VoL I, No. I
Roadside Markers
At 40 Sites
the story 0/ Horseh<lad Penmes, a
longtime favorite wilh history burls and
coin coliectors. received recenl
recognitIOn the Motrl$ COUnty
H<'Iitage Commission when a historical
roadside marker was ;nstaJ!td a1 tl>e
r"'Wheatsheat Farms emrance al Sussex
Morrislown. The marker
dl.>piaYIIIS ... prod""rio". of both sides
01 thl,> 181h century Horsehe<>d Penny,
features a tegend higrilighting the story
01 mming and minting coins locally in
TIw story 01 this histone site centers
on "Solitude: the urate of Judge John
an associate Justice of the
New Jersey Stat .. Supreme Court in
the 18th century. Here Waller Mould, a
.kUIed British machinist, moved. haviO!!
obtained a fraochis.e from the State 01
New Jersey 10 rrunl ccins. Mould mined
copper on the property, and minted
coins in a wooden mold in It... parlor
firept..ce. The coin., now highly prized
"" items. we.e known as
"horsehead pomrues."
Private enterpnse in coin minting
ceased in 1792 with the establishment
of the Nalional M,nI. Tn.. estMe
"Solitude" W<lS ..,kI in 1811 to Moses
Holloway, who converted tne house to
"tavern known as "Wheatsh""f Inn,"
tavern no longer siands. but the
n.a.me 'Whealsheal"" is still associated
with the properly, now koosing
The Horsehead P"""y Site is among
<nount\! <nin:ular
Morrill County Heritage Commi •• IOD
To Mark Courthouse
The Heritage CommIssIOn met ""In
John Et.wcrth. Court Admini5tralor,
on March 8 10 .plan a celebratIOn 10
commemorate the 150th anniversuyof
the set for
September 10. The Courthouse will be
open 10 visitors On that day.
Alter eKlel\five rese.'lrch, assisted by
Harry E. Weaver, architectural
consultant to Morris County, the
documentation of the Courthou ... was
sent to the Stale for desigMtion M a
Mlional landmark.
The Courthouse, buill in 1827, is
described on a marker. placed on the
Courthouse lawn On WMhington
Slreet In Mornstown, as "one 01 lhe
fi nest of public buildif195 in the federal
Heritage Commission
Activities Increase
The Morris County Herilage
Commission, establisked in 1970 by the
Mor1'i$ County Bo;,rd of Chosen
Freeholders, has b«n act;w in seekIng
the preservation 01 Counly record.<.
desigrlallns historic sites, publishing a
comprehensive history III Morris
County in Colonial and Revolulionary
I;mes , and kuping the public informed
oItMse activiti ... through newspapers
and Olher publications, radio and
speakers from the Commission.
With this issue of lhe County
Circular the commission pres<:'nts
background information on aU aspects
of its work.
Mor1'i$ IS one of 17 Heritage
CommIssions in New Jo,rsey and
ConItnUoOd "" PII9" 4
New Book Traces
Early History
u .. in I..a.rch 01 "'slorical rOOIS.
Dr. Theodore Thayer. boo!<
Colonial and Morris
County can b<! 01 great
This booIt deals wilh lhe earliest
wt[i<!menl 01 Morris County and traces
It.. role 11 played in the American
RevolutIOn. Many ... ho have lived lheir
W. III INs arN are not aware
lhal OUr hiltory iI as signifICant lIS any
CoIorwo! Iulory 10 boo found in
M_huwlt. Or Vir!Jllia. Ancient
gravalor>a at decoral...., lIS Ihoo5e
found 11'1 lhe oldest CoIoniioI cen-ctariel
in New England a.. part 01 tho
landlcape cI Whippo.llY, Many &ulio-
known d/ll1ng long !>tolore
tt.. Revolution Can be readily located
throughoul lhe Counly Thayer's book
not only helps Onl discOl/er lhe rools 01
Morris CouoW bul aloo as an
ncel1(n1 touriSt guide for anyan<! who
... ant, to spend a pitMant cia.y
redilcoYotring It.. Colonial past 01
Moms Coun1Y-
Ih" Hislory and
Govlrnm"nl DePl'rlm,mt of Ihe
Counly Cgh9'l ol Morris adopted lho
book 11'1 the Colonial American His' ory
COUfW offered by Prof, S, L Dutka, It
hal been efllhulllaSlically r""etWd by
IludmlS"'ho that Mor1'"lll Counly
was much a part ol It.. grlUl
evenll 01 lhe A!'l'I4I'rican Revolution.
CQpia oIlhe book may be purchased
at It.. college booksiore. ijbrarie:s
Ihroughoul tM arn. or the Heritage
CommililOll in 1M MOrfil County
Coun HouN. It .. worlh the time 10
become a 10uOSI III your own
W [IOUf mol._
$lyle in New "!'MY M
Th" Herolage CommISSIon. In
COOjUTlCtlOll ""Ih lhe l50th celebration
ol lM Courthouse III will
arrange an e xllobil of 1M
dillCovered on a lour of the Courthouw
cupola lor dioplay in the tT\aIn lobby of
lhe Courthouse. with old
court record. and nunule biSOks.
HlSTORICMAltK£R5_F .... I' s._._ ...... _h<lObor
JJfo<.s "" s,-' _ "" _ r ......... $haooro M 0...-. Coo.. "" "" ...
.- "'.-.... -....... ,--"'-
... , c.... F""" "-" I
20 lite. c"","" IMt yeo.r lhroughout "'"
Counly 10 ree ...... a Counly Historical
Slnce !975 1I>e Marker
hat plac.ed 1M handsome red
Bnd gray lOPS:>«! with a gold
CouOly Coal of Ar"". at 40 site5
Ihroughout 1M Counly.
An ac\di!iorial twenty ,ilel will r",,_
",ullers tm. year u part 01 the 1m
program, Stlel IlIPPfd to .ecl!ive
CD\lnty recognrtion run the g,omul from
prl·Revo!utoONry churche:s. taverns,
incLrwin and homes 10 early 19th
cenlury echooll. grisl ...... and
VlCtonan hon>es
Motorisls and pedestrians will ....
marke" generally along major
thorough/arti_ S,ln on.ide roads may
be found by ... alch'ng for direction.>! red
arod gray arrOW "19OS waring the
County COlli 01 Artnl. These 12 by 16
inch ligna. reeeived by the County
recently. wdI help lhe motorisl Ioc"t"
mark" .. on Iess-tr......ted OIrKI5.
The phl/liCai pl!lcemenl of a marker
al a hlStoro; SIte by the County Road
o..partmtnt iI the final slep in lhe
M .... ker program. BdwId-the·scer>es
activitiel IUCh .... 141. nspe<:Iion lrip'
and ""',nng \egmdo on pn""'fY
documentation Ire but " I....., 01 the
KtMhn Ioiiading up to a 6na1 "",rk..,.
The Commi .. ion .... lcom""
.uggestions for future marker ";tos. and
win review all requellS. from 6u[e.
kllQlm III" 10 those possusing
Nalional or State Register SlaIUS.
SuggtIlQu may be sent 10 lhe Historic
Sites Marked
The fi .. 1 20silel 10 be ar" 1M
M.rtin B.rry H OUle.
T""","",p, O."",t Cory Hou .... Roxbury
T""","",p. C ... t"'m Hiotoric [)is."" •.
C ........ m' Dr L.-. Condie. Hou ...
MCKnII"""", Tho Cu.,"" 1-Iorn4I..aI.
Motrillown, Henry J:Ioremus Hou ....
Monl_ T"........p, FOI"d·FKSclo M6nO<
H<:oo... Townohop; Johto Oods
T-.n. lincoln Park, Houooo. E.I
.............. T.........t-.p ............... Prnt:o;1.rion
Chutch. wt T"""",","",,; Hilltop
HouM. 1Io<u-v \.MtIgslon
6on.doo:1 HouM. P .. ttAo;
HouM. Boonton; Tmothv
Milo HouM. MornoIown; Morra c.o..nly
Court 1iou.M. MomsIown; Old SIano
U..oon Churo:h. Waohongton TownoIoop,
Mill. Morriolown, Qu,oQr M""ting
Ha<.ue. RlIndoIph Townohip; Ralslon
Dio'flCl 01 Mendham. Mendham TCI\OJr\Ih,p
Attention All Societies
If you have ...... nll \IOU'd tike the
public to be awarl ol, contacl Vlf9lnia
Roonc!I. Public ReLalionl charrrnAn IU'd
..titor ol lhe Circular, al 26&-6198 or
Mnd data 10 the Hmuoge- Comm 'SKn.
Program. Morris Count"
Heritage Commission. CD\lrt House.
MortillO",n. New Jersey 01960
Additional CopHtl 01 1M s,t".
at the office.
Iocaled in I'" Adm,ruslrallOll Wing ol
lhe Court Hou ... on Ann Streel
'reserve Old County
Records And Books
Ounog the PM! year continued
PTO!,II'<I$I t.as made toward the
proiKtion ar.d prnervl>11oo 01 reco.d$
in t .... County Clerk's ollie ...
With tile cooperation 01 Frank
Headley, County Clerk, and Ike
financial IIlpport 01 the Board 01 cho$en
Frethokkrt. ow.. forty old deed and
books in the County Ce-k's
vauh have been cleaned and rebound
by prQlQSioI\ill bookbon<krs. Others
.... w been .epaJred by the County
bookbmde" 5tMley Whitdwad.
Whm OIIOI! that many 01
these old record booIu haw been on
lhe open ahoe"- oIlhe County Clerk's
vauh. and hao .... been &ubject to daily
"""m"''''lOn and handling by title
searchers. ar.d hIstorical
• esearch" .. for ntarly twO hundred
ye"rs. It CM 1I11sily be understood that
01 them are in need 01
.th.abWtahon and reP/Oir. arld thllt this
program mUSl be> continued before
tI>e:w ancient .Kords become WOO! ol
."""" II"" tlwy cannot be ....sto.ed.llls
hoped that the program of repair and
rebind"ons of old deeds and monsages
wiI be ca.....wd on
Outing 1976 Hl'adiey irWakd a
laminating maclurw on his office on ..
Alter V>e\W'IS lhe manne, '"
which INa device Operated. the
Hent"9'l Commission "nt nu.iastically
endO<Sed tho! purchue 01 thia """,h;""
by the F'eeholde ... which WM do",,_
Sine" it. PUtchaM. a number of the
IH!1Y old dH<I. mortll/l9't and early
Coun record books ha.... been
I;I. ... Mted and rebound. which will
pem"t ,t.ri: onspection and t.andling by
the pubhc. ""'hout further danger 01
deterior",toon ",nd deoIruc:tion nu.
ia.ITIIMbng po-octdu.e is to be cont.nued
throogh 1977 .nd hopftuIy thereafter,
Many "'Ki!'IIaneous pa.pero; and
...,.,--""ords from the County office
Ie now ,tored If'I a vauh at the County
Cultur,,! Cente •• 300 Mendham Rood.
Morris Township. in a building owned
by the Park ComnllssOon
This material. consist,ng mostly at
early Court papers ..... its. memoranda..
In Memoriam
El izabeth 8 . lum
Chai.man of the HeriTage
Commwoon. M ... B. lum at
CMtham. died on Februa7'\l 22 at
Morristown H06pltal a
.hort illneu.
She wlIS the fint MorTi. County
10 receove the Frederick C.
Sutra Award. lhoe highes'
_d th.at 11 .. New.krwy RecreaTion
and Park Aaoc:iahon can bestow.
Mrs.Wm r«ciIIed the award in 1975
for consnvlttoon doru. ;-, which sI>o>
_ act .... for mIIny yorars. She took a
leachng pan In having the G.eat Swamp
a National WiIofife Refuge.
and was a member 0( the firsl
Commiuoon on 01 the New
Jeroey Dtpartmem 01 Community
AIIa"s. and the Natural Land Trust
Council .
Shoe _ activ9 In the Women'.
Community Player •. Chatham
Hisloncal SocieW. Ch.at","m Township
P.ubyte.ian Church. and the
C"'"'","m Girl SeOUl Council.
The memben of the HeriI"!II!
CoIl'ln'Ql.ion WISh to their deep
sense 01 Joq of a personal tnend and an
Cora""'".· reportl. tntunony and '"
wde ''''''!II! 0/ misceDany. is SIOled in
\;l,'9Il box". It IS thoe mtention of the
Commiuion to ADrt il. place it in orde •.
then have It mic.ofilmed The
di.poalhon of the origtnal papers will
then h.ave to be determmed
Abo Itored at 300 Mendham Rood
are lhe original records from the
Surrogate', oHice When the
Surrogate', and other County officf!$
....... e moved 'a the newHaBof R«ords.
The mIItenai in theold Surrogate's office
""af mICrofilmed. To do t .... ,t w.u
nee_TV to cut t .... budi"9$ and
thoe cewe ... of t .... book .. The
book ...... , ............ d>ound, and ,t is
recommended tMt they be preserved
for the pres.me and when funds
8l1ailable. ultimately "bound "nd
placed, WIth ""hateve. IS conside.ed
hif'one..11y valuable f.om othoer county
offkf!$,,, an archives center,
Heritage Commission
Publishes Book
in honor 0/ t .... I'IIItoon', Bicenl",,,,,,,I.
the Mor •• County Board 0/ Chosen
Freeholders authorrzed the Herill'9'I
CommiNlOn to Dr.
Thaye •. p.o/eSIO. Emeritu., Rut9'lt5
Unlvf.Jity, to ""nle a history of the
County f.om tts begtnmng th.oush the
Revolutionary War years, and to
publish thoe manUKripI nu. was the
fint official a!templ to bring together in
onI! pl;!.ce mfOf1'Mbon dealing wilh the
""elopmtnt 0/ the County and is
lor C,\T:tenS 01 all ages
inte.uted in Mo.". County's
celeb.Med hoent •.
T we centuries the people 01
Morn. County. who numbered no
more than 12.000. developed a society
In which the lewung prOCe5$ 0/ thoe
caused a do!moc."tic spi.it to
Gw,.. Washington con.tdered
Mo.ris County an "eagle'. nesl" from
",·hich he could harass the enemy ""hiIe
the ma .... part at his army remoined
oecur. in wmter quarters ""thin the
folds 0/ the mountains
From t .... c"'""'9 01 the """te man
and his fiflt purchiIK at land. the
author has documented these e"";nng
elIriy times. th.ough the difficull and
.apdy changing years 01 settlemenl
and revoluttOn, to the final OCCUpaotlOn
of the land as fr .... people
Among the fo.It,Mnd ,",counts of life
,n the 18th century included in the book
a.e excerpts hom the depOSItion givo!n
to the Conllnent,,! Congress by FOSler
Horton. son 0/ the Reverend Azal'iah
Horton ol Boule H,g (Madison). who
wu captured on long loland in 1776
and con6ntd on a Brih5h prison $hip;
the diann 01 T omothy T unle and
Seely, the letters at Cltthe .....
Van Cortlandt and lucas von
the Mendha.m Town
There are Just two earlier volumes of
County hIStory· W W. Munsell's
History o. Morria County. New
Jer.ey published in 1882. and the
Lewi. Historical Pubhshing Compaony'S
A Hi"ory Of Morn. County.

Courthouse Cupola
Yields Artifacts
A reufll tOUt of 1M Morris CounlV
Courthouse and u.,rd floor
Yl"kled II ciON-up Ioo!o. at II rarely
Yl$led atN_ The lout _llimLilated by
the !Wnlag& Commisaion'.
10 the <>ri!jnal 1821 Courthouse
on the NaHon,,1 and State R"9's'f'I"" of
Hi!ltoric?laca Ltd by John W. RaIl.
Morns County DIrector 01 Pubbc
,In/(InNtion; rMnIboI .... 01, lhe'-Haitag&
...... 't and l,ltlem lheo,r
lI.I;!.y OUo!r a;r·t'oniIlrioning duclS, and
cbmt.ed IWO -.IHp S<!parated
'" .. MnO\II 5C<Ilioldong p..riorm, to
reach tho! dark ""lIldy ,nterior 01 the
Armed w,lh nashl'ghts. Hany
Weawr. Morris County ",d'IIIKtUflll
consultant. "nd usocilile J/ICq .....
evalUl\led the Iou ..... "nd
wooden f.ame conltruction 10.
necessaJY and archtecturlll
WOrth. T1-.eir i .... pection abo """".thed
II large 01 handfOfsed nalis
on lhe nonzon!aI members ,n rhe
cupclla. appatently RVidenc.. 01 the
building', ,,111\1 cOMlruction. 0It-
di$(:"""na """'"' .. square·hNd and
l>and forged nul. and II di$<2rded «".
iron CO\lntu balance for the
"""" ...... ""-
11>& prewtU bell. although equippeoo;l
.\ ... [ttl! '0\11<, IS
rung el«clml1y every morning al 9
&om. to signal the opening of Court.
Detcending to the narrow taffoIdins.
the intrepid group inspected a dusty
electrical mechanism ..... hich formerly
connected tile Court'-'" bel with
tile MorNt"""" Fire D2partfl"OQ'nl in the
tarly 1900"5. In thoH da.!I$ Ille
ringing of the bell Ih ....... ghout the day or
rughl a ,.0 to ",lion for town
Safely b.oc:Ir. Oft the thord fIoo,-
Architect Wover point...:f OI.It fealures
documenting the ISO old
construction oIlhe CourthouK_ Hand--
hewn brick.,
v.ooden the
Wooden .001 Wkl(5">."id ""ndom width
t'loo. boards were ...,ted_ A parricui",1y
.q,;ficanl find was a hIIncIrnad&
"'-'QOC\en cahpt"r_ This wickEl-wped
urly carpenter's '001. found hIInging
_ an early """"'&n beam. "'lII
probably used in the C(IfI!Itr\ICtion oIlhe
Cou,thouH A dMcarded
sandGtone column IlUpport base,
presumably uM<l for .. wooden column
al the courthOuse ",ntrance, was
discoW:red Puts oj lID early v.oooden
gaIIowo. and .. "'-'QOC\en Ioarref, cowring
the light openmg ,nlO
Courtroom OM. presented further
evi<Xnc .. 01 lhe varied actMt;n 01 !he
The findingl of the IOU', .daling to
both architecture and anih,cl5. added
tat9b1e to rhe marenal
iu"">,,ns the ponding onclusoon 01 the
CouI"lhn<:H on the !iat>OOal inc! 5t.>le
Q1ouut'!! a!i rculnr
Morris Counly Heritage Commission
Mu. Je!,n D. SocolowsJu, a...rm.n
Mr •. S/wQn M. Dorelt\lll, Voce·Cha>rmm
Mr •. Virgon .. K. Roone:y,.S8creUII'Y
Or. /Wnry C,tron
Heruy W. Pilch
Alvin 0_ Ciunneson, Freeholdef lialM>n
Historic Programs
Programs ..... to ",",rHted
groups (WI,hOut clla,gel: Colonial and
Revolutionary Mo"i. County· A
presen'ation of early lustory 01
Morm County. Black and while oIido!s
01 iIu1Ira,ions and pictu.es in tile book
of Ihe same title by Dr. Theodore
Britf show>ng. 15minutH, loa
more """ ..... tt...."e ...... and
mort information,. 30 """"tH. or 45
mlt'-ula .
Historic Sir .... 20 colo •• of
histone $it"" selected in 1975 for the
County..-l marker program 151030
Soon Available· 20 colo< olidn of
1976 .. te5_ Fo. Iongo.r program. aU 40
..,. will abo 500ft be available_
For..."e inlo ...... uon cal 285-61':16_
c ..... F,,,,,, Po9O t ,.... ....
., .
belo"S" 10 lhe Stile AsoociIthon ,
County Cultural and
CommilSion.s. ' '
Accorcling 10 tM Itatu'es govetnmg
th;i body, ,Ile Commiuoon may
utabh.h muleum and cullunl
progr ...... 10$ wei .s uhibi" and
eIi.plays, including lhe Ii....
arU. enllille in
archaeological, lIeneololl'cal and
t.;stoneal .......... <h;.nd publilh ,epons
.mIld 10 the..e KIM''''''.
Vol. 1 No. 2
Morris County Once
Prominent Slave
"J hereby certify tMI my mulillto
st......,. Jinny. was deliw,ed 01" mulaUo
child called Mnda 011 lhe 23rd of
November, 1805." So wrote Stephen
V&I of Morrn;town, (JII.r11@! of the
SpeWv.",U lronWOfks, after Ihe New
Jer&eY .. passed a Iilw lor the
gradual aboIit'oon of slavery Febroary
15, 180411 required that all NewJersoey
slaveholders register of childl'l'n
of slaW'..') SO they might apply lor
freedom al rl>eageol21, i] female, or 25,
if male.
Few people know lhal New Jersey
rhl-iead",s northern itat" in
tr.e late 18th and eany \9Ih centuM
and that slaV€ty _5 particularlyslrong
in Morris County. An in the
Morris County Courthouse lobby
during January will illustrate the ""lure
of sla\ll!J)I he'e and how i\ operated.
Ow. 100 Morris County sIa""hoklers
reglstered h1rths of more than 200 bIac k
children belW\'en 1804 and 1820.
TIle", docum<mts. l lOW pr"serwd in
the H",II of Records, will be in a display
elISe an tf1e Courtllous<! lobby. They
give names 01 slaves and
&t.,. of births of .lave chiklren and
often IIilIUilble data about tM status 01 a
bli>ck child. Thos.. who exam;,,,, the
documents may be shocked to read
thai Ina Losey 01 Dover reporled h<'f
black sIa"" Hannah ga"" birth to a
femak: Febtllilty 22, 1808 which
child. she wrote. "I gave 10 6I!lsy
Wood." This and Oilier County recOfds
eon".....o on Pas< 2
Morris County Heritage Commission
Ringling Manor Gets
Historic Marker
A ci!'cus impressario, prize fighter,
Mid a secluded religious order - so
reads lhe varied list of occupants of
Ringling Manor in Oak Ridge durong the
past 60 yt!ars . Chosen as 0l'Il:' of 20
historic siles 10 recew... a County
Henlag<! Commission roadside marker
in 1m, the Manor evoke!; rnernorle$
ar>d h .. torical association,; dating to lhe
18th c"nlury.
TIle . ite', early histOfical significance
centers around the mid·18th c.>nt ury
",on forge and Village 01 Petersburg.
TIle forge, des<:nOed as 0l'Il:' 01 the
princ,pal post revolutionary lorges of
the County, suppOrted the local
economy of the "';1Iage. With the
'ntroduction 01 anthracite for . "",Iting,
iron production ceased to be pro/itable
Con"""",, on P"9" 2
Lobby Features New
Two oil paiolif\9S fta"" oo.n rehung
in the Courthovse lobby. Rescued from
obscurity for the Courlhouse
Anniversary Art Sr.ow. they are of
Just"'" Edward Whelpley ar>d Justice
Charles Park"r , both life· long
Morristown residents
Last year the portrait of Justic"
Whelpley w<IS discovered by Gerhard
H. Vienna. Superinter.dmt 01 Buildings
and Ground •. in a basement closet.
After . ese.:I. ch, the Iong·ignored and
oote' lOI'ating paInting was ideruif>ed as
Justice Whelpky. Chief Justice of the
New Jersey Supr"me Court . 1861·
1863, and t fle New Jersey delegate to
the firsl Republican convention;o 18S6.
The signed painting, in its original
hame, has 00.11 restored, ar>d is ""
Con"""",, on Pogo 2
RINGUNG .. Con!,d. From Pago 1
in the modl9'th unlulll, and the
Petersburg Forge Will abandoned.
Henceforth, the WIage economy
thrcodl the urly 20111 century
centered around farming. local
gri$l miJs, a 5/II.U mill. and a distilery.
A\>oo.It 1900, AU,ed T. Ringling of the
Ringling Bl'othtrs Circus, purchased
the entire town 01 Petersburg for a
country Alter "'zing too village.
he authorized constru<:tion of a
cobblestone faced ellIS.;e revival
m/lns>on, uoo., dirKtlQr't of local
1I"II'Iec1, J. W Headley.1'he mansion,
reflecllng [fit: edec:hc and showy 1a!i1<:'S
of the cirCIII owner, contained two
balkooms, II IWO story music room
(with Tlfnrlv OI",ned win<l<;..usand
organ with rep.!111d pipes 01 gold) and a
private theater. complete wilh a raised
stag<'. side ..eD murals of "Feli" the
and a balcony \Oew
01 The &1-klhire V"n.,y Hills. Private
"",hloOns (II new CIrcUS lIoCts """.e held
here, and the manllion itself was 0/11'11
IIH! scene of sp;>rkling parties for
Rmgling's theatrical
During 1M pre· World Will I period,
Ringling SOIt up his sao Richard with a
motoriled ci.tUI. Tlw R. T. Richards
Circus went on the road WIth as
lis first Slop
HIIH /I season 1;:o1<!1', it went;bankrupt,
and the ilI·fated entourage.oDed back
to Rm9ing', coontfY ftUlte. Until they
could be dispoHd 01, ions, camds.
togn'S, bon. and INIny ""'"'
houwd In lhe large barns on !he es!ale
RtngIins bwd barely Ions enough 10
see lhe completion 01 lhe rural eslate
and lhe eomboned perlorlNlnce 01
Riogling Brolhers&murn & Bailey
Shows in MadISOn Sql.li'lre Ga.rdl,on.
Nilw York
AfltT h .. dealh in 1919. lhe propeny
was sold and l\lb.divided. Mansion
w .... converled 10 a CounT'lI ChJb lor a
Shorl period, and 1933 "..,..,; used
bndly bv German prize Max
Sch","ns as II 'r""''''9 camp lor The
Bu. Schmeling h<!auy weighl
cllampionstup lighl
The Manor house _ /lCquired on
1969 by the Capuclun-Franciso:an
Friars lor IheSt STanioIMFriafy. While
115 interior "- bolen conwned to lhe
relogious orW, requirements. lhe
Friars I5OI4lt 10 presetve the !Usto""
herilage oithe which was named 10
lhe National Reglsler 01 Historic Pll>ces
in 1976.
In Mily. 19n .the Jefferson T 0I.'.'Mhip
Hostorical Society""" the Capuchin
SLAVERY ... C""fd From P"9" I
reflect lhe unslable circumstances in
which placed lhe black family
child .... n 01 slaw parenls """II
sold or tra",ferred from """ '-""""'" 10
anothet al homes became
overcrowded or f,lWlCe$ shaky.
AlII<) on dlspllly will be slaw bill!; of
sale, adverliMment& fo. County
runaWlly blacks, piclurC5 01 slave burial
grounds MId an 1806 pIllitioo from 2(1(1
County c,tllt'" asking r.,peaI 01 The
Abolition Acl 01 1804 T1w! acl, 1M
p"I1Tionen iosilIted, was unconsiiTIJ-
too ... because U look from lhem"a con-
siderablo: amount 01 !heir property"
(.vesl .... thout lheir tOfl5l!nT.
To introduce a JTIOI'\' dealistic: SIde 01
County lu$tmy, There will be in Theex·
hibl docurnmt$ andpicTures relating 10
The anl,'slaOf'fll IT1OYoenTWI in New
Jerwy. Jacob G.een, l--lanr:wer PNlSby-
leNn Church ""stor dunng lhe Revo-
IUlion, and Dr. John Grimes. a resident
of BoonIOn '" p<e·Civil War era, were
forceful leaders of lhe rnove.,.,..m in
New Jersey.
friars opoNOted II RmgI"'9 Manor
open house and c"",""""",'_
celebration, spotlighting The
assoclalion 01 R,ngting WIlh The house
and the otfic*dedic:ahon r:J The County
Rgadsde Millket.
T1w! Milnor IS kxaTed at 1 Manor
Dove and Berkshire Valley Road, Q..k
Ridge. II ..
by special an'a"gen""nl with lhe
CapuChln·frAnCiscan BroTher,;.
rn. arid • .. ,"" _'"'" .. 0 ...... to
<><q"""" tn. po.bIIc W'ln ,n. ,...,.",., """ 1M'
<M'P"" ,h. Couoly flO<Xl.i<h Mark.,
PORTRAITS ... Conr'd from p. 1
ncellerll of mid· 19th century
plHl.aitu.e The anisl, J. Hagroy. "'<\$ a
port.iI11 and oma.,.,..nlal p"mter. /lClive
beTween 1855-1876.
T1w! porl,a,l 01 JuSI>ce Parker. a gilt
of It,s family, lias be€n brooghl from
storage, and "'beled. He "'<\$
instrumental In preserving and
reSlOflllg the Coo"rthoUie in the 192(}'s ")
when it wu Ih,Ulened wlIh
rrptac:ement. "Ill served oW years on
The New Jel'sey Stftle Sup<m>e Court.
In addition to the oil painting5, a "'flIi'
black and whole pencil drawing 01 the
Courthouoe was presenTed The
f reehoklen by Chatham artisT Nancy
Holland al Ihe September 10
cnemony. The """Ich. drawn during
The past MlnYIIf'I", hangS '" !he front
lobby 01 the Courthouse.
What's New
St,lI ava,labl" Colonial and
Rl!IIOIulionory Morris County by
Theodore Thayer. TdII!phone or write
the lierllage Comrnis.m.
• ••
Dolan ,nd Deci$iono (tnana9'!meI1t
01 kxal hisloncallOCoel>eS) will be held
aT Counly College, Edison.
knuary 14
• ••
Through March. Morristown
Museum 01 Arts & Sciencu
"The U.,,;km:over SlOry." T eiephOlle
• ••
A new HistOrical Office has been
formed at P'cahMY Arsenol. ctAAlMg
H .. lorical Sources Prograrm and a
HlSloric Sites Preservation Program.
From The Desk Of The
Commission Chairman
September JO wM Moni. County
Court ho use Day in New krwy, by
proclamation of tl-oc Governor,
In Morristown, on the Green, tl-oc
JudiciaJv and elected of/ioals 9/ltherid
around p;lradoo tign$ paulted by
children in SdlOOlt
A chun;h bell tolled ten
and the Recruu Corps of lhe Morris
County Militiulepped into the weel to
Iud the procO!$$OOn to the from steps 01
lhe counhouse 0f10!pn1IIy c\edJcated
September 26, 1821_
Behind the corpe. came lho! Sheriff
and his Color Guard; paS! and prflol!nI
m(!mbers 01 100 Board of Coo$en
Freeholders; the spea.ker, Rep.
MIllicent FenwIck. R 5th D'SI,
clugymen; WiIie Smith.
aUlhor 01 a poem written for 1M
annlve.sary; Warden aNI Court
Mm.,istrate,; Medical E"""",IWI"$;
JUSIw;e of tf>e New Jcruy SuP'"eme
Court with Chief Juslice Richard J
;,cliw and .etrred judges;
Clerk and Surrogl"e; and
assislanls; Mor.ia County Sar
Association; Grand Jury ASllociahon;
and BoardolTa"",!!on, MembersoftM
DAR puled by oll\2r counlycitiu .... in
Pl'riod coslumes folb.o.oM. just ...
"sodenlS did 150 years ago_
P'octor, Art,lIery, Randolph
greeted ttoe marchers WIth
uplosrw volleys from a cannon
mounled on the courthousol lawn
Jockey Hollow Slamp Club members
sold commemorat ..... eaclwlS picturing
the buildingas it ISSG, Morns
County Honor Seout$, five \IOUfl9 men
and &.oe yourog WOII"Wn, distributed
" .....
Rev. Eugene Templeton 9'l1ll,' the
invocaloon. Fr.,..hokIer [)j,eclor
J, Burk/w-t led ttoe P\edgeofAlle9ance
10 lhe !lag, read 1M Gowmor',
proclam;!lJOn, and made introductions..
The, Chief JUltoce spoke of
rededical,.",_ Nalll;y HolI"nd presenoed
a draWl/19 oltl-oc buildingas a gift
S,mlh rec,t...! a poem 01
illlliee. how proud you sland_ • Rep_
rtnwd< IolIked 01 patriotism and
re&pOndHlity, and Rw. F Sanford
Culler concUded WIth the benediclion.
In the lobby, the firsl of more INn
200 cihzen voIuntee .. ,,"isted with the
c.,."......, "" """" 4
Restore And Classify
Old County Records
The cl.lS5.tM;"hon and restoral..,., '"
the "ncMlnt records ,n I .... Morris
County Clt-rk'$ vaults. under the
sull'I'fViI:ion of Henry W. J'kh, with I'"
coopnatoon of Counly Clerk Fr.onk
1i£adIey, has continued since OUr las!
Lnnination 0I1TIO$1 0/ our very old
papers and record books. by our
capable Austin Fayne. will
permit tho! future onspection and
COpyIng of lhe:se docunwnl. and
archM!!l OWhoul further dMnage_ The
laminatong process also 00"91' OUI tile
old ""npl and makes il more
As the old ""'I.m..l is sorled and
J..minaled. suitable birxJe-n; Me being
oblained by 1M County Clerk to
fulu:re handLng and to prevom'
ct..mage to or removal of COnlenIS_
As Ihos progre5S1!4. II IS
conlemplaled that" sUitable index, or
talend,)r, of both In. ancienl records,
as well as those currenrly., use. will be
prepared and .....0, available 10
interesled parties_
Noth,ng has bHn done to wilh
Ihe v.-st coUoclion 0/ books and
documenta /Otmerly hous.ed ,n In.
SufT09/Ile'S oIfice and now stored in
.... ullS in the County Pari< COIl"O"Jlission
building al 3(X) MerdIam Roact When
funds are ;wadable, the Henl_
Commi»oon plans 10 classoly and
preserve the IMlerioll...mw;h has histone
Select 20 Sites For
Historic Marlcers
T "",my hisloncal rOoldsocle markf11:.
chosen by the Heritage CommISSion for
its 1fJ77 program, are arriving at Ihe
COUnty 9'lrage and. barring IIdwrse
"",alher condilKlnl. writ be onstalled by
lhe Counly Road Department before
lhe end 01 IhrI year. The on-goong
market program, now in ils lhird yea.,
lnvolves sele<:tion 01 20 histone s,tel
Alter pnmatydocumenlalion
01 historical and architectural facts.
each site receivft a rflI and grey cast
"mlllIIm marker, be;mng the gOld
COUnty Coal 01 Arln$ ......-I a brief
summary 0/ lhe lillI!, ,ts importance in
hislory, and dales_
Sites chosen for the current ye .... are'
F .... AabytellOll Church. s..x_.
FIt"II Churrh 01 Chm""'"
T............". Ma<ioon; Samay HouM,
Mot""""", 101....".. SchooJ, MotoI\.oJJ.
Chulch. Rockawav; Tuille Hou •• ,
1-10_ T""""""",,. £osl
Acorn Hal. Momsr ...... ; 0..,
L.ody <II Mo<cy 000t»I. WIoppany, C ....
Mill. T.......w.p; _ HoIl.
Tho Bull...,." Tiff. I<onnobo.
HoI ..... u"OTV, &o.1lon. &nIino1 fIrtu.
Sliding. a,,,,k T C""'I",", Ringling
Manor, M.ton; fkd9<;.-F0$Ir Homnlrod,
Flo,hom Pd.k. d/
Momsr ........ Sbr ... ·• Mill. Riw>"doio, ond
,101, V......", School. 0""""",
The CommISSion, '" its selection 01
IIItel for 1978, will give sp!l(:ial
cOt'!$oderation 10 Iaote 19th and 20th
cenlury s, tes (particularly Ihose
Contn>r<l "" P""" •
Commission Gets
Display Case
For the l50th anniWfSilr'Y 01 the
the Heritage Commission
bCqulfed a glass display case to
manuscripts, documents, artilacrs and
photOgl'aphs relating to Morris County
History, lbe cau, kx:ated in the
Courthou.e lobby, will be used for a
series of rotation exhibits designed to
stimulate interest in the less familiar
aspects 01 Morris County's past.
At present the case includes
daguerreotyP"S of sewn persons
hanged for murder on the Morris·
town Green during the 19th century; a
pamphlet describing the trialof Antom.:
LaBlanc:, who axed to death Ihree
members of a family in 1833; a purs.:
aDegedly made of leBlanc's skin after
his e xecuti<.>n: the 19th u ntury ledger
book 01 the Sheriff docutn<!nting lhe
most frequest criTTWS of the era, and a
piece of the g<>lIows.
Olher ilems include original
"",Ierials used in the Courthouse
construction, ind...:ling nulS. bolts and
a bnckcaltper, found in the Courthouse
cupola on an exploratorv expedition by
til<! COMmISSIOn. Also an 18th century
bit and brace $imilar to that used to
bore hok<!; for pegs '" the budding of tho:
The Commission plan. future
e xhibits lllllStrating slawry in Morris
County, Indioln anifacts lound in
archeological dIgS, New Jerr.ey'5
colonial money "nd photogr.>phs Ih"l
highlight the tr;,ru;lormation of Morris
Countis landscape duringth .. past 100
M .... Jean O. Chairman
M .... Shamn M. Doremu5. V><:"·Chai"",,n
M .... Virginia 1\ Roo""y, SKre'a'1l
Or. Hen'1l Giron
W. Pilch
Frances O. Pingeon
Earl J. Whril"n<)U'
Alvin 0. GU"fM!oon, l"ioon
Freeholders Honor
n.e seven Henlag<! Commission
member. Mrs. Mary Chalfant,
AdminlStrat"'" Secretary, were invited
to attend the Board of Chosen
Freeholders' public meeling September
Freeholder Leanna Brown read
resolution honoriT>g the commissione",
by exlendiT>g lhe gratltude and
oj lhecilizen5 01 Morris
County for ajob well do"" in giving their
expertise in p'"?,,ratlOns lor the I50th
anniversary 01 I"", MOIns County
Coun HoUSE.
Frl!<'holder Brown presented each
member wilh a n-amed, signed COllY of
the resolution. AU Fre.-:holders wished
t"",m conhnued succllSS in future
endeavors. Also, a group picture ",as
taken and later
comm,ss>o,=::::,. ____ _
MARKERS ... Cont'd From Page 3
thr<li>tened with demucTion), s ites
refioctmg 1m, ethnic h"tory 01 the
County and tOO6e Morns Canal sites
which arc located in the County.
Anolher phase of the 1978 "",!ker
prOgl'am will be publication of a Morris
County Historical Roadsidl! Marker
booklet and map. The CoTTllTlir.sion "
cUTfently compinng ""'Ierial lor the
booklet, wruch will lisl the legends and
locations ol an sites marked to date. It is
scheduled for distribution in the spring.
Mini-Art Exhibit
To Open
A spinoff of Ihe lSOth Courthouse
AnruWl'Sary Art Show has bffn a tnJJ1,
exhibit hung in lhe hallway of the
County AdminiSlration Building. lbe
display, a joint uOOert aking of lhe
Heritage Commission anti the Buikiing
and Grounds Dep.lrtment, features
phatOgl'aphs of farmer Freeholders.
early views 01 CounlY property,
documents. and maps of Ihe
Morrislown /lfea.
Future plans call lar changing
hallway exhibi1S which wiD emphasize
both the County's historical and arlislic
DESK ... Con,·d From Pag<! 3
art exhibit. guided tours, and the pubk
reception. Master j<Klge$ 01 lhe Garden
Club of New Jersey provided the flOWol!r
ar"'ngemt>nl" Dunkin Donuts 01
Americ.l and 25 county women
OOMtro food.
Visito", saw Courtroom number
0"", IiI1Ie ahered $ince 1827; the route
taken by Seemg Eye Dogs and their
m;lSlers in lri'lining; the imide 0/
Juvenile anti Domestic Relalions
COUrtroom. and offK:es of the Sheriff
Posters "nd newslencrs announced
the event. Counly 1\eWSPllpef$, radio
and stalions, and
mag<lzmes covered preparations for
the event fOf .,..,ntho, and members of
t he Heritage COmmlSSlOn vIS,ted each
IQ "'VIle olrocials and
citilCns on behalf of the Fr"",hoIders
and Judic:iar'Y.
'm4e CllountlI Clli rcular
Morris County Heritage Commission
Vol 2, No. J
Exhibit Displays
Indian Culture
Indiana Iiwd in Morris County as
early as 7000 B.C. and a few remained
until tho. 19th <:entury. The
Whippanongs. tho! Rockawackt, tho!
Parsippanongs, the HoPlitcongs and
others """" all a<Jb.tnba of the farnouI
Lenni·l..enapi of New Jursey ..... ho were
them"')"". a ,ub·tribe 01 thB
Algonquins. Their pIac<! names iIlI ....
suNiYed and ",mind us 01 the al'lciomt
and lascinatmg cultu.. that once
existed Iwre.
Begin,q in Mioy, the Moms County
HeriI/o9O! Comm ,ion wi] Ij)OIlIOf an
,,><hhI oflndian artilac .. in the lobby of
the Court HouM on 10M from the
coIlectir;ln d. Arthur Peach, Jr. 01
Hanowr T ownahip, AI the ann.c ..
iIlIYe been found in Morris CGUnIy and
dar" from the arm.c perit>d wNch
began in 7000 B.C. to the m..men
Indiano left the area in the 18th c:cmuty.
Thew artQm bring to isht .-and
unlarri60lr hIcets of Indian cuI1 ....
Among the object. in the we
a $lone Laaoue ball in
leather Iound in Mynsvile, arockeror
f<II.IIlI" knife found in Pompton Plaint,
she! OTT>ilInmto; that ........ ......" on
Indian dlelts from FIorhiom Park and
net sinkers from Whippany.
I..acTOlee. ac:corc&.g to the Indian
scholar. Art""r Pl!lIoCh, _ a 1aYoril"
9/lme among the Indians and a popular
way of ... ttling dispute. inYoMns:
po!1'SONl insult, betu,wn tub-triba,
Indions woold..:>rrodllTlUplay I..ac;_
lor as long as .. u.wk be/on! they
decided upon the winners. When thl>
game UJa/I over, the llictorious l...Jiolns
ec.. ...... .,.,p.'
QI ir.cular
Morria County Reritaae Commlaaion
MQY ' 1978
hi" • i8.-.. YM """"' built .. Uillfi by.oro.. lao .. C ..... /tom doo9> by
_F._F.....-b ... ___ ._c ___ _
Crabtree Mansion
A Showplace
An IS-room mansion, complete ""th
French mMd, butler, and wiroe cdar is
no! a RImmI!r cottage by today's
Itandarda. Yel !hi:> ..... the dr;scription
in 1886 of a Wee-i+ vila, buit at L.ak..
!iopootcong for the nationally popular
1K:ITeIiI, Lollao M9>on Crabtree.
showpIac:e located in an
area do!veIoped by a hotel """!J'O't",
WiIiam Breslin, as ao colony for
millionaires. Anal T ry51 (lDtUo speDed
back_cis) WiU bWt by .. PhiadeIph;a
architect, Frank Furness, noted for the
Uniwrsity 01 Penn5y!vania u,raJ\I, and
Cape May, New Jeney homes. The
is consKIered one of the best
pruerv<ld and most original 01 F lIJTIe$S'
Sponsor Art Exhibit
in Waiting Room
For thepatt -...Irnonthl.,a9'OUp
0110 selected paointingl hal t:o.9>kned
the F,ee:lOOJIdoi.' .......mng room in the
Coun House AdnWust"'tion
The exl'obt """ organized by Bunny
TIl!rb' and Jewel Ryman of the MarTiI
eo...ty Art Association in ODOpn'atlOfl
.....th the Heritage CorrmiNion. The
group 01 oa., graphics, and _tom:;o!on
represento; the v.ukI of weII·known
local artisll, Menill Harvey, Brooky
Zaojac, Kathryn Black, Shi,l,y
Campbell, Ruth Randall, Henridta
Peterson, Elizabeth Cooke, and t..e.
The exhibit is thl> fir'lt of a Heritage
Commission·sponsored seriu
proYiding a iIhowcaH lor painting and
Roadside Markers
Being Installed
W""11'r snows, Spring polhoIq, and
OYltT-worked County Road
D.!PiUtment delaved placement of the
20 1'i77 Historical Roadside Markers.
work 011 the project iI now
underway, and aI markl!l"5 will be
_tailed shortly al designated IIOres.
0Nne .. , .....no plan marker dedication
uremor.es at indMdual sit ... may c.o
thclVrilage Commission (28.5..61911)
f<:..- information on the dates
signs will be ;ru51a.1led.
The Commission hal appr()Yed 20
611"" for the. 1978 Pl'ogram. Mar"", kw
theso! ".1\!:I4I'1! s.la.led for faldeMry An
In''''''llhQn of thc 1918 progrMl wi be
the purchase of. four County entflll'«
These markers, featuring
Iegeod. highlV.mg Mco-n.
County hislory, .... be pIaoed a'
.elected County bounda"",.
entrance aigns will be added
I>I!Xt year, '" thaI all importmr County
enlfllnc:", roads a ... r«ogniz>!d.
Sirn to be marked in 1978 indudr.
Church ol Aswmp.oon, Moo-r;.lQWn;
Bethel A.M.E. Church, Madison'
ClwIotteburg forge, Kinnelon; Lon.:
Crabtre", HOLlH, MI. Arlington;
Craftsman fllfTnS, Moms PIms;
Stiles House, Morris Plains;
Aorham Park ScllooI, Aorham Park'
fordvill. House, Whippany:
fre&nghuysen Arbomum. Ho_
TowmI>ip and MortiI Township.
Also Jewish Community Cent ..
Morristown; MOITis CaI\aJ Site, lin:oo;
Park; New Vernon Historic District.
New Vernon; Oclilgo
Boonton; RairOold SlOtion, Bocncon;
Port Dram 1>0$1 Offic:c. Wh.,rlon'
Seeing Eye Inc., Morris TO'.OiIlShip:
Moms County Entranc;e Sign,
County line; Morris Coo.aoty Enfl'ancct
sq., Pauoic Ca,mty line; r.tc:.-n.
County Ent.a...:", Sign, Jeffenon
and Passaic County line;
Morris County EntnlnC, Sign, Warrvn
County ....
Jnfonn.uion on the lour I"W marker
prOgram lIS legmdo, oites, and
addresses . ill being incorporatOO in •
bookkoVmap compiled by Herilaga
Sharon Domt..s.
The booklel, slaTed Itt early fall
will help lourislS, sdlOOl
groups, and r<!UlenlS enjoy Mom.
County'. hisTory and archiTectur""
CRABTREE. .Con •. From Pase 1
Tho .... _
"'Terior, a combi.
nation <:II Queen
An"" and Swiss
CMlel .r.:hiT"'c.
Tur"" fellu,,",s
dahs and • 9IIb1ed
porte-coo:na.. in-
side, " hands.:>me
..... alnul 51I1i' .....
lind massive caNed Slone fireplaces
domini>le the downstain,. Of particular
IIlTeresl, iI the biIiard room With Its
lIone block fireplace, deeo.atOO ""th
CUT glass ieweJs, gold leal, and in$cribed
.... th the lege:nd "18, Lotta· 86."
Lotta Crabrree's lhatrical debut
uranged by her ambitious mother'
Matyann, took place in • gOId·ruth
mmlOg camp In 1856. An Immediare hit
the eight'\IlIIIr old cIU:I begM a
thaI Spi!nneCJ 30 years, s."'ces5lu.i toun
of rninu-,g camp towns II!(! 0Yef 11M
yean 10 long ""9ll9llmentl in the
vaneTy halls of San
Hailed • 11M "GoIcIeo Girl of the
Well," she capr;.q.led audIto .......... th
her lornlooIe.y and Wnpish wit. TOp
billing on the N.,w York and London
stages fimVy established the banjo.
piaV1"9 as II NOtional
favonte. By the 187Ot, the 5'2"
redhNd's papulanty ruched a fn=y
10 IMI reso:rved for to<!ay'1
rock ltal'l,
Lotta GIIptured the heart. 01 """'Y
male adlh"as, R:hdng the Grand
Duke AIo:M. <:II RUSSIlI. who
he. ""th diamoods. But she never
Retimg in she dMded her lime
be-.. a YorI< apo"mmt and
her ornately furnished lake
horne. A Ilamboyant Lona
delighted in IIoubng convenr;.,,;. She
startled local residents .",;u, ankle
skins, and llpomcl\ant for long
black cigar.. Owing the Rlmrnet
months, ttwalrial friendl! and local
sociew were entertained al Anal T rysr,
Pool in the biIbard room. 00..;0 playing
in the fI'IUI>ic: room, and cruiH& on lake
Hop.,tcong in Lotta'. 9I'udy 51..am
yachl "."'. frequen1 pastimes.
Spending lea time in laler years al
her .umrner COIIIIgIe, lofta rvnled tbe
IIiIa around 1902. During It. period,
.... ,OCreas«l herconsiderabiot fomme,
amused during her stage career, by
shrewd mvestments in real «Mate
Furthe. fame and 6nanciill 5I1CCU6
What's New
On May 8, Easl Ha.noo.oer and
Parlippany.Troy Hill ...... ill be
celebrating their SOth Anniwrsary
SUlCI!! withdra""ng from HallOWr
TCIWnII'Jip 1928.
We'OJe 1TIO'o'ed! Our new IIdcbas is:
The Morris COunty Heritage
CommlS6>On, Cultural CAnle., 300
Mendham Rood, MolTillt"""", New
Jersey 019150. T,ltpool'le (201) 28S-
6198. Meetings art held lhe setond
Mond/Iy at 9:30 lI.m, (",cepl /0. July
and AUSU5t).
On May 'n a1 10 1I.m., the Boonton
KiwMio wiI pIKe a maritcr at the
Boonton I.on ..... orks. Data ..... as
prepared by the Boonton Hililorical
The commissioners "",ed 10 IUppOrI
State Senat.,.. Jo&eph Merino', Senate
Bill , 447 10 establish a cabinel-level
Depo"ment of Cultu.aI Affai.. but
would lik'. tile word "Heriiage"
II1COrpOflrled D'I samt.
The Slate Historical r"IItW$Ietler
recognu:ed the Marker Program in its
Febnwy ISSUe.
came WIth tbe 0II0'I'Ietship of one of the
country', finer racing stables at
Atlanti(:, MassachuSI1UI. Racing under
Lotta', ailks, her t!"OCters u.on top
purses ., the early 1900&., and their
owner e¥r>ed a reputation as the
"Queen of the T uri."
$4,000,000 fortune., tl'\l6t to
chanty. Tc:day ITIOrley hom the estate
IXlfltmues toassilt desltluleacton. war
\ll!!ter_, young farmers, discharged
conVICts, and girls pUrlUing II rnusio:aI
Lotta's pIac, lake Hopo.tcong
hisfory has been 'ecognized
\IIIth tho! inclusion of her hou", in the
Mr. Arlington Hisloric dislrict. Mrs.
Sharon Doremus, c:hamnan <:II the
Moms County Historical Roadside
Marke. program, has announced that
the hOUM has allo been 10
rec ...... a )978 County marker.
The Crabrree Home, 13 Ecigeuoe,e
A""""",, Moomt Arlington, is privately
owned, and IS not open to the public.
nm_ ..... _ ... __ .. __
.............. _--_ ...
From The Desk Of The
Commission Chairman
Jean D. Socolowski
It hal bten one 01 my Commis6ion
responlJ;Jililia lind II privilege to
present OUr .!ida progrlllTl$, Idlins the
story at "Colon '-111 nd R.....,lutionllry
Mom. COIJnty" to and
picture. of the historic situ in
the historiclll roadnwker program.
wring the audimct know tnat the
program iI madr!I p:abIe by the
FreehoIdetl, 1he citizens lief! their tal<

I find and
greal interest, and learn 5OIT",thihg
new, It lOllY be aboutt .... Moms Canal
and the people wbo Iiued and lWrked
on itll>ariQ and barga., llbout Ringing
M/InCIr ..t.ere child....., used to play
among I .... circus wagonI, and hl5loric
familia, or about ehun;hea and their
growth, I t",ve the guest 01
hi,torieaI lOCillia, church singles
-..;lub5 and couple$ c1ub5, Nsh school
""tory W-, a.mmtary !iChooIs,
Clubs, The iAaguc 01 Women V01ns.
PTAs, lhe Grarge, Newcomers.
Women', a .... , OARs, Rotary Oubs,
and a IOCiety 01 CIwmiea[ Elog;. 0!\Ei5.
Pem..,p., the inltrelf in the market
program iI best ............00 .., by the
"Tlwonk nota r«eiwd from:
Juli£1 RemIIy, Mom. Knolit Hq,
&hooI SluOmr,".. thllt ac::tuaDv
lO!<Iingand hearing about OUr heritage is
much....,., "<l:Iuabiot than just readingit
out at /I teKIbook," And Constance
u.ne, Dire<:tor 01 the ROKbury Public
library, wrote, "m- cleo being II
for a iong.nm. resdents, the
display hal hooed the appetites at /I
host 01 borrowen lor rroorc local
history. We look forward to the neKt
<IrW, and all fulW'C bans from the
I-iomu.ge CommiIoion With the great""l

The pOrtable toldins SCreer. lOllY be
borrowed on requesl and ... been on
ex.hbt in the Moms MlJSOIUTIl 01 Arts
r"nd Sciences, Boonton Chamber 01
\ .:o.,o"e,,,,,, County !Jbrllry, local
libraries, W-"'ngton', Headquarters
museum, lind may cu .... nlly be &I1<'rIat
lhe Knoll Club in Parsippany·T roy Hills.
Display screen. for 1976 and 1977 MU
wi!! 1000 be
County College
Adopts Book
Laost fall, the Hislory DePilrtn>mt 01
the County College of Morris, !Idopted
the book, "Colonial aOO Revolutionary
Moms County" by 1loeodor.. Thayer,
as orot! 01 the radinga .... ogned in the
Thi, book ...... originally
«OIIII'Oission by the F,eelddot" 01
Moms County 101' !hi Bicentennial, ...
0I'dl-r 10 further the residents
with the _oneal background of the
Accorcing to Dr, Hen.y Citron,
Chairm.n of thl H,"ory .nd
Government Department at the
the aoo... book ... 9wn a
local dimenaion in the study of Colonial
""""" .
Profeaao. Barry L Dutka, Itoe major
Iac::ulty member in the 1leId, upressecl
the feeling thlot studonl$ are ""'Y
enthusiastic about the book beca...., it
Ien<:k itself to historicaIlamiIiarity that
othe, .. lie is not aVilliabiot 10 studml$
$Iudyong a in coIoniIII history,
ProfeMor Dutka further pOinted OUl
thaI the book hIod been widely
purchased by students not taking !hi
coww, wbo hIod seen it dispiayed at the
It's aIoo interelting to note IhiIl ,he
initial printing hal been widely sold in
the 39 municopalilin 01 Morris.
Ther. is a promi!ll! that lhe book will
be required reading for at least one
more seoneater in Septlmber. It can ':Ie
..... 'ained at lhe colltqa, local libra"".,
01' tto.. offict: at 300 Mendham Road.
Commission Acquires
1887 Maps
The Hllitage Commission has
ac::quired lor the County fove framed
rnaps cI Mom. County lownshipslrom
Robinson', All. 01 1887. They are
Randolph To .... nship, Jefferson
Chatham, Pi'rt of Boonton,
and Montvillo! and Boonton Townships.
The h90Iy decorllti\.oe "'l1lI» show the
Moms Canal, lo.ompika, old churches,
and local induJtrio!s.
EXHJ8IT .. Con, 1
photography collecnon. at County Art
Associations, and Hitlorical Societies.
The nli!xt uhibit will be PT ....... Ied by
the Morris Audubon Sociooty
July J Seplember IS. Futunng
grapI-Oc:t. .vod photographs 01 wildlife,
and pi,mll r\ilt .... 10 the area, it wiD
highlight the Counly's outdoor
County groupI wbo WIIh to KheduJe
future eld\ibns may o:ontact Exhblion
Co.Chaonnan Mrs, Sharon Dorem..s
and Dr. H,,,,ry Cilron I' the Heritage
Ca,o' ission oIfoc.t (285-6196).
Teen Arts FestivaJ
There will be /I New Jersey Stale
Teen Arts Festival on Ju,,", 6, 7 and 8 M
lhe MiddJeseK Coonty CdIege, Edison,
which iI open to the pubic at nocharge.
"" .
INDIANS. Cont. F""" F\ge I
mIght rightfull\, claim certain
po$'"'ionI 01 the 1oMn.
Roc"'" or tqUaW I<rdw. bdonged to
Indian wc;lfT"IaI <Moo used them to cut
mal. Accoodil'!llo legend, ,he 6QOJIJ .....
knite Will very dull for Indian men did
no! WIsh 10 take chances with lheif
Shell ornaments, painT pot. and
othe-r c\«or.I;'" obie<:I. the
Indiion loY. d color and
The !'HIt sinkers from
ttislonan Arthur
the 'mporuu'OCe of tho! Whippany Riwr
to the Morris C<Jo.mty IndiaI'I &fe.
The rrIIIny other IIrtif/ICts 10 be
displayed _ 10
&kin ar.d fisImg arrows depict
the Ity\eI of II pre-agricullural
A map 01 MooTo. County with IndiIJ,n
situ heIpot the viIolOl" idmtiy the 40
obje.;\.11 on Almo.I all the
towroshipl in lhe county will be

In addition 10 the map, II translation
01 all the: [r>diar!......u in the county.
cQml!iled by Mr. "-'t., will beavailable
in the HeTilage Commiosiorl offICe.
Student. may WaIII 1o know th/It
SucC/I6UNIII meant ",he place 01 the
black .'one" indicating tN.! Indians
........ __ of ii, rich iron resourttS;
thlll WhiIll)al1V _I "the place of the
wild and Poeahontas!...aM, "the
$ltarn be1woem the
The goal 01 u.. exhbt iI 10 stimulate
"teraf in Indian hiItooy ard culture
and promoIt know\rdge 01 this
m.,t...,ay obKute perod of Morris
County hiuory. The Heri! ..
ComrrOuion enoourag£!! 5tudm15 or
M ... Jan O. C'*""-
Mrs. M. DorotnuI. V",e.c_
Dr. HeN)' Citron
tt..my W. Pilch
Franca O. PI_
brlJ. Whrile ........
P.tric;" J. M.ynard, FRehoider Liaiaon
Historians Start Work
At Cultural Center
Thankllo CErA funds, two y<lOJ,,£
historians are worki"!l in the records
",,,.It at the Cultural Center, 300
Mmdham Road, where 1,600,000
p.!IPtI'J from lilt Sulftl9/lte's Office,
Orpharl'. Court minutes, Voting
Recordt, Book. 01 Will, and Shedf'a
re<:OrdI, datmg to tt.. 17OOa, wi8 be

Over It.. these 'ECOio:!s.
other tnte<nled Pi, .... to teItp/",, *
or villt the olli« for further
Mrs, Ff'iII'ICeS 0. Pingeon. Morris
County ;.
"'lI"tUinS the exhbt.
d"", ";;
For three clav-, Commissioners 01
the Heritage Commission, Earl
Whritenour, chai ..... n of the CErA
Proj«t, Jean Soc:oIa.r.rski, Commiosion
chairman, and IWnry P\lch, int<!Mewed
qua&fied appIieants, vJ.o could work
alone, had good .........
..... LeriaII dotica!e/y, and urde,stuod
PlItril;k Donol'io, Rockaway, and
o"VId Mitro., Chesler, .........,
Pat , . graduate 01 FonIham with.
Fme Art., earned his Masten in
t,nttuopology at the New School lor
Social R_rch. o"VId, whoatarted his
forrMl education at Manis County
CoIege, ftnithed with a degree in
Hittory al Monttl""
Job trainmg will i"""""" use of
mi"olilm, filing, tnduing ('In '
cataloguing le<;M"lues. All this ..
poUibIe because CErAprovided /undo
to rearoze a program that I.UOI.IId have
tlOI been al thlo time.
Slavery Exhibit
The exhbt on IIIawfy and bIitd<
I-osIory in the Court House lobby has
attracted marry Yi&itors and sewraI
iaOJOfabie artoclea in local newsp.:!per5.
QIountl;! Ol.irc:ulnr
Morris County HeritC'lge Commission
Vol. 2, No.2
The Morris Canal
- bo- S/Iotoo 0."..,..
Inlriguing Iraca of the Morris ea.....t
bnglrr thrOUghout the County ..... It. only
a few wat..mtled IIrl!tcha remaining.ln
Vltwion, a c;ammunity retaining muct.
of lIS early small town flavor, a
piclUresque Metlon of I .... canal lias
surviwd. He!e walking I .... dirt lowpatt.
"'beroe tilt 5ITIOO1h·1\owing Wloter, the
""';tor ca.n llisuUu rugged canaIboa!
al the I ..... of their barges,
puled along by plodding rrWes.
But ;. only pari of tho.
Mom. Canal "0Il'- The canal was a
\OIO'I'Iting of I'MIy 19th century
industrial tran.portation. At 1 .... 1 limo!
the iron indUItry, t .... 1w:l<bone of the
economy in New Juny and
paniclJ,l"rIy Morris County, fe. on hard
Iirra. lnereuing det>Io!tion of forests
101' charOOlSl fuel drMtica.Dy curtailed
opf'llltions of iron forgn and furnaces.
In 1824 a tlCt waspassedin
New Jusey empowolring too Morris
QlnaI and Banking Company, a group
of pn"ale ,malor"
belWeen lilt and Passaic
riwrs. The canal'. goal to bnng in
anwacite from Pennoy\vania.',
I...eh9t Valey to the iron
induf;lry, and Qny out indusoiaI
products and farm produce to markets
in New Vork and
Ccnstruelion of the canalwas, at the
Iim!, an .ngoneenng....ondon. A series
of 34 loeb and 23 inclined planes were
"""luiIt to owrcome I .... mall\! cI!anges in
.de<talion as the canal crossed the stale
from Phillipsburg 10 Newark. The canal
WM 102.15 miIeI in If'ngtt., r"", feet
deo-p, and lilt enrire trip from start to
Conr"""'! on Poeo !
Morris County Heritage Commission
Publish Historical
Marker Guide
"A Guide 10 His/oricel 0/
/>form Counl}l,N I .... norwe51 He-ri13ge
Commiision sponsored publication,
has sone 10 p.-ess. The 2O--pagIi'
iIIustraled booklet, \/Irillen by
CommiI&ioner SIwon Doremus. lists
80 County I-dtorical madPde marke-rs,
In.;r Itge"ds, and lhat OOllon$ bo,I
""un;cipa!ity_ Market SOles 1 .... 1 .... w
Naloc.onal or New Jerso;,y
Re!JSleJ 01 Hia!Oric: Places Stlllu5
noted, lIS are 1>1" ' .... 1 ""' OPI'" '0 the
public. An addilional feature IS a 1oId-
001 Il'WIp which wiI t.eIp molorists
wle lhe mart«.,.. in geographic
... -
The bookie! lias been written in
response to many for an
eominl>od "" Poeo 3
No .... mber • .D.!eember, 1978
Early Newspapers
Informed Public
_ "" Fran<ft D "'-
Newspaper. were \ .... only medium
01 mIIH communicalion in early
America. and " ill easy to im<Igme tile
fl<Clleme-n1 WIth. wl!ict. they """"e
greeted by t .... inhabitants of the tiny
vi\agtI whetl I'nOIft Jerseyrnen iwd
once a _k and drivered bo,I
young boys on hl:>rRback known ...
I'o5tndert, thEM lour joumlIls
broke the ledium and lonEinessof runs!
liflllAwre or noIhing was known of
II-.. ouuoclol world.
NewspaptH then did not report local
"""'" • goHIJI Quickly f'nOI.llt! bo,I
word ol moult. . but It.eydid describe in
great deptt. lroe grandeur ewnts I .... t
werl tral'llpirins in Europf'iIIl counlries.
r.eall!d dll!balU on moral issues of I ....
ConI.....,. on Poeo 2
• , .... _Con!.4. F ..... P>IIO I
dav like alaveTy and, 01 CourM:. IIw
,,,omellIOOS devdoprnmts 01 the
American Revolution in which New
Jcrsq< was 110 Un\U the
RCIIOIution N..w Jersey had no
new$pape.oI its own but had to ,ely on
tM sporadic deliveries 01 p..'Iperi from
New York and PtWadelphia.

Moms Counry'so!dest newspaper and
\he only 0IlIIit IMI ,,><isle<! III northern
New Jersey a..r;"g !he RevolutIOn, the
New ..rc.uv Journal founded in
Chatham inFebruary, 1m, theM","",
County Heritage CornrtUsion will
sponsor an in the Court HOU5II
IoobbII of ok! county OWWSp..'lperi.
Among tlwl tI9:>!ights of the ""hlbo! will
be an urIy copo; oI1he /amouI Journal
ponied on p4pI!T made from inen nogs
whic:h hall turviYed IWO cent\lna.
S/wpafd KoUoc:k, tho! Editor 01 the
Chothorn Journal, began hi'
newspaper wilh the InthufOulic
support of George W.hinglon ...n.:.
..... '"11<1. "camp preso" 10 inform both
civilianl and conlin<mtal soldiers 01 the
p"ogrus of !he American Gause.
Riu''l!i'IOtI'S Gazette sU\tiorwd in N..w
Vork """" flooding New Jrney with
news favorable to \he Sritilh and ,\ w.w
in rftpon$fl!tothisthollKolockNtup
ru. pra. in Chat ......... The Nftu..k1"Mll
Journal. ¥COrding 10 histonan ..Ic:Ihn
was probably Arnnica'i
firsll\l.tlonal newspaper as rt _set up
to NNe II oational "teresi, the
Chatham in 1779 was an ickaI
Ioeation lor the newsp..'lper. Altl\oo.dl
\hoi! town had only 24 h(:ruses, It was
protected from u.. Brit"'" army boJ the
Short Hik and yet it was Milo'
10 IpJ on British and
activihn. The cir<:uIi>liQn of the p"p""
inockJded no! only Morrio County bul
M,ddlue". Essex, Monmouth,
Somerset and Sussex,
Kollock deliberately uted his
Chlltham paper as !Ill instrurnmt al
to glorify the American
RcuoIuhon and to generate OP'"""'"
and enthusiasm among the and
of New Jersey, H;a lICCounlS
helped the coiaPM 01 mariOle
dI.Jrq the cWl<er days 0( struggle
Ho! reguIa:Iy irlIofmed the. pubic: 0(
Bnt.. desertions, atroclhft w'Id
deleall, During the w,nur
encampment, 1779-1780, when the
army in Jockey Hollow bauered by
winds and ho!avy 5fIII'IW and weakeoed
by hUllS"f, diseaso! and lack 0( sheiter,
KoIIock'. rotW:$piiper a01llOUflCfld "that
Tho MomI one! 0wJ ___ st.p,wd KoDodt', "' .. """" IIIChoIhom.!he", 01......,..,., ..... 01
.... a.._ Jaurnoi." 1m. n-","" _....- todooy.
our arm,! is abundantly supplied with ---,
every prOIJision and OIher fll'Ce5Sity to
rroake a soIditr'. lili! IolIOfth living.
F...anc:iiIIv, the Journal survMd
subscrip60ns a\IO!lagi"9 two
doI\ar$ • yu •. Irom the
Continental army and •.
Issues of the G",iuf oJ Lnerrv, the
Pa/lodilUl'l 0/ Liberly and other early
Morris Coo.onty will also be
in the display, TheM paP£fS relle<:t the
......., avid interest in wropean _
and in American Mtional Mfairs lhat_
""" in the JoumoI.
ConlalijJOiiltY iswes of the Daiy
ReGard and the [)roiy JoomoJ 0(
Eliutbeth, .he dacendlint of the
Chatham Joumol, will show thl!
dralTllltie (:I\ange in the presentation of
_ from tholn to oow. RIIdk>,
.elev\sion and ITI()<Jie$ plus an enormous
growth in JIOIlUlalion, haw forced
modem newspapers 10 find new
techniques to allll,,;t the public.
The MOrTll County Heritage
\1$ !p-1IIUde to
the Chatham H"torical Sociorty, MR_
Merritt Van SW:kk Budd, and to the
Morristown and Morris T lIfIIII'IShip FI'C1!
Public Uxary loaning their
!'>l!\<IspIIperlto the Commission and for
their help wilh the uhibit_ [t will be!Pn
00 N<Mmber 16andwillbeopentothe
publioc from9a.m. to 4:30p.m. Moroday
throo.og. Friday
Name Socolowski
Jean Socolowski, Historic
Commisaion chaorman, has been
elected chairman of the New Jersey
Association 0/ County Cultu.,.[ and
Heritage ConvnissiorII.
Tho III, ..... 01 """''''11_0 .... " Mf'd
_oo.d _...., to !he
Plan Slide Talks
Tht Chatham Historical Socie-ty d
bring to conwnunity WOUPI aJS.minute
aide talk on Shepard KoIodt, 6e:ry
editor and rebel printl!f, at no f;Q5i
except lor trawling expmaft. The
Neuhhrsey Journal, only northem
JeTKy paper durirlg the R<l\lQlutiofl,
_ print.,.! in. Chatham. lind the 200th
Anniul!l'$ary of the founding of the
Journal will be celebnt"'! on Febnwy
16, 1979. For informIInon, telephone
Mn. WiIiam Decker. 635-9173.
Slide Shows Available
Narrated Slide: Presentations of the
early history of Morris County and
Historic Sites are ""allablf! from the
Herilllge CommissiolL

Gibbons Crystal
Given Drew
Mrs. Charla C. OelmoricQ d
Morristown." direct descendcl,\ oltt.
GiIbons Iarrily which built the rnanIion
tNt 5eI'\Iti as Drew U,wersit,ll
Idninisrnbon buiIdins. has
the UnMrsiIy with a dozen pieca 01
original cry.,al In SlaiM' and
decanlera, logeltler .... ilh Ille
journaol and
01 Wiliam Gibbons /cIr thc
Yf"U'I 1850-l852.
Also included in her sift ___
miAccllaneoui books and
among them a Bible IMI belonged 10
ClOt of WolUmI' daughters, CaroliM,
and tho! Mne6I records of fran!<
Lathrop, " MMison man who married
another dilughlet, Isabel.
The papers documented Gibbons
Family connections with a do:zln major
American historical /i!JUf<" from
George W"ohington to President
Andrew Joh,..."n.
Plan Artifacts Exhibit
of Imn Era
To bnr,g 10 lhot anenlioon ol the
public, lhe major role 01 the iron
industry in Moms Count!.' history. tile
Herit"9" CO"., 'n''J'!l will Pfeterll an
e>d\ibn 01 iron MtilKti baned from
VdIage and the Iron
Assoaation beginrung 11'1 Man:h in 11M
Court Houso! lobby.
Samples al iron ore mined in lhe
northnn ... of the County, pig iron
and old will be in the diIpIay
-.. Guiok....Cano·c!- f""" "- I
1f'IIItTI\Ofy 01 sita rnarl<ed by the Com-
mis5ion in the pUt 4 yean. Mrs.
Doterro.s said tlw booklet a.o be
obIaIned '" the eomnu...on offlce,300
Mendhitm Rd .. MOITiI T ""P. Pmtedin a
CIDfIWnIE1lI .- " 9" "'Il, it ita t.ardo,I
rEkrence for pel$Olll wWUng 10 driw
past historic "ruelll,ea, dittri<;t5 and
Marker pIa.ns In 1979 incluo:k pIKe-
men! 01 addillonal County
r S9Is at County border location&. Re
&eIIrch ia aloQ uno:lerway to locate
lustorical $ites with COIJnlY and local
$igni6cance in Dovilr, Me Olive.
NeiC""9, Omvllle, VICtOry Gardens,
and Mountam I...akes
Can.al"_Cono·d F1<Im Pogo t
finish. took five dayo:. Between 1826 and
1831 over UXXl men. primarily Irish
immigrants. worked On ils
coostruction costs when the
canal Opened in 1831 wereS2.I04,413.
The hirlyed boaucarritd iroroo«.beer,
whISkey. bricks, .....:xxI. manure. lime,
.wi hay III """& as c::ool The canal
reached it. ,",rio<! of great""t
ptOIperity from 1&\().1870 during the
Civil War. But h9> speed
raiIro.dI mcrOllOChed en the Canal',
co"."trce. and " ultimatEly became
obsolete .. tt.. early 1900's.
Moms County's with
this "'lIS calSide>abIe. The
ide.a d a canal to promote industrial
commm:e origi!'\llled with a prominent
Momstown bustoes5 man, George
PeTrot MaccuDoch, in 1822. As lin
original canal commission!!r.
Mac:culloch was the drNing force be"
lund the I>ICce5Sful cOfl'll)letion ol the
Wilte......ay. During the canal', working
yean, about one third d its Ier>;!lh lay
within the County borclers. as did 16
locks and 13 planes. The
highest eleYation of the canaI's enbre
rotIle W/IS rlMChed alLake Hopatcong,
914 fellt above sea lewl. And the lake,
then known !Ill Great Pond, also
utiized all II for the canal

As commerce grew on the canal, 80
did II culture around the people who
ived and WOI"ked thell!. In July, l86O.
Mogo.rine rnoraized that
canal people ........e like a
-dnnkmg, sweanns. riotOUSC11!Ul: and
lamented that the boatmen WIth their
flImilia were, "huddled together in lII\
eight foot Sp.ilce, breathing an
atrra:phe.., lIIt\m!.ted wrth W:t and
n'.liOilillity." V", the iilImO! artio:.Io:
poeticaly conckoded thaI the scerwry
III seom from a barge """"
one of, '"oingular beauty and
fucination .. the Sucasunny PIainoo
being onoo d tt.. rroo.t beautio.oI d the
roumerowo valleys d the
rome has mellowed the stories about
the boetmen and their colorful
INeIihood and today the lore of the
symboIi_ a slower-paced
lite amid unspoiled natura/settings..
The Morri. County Heritage
CommisoJion has placed historical
roodaioX markers at three the
Silas Riggs House, in l.edgewocd, the
Port Oram Community in Wharton,
and a stretch d open waterway along
Art Association
Plans Exhibit
Ushemg in the fall 0IelI80Il al the
Courthouse Administration Building;,;
a selected group 01 paintings po'nmtm
by the ()oI.oer At! Associlihon from
15 through January 3111
The coleclion is the IaWt .. a
continuing serics 01 uhibihon.
sponsored by the Moms County
Heritage Commll$lon. Changing
collections d Countyart, photography,
and historical are presented
periodically .. a CommiNion po'oject to
bring art to !he Courthouse complex.
The e><hibillOn featu .... oilt. pastels,
and n.. an;,11 areaD area
radenls who combi ..... aft !Ill a hobby
and vocation. Wonter \ilncbc.apes by
Beatrice Cooper and T 00IClI English
create a SoeIISOnIll mood. The v.o:orlls of
Carolyn Swam, Lynn Vergano, and
Nancy Backer, well known
watercolori$u. are a contrast in
delicacy and color. Harriet
Kelmo,BowanWole:y,atU . byElila
UigIo, lind a charming pastel by
Hennyanne Pearsall complete the
The Dove-r Art Auociotion, in ill
40th year, meets the fourth FTlday
..........mg 01 evtry month at the Dover
YMCA, and gue,ts are always

The exhioit hu bctn arrMged by
Hmnyaone Pearsal, President, Dow..
Art Assonaoon,andSharen Doremus,
Morris County Heritage Coo'.1 - ,ion,
on cooperation With !he Mori'iI County
Builcings and Ground. [)epartmmt.
(}rgaroizjjtions who lire .. t..rated In
amlroging future e><hbta in the
Courthouse may call the ofIice at 28S-
6198 for further informahon.
CourtOOuse ""rsonneI and tho! po.obk
are invited to VISit the show Monday
tloro!qo Friday. 9 a.m. - 4;JO p.m.
Route 202 in Towaco which "e.......oat
reonindfm d by-gcne days on tt..
Morris Canal. (F_ WIIIIobIo.)
(This o,lielt! is the four,h in" Hries
designed 10 acquaint the P"b/ic with
the historic $Iler thor temp.. the
Roodsick Historicol Morker I'rogrCJm).
From the desk of
the Chairman
The 0( the sympoSium
pIlIrmed lor May 10, will be the french
contribution to the
Rewlulion. for it was on IMI dale in
1780 that the Marquis de L>iayene
alTMed at the Ford with news
01 more Frenc;h tupp<>rI.
AI thlot lirrc, the Bicentennial
cekbrallon of the 1119·1780 winter
enc.vnpmeni 01 the Continental ArTny
at Jockey Hollow ";1 be held..
Fativltia will be!Pn Dec..mber I, the
01 Washinglon's IlI'1iYal in
Morri"own. Washington
Auoc:iation and the Morristown
Natoonal HisIOncal Park As.soci&lion
head the lilt of
Siro;tI QU. lui the County Park
ComrniWon dedicated
the property and Neo·Gothlc home
built by the grandson of Paul Revoe:'e
and given to the Park Commission by
Mi!4 Caroline FOOIle., as lhe /irst liuing
form muse\lm in the stale of
Jomey. Then on Septl"!l'lber 14, the
Boisaubin t.W>or HislorX; Preservation
Enement wu Ihe /ir$! such
to be accq>led by !he-
SIlote <:A New Jerwy Historic Tn,w.
Last December. anangements ....... e
by the """""s oIlhe historic
in CllIl!hIIm Township to haw
th" New Jeuey Conservation
Foor.cIiotion ao;cep1 an <>pm liP"Ce
easement The FOl,lndalion then
M ... , D. Socolowski, Chairman
Restoration of Old Morris Court Records
Uncouers Papers Dating to Early 1700's
!Iv IWIoy W I'!Idl
The too1ins. wmwoting and binding
of ancient court reco.ds eonlinuoes
under the capable Iww:b of Austin
Fayne and the COOPIlI"Btion 0/ County
As 1\ twritl9l Commisslo.....,..J found
among the rTIIIny historic papers tucked
away in boxes, one from the late
1700'1, which ltalU that Ziba Arnold.
negl>liat.,! the tornns 01 the iIgr""""",1
10 t-. the land and buildings
trans/erT.,! to the r-+.> formed
Historic TruA.
T_ exe,hng historical days havo!
t-n thelllUl.-ury of the discoYe.yol
the tdegraph al The Speedwed Vdlage,
and Ihe syrTlp05rum 01 celeb.ation for
.... Ione Mead Hafl, administration
building for the D...... Universily
The Commission has been
by the Slate Historic
Pr ..... lVl\Iion Office and the County
Office 01 Community R""""rch and
Develo;)pn-..nl to serve III caretaker lor
lhe rl!O"l"lO\Oed from the tool
of lhe Quak« Meding House,
The Slilte Department oITourism IS
updaling lb information and has been
working .... tIl US to li&1 pOints ol interest
to visill)r$ in Mor,.. County. If II"" have
S<J!BI!SIiQns, please Ie1 U$1mow.
being confined to the MorTis County
Gaol (jail) conlriYed to make his
l'$Ci!II"!. Approaching a fdow prisoner
who had t-n lenteoced to be kung,
Arnold said, "Why don'l you set fire to
the jIIil, ,nd in the excitement, we may
bolh ueape. If you are caught. it will
make no ditf\!Teoce, because you aJe
already doomecIto die.'" Somehow the
pIol wu diIcovered, and the attempted
Another SlOI'Y wu in 1775 ...men
&me Maoy ..... convict.,! oIlar"" ...... 1n
the oltho5e days, ""The IMt.
having plead guity to IUs indictment,
the court giYt! judgt. lhat he be taken to
the ptlblic:k ....n;wir'lg Post between the
houri 01 One ard Four 01 this day and
there 10receiYe thirty nine Lashes on the
00. blICk, welloidon that hebe taken
tken« to theGaol (jail), there to .emain
1m next Fl)day when he is to be carried
tkenc:e to VJhatnung rl£ar The store of
[leSrTlllyne & Co. and Ihere 10 receive
thirty nine more 1ashu on his back
thence 10 be rtlumtd 10 the 5d Gaol
(jail) and there to rttMin tiD the fees are
lhere are many iRstances 01
wh4lPin9s reported in the Court
MinuTes. _ lIlUOIving worroen .....-.0
had IIrayed from the. 0I...irtue.
Plan History Symposium
A history symposium will be held
Dec. 2 allhe State House, Trenton.
'lllije Olirculnr
Morris County Heritage Commission
M ... , Sharon M. Dorem .... V..:eChainnan
Mr.. Virginia K. RooMY. Secretary, EdiJor
Dr. Henry Citmn
Henry W. Pikh
Francu D. P;ngeon
Earl J. Whritet>OlJr
Patric;" J. M"'lI""rd, Freeholder Liaisct1
1101.3, No. 1
A Tale Of Two
By Sharon Doremus
TIley're the on/y ones in Morris
County. Oppo.lte uch other on
Cornelia Street stand Boonton'. two
Octagon houses, the only surviving
e><amples in !his County 0/ a popuJa,-
I'MI century architectural flld. Sturdy
and symmetricoJ, tIw$e 8-
sided lmuses of concrete 51"9
construction topped with Octagon
cupolas leU a dual story 01 history and
houses al 211 and 224 Comer",
Street were buill around 1854 by Garret
Richards and Nathaniel Myers,
oailmakers at the Boonton [ron Works.
Earlier in 1851, unemployed after the
failure of the Iron Company, tlvl two
!KNfI!I men returned to former
hometown, T"lY. Nrw York, seeking
work. Enrou!e they traveled through
the pictUT""<I"" Hudson Valley, where
th.,.,. saw many e><amples of II new
architectural.tyi<:, tile OclilgOfl II"""".
In 1853 Ric:hards and Myers returned
to their jobs as nail-makers at the re-
0Tganized Boonton Iron Works. In
ISM, the young men, each .......,ty
married, purchased house lot. on
Come.lia Street from the Iron Company
for S200 and $250 apiece.! Shortly
thereafter, doubtless impressed wilh
the stylish architecture seen on their
travels, they built their own 8·sided
homes at the present locations.
r In 1868 Richards sold his Ckt/lgOn
.1Ome al 211 Cornelia Strut, and JefI
Boonton to settle in Keokuk, Iowa.
M!o"'J"S, by then a auccesslul local
mercllant, moved his Mine5$ and
family to a new ttve<! story commercial
Con_ on Pogo 2
Morris County Heritage Commission
Sprins, 1919
0: ..... __ In tlIS4."". 01...., JUNMns ... mpIos 0I,..",...&a. 19th C<o1lwy 1,<10,"", ... _
.... ,. 'odit,<ln Morn. Counll/. Tho",hor;' 10<>.'00 0pp00iI.;, In 8000,,,,,. _""" ... ·Do ,.. .. _
10"''''''''""" ""'" II. II ..

Freeze - Dried Papers

By Jean Socoiowski :
It isn't just \IOU' roil"", IM!'s fre<!le'
dried these days. It could be your will,
YOU' birth certificale, your dental
charts, the lamily Bible, or YOU' fur
The !">eWeSt and most satisla<;lory
10 •• estoring water <Iam;>ged
manuscripts and art has been
developed since the disastrous flooding
of Florence, Italy. in 1966. The freeze·
drying process draws "",Ier from P/lpe.
and fabric and transforms it into ice
CryStals which can be easily brushed
off, thus rE1uming the object 10 its
original state.
The eveningofNOYembe. 29, 1978.a
ceiling level cold ""''',. pipe burst in the
basement storage .oom of the County
Con'riood on Pogo 2
Morris: A Major Iron
Ore County
By Fconces D. Pingeon
Iron was the lure that first d,,,,,,,
settlers to Morris County about 1700.
The rich veins 01 ore in the hills around
Dover and Succasunna we.e already
k"""", to lhe Indians who called the
'e90n "Sook-$OOM" meaning the place
of the heavy black stone. Making their
ho"",. in the... hills, the ...... Iy
inhabitants of Morris County built
lumaces to melt the ore against sleep
t\illsides so lhat they could be n-ore
easily supplied with ore, charcoal and
Nothing remains of the iron industry
IMI was once the heart 01 Morris
County's ecol'lOmy, but so"", deserted
pits and rock dumps in the northern
and westem hills. In 1880. nearly one
Conm....:l "" Pogo l
F--....tlriM_eo.. ........ f""", Pa.- 2
Cultural Center. 300 Mendham Road.
where lhe Hernage Cornrnluion has
been condtJCting irs Historic: Record.
projoect with CETA
Public: Employment Pro;ects grant
(PEP) HlCC February. 1m.
Aboull"of' .... collectionof record.
lrom tho: SuI1Og.'1te·s Court sustained
damage. OfflCWs Irom the Slate
Bureau 01 Arch0ve5 and Hislory and the
National Center lor
Arl,laCls ,uponded
irnmedialq. 10 t .... cal lor help.
The damaged material wasidenlilied.
p0ced in numbe.ed plaslic milk crales.
and delM/red 10 Rasmussen'. cold
storage locker ,n Boonton "'I .... n 48
hour$ 01 tho: KOdent 10 pl'C\'mt the
growth 01 mold and mildew. and IOtiap
It WM necetaaly 10 wash down lhe
effecled a.ea wilh detergent. dry il oot
IlII quickly al pocsible. and have It
trUled with a fu"!Pcial log.
The second lIage of tIw process will
be 10 deive. the frozen record, to the
freeze..:iry chambel'$ of u.. ArMrican
Freeze-Dr; Company inAudubon. New
Jersey. The traNler must be made
wilhin two hour. because if the books
and IMpru sian to tlur.u. the paQt!I will
be bonc:Ied together in !he ViKUunWIg
proca:s. ea.1 will be based on $145 per
cubic: loot 01 material pl«ed in the
Forty lhousar.d books from I ....
slanfoz-d UnlYer&lly Library. soaked
when waler main ruPtured in
NDYember. are be.-.g pro-
ccued .. preseT11 time .. vacuum
charnb..1'$ at lhe Lockheed
Company in Sunnyyale.
Catiforrua. Since S.ro:l books a \OIHk
pbced in lhe chambers, offic.u
• llI'nIIle il may take two mom'" 10 dry
than oul a COIl of $50.000.
The above 11TIII'9"'lCy here has
prOllided a warning experience lor all
involved. Inl""""IIOO concerning what
to do after a Ibx!. fire, Dr olher watlr
dama ge may b. oblained by
le\ephorung the Cornrni.6ion office.
U ... ingston Papers Published
The fir51 01 live ..........., ot T ....
Papcnl 01 William u..;ng.lon has
been publi5hed and 15 aY;!lilable from the
New HostorlClll Cornrrusion fOf"
$30. The 480·page compilallOn begiN
il. da.ra ;" June. 1 n4 ends in
T_t\olMh_eo..rr.....d r""" Pa.- t
blJildins on Church Street. Tn 1874 he
sold his hou ... al 224 Cornelia Sireet.
Thus t .... CNmeT-buildel'$ lived bnefl.t in
these house...l-Ioweve-r. lheirchoiceot
archilecture created pem'\il/"II!nl local
interesl in these two dwelling5.
The concept of Il1I 8·SJdecI hou .... a
mid. l9th century arch;teclural craze
was popularued by an eccentnc;
phrenol<:>!;st and ""'iter. Orson Squire
Fowler. in his book. A Home For AD
or The Gravel Wall and <kcagon
Mode of Building. FIrSt prinled in
1848. tM booI< beeaOlll a besl ""Uer
mfiuencing conlemporllfY archileclure:
and lhe Octagon
. .,...
The o.;Iagon style. a direct comr.,
C '; '" "'.

[ . ,t-f'"1 .
l lr -.£J : l] tj ;
"'YUJ7' .

FIoo< Plan ol Cl<1ogoNI ""'-
10 the exc.".,;es 01 prEVailing VICIOnM
• ..,... 'lUICtional, Iree ot
ornamentation. and 'Ultable forCOllage
and mansIOn. alike. The angled design
provided more wing space. less heal
Ios.s. more and venlilatlOn ... .. "the
o.;Iagon app.-ollimahng to the circle
ioclosa more Space 01 ill ....n than
Furthermot'e. I .... gravel wall
construc,lOn. Ior-erunner of JTIOdem
poured was pl ",bIe ,n
construcling , ho! obl\l5l! angles 01 a
struclure than 5pecially
shaped II\MOnry blocks. Independent
in his Uunking, FQIoIAer l oday if
considered limo,,,,,,.,,. In hII ..... ot new
malenals and un--orthodox fonns.
Today al2 11 Com.TiII StrUI the little
OOu$e, Wlsteria·dld WIth In encircling
porch. recalls 19th cenlury Boonlon.
The inlerior is COIl.....-edoi rectangular
rooms wtuch lea"", 51*<!S
lor close". bathrooms. and a tiny
lnanpr olfle... i" narrow slairway
wads to the Ih"d floor and tM
OClagonai shaped cupola and center
chim""Y. Up 11 ladder to 1M cupola
Marker Guide In
Second Printing
The recently published ComtrUSSion
bookkt ,"'" Guide 10 H,slO<icol
Markers of Morris County,· by Com.
missioner SflarDO Doremul. Is now in a
second printing. The2O.pagot A1strated
booklet lis" 80 Slles. lheir marker
and Iocalions by muneipality.
",th an "'"!pre""" center·loId lnap.
Copies al 5Q( apiece, may be oblained
by writing 1M Morris Counw Herilage
Cornmiuion. Courthouse. Morfis.
lowo. New Jersey .
Plan Spectrum 1979
Spec t n,m 1979 for
SatlJr(\ay and Sundao,o. May 19 and 20
DO the Dickinson UrII'.'Iel"Sity
C4mpUs. wi pro.nde an unfo.gettable
showcase of New Jersey artislic lalent.
With an offvr of somelhing for
everyone. I'OU. lhe public. ere IIrged 10
§eI:' the work of ITI01'II' than 1.000 M_
artists and perlo""e,s. presenled
lhe Arts Courd 01 Ike Mo<ns Are.
Admission wi! be • $2 donation lor
lIdull$. $1 lor ""nlor citizens and
children under 12 wiU be free ij
accompanied by Il1I adull . For further
inIorrnallOll, 3776622.
pialform. the 8'p"ned wtndowl epen 10
a wide panorama ot Boonlon. for
generations. famil ..... haye crowded 10
w;l.lch July 41h fireworks lighllng !he
sky /rem Par.;ppany to Norlh Caldwell.
and here 1M little 19th century houw .
IMIh modem adaptability. looks OUI to
lhe honzon and New York City',T"""
Towers ,
The Mom. County H"itage
Commission. recogn'ltng the
contribution ot I .... 0.;1/1900 IMoo to
Mom. County architecture. has pIaad
Il1I historical rOo1dsde marker al 211
Corne lia Sirul. Boonlon. The
re.ldo>nce is privately owned. end not
open to the public. (This "rt icw is the
fifth in a SOIrieII on historic sites
by lhe Historical Rwdsde
Marker program.)

, .". ... ''''''' 01 __
...... ,._ .... ,"'-,--.......
_ ....
, ",-_r_ ...................... " ..
... ""-_ .. u-o
hundred yon /IgO, Moms County
produced th. " quartftS 0/. the iron 0«'
of New Je.MY and ranked third among
iron.producong counties in the nation.
TIwn, WIth diKowry 0( huge
,ur/ace supplies 0( ..-on 0Ilt in the
MHllbi region 01 Lake SUpo!'rior, Morris
County's mining etOfIOmY slowly
co/tapsed. By tum 0/. the century,
most mines Mel bHn llbandoned.
The many .ivers and extensive
lorE"Sts In the northern re90rlS of the
county, proYided the fuel and erwrgy
necessary 10 makean iron 1'.COI"IOmy!lO.
Forges, pnmitive housing fru mmef5
lind forge men lind occuionafly
mansionI for the iron master spnng up
around the ..--. 80Ih black IIava
and i..omtu."'" """,,,,,,, work"'" in the
mining industry dunng the 181h and
early 191h century. T ogEI ..... 1hey rNde
gun shlI and bullets to fight the
revolution and 1M loois and
If0Chmery lhat ushered in lhe fif5t
51_ 01 1M industrial revolution.
Uo\I .... <It_ --. ...... ...,.. to...,., "" .......... h donI.o,o <It""'"" on _ «Irt .... ...... ""
_row_ ..

· .
· .
· .
: State Historic Trust :
: Offers Loans

Wood ....... vital \0 Morns County'$ •
early iron induslry. Converled Into
chllrcoal, it suppt;ed lhe only .vaa..w..
,-fud 10 meh OO"e inlO pig iron and pigon;.!
The New J.rsey Hisloric T ruSI is ::
loans to help hi$lorical
organizalion. meel preservation
The proQram j,
s-uppOrted by a S10,((IO granl from the
Babbill Hyde Foundation of
to precious iron Implementa. It has
"""'" estimated IMI 12,txXl acre. 01
for"", were neceua.ry to keq> • single
t..unac. burm,g. The thooaands 01
acres 01 prirnevaI forests in the
northern county hall kepI the forgeS
and luma.ces _!ifni in the
11120', when wood beg;ln 10 run ouL
Then MorTis County laced In energy
cri$is. The insatiable demands 01
melting iron had result.o in lhe gradual
destruclion of the woods ourrounding
the mines. CNrcoal beumc as
1M IrftI that prow:Ied dlSllppeared
New SOUtces of fuel Mel 10 be found and
lTanspOtIed to the area from iOII""'"
lartlwr /lway.
in respooH to tlus need, the
Morris Canal was conceived and
COrlSln.>Cted. Completed from wton.
10 Newark in 1831, il
.evitallud Morris Counly', iron
induslry. Wood could now boo broughl
from Pennsylvania on b/lrga and
depone"'" al pons on the canal. Laler
Pennoylyarloa', anlhracile coal took the
place of charcoal.
l""h<! canal flowed Ihrough the
them mining l .... lIin of Morris
County parillelto It.. Rockaway R""".
Penetrlliing the ruAl ComtnO,ln,tia of
Dover, Boonton, and Wha"on, it
transformed them inlo booming iron
towns, whe.e the mining and
Aware 01 the difticuftr.. mo;oum ... ..d
by local groups in lheir eIIo". 10 save
endangered building!, lhe Trust will
make \oan$ for emergmcy rqlairs and
for meetoll9 deadlines in purchasWig or
moving buildingo lhal would otherwioe
be demobhed. AddreM; N. J. HlSloric
Trusl, Dept. of Environmental
Protection. box 1390, Trenlon, N.J.
milllUiacturing of iron gaw work 10 lhe
entire populalion.
In 1848, when lhe Mo ...... and Ess<1.
radrOlid ..,... eXlendtd to Dover, more
of thecounty·. iron _ ... nl outofthe
I ta!e Jor processing. Sut Ihe
imporlano;e of iron mining conlinued 10
grow Unlil the discoYery of cheaper ore
In Mid1l9/1n in 1882. Then; the trWstry
slowly died and lhe iron I"""",,
eXp"rienc.,! ..... ere depression.
While lhe lrO<I industry _ .........ding
down, Moms County ""I .... .,! a new
age. Wealthy commulers built laVIsh
mansions in Morrislown itself and SOmil
oj the depressed iron towns bee.......
Historical Park Plans
The Morrislown Nal"mal Hi510rical
Park has announ<:ed lMt George
WlIShlngton will "'M in Mrurislown
on Salurday, 1. 1979 10
begm the Bicentennilll Commllmora·
tion of Ihe 1779·1780 winter
enc:ampn"ll1lt ... Mor". County
A history symposium" Fu\edl
Dickinson Univ<lU,ly, May 8 and 9,
1980. and to 1M Ford
Mansion on May 10, 19!Kl, will highi!tol
the celebration.
A ..... w book, Morristown Ihe War
Year., 1775·1783, wOO be ""atlable: lor
$6..50 alter the July 4, t979 publication
date. EncarnpmenIl a! Jockey Hollow
and candlelight lours of lhe "",nsion
will be IChedUIe:d Ihr"OO.l!toout the
wnuer. If your orgMIozation would like
to plan /I special .... enl, pIus.e contllC:I
the Herillge Comrrus.sion office .. 1285·
Elect Doremus Chainnan
Of Commission
AI the annual 'eorganizatOOfl meeling
of lhc MorriS Counly Herilage
Comml .. ion, Mn. Sharon D.
DorenIUI, former _
elecled as the new chairman. Serving
wilh her will to. Mr!. Frances D.
Pington III vice chairman and Mra.
V.,gnll K Rooney as s.ecreTliry.
.. , ........ 10" ............. 11111 '" "00'1
: :
Plan Iron Era
Segnning III May, t .... Morris County
Heritagt Commisaion wiI 5pO<ISOT an
exhibit of iron artit.:u in COUT!
House lobby to .mlInd the pub& of this
remarkable 01 County rusl<ny.
Most or the pieces to b<! displayed
hall'O! been dilc<:>Vered in recent
atchHQlosic .. t diga al In. sites oIlile
18th century !orgel and furnaces..
L.unched by the 0.:-,. Area Historical
Society AAociation and tho North
Juuy Hightand. Histo rical
Aua;ialiQn, these d9 "-e lIllCOYI!.ed
-"pia 01 iron Ofe, pig iron, IwId
wrought IOngI and a 01
iron 100II 01 tn. 1m..
Tho! pubk II invited 10 ..... t1v"xhibt
III ,lit: Coun Ho..... lobby, Monday
!hroog'! Fridily . 9 a.m. to 4 p.m,.
beginomg May I through 20.
Pa triots' Path
Patrial's PMh h.as been loIIowiny the
route 01 the Whippany River. Its
ulllfflllte objective is the rec\am;stion 01
thot river vaIey "'\0 a scenic bike ricIo.
ancI ""'"' .... y for all !he citizens of IhI'
counry 10 enp,I.
hl.iott' Pllth. ItCOioglCally,
envuonrnentaly and mlorica1ly iii
reltvenl to the county heritage ...
by itl PfOlCll'My 10 IhI' m;>jor
fU101'11: distnct. SpeedwtD 1J&ge.
Dr. Henry Citron, Patriot.' P;oth INU·
$On, announced that .. Commission res·
101 ... SIYo,on M. DcJ.r.nnua, Chairman
101 ... F.....:e. O. Pi...-, Vic.-C ..... rman

M ... Virginia K.. RooDOty, Secretary _ Editor
Dr. Henry Citron
H«II'Y W. PIlch
M .. , Jean D. Socolowoki
uri J. Whritenour
P.,n.cla J. Maynord.
Present Art Exhibit
in Court House

It', ,pring, "nd Courthc:ouse Dr! Iovo>rs :
arc • new exhibit in the
Fruholdera' waiting room. The
An Associalion is PT""",,ting
" .elecled 91'OUp of 00, acrylics, and
pi'l5tel p:ointings by """n·known
art;"1 Mary Bonhard, Hank August,
Ninl. Edelman, Jane Frmclunan, Ann
Frwnd, Chest.,. Jurkowski, Janet
MacPMr-.., Joe 0.. Pasquale, Lelia.
Pour, AnneHe Querques, Lilla.
Redlloond, Wayne Skyier. Ray Thorley,
and Wollam E. Shortridge, Sr.
PTOYiodIng • Ihowcase lor Morris
County artist., and adding cultural
interat to tlw Courth:ouM anne><, the
curreru &how is Ihit latut in" series 01
art exhibinom sponsored by the MorTis
County Heritagl! Cornrni.mn.
The ROKbury An AMociation,
founded in 1966, is composed 01
professional and amateur artists, and
mee15 the first Thursday 01 the month
al lhe Tcmpl.o Shalom, Succasunna..
MHtings Me opm to the generill
no. ul,;o.tion, IUTMgI!d by Gerda
Kooi, Exhibition Chairman, Roxbury
An Auoc:iation, and
MomI; County Heritage Commission,
n."" hom April 19 .... tiI July 15.
oIunon .upporting Patriots' Path IWII
been .... t to Wonimld Eaton, ;15 dire.:.
tor, and 6 rnayorsol lhe municipah1ia
along the Whippany Rive, .
Select 12 Sites
For Markers
llwou!tooo.n Morris Coun'y, 12 situ
ha...e been .. lected by I"" Heritage
Commission to rec""'" hisu icaI
roadside marke" in 1979.
Ten markers will be placed at
hi5toric.al Strucluru or sites that have
contributed to County Or local history.
Ranging in tinw from a PTe·historic
inclWon .. ttLemenI to " World War D
DefenM HousITl!l development, the
,i'u .110 Inelude 19th century
indUitne. and" churdo rare
inlcrior trompe roeil painling.
n. ilia arc thlt PetTO!Mio Rock
1icouIc, PaniPPMY: Job A!len Forgl!,
Denville: FlTSt Church,
Chater: 51. John's Episcopal Chtm:h,
Dauer; Millbrook Industrial District,
Randolph TQWnShip; Locktendcr'.
House, Rod".ry T0wn5hip; Americlln
Hard Rubber industry. Butler, Dnd
Borough 01 VICtOry Garde""
In addition, four County entrar
his/'d9oting County hi5lory
will bo: placed .t thor following bcatiom:
Eagle Rock AveTM!, East Hanoo.t-er
TownshiP: Ma.in SUeel, Butle.;
L.kutde Ro_bury
Town&hip; and V.aey Rood, Paosoc
The Commission plans 10 have ... 14
mllfMri pIaud in bcation by I"" fall 01
thiJ year.
'iTIqc <ll0l1ltt12 OIircuinr
Morris County Heritage Commission
Vol. 3, No.2
Revere House Once
Dancing School
by Do,"""u.
InteresMg houses attract interesting
peOpk<. In Morris!""",,_ a handsontO;'
house of the Federal period, located on
a !ree·lir.ed .ide str"",l , has welcomed a
variety 01 lamous """"""rs and guests
over the yeo ...
Monsieur Loui. Sansay, " SimIO
--I. lomin9iln emigre who lost " fortune
after 1M French RO!V(liuhon, built tN!
dignified town """Sf: at 17 DeHart
Street in 1807. Needing to suppon
himself and his family, he opened a
dancing school III 1810 lor local
aristocrats. CI<>sse5 were held in his
second floor Assembly or
Room," at a .... asonal cost of $.3 for
ladies, and $4 lor g<'ntlemen.
Successful as his &ndng cL.sses
were, M. Sanuy'. greatest
ad,ie\iemenl took place on July 14,
1825. His ba.Ilroom was the SCene of an
histone banquet nonorirlg General
Lafayette, the Frenchman who helped
the colonies win independence.
Lafayette, age 66, had accepted an
invitation to visit Morristown during his
triumphal i04Jr of the United as
the nation's gunt during 1824.1825.
His return 10 lnal to,,,,,, nearly sa
years Mter the Revolution, insp"ed
firing of c""oon$, ringing of
bells, heoor., "hu,,,,,. of
freemen," A .umpUJous dinner the
home of M, San..,y was a highlight of
General's "",it. TICkets were $3
- 4 the guest list included tho:
county's mo.t dislingui.hed and
wealthy citizens, and ladies W<!re oot
included. Dinner was served at right,
Con'",u«! on P_ 2
QIouutll QIir.cular
Morris County Heritage Commission
Fall· Winrer, 1919

Revere Hoy"" "" o"Ha,t S',ee, . Moms,,,,",,,,, buut Ll1 1801 WM ,fle ."e of forme, s""oay
D.""ing School. _ c<ou<'_ M"".,,,,"," T"""",",,, u.. ....
,""01 .01.11111. "" "., '''01 1111 •• 11 •• 11 •• "
Washington Greets
by Fro"""" Ping<.'Ol'[
The resou""ing cheers 01 soldiers
voice. echoed from Washington's
headquaners at Ihe Ford rna",;on in
Morristown on the morning of May
Hlth, J 780. With the llJ"T;val of the young
Marqui. De LVa"",!!e on horsebo.ck
fram Booton ' 0 vi.it GenerDI
Washington. the gloomy "",,,,",n carne
aIM. with joy. Officers and men
thronged into the fTh>in hall 01 the
headquarters to welcome him
"Greetu>g$."' one observer wrote,
"went up ILke rockets. and Lafall"tte'$
hand was nearly ".''''''9 from his wrist."
Lafayette h./Id co"'" to Mom.town M
the right time, The ... inter of 1779-1780
had been ci<.ocribed by the older people
of the arM as the cold ... t they could
Ccrn.,...d on P_l
Ceremonies To Mark
Winter Encampment
by J • ." Socok>w.k,
Dw;t off \lOUr Bicentennial costUmo
and join US On Saturday, December lst'
The ""ri ... of sporial be,ng
planned to commemorate the 1779-
1780 winter encampment of the
Continental Army in Morris County will
begin I'oi!h ft M 11 o.m.on .....
MOm.tov,,11 Gr«n when member units
of the Brisaci<. of the Americ""
RNQiution rrurch into town, You
invitoo to be on the Gr«n to weicomo
the troops, The march will be followed
by encampment reenactment ut
Jockey Hollow in the afternoon and 0[1
Sund.:!y, Dectmber 2.
Twice during the Revolutionary Waf,
George Washington made Morristown
his winter headqUMters, His first
eo.,,'"""<l on P_.
Pil9< 1
followed by 13 \0/1.10 the
origin.ll.l coJonies.l1>e sixth 100.., w.>S to
L"fayel1e, who then
"Morristown. (> nom<! c0n5picllOUS in
OUr Reuo/u/iona'Y War. H
Sadly, Sansay', """cn. and
acceptance in Morristown was short
I;""d. Newspa.pers ridiculed him as II
"Knight 01 In.. Fiddlutick," and local
derlOl"'CO?d the "sin of
ci.lncing as an ungodly purswt," The
dancing school failed, and the dancing
master, embiller .. d, mov1!'d to
E6U1bethtown. a pta.:e friendly to
French immigrants.
In 1872 the house was purchased by
Ge"",al Joseph W. Revere.
amazing life of high honors,
and adwrsity added more colo. to the
saga of the old houSO/ Rev.!re, a
grandson of Paul Revere, the
R"""lunonary War patriot, was a
fledged hero in rus own right. Within
several he routed pirat ... in the
West Indies during his NavaJ service.
101.19111 in I"" Muican Revolution, and
repelled h;ghway bandits enroute to
9""'ernll'll'lll se1'V\Ce in the 1849
California gold rush. In 1!!54 he SCIlIed
quietly with his family On a farm nMr
Morristown. buut picturesque
Gothic Revival home. tf,., Wiiklws. now
owned by the Morris County Park
Enlisting in tn.: Civil Revere led
the 7th Regiment New Jersey
Volunteers Infantry with brillian<:e. but
later his fK'1d tactics at the battle of
Chancelorsville to a court mart;"l,
Vindicated by President Lincoln. he
was restored 10 lhe rank of Major
GtlfIeral in 1863 In 1872. in failing healTh
aod U'I/Ibk. to mo.int.in his farm. he
purchaS4ld the hous<: at 17 DeHan
Street lived there until his death in
1880. Desp,te his brief o, ....... !!ship. the
Muse. because ofhisntraordinarylile.
wru; henceforth known as the Revere
In 1939 the Mus<: was purchased by
known railroad
industrialist. AlliIn P. Kirby. president of
the Alleghany Movinghis
business head<!""'rteT$ hom Jersey
City, he sought a quiet wtion
convenoent to pOst office, bank, and rail
tranSpOrtation to N.,.... York City. with
and restaurant facilities
n¢!lrby for hIS employee5. Also, as B
s<:cond generation Trustee ofLofa ..... ne
Colkge. and a dedicated alumnus,
Kirby was s<:ntimentally drawn to the
dwelling's link with the French general.
whose name ru.. alma mater bore. The
Patricia M' I"'>,d. Arvillo Pu.""",. Morn. Coon", Arl AMocia"on. and Sho,on
Do.-errw •. Mo<ris Coonly H."t_ Commiosion. hong "MOIJrning a...,r Tallinn. "
Christmas GIft Ideas
Two Christmas 90ft id(>as are
suggested by the Moms County
Heritage Commission; a pamphlet on
Historic P!ac ... in Morris County for
SOC. or the book Coklniol and
ReuoIuricnary Morris County by Dr.
Theodore n.a ..... r. for$8 .50. Either can
be ordered by mail from the
Commission Office at 285-6198.
house was conwrted to modem
business with minor changes
only. Aod classic Federal exterior.
enhanced by Victorian bracketed
eaves. became a to the
industriaHst'. care in pres<:rvIng an
historic home for modem
TraffIC aod city surround
house today. Yet inside traces of the
past exist, An op.m $talrway to lhe third
floor. a graceful Federal mantel. aod
panelled doors with ong,naI bra ...
hardware speak quietly of earlier d.l,..
when Lofayette. M, Si>nsay.
and Allan Kirby lived aod
planned here.
The MOrriS County He!ltage
Cammiuion. re cagniz ing the
camributlon of The Si>nsay House to
Morris CounTy history and architecture
has placed an historical marker at 17
Street. Morrisl"""". The
building is privately awned, aod IS not
open 10 the pubk
(TID ,,,O<lo II ... With., a .. ".,. "" I""or.-
';1 .. _.,.,...,"" W ,,,. Hu,,,,,,,," /010,1;",
P['esent Art Exhibit
In Courthouse
G()Vernrn<!nt afficiaf. are Iook"'9 M
art, aod artist. are Iookins ",
government o!fic;"ls. And at the Morris
County Courthouse. this exdJaflge'
broadened interesT in a faD art show,
current ly an exhibit ,n t he
AdminisTralion wing
Pr<!$ented by t"" Morris County Art
Association in CCI<>p<'ralion ""th Ihe
Morris County Heritage CommlSSKln.
the exhibit includes a group 0/ 18
selected paintings by run.. area artist •.
Of particular imerest are nora! aod
landscapes by Greely Bcbliy Wells.
a hlJ5band and wife team who have
b<>en pamttng about five years.
Addllional II.'atercolo .. represent lhe
work of Jewel Ryman. Wmie Greve.
Henrietta Peterson. and Muriel Kent .
Striking oiJs by Bunny Taylor. Louis
Abulon and Arville Pustrom
the exhibit.
The.how has been arranged by Mrs.
P""rrom, C"""",,,n 01 '''''
Morris CounTy Art Association. aod
Sharon Doremus. Morris County
Heritage Cammission. and is open
Monday through Friday. 9;00 4;30
p.m .. until January fi"'L
Mn. PU5trom. a IJative of Estc-....
and now a Umted States ci"zen.
been painting since college days. and IS
a graduate of Dusseldorf Art Academy.
Her somber oil "Mourning """r
Talffrm.",. a tnbute to lhe capital 01
Estonia. r>OW behind the ,fan curt"'n.
remember. TIw: army
encamped in Jockey Hollow I\iId
suffered sub-zero temperatures, heavy
S!"IOW storms, inadeqwte shelter, [<XX!
300 supplin. Days nad!lOne by without
either "",at Or bread and soldier$
resorted to .... (ing the bark all Ire ... and
foraging Ifle surrounding countryside
searching frantically [or something to
.... t. Diseaw and do>sertion had reduced
their number$ to a dangerous low and
the fate 01 the army al Jockey Hollow
looked grim. The despilir 01 the army
was contagious and Nell Washington',
poy.rerlul fac:e appeared careworn and
How had this young French"",,,.
barely ''''''"ly two, assumed such "-
crucial roIo: in the future of the
Continental army and ttw American
cause? Uke many Suee"". sto"",".,
Lara",,,tI,,'. was based on a unique
combination 01 circumstances.
Six reet tall, red headed and
appealing, Lafayette was the wealthiest
young nobleman in France. At
ni""IHn, ahady min';...:! to the
daughter of Due O'ayen, who w/lS a
ckJ"" frier>d of the royal family.
r,laIayette became bored with the
frivolous coor1 life at
Awkward and ill·aHas<> with his peers,
a poor dancu and a dull
conversationalist. he longed for a life of
action and challenge.
When the American Rewlution
broke out . he an opportunity
for both freedom and glory. A9"1l'"t the
orders of the king to the rage of h ..
father·in·Ia ...... he sailed for America
where he offered his servicn to the
American cause. He overcame the
Americans' s uspicion of
foreigners by offering 10 serve without
Here he attract<'li the deep affection
and respeCt of the almost godlike
Washington. who said of u.layette. "'I
do not knowa fu-.er ornoblersoul.andl
kwe him as my own son:·
wi""", fdlh .. , hi>d been
killed by a British canllOrl ball when
Lafa .... tte WM only two. recognized in
WMhiogton aD the which he
believed his dead father Md possessed
- courage. dignity and leadership.
This close relationship with
washiogton. plus a wound ne received
.1 the battle of Brandy..o.;ne. and a
winter endured as an officer at Mt.
Vernon. transformed Lafa .... tte from an
unknown foreigner into an American
hero. His reputation for courage and his
wild popul;>rity in America glorified the
DJ>pIay On M",notown Nafunaf Histeneai Mu""um dopicto lalaY"'" t..in:J tho
Ford Mamicn by Gen. May 10. 17!ll.

Designate Arts Council
Official Agency

Through a .esolution adopted by the
Heritage Comrnis.sion. t he Arts Council
oj the Moms Area was recenlly
the official artsagefICY in the
County which prO\lides. sustains aM
coordinates the MIs act;"'itles in Morris
County. This action was approved by
the Board of Chosen Fn!eholders.
Amolna.n cause in the eyes of the
French government, and laid the
groundwork lor their sUppOrt of the
Revolution. Lafayette's vi.it 10
Washington on May 10. 1180 in
Momstown, came after more than
yelIr'$ in France. where ne had
intrigued with bo!n Frer.ch and
American leaders to get a
commit men! from the Frer.ch to til<!
Ametican cause.
n.e mission w/l.$ $uccessful. At the
ford manSion . ne reported to
Wash,ngton that the French
government had agreed to send fi ..... or
six !noosand weTI-discipli ""d trO<>pll
and a to bolster the American. in
their struggle for survival.
Lafayel1e·. message to Washington
marked a turning point in th(o
Revolution. W,thout his fanatic
promotion of til<! American cau'" in
France. the Revclution might have
lailoo. The terribfe wint'" a! Jo.:::key
Holl ow end0:1 in a mood of flop<!.
Records Management
The Heritage Commissioners.
advisors on County archival materials
pre",rvation, will be ptaying a key role
in the Records Management Program
at 300 Road.
n.e building. """",d by the Morris
CO<.Inty Park Commission, is being
by Ar,hitect Warren
Bendixen. FoUowing a meeting wilh
FreEholder Patricia Mavnard. County
Administrator Fred Rossi. and
repres<!ntatives from other CO<.Inty
offIces, plans were formw..ted 10
establish the program which grew from
a CEl A proi<'ct.
n.e plans include converting the
"'",ment to a tertlp<!rature and
humidity<ontro1led storage vault tha t
wiH resist the ravages 01 time.
The priceless records. many Mtllls
to the early 1700·5. win a ll be
micrommed and then put away. tJeVer
to be handJed again.
However. the mICrofilm; will be
available to the pubtk. al the Mum..
County Free Lib""y and the l..ibra'Y 01
the County College of Mo ......
Evt'ntual ly, a records """"'ger wtll be
hired. and all records, M'mi< urrent aM
archival. within the CO<.Inty offices, wiD
be .tored m this vault.
Seek Memoribilia
n.e New Jersey Historical Society IS
..,.,king of early German
commun,ties in the state lor display in
an exhibition til March.
Colol>r.rion, Com. Fr<>m Pogo 1
encampment in the Morristown area
took piIoce iro 1m, aIt.r his victoria at
Princeton and Trenton. His lotCord
encampment became OIWI of tho!
Continental Anrt,i's most leW •• trills
and II test of Wathmglon'.ludership
About 10,000 men faced the _I
wint .... 01 thor untufy.lIlack 01 food and
clothing. bltle or no pay. and cold and
sickness. Only and the
ea..... 01 freedom held the fa99fd,
SI"'fW\9, ,,""zing troops together.
Other sokk. mcamprnentl in
Jockey Hollow lind Candlelight
Concerti /lot the Ford Mansion will
c:onlWJc throughout !he ..... ,er and
spring. On Frid/lv February
22, 1980 the community • invited to
celebrate WaslUngton', Birthday with
an 18lh Century dancing party
featuring the muSIC 01 Paul Some .. 8<
Gl'OIJp and Oa...:em.uler. DIck Myen.
May 9. 10, and II, 1980 win be d/lYi 01
major lICtivlty \0 c.1cb'1I'-'

Fairleigh OickiMon Utwe .. ,ty is the
Ioation and the Fren<:h contribution to
the Ame,.;c.,n RevolutIOn .. the tlwme
of the history symposium 10.-
May 9. Scholars who will prfte'llt
P/lpers include Dr. Richard S, Morris.
Pr ofenor Emeritus. Columbia
Univrr5itv. (formerly Governor
Morris Professor 01 AmericUl Hiltory),
foremost authority on the role of the
Freoch in the AmHican Rl!\OOlution; Dr,
Thlod Tate. Institute 01 Earloj American
Hislory and Culture, Colonial
and Dr. Stanley 1dur2.
ComI!U Universi1Y. tditor of lho!
lAfayette Papers.
FesrMtiel wi! be held on 10,
1980 lho! Ford Mansion.
..................... ························1

Calendar of Er.;ents

hbruary22, 1980 - Washington's ::
Birthday party. •
M...,ch, 1980 - Jockey Hollow
Encllmpment co ... memo./Iling
• ecogruOt;>n 01 Ammcll by Irish
'" 171J).
April 14, 1980 - Moms Museumol
Arts and .scoen<:eS - operung 01 special
exhibtion sponsored by tho: Arts
Council 01 tho! Morris Area.
May 9, 10, II, 1980 - Semi"", on
\he Rok 01 FrllJ'tQ! 11\ the American
R.volution, Lafayelle Return,
ulebration. m;ojo. encampmenl in
Jockey Hollow.
the arrival of tho! Marquis de lAfayette
al Washington's HeadqUllrters.,.,;th the
momenlOUS .- 1"'1 lhe French
would be wnding mm and supplies 10
aid our caUSf'. Repre.enlatives 01 the
French and American 9O""rTIl"TImlswil
be p,""'nl for Ihe ce'emony.
A bo'!JI! IC6Ie mcamprnent wiD be
held in Jockey Ho1low on May iO &00
By .uduhon, the Senale aOO
Ge-ne,a! As""",bly"'"" extended bul
W1shes of both houses of the legislllture
aOO of the State 01 N"", ok, ...... to the
community for the Bicenlennial
celeb.ation 01 this hisloric period,
Oe«mber I, 1979-May 10, 1980. The
public. invited !C ..u ......enls. If you or
i/OU' organizatIOn wioh 10 participale.
plene contact Ihe
Commission al 285.f>I':I8, or lhe
Mo"";"tQWn No.honai Hislorical Pari!,
([.Olllltl;l: Cflirculnr
Patriots Path At
PalriotS Palh, c\esp!tt ..... ed
grelll promISO!, is lit lhe cfONroacls tn tU
.ecent ""lory .
The orgr.niurion'. Itadtr, Mrs,
w....... Ealon. has been appointed
dr.e<:tor 01 SpeedweD due '"
Large part to tho! upiration of C.E.T.A.
funds which Nve bftn lho! chief sourca
01 finances used to support the Paths'
To dale. other funding approac:ha
are !wing irwesl'9/lled ""'thoul any
defintle decisions in this area.
Howeu •• , the work of Ih,
organization goes 00, "'Ih the .«ent
completion of a seclion in East
1iiIIlCIII'et'. A group of cillzens llavetven
donated some Iaodscaping; in o.do!. to
fu"he. enhanu this sec!)On.
A new map of Patriots Patll. snow",g
lhe lI.eas Compleled aOO Olher secloons
in the plllnning fU"9U, is avaiboble at 300
Mendham Road
Christmas Art Exhibit
The Morris Counly H,nIIlS'
COmrrllMion is 'pon$Onng an .xhibll 01
Chnslmas Voclonan book. and 10'/1 in
IheCoun HouM lobby. It 15opcnlO the
public Mond,)y Friday from 9
a.m. to 4:30 p.m.1oMed by the MOlTS
Coun1Y HIStoric.al Soc>ely
Included are illustrations of Sanla
CLaus dra ........ by lkIma& NUl
.: .. .. : (

Morris County Heritage CommlS5lon
. .
.... .
M ..... SI>oo.on M. Do . ....... , CIMi .........
Mrs. Franco D. Pi"!l<lon. VI«-Ch.aI.",.,n
M .... K. R<>o ... SoIe •• tary. Editor
Dr. Henry Citron
Henry W. P;lch
Mr.. Jun D. Socolowoki
Eoorl J. Whrite""".
Patrie .. J. Mayna.d, Fruholdet UailOn

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