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Spectalist Jeffrey H. Blackwood Headquarters and Headquarters Company, I Corps ‘UB 122 APO San Francisco 96358 Dear Specialist Blackwood: ‘This is in response to your postal card information about IL. ‘The records available to this office show that the battalion, after serving in the Organized Reserves vhere it vas affiliated first with the Illinois Central Railroad and later with the Alton Railevad, was called into active military service on 10 February 1944, A week later it was transferred, less personnel and equipment, to Fort Sar Houston, Texas, and was there refilled. Placed under the command of Lieutenant Colonel L. E. Thornton, the battalion completed its basic training at Fort San Houston before moving on 17-18 April 1944 to Jefferson Barracks, Missouri, where 1t undertook its advanced technical training. The battalion sailed from New York aboard the SS Uruguay on 20 September 1944 and arrived in France on 1 October 1944. It participated in the Rhineland, Ardennes-Alsace, and Central Europe campaigns of World War II, but was not avarded any unit decorations. After serving on occupation duty in Germany for nine months, the battalion was inactivated there on 10 February 1946. The most detailed sources of information about the history of a US Army unit are the records created by the unit itself. The World War II operational records of the battalion are held by the General Archives Division, National Archives and Records Service, Washington, DC 20409. If you wish to use these records, you should write to that repository to find out how mich material it holds pertaining to the UnrARIMSWE “es the anit sfice of The Adjutant General Washington 25, D.C. AGAO-I 322 Org Ros (13 Dec 50)G3-M 26 Degaaiiseyagse SUBJECT: Inactivation of Units of the Organized Reserves 0: Connanéing General Fifth Arny Chief of Transportation 2. If the minimm standards set forth in AR 140-305, can be met, training units will be organized in ordor that tho plan authorized in OCAFF Civilian Components Monorandun Wo. 6, 10 October 1950, nay be accon- plishod, and affiliation agreenents with the Great Northern Railway Company, St. Paul, Minnesota anenéed accordingly. 3. Concurrently with: inastivation, the units are transférred to tho control of the Department of the Army. 4, Records of the inactivated units will be disposed of by shipsent to the Comanding Officer, Kansas City Records Center, 601 Hardesty Avenue, Kansas City 1, Missouri, Attention: Field Records Division, in accordance with provisions of SR 345-920-1, 15 March 1949, as amended. 5. Personnol rendered surplus will bo disposed of in accordance with current procedures. 6, Equipment rendered oxcoss will be disposed of in accordance with current procedures. J. Obligate funds to the oxtent necessary from Orgnnized Reserve allocations available to your headquarters, 8. Whon the actions directed herein have been accomplished, reports indicnting the dates and stations thereof will be submitted to this office, Attention! AGAG-I; the Assistant Chiof of Staff, G3, and the Chief of Aray Field Forces. ‘BY ORDER OF THE SECRETARY OF THE ARMY: A Adjutant Gonora} Copies furnished: Chief of Arny Field Forces Assistant Chief of Staff, G3 (Re 12-18/955) Chief of Military Bistory Tae Quartornaster General The Adjut AG 322 (30 Jan 46) Washington 25, Inectivation of Unite. — To be inactivat Units __by oe of CG = i aa KP Plat, VI Corps ae } Te Bers Hq & Hq Btry, VI Corps kita: enter F Jan iy & Hq Co, 72a Publicity. Sv Bn ) HC-OUT-L0632 213th MP Co ) USAF, Pacific Radio, TARTAG 3294th Sig Bese Depot Co ) 1635th Engr Construction Ba Bq & Hq. Co, 1410th Engr Base Depot WP Plat, X Corps kie-OUT-41810 USIF, Pacific USAF, Pacific Radio, TARTAG 28 Jan 16 NiC-OUT-£2060 XI Gorps,. w/atchd Med Corps 1s En (SM) ind 767th Tank Bns r Bn ry, I, X and XI Ca. (itz) Hq & Hq: Co, 1129th, 1164th’ and 1166th Engr Combat. Gps, ‘w/atchd Med 52d, 155th, 186th, 1299th, 1344th, 1346th, 1685th and 1689th Engr Combat’ Bas 439th, 44lst, 729th and 1565th Enzr Depot 2727th and 27324 Engr L Equip Cos 400th, 477th, 14834, 1486th and 1487th bngr aint’ Cos 516th Engr Fonton-Bridge Co 2th, 36th, 54th, 86th, 92d, 98th, 99th and 168th Evacuation Hosps, Sit Cos a Historical section, A+ 2, 457, The adjutant ceneral. Togath fons T: ns 6, OS constitu 3 ri fi \ in July 1923. ~ \ s er Railway Fattslion (paragraph 1) was redesi/~ fay Operating), 30 June 1933. telion, 21 February ijl. ue 7 Battalion was redesignated the 732d Pa: on, Transportation Corps, pursuant to letter, iar Department, AG 320.2 (25 Nov 12), dated 2 Decesber 1942. The battalion was nade active 10 February 1944. octet eis ae te freer 6. TSIG9BA Engineer Fatlway Battalion (paregraph 5) was redesi inated” ‘tho 593d sneineer Battalion (Railway Operating), 30 June 1333. . 7. ‘The Sd Bahama battalion (Kattnay Operating) was redest nated 4 the 7hlst any Operating Battalion, 21 vebruary 191. retin; Yattelion was redesignated ‘ransportation Corps, pursuant to letter, iar Department, AC 320.2 (25 Tov 2), dated 1 tecester 172. Tho pattedfon wan nade setive 10 February 19h. OLIVER L. SPAULDING, Colonel, Feiey Incls. w/d chief. Qe : sos/1j= WAR DEPARTMENT The Adjutant General's Office» : Washington December 12, 1942. - SUBJECT: Organization History. ‘To: Chief, Historical Section, Arny War College. Report 1a mado of the Fedestgnation of ‘as the.7hlss. Railway. Operat: Ce peP 25 eh2 SP December 1, 1942, The. fel ital sone. on se Seman constituted ac an Organized Reserve ia ‘Fourth Services Command by Table "A", Tables of wait and stlotiod fo the ZOU'G_ se yomne, peniisned in Suly, 2523: erenabeed Hovender, 192; E Rating. Dabtalion redesignated Enciaeer Ped ieen : ee etree ven eactigates tea, Satiation ant), ° ‘assigned to the Fourth Service Command 2 \ongals1) Me (net? Mc, 2. It 49 desired that any additional historical data be trans- mitted direct to The Quartermaster General at the earliest practicable date, and a copy of action taken be furnished this office. By order of the Secretary of War: Adjutant General. Copy furnished: | ‘The Quartermaster General. BRIEF HISTORY The 595d Engineer (Ry) Battalion, GHQ Reserve Troops was constituted as an Organized Reserve mit and allotted to the Fourth Corps area by Table "A", Tables of Troops pertaining to Appendix G~3, WD&P, published July 19235 redesignated 593d Ungineer Dattalion (Railway Operating) by AG 320.2 Engineers (30 June 33). The 5934 incineer Battalion (Railway Operating) was redesignated 7alst Engineer Battalion per AG 320.2 (8 Feb 41) If (Ret) M-C, dated 21 February The Telgt Sagineer Ualtmay Ooerssing Battalion was redesicaated the 7élet 5 Battalion, TC K '2 (25 Now 42) OB-I-sP-H, dated 1 Decenber 1942. Yong @B-I 25 949 10 February 1944. Grok, ELI | | | | Medical Devachnent, Tist Rativey Opera’ 4 be organized in accordance with 8-500 (23 Apr WA) (Column TA) by CG Seventh Service Commend, and grea to Seventh Service Command for preparation for extended Held service per AO 322 (12 Jun th) oD-f-SPn0U.) Persontel obtained from Notival Section wpon transfer fron Camp Barkeloy, Toxas to Jefferson Barracks, Ko. - por Hq ASP 370.5 (18 Jub Wi) 0B-S-SPMOT-M, 19 July i9llt, Reorganized effective 20 June ighh ~ per Hq Seventh Service Comand, ASP, Office of CC, Cuaha, Hotraska, 26 Juno 19 (R). e194 (r —Peerexrowuy (oo wortesavg Fuysesedy funtyeg woyauscousuesy 48TqL **39C POH HISTORICAL DATA Go G, TMtat Transportation Eailvay Opereting Battalion in nastened to the Pifth Army and vill be activated is Sine stati chan sat Le dt. peak, Minas, affilinted with the Northern Pacific fvy., organtred tn acrerdanes vith 7/0 & % 95-229.10 Bent 4B) Cretan ouths tore af 6 Off, 29 BM —per AUO-1 322 Ope Rea (22 Sept NE}OROORM, 27 October 19\6, — Aetévated eff- How MN Ts Grete tc" statue at St Poul, Minn, -per OY #199, Haetifth Anny, 9 Nov 1945. HISTORICAL DATA Co, B, 7ulst Trans Railway Opereting Bn (Maint of Hauip Co), affilinted with Morthern Pacific Railway, to the Hiftn Aray and will be activated at the earliert practicable date ty 00, Fifth Army, as a Final Class "3" unit in ect St, Paul, Minn, and organized 1n accordance with 1/0 & B 55-228, 10 Sep 45, (Ctr 296, DA, HE, cuthortved etveneth of 5 Offs 1 WO; 25 2M © per ADAO-I 422 Ore Ree (13 May N9)OBOCE-K, 23 June 1949, mil; Minn, ins Clase "0" status, effective 21 July 1949 - per G0 #173, Has. Fifth Army, 21 July 1949 Activated at St. 1 2 3 4 9 e a be a a off WO EM hee 11, 2B1st Gil Base Second Army Second Amy Lovisville, A 10-367 26 Oct 43? 1 4 0 1 75 626th Qu Tegobies Ky Cir 2%, Dupt of (20 Har Suars, Roebuck the deny, 1947 and Co 12. 226th Qi Bakery Co, Second Army Sceond Army Ft Myer, Va B 10-147-S 2 Oct 43 1 2°90 1 19 62lst Gy Wobile (Sp) (20 Har Continental Taking shington, DC Bb. )» 356th Fifth Amy Fifth Amy Omaha, Nebr A 5-72 23 Dee 43 3 2B 1 81 (94 «(78th Engr cr Conatintion (15 Yar Nebr Fide Chapter, Associzted Constructors of inerica, Ine., 1130 First National u. Fifth Amy Fifth Limy “Geshe Hebe A 55-202 18Mar 46 1,2 26 0 56 82 15. sy FASth irmy< Chiesgs, T11 P 55-20-1217 Dee 47 633 19 85 Poge 3 Inelosure 1 to Ltr, AGAO-I 322 Ore Res (3 sGOP-Hi, 21 June 1948 HISTORICAL DARTA conpenny A, (Mant of Vay), TMet Transportation Bet lvay Operating Mattelion will te activated ex a Class 13" fina] status un t St. Pemul, Minn., ‘affilisted with the Northern Pacific Ratlrond, organized th accordance vith r/0aE eet ib bene 5 ‘i My Mane OE Ig HA —per AUO-I 322 Org Ree (3 June ME)OSOO=EK, P2 June 19's, Co A, THnt rans Ray Opn. Ba en auth. 3 TNS UG in Chane "0" status per OO PIL, Hae Fitth Army, IhJURy He. net Eronsportntion Zellvay Operating Sottelton lat Railway Operating Battalion, 20 Tilet Engineer Battalion Railvey Operating Formerly) Conveny &, ‘ORGANIZED RESERVE. Sixth Service Commend 2-10-14 | Fort Sam Houston, Texes 2-17-26 | defterson Barracie, Ko (2) MeaT-Mk gua3-ty | Gasp Shanks, ¥.Y. Ship olgé~86 SVEN 920-1 WE “avatar” 9-20-M 9-20-0 | France. 2O~1nUh 10-2 5=4bh Belgium 20-25- Germany 2-10-ME Inactivated St. Poul, Minn, Jo Toes 1-22-51 Hractrvarey | i | { | i | | i eee See heen earthen Seas aan eeceseeenS wan e.g im necwie 4 Go.,7uLet Treneportation Rellvay Operating Bettelion je Oo, (Hist Railway Operating Battalion, 10 , THlst Mngincor Battalion Railway Operating (Forwerly) | 934 Magineer Battalion Ketlvay Operating (Former T | Tort Sam Ro us | Jefferson Bere | Sem Shania, HX. snip 9-1 5-20-h ton, Texas icks, Mo. | ome ‘uur ‘Q-20-4l 9-20-44 | Zeanee: = Lo~Leb 10-23-44 | Belgtua 10-23-bi | Germany BLOKE Inactivated | st Poul, Minn, Geai-hg 1-22-51 Dl agrrvasED bere Ean NGG Me Gene Lae, UE | es : 6 4 oe we elem ba ; ] i i anDmiiss baPkiGs =O 4121,¥D, 7 Dee 4 es a Tite Railway Operating Battalion, 1/14 ayarded Battie participation ceotit for eee Maps CAPA TK Mae BEAN Var Department, Yashington, D.C., dated 7 Decesber 19M5, Aino Seet Ltr. Hge RTO AG 200.0 OpGA, dated 22 June 1: ‘THlet Railway Operating Battalion, TC is awarded battle participation credit for the ORNTRAL ZUROPE CAMPAIGN ~ 60 #216, War Department, Washington, 2.C., dated 11 December 1945, 190. Rap MART, 006 aT ae canna tt PY Operating Ba..80 inactivates etfeative 10 feb Me oper reado oharesr (Das HF Ego PR PA, | many fel ye : Téiet Ruy Operating Bn., 10 is entitled to dattle participation credit for the BETNLAND QAMPATOH - per 00 #118, Var Departnent, Washington, D,C, dated 12 December 19h, Records of the 741: By Operating Bn, TC have been signed to Org: Records Br.,Recorde Adm Ctr.,-St, Leute, Me ~per Haw USHER, AG Inactive Recored Depot Ata & pr N6, ‘Thlst Transportation getlvay Cperation Bn is affiliated with the Northam Pacific Rativey Co., St, Paul, Minn. ettovtive 10 Rebrosry, 1918 = per Yer Department APTiLiation Agreement bebveen the Chie? of Mrensyortation and the Yorthom Pecttio Rativay Co. PHOTOSTAT GOFY FUNLSHED any & OOM Tidet Railway Operating Battalion, TC is redesigunted 7hist Transportation Reilvey Operating Battelion, Eq & Hq Con, | Tiist Trane Evy Operating Ba is essigned to the Fifth Army and vill be activated vith en ultixate status of Class "3" at StiPnud,| Wid, affiliated with the Worthera Pecific Hetlway Company; organized in nccordauce vith 7/0 & B55-226(10 Sep ¥5)(lese Kea) | with en auth. atr. of 7 Off, 1 VO, 16 Di -ner AGAO-I 322 Ore Ren (7 Kay NB)ONOOP-K ata 27 Kay 1948, } Go 4, Tidet trans Bey Operating Ba Aslasbiened to the Fifth Army and vill be activated final status unit | at St Paul, Minn., affiliated vith the Northern Pacific Railway C: » organized in accordance with 7/0 & B 55-227(10 Sep 45) | with en suth, str. of 6 Off, 19 BI per AGAO-I 322 Ore Res (3 June hs)CScOR-M dtd 21 June 48, | i t | | Chas Hq @ Hq Go.,7ilet Trans Railvay Operating Ba (less atch Chap) activated effective 21 June ks in Glass "0" statue at St, Paul, Minn. ~per 00 $100, Hoe Fifth Army, 22 June 19ls, So A, Tilst Trans Rwy Operating Bn activated eff, 7 Jul WS in Class "0" atotue Any, 14 July 1948, Asomaas {ear cave,ton ypex 0} 465, Dop' ot ‘the Army, 20 Bont. 194. % aS Boy Operating Battelion 16 assigned to the Fifth Army and vill be nctivated in fine) status Claes "BY at St Paul, Mign., affiliated with Northern Peelfic Bvy., crgmixed in accortance with 2/0 & F 55-229(10 Sept WB) with an auth. str. Of 6 Off, 19 Bi —per AGAO-I 522 Ore Hes (22 Sep NB)CSEOT-M, 27 Oct 19N8, Co mpany 0 activated in Claes "O* status eff. 9 Now Mf at St Paul, Minn ~per G9 #199, Hqe Fisth Army, 9 Noy T9lB, Go. 3, Thist Seans Ratlvay Operating Ba (Maint of Buip Co) affiliated vith Northern Pacific Ratlwey, 1s esstened to the Fifth Army and will be activated at the earliest practicntle date by 0G, Fifth Army, asa Pinal Class "2* unit in the Orgenized Reserve at St. Poul, Minn, and organized in accordance vith 1/0 &'% 55-228, 10 Sep ¥5, (Cir 298, DA, M6, as amended) ‘with an authorized strength of 5 Off; 1 ¥O; 25M; - per AGAO-I 322 Org Reo (13 May ig)0SGOR-K, 23 June 1949. Activated ‘at Gt. Paul, Minnesota, ina Clase "OF status, effective 21 July 1949 ~ per GO #173, Has. Fifth Aray, 21 July 1949. Tihst Traneoortation Retivay Operating Battniion wil) be inactivated ~ per ANAO-T 322 Org Res (213 Dee 50) 63-N, 26 Deca ber 1950, Effective 22 January 1951 - per G0 #11, iq Fifth Amy, 22 Jamuory 1951, Organizational records of Tilst Railway Opercting Battelion (presently Tilet Transportation Operating Batteli. shtyped to Hinees City Records Center, Kansas Clty 1, Meeourh = per Setonens Wo, 107, Hq horepess Oneeand, ‘Reropons Buckets st St Paul, Minn. -per GO #121, Eqs Firth | iat ee aN 593ra Ener (PR) Ba, GHQ Reserve Troops was constiti Bgonized Reserve Unit and allotted to the lth Corps Area by ‘Tedle *A", Tables of Troo pining to Appendix 0-3, tin July, 1923; Organized Noveaher 192i; Bn redesignated Mngineer Bn (Ry Operating) by Ad 320.2 } 33) Pub Address: 355 Foe P. 0, Mee. Rooxvilies Sean, 322 08 (ego) F ‘to lth Cowpe Aren ~ per AG 320,2 (2-8-2) M (Ret) WLC Pobranry st Memphis Tenn ~ per Ad 320.2 Org. Res. &-1-25 i, Seas a0 Sep OR (17-41) (40-20-41) ited is Operating Battal ic TC with affiliation to ee ae ee aia aia taps ps Bc a lon of at Op ris red with the Alton I end Aa a OB-I 12 January 194, eS pe Bc aie ee Télet. Railway Operating Battalion, 70 is. 4 into active military service of the United States on 10 Feb 194% by OG ‘Sixth Service Command and: transferre: yiteent ‘personnel and ecuipment to Ft Sam Houston, Texas and organized on-17 February 19¥4 In accordance with 7/0 55-225, 28 “etober 1913. Assigned to 1 Service Command, “Cadre furni shed eh Rath Operating Battalion, 10, Ft Sam Houston, Texos — ‘per aa 328 (es Jan 4) oB-I~ ial om SPMOU-M 29 denary Bor history seei AG 424:2 ~ 7Aist Hasiney. Gporating Dottsliony TC (2 Feb an) oe kee ated 1s Pop. Ime int Bay Opa Bn, 10 organized effective 17 Tetrusry 19hi - per ASP Ha, Bighth Service Commend Deliae, 2, Zexas 1] Feb WCE haiet Hy Opn Bn, TC Grit Woasi Section) wil nove fra Fe'Sun Houston, Texte to Jefterson Barmacie, Ms.on ot wake 2 | April 1944 for a permanent change of station, Upon arrival is assigned to the Seventh Seriice Comand for preparation for extend | eld service — ner SYA 370.5 9@ Apr 44) OB-9-SruUT-M 10 April 1944, (i) Thiet Bey Opn Bn, 20 departed Ft, Sam Houston, Texas 16 April 191, arrived Jefferson Bke., Mos 17 April 19Uh ~ per Troop Mor Table, Methadat ty Syahes AE NAE Gs vocrenaiznd, at Zetferuon Barracks, Kory on 20 June 19Vly dy 0 Geventh Service Comant in accordasce with 1/0 55-225 (28 Oct 43)with C-1 (1 Apr Uh), and attached Medical Section 8-500 (23 Apr Wy) (Column Ia). Upon {ie ee eine uit eee see to the Seventh Service Command for er, for seh vice aoa ae QE FNL evr, BH yung Toll (R), Reorganized effective 20 June 1986 = per My Seventh Servicw Coonan, AB¥, Offtae of OO, ) | 593d FR Bn ellotted to the Titnots Central wi Address of 7'1et Engr Bn: 333 Kew B.0, Mag. | THlat Engineer Ratlway Operating ‘savvan | Tiiat Boy Opn Bn, TC will prepure for foroten corvice and muve to a port of Bmbarkation to be designated Ister (for eub- sequent aovennnt to overseas destination) Shipnent OW3E-$8, readiness date 15 Septender 19kl, Advanced Detachment Shipzen’ ONSE-S8X, readiness date 1 Septeaher 19k ~ per VD 370.5 (23 Jui Mi)OR-S-E-SPMOI-H, 15 July 190% (C). Ltr. Anended to change Feadinest date to 5 Septesher 19! ~ per MD 370.5 (29 Aug WI)UB-2-LEMORK, 31 Avguat 19Ml (C), | ‘Ist Rwy Upn Bn, TC departed Jefferson Barracks, Mo. 13 Septesber 194M; Arrived Camp Shanke, N.Y. 14 Seoteuber 19% - per | ‘Troop Movenent Table, 1! Septenber 1g\l (5), Tiiat Rwy Opn Bn, 7 departed NYPE on board "URUGUAT" 20 Septenbor 19) nnd Arrival Sheet, 10 October 2914 (5), Be. Det, Tet Rey Opn Bn, 7 departed NTFS on board "ILE DY MUCH 11 Sept: glk ~ per Departure and Arrival Sheet, 10 etoder 19! (5). THAst Ruy Opn Bu, 10 is reported in France - par Station List, He BPO, USA, APO 857, 29 September 19l4 (8), Titet Buy Opn Bn, TC 18 reported moved to Belgtun 13 October iglli - per Hq B70, USA, APO $57, Change #13, 13 det 19h (8). ‘Talst: Bry Opn Ba, TC is assigned to 2 Wilitary Ry.Service -per Station List fron lige ETO dated 7 March 1945.(5) Ned Det, TAlst fy Opn En, TC., is reorganized effective 21 Vay 1945, in accordance with 1/0 & © &-50Q(18 Jen 45)(Col TA)(sti 2 Off. 8 EM), pursuant to authority in AG 320,2(31 Jul 43)P-2-A-NHC dated 20 Aug 43-per Radio CM-IN-25583 (27 Way 45) fron Has. Conn. Zone DTO, US Amy Paris, France dated 25 May 1945(S) Alec ner Orean, Ordar #355, Has Comm Zona, ETO Até Ol May 5 (B) ‘Tulst Tiny Opn 10., watt, Med 1s awarded-battle credit for participation in the campaign "GERVANY" 15th Sept ui to (final Gate to be announced) per AG 200.6 OpGA, Has European Theater of Operations US Army dated 1s April 1945(: THist Ruy Onerating Bn.,20 will be inactivated at the enrliest practicable date ty the 0G, USTED command ~per redto MO-OUT-UOS61 (Jan M6) to 00, USPET, Main, Frankfurt, Germany dtd 24 Jan M6, “ i; Arrived France 1 Yctober 19h ~ per Departure F194 ~ Arrived ngland 19 Seoteuber St Pal, Kian. UNITS 10 BE ACTIVATED ‘SECTION. I NON-AFFILIATED UNITS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 $ Designation T/ouE Authorized Strength Unit hi Tten and Activated Final a b c abe d which © No Affiliation Assignment by OC: Iocation Status No Date Changes Off WO EM gg _w/Inactiv 1. Med Det, 376th Fifth Amy Fifth Amy Rock Island, C 976 9 Nov 44 1,2 2 0 0 2 Wed Det, Oré En m2 Bn (23 SECTION AFFILIATED UNITS 1 ‘St Paul, B 55=227 10 Sop 45 None 6 0 19 25 Cos, 741 Minn Operati Transpo (10 Fet te 2 r Fifth iemy Topeka, Kans A 10-56 3 May 44 1,2 4 2 % 0 Hgeigr ‘Transportation Trk Transpo Bn (less Med Det) Trk Bn Kansas Motor Carriers Associa- tion, Inc., 639 Eldg ifth Amy Fifth © 55-225 10 Sep 45 None 2% 1 0 27 746th Fy ans ‘Transpe (lo Fet : 4G 4. 453d Sngr L Equip Co Fifth amy Fifth Amy Harvey, TLL & 5-367 24 dug 44 None 4 0 14 118 4534 Engr (15 Mar The Buda Co, Inc., 154th and Conmercial Ave Page 1 = Inclosure 1 DEP ARTE wT OF Ti 3 ARUY The Adjutant General's Office Yashington 25, D. C. AGAO-I 322 Org Res (3 Jun 43) CSGOT-U SUBJECT: Activati TO: Commanding Generals First Arny Second Army Fifth arny 21 June 1948 of Units of the Organized Reserves 1. Reference: Lotter, this office, AGAO-I 322 ORC (3 Jun 48) CSCOT-M, 8 June 1948, subject, "Procedures for Activation and 0: Resorvo Unite". 2. Th Mzation of Organized 3. Tho 746th Railway Operating Battalion, Trensportation Corps, is rodosijnated asthe 746th Transportation Railway Opersting Battalion. 4. The following units are redesigt ‘tho Organized Reserves: Presont Designation Hq & Hg Co, 1180th Engr Construc- ticn Gp Hig & Hq Det, 186th Transportation Corps Trk Bn 4534 Enar Depot Co 107th ml Processing Co 2825th Engr Utilities Det 616th Gi Depot Co 62lst Qi Depot Co ‘78th Engr Neint Co sted as indicated, and allotted to New Designation Fq:& Hq Co, 300th Engr Construc- tion Gp Hq & Hq Det, 82lst Transpcrtation ‘Trk Bn 453d Engr Light Equip Co 351st Cnl Decontamination Co 3624 Engr Utilities Det B3lst QM Base Depot Co 226th QU Bakery Co, icbile Hq & Hq Co, 356th Engr Construc- ‘tion Gp 5. The 825th Engineer Aviation Battalicn is allctted to the Organized Roserves. 6. Tho 2094th Engr Aviation Fire Fi, redesignated as the 477th Engineer Fire F: Organized Reserves. ‘ting Platoon is reconstituted, ghting Platoon, an? allotted to the UNITS TO. FE ACTIVATED (CONT'D) SECTION I aFFILIaTED UNITS (CONT'D) 4 5 6 7 8 ined to imthorized Strength Unit history to ond ictivated Final T/OxE be. d which entitled ___by CG Date __Changes (ff WO EM hep w/ Inactivation do. ) D 0-56 3ilayae 1,2 4 2 5 11 Waa tq Det, 582d Gt nsportation Trk Pn) Mobile (23 Oct 45) ss Nod Det) ) (®ederal Yotor Truck Co 8789 Foderal ave) ) 5. 347th Gnl Sv Co ) Chiongo, 4. 3-00 15 Dee 46 2 8 0176 184 10th Cn Processing © (Soars Roebuck & Co) } m1 Cols: .C, 2B, 318, (30 Jan 46) Fifth Lamy 3iJ, 200, 200, 3Di. 6. Hq & Hq & Sv Co, 45th ) Springficld, A 7 $4426 27 Jun’ 46 — 0 217 231 Hg & Hq & Sv Co, 845th Ener ivn Fn ) m1 Engr in En (77 ov 4! (Illinois Chapter, The) issociated Gen Con) ) ) 55-229 10 Sop 45 — 6 0 19 25 CoC, Thlst Railvey Ope ) Bn (10 Feb 46) 8. 395th Bry Portland, i” $00 26 Jul 44 1,23, 1 0 21 22 1034th Engr Gas Generat tiny Det Orgeon Colm ED 455265 (6 Mov 45) (Zortland 7 Public Sv. 94 Hq e Ha Dot, 320th Tillings, © 10-56 3May 44 142 4 2 0 € Hqé Hq Dot, Is2otn Gr Trenspertation Trk Mont (Hontana Notor 7 assn., 124North Page 2, Inclosure 1 to Ltr, .Ga0-I 322 Org Fes (22 Sep 48) CSGOTH, 27 Uctober-1948 Mobile (31 Nee 45) IBPARTIGUT OF TEE ART The Adjutant General's Office Washington 25, D. C. AGAQ-I S22 Org Res (13 tay 49 )oscor-M _-28 Tune 1945 SUBJECT ‘WotikuatidonjoniUnite-of the Organized Reserves. TO: Commanding General Fifth Aray 1, Reference is made to letter, this office, AGAO-I 322 ORC (3 gun 48) CSGO?—H, 8 June 1948, subject, "Procedures for Activa~ tion and Orgenization of Organized Reserve Units." 2, The following mits are assigned to the Fifth amy and will be activated and organized as indicated at the earliest prac~ ticable date: Designation and Authorized str Affiliation Tecation Bsé p/oes Ge wo my mos 44th Gen Hosp Madison, ¥ © 8-550 51 6 0 88 (1000 bea) 3 gui 44 (University of Wis w/t 1,2,3,4,53 fied School, State sir 238, 23, 48, of Wis Gon’Hosp) : fas anendoa St Peul, Kinn B 55-228 5 & 0 - 10 Sep 45 Gir 298, DA, “ 48, as anonded 3. Personnel will be provided from sources available to you, 4. Equipment will be requisitioned in accordance with current procedures, 5. Obligate fmde to the extent necessary from Organized Reserve allocations available to your headquarters. 6. When the actions directed hercin have been accomplished, reports indicating the dates and stations thercef will be submitted to this of- fice, Attontion: Abd-T; and the Dircetor of Organization and Training, GSUSA, Attention: Reserve Components Branch, and the Chief, army Ficld Forces, ETARY OF THE A #Final ste fInclutes 1 eee adjutant Generar UNITS 10 BE ACTIVATED 3 4 5 6 7 > Unit history to which Activated Final _1/0&E ____ Avthorized Strength entitled with date of Assignnent by 6G Iocation Status Wo Date = dge inactivation ) Chicago, A 5-500 26 dol 46 1,2,34, 2 26 © 27 2086th Engr Aviation ) 5 m 53 Fire Fighting Plat ) ) Colms: FA;FB; 3 FD (2 gan 46) | Fifth Army )Fifth Army Chicago, AR 5-415 217 Jun 46 None 29 730 759 815th Engr Aviation In ) ) m2 (22 Sep 45) de ie ¢ ) en St Paullinn B 55-226 10 Sep 45 None 7 1 ee ) ) . ) ) y ) First Amy First Army Springfield, 2 19-217 26 Jen 45 1,2,3 4 97 101 274th MP Co (31 Mar 46) Mase First Amy Manchester, C1217 % Jan 45 1,2,3 4 0 —-& 290th MP Co (15 Nov 45) First Amy . NB er AGAO-I 322 Org Hes (7 Mey 48) © 1948 : UNITS TO BE ACTIVATED 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Item Activated Final 1/0 & B = thorised St No Designation and Affiliation Assignment ty CG Ioeation Status io Date 2 ‘08 12, 474th Fuge Fire Fighting Platoon ) , Chicago, A 5-500 26 Jul 44 2% 24, 1 0 2% Chicao Fire Department ) ) m Ey ) ) Colms: FASFE; 3 FD 13, 815th Engr Aviation En (less) Fifth Army )Fifth Army Chicago, A 5-5 27 Jun 46 None 2 0 730 ‘atchd Med and Chaplain) ) ) m1 Chicago Builders Chapter AGC) ) of America ) ) . Hg & Hg Co, 74istifransportation ) ) St Paul,iinn B 55-226 10 Sep 45 None a? i a Railway Operating En (Less atchd ) ) e Chaplain) : ) ) Northern Pacific Railway Co ) ) 15. 369th Military Police Co(Type A) First Amy First Army Springfield, A “19-217 26 Jan 45 1,2,3 4 09 City of Springfield Police Dept Mass 16. 370th Military Police Co(Type 4) First Amy First Amy Manchester, 19-217 26 Jan 45 1,2,3 Be 0G City of Manchester Police Dept N.He Page 2 to, Inclosure 1 to letter AGAQ-I 322 Org Kes (7 Mey 48) chCT- deted 27 May 3948 DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY The Adjutant General's Office Washington 25, D.C. AGAO-I 322 Org Res (7 May 48)GNGCTAE SUBJECT: TO: Commanding Generals First army Fourth Army Fifth army y Ground Forces, 326/215 (6 Jun 46) d Administration of the Civilian Reference: Letter, Headquarters, A GNGCT-11, 6 June 1946, subject: "Tra int Components", as amended. 2. The following units are redesignated as indicated, and allotted to the Organized Heserves: New Designation _ ls72d Engr Utilities Det 354th Engr Utilities Det 16734 Engr Utilities Det 355th Engr Utilities Det 1576th Engr Photo Mapping Platoon 356th Engr Reproduction Det 2085th Engr Aviation Fire Fighting 473d Engr Fire Fighting Platoon Platoon 2086th Engr aviation Fire Fighting 474th Engr Fire Fighting Platoon Platoon 179th Engr Aviation Bn 455th Engr Construction Bn 56th Chemical Maintenance Co 350th Chenical Maintenance Co 3064th Qs Graves Registration Co 692d Q! Graves Registration Co 21uth Military Police Co 369th [iilitary Police Co 290th Military Police Co , 370th Military Police Co “ge The 815th Engineer Aviation Battalion is allotted to the Organized Reserves. 5. The 202d Counter Intelligence Corps Detachment is reconstituted, redesignated as the 58th Counter Intelligence Corps Detachment and allotted to the Organized Kesorves. 6. The units listed in the attached inclosure are assigned and will be activated and organized as indicated, at the earliest practicable date. 7. The units listed in Column 2 of the inclosure are entitled to the history of the units listed in Column 9, which were inactivated on the dates shown,