and date
i. Remarks Can be the same as above
j. Then click the ADD button the select on which floor to be billed.
k. Then click the SAVE button, and message box will appear then send message
for approval.
l. Then once he approve you may click the message and on the left corner there
is reference and to that part click once you see BILLS, it will give you Bill
number where you can use to print to the report.

2. FEES BILL GENERATE Where you can generate bill for the RENT (Contract
To make new Bill for the rent click the fees bill generate and click the NEW icon
button on the taskbar

Once the contract has been approved (ACTIVE) status you can generate ID for the
1. Fees Item code Choose Rent
2. Paid by: Client (constant)
3. Service Charge: 00
4. Due Date: When is the Due Date of the rent (what you have input in the
LEASING is should be the same here)
5. Build: Choose the floor

6. Description: Describe which floor the rent bill will be issued and the inclusion
7. Remarks: can be same as above
8. Then Click the generate button and it will show the amount due on that floor
9. Click the SAVE icon and a message box will come
out and to send approval to ADMIN.
10.Once approve, there should be GENERATE ID
number. That will be your reference to print from

1. This is where we print out the generated bills from the
2. Only Fees bill print we use, Click the Fees Bill Print then
on the search window (see above sample), you may search
the Generate ID (this is use for RENT) and for the Bill
No. (this is the bill you generate from Cooling or
Other charge)
3. You may search by Property and click the floor you wanted
to print issued bill.
4. Choose Bill print tower for the foot note and click Show
notes then PRINT