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that Stanley Allen had drowned while trying to save another swim- mer. I wrote a letter to the editor, who was Miss Patterson, as I recall, about ‘having known him in our army expe- rience, and I remember Miss Patterson stating that my letter had been forwarded to Mrs. Allen. 1 was also interested in the article relating to the collision between No. 92 and Extra 8908 South, near McManus, La., on July 7, 1969. As system rule officer for the L&N, I lectured on this accident, without mentioning any names. I do not recall that the information I had on the accident included names of the principals. Some years later, 1 learned that Engineer JR. Livingston of No. 92 had been in the 743rd. The 743rd took basic military training at Camp Plauche, LA., near New Orleans, and “technical” train- ing on the Arkansas Division of the Rock Island, while based at Camp Joseph T. Robinson, near little Rock, T remember a delegation of IC offi- cials visiting us at the camp, one of whom, although a civilian, was iden- tified as “Colonel” Arn, 1 also remember a lecture, as part of that visit, by an operating rules officer of the IC, whose name I do not remem- ber, lecturing on a combination of, train orders which had a particular relationship to each other, and which had not previously occurred to me. Later, used the same example many times while giving rules examina- tions on the NC&StL, and as rule officer on the L&N. We went overseas in the late sum- mer of 1944, and, aftera waiting peri- od in England, served in Belgium, Germany and France. 1 was a trick dispatcher and night chief dispatcher. ‘These railroad battalions, of which there were several, in the various war theaters, had four companies, namely, Headquarters Company, which includ- ‘ed support personnel for the entire bat- ‘March, 2005 talion, i., cooks and medics, as well as the “Train Movement Section” (dis. patchers and operators); “A” Company, which were track forces; “B” Company, which were mechani- cal; and “C” Company, which were the train and engine crews. ‘Among the other 743rd officers who were off the IC were Col. T. R. Beach, Battalion Commander; Capt. H. A. Rust, Executive Officer; Lis. Harrington and Robertson, of “A” Company; Lt. Griffin, of ‘B’ Company, and Capt. Jack T. Sisson and Lts. Gard and Skinner of C’ Company. (Where first names are not shown, the first names escape me. ‘Also the Battalion Adjutant was Capt. Francis E, Mueller, of whose home road I am not sure. He may have been an IC man also.) ‘Two headquarters Company enlist- ed men who were off the IC were Oscar Plummer and Archie Rabon, Oscar now lives in retirement in Clinton, I. A few years ago, while attending a meeting of the Operating Rules, Association in Shreveport, Lit, I was invited by an IC rule officer, Joe Willett, to accompany him from our motel to the yard in Shreveport. There eamed that Archie was on duty, in Chicago, as dispatcher for that territory. 1 spoke to him on the dis- patcher’s telephone circuit, and when Told him my name. 1 didn’t have to remind him of whom I was nor of where we had known each ott T can remember these “C” Com- pany men who were off the IC: Jack Price, who was in engine service, and Bob Wilson, who was a yardmaster with us, but who was, I think, in train service on the IC, and I also believe both of these men were from Illinois; “Woody” Frederick, who was from Haleyville, Ala. and who was a trainman between Jackson, TN. and Birmingham, Ala; Johnny Brewer, a fireman from Mississippi as I recall, and a man named Taggart, who was 4 switchman from Memphis. I did not know Mr. Livingston while in the 743rd, but met him at a reunion some years later, Looking back over these approxi- ‘mately 60 years, I can think of these other roads which were represented in the 743rd: ACL, B&O, C&O. Cotton Belt, Brie, GN, L&N, MILW, MOP, NYC, PRR, Soo Line. Southern and Wabash. Very likely there were others. My main tie with the IC was through the 743rd, but there are others. Ido appreciate my membership. Sincerely Mark S. Womack Chattanooga, TN Thank you, Mr. Womack, for your informative comments on your mili tary railroading days and your small world” ties 10 the IC. P,S. to article on the Civil War Editor, As a footnote on my article, “The Mississippi Central Goes to. War" LUssue 65, June 2003]: someone showed me these paragraphs that provide a rare look into operations on the Mississippi Central during the Civil War. The firstis written by wife of General U. $. Grant, whose head- quarters were in Holly Springs in the autumn of 1862, and whose initial plans to capture Vicksburg depended ‘on the proximity of the Mississippi Central Railroad. Mrs. Grant wrote: “The General soon sent me word that the road was finished [that is. repaired from war damage} and to come [to Oxford, 30 miles below Holly Springs}. OF course. I was delight- ed, and, inviting Mrs. Hillyer to accompany me, we started in the afternoon of the same day (December 19] I received the THE GREEN DIAMOND 5 “Deadly Train Orders” Request Editor, 1 would like to find out if it would be possible to purchase a copy of your magazine that included an article titled “Deadly Train Orders” by Tom Davidson, I am the daughter of one of the survivors talked about in his article. Also, do you know how I ‘may contact Mr. Davidson? [am interested in trying to purchase copies of any photographs he may have related to this crash, Thank you so much for your time. Janet Allred Dunaway Your request has been forwarded 10 Mr. Davidson who, we feel confident will respond to your request. Cover Picture on Issue #69 of GD Editor, I 100, have been struck by the cover. Ithas that wintry, frosty, glowering, low-light look, deserted look, I like. As you can tell, I'm behind in my reading, ‘Two questions: What is the indus- try behind the train...and is there any chance that this picture can be made available for hanging/framing? ‘Thank you, Denis Long Kerrville, TX We're pleased that you were also struck by the stark beauty ofthe scene. Your queries have been forwarded to the photographer and owner of the picture, Mr: Paul Burgess. We feel Confident you will hear from hin. Predecessor to the predecessor? Editor, Thave received some very interest- ing material relating to the Yazoo 4) THe Green Diamond Delta Railroad (predecessor of the Y&MV line through Moorhead, Miss.) from the Rev. David Price, of Hattiesburg, Mississippi, an author- ity on early logging railroad opera- tions in Mississippi. It seems that before the Yazoo Delta came into being Chester Pond, a local planter and land developer built a narrow gauge short line, the original roadbed of which lay on or near the route that became the Yazoo Delta line. Officials of the Y&MV in Memphis were most interested in Pond’s activities, which included the development of a large planta- tion at Moorhead and a planned town that became the town of Moorhead. Known as the Moorhead Improvement Company, it was advertised as ‘a Prohibition Industrial Colony,’ and boasted of endorsements various evangelical clergymen around the nation as a ‘model project based on conservative religious principles. The railroad was part of the development’s industrial base, hauling logs from a vast territory of land that, once cleared, would become a cotton plantation. A brochure featured pho- {ographs of a model cabin for share- coppers, a store, church, hotel, sawmill, and a tiny 0-4-0 locomo- tive hauling a train of logs. The Georgia Pacific Railroad (later the Columbus & Greenville) Railroad had already laid its tracks through the neighborhood, and it was close- ly involved in the project. It was at this juncture that two letters on Y&MV stationery, dated June 25, iscuss the travels of a com- pany official to Moorhead to meet with Mr. Pond and other local cit zens to find out how the project was prospering and, presumably, how the Y&MV could become involved. Pond initially rebuffed the Y&MV"s interest, but as the material in the “Yellow Dog" issue indicates, the Y&MV and Mr, Pond eventually reached an agreement. Sincerely, Milton Winter Holly Springs, MS. 743rd Railway Operating Battalion Remembered Editor, While I find all of the issues of the Green Diamond to be very interest- ing, I was particularly drawn to Issue ‘Number 70, of September, 2004, During World War Il, 1 was assigned to the 743rd_ Railway Operating Battalion, which was “sponsored” by the IC. By “sponsor” that meant that, perhaps among other forms of support, most ofthe officers were off the IC. A number of enlisted men were also. My home road was the NC&StL, my own rank becom- ing Technical Sergeant after progres- sive promotions from the basic enlisted rank, that of Private. These railroad battalions were organized much like “civilian” rail- roads, with officers given responsi- bilities parallel to their roles as rail- roaclers in civilian life. I was particu- larly interested in the article “The Life of an Operator”, by Terrell G. Shearer, for one thing because Iwas ‘an operator in the earlier years of my ‘own career, but particularly because of the references to Tolono, Ill. The battalion Chief Dispatcher of the 743rd, was Lt. Stanley F. Allen, whose home address while in the army was Tolono. He was a train dis- patcher at the time of his entry into the army. I remember him remarking ‘once, in recalling some of his experi- fences back home, that he watched with interest as a bug made its way ‘on the train sheet, from “Indianapolis, to Effingham.” Tread in an issue of the Mlinois Central Magazine in the early 1950s, Marci, 2008 UNITS TO BE ACTIVATED am 1 2 3 4 5 6 2 8 2 nhs MORE Authorized Strength Iten Designation and Activated Fini" Fa “7s b c @ be @ Ko _ Affiliation —-Adsignnent “by CG __Location “Status No Date Changes _OFF_WO_EM_ Age 1..327th Qi Laundry Det (Hosp) “Segond Amy Second Amy Dayton,Ohio B «10-500 10.Jan 45 None lo 5 6 Textile Maint Inst of ey coln EJ Dayton District : G 7 * 333d Machine Records Unit ' ‘Second’ Army Second Amy Ft Myer,Va. A 12317) 3 Oct 44 1 4.07 79 (Fixed) (Type D) IBM Corp.,-iadhington, D. Cy: 3. 362d QY Lan wdry-Det. (Hosp) ‘Third Amy Third Army Orlando,Fla. A 10-500 10 Jan 45 None 1 0 13 4 Harrie laundry & American Colm EI Laundry & Dry Cleaners dy 362d QW Ieurdzy Det: (Hosp) ) y Milwaukee, A 10-500 10 Jm 45 None lobpy Adelman Laundry Co, 709 B. ) ) Wis: Colm EI Capitol Drive ) ) 4 5. Hq & Hq Det, 300th Military ) , Chicago, I11 A 19-56 2Mov 44 1 7 1 31 39 Police Bn ) 2 Chicago Police Department, ) ) 6» Go Ay 300th MLLLAary Police) } Chicago, A 1957 2Novds 1,2 °° 5 0 KK U9 Bn’ Chicago Police Department: .:) 5 Go B, 300th Military Police) Fifth Aray } Fifth Amy Chicago,IL A 19-57 2 Nov 46 142. 5 Bn ) Chicago Police Departnent ) ) ’ 8. Co C, 300th Military Police) } Chicago,I1l A 1957 2Noves 125° 5 0 ls U9 En ) Chicago Police Department, ). ) a 9. CoD, 300th Military Police) ) Chicago,IL =k 1-57 IR NOVAS 142 5 0 lu U9 2g » ) ow } ) 55-229 10 Sep 45 Mone-. 6 0 0 6 ) ) i) ) ) Page 1 to Incl. 1 Ste portion Command by AG 320.2 CPzanized Reserve s(QO722-21) dated Cctoder 15, 1921; organized Jamary, 1922; inser Railway ebfeiten retest ted per Davy Operating) by Ad 320.2 dated June 20, 1933. Tngineer Battalion vas redesig- nated Bat a on and assigned to the Sixth Service Commend per AG 320.2 ‘a-g-41) M (Ret) MC, dated February 21, 1941. 2.- It 1s desired that any additional historical data be trans- mitted direct to The Quartermaster Generel at the earliest practicable date, and a copy of action taken be furnished this office. By order of the Secretary of War: Adjutant General. Copy furnished: ‘The Quartermaster General . 29 Dee WE RESTRICTED LIST OF UNITS 306th, 413th, 418th, 439th, 554th Ilitnry Police Escert Guard Companies 15th, 3256th, 3259th Signal Service Companies 485th Quartermaster Regrigerater Company (Iicbile) 6th Medical Depot Company 35334 Ordnance Vediun Autenctive Waintenance Company 220th Chemical Maintenance Company 600th Meter Ambulance Ccmpany ‘7th Convalescent Hospital 393d, 3450th, 3524th, 3526th, 3533d, 3537th, 3539th Ordnance Medium Autemetive iedntenane’ Companies 450th, 3560th Ordnance Heavy Autenctive Maintenance Companies 843d, 3235th Ordnance Depet Companies 3006th Ordnance Base Depct Company 613th Ordnance Base Armancnt Haintenance Battalion Headouarters and Headquarters Company, 21st Engineer Conbat Group with attached edioal 999th Ehgincer Treadway Bridge Company 41512th Engineer Vater Supply Company 693d Engineer Base Equipment Cempany ‘787th Pngineer Potreleun Distribution Company 430th Engincer Damp Truck Company, 41369th, *1370th, #1372d Engineer Dump Truck Companies S8lst Signal Depet Company 39th Signal Howy Construction Battalion Festh Biso Dopet Cenpany, Transpertxtion Corps: Ath Regalvting Staticn, Transpertatien Corps ‘7th, 3th Traffic Regulation Greups, Transpertation Cerps 7324, 743d Railway Operating Sattaliens, Transpertstion Cerps 685th Quartermstcr Base Depet Cempany 44234 Quartermaster Dopet Company 355th Quartermster kailhend Company: 402d, *403d, *3496th Ouarterm ster Truck Companies 503th Ouartermster Truck Cenpany (Heavy) Blst, 758th Field Artillery Batteliens Uicterized) (155 mn Hewitzer Tracter Drawn) Ast Base Pest Office (Type 0) ‘18th V-Hnil Detachment #Negrr enlisted personnel. Page 1 te Inclesure 1, tc letter 4G 322 (26 Dec 45) OB-I-SPHOU-i, dated 29 December 1945 RESTRICTED HISTRIVAL SKETCH WORLD WAR IZ This unit was constituted in the Organized Reserve Corps and allotted to the Sixth Corps Area as ore ineer Battalion (Railway) effective i a October 1921. ttalion was organized in Ji 398 On 21 Fel age the Battalion was redesigna’ the 7434 Engineer Battalion. Peete was converted and eeuin redesignated on 1 December 1 as the 743d Railway Operating Battalion, Brepertation, Corps. It was ordered into active service on 27 January 1! at Samp Pleunche, Louisiana. During World War II, the stalion served in Europe. Zt wont everseas in Septéaber tuber 19s and pertieipared tn the Central, Kurope Campatens», he unit, trained and served at Camp Piaunche, Louisiana until March 194+ and at Camp Joseph T, Robinson, Arkansas prior to foreign s service, Overseas, the Battalion saw service in France, sy Germany.’ Tt arrived in New York on 29 Jam ‘and ves inactivated at Camp Kilmer, New Jersey on 10 ebruary Ise. DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY ‘THE CHIEF OF MILITARY HISTORY AND THE CENTER OF MILITARY HISTORY. WASHINGTON, DC 20314 2 2 APR April 20, 1983 1383 Organizational History Branch Mr. Gerald J. Petras 73 Redmond Avenue Bayshore, New York 11706 Dear Mr. Petras: This is in response to your letter of March 8, 1983, requesting historical infomation sbout thagiidelinidameeiuemebinaniatiobionsg Yorla War TI. The Department of the Army does not prepare histories of individual units, but they are sometimes compiled by unit personnel or by private organizations. Such histories may be available in bookstores, in libraries, from the pub- lishers, from the units themselves, or from various veterans’ associations. We have no record that a history of the 743d Transportation Railway Operating Battalion has ever veen written. Enclosed is a brief historical sketch of the unit, taken from our files. The best sources of information about a unit are the official records pre- pared by the unit itself. Operational records of United States Army organiza- tions credted during World War II and the Korean War are in the custody of the General Services Administration (GSA). Requests for information from or access to those records should be addressed to the Director, Modern Military Field Branch, Military Archives Division, National Archives and Records Service, GSA, Washington, D. C. 20409. We trust this information will be of use. Best wishes. Sincerely, Robert N. Waggoner Colonel, Field Artillery Chief, Historical Services Division Enclosure OCMH 095 (Petras, Gerald J.) Mr. Gerald J. Petras Fan s+ 3089 73 Redmond Avenue : Bayshore, Long Island, New York Dear Mr. Petrast Inclosure 1,a short historical sketch of nel a | Railway shed in reply inquiry of 1h Septenber 1 3 office has no knowledge ’@ published battalion history. t records are in’ the cus: of the ces Administrations, 60 Hardesty Avenues Kansas City 24, Missouri. en tOe Bay ase deposi tori an unpublished Ristory of the battalion is among the umitis records. contacting See ees each should be informed referred you. | that Huts office | Sincerely yours, 1 ned De G. GILBERT Hist Sketch Colonel Tnfan Chiefs disterical Services Divisten | } | | ES acai Jan 60 | - | ie 1 Chief FROK Denob Pers Ree Br DATE..17 Deo\52 COMMENT NO 3 Military History Hldg 105-F salad ak/2l3 129 D Street N.E. St. Louis 20, Mo. Washington, D.C. “ 1. Organizational Historical Records dated 27 Feb lh through 10 Feb 6 of 7h3d Railway Operating Fh on file in Morning Reports show only one High Echelon of above unit as shown below: Hitifomliet er tet dated Maren 1515 __ 2. Morning reports (Records of Events Section) of He Railway Operating — Bn for 1 Oct ly through 31 Vay 45 fail to show any remarks ning to High Echelon "of above organization. FOR THE ADJUTANT GENERAL? Bs Sanderson ace Adjutant General ENT OF TRE AR of The Adjutant General fashington 25, D.C. AGRO 322 Org Hes (6 Dec 50)Q34t 21 Decenber 1950 suBJCT; | Thactivation of Units of the Organized Reserves _ t TO: unite will beldnactivated at the earliest practicable jortation rating Battalions If the minimus standards set forth in AR 140-305, can be met, training units Will be organized in order that the plan authorized in OOAFF Civilian Conponents Nemorandun No. 6, 10 October 1950, may be accomplished, and affiliation agreements with the sponsors listed below amended according); “TAO, THh, Reduvray Chicago & Northwestern Railvay System 400 ¥, Madison Street, Chicago, Illinois Chicago, Rock Island ani Pacific Railroad Chicago, Illinois Illinois Central RR: Company Chicago, D.linois Chicags. Burlington & Quiney RR Co Chizego, DLinois Be Goncuer control of the “ep: ly with inactivation, the units are transferred to the ent of the Army. 4. Records of the inactivated units will be disposed of by shipment to ‘the Comanding Officer, Kansas City Records Center, 601 Hardesty Avenue, Kansas City 1, Kissouri, Attention: Field Records Division in accordance with provisions of SR 345~920-1, 15 March 1949, as anended. Be Pe current pro nae rendered surplus will be disposed of in accordance with edures. 6. Equipment rendered excess will be disposed of in accordance with current procedures. UNITS TO BE ACTIVATED (CONT'D) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1/088 duthorized Strength Unit history to Tten Activated Final a b ° abe d titled (with det No and-Affiliation location ty 0G__Iocation Status _No Date ___Changes Off WO BY AGG activation) 18, Go C, 439th Engr Gom Hutchinson, A 5-77-23 Dec 43 3 5 0 209 214 CoC, 253d Engr Co struction En Kans Kansas Contractor Assn, ‘ (10 Apr 46) Chicago, I: C 55a 0 Sey 19 ey 19; ( fmy (Army cago, Ill 55-227 10 Sep 45 None 6 00 6 Co hk, 743d Railw (10 Feb 46) a ¢ 20, 483d APU (Type F) ¢ ( ( ( ¢ ( ( ( Detroit, Mich & 12-605 18 Sep 45 None 1 0 12 13 128th APU (21 Nov 2g 3 Incl 1 to ltr, AGAQ=L.Org.Res (15 Mar 48) GNCCT-M,/25 UNITS TO BE ACTIVATED 1 2 3 4 s 6 7 8 : TORE suthorized Strengt Item Dosighation and hetivated Einal a . e abc od No Affiliation Assignment by_cG. Iocation Status _No___Date__ Changes _OFF__WO__EM “hay 21, 366th CX Luundry Det (Hosp) Sixth army Sixth Amy Spokane,Wash ©0500 10 Jm 45 None 1 0b LU Wash Launésy & Dry Cleaners Colm EI 610 N. fachington St 2 626i Trongrortation truck sixth krmy Sixth imy Tos Angeles, & =: 10-37-11. Aug 44 None 5 012 wy o (Heavy) calif So.Ca?if Freight Lines 1121 Mateo Stroct 23, 367th Qi Leundry Dot (Hosp) First Amy First imy New Haven, A 10-500 10 Jan 45 None ye us Wajestic Leurdry Conn Colm Ed 63 Ieck Street Phe DO8tn GI Leundry Det(Hosp)) Chattanooga, 10-500 10 Jan 45 None 1 oo as 4 Chattanvoy: Steam Lau Tenn Colm EU 57 West Mein St ) + 25. 369th Qa Leundry Det (Hosp)) Chattanooga, & 10-500 10 Jan 45 None 1 o 15 le Perfection Laundry, 2312 ) Tenn Colm EJ Necallic Ave } 26. 420th QM Laundry Det(Hosp) Mobile, fla A 10-500 10 Jan 45 None 1 O. i le Palace Leundry & Dry ) Colm EI Clea ners, 50% St Louis St) 7 (38h Bree Fire Fientine Third by Plat, Firo Dept, city of Chattan- Third Amy Chattanooga, A | 5-500 26 July 44,1,2,3, 1 0 2% 2% Tenn Colms FA;FBs 3 FD 4556 Police Rept, City of New Orleans 30. 344th Chemienl Maint Co Fourth Army Fourth Army Dallas,Texas C = 3447-22 Nov 44 None The Guiberson Corp. 3 to Incl 1 to letter AGAO-I 322 Org Res (29 Jan 48) GNGCTH dated 12 February. 1948. Or? 0 ons, Te 28, 302d at Rode Ree A 10-197 7 Feb 45. None 4 0 173 17 . 05537 raue ie 49 eg 29, 351st UP Co ( Type &) Fourth Army” Fourth Amy New Orleans,la A 19-217 2% Jn 45 12,3 4 3 UNITS TO BE ACTIVATED cy 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 . T/0&E duthorized Strength Iten Designation. and °° oot neta batt Fimi'-- aD © ab. e @ No Affiliation. Assignment by cG. Iocation Status _No__Date __Changes. OFF WORM age 11, 7llth Engr Base Depot Co”) ) Granite City A $-587P 10 Feb 45 None 7 , 1. 230 238 Granite City. Engr Depot ) ) mi. i 12, 38th Engr Gas Generating ) ) O'Fallon,T11 = A500 “26 dul 44 1,23, 1 0 2 22 Det ) ) Colm ED 45556 Independent Rneineering Co } Tne : 13. 7824 Engr Dump Truck Co ) Rockford,T1l A 5-889 May 44 1,2 4 0 103 107 City of Rockford, T11 ) £ 14. 311th MP Criminal Investi. ) Chicago,T11 A 19-500 25 Sep 45 “15 TWO 12 gation Det ) Colm BI Chicago Police Department ) ¥q & Hq Det,450th ml sv ) Fifth Amy ) Fifth Army Chicago,T1l -«A_—««3-500" «15 Dec & “Nine hO Bn 4 ) Colm AD Sears,Roebuck and Co 5 (Chicago Plant) ' eS my { Hq & fig Co, 743d Transper- ) Chicago, 111 © 55-226 10 Sep 45 None Bate 0S tation Ry Operating Bn ) to & k 5 a } © (@iieaes mc 55-28 sep 45 Home 6 0 0 6 Suse : } | Shicage, TL) C 55-229 10Sep 45 None 6 0 0 Illinois Central RR Co a6 1 5 19, 364th Qi Lourdry Det(Hosp) Sixth Army Sixth wny Los imgeles, A 10-500 10 Jan 45 None 1 0 16 Troy Laundry Co,1400 S. Calif Colm Ed Main St. ‘ 20 365th QM Laundry Det (Hosp) Sixth Army Sixth Army Los Angeles, _ A 10-500 10 Jan 45 None 1obpu American Linen Co, 201 calif Colm EI hn, Westmoreland Ave. Page 2 to Incl 1. I ——