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Carlo Splendore

Researches on Human Aura
Clairvoyant Investigation
Simple Do-It-Yourself Devices
Photo of the Aura by Digital Process
for Psycho-Physical Diagnosis



The Universal Energetic Field
An Elusive Energy
The Globules of Vitality
The Globules of Vitality Transmit Life
The Experiment of the Door
The Glass Pot
Bioradiometer on a Pivot
Construction Data
Experiment Protocol
Compact Form of the Bioradiometer on a Pivot
Principle of Functioning
The Motion of the Index
Example of Oscillating Circuit for Auratester
The Construction
Some Experiments
Some Theory
The Phase Aurameter
The Visualization With the Computerised Gas Discharge Technique
GDV Images of a Subject Before and After an Acupuncture Treatment
The Aura Survives After the Death of the Body



According to researchers of supra-sensible phenomena human body would emit radiation invisible at
most people, but can be perceived by:
1. Psychic (clairvoyant);
2. Ordinary people by using special devices;
3. using particular instruments
Such radiations would form a sort of cloud, a large aura egg around and inside our physical body.
It would seem that auras are not a prerogative only of human beings since, in particular conditions,
particular luminous emanation emitted even from crystals, magnets, metals, plants, and animals
would have also been observed. However, human auras show remarkable changes according to the
circumstances in which the subject is found, such as the state of its psycho-physical health, mood or
its feeling and emotions, as well as his aptitudes, mental tendency and aspirations. For this reason it
seems plausible that something related to life essence has to be added to a phenomenon that is
essentially physical and that, for the moment, traditional science is not able to define, yet. To this
purpose the clairvoyant does not hesitate to attribute to the human aura a psycho-physic and spiritual

Figure 1 – Human aura as seen by a clairvoyant


very similar to that of air or water currents. The dirty orange bands indicate pride. By definition the clairvoyant is simply a person has developed the faculty to perceive a higher octave of the possible vibration spectrum. and that is able to perceive more than those having a more limited perception faculty. that is located in the middle part of the aura. that is intermediate between inanimate matter and psyche. an intermediate state between matter and energy. is called plasma and is defined as the fourth state of the matter. that some scientists call bioplasma. a beam of crimson light tending towards rose indicates love and devotions. Figure 2 – The emotional body of an ordinary man as appears to the eyes of a clairvoyant (after Man Visible and Invisible by Charles Leadbeater). on the other side. Many of the energetic field properties of the human aura seem to indicate a possible fifth state of the matter. even smaller than the atom. The energetic human field consists of particles and has a fluid movement.1) CLAIRVOYANT INVESTIGATION Waiting for an adequate scientific instrumentation that can allow us to give an objective idea of the aura structure and reliable information about the nature of this energy radiated from. In physics a group of particles charged with energy. At one side of the head we can see a light blue cone indicating a noble religious feeling. An inclination for anger can be found in the scarlet band. The pale green reveals a particular adaptability and versatility. The experiments performed by these particularly gifted subjects have revealed the following properties related to the structure of the aura. that usually is precluded to ordinary eyes. where the green is tending towards grey a particular propensity to astuteness is found. that gives us his mind is addressed towards material ends with egoistic purposes. 4 . But this is a little bit dull yellow. there is nothing left to do but to get to the sources related to psychics investigations and to their subjective evaluations. that are moving together forming a cloud. The yellow cone to the top of the head reveals a particular development of the mind. These particles are extremely small.

even though for particular observations a white one is needed. Therefore it is suggested to use them with much caution. complementary carmine Observations reveal that the aura presents three distinct parts. particularly on how to use the screens. green and yellow. then permanently. coming in this way to perceive the aura. Kilner on the use of proper coloured screens that would make visible the aura even to ordinary eyes. when the eyes are back to the patient. to avoid shades and other optical illusions. deep blue. A full black background is generally required. in such a way the operator ends up by perceiving the aura even without the screen. Then. seen through the screens. The operator looks at the light for half a minute. The use of the screens seem to work on the eyes first in a temporary way. The screens are made of thin and flat glass cells. through a dark screen. with very gentle rose lines. before having examined more than 60 diseased patients. complementary clear emerald green Emerald green. has the appearance of a dark band in immediate contact with the body. It is interesting to note Kilner resolutely states not having any clairvoyant faculties and neither having read on the subject of the aura. 5 cm x 2 cm of size. Then in practice one will find the colour changes of the aura can change the aspect of the complementary colour strip. coming form only one source preferably located behind the observer: it is generally enough to clearly see the body. External aura The etheric double. the author dedicates a whole chapter to the work of J. to study the aura Kilner used an other ingenious method. On a very well lighted and coloured strip. 4. 2.. for the same person. Here following an excerpt from this book is reported. E. a strip of complementary colour of the same size and form of the original one appears: this view lasts for some times. He asserts that his methods are purely physics and that can be successfully applied by anyone wants to. the width is everywhere uniform and in general ranges from 1 to 5 millimetres. it is completely transparent and slightly striped. hence looks at the patient through a light screen. Different colours are used according to the purpose one wants to achieve. the reader can refer to the above referred book. that with the usual screens would pass unobserved. that seem to colour the interval amongst the stripes. Independently from the coloured screens. Quest Books. Yellow of Gamboge. the observer looks at his eyes from at least 30 seconds to at most 60 seconds: this produces the effect to tire the eyes. 1969 5 . “…In the work entitled the Human Atmosphere (1911) Dr J. By these tools. complementary yellow of Gamboge Carmine. which exactly reproduces the profile of. complementary of blue of Prussia Blue of Antwerp. 3. Internal aura 3. Etheric double 2. according to the type of person and also. The general principles and the findings of Kilner are summarised in this chapter. containing colour of dicyanine in alcohol. It is suggested to work with a soft and diffused lighting. The Etheric Double and Allied Phenomena. such as light or dark carmine. The colours used by Kilner are the following: 1. which the use of is repeated several times. and at the same time the eyes become extraordinarily sensible to the perception of other colours.2) HOW TO OBSERVE THE AURA BY SPECIAL DEVICES In the book by Arthur Powell The Etheric Double and Allied Phenomena1. it is possible to verify many things referred to the aura. Kilner presents his researches on the human aura by coloured screens. according to the variation of its general conditions. 1 Powell A. called by him the method of complementary colours. The person under testing must be located far around 30 centimetre from the background. since the eyes can end up by suffering. for more details. called by Kilner as follows: 1..

a yellow aura around a crystal of uranium nitrate. Prana in the Eastern tradition is the universal cosmic energy that envelopes the planet earth. Kilner has also observed that in similar conditions. the width is remarkably varying. even though with difficulty. Here we find many of the properties of the odic energy (Reichenbach) and orgone energy (Reich). In addition to the ordinary bluegrey colour. and that defined in different ways. The width around the arms is the same found around the legs. this has been noted only in people whose aura is extraordinarily extended and it seems probable that this is the extension of the external aura. around a whatever conductor connected to the poles. The external aura starts from the border of the internal aura and. The point that the structure of these ray is similar to that of the internal aura authorises to conclude the rays and the external aura have a common origin from the body and as a consequence a rays is nothing else that the extension of a bundle of stripes of the internal aura. on the lateral sides and on the back the width is around between 8 and 10 centimetres. with shapes and sizes always iridescent. especially the poles. To respond to these questions we must introduce the concept of Universal Energetic Field (UEF). since they change according to the feeling and the thoughts of the subject (figure 2). In this latter case the aura usually becomes thicker. Sometimes a very light cloud much exceeding the external aura can be noted. a bluish aura around the poles of galvanic cells. contrarily to what happens for this latter. but sometimes are painted with different colours. In general around the head it exceeds of 4 centimetres the plane determined by the shoulders. It has a granular structure: the grains are excessively fine and assume a striped appearance. For reasons that we will see later on we direct our attention on the rays of the third type. it has been observed that in these rays you can find even some red and yellow. it seems that under certain aspects Kilner has studied in a greater detail the structure of the aura and its aspects on the diseases. In general it presents a constant width ranging from 4 to 8 centimetres. It seems that the human body is surrounded by a luminous atmosphere variously coloured with all the rainbow colours. A thoroughly study of the results obtained by Kilner shows that they agree very well with the results obtained by the clairvoyants. 6 . he could perceive a cloud or a bluish aura that enveloped the magnets. and carries on all the motive and vital activities: it is synonymous of vitality. sometimes they persist. Kilner called this ultra-external aura. instead the rays generally are not coloured. The stripes are parallel. and follows the body profile. and also in the room between two wires each one connected to a pole and at the same time connected to each other. In general you can find three different types of. and a little bit less before the body and it closely follows its profile.The internal aura starts from the external limit of the etheric double. The observed rays are invariably straight and usually are perpendicular to the body surface. It is an energy field which the most ancient cultures speak of. sometimes it is a bit more narrow along the limbs. at right angle with respect to the body. with a rounded border. Plates. and are more living than the external aura. normally from the surface of the body. However. and crossed by waves that are propagating outside. rays. This last type of rays are projected into the space. sometimes more narrow along the limbs. vibrating. The Universal Energetic Field We have seen that for a clairvoyant the human body is essentially an emitting centre of energy and subtle matter that are projected far under the form of rays and corpuscles. flows in the atmosphere and in the human body. The plates never seem coloured. with longer bundles in the middle. sometimes they rapidly appear and disappear. and shorter outside. even though in all the definitions the same basic characteristics are all the time present. At this point it is legitimate asking where this energy stems from and what is its nature. going out until to its border and even farther. but in general it is larger around the hands and often it exceeds much the tip of the fingers. and luminous currents radiating from different parts of the body have been observed. even though it seems that often it touches the body itself.

sparks. everywhere presents in the earth atmosphere. it is possible to see them 2 Krippner Stanley. and takes the name of globule of vitality (figures 3A and 3B). Amongst his most important books we find: The Kirlian Aura (1974). that are still to be discovered. The experimenter seems to find itself before intelligent systems that refuse to obey to fixed schemes. going along the wall of the particles. one gives an expected results while the other one gives a disappointing outcome. and accumulation. UEF is perfectly organised in a series of geometrical points. These globules can be found in the atmosphere and can be observed with naked eyes when looking at the sky in a sunny morning. We must start to review our traditional scheme through which the aggregating states of the matter would be solid. plaitings of lines. An atom so vitalised has the capacity to attract six other elemental atoms giving life to matter at sub-atomic level. keeping the eyes slightly out of focus. Peirce on the issue of May 1992. UEF has an organising effect on the matter and builds-up the shape. some physical atoms melt each other giving a globule of vitality. and The Realms of Healing (1976) 3 After Brennan 7 . the degrading of the shape and the beginning of the disorder. In addition it is always associated to some form of consciousness. And the concentration of prana remarkably increases in presence of solar light. or the slow decay that we commonly observe in the physical world. It is the opposite of the entropy. An Elusive Energy “…At certain levels this energy falls in the energy forms we are familiar with and presents characteristics we can determine with standard scientific methods: but going deeper in its nature we find out that it lies outside the usual criteria of the traditional science and evades any scientific explanation. would not be else than the product of the build-up of vital energy (prana).”3 For instance it escapes to the principle of reproducibility. Research Director at Maimonides Medical Center of Brooklyn and Research Coordinator at the Humanistic Psychology Institute of S. Vital energy has own laws. it flows in them and connects each other. a glittering point of light which the vital force energetically burst from. So.Dr J. of Theosophist: E1 E2 E3 E4 Clairvoyant investigation Atomic Sub-atomic Super-etheric Etheric Physics Electron Alfa particle Neutron Atomic H The physical atoms. Francisco. or even null at all. White and Dr Stanley Krippner2 found out the following properties of UEF: it permeates all the universe. To a clairvoyant investigation the following additional four states can arise. living beings and inanimate objects. Energies of Consciousness (1975). spirals. and gaseous. hence to the known principles that regulates the interaction between matter and energy in the physical world of the so-called inanimate matter. If we perform two experiments with the same characteristics. The Globules of Vitality When the concentration of prana in the atmosphere further increases. according to the classification above reported. american psychologist and parapsychologist. However. liquid. or the elemental physical particle E1. cosmic vital energy emanated by the sun enter some physical atoms of our atmosphere making them luminous. according to the table published by F. T. The universal energy is regulated by the laws of the harmonic inductance and of the sympathetic resonance. One can deduce that whoever is studying this kind of phenomena must be trained so as to having to do with an issue does not follow the investigation methodologies of the traditional science. isolated and pulsating points of light. We can think about the elemental physical particle as a spheroid of elemental matter crossed by spirals of moving energy.

or better. Italy. Figure 3A – The vital force transmits to the primitive atom an additional life that gives it the capacity to draw other six atoms Figure 3B – Formation of a globule of vitality The Globules of Vitality Transmit Life When the globules of vitality appear to the eyes of the clairvoyant.Those who are close friend of mine affirm that I became since then less sociable. he started observing the rays of the sun that. I saw the corpuscles a limited number of times. We can find these globules even in the helicoidal structure of oxygen molecules. Edizioni Rigois. and reflect and refract the light…They shine in the solar light by their own virtues. On the other hand these globules are nothing else than atoms of matter at the second step of aggregation (matter at sub-atomic level) and hence they can’t be directly perceived by ordinary eyes. and Davito was laying down on the grass. Turin. It is an unforgettable experience that leaves a mark on its psyche. at the shades of some plants. enigmatic. The corpuscles seem to be of crystals. However. He was half-asleep. the emotion that this feels is such to be upset. were going to disappear in the bushes. nullified any my emotiveness…. we can see them glowing.. they paralysed. animate…I do not know where all these corpuscles are coming from but I suppose they are generated by the sun…When the corpuscles appeared to my eyes. filtering through the foliage. Io Fui. It is difficult to express what I saw then and that I saw again other times. as already said. 1954 8 . We can have an idea reading the telling of a psychic. The pupil is dazzled since the glows are intermittent and unexpected…I can confirm the corpuscles existing in the light are something of living. on the bank of Stura river. above all when it was not expected. He reports what he saw in his book as follows: In those golden rays suddenly I saw what I could not imagine. When we breathe. Torino. 4 Davito L. to appear again later on. sono e sarò4. for very short instants. It was a warn afternoon of June. clairvoyant and author of the book Io fui. Sono e Sarò. that are free and circulate in all the etheric body. impenetrable. It was the recurrence of a phenomenon that convinced me that in the solar light a great number of corpuscles having the most different shapes can exist (figure 4). with a luminosity notably greater than the sun itself. we are absorbing also globules of vitality. With the eyelids half-closed. and fatalist more than an oriental. Lanfranco Davito.only indirectly and only for a fraction of second since they disappear quite soon.

with a luminosity greater than that of the sun and seem to have an own life.. channelled by the light of the sun. In a healthy man.” (after L.. “…They can be found in the atmosphere. Davito). the globules of vitality that are not used are expelled on a straight line. 9 . They reflect and refract solar light..Figure 4 – Globules of vitality as they appear to the eyes of the clairvoyant. Through breathing they enter our body and are utilised from it. in a direction perpendicular to the surface of the body so giving aura a typical striping aspect.

The same kind of sheets can also be used for decoration or as gift paper.06 mm) is hanged to a central chandelier. It becomes a double strip. will rotate and orientate itself towards us. They are sheets of cellophane that on a side shows a specular. The fact our presence in the room caused the rotation of the sensor. We can replace the board located inside the small strip by a part of a thin wire harmonic steel (thick 0. trying to maintain the same distance from the sensor. 2) Our experience continues and we can move to step 2.4 mm) that we can find in a hardware store. in such as way the strip is hanged to the wire assuming an horizontal direction. 1) Let’s go out from the room and let the sensor to reach its rest position. Such strip is longitudinally folded in such a way the height is reduced to 2 cm only.3) DEVICES REVEALING THE AURA We want to show here an experience that can not allow us to directly visualise the aura. where a small strip of cellophane (obtained from a rectangular strip of 4 cm x 20 cm) is fixed to the lowest end at eye-level. and often coloured surface. both to shut the door and to move inside the room. In other words everything happened as if the sensor was induced to orientate itself towards us to arrange along the lines force of a field radiating from our body. that we can obtain from a sheet of cellophane used by the florist to wrap the flowers. In this way it behaved as a detector of a vital field (aura) that surrounds the human body and radiates from it. A thin nylon wire (diameter 0. that will be performed in 3 steps. paying attention not to create air movements. rotating and following our movements. We make it rectilinear hitting it on the anvil and will be magnetised putting it between two small magnets. for instance gluing in the internal part a small strip of board (2 cm x 10 cm). and we stand immobile at about 2 metre from the sensor. as it was a light metallized layer (silver paper). Let’s proceed with our experiment. as it was moved by invisible wires that start from our body (figure 5). It should be suspended through the wire that is hanging from the chandelier. In doing this operation we have to pay attention to bring the magnets of opposite 10 . and fixed with a little adhesive tape in its middle. After few seconds the sensor will move its equilibrium position aside. The material used for the strip could be also a tissue paper. and remaining all the time pointed towards us. being used as fishing line. We call this small strip sensor. but the best results were obtained by using metallized cellophane. After some minutes we can go back. but put us in the condition to deduce its presence. that however does not have enough rigidity. even maintaining a distance of about 2 metre from it. We see that the sensor will follow us. It is the so-called test of the chandelier. Figure 5 – A sensor reveals the presence of a vital field radiating from the human body Now we can move very slowly along the walls. Hence the necessity to harden it. means our body must have in some way modified the space around us. glossy. The nylon wire can be found in field sports shops.

we notice the sensor tend to move aside the direction of the magnetic meridian to set along our direction but. starting from zero. following the same modalities and we remain immobile always at the same distance of about 2 metre. It will be put on a small table located below the quadrant itself. extend one on the right and the other one on the left. If we now enter the room. The magnetisation must not come for contact. In this way it assumes an oscillatory movement. We can draw on a paper sheet a circumference of diameter of about 20 centimetre and then. it can make a rotation of some degree only to then come back to the N direction. Since rarely the index reaches 90°. the quadrant should be cut and glued on a board. without bringing them into contact with the wire. The wire can be fixed in the inside of the double small strip of cellophane with some drops of glue. Figure 6 – Sensor for aura test 3) Let’s go now to the third step. in such a way to be found at a distance of about 1-2 centimetre below the sensor (figure 7 and 8). ten degree by ten degree. However. It is evident the angle determined by the sensor indicates an equilibrium position that the magnetic needle assumes between the force exerted by the geomagnetic field and the force generated by the bioplasmic field that is radiating by the human body. in order to make some measurements we need a graduated quadrant. with visible number even at a certain distance from the quadrant. with the help of a goniometer.pole to the two ends of the wire. we divide the circumference in two quadrants that. as the zero of the quadrant should correspond to the North. The small strip equipped with magnetic needle becomes now a polarised sensor. starting from the central zero. but for induction. there is no need to extend the graduation until to 180°. with a quite constant amplitude. 11 . We should check with a compass which of the two ends is the North and mark it with a dash by felt-tip pen (figure 6). In correspondence of the zero we mark the letter N. Once drawn. It is sufficient to graduate the two quadrant of 90° each one. this time.

Figure 8 – The deviation of the magnetised index reveals the presence of the observer even at distance of 1.Figure 7 – The wire Bioradiometer reveals the presence of a life force energy field generated by the human body and measured through the deviation angle of a magnetic needle from the direction of the magnetic meridian.5-2 metre. 12 .

To this aim we use a glass pot. Which role the air. once introduced inside the open pot. The Glass Pot We are still in the first phase of the experiment and we would like to study the behaviour of the sensor when it is introduced in a glass tank. can have on the behaviour of the sensor? To ascertain that we perform the experiment of the glass pot. 13 . And this is a confirmation of what Reich found out about half a century ago and namely the orgone energy can be found everywhere and form an uninterrupted continuum…. that separates us from the sensor. our presence and the reaction is slow and laboured. with its charge of ions. conceived in the ‘90s and progenitor of the Rotorgon. Time is passing and after 3-4 minutes the sensor realizes our presence and orients itself towards us. But between us and the sensor some cubic metres of air con be found. we can still find ourselves in the first step of our experiments. even in a reduced way. and we are about to enter the room and we see before us the half-open door. while the height is about 200 millimetre (figure 10). It penetrates a cement wall as well as a steel wall…” We have seen that the propagation of the orgonic wave occurs as if the door. Through this opening we can see the sensor. The sensor has a length of 150 millimetre. Here following the results of our observations: 1) the sensor. the diameter of the opening 140 millimetre. We are in the corridor. Orgone energy penetrates in all the spaces. By this instrument we can make interesting observations on the properties of the orgonic (bioplasmic) waves emitted by the human body and radiated from it in the surrounding space. to be distinguished from the moving quadrant Bioradiometer. seems to experience.Figure 9 – Table wire Bioradiometer It is an arrangement that can be subsequently transformed in a table device (figure 9) that is called wire Bioradiomater. The maximum diameter is around 180 millimetre. included the space occupied by the solid matter. that is usually utilised to contain flowers. was not there. The Experiment of the Door Making a step backward. We can deduce that the wood panel of the door is transparent to the energy channelled by the orgonic waves that is radiated from our body.

to pass through as instead it happens for ultraviolet rays. The supports are height 4 centimetre and 14 . shaped in such a way to coil with some coils around a needle. emanated by the aura. On the other hand. so as to form first the support and then the arms on which the small wings are fixed. In fact. This can mean two things: . on which a sexagesimal degrees graduated quadrant is fixed. The wire (thick 0. . If the opening of the pot is close the movements of the sensor do not occur anymore and it remains immobile. confining the study to just have a rough idea on the radiation intensity and the orientation of the line force of the field. for the same reason the Rotorgon does not work anymore when it is contained in a tank. It does not experience anymore the external influence. height about 20 centimetre.3 millimetre. We can deduce that the presence of ions in the air can play a fundamental role in the functioning of all the instruments so far used both for the detection of the orgonic wave and of the bioplasmic energy. The needle can be obtained by the end part of a common sewing needle. if it was the glass to impede the motion of the sensor. Waiting for confirmations after other more selective experiments. equipped with a base.2) we decide to close the opening of the pot by a paper sheet.the glass pot does not allow the orgonic rays. we can make use of a simple and easy-to-build device. to determine the rotation of the sensor. neither at close range.2-0. A rod of diameter of 0.5 centimetre and height 10 centimetre is fixed on the middle of the quadrant with the aim to support the moving equipment of the instrument. with reduced dimensions. the sensor remain completely inactive and immobile. It consists of a wood support with diameter of 3-4 centimetre.4 millimetre) is then folded first downwards and then laterally.the closed pot does not allow the air to circulate and hence it is that. that works as a pivot (figure 11). Figure 10 – If the small band (sensor) is contained inside an open glass pot the rotations are laboured (reduced in number and slow). that can pass through the quartz but not the glass.3-0. to be used as a table instrument. this would not move neither when the pot is open. Essentially it consists of a couple of small wings fixed to a thin magnetised steel wire. drawn on a board disk of diameter of 25-30 centimetre. with its charge of ions. Bioradiometer on a Pivot Construction Data If we want to make a brief investigation on the bioplasmic field emitted by the human body (aura). thick 0. we believe the first hypothesis is the most probable.

that is radiating form our body and whose intensity is increasing when we get closer to the device. produced by our entrance (increase of the orgonomic potential). with an iron frame that many often is provided with steel springs to ease the opening and the closure. meaning that is revealing the presence of an oscillating. It seems the instrument first records the sudden rise of life energy in the environment. namely along the E-W direction. Before to start the experiment we must set at zero the instrument. or a potential difference that is being created in the environment. which is drawn on it. paying attention not to create air movements. small amplitude. However. reveals an energetic gradient.long 10 centimetre. Passing by the time. until to reach 20°-30° (and even more). The tip of the pin is placed on a stud. alone and far from metallic (ferrous) masses. can be found below the lower border of the North-oriented wing. Coming at a distance of about 2 metre from the instrument. After coming out of the room and closing the door behind us. and then the value at full capacity. this last one. and low frequency energy. we arrange ourselves in a direction perpendicular to the arms of the small wings. All this makes one to believe the device. in the middle of a room. alternated sometimes by a sudden rise. the oscillations tend to lessen and the pair of wings assume a constant oscillating motion of small amplitude. with the wings oriented in N-S direction. Figure 11 . soon after our entrance in the room. and length of 10 centimetre. we wait for the moving equipment takes its stable arrangement. Experiment Protocol The instrument must be located on a table. below the plane. We established that this device blocks the frame of the magnetized steel wire and reduces to a minimum the oscillation of the small wings. Now we open very slowly the door and enter the room very slowly. in which a conical housing (blind hole) is obtained. both in closing the door and moving inside the room. that then declines to minimal values. To this purpose it has to be said that some extendable tables are equipped. 15 . fixed on the end of the rod. It is substantially an oscillation whose amplitude is going to increase. contrarily to the static one found before our entrance in the room (the wings in this case are fixed on the zero of the scale). In a little while the pair of wings start to oscillate. is pulsating.Bioradiometer on a pivot The small wings can be obtained from a metallized cellophane sheet (paper gift) with height of 4 centimetre. that is obtained rotating the quadrant in such a way the North. rather than signalling a constant flow of energy generated by our body.

By this protocol other interesting experiments on the existence of a vital field generated by plants and their action at distance were performed. It can be obtained by containing the moving equipment between two wood (or compressed board) disks properly spaced out by three threaded rods. with alternate compression and expansion. stops. The rudimentary instrument shown in figure 11 has now became a more compact and easy-to-handle device. and is moving on a graduated quadrant drawn on paper.3 millimetre). A conical pivot protrudes through the hole of the upper disk. an upper disk. 16 . To protect the index as well as to make the readings possible it is opportune to fix on the upper disk a board box on the bottom of the quadrant by glue. +20°.We are now sit at 150 centimetre from the instrument. With an appropriate manoeuvre of opening and closing of the hands (moving away and near) both below and above the quadrant of the disk. The lid of the box must be transparent (Plexiglas or even better glass) (figure 11A). Of course this phenomenon would be possible by ionisation of the surrounding space given by the volume of air between the instrument and the observer. etc. is found. then on +40°. If we apply our hands under the quadrant all the moving equipment (magnetised structure-wings and magnetised needle mounted on the top of the supporting rod) deviates from the North. then moves on +10°. +30°. along the direction E-W and we can note that after 5 minutes the index moves to 30°. then on -15°. It is to be supposed that on the small wings of the instrument. with height 6-7 centimetre. stops. made of material responsive to electrostatic charges. we can reach a synchronism between the movement of the hands and that of the wings so as to be able to give them a continuous rotating motion. Compact Form of the Bioradiometer on a Pivot The wings Bioradiometer on a pivot can be built in such a way to make it assume the aspect of an actual measurement device. being that depending both on the position of the hands. +30°. with a central hole (diameter of 2 centimetre). equipped with three supports. stops for few seconds. it seems remarkable the fact that a magnetic needle is deviated from the direction of the magnetic meridian only for the presence of an observer located at about 1. and the intensity of the bio-energy transmitted by the hands. acts a field of bio-electric forces able to determine a movement due to attraction and repulsion. 0° (N). firmly screwed to the two disks. +30°. Such index can be made of a thin steel or copper wire (diameter of 0. However. to whom the magnetised steel wire (or the supporting frame of the wings) is coiled. It is like the energy radiated by the hands is pumped below the quadrant. In this way a cage made of a lower disk. It is on this upper end of the pivot that the instrument index is fixed. and with three spacers. stops.5 metre from the device.

that allow us to get an idea. Now we can work out an instrument with an index that reveals a periodic parameter. whose plates (two board disks coated with aluminium silver paper) are located at a distance such to allow the housing of the instrument index. The index moves between the longest sizes of this U-frame. Essentially this device consists of an air flat condenser. is the U-frame. namely the wave that invests the instrument and that can be detected through the oscillating movement of the index. What is the 17 . However the most important part. even rudimentary. It is the Auratester. that is a novelty for this instrument. that is tightened between the two condenser disks. on the intensity of the field forces emitted by the human body. that is a quite simple instrument. hanged to a thin nylon wire. moves on a graduated quadrant located in the lower disk. The index. being it the period of the wave itself. made of brass tin-welded strips. located in the housing between the two condenser disks.Figure 11A – Wings Bioradiometer on a pivot (compact version) Bioradiometer on pivot with wings Bioradiometer on pivot with wings (compact version) Auratester We started from the chandelier experiment to get the wire Bioradiometer.

tends to run down through the coil. Then. Principle of functioning Folding a conductor so as to form a rectangle around a magnetic needle located in the plane of the earth meridian and allowing a direct current to pass through. once charged by a battery. The inductance forces the current to continue going on along the same direction. We can see now how this type of circuit behaves when submitted to an electric charge and what does it mean its denomination. The coil continues to allow the current to pass along the same direction making the condenser plate negative where previously was positive. Figure 12 – Scheme of galvanometer with moving needle If we connect the two ends of the coil to a condenser we have an oscillating circuit.function of this frame? At this point a short digression recalling the scheme of the galvanometer is needed. if we coil the conductor several times around a rectangular frame we get a multiplier effect. but such discharge does not occur instantaneously. that in the end will charge the condenser in the same way of the first charge. that is going to accumulate in the space surrounding the coil. This is the principle on which the galvanometer with moving needle is based (figure 12). This will originate an other discharge in the opposite sign. due to the inductance of the coil-winding. even though gradually reducing. The condenser. so the condenser must charge in the opposite direction. Figure 13 – Scheme to stimulate an oscillating circuit. In fact. the current gradually increases up to a maximum: the electrostatic energy between the two plates of the condenser is transformed into electromagnetic energy. the needle deviates and tends to set along a plane perpendicular to the wire. and so on (figure 13). The inverter K allows to connect the condenser C once to the battery B and once to the coil L 18 .

26 g. being the relative permeability of the iron equal to 2000. whose period varies a little around an average recurrent value (i. The vector of this field has vertical direction. is the place of an electromagnetic field. being formed by a magnetised steel wire. with diameter d=25 mm. is given by L=22 H. due to its inertia. Besides the index. being recalled from the normal component of the magnetic force that constantly acts on it. we have to add to the combination of these two vectors a third one. That means we 19 . Now we can say that if in the oscillating circuit of our instrument (auratester) persistent (or continue) waves are generated this means that. In the case the oscillating circuit is missing (for instance when the U-frame is not connected to the coil and to the condenser mounted in parallel) the motion of the index would be absolutely irregular and uncertain. the geometric characteristics and the condenser capacity. the weight becomes a half: 0. the index can’t start rotating. This situation occurs since the oscillating circuit. through its oscillating motion. According to the Fleming law (rule of the left hand). The Motion of the Index The index is subject to an electrostatic field. This index. If the condenser capacity is C=100 µF. In the case we compensate the unavoidable losses through a supply of electric energy.14 g. that is function of the field of the forces radiated by the aura. that then are becoming persistent. it ends to assume an equilibrium position. being variable the electrostatic field. If we take out the wings and reduce the length of the steel wire (thickness 0. at each oscillation. through an oscillating circuit connected to the instrument. However. length l=20 mm. 2) The mass of the index is such not to be able to follow fast oscillations.In this way we obtain an alternate current. in addition to the conductors resistance. as a consequence its inertia reduces accordingly. generated by the condenser and in which it is housed. radiates all the time an energy in the surrounding space under the form of electromagnetic waves. 13-15 seconds). whose vector has horizontal direction. If we multiply for 100 this frequency we enter the gamma of audible frequencies.e. So. In this case the circuit is in resonance with the frequency of the induced emf. tends to dampen. the measured period results to be a bundle of sub-harmonics between around 10and 20 sec. still showing a tendency to assume an oscillating movement. we can maintain the amplitude of the oscillation. being the frequency depending on the value of the inductance and the condenser capacity. reveals the presence of a persistent oscillation and. This can be explained in two ways: 1) in the above calculation was not included the contribution of the fixed flat condenser made of two disks in which the index rotates. Due to the resistance of the circuit at each oscillation the current intensity is becoming smaller and smaller and the oscillation are going to go out.4 mm) from 180 mm to 100 mm. of a supply from the outside of an energy wave that invests the instrument.25 Hz. In this case we are in the presence of dampened oscillations. that however is not static. The magnetic needle inserted inside the coil-winding functions as index of the instrument. the period T=0. with the same frequency of the oscillating circuit. with a frequency that depends on the number of coils of the coil-winding.29 sec. number of coils N=600. By this modification a period T= 3-5 sec can be measured. hence. located perpendicularly to the previous ones and able to impress to the index a rotational motion. In the case the things are arranged in such a way to drive. Example of Oscillating Circuit for Auratester The inductance L of a coil with an iron nucleus. that instead. being laying on the horizontal plane. even closed. that means an average frequency of 0. The weight of the moving equipment (steel wire + cellophane wings) is 0. the motion of the index (as above mentioned) that assumes an oscillating motion. an alternate electromagnetic force is supplied from the outside to the circuit itself.

seen that an oscillating circuit generates electromagnetic waves. which type of energy this kind of circuit (that seems to behave as a traditional oscillating circuit. still not being supplied by any source of traditional electric energy. All this makes us to suppose that the energy necessary for the functioning of the oscillating circuit is supplied from the outside and hence channelled from the radiating energy. In addition the Auratester. equipped with an oscillating circuit.can listen to the note of our aura. In the case all the above is right. well visible to the eyes of the clairvoyant. reveals to us a periodic parameter. that has origin in the aura surrounding the physical body. even though does not follow the traditional rules) radiates in the surrounding environment? In the following figures (drawings and photos) are reported some models of Auratester: 20 .

At the centre of this disk a tip of a needle is housed in the thickness of the disk and fixed with a drop of glue. The friction between pivot and bearing is not such to jeopardize the functioning of the instrument. but is equipped with a pivot placed on an appropriate concave bearing. The magnetised steel wire is folded four times. 21 . The horizontal tract of the folded wire is fixed to a board disk. This is to give the index more stability to overturning. at right angle in such a way the barycentre of the whole moving equipment is located lower than the supporting point of the pivot.AURATESTER ON A PIVOT In the model ASP1 the index is not hanged to a wire. As a whole the instrument is more practical and less voluminous than the type with wire’s. in the central part. even though this is less ready.

being part of the same structure. Such pivot stands on a conical bearing. It is made of three or four arms taking at their ends as much semi-spherical cups arranged in the same direction as the arms. Figure 14 In our case the semi-spherical cups are replaced by two or more semi-cylinder. where on the top a pin pivot is mounted.Auradetector The presence of the aura emitted by the human body can be visualised by means of a simple instrument that. They are integral with an axis connected to a revolution counter. The device rotates always in the same direction since the pressure exerted by the wind on the concave surface of the cups is higher than that exerted on the convex surface (figure 14). mounted 22 . in its external aspect. closely recalls the cup anemometer. This device is used to measure the wind velocity and other gaseous currents.

In order that the whole structure is sufficiently rigid it is necessary to weld two additional wires. and length of 10-12 cm. to the four tops of the shell. the whole frame disconnects and the sizes and the same shell shape can alter. and a length of 8 cm. but it must still be fixed to the corresponding arm (figure 16). during the construction. This support can be a board cylinder with diameter of 8 cm. should be built with the help of a support on which the brass wire (thickness of 0. that locate the two diameters of the ends. Once the drawing on the board cylinder has been made. The length of the wire is 32 cm. 23 . Let’s assign at each shell a diameter of 8 cm. paying attention to fix the edges as above suggested. we have to make the brass wire to adhere to the lines of this drawing with the help of an adhesive tape.on the top of a vertical support.3 mm) is temporarily fixed by some small nails (or drawing pin) so as to avoid. and the two ends will overlap where the beginning and the end will coincide: we stick this joint point with a tin welding. The frame of each semi-cylinder (or shell). The Construction The frame of the shell. that can be equipped with a device for the regulation of the height (telescopic joint) (figure 15). Figure 15 – Auradetector The semi-cylindrical surfaces are obtained by means of two (or more) strips of cellophane each one wrapped on its own frame. Now the frame of the shell is complete. that will be wrapped with a cellophane sheet.

The cellophane sheet.4 mm) that presents in the middle. once mounted on the support. Hence it is mandatory that each shell is fixed to the frame allowing the rotation. is metallised. on the top. In fact they must be able to rotate around a vertical support.Figure 16 – Frame of the shell The supporting frame. are one with the convexity and the other one with the concavity visible to an observer frontally standing. with one surface specular and the other side coloured of blue. This arm is nothing else than an horizontal part of the supporting frame of the shells. from which we obtain the wrapping for the shells. that is wrapped with two or three coils and folded downwards as needed to guarantee the stability to overturning of the whole structure (figure 17). the pin pivot. 24 . It is a frame obtained by a brass wire (thickness of 0. in such a way the shells. the absorbing side is then convex. Figure 17 – Supporting frame The cellophane sheet that constitutes the surface of the shell is attached to the frame with a little of adhesive. or dark red. The specular side must be arranged inside the shell in such a way to form the concave surface.

In the case the shell with the concave reflecting surface is mounted on the left. Let’s stretch the right arm with the open hand and stretched fingers in the direction of the instrument: we notice 25 .Figure 18 – Assembly of the shells frame to the supporting frame Once this arrangement has been mounted on the support. AD1 Some Experiments Let’s put the instrument on a table and make sure to enter the room in the dark. At this point we are ready for the experimentation (figure 18 and 19). the rotation is clockwise. After few seconds the shells apparatus starts moving. oscillates a little and then starts rotating. It is a very slow but constant motion (1-2 revolution per minutes). Let’s address the beam of light towards the instrument so as to completely light it.5 m from it. we pay attention to check its horizontal asset. equipped with a electric torch. The slow rotation movement is absolutely constant with a regularity similar to that of a watch. Let’s address a beam of light on the ceiling. We can see the instrument on the table. Let’s get closer and stop at a distance of about 1. Let’s switch on the light and get closer until to a distance of 1 metre from the instrument. Figure 19 – Auradetector Mod. absolutely immobile. It is like a very light air current invests the instrument. We do not notice any appreciable change.

We have fixed on the top a ring of iron wire and a similar ring can be fixed to the lower border. then it stops and pauses for few seconds. In fact the molecules of air are first attracted by the tip and then repelled. and sit at a distance of 1 metre. Let’s put the screen on the table. The shell apparatus immediately starts rotating and in a while it reaches the maximum velocity of 5-6 revolutions per minute. Then it starts rotating again. we can regulate the opening of the semi-cylinder in such a way the vertical borders are spaced out of 25 cm ( the opening angle is about 90°). sometimes inverting the direction of rotation. well known in electrostatic: if we put the flame of a candle near to a tip connected to an electrostatic device. that the shells pair assume a completely unforeseeable behaviour. from our new site of observation. at velocity of 1-1. we must regulate the height of the support until the pair of shells is found at the level of the thorax. It is enough to introduce the right hand on the top. In other words we assist to a behaviour of the auradetector very similar to that of the apparatus of an anemometer. the things are changing. and height 70 cm. namely those molecules of ionised air that. The shell apparatus soon assumes a clockwise rotational motion with a good velocity. We can screen the instrument putting it inside a semi-cylinder with diameter of 32 cm. with the span downwards. positioning it in the middle of the semi-cylinder. We arrange on the top of the semi-cylinder a board disk so as to close the upper opening. with the difference that in this case we do not have wind but a sort of wind consisting of orgone charges. become motor force for the shells of the apparatus. This thing recall us the phenomenon of the electric wind. with the hand open and the span upwards. The rotational velocity is surprising since was never reached before: 5 revolutions per minute. In this condition the first matter is missing. since at the contact they charge with the same sign. namely impoverished of orgone charges. If we ionise the air that stagnates inside the semi-cylinder. If we sit at the table on which the instrument is located. In addition. It makes some clockwise rounds. Let’s put now on the table a geranium plant. Of course we must have the skill the exclude any other occasional 26 . at a distance of 50 cm from the instrument.that the velocity tends to increase. The air contained inside the semi-cylinder after some time is uncharged. put inside the instrument. has blown.7 metre. and the left hand on the bottom. due to the dispersing power of the tip. We can see. put into motion by the aura.5-1. inside the semi-cylinder. We could ascertain that the maximum distance at which the instrument is responsive and rotates regularly is around 1. obtained from a drawing paper which two wooden rods have been applied to in order to stiffen the vertical borders (figure 20). It is a sunny day and the sun is filtering through the close window and a curtain.5 rounds per minute. Figure 20 – Semi-cylindrical screen close on the top Performing the experiment. at about 3 m from the instrument. we can observe the flame. or bioplasma. We can obtain this introducing a field of bioplasmic energy inside the air confined in the semi-cylinder.

This allows to diagnose on due time anomalies and/or pathologies on the organs of the human body. Conclusion At this point it does not seem hazardous to formulate the hypothesis the phenomena observed with the help of the auradetector are ascribable to those already well-known in physics. a device patented on 1990 by two Russian scientists. and by C. it was found out that electromagnetic waves. The applications of this instrument are several and range from the use as diagnostic tool to that for the evaluation of the therapeutic performance of healers and psychics.1 and 100. and attributable to a sort of pressure of radiation exerted by the vital energy that would be emanated by living organism in the surrounding space under the form of waves. C. However. the radiation pressure is about 5∙10-6 N/m2. A topographic evaluation of the human field is performed on each determined frequency: a recording of the shape of the aura and its dimensions can be obtained. in its medical version. Points where the aura profile differs from the one corresponding to a healthy body can be determined. In fact.causes of spontaneous motion of the shell apparatus and hence to operate with closed doors and windows and far from heat sources. exert a pressure that is double than the one the same waves exert on an absorbing surface. The Phase Aurameter has been conceived to record the human electromagnetic field on the basis of the phase aurametry. by W. Lebedew (1900). made possible the measurement at distance of the electromagnetic radiation of the human body. This can be obtained by a digital filtering.000 Hz. The Phase Aurameter Recent researches in biophysics as well as improvements in the technologies applied to medicine. Some Theory The fact an electromagnetic wave could exert a pressure on a surface exposed to it was deduced via mathematics by J. is used in the Medical Clinic of the Hospital of the Ufa Republic. This instrument. For the rays of the sun reflected on a silver mirror. it was found out that so weak pressures are able to produce remarkable effects on very small particles. Hull (1901). whose innermost nature is currently still unknown. In addition. It is the case of the Phase Aurameter. in correspondence of the boiling point of the water the pressure in only 5∙10-5 dyn/cm2. For instance. a software has been developed for the control via computer of the instrument in such a way to visualise the topography of the aura and obtain a print colour (figure 21). as well as that to find water. Later on this thing was experimentally confirmed by P. to select particular frequency from a large spectrum. the incidence of an electromagnetic waves beam on a mirror gives similar phenomena to the elastic impact. hitting on a reflecting surface. Nichols (1900). As a consequence of this radiation pressure. so as to avoid any possible convective motion of the environment air. The pressure of radiation is very weak. the engineer Yuri Kravchenko and the physician Nicolai Kalashenko. such as ions of gas and electron. The above reported experimental tests confirm what we already found out with the Rotorgon and with the Orgonometer. 27 . about the existence of life energy waves (orgonic or bioplasmic) that propagate into the space and give place to a series of phenomena. in the Bashkortosan region. Maxwell in 1871. or a sum of frequency that ranges between 0. Usually this radiation emitted by the human body is recorded as a noise.

28 . but simply making a high tension (from 20. Petersburg. modifying the brightness. repairing an instrument in a hospital.Figure 21 – Auragrams obtained with the Phase Aurameter The Visualization With the Computerised Gas Discharge Technique Since about a decade the Russian scientist Kostantin Korotkov. could be photographed without the use of a camera. including stones. found out by chance that a unknown luminescence. animate and inanimate. Leaves. and metals to shine.000 volts) and a high frequency (from 30. plants.000 to 200. In 1939. developed a special device that can be used to virtually make any object. and colour. appear surrounded by a variously coloured aura. dimension. Kirlian. just taken from the plant. made of small luminous and bright points.000 to 200.000 Hz) discharge to cross the object laid down on a X-ray photograph. teacher at the University of S. any biological being adds to this glare its peculiar characteristic. It is the technology of the visualisation by Gas Discharge (GDV) that Korotkov elaborated starting from the well-known Kirlian effect. Human fingers seem to have flashing energy and variable colours according to the health conditions of the subject (figure 22 and 23). that gradually attenuate the leaf withers. emitted from all living beings and inanimate objects and not caught from the human eyes. the Russian technician Semyon D.

the more or less tight contact amongst object. together the lack of a acceptable theoretical model led to an attitude of scepticism. All this. etc. As a consequence the energetic system of the human body shows holographic properties. Through the 29 . It has been found that the whole body of a person can be determined by a single finger. and electrodes. the Kirlian effect is affected by many factors that can to modify in a significant manner the luminous images reproduced on the photographic plates: the temperature and the humidity of the environment and of the object. and the potential difference and the frequency of the current supplied by the electric generator. photographic plate. the type of the photographic material used.Figure 22 – Electro-photograph of a torn leaf Figure 23 – Finger of a healer at rest (left) and during the process of emanation (right) However. the shape and the distance of the electrodes. In addition. the complexity of the Kirlian image and the lack of basis for statistical evaluation and comparison made impossible to draw definitive conclusions. The researches of Korotkov started from the results obtained by Kirlian and came to new results totally autonomous.

figure 24). Images related to the ten fingers are needed in order to have a full picture of the phenomenon (figure 25). Figure 25 – Scheme of construction of the aura profile around the body The elaboration is based on the diagnostic map that connects the regions of the fingers with the different systems and apparatus of the body (figure 26). The hardware of the GDV device allows to observe on the computer or TV screen on-line GDV images that can be stored in the computer memory (for image here we mean the luminous and coloured imprint left by the finger onthe electrode.GDV diagnostic the images of the fingers can be a significant enough indication on the energetic condition of the whole body. 30 . Figure 24 – Position of the finger axis respect to the instrument axis GDV aura software allows to create a print out of the aura image around the body starting from GDV images of the fingers.

Diagnostic table for the GDV device The GDV images of the fingers are divided in different groups.Figure 26 . the images are then cut. linked if needed to other images and stick as a puzzle around the profile of the body (figure 27). 31 .

This image is linked to the psycho-physical conditions of the person and it is reproducible if the subject is stable. GDV Images of a Subject Before and After an Acupuncture Treatment Figure 28 – Initial energetic condition 32 .Figure 27 – Screen of the GDV processor software According to this scheme is clear the aura represents some real components of the biological field the surrounds the human body. while can change when therapies or negative influences are at work.

fixing it with a special instrument…Kirlian photos are taken to four fingers (the thumb is excluded) of the left hand at step of one hour each one. as a results of tragic circumstances. These curves show small but significant oscillations for a period of time of 16-55 hours. This group shows many characteristics that make it to be distinguished from the other two groups: high amplitude and duration of the oscillations. nightly peaks. 3) unnatural death. Group 3. before decreasing to a constant level. The left hand was put on the electrode. average intensity. caused by the degeneration of the tissue. by Korotkov K. Subsequently. The argument was approached as follows5.Figure 29 – The same subject after 30 minutes of acupuncture The Aura Survives After the Death of the Body “…Many physical-chemical processes that occur when one is dying are already known. The oscillations decrease to a constant level about two days after death. 33 . peaceful death.. 1998. Here we provide some information on the transition between life and death. “…The body is transported in the testing lab and positioned in a particular way. remarkable decrease of amplitude at the end of the first day and. Hence plots of these parameters against the time are drawn. from 9 PM. In same cases it continues even 4 days after death. such as suicide or homicide. of variable height and duration. Hence it becomes of great interest to found out what changes occur after death. ect. storing them in the computer and determining some important parameters such as area. at the end of the second day (figure 28). night and day. These changes happen according to the gradual process of destruction and decomposition. progressive reduction of the oscillations. “…Based on these results we can conclude that the energetic activity of a person does not come to a halt with the clinical death. The main characteristics of the three curves are as follows: Group 1. fractal coefficient. the photos are processed in controlled conditions. Group 2. These curves show pronounced peaks. in particular. A classification of the death has been done in order to be able to evaluate the results: 1) natural. that is a period in which all the biochemical processes characteristics of the life are ended and replaced with the 5 Excerpt from the book Aura and Consciousness: New Stage of Scientific Understanding. Curves related to 3-6 days are obtained for each experiment and the results are compared as follows. The GDV method however goes farther the classical biochemical approach and can reveal some aspects of the energy and its distribution in the body. 2) violent death caused by a road accident or cranium lesion.

. “…Hence it seems that the spiritual traditional teachings are correct on the fact that something of a person can survive after death.decomposition processes. We suspect to be on the border of an unexplored field. Light after life. 1998. Figure 28 – Evolution of the GDV images versus time of a person after death. Backbone Publishing Company. These results can arise not only questions about biologics. Usa. for different class of decease. whose investigation can open new perspectives. It is significant that the decline depends on the cause and the kind of the decease. Our point of view on life and death should be corrected. 6 Korotkov K. but also of philosophical nature. The results and the main concepts of this experimentation have been published in more than 60 papers and in a book by Korotkov6. 34 .