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QIounttl QIir.cular
Morris County Heritage Commission


Remembering The
Neighborhood Saloon
'" H..vy W . Pilch

We hear 110 nu:h today about

<blking and dnving, perhaps _
should do some thinking a bout the
perils which confronted , .... avef;>ge
imbiber prior to the invention 0( the
He m;,ght tTlP ow. II couple of
garbage cans and lard on his face in The
guUe<; or he might be run """" by a
horse car: then again, he might be met
oomU19 home in an unst..ady condition
by an "ate wife, who, (as !he comic
Strips 01 the day .....,.., so prone to
indicate) would beat him as
!he way
hDrnIl wilh II roIing pin.
When [ was II boy m,r f.anVt resided
in lhe ROHIIiIe MCtion 01 N........ k.
Each morning, after Ihe sun was wei A Twentieth Century Abolition Day
A S .... II
Bo",. Glimps.. o f
a' t he Tum of the
., ".,., ""'""'"
A man', castle was his horne. This
by Fraroo:es D. ~
was caJIed Abolition Day. The
slaves of New Jetwv ccIeb",led ij
was tn.>e at the: height 01 Morristown's because it marked the day that manyof
up, thol drinkong denizens of the gilded age when Edv,,;,.d P. Mllilny. them born into i51avery could lo0Io;
neighborhood would start their daily nationally·known allorne y. built fOl"Volllrd to fI..,cIom. It fell 00 July 5th.
migrlll;"'ns [O\IIard 'h\ti' favorite A1...".;ck Hall in 1904. His medievaI·type one day after the Fourth of July.
saloons. (We didn't calIlhem taverns dweling located 00 tree·shaded Why July 5th? In 1001. the New
then ' they w.ue uIoons), Madison Avenu<!. th<! s t . e e t of Jency ~tu.e pa.ssed a law
About thra 0":100:.10. in th" oJ[",,,oun million .. ir •• . TodDY corpor .. t~ pn:McIlng lor the gradual abdioon of
they --.Id start....andmng 00me. We development has changed that sIiwery in tho! ,tllte. E""'Y black chid
knew them all by their particular gaits .aidcnt~ W"ft"I into ~ RL 24. and bom all"" July 4th of that year ~
Of manners of l'\a<ligilting. Some would A1r.J.,;ck Hell ,rands as one of the last be Iegdy bee al n.venl:y-«>lll yeaf$ if
90 one fool forward and two re..t cxempIa of • bygcnc ~ female . at twenty.livoe. if maIc. Hence
sideward, then pause an::! restart. In the !.ate 19th century ~ July 5th hearne a signilic.anl dille 101-
Others would stfol slowly by, talking to industnali5u gravitated to Morristown. NrN Jer&ey bl.cks.
irMSibie spirit. St~1 others would Counlry life. only a ~ moin ride from SliD the fate of tiles<! bLack chidren
Slop to embrace "HOi, lamp posts, """'" New York. attracted the affIuent""'OO. was precanous. For more than twenty
fire t.,.drantll. But rhey to be m. the days bebre income lax. had years. they remained in bondage. They
safely I'Iorne and tocked a ...... y by !he unlimited _ _ to build palatial could be bought. sold. traded or
time the SUn had set. "summer homes." While no! the abandoned 10 the oversHf of lhe poor
We neve. stayed up Ions enough to financial equal of hIS oeighbors. the .....00 was . IQuired to tum them over to
find out who the night wallwrs we.e , but Twomblys. Dodges. and Melons. any I-oouW>oId .....hI) asked lor them.
Cxm"uecl on Pogo 2 ~onPllgo2 ConIlTUld on " - 3
SaIoon. .. C:>nt'd From Pogo I
I know thEr" ...... 1\ hok! newwt 01 altEr-
supper imbibers in the area, becaus.t
O(:QIsinrWly we would hear 1\ window
fly UP and an ira!e female voice scream
.... , •• ~ on home there, yoo-nogood
Rich men hod coa..:hI!I to ride in, and
coachmen to drive 111m> to and from
their holies.", 01 ~rSO!. one coukI
usuaJI.,r cal" c.>b, even bott at niltlt. 1or
tho! Inlins ,;)11. aI night long. and the
party ..I'd thealte goen from New
Vorkwould need _ _ an«,
,etu"""9 to their places 01 abode.
Of cou"'" there were IIWioI4
I~e JJVUPS to conteod ""uIL
Foremost among these was the ~Ant~
Saloon l.ugo.IIt.H AD IOrtI 01 stone.
wete circulated by the Ieaguo! regarding
01 the ~ ou;,. 0.... of
these concerned the alleged practia 01 p. I
Cutlo ... eoo,'d From
saloon·keeptT'S of ....wu"9down the In summer the reglJlar enTrance UN;a. d P. Meany hod thecredentials to
sido!walks each rnorrung WIth the stale doors repl;Ked by chest high join their ranks. He III", II manof _.Jth
beer left oYer from the night bdore. The swinging doors. [CM recall. withothers and I,cl"e...~nl~ and hiJ wife. RosaiN',
~tful aromaol malr and hoptwould of my "9". scrawnching .;c...m and was an asporing society ho$lr;U,
drift thr<.>U!lhout the oei9hborhood and ~kmg ... r.der these barriers. only to Edward P. Meany. son of II
hear the bar Tender bawl OUT. «Hey you dlstinglll5hed Kentucky jurist, was an
kids _ get away from them swingin' org<t."lZer of the American Te~hooe
Stone, Told About &Loo!a by Company, and ~ as counsel for
Tern~rance Group.
the American Telephone and
In those days a large !!lass of beer T e\egraph ~ny for many yea.s.
cost a nickel. A big schooner cost a He was aJll)Oinled Judge Advocate
bring in the bar flies. Another ....eapon dime. n..,.e was a fr.... IwIch count"" General 01 New JerM)I in 1893 WIlh the
W<lIS a pail"" showing TWO litlle c:hildren. oontaining about everything IMt one rank 01 Brigad;er General in the
WIIh ga"",t. 5tarvlllg lac.... cJ.d in rags, woWd find today behind a delicatessen National Guard. Con5.idered a " party
slanding before a bar arnong5I a qowd slore display case. Men drank gin in piIar,~ he was act ... in New J....sey
01 ruffians. holding a pail \II1thin which summer 10 Mkft-p the kidneys Opal " D<Imoc:ratlC politics. HIS wile. equally
was rnarTII"I'<"s last dime. earned by and in """'Ier they drank ale to which busy durv>g these yon. was a Ieade, in
SCT\Ibbing floors. for which a mommg had been added a shot 01 "MuIigan" New yo,k and W~on 50CliII
pOtion 01 Mer was to be ~I t.::.nw (Red ~ J>l'PP"fS soaked in circ\e$.
10 ac::rueI. r&glng. drunken brute cI a ...,." . In 1903loca1ne1A"IIJ'IIP"fI nored that a
latt- and Many saloon kl'!Ol"P"f5 and local ,esidence of bnc:k ard Itone ~ ... pwards
The saloon ..... rally QII1le an druggists applied to the federal 01 $5O.00Y' was bring planned for
institution. The long mahoga~ bar . the ~ for. and w..r~ ~ted. Gener~ Meanv 00 el<C:UsMi! MacbM>n
g\eanVIg mirrors in the backgroond, icenses."
~rfI(:T.ticn · A""",u.e. lis ~castle· cle$9>. ~e
!he c...mer and Iva pO;:tures on the WIth tawen and tWleUi, was narned
waII& showing famous pnu 19lt.. This ~ the license ho6der .he riojl.l
10 make up his own blend 01 boo,"", and fN ' I d after AJr.,r..iclo., a baronoaI
/amousscalesmert, C1,l$T~' army being English ITIMKIf WithU'l the yea, lhe
fl"Il!I!SUCfed by redsb>s, were 11 which he could set under his own label.
Meany\! m<':IWd from Brood Sueet.
!hen~ wotadmi 10 behold. Then III Jess .han !he pric~ 01 standard
brands. A so-called "...ctm" woWd Newark to the" landscaped JO.acrfl
....... ewcrct ... hugebr_ c:'.; · , . .... estate opposite d ... ukl Mon'oo County
about the place, and lheloll, pineodor pun:hase a barrel 01 """"skey from the
distilk.ry, blend il wilh~ "",,'ure oIgrain Golf C~b property.
of the two inches cI N....a...t that Their new home r~ a gIoomt
covered the 1Ioor, (antuher fatll.e alcohol and wat<!r. store it in empty
fortress ,.q,t out 0( the Moddle Agn.
aboul many of the beller NIoons). sheny barrels for II couple of monThs
.hen seD it IMlr the bar atlOf fon ~ BuT ils inter .... was iux ... rious. modern,
They had some kond oIsc.eeningoo The and warm. The highlq,t of the mansion
imide 01 The large plat~ ~ windows, ounce thol.
TIns nux.ure, popularly known lIS was its e"oonoous Great Hall, IWO
from which those on .he inaidR could starin high. J)<II'IeIed WIth English Q,)~J
see and recognize those passing by on " bar rum", was ;,n especial favorite with
the O\Il$io:\e, but which ~ .hose coallruck dnvetS, who would buy it in C"",mued on Pago 4
within invisible 10 those wiThout , pont and halfponllapered brown flasks,
These screens wt're often decorated lor drinking along the routes. When a silo! largeTS. S<':>met,mes ~ few drops 01
with scenes of mountatn$, riven and bott~ wliS empty, il wlIS toos.ed ink> the the conlents remained .n ~ boUle. We
waterfalls, drllWn by t'&V<l1ing artists f\I1arest gutter. The neighborhood kids \IIOU1d pullout .he cork and taste il. II
who did their drawing wilh c~ke:l 01 would find these flasks, to use for sling. wasn't helf bad!
produce .... Morristown markets.. For a
tme, they worsluppedwith thou- former Morris County
mil$ters .. 51 Peter's Chur<:h '"
Morristown or in the Presbyterian Coat of Arms

Some 01 the desandants of the

KftfIbIe and Doughty oIa""" lived on in
Momstown unti the omd 01 the 19th The; Morril COUll,." Seal is actually
CCfltUty. Probably attempllng to forget
the Coat of Arms of Lewis Morris, New
their slave ance5lry, they seldom Jersey's fiut Coloruai GOVetnOJ.
""""ted lhe IUrTIafI'lft of their maeteta, He ""'lIS appoonted '" 1138 to this
bul u11ed It.m.dws AdamI. Johnson position and continued for 8 years until
and Sy/Ye$ler, I'IIIITIU thaleuoiued from his death at 75 '" the spring of 1746.
thetr Chrilllan names during sJa.,..ery. The; act creating the County of
GrlOdUlllly they ooId lheir lands and Morm WlI5 paped by the legislature
d jpl1'und. WhEther lhe nw,g pricO! on March 15,I738whenCoIoneIl.ewiot
of Land, ..... ' .Iio.lion
or the difficulty Morris Gouer-nor, having been
of comprIong with largo!\" fa ..... ~ted in February, 1738_ I-W
prompted thun 10 leave is published his comm;.s.s;oro and started
perfonnang hiI dullS on August 29th.
T raca of lheir 1iYes, relabonships
and propertiea be found. in the The; .......... tJ"'!fl to the county was in
church recordt and in the deeds and honor ot the goyemor, who. had bHn
will in the County Courthouse. in$lrurnentai in separatong New Jersey
from 11:1 lilt .... colony 01 New York.
No one a1 ... today r""""mbers much
Some MorrillOwn Slave. Owners about abolition. Aller the migration 01 Ronald L Comb&, a SP"Ciaiisl ....
black$ foom the SO\lth to the north, the Heraldie Art. declared in papers that
Were Generous the County Seal is lhe Coal 01 Arms 01
fI)OIs of blacks descended from New
leWiS Morros. Abo in the book
Jenoey and sIa .... became more dilfocult
10 trace But histone days in the history published by the New J .... sey Historical
5I!p/Irate qUllrtenl belund h.. home.

Socidy /lntltled ~Popers 0/ Gouemor
These blacks cult""'ted his one- 01 II rac, au' importi\l"1l to remember.
And in New hrsey July 5th is one of
LIPWis MOf"1w,· there is a pjctUf,", c:l
rhousand-acrt farm, cared lor his fine
tha.e ...."'" on the front Jld'III'
hones and can-~. cooked and
VoIaIledon tabid attus elaborate partes TrllNlatrog the heraldir.1anguage c:l
and grrncrally made pOSsible his elegant the seal, the northwest and southeast
We slyle.. \When he died, he left most c:l quarters show a lion, colored gold,
them 10 his chimer>. As the 1Iho5tioro looking blickwards, on abackgroundol
law began 10 !like elf«tJ(emble's Iwirs, Apology red; and the northeast and southwest
5O!f1SOtivc to the spa1t 01 tho! limes, fr-=! quart ..... 1>&"" ground work 01 silwr
them and deeded t'-' pieces 01 Land Due to circU'Ni\IIOCI!S beyond our With three corcln I..onzontall." dKpowd
along MI. Kemble A"",UI!', It was this in illlCh. The; crest is a castle in IIames
«>ntml, the pictures U5ed in "'" Wont .... and the motto if.; (,,,.cr..... uincitur,
gi:It of land t ....1allowed them tobecorne issue 01 tlMo! County Circular didn't
independent fa~ and to feel truly translated as "at length he IS
reproduce very clearly. We apOlogize· conque. ed. "
free. Eliubeth Kemble, Peter's
especially 10 the people who Ioar'>O!d U$
daughter, showed her al/ection for her l.e'MS Morns, who carrw to America
tile photos_
sIaveI by siving t'-' "$lIthnet coats· from &orbados, was .,",coord on
and furnilurt from her housein addition corrunand of eon.,..."a's troops al tile
10 land and foeedoo". attack on ChepstOUJ Castle. The ....'iller
GtnenI John DouliIt." _ anod>er Honor Wa1ter Apostolik ... w/y __ cut 08, thus rulucing the
prominenl Morristown resident ~ garrison at the cll5lle and the finale ......
...... th.....ed undrr the new law se1tong fire to the castle (reason 10. the
a..' s, he IrtIITlCl6l oIhisext~ Waller Apo.tolik. Mt. Arlington, now
deceased. a founder of the l.ake
LlntIf on Mt Kemble A~ to his
freed ....... - Peter, Jacob and Hopatcong H"~torical Society and Ronald L. Combs, Montiair,
AbfWm and 'to their heirs and publisher of the historic Lah prewrlted to lhe Board 01 a..-n
IISII9'" Iorever.' Hopotcong 8tee«', was presentl!dwith Freeholders, the 1"'1"''''.with the
These blK.k$ who Wed besido: tho! a Cemf'Qt. 01 Menl from the Mom. history 01 Moms County. and
Kemble BIao:.ks ~ joined by other Count." His'o~ Society. Richard CO/lt 01 arms, whICh he had.....-ked Oi'l,
freed slaves from Morrist"""" Iamilies. Irwin, member of the societY,!}lve it to '" March of 1942 and was paid $250.00.
Tagelher lhey fanned a small but him while Ile was at tile ~a.t DMid MlttoS, archivist, found the
relatively prosperous commwtity. They Nursing Home in Succasunna, iTIIIlerials I uwd for these al1ides, in the
cullivated lhe" farms and $Old their Roxbu •.". vault at Mendham Road
Call1le ... Coot'd Ffom PII9" 2
and brighle-ned with stained gIa$s
wiodows_ AD rooms, upstairs and
down, had fin-places, sUk d;omas\< hung
walls. parqtJet floors, and plasleT ceillng
frmes_ Moreover, unlike a medieval
CdSIIe, the house had «nlra! heating,
an electric: washing machine and a bu~t·
in vacuum ck<aning system.
Morristown cons'de.ed It-... Meanys
soaaI upstarts. But Mrs. Meany was
unf""ed. The house _ made for
entertaining. Engrawd inllllations for
elaborate balls and musicales we.e 5f':I1t
to ~ in town. Delmonico's 0/
N"", York was hired 10 cate.- ~
ev<!nl. On their only 5On'521st birthday.
the enlire f;,..lfIoor 01 A1".,.,;ck Hall was
decorated wilh rOSES and palms for a
&nce for 150 young people_ On
anolher occasion the Greal Hall Was
transformed inlO a miniature opera
house wholre legendary MetropOlitan Justice Parker Served Book Arts Workshop
Opem diva Mme. Alma Gluck sang for 49 Years At F.D.U.
200 guesl.
8elweo:'n social distractions, General Heritage Commission Archivist
Honorable Jusnce Clwies Wolcott David MilrO$ recently attended the
ParkO!f. Morristown resident and Fourth Annual Book Am Workshopil!
Justice- of lhe Supreme Courl of New
Meany o-elop<!d onve.....y into Jersey spOke at the unveiling of ~
Fairk!igh Dickinson Universily in
M..dison where t-... studied bookbinding
Puse"! Day CanfM!1d Rd. bron ... plaque tablet to lewis Morris at in a week.long course conducted '"
SI. Ann's Church, l40th St'eet and SI. Jeff Rigby, a professional bookIHncIet
Ann's Avenue, Mornsania, the Bronx, from New York Cily. It w~s Rogby.....oo
Meany pursued his own inl,,"";IS. In N"", York, April 21. 1928, under had rebound for Ihe HeT!lage
1907 he formed It-... Meany Realty auspic"" of the Society 01 Colonial Commission an .... fly nineleenth
Company whieh developed his peWat" Wars in the Slate 01 New Jersey. centu!\> F~rs' Monutes Book
driveway into residential Canfoekl Road It seems only fitting to remember wIIi<;h the Commission p.esented 10
wholre lour imposing brick homes WE1'e Jusoce Parke.- at lhis time. He died lhe Freeholders in December of 1982.
buill. In 1913 he resigned as Judow Jan",,!\> 23, 1948 at It-... age 0/85. 'The workshop was designed 10
Advocate General. and. as a strong He Spenl 4911"< """"berof the ,mparl a WQfking knowledge of
supporter of Woodrow Wilson, ........ New Jersey Judi<;iary. including 4(J as a bookbindIng and bo o k box
"""'tioned 10. the post 01 Secretary III State Supreme Courl Justice_ CDflStruc.tion utilizing a minimum of
War in the Presidenl-elect's cabinet He During Ihis time, he e~e.-Clsedjudiclal inexpensive tools_Everyone in the class
served on many boards. including the temperilment and a profound completed the c ourse having
local National [ron Bank ofMorru.lown, understanding, not only of the law. bul asso>mb~ lheir own book and book
and the Cart~ret Trust Company. the economi<: and socia.l problems of box. As'de from this valuable hands-on
In 1926 thol Meanys' sh"""Place horne the people. experience. Mr. Rigby also galle IlOO
was listed for immediate sale in local He served in Moms County lor a .lId. pres.enlations, one on lhe
newspapers... ~a magniocem estale resloralion of old books, and the other
number of years, and worked hard
which cost a fOTlllne.... now a on the histo!\> of bookbrnding SInCe
fg,ting for the preservation of the old
n'asor\iIble price.~ Mrs. Meany had Medieval tirne$. Tho.- techniques which
Court House. But for a new
died, and General Meany remarried ,-=' the studenls learned are in foct,
and ~ 10 N"", York. William 5_ hundreds of yeM$ old. According 10
Gubelman. inventor of adding David Mitros. "No f't'O;)dem melhod of
machines and cash registers. invest"""'l group has purchased It-... book construclion has eve. be<!n able
purchased the mansion and lived there landmark property for use as luxury to surpass or even malch the slrength
for many I"'brs. The living room, the business offices, iIJld an awfic>lt=.on is and durability of a properly executed
seene of glittering receptions, ""'" pending to list the house on the hand sewn book. Bookbinding is one 0/
housed bound volumes of his many Nat'oonal R~ler of Historic S,tes. TIle the many ancient crafts which new
patents. In 1960 St. Mark's luther"" Morris County HerilageCommission in technology arid mass prodoction NoV"-
Church purchased the property and recognition 01 Ihe historic and not been able to improve Uporl.M Mih'os
used the Greal Hall as a chapel, and the architectural conlribUlions of Alnwick feel!; that the skills he has ocquired may
bedrooms as Sunday School rooms. Hall to Morris County, has placed a be useful in the archival preseJVation of
T oMy the presetValion of A1nwick County historical marker at 335 old county record books, many 01
Hall seems assured . A private M..dison Avenue, Morristown. which Me deteriorating.
..... '
In his own word.. Ale. F.,.,..,.,
author at ooe oIlhe newest and most
popular publiclltlOfl$ III 1983-1984,
"Splinter'! from ,he Post," tells us:
"' always !\lite<! histOf}' until about oW
Y";"5 ago, when 1 was stricken by It
blInding lig/1t thot r.....ealed fMdllil!ing
asp<)clS 01 local hi$10'1' resear<:h. My
blinding.light conversion took pIlo<:e
only alter I had ~ndo.rred innocently
into the r",1d 0( local Nstory """king the
~5 10 two and only two.
questions: '*">en was my house built
and wOO built it?
"'0 my disrna!>,. there"",", no ready-
made answers, $0 d [ ...... 10 persist in
my quesI. 1 should hMoe to search III
conlerhpon,ry 5OUI'Cu. It ....... in those
$OUI'US that I found histoty coming
at;"... and had the light bunt Up:')n 1TlIi!." Feature Artifacts in Plan Historical Museum
You will find family ge.......logies and Display Cases
how lOdo" IoGaI hi9tory ,esearch in this in Jeffe rson
BooI< Tell. How To Do lo<:,,1 The Courthouse lobby disp13y case ..
featLlring Florham Park Historical Mrs. Ellen Brown, tnlSW! and one 01.
C____H.;•••' ••~_s._••'."____ Society a,t,fa.cts and tke CultLlral
Centet display case has " George
lhe founde,s of the Jdfel'$Ofl Township
HlSlorical Soo:.iety, tells us thiot the
Washmgton obseMlnCe 01 ,tems from socieW in cooperation with the
book oncJuding ucerptswch as:/mrn" township, is in the proceso; d
compIerel}l CompO~ Village DImWIt: Hdt<ri:al Societv MLI$<!Uffi.
rmGVlIhng tM Riker Li>rary in Milton,
within tile Boon/on H"lSlooc !Astrict; The Historic:al Society 01 the ....... ich will become !heir firs! museum.
lhe 1715 s",rvey wit" one tmcI Rocka~ will plan tho!lIl'xt exhibits in A block ~t 01 $14,000 wa5
compnsing port 0/ I../weT MonMJeand boIh pIaca. ~I VAage wiI prOlllded by the !IO"f'T1"etlt
T OWCJCO; our [It'$l ~ WiiQm be asked 10 ~ an exhbt foIowmg through the Corrrnunity DewioPt"eILI
!.iwJgslon·s ~ 1iI.Ons" Parsoppanv- !he: Rockawavs Comrrottee in town.
Troy HiI$ in Jm-/7WJ, and 0 story The ",...11 house, 120 years old, is 0fL
about /-kro &II, (I .sSoIH! """" owned AD a,e invoted to come and see these Dover.MiIton Rood, and looks like a
property where lhe Mounrain "'kes exhibit. dunng too hours .hat both doD hoose, "'LIlIte<! 0fL a br8nch 01 the
Rai/Tood S'O/ion is now. bu1chngs a'e open for work. Rocka""'y River and is surrounded by
After w'lncnlng the .xcellent building. of the eorly 19th century. This
collecoon 01 MIll found within the 179 tiny commLlnity, once known as
pages 01 "Splinters," we ask, "what DlIwnporl M,Us. is "",tIed"t the footof
about the man. Ale .. Fowlerr Advertising Mal1a9!r of the Aspen Bowling GrW\ Mountain.
WeD. he ...... born in HOpkinsville, Tomes Newspa.per in Colorado; Alex B. Plans Me boling rrwIe to open the
Kentucky. Moved to Florence. Fowle,. Jr. has II Foreign Car Repair m......... m 10 the public this fall When
Alabama when Iinl5hing high school, Shop in WMh>ngton Slate. I.... happe ... , Mn. Brown, a school
wi""" h.: " .. , \"" wit" vl 54 Y"'O''''
known III "Merk" (II st..n combiningol
VOIJ mav rot believe ,his. bt.. Alu's teacher, will !ake piclures lor our wint"",
....... inlerest " liltmire 10 c\assical County CirculllO'. She is the ilLIthor 01
Iwr ITIlIIIXn ........ Mao: ErVt;rx). and archestAi 1YIL.I$lc. His .... ,ie< .ht/ft.$OL"L T~ History. The
Fowler 1I11ende<i Cornel l.JniI.oom;uy. musical talents couered playing the ~ d tM township, wantingllCOPY
gr>d ..... ted from MIT IInd........bel for thL< cor"",,, while III high school. in III 1M households lhere, sold it lor
Ben Telepllol\e' Company in Happy Birthday, Alex, 0fL the $1 .00.
Development lind Research cekbr"toon 01 your 83,d birthday 0fL
~M'""'"t al an Electncal E"9"oee" JLlne 100hl
Their family cain\! 10 Boonton to thetr We commend this man for his
cLlrrent residence in 1938. He and Metk HisIOricaf Society, Acorn Hall, Box
unlJring efforts to promote an interest 170M. Morris.oum, NJ 01960. Cost by
have three children, three
grllnddaLlgtl!en and one greaL
in lu$to<y, lind his IovI! of finemusic and mail is $J6.5O: ,n pers.on, $15.00. llwrre
lIis family. are copies al the Fowlers' horne, 445
granddaushtet. The oldest daushter,
Erskine. 16 a di,ector of Education at Splinters From ,he Pa.t is availablo. Vreeland AII<!nue. Boon!OfL, NJ 07005
W~!itKl Ptcl!yttMI\ Ctwrth', Su if.
by wr,ling to: n.e Morris County (Telephone 334.()911).
Summer Art Show

Martian DaYidIon, watel' coIor.t,

and 0aW:I Mel. Appleton, 1u5!Oric111
photographer, were reeentty honoI'ed
at a .e<:epholl ill the MomI County
CourIt.:.use by the County for one man

art shows in the Freeboldtrs' Waimg

AppieIOo,', uhDit featured cob"

photogolll*os of MadiK:n LanobarlI
uchitect\Ire. and M ... D.widaon', 12
pain~ featured floral and Landvape

MIIrTian Di'IVidIoo, 1111 elementary
o...d Nod. A!>I>IoIon. Homon
... d : ...
~..-.I F..." _ . h.d.,,,,,, W Kt>o><, Jr. or _.t
schoolteacher for 15 yean in
Uvingston, started painting HI'iou$Iy
after her retirement _III yu.1 ago. What's New and enw\opes.. ~ ant! to be U5ed
She has studied at the ARt Stucl.nll
l.u9Je. the Summit Arl Cent.., and
the Art Gallery of Maplewood, Sooth The MUllConetcong Foundrymen
for research. Cal341.,3728if interested.

Jean CunniO!ilam, pres~t of the

Orange. has been e~hiboted Historial Society 105 received a gr.>nt DenWle Historical Soo:iety. remind$ us
extensively, including shows at the from the New Jersey Historical IMI the Museum On Diamond Spnng
Paper MiU PlayhouH. the Newark Cornmiss.ion to use for making copoes Rood is open weekend$: &turday 10
ljhl"ary, Nabisco, Inc., and the Jockey of old historial pictu,,,,, of. the area 01 a.m. to 2 p.m.; Sundily 1 p.m. t03 p.m.
Hollow Gallery. One; ol her favorite
speci;>!ties is dog portraits, for which
Netcong and Stanhope to create a
potrTNnent collection for preservation.
Other mvs it wiD be opened by special
request by writong to Bo~ 466. DetMlle,
she has done 58~. She iI Bnan MoonU, instrumental in starting NJ 07834. There is 00 dW9l!, but
married to former Freeholder John the OIOXlety,:says they have uw(! some donations are lICCepted. This building
Davidson, who now IIeIVeIII$ a County 01 thue reproductions on notepaper
College ol Morn. trustIN. .tarted out as a house built '" 1850, and
"'*W:h is for sale at $2 per ~ olIO later .......eel illS a bank lor mIIfIY years.
The current uhibit through
Nowmber 2 iI by Mr5. Kay PuDlo, a
Brookside artist. She hal Itudied New T tiephone Number Dedicate Marker
£XtmsiYe/y in New YOO"k and Muio;o
City and prtierItty wilh the &,mvnot An In October. the Heritage On June 16. the Mm:luston Farm
Awriarion. She iI a member 01 the Co,., 'ion's numberwill be829-8364. marker was dedicated with a program.
Morris County An AsaociatIon Until that dale, phone 28S-6198. The pub[ic WillS irwJted.

'mqc O:UlIlttl;!: OIirClIlllr

Morn. County Herit-se CornmistOon
Mom. County Courthouae
Mom-Iown, N.J. 07960

Mn. Sh.oron M. Doremuo, ChaInnan

Mr.. F .... nc.. D. Pingeon, Vk.-Chairrnan
Mr.. \IlrginLoo K. R _ . Seer.tary. Editor
Dr. H~"'l' Cit ......
H~ry W. PIlch

JoHph Decker
Fred W. Kno'" Jr., F_II.oIdc. u..;.o"
QIouuttl QIir.culnr
Morris County Heritage Commission

Vol. 8, N o. 2 Winter - J984-I!n15

Picatinny Arsenal
By Sharon Do,~m""

What's Morris County'~ Iilrgest

historical site? It's Picatinny Arsenal,,,
6525 ocre military installation ""'"
Dover. Equally amazing .. its record 0/
supplying weapons for evO!'r'y majOr war
_~ng tn.. United States since the
•.... ·bnerican RevolutIon_ Onc:e a small
ISth century ironworks, it's flOW Ih<l
U.S. Army Armament Research and
Deueloprrn>nt Ce-nter, a ~t self-
sufficient complex of 1400 buildings
where 6(0) highly skilled technicians
Ow. I....., hundred ~~rs ago the "IN
was sparsely ....tlled. Itsheavily ~ Saving History "Until Death (?)
hibs, rio;h wIth "on ore, and ""arby
WaleT, drew WIler. who rr>llWd and Do Us Part"
forged <ron. Jon.lthan Osborne, a By Fmnces D. I'irtgeoo
blil<:ksmilh. buill an iron WOTk called
Middle Forgo! in 1749 at the foot 0( lly Hen<y W. Polen
Picatinny Peak . bt 1773 his property
beume part of the Mt. Hope HistoriaJ15 have always looked at old
Ironworks , ~ by Colonel Jacob houses, churches and remruns of We. who, in this age 01 racy
Ford , Jr., ol Morristown. During II'K' industrial sites 101" the stud)! and journalism and 5e"""tional television
Revolution John Jacob Faesch, a Swiss documentation of the past. Thevalue of repOrting, are dai/v expoSed 10 tornd
ironmasler. Iea.sed the complex and wilderness as a sourCe loT history has accounts of the doings (and undoings)
manu!""tured ucannon , shot and ;,on been badly neglected . And yet the of high (and !ow) society, may be
implements" for Georgi' Washington's
contact with the landscape the fin;t interested in kJ>c)WD"09 that. back in
1.0011$, thereby launching lhe area's colonial times, the public was
experience 01 the early settlers and had
6nk with weapons. F""sch 's work lor~ an owrwhe/ming impact on their sometimes treated to some juicy
included captured Hessian soldiers, accounts 01 domestic controversies,
whose graveyard today is a local
lOdjustment 10 this count .... .
11 w,", wllh this thought in mind tOat €<lually as spicy as some oItho<le which
landmark within the instaUalion one Su~ in January, I decided to are headlined in the press today.
. '"VUnds. At the lime of the Revolutiorw)l War,
explore the Great SwamP wildlife
- During the uriy 19th century the
reluge. determined to gain some insight JOOn Scon, a MorrisCounty resident 01
obscure forge changed hands many into the leelings of the Morris County considerable means, Was married 10
rimes, but continued 10 produce Eunice, widow of Stephen Moore.
annamen!. Production boomed during
sett"""' woon they first encountered the As early as M~rch 20. 176'.1, John
wilderness. [ drove to a small parking Scott advertised in the N"", York
the War 01 1812 and ~ during the
area on long Hill Road limited to len Gazette and Weekly Mercury that he
Civil War when weapOns were forged
Coo,.....,! on r.g. 2 CootRlOd on PogOo 2 Con,_ on 1'_ J
Pk.tinny • _ C<>oc !rom P_ 1
conventionel <on<! nuclear """'pons 01 Much has been written about the
tor the Union forces. In 1841 d.... U.S. luge caliber munnions. compelhng r.-otlS forsaving the Gre~t
Army chose tho: site loT ~ ~~ GunpOWder is no longer ",.... s..,.vnp. One is In. preservation of
SIO"'S~ mill, but funding wu produced at I'\c~tinny, Since 1977 lhe open . space and wildlife with ;'"\
unavailable. Army c..nte, exclusM!ly ,,,,,,,,,,,lies puriflilfl9 effect on our Wilter; aneth
Army officiols continued to pr..s.s for <on<! test& modem weapOnS systems the prevenlion of Ilood!ng, but, Ottie has
a "Grand Arsenal on , .... Atlantic and ammunition ~t the $ire. It looks to been s~,d aboul its potenliai
Seabo3.d." Finally Congress the future with CQrtfidence. " prime contribution to the Understanding 0/
appropriated fund., and in Septembe"r. o.-dnance inslmlion. contincing .,.".,. OUr history,
1880 the War J)e-pMtrnent boughl)866 200 years 01 service to the United When the Cllizens 01 Morris County
acres in the Picatinny V~1ley for rts firs! Slates in the ,nteres! of ~e and ul1lled aga .... t a jetporl twenty·frve
gu~ depO!_ The price
official freedom. years ago, lhey "'""00 a crucial p/lrl or
$62,750, about S30 an ac.~.
"'/IS The Morri~ County Heritage OUr herit_ from tot~i ckstruction.
The locaTion was; ioolated yet Commission has placed an historic.,] The Morris Count~ Heritage
accessible to lnnsportalion. Mountain """ker at the main enlIanc .. 10 Commission joInS the Gr .... t s..,.vnp
ridgo:s, surrounding ~ van..,.. snved Picalin,.".. A..wnaf. on N.J, Rout .. 15. Water$hed Association in celebrating
U protectiv" barrier. against NO<1h. J) The. inst..n..non IS on", lhis landmark viclO<')l, For historians
accidental pOWder expjooion, and the open \0 Ihe public by special 100. the Great SwampwiU be a place for
nearb\llown or Dover Md rail,O/Od and MTilngemCnt. "]1 S<'<ISOfIS.
Moni5 CanalIink5 to the Port 01 NO!W
Major F. H. Parker "'... the fi ..t
convnander at the Dovvr Powder "",s. As I got out 0/ my eor.! noticed~
Depot. He quickly chareed its name to 1ar9'll sign stBling "Ar .... Op<m lor study.
Pi<;atinny, the Lenni lOflllPl! Indian hiking and phOtOgf~phy." All
word for the local mountain, ....... ning recreatlor>al a<:1Mt>es like pickNCk"'9
"peak with broken rocks and dilI!;" or bocy<;hng. dangerous to the natural
The installahon was nol 111 lhe town, he erMmnment. were for],;dd.,n.
contended; and furthermore. "Dow.. The. lIail that led through thesw.vnp
Powder" "'/IS a populllr LaxBl""', and was rough and narrow. In many plac:es.
tho! depot'. namI'!. as such, was huge trees had fallen a<:ross i\ which
inappropn/lle' The impressive If 00 made walking difficult. Along lhe trail
"Cannon Gale~ was installed al lhe were pools 0;>1 black ice pendrated by
depot's onginal elll.arlee at tNt lime; reeds and bushes ,,,,",,,,00 with a lhin
an historio; artJi>Clion today. layer of snow, Over il. _amp "",ples
During the Spanish American War and white oaks toweroo. bare of leaves.
Plcatin,..". producad powder chargesfor through which the pale winter suniisht
cannon used by Amencan trc0:>p5. In ~ast laint light on the 1.-0;>''''' "'ale<.
1907 the depot w'" officially ni<med As! walked on.1 bealmeinc:reasingly
/lWar" of the silence and a se ...... 01
"Picannny A.sma'" when the Anno;I
bu~t its fim gunpOWder IMlory on the isolation QnIy when ! c10tiSed
grounds. Production accelerated Brook was there a kJw murmer of
during Work! War I when 7OOOpoonds
of propellant were turned out daily to
help "the boys ~r th""""
On Julo,I 10, 1926 the unthinkable
n.,~, A bolt of og,ming hit the
moving Wilter. An occasional hiker with
a camera and trtpod broke the
I ",as awed by those sufTOUncbngo. 1
too.,g,t of how this vast unpeop/ed
~ M"9"Zine, ~nd ~t off l .... ee gi>nt wilderrwls1; mUSt r-e stunned and
explosioN Picatinny was near", amazoo the EU"'P'~n ,mrnogrants
deSlIoyed; 19 were dead, 30 inJUred, accustomed to livtng m cornp;>Ct and
90th Birthday Celebration
<on<! 50 acres IlaUened. "In.. blast was some1irnes ~.owded vill/lges. Isolated
felt as far as Phi1addph;a. An Army from Inencls /II1d f~. cut 011 I.-om
investigating panel approved familiar sights and sounds ",!Uch loid Congratulations 10 Haniet MC<!k.,-,-.
reo::o!'l5lruction <on<! expansion 01 ~ them who /II1d who.t they were, how did President of I"" Roxbury Township
they survive here? Not on", were the Historical Society sinee rts inception.
bigger ""d saler ar ........ l. Modem
f>;catinny <lMes from tn.,tlime. ernptv spaces unfamiliru- but the who celeb ... too he. 90th bil1hd..y
World War 11 ..,.., Pi<:~tinn'/$ presence of Indians reaming II-k tecently.
greatest growth. Eighteen thousand countryside, like king5. mUSI have fiil<!d •••
people. including 10.000 WOITII'Tl were tMm WIth dread lind foreboolt'lg.
employed in round·the-clock mass I renected on the miraculous will and
Artifacts Display
production of ammunition. An
outstanding poSt WilT ac~t was
the aJ5£II/Il"~t in 195001 the
world's first nuclear artillery:shell. the
courage that brought our ancestors 50
many thousands 0/ m1es from home to
this pnmtive and ..tien landscape,
Watking through the c~ relu tly
Artifacts from WlIShington Town. )
wiD be on display soon in the cases in
2i!Om,m. projedilo!. The. ~'eMS~ preserved swompland allowed me 10 the Courthou.., Lobby and lobb"JoflOO
Korea " nd Vl\ltnam ...... re spent look back into OW hist~ 10 see where Mendham Road.
moderniz in g ~nd imp r ov i ng we had come from. •••
Ros es For A
Lovely Lady

The ideal type of historian .. oowwho

..... bHn blessed WITh. long IRan<! lhe
abJity 10 pu~ m WI'1~mg WM~ has been
tlIperie n«<;l along bfe', pair..
Such • poI'fS()fI ill Rulh Pierson
Church ill, pr~5<ln'ly ~t.e official
H"loria n of Cha~ ham T.,..".n ;p, and,
at t..... iII9I! of 89 yours, is no' just
remembe'.09 the I""'t. but islMng loIe
to the fuJIesI in the Pf"",,,,1
To PI'OVt this, monlhs ago, .he will
gliding wi.h her son. John. <lI1 Airfor«
p;joI '" the Ko<eanConllict, OWl' Bucks
County on P"""'"""'....... and goes
nding wilh hom qu,le often.n his 0 .....
engine plane. SM pboos to g;.x ZIgaIr1 ~,did I.... , work on the
~ she found ri 10 be a !triIing WiIbam Gibbons FlOn'OIy and Mansi<>n
$po:oakins of sporlS, thecore 01 Ruth'.
(now caIed Mead Hall al Drew
Urwen ily ar>d had " p0cOO on the
Natio<\al R"SJisler of HIStoric Places)
bf., ' - cotrrne nls roncur ting why she '
• heaIt..... and ..... bved so long, cent" """'" """""lI 1Iv... duIdren.
around her Iov.! of the o.ndoc n, and FoIowmg tlw dealh 01 he>- belowd
her pMllC!p<tlion in all kinds III fponS. husbion<l, Arlhu., 16 yI\MS <190, she
rfoundlhelolbwongr~ She boecamo! fI"IO«I indeperider,t and used
...,.. torTlII>OhdKi """h. fo-ia1d on her utra tmt to.- ...... COr'It........:!
Fr'_.ce lor oYorr 60 years, \oCT h/osn't hisloncalrtSe.ltrchwor\< ar>d Inwde dto
Russia, Turkey , and other c001l1n a.
seen her on all Ilia! tune; Ruth and
Madame Eric Faure !rom Cat-pentras Emily, Martha ar>d JoM, ......
Fran<e, met after Wo<ld Wu I, ~ duldren , ......... a """'" tuP\><lflillo', cJooe
Ruth _ workong there, and ......... .elatKln!lhip wilh ....... John, the
y<)U1\ge5t, is ~ rrwouh,,:turing agent for
tlIchan ged gifts. farm.,. updating, and
.na.~ aIIectJorL Recentl y, Inends III DOf1'4>UIef$ and lrveo in nearby CIIhfon.
Ruth's ...... , to France on • VII(:I>\ion N.J. ......m his wire and two chtIdren.
and "is"~ WITh Mo.cIanw Faur. and
Emio,o. ,.... dd6t. io.-.s in Tulsa,
brOUght bKk gift. and new pictures Oklah oma Wllh her husba nd
Ilk,.., ~ lhere (coru... cted oil com~) ar>d t~ lour
In her 88th yeII!", Ruth pubroohftl a d,..eo c Sho ..... """" _ds in ......
book caIJed , "Merno nes Enluitned teachmg <U>d traveled ext~.
Wllh Roses," which conlam s 50 Martlla has klur ehildN!ll &1\d her
"9ldte s cI her i/e. actually shon husban d, • 11 Prolessor II D.vtm.Juth
'Ioriuof~ ~. CoIego.. is in charge cI tlw G~
She renwmboors when she rnowd l(l Do-partmen. Martha leads <lI1 active life
as .." artist, -'JIOrt~, and N1'IIIa
Madison from Tan'rogton. N V. when
st ... was lour yean old and poed the t.o.- for students.
cas.. grven al the homo! As you n-.ghl oorpect, Ruth ..... kepc a
ofher fiTlilleather, M... Ma~ I:Sutndt ~·to--day dwy mooll of her w.. but
M,. Bume1t starlKi leachin g on 187'51, does not live in the past, but IooI<s
and _ -ctiw in Ii... International forv.rard 10 the _ ............. 9 01 w..
ReIM ....... De;wtm el\t of the N.J. WIth the l!nlhusiasrn of 11 young girr
Fede.-6!>on ofWomom', ClIbs and Ruth "Mernonell Entwined With R()$(!S"
~"" all about her in the bost st<>ryof may be purchase<! from. M, ... Ruth
Chwch i, 15 Unden Lane, Chatham
book llW"'es ....... c ~ taken
""Respoh T~, N.J 07928. The coal is
"' by Ruth. She served for ~ $14.%, I"" 90C ar>d mailing $I.SIl
Best W ........ Ruth!
vt....~ on I .... M<>rris Co.mly Welfare
brd. 10 ',~ '" a lruslee of tho! "Hard W ... '.~· Film
MadIS(>rt uOt...,., 3 yUrs as preside.u sno.w,g... March l~, 8 p.m. on No.w
01 lhe Alumni Astocioticln of Smith .krsey Netwo rk.:Ma tch 31, 10p.~, on
a-..-r 13 and Nationlll Networks
<1- .... _ J
t I>ehodju/JilJi«i It;, oorgain.
H. says I ~ed fO run him .. ~ Scotl. ..... ill highlighl historic d,stricts,
d.obt; I did fry his 1:reo:ir once whH I ~ Doy "II< "'....he .. 01 th. P-=<II ,,,,,.Jobo.-hoods. Main SlrftlS lIIIId
Str~, nolhing furd>er appeared agnewtural areas.. The desc""iYe
IWd wit" him. wIoeri he IUOS in hisful in lhe pUblic prESS respecting lhe
1JonI, and I mode out $(I bod, llhoughr lislmgs .,..;g also idomtily IIItes that ~ Id
_ to ny it agt:Iin; 00/ Hri1s hun conITOI.'<!t5y.' be adwrsely affected by fulure Co .ty
seIIins Q/I he had, to put lhe money in or local planning issues.
hl5 pock et, in order /0 /"""" me, as he Morris CO'Jnty prides IIKlfon beinga
saki he WOIJld, 1 1ri«! "" f'reclit Q9<1,n, Historic Site Survey "good place to live and work." HLitoric
siles, part 01 that concepl, l;II\0(I1 be
and ~ ()u/ CIS wea os before; bLot'his
UXIS after lie /astm<ed me OIJI 0{1"'" Planned taken for granted. The prOposed
hoIlse, and wa< ""00 01 my lite. H..
forl;wddb~ pt!Op/o! /0 I1USl me on his
ocOOtmt, WOJ$ quite ......des.s, /or r/wy
by SI>trro<I Our..,..,.
Morri$ County, one of New Jersey's
survey ....-ill create ........ IIUPI)Or! and
of these resources, and hqt
assure lhal OUr past QIt! be pMt of our
_ _ would, v<cepl (I Ir{Ie The faslesl grOWIng counhes, IS ~. Mure.
~ he has done by it is lri/lirlg. tor' Corporale and raidenlial do.veIopmenl
hw. the same way 10 trade now OS is l:>oom.lg. The ~ bme1its, but
......... I hod, and thol IS with my historic SItes Ire Ihre./llened. To offsel LuciUe Hobbie Art
children's alare, which if I hod noIhod, this concem, the Heritage Commission
I might lKIV<I...,fferm, I !>eMw,for rha, pta .... '" 198.5·1\l86 to identify under Exhibition
supported lhe family, in some measure guidelines ...t by lhe Off"", ~ New
whiIsl I Ned with Ium. and because I Jersey Herit. all hislonc ..tes in the The Mo rri. County Heritage
\lJOlMd !'lOt give II all, f C>OIMd not .slay at c.:...nty. Tho: survey fw>ded by an Commission is sponsoring an
1Iorrw; aile. lleft him, Jmade him o/hrs ONJH 7CVlO 17ant • ....-ill be a working u.hibttoon of Po"nlingl of IocIII hisloric
/0 quat h.m. ond htA>e. no 1I1Ofe demand.
agcnnsf him "( he """,/d goue """ 200
1001 to _'* fnIInicipaI officiab;,
cn'len groups, and commercial
SlIes by lhe well-known New Jersey
ArtISt. Lucile Hobboeof Mendham. The
POIlIIds. bul "" 5Did he lOOUld not 9IW inlere.ts to merge modern I-oghIight of the exhibtl IS lour ongonaI
me OM COJlPl'I". bul would toke all my deveklpmenl ..... th the C""nty's hisloric walercolor and J>E1l and ink dr~
dOIlies from me, whi<;h he did, an"., buiit ""UU"onmenl depicting the Mornslown Green .... lhe
could gel, ,mdbcked them uP. and the "The comprehensIVe survey will 1!!9O'. as seen from ItS north, east.
wnl'ngs belonging to my children, by include about 2000 SItes. and wiD cover $OI.Jth lIond """"tloc;o.tions.
hcMng a key Ihm LOO<J/d unl<xk the Ihe. Co.unly municipalily by The unique paintings, culminating 18
d,_ where I kept them, I mUnlCipalily Pre"'Xl$ling municipal rnoolths of r"""Mch and work for 'tie
_knew till $InCe, and IIaJe ....sed S"""'YS of Chest'" ~, IIfllSt, r"""p1ure the actM11I!S ).d
~ seuo.d r.nes.1_l>e>doneoi (business distnc:t), Meod.ham Borough .... chilecture around lhe Green for thaI
his bonds, notes. or deeds m my~e. but Morristown, P.... ~·TTOY ~ peTlod_ The recenl successful
thai .liIce the rest 0/ what he S<IyS. and Rardolph, all compiled ~ r"tor~l00n of theGr«fl ~ Morriotown
EUNICE SCOTT. previou$ ONJH fomding, .,..;g be Bauhlu~ Inc. prnrnpIed Mrs. Hobb;e
Moms County, April/9, 1m. incOl"pOf<lled into It. overa. maste"T to undertake !he paintings_
plan. All ~ lJ'J"tmment officials Colored lithographs of Arnold
Personolly ~od befor_ .... Euna historicall()(;.etll!S. and libraries ""II ~ Tavern, Condiel H~, lhe Morris
Scali, <md made oath on lilt Holy contacted for adcIiliorl;o] research County Courthouse, D;ckerson
E~tl 0/ Almighr~ God. ,ho,
who, silo assistanao. Tavern, and Washington'S Head.
' - """,. rono;0min9 JaM &011, ",.,. Besides indiVIdual siles, !he SUf\/OI\I quarters, make up lhe balance of the
~ .. 1M '''''n ~ e..tUbtt.

Morris C ount y Heril;sg<o C Olllmia.alon

Mo rris C oun ty C o unhouM
Mo r ristown , N.J. 07960
(20 11829-8364

M.-.. ShMon M. I)or_u •. c ............

M .... F~" D. Pio.,eon. VocR-C ......... n
M.-.. Vor,;ru. K. Rooney. S«~~ . Edit" r
Or. Henry Citron
Henry W. Pilch
Eleano. il<>gerl
Jooepb Decke r
''It-K DeC«lu . FTfIoI!hoklor Liai..,,,

illOUltt~ illin:ular
Morris County Heritage Commission

Commission Receives
State Grant
b!.' Jowph M. Doocb<

Last fall m. Morris County H.n1a9t

Comrnowon ...... urged to apply fo< a
gtMt !rom the OfficIP- 01 NEw
Hen,* to conduct a
survey 01 historic sit"" n"s ....,.
upt!\ined in our prew.>U5 Circulilr.
The wrvey would be funded by a 7Qr3O
grant, 7(1 percent by the State. 30
ffcent by the County.
The Comrroo.sIon ~ 10 ~go for
,('. easy and ouick to say, but much ..
onvoIued The coo;l for such a survey 01
$100.000 oYer two ....... rs was canAd·
ned realistic The consent 01 the
~reeho~ ....... needed as to both the
tdu and the putting HUp ITOrn" 01 the
th"IY percent 01 the County'. sNore A Salt Box Steppel Artifacts
They ~voe lhelf whote·heartt<! wpporl
An appli1;atlQrl was ptepart<! WIth the In Roxbury Acquired
help of lhe Counly Administrator',
Office and sent to Trenton. Stw-rill
" """'" 0.....
Commiuion membefS and Ihe The Mo"" Counly He"lag~
AsI.uonl AdnunislralOf ~ twOlnpI The buiIdour c.ame clo6l>. But in Commtssoon has f«ently acQUlted •
10 T ~Ion 10 make sure that the 1962 a 200 year old dilapidated hou5e in coIK11OII 01 0Y0Zr 450 Native and I'o.rrter.
appitcalion for the g.ant ",as RoKbo.dy T ...........wp~xaped demolition ocan lndiittn ar1il<tc:l5 which _ dona,
thoroughly understood ,nd INtI and .....,. moved half a .... Ioill present ted thos~1 April byMtal:.thelSl~
flfllu'lClIlI arn.ngemoml. for lhe County'. IocItlion On Matn Slr.', I .. '&!' :OX!. formerly of Ea5t Hanover. The $P«~
share would be appro<.'f!d. The trips II's a c~ ,,,,,,,,pie 01 ,,,cce6sfuf rrten6 all corroe from the Steppellite in
p"i.d oil, loT _at m;ou..o.., .. ,,,,<f,,,,,,, historic preservatlOl"l. Onel the home E.itS! Ha....,.,....,-, d" d' .... well k"""'" 10
thltt mighl hltvoe caused a re/ull&l of lhe of an early Mtt~, ...... ,h t!e. to the archaeologisls sincl 1956 "'hen it was
grant were ealily resolved. Morris Ca ....1and iron mining, the Silas fint 11ICaVl!.,ed by lhe NewJerIJOtY State
A dec$iOn was hope(! to. belOte tM Riggs "SIt11 Bo,,~ today functions as the
hwKkp ...111<1 the Roxbo.dy Hislorical M _·
end 01 ~y, but evM.totbon • collection _l\Ialuated and ~
pail'lllaking and time c0nsumm9. BII """",,. by IIrchwologist Dr. l!e,bert C . KBft
m. end 01 July, the Comnussionen II's a &nlc house, rypocaf in 51ze to
many buill in Morns Counly ~ lhe ~Ie
01 Seton HaD ~ and Arthur
_ bUng nails and out _ q Puch, • resident of Hano"e,
''>e ~ heal .....00. 1M gwse 01 \81h cenlUJY_ BuIIl.. 1ong sloping back T.,..".,..... The collection consilii
aMnt serenily. ,oot. charllClen.b&:. of the SaIl Box mDltly of opearpoinb and ~
The good fKl\IJ5 carne in urly AugUit style, is "">qUI ,n Ihis area. nu. daring from the Archaic 10 lhe Late
lhat the grant was approved. archi tectu... nicknamed for il' Woodi;!.nd "",riods which encompul a
The Commission ''went /or it~ and resemblance to In annqUl hinged-lid time wan from about 3,IXlO B.C . to
~got it: but now is ''in for it," /0. therl" .... 11 conla,~, 1IR.5 mor~ popular in A.D. 1600 Other lDeCimmI ir'ICludl
much to be dor\e ow. the nut two Cont......c "" ".. 1 ~on""4
Contnuod Oft " - t
Bo • . ,Coto r""" 1'09< I h<! was r~specllully talt..d "CdPI~'nH \ Wat ch Out For
News Bug s
- HI5 suc:c~ ~T
rlKognoto()n In 1635 ho! an
.. Ider .. tho Su:;CM UOAiI Pfabv1~oan
I by~W f'\kh
Church Si!<>. died '" I~. age 67,
sut"...,..,.j by hil ......1.. arod nrne chlklnm
He .......e, ",duew o f _ V.., h,. hie.
It has been we" .,. . . ,
se>I'ff\\ y frve
"""''' .,oce We~ ClIme 10
typlUl of tf1e penod. iii. notewo rthy MadlSOll from Win .. on Salem. Nort"
Uke 50 rn&ny ......., Iiwd In
centur,r Morns County . he was
"".1\1L9Ih C .. oInl. to ....... k 10. my di!d
To ""'. a c,ty boy. 00. 6·acre Ifact 10
hardworkIng. deo<olc d to j~mi/y and wha'.... a$ tMn 'ruly tho: Ro::>soe C,ty. had
church, lInd \riled in" w...JIrown And all tt.... attnbu tes 01 a \.; ploma( -on
tu. ""h.ewmen's were p/I,l 01 tho, On a port-on oItl>o< p.oper ty ttwre
hlston.: Ko.nT II" grCM'lh oI.hal n~ """ a ,,,ock forft'. whoch had ~,
Hili hnle Sail Sox ooUS<' stayed '" 1..... been lum~fed. In lhe.e wn [(J ~
ra",~ and conhn ood 10 bot k"""'" found aU sons 01 !au"" "nd I\o.a.
duou9h tlw yRr;; as the "old R'9!15 ",dudm !! ,,,,,1115. '0,,0\" "5. w,ld In 1960 'he I)fOp<!rly was wid
bt..::k~rrie5 and plenty 01 pooson 'VY
and ,hi' t.ouw c~ A moo:k>rn Two acrors '" the Ia...!a' ...... e cio>a.ed
offICe bu,ldrng, ....'35 .... ,ed lor m.. lite lor 3 9".do:n Sf>l>Cl. <tnd there ,"'as $Of1'"
Howev er ~ "",wo f cQrnmun,1y "'Ieres t pastu .., \ir.nd ",It over for Han},. 1M
~layotd 'the new construction. and and~. 0Uf
shortly th .. ,ufu,r the Ro ~ bu'y
Over ~II t"uS doma'" Su Llt 1,,><1
Hk$torical SocM!ly Wd efforls 10 mow exdu$ ,vI jutlsd, cllon . •,"d. on
tM sUUCtUfe on a mill ..... ng 10 a .......... occaOIOTI. t.... would cion a ...It,,'e coat
Site hall a ffilH! we5' and p.esotk over tM k,tchl:n staff when
Aulhen!>cally ,nlo, .. d by 'he my mothe, de<:1Ikd '0 ""'efta ,n ,he
500:;"'ly, ,he Ion'" 1>00", now ... rves as DAR !lid"" o. some 01 MOffl~
an "'I'..... commumty c.mlt' •. ",ld ... County's poi.uo::aI worth",.
O!)I:n to ,he pub~ the flfs, and Ih"d But the 9'ealH ' ,hmg abou, Su,,,_ ,n
Wcdrw:oday of tho:: ,.,.",."h, from 10 am
um~ 2 pin. ard by BppOont~t Thi'
my .d>OOlboll ,"Ind, ...,.".Iu.
01 llnow1edge Bbout .... 'ura! gOlfI9:$

Merm County Hoontagl' COI""rUI4lOfl oro th~thillmy,ea<:he,wemedlO
t....,placw an hlSl0n caimar k, 31 I~ know fIOllung about. and which ",,"e
501;,5 RIggs I-buse 217 M3>n S!f~t, not rnen'ooned 1f1 OUt ..,hooIl '<>ok.
Once. wIwon we ......... e walk"'9 out ",
the ~ .... aparl 10. S'''''''''' 9 """""'~, I
!M.ot< G .. ft, ,C- f .... Pop I carne uporl a Wf\' Ia,ge w.llerrnelofl.
ye"" hl:lpu'9 pYOIess>Onals complo< le /U5l abou' npl enous/1 10 po::k
this p<oj«t Once ~noshed. tile ,ecOId 'Look at thIS 0IIf." hhoul fd,o Su,tt.
""II be 01 sre<lt U"" to ~l. educBI>On<I1 pO,n,ms 10 ,\.
&>d bu~ 9.01.1])5 •• 0 !\IIITII' "lew It i"k ~leIy slapped my h.\,>d
WIll be 31'1 ext,emely,,~bleadd1hOl' to away from '1$ pOIntIng pos1'mg '"I.Vha1"S
(hi: Iustoric,)l archive s 01 Morns the "",ne. WIth \10<1. boy. dnyhow 7
c.w.. NewT pomt at a melon. if \10<1 "",n, '0
Ut" P";nt a, " and " WIll fan off.he
'>Iin8. sil."",J up "nd doe"
Barth oldi Day Anothef time Surtl and " helper had
been ,plotting up....m e oak logs. N I
Kenne th C~.pen"!f. Ofhci, ,1
HistOf'\lln lor tho: Bo<o.>!I' 01 Butler.
stood wa,dun q tt....m. a
wtuch .eS<:mbied a bumble bee
ta.,., 1f\WC'
sent lhe commiSll1<ln one 01 (he appeared near us It would Slay
Day Issue Enw\o pes. dated July 18. perloectiy rnooonle$s .11 000' spo. If\ nud
1985. hononn g Freden<:k Auguste
Bilnholdi.. Sculptor 01 tile St~H'" 01
"If. ,ts wrngs ",braun g, .,miIa, 10 a
humrntng bird
Ube<ty ~ clo5e fnoo:nd 01 Richa.d Buller A!. I tnOYed ,......'II.ds II. ,I ....:\denIy
The • tustOJ'llln had SOO SpeC",1 CNmge d ," I>OS'tlon '" a oudden damng
Cornrr>anOI'atNe EnveIope5 pmted faster tNn I could foIow, and
WI!h blue onk 0f1 yellow popel' (thor
"9<',n took up ," molo::>niess <Jib.almg
town's officoal colod .and July 18th _
Barthold, Day I started 10 a'" Suon wha, tlu5 ,nsoo<;l
wa!i, but he and h .. compan oon had
wddeniy CeAsed ,all<ing, and ....
mo'lOned me 10 reTnaln qu",'
Con<....,..d on P.'
Well.. " Board and serwd Il$ prestdenl
Happy 90th Birthday. for 8 yea" Also. WlIS aPPOlnled "" lhe
Ruth Streeter! Foreman for lhe Federal Grand Jury.

c whICI\ tndded Ai>erl AMSlas;",

reputed hel.d 01 Murders, ."'. for
n:ontIi' I/lx evasion "The sloryhu al the
rtewllP"po!TS n... iI""e<! a chain 01
00".., one "....sJ-,.,s to pay lribule 10 a ",cUnIIla",.... whICh lead 10 his be,,'9
po!Ts<:m who has spenl """,I 01 her ]i [.. D1 mu,dered by hi$ own col1eagu~I,
~un illry 5otrvic:es 10 olho:rs b/Quse he _ • ~r to them_
Bydl..,1 of RUlh 51.ftl"'·5(....."_YY She has ..,cetlled a plaque lIom
and ab,'lIy, she has <lC1uewd a lot aoo $peeclweU Vi~ Truslees. '970; DAR
by ....:;"ftcn and devotoon Nos an"or.ed
a repul,)lion for be""g One of l he """"
chamabie and civic ITUrIded CIl'Un5 01
Moms County
Wh,~ lalk"'g 10 M,~. StrHI~ al her
horn<: ,n Morns Town~ip. II beeame
Awa.d In 1919, Morris T<l'tJf\Sh,p
Rl"SOIulion honorwog he. in 1979, and SO
" CIne d It.... u""ouai haPPl'n'ngo;n he.
lif.. w .. ~ when .toe was chosen by lfoe
Class of 1918 ...1 Bryn Mawr College.
qU'le <MXo1 Il1at the h.g.Ioghl 01 her Pa, 10 _ as ,IS cia. preSlden'.
hfe. o..s..:\H her lamdy ........ her ,1\,1/0: whICh ~ did 10. 38 yNr$ She
yea • ............, .. as D"",IOf 01 lhe M,;,,,,,,, attended ,he college for two yo! ..... and
Corps Worn..,,, Re5l.'rw dur"'g World didn't graduat .. ","h lhe c~ 1
War II ~ "'.. commissooncd as a
Ma,oraoo...:llked up loa Colonel She
and t..... thret> sor''' _re all ,.., lhe
as.sumed thai lhey Iiknl n., \ll!ry much
10 hoo\ll! t1">I>de choicE'
"I fH'80"l' for l he lanners W.. ne;,o:f
J<'rw:~ of Thei. country ~t the Silme A1w~ys .e<>ay lor gueSli. lh,s h~ them ,n Ims COlJnl.~ b.!cause farrrung
un ... : F.~nk. Navy; H.. nry. Navy; and a,ea I\as 5('VI'ral bec!room, .. nd" large <md .alllng food " """'V import"nl 10'"
Thom"s, J. Anny Shoo ,ec~ II "Illng room whICh t-.a:. four lrundlt of us." sbe ....d. "!IO _ shoo.dd help
M<!nt B.xIge and \o:!ler Preu:\ent beds, .eeILn"rs. and It.... only TV in It.... them 'n some w~~." However. she
Tru"",n house Rulh sat<! the TV d>dn'l fj, 1M Wllh doesn't aSr.., IMt lhe ~rnrnent
FoIlowtrog ["""I,. tr<tdttoon. g,,,,ldsorl. In.. A/1llQues ,n hoP. ","119 room should Mood".. everythoog illo ,I h>:ISIl
TI-oomas W Slrl/O:ler m. as , volunlft. 5peaktng 01 Ihtllrvtng,oom. ther .. ,5a tendmcy 10 do
(" and s,..'9o!anl, _s ........ rded a BrOl12e colorful Japane5l.'.11< !!Cr...... """" """'V "How you face hf" Wllh tiS problems
Star [or br~....,ry ,.., VIe,nam rar .. Balt,more Desk whICh calche6 and~. hasa 101 I<>do WIth t!wquahly
M, •. SUHte. felt wry honored when YOU' ~ H<or moth",. Mrl Cha,1es 01 \,OUr ble." sbe '<!minds t6
she WlIi chosen by Mayo, EmIIon p""", Cheney. 9""1' he. the desI< when Hioppy Binhday, RUlh Sirulu,
G.,J\RISOO of Mornslown. 10 be Grand she WM • young grrf and ,I IS one 01 M from all 01 us "nd T1\1tY you enJOY marty,
M,;,. shaQ 01 tt.... 41h 01 July Pa.iKk ~ tn lhe .... ttOrl many more 'KitV<' yearsl M~y God
.....ars "90 She wo.e t..... Ma,mO) CorpS The desk, WIth all k"t<!,01 wood used 1M.. you ~,Id YUU' fMn'iy'
u",Iorm II> !t~ C!ln$lTUCllon. IS cowred ""Ih
Shoo grw. "ed,1 lor t..... It::mgo>vlly 10 onIald work. h35 wnlong tuJfaces. Highlights Of History
lough New England anc:l"Slry, She WM ptgeOt'1 holes. dr~rs, and tho. waulY
born In New Hdm~h"t, ....... nt 10 of t1 all. ,. th3t ,I closes up compll'lello'
Boslon, and c.-me 10 in from lOp 10 bottom. ""'Ih a .vnoolh
1922, a"el IMng II> New York lor a lew ,.....rlau.,nd each secbOnart be locked
~ar. She ,,-'anted t....r lou. chtld ...... In he. personal oIfoce, Wllh ~I\s and "Buu" fu l p,(lu,es. good
sons menlooned ,,~ , and daughle., desk cow.ed Wllh fi\ft\ily phOIOS. you commentary, fine music." "Excellenl
M.. , CNnc: ... Malvern. Pa .. 10 fird ftle ubmets ard boxes 51itCk~ pl\otogr"phy comb,ned w;11\
grow up on a u>untry ~lmospheo.E' wtth curr enl ma,1 Age hASn'l onIormal"", commentary". ~ l'YefY
Rulh ...... be 90 yea.s old II'lOclobe,. dnnrusheo;lher ftowol ma~ friends bot of ,t " The"" ar .... lew o/Iho. glowrng
bUI a sP«1(I1 Bt.lhday [);noo. was held and P"'tonS onternted in he'r "",ny comments on "HIQ~bghrs 01 Hos.ory
al IIw Railroad Ca. D1 Cot'W'ent on July aclMlte!I. SIM! h31 been ...... av, ~Mm' ... Thrft: Hundn<d y""rS ~l 1>1.... , ...
Wllh W des<:E'nDenIS anmdong A '''Ich up Wllh R all. w+uch means, "'" Cotm/}',· a sI>de thaw with words and
beauldul colored group piclu'E' """ will be "t'II;WI"nrog each p;ece .. Io<.g muSIC Inlu""!! Mor~ CounIJl'i
lak"" OIJlliIde !\and", ...... doesn'l know Ilow 1o Iype colorfu' l\,slory Ihroush the HeTiI~
Mu. Sn.... le. h.... s alooe tlOW ,n ~ ... nd doesn 'l M\II! 1\ "",re'~"'" Sho: Com""""", ha$lorit:;a1 """kl!ri
~~~ whICh I\as b«n ,enov.)led ,ntoa '"'lOY' doorog thos Allhough ,I has bnn available to lhe
Ir::>udy home WIlh tte ..... ttIuDy landocaped A speoaf a:ru ,n lhe haD 00 the ~rsl gener~1 publoc for 00111 a yNr. more
grounds. fealunng " fountUI Wllh a /100 • • used 10 dLopIay mos, 01 her IMn two thou""rtd Morns Counll(lns
che,ub hoIdirog a JNlke, n", ""'"a aWll.ds and c,laloons, actually tOO ha...., seen II. It ftppeals to ~ of all
t ~Iable fo, PO"""" and was
polo numerous 10 menlK)l1 al ,1\. hm" ages and occupations Among In.
.enov.,'ed belor. h... hutbar><l. Howewr. perha.P5 you tbdn'l k"""" OT9Ilt'LIUltoons who e~ il a.e
Thoma, w. SI"""ler died 20 years "9D RUlh _ anE'lecled memoo 01 the N.J eleven histoneal socoelte!l. .........,
The hay!oll. Wllh tho. rool ra,sed ~"" Constlluloon Conwntion ,n 1948, schoob!. ro ..... libraneli. Ihree c iVIC dub$.
lQuated 011. II;tlOWl .... guesIS· q ...... n ... s Member 01 lhe Electoral CoIf,.,ge; two church !JI'OUP5, two DAR
he[ped .Ian Morns County', firsl c.:...-.d "" Pogo 4
I-tiIhliyhtL_Com'''' F""" Pogo J
..-bng5, tt. F1'fthoIcIefi. and !he
New Jersey As6ocIllOOn 01 Coonly
Cultural and """Ii!age Comrnis!.iorl6.
n... 16-minute IJicII! $how provide. a
gRmPH into , .... !ustQry oIlhe County
I,arting with" pl'dbstonc Indian rock
house in Plorsipplony and eor>cluding
...lh a _ 01 VK:toryGllordens. Moms
County's newest mumc'P<lJ,jy. h
1 1 . _ the peOple II>'hose diwTw
contnbubons 10 County lustory g;>W
lnese Slles their MIone sognificance.
Dr lewls Condiel who invented the
IIINIUpOll vaccination. the Marquis
eM Lafayette. Ak!WOder Kornillon.
Gustal Stickley of mlSlion fumjlur~
fame. Rochard Sutler 0/ tho! BulleT
rubbfi works and Dorochy Eush$.
founder <liTho. SeeU'lg Eye. are among
troe .... r<:>eI> and heroones 01 the show from a s.ngIe .ae, wi1l1>1' kepi
Already school. and histoneal pond """lerdall' altltmoon and not inlaCt and thlll it will be I>fope.iy stored
tQI;~t~ are ...... Mng Highlighu o f ac:hooI?"
$howIng up 101' undn lemper~tll.e-controlW, a.clwa.l
tii.IOry for shou.'ings in 1986$Ohurry l
you wam 10 _ d at ~Org.llrllUlhOO1·1
Hu.. \11M a ~rvt wNch I Ihoo.qll
only I and my two co<f1I'IInolls knew

nUl meeting. PIlI.". wdI shortly bE
completed 10 have the show on video

For raervallOM, phone 829-8364.

Hew had Suilt learned about II, unIn.s
through..,....., MCfCC. ~ "ItT.... 01
So ~ bewa . .. of rwOft bugs'
"Hometown Ties:
Community', C ontributio n
During Wo rld War II

S<opp.oi ConI F""" r_ 1 The Courthouse Lobby and 300

the 1oIIowing: Road dwrt kn,fe. drilll, to ~ndham Rood ~ycaso!$ featu.e ..
~ u., pa.tIc, poI.sIwd c.. lt (ll)< tv.o:;I-par1 .,,,rubu from the C'" ".
~), & .... hoo! gravedigger, La ...... tonc:al SocIfl!Iy St~bOA$ Iron, ,roe
Cros& g;vTIItl9 "0IWi! anilac:lI ardl; n;:~ photOli from 1945,
I.I.'ereleft by many dillem>1 trlI.s 01 National Au Coe-pe log Books MIl
IlilIIVe peopIe:I o.r.rhQ el~ settled in or Oi:>serwr OWlS• •ation boo!< and
mograted ac'OM ,h • • ru through the copies of a community coord""'ttd
mdlenia. oewsp/lp<!' whic h was sent to !TIIIny
The collect>on " currendy bw>g :", ,,~;, servx;. ptroonnel on the two
catabjued and I.beled
The Hen~ CommISSion .....
!:J<YrlInt"" thllt the coIoction, whoch " supportive

Mo .... County Ho:rit_ CommiNion

MomI County Courtt.c-c
Morrioot.-n, N.J. on6O
(201) &2').8364

M.... Sharon M. Donmy., Chairman

M.... V..,. . .
M.... Franca D. Plngcon. VO«-Cha; .........
K.1tooMy. s..:_UlI · Editor
Dr, Hrnry Citron
H~ry W. Pi<:h
Eleanor Bogert
JOMph Decke.
"Iu DcCroc•• F.uholdo!. uaiooon
o..vMI Mit..,., Arch"';'t
""'ry Chalfant , Com_ s..: ... t&t)o

QInullt\! QIir~ular
Celebrates The lOOth Birthday 0/ The
Statue 0/ Liberty
by Sharon Doremus
Hip Hip Hoor~yl It's Miss Liberty
Day. On Wedn<!Sdi!.y, June 18, 1986100
Boa<d of ChoSE11 Freeholders ~nd the
Morris County Heritage Cornm!ss'.on
will host a gaI.:I reception OOnoring the
St~lue 01 Liberty and Morris County's
ethni<: history, Balloons. bands.
refreshm<!nl$ and exhibits will be part of
colorful aft.".""",n ceremonies held on
the from !awn and main lobby o f the
historic Moms Coumy CourthouS<!,
whose original section c21es to 1827,
y, IS IlQW !isted on the National
nllglster of HlStOfIC PlacI!S.
Morris County C.".H&ates of Merit
wiD be presemed to Botler municipal
hislonan, Kenn CafPl!Tlter, for his

research do<:umenting the oftown

Butler's link with the SlalU€ of
Uberty rI c~cc----cc---c-:-:---:...!"''!-''"~''"---­
,nlS86.andtoliwunmtgrants,forll;eir "Liberty" - A National Morris County's l ink
outstanding contnbunoflS 10 MOfris
County's developrnent. Firemen from T reasure To Lady Liber ty
histone Banholdi How Company, by Frances D. "''''" I by ShorOl1 Dor<>mus
Buller, wilh their Lady Uberty Fire The custody bank: between New The Un, ted States oeariy looked a
Engine. win auend as an on.going York and New Je, ...... must end gil! horse In the face! But thilnks to 3
tribute to the Statue'$ sculpTor_ "UberTy", symbolizing the immigrant's 19th c~ntury Morris County
Rare hisTOric memoribilia, including dream, can no Iongo>r b.e foughT ~ as industrialist, the day ...."ssaved. Back in
photographs of French sculptor if $hi! Wl'fe a dependent child ~ 1885 the Statue 01 Liberty, a generous
August~ Barthokli with his good friend, pilrents are about to sepilrate. Me. all, gil! of the French people, lay
Moms Coonty industrialist Richard $hi! is one hundred years old and has disassembl<ld in pa.ckir>g criltes on
Butler, will 00 exhibited along with """n TOO much not to be aware of her BedJoe's Island. hs pedestal. the
Statue of Liberty inspired p.:!intings by power. She came as a gift from the finane;,,1 reponso.blllty 01 thIS country,
Moms County Vo-Tech and Moms people 01 France to the people 01 STood unfinished fo.lack of funds . The
America in honor 01 a CorrunQIl p.oject appea.ed iI /lop. with a likoely
COWlty Collego! art students. '!he commitment to liberty. "The huddled return of the Statue to France.
West Morris High School Bandwillpl;>y masses~ whom she welcomed wanted Forunately lor Lldy Uberty, Richard
a medley 01 pIItriotic: tunes, a . epriso! 01 f.eedom .-mough to set1le anywhere in Butler, President of the But~r Hard
,n.. Butle. Hard Rubbe. Company the United S tates where they saw an Rubber Compilny. took action. As
band's performance at tn.. Statue's opportunity to pr<)$f>er. TnIE:, many Secr~ury for The Ame.ican
, iication one hund.ed years ago. stayed near her in New York and New Committe<!. theolfic:ial U.S. fundraising
.::orne one, come alII Comecelehrate Jersey but those who trawlled far away organilatton 10. the Pedestal , he went
Morris County's link to our national still fell her presence. public and by April, ISS6 the 89 foot
symbol. Come ~m about OUr Cleany I'kw York and New Jersey hish pedestal ...... 5 finished in time for
Coonty's colorful ethnic background. are too closely linked by tunnels, the Statue's official dedication in
Come meet !JOU ' eluted County bridges and histol'j ever to se-pilfate. OcTober . franco-American ,~lat ions
o fflcials_ C"",_ "" 1'<9' 3 CooI.-.-J "" P<9' 2
Madison Land Assoc",IIOrl". laid out
Ihe so·called "Orchard" area.
Liberty «I\Ithwest 0/ W~ Ave. where
by Henry W. ~ 101• .......-e o,;gnaJiy acquired by Insh.
During the period wilen the Dutd. Eh> Street and nea.-bo,o section!; of park
were In posession of New York. they Ave. were once known as ''Upper
also occupoed porIioo& 01 whal .. now Dublin».
Hudson Courzty. dol Bergen County. Among leueral sections of
and IIIIdIllOlo'ed up ""Othe P<.quannock Momstown sellled by losh ...... the
and Montvale ~reas 01 MoniJ County. M~ple Ave.·McCuliough·Madison
Le.ler 'II""" tho! English. to Newark Slreet Dostricl ~nd lhe lands near the
from Conneclicut, """" to E1iZllbeth· junction of $peedweU and Sus$ex
lown from ~ Island. The GennIons Auen...-s . ..t.e\e the ''Bishop Wi9ger
foIowed the Rantan River 10 ill Uppt'T lots~ """e IM:I 001. Another area
limils. and thus ~rrived at German sellled by Irish was CoIIlI>$\Iille.
Valley (now long Valley). Most of the These immigr.>ntlrish. in these areas.
selllers in cenlr'" and 5OIllho!aslem found employment on florgo! (l$Tat('$ as
Morris County ...... 01 ScotchEngish women domestics, men gardne ... ,
slock coachmen and stablemen. also on the
The losh ~n 10 IIrri...... her.. during rlli!road. as drove... for the local
the Colonoal period. hi'" rlarneoiappear mom:hants aoo coal compames; some
in liwl_,m; 0/ the various regimo!nts joino,od the pa!ic:e forces, -.e masons
of American force' durong the and brick~, pamlft$. blacksmiths,
ReuolUl1onary War and O'Hllra and house buiOOrs. A number of Irish
conducted a welIknown "' ...... m in famities built $mall green houses, whICh LocIy Ubot ..... ,.C<>nt ""'" pg. I
Morristown dunng aod after the lhey maintained untll the big r05e
connict growing CQrJ>orations made these were cemented, and Butler, ah ...
Shonly aft... 1800. a numbo:r of businesses unpm/itabk!. The Irish were """""" ~ of tireless work, was
weallhy F""",h families purchMed IlIIo a<;tive all voIunleer Aremen. In named a Chevalier of lhe legion 01
large Ira<;IS of land in the Madison· Morristown. today. " large green Horror by the French 9O"'!rrrneI1!.
ConU\!nt ar ..... It is said they founded St. s ...... m. ock is ~ in lhe sdewalk How did a Morris CounTy RubbE:r
Vincant', Church in Madison. on front of the Washinglon ~ company rnagIlIIle. v.rho5e company
EventuaUy, these French settler's or CO\'l1)iIny heOOqwrtm on Markel oper.>led in isokoted Butler, New
their deacendenl$, sold off therr Iironds. s.ree!. Jersey. become .....aIved ...;th an
and some. \ike Beauplands,
~red through fllilure of issue.
The big influx oflosh came after the
potato famine in Jrelaoo during the
middle 01 lhe lasl century.
CDn'lmI!IlCed 10 lay _r
When 1 came 10 Madison in 1910.
along with Halley's Comel, the lown had

Public SeMel GiI5 Company gas~,

lines and lhe

1 ca ... recall florgo! gangs 01 ltal",ns.

interTllltionai art project? Actually,
Richard BulleT commuted from New
York City where his warehou$e for the
Iarge$I manufa<;lure,- of flOe hard
rubber producl$ on lhe world was
Parlly to furnish them with homes. fresh from haly. digging mila of Ioc<>ted A cosmopolitan man. Butler
and partly to obtain a labor force. some treroches. ~ the projecTS """. was a founder and bCllVt' Truslee of the
landholders in M;)d;son, Chatham and ..... "pleterl. many 01 lhem rem/lined. Metropolitan MliS/Iurn 01 Art. A
Momstown, who oumed sizeable tra<;1$ lind """kood in lhe gJeeMouses and on pro:niroInt colIeclor 01 Ammcan art. he
01 land. lubdivided them into smaller big urnl«. How _n I recaU t!\eor became IasciMled wilh Augusle
lots, Iiroid O\It str«lI. and proceeded to lummer celebr"',",ns with firew:::>rk6. Bartholdi'l plan to build a colMsal
aduertise these loti for sale In New band <:<>nCe.tslloo the $treels lined wilh stalue honoring tiwl [roth anni"","sary
Yorl< and Olher nea.-bo,o cil>es. On tabll!s and booths IiIIed with exotic ofUnatl!d Stal"" i"d~p"'ndof"ICe.
S/llwdays. they rlln speciallnoans to Italian foods, In Ffance Ihe Union·Fr~nco­
Morris County and held aOCllOns 0/ When World War 0 camv along. the Amercalne wasled no Time collecting
loIS, IIOnIe of which. toid fm as little as sons and grandsons 01 lhese ok! private contributions to build and
$SO each . irnrrugrants.,ioIroed the army, learned 10 transport lhe Statue to lhe United
In Chatham the New York ope"'te heavy equipment and afe now Saot"". 'The U.S Coreress officially
Homeslead Assoaahon and a< lellding conTrKIOI'S and COOSlfUClion acc~ltd the gIt , lIopuIanng t...... t the
of other tra<;t owners. some with StMue'S pedestal be finance<I with
offices in New York City, follow<!<l their

In ~. Frtdnx:k A. Suman
""S''*''$. ~ny are also lawyerl ,
doctors. dentists, archItects, etc. aoo
hold high puhli<: office, The Irish. too,
privale funds, In Isn Ric ...... rd Buller
and hili friends hastily """1 at the
presngious Unio ... t.ea.gue Club in New
......\II! dono> well in aD fiE-Ids, and many
acqwred the properues now a4acenl ha\ll! made ~ repulations as York IQlormtheAmericanCommm....
10 North, South and Easl SUe<lT, The judges, chu.chmen and members 0( the U,S. WTSion 01 the Union Franco-
lots in INs development known as KSt. public: bodies , Americaine, 11 was a group of over 100
Michael', BuildIng" lots, were sold To these ancestral irnrrugrlu>IS and pronunent poIilic"'ns. businessmen. art
exctus.udy to InIh. These propert .... their descendMlts the StaTue 01 Lberty connisseurs and phiIan!hropisl&. Buller
are now almosl all owned by ItaI0ns. has been """" always ..... be an was named Secretary and conla(:l with
Also in ~dison Edward Holland inspiration the Ffench sculptOO'
(r~UTed to ............ be.)n a Streel
Convroi$$ioner in New York Cily) and
associates. under the name of • The
I..odv I..-ty . .con< !tom ... 2 Th~ eYl"nins. .My
3.d ; 9 · lIp .... .",
By 18!l4 !he Commillee ""-' u ... _n~.
16l.COl, ar.:! Bulle< and Barthokli Preoodtn! Ragon will begin •
!!eGa"", close friend. through trans. """"Ill st/Itue lrg/Iung program
AllIIn!1C visits. ar.:!their mutual love 01
.. ~ chou and~. """ In
~rI Construction cI !he ~taI, on II ""'h "Amenca tho Buutihi".
20/001 deep conc, ete found/Illon, go!
under.l.ay, but halted abruptly .....+,en On ~IoIancI.S,003~wiI
!he .tructure had only ruched 15 feo!1. be - . . rn ......... ci!izeno.
The Amencan CommiUn had r\8"1 ()OJ! ...... 1~thoU.s.,hOd
cI"""'l From the~mnirog the Statue 'on by ..,oII;tl, 20,000 additional
had gene"'tM little public support, and now ArMric .......... aIoo be
""" considered II pet project 01 the
wulthy. Lacking $100,000 the Friday. Jul~ 4th
Corrrnrttee IacftI !he ~ p«l6peC1 11 ...... · 4p ..... .,,'"r~
cI an unIinaohed pedestal and !he CtlIoo:tal 01 T.. ~ and
~ return clthe F,enchgft. """"" na.....r ...... wiI~
A hard headed busineunwon, Butler A _ , en Li>m~ 51....
..w thit nmd for broad bawd support. nih laum .... be
Public KJIic,t~oon ...... the '_.The Park',
coordir...le<i \10th rho -'<1'.
Convnml!e issued an "Appeal 10 ""9001 ~r......,.kt dioptoy.
Patriohsm" with II giveaway gimmick 01
~ 6" u...,.,y 5t~luette lor IMIry $1 s.,tutdooy, July 5th

donahOn. Headquarte.. for the drive F.... .......,al oon<:U1 '" Centr;>l
were WI. up a1 the New Vork Rubber p",-~. "'' '1ItWIg tho New Y<>rk
Compan." at 33 ~ Street, ...Me
CIno! of Butler'. ernpIoyen rook charge
01 COntribution" and sta!ueUe
[Jm"dSo",G,.",,,,,,, Boods .5un<by, J ......
~e....,.,;q from M _

Th, drive sain~d tremendous
momenlum ....... n Joseph Pulilff',
land. Gi.on .. St~di" ... and
, .... tndoo.A ......
Sporturg even.., indu&>g lin
ublither of the New Yorl< World, ice sh:)w, IW"'f>l'ltico and tho
-onrew """ wejgh, cI ". liberal "Staroe oIlJ:1eny Milo" ...... 1or
I"II/WI Iheel beItir)d the Stat..... He
bombarded rhe pubic wrd> 1r0l'll page
editor"" boorllung the.. J"ck 01
I..bmy Towe.. oil917 ......,
men and ... omen. are

~tnotism. Dr.:! prorrued to pnnt the

name 01 ewrycontri;)utor. By Augu.t,
1885 the P Wi" reached, Over
120,000 people from all walk. oIliIe had
October 26, 1886 """11 prcud daylor
Ridwrrd Buller. The Butler Company
Silver eorn.t &.nd, miIde up 01 his
Mo... County ~, sem-.aded
Preadent Grover CIewIar.d on Ins
III"I'iv<oJ in New York for the Statue's
dedi<;a.!ron A bron2~ tablet, mounted in
thit Pedestal', Ulterior, ~ted the
name ""th ten orher-s as II
01 their patriotic
1InVIC.. Ard the Pedestal, CIno! 01 the
heaviest ~"01 r>IOIIewO<I< IMI. built
and no..- triwnphantlo,o .upporting rhe
Statue, W'IS II dream C()mO/ , ..... lor
Butle. and the ........ rican Commiuee.
His rothuiWsm lor the prCJj<,!c!
spilled OWl" rnlO the little town nanlI!d
lot him. As it5 major ~ and land
developer,'" named Bartholdi A _
honor 01 his fnend in 1886. n..;,.
.rong lrienchhip lasted untill9O'J.....+,en
·&rllloldr 5iIdy wmre Richllrd Buk...·s
widow that, "All those fortunate
...-.ough 10 know hm "-'\0'11 lost a true
imd ro:>bIe friend." The lCulplO. died
two ye<rra lat ...
Miss Liberty Soup "The Statue in the
A hearty. JlUtrinous nvrugranr meal by
Harbor, a story of two
Mary ChaH~"t. Apprentices
J chckcn
1/2 bunch Italia" pclrs/eJI "Believe n or root, whtn J was about
1/2 Berm..oo <>mOt> 15 ~'eM$ old, J worl<ed way up Illete •
4 Irish pololoes PI1UiP!>" proudly orared .... he pointO!(! t~
1/4 CIJSI Scotch barley the torch and the crownol r.... S!atueoi
2 Be9um rnrrl)lS """,,.
1/4 wp F.~....,.. This is a ~ in • ddi!Iltfui
Indi<m C\J"l' to IllSle childrens book written by Jeffrey Eyer

o.,;on mustard and nkelv illustrated by Paula
I Italian pLm lemaro Goodman, which tells the SiOfy 01 the
building oIlhe ItlIlue Ihroo.agh !he ~
Cove. chic:ken WIth wal .... boil unt~ olrwo!o'OUl19 boys, one F.tnc:handone
tender. FWmove meat from bones. American
Add chopped onion. parsley. ,arro'l, Both boy$ were apprenhc:es to theW
Scotch ba.ley, and poIilroes. Cook lathEn, one II rnela1 """,kef on PMlSaOO
until tender Addliosn .... pn:holcuny. the other II Slone makeT on New Vork.
mustard, tOfl\/ltoe, Ioalr and~. 10 They i>«1II'nI!par\ oIlhedramaoi the
taste. Boil few rrunutes klrlger. construction, fina;ncing, and dedicatIOn
of the monumental statue,
Sunply told, this story brings the
hist"'Yol M_lUrty aWe. This book
.. for sale in the Momstown BookSlore
and the paperback cOStl .$4 75.

"Why the Statue

is a Woman"
Acrordng 10 NancyJo FOlC. French
sculptor Frederick Aususte Bartholdi
uwd the !roWo f9.>re to ,..,.$Orlify The Torch OV'er N Y Harbor
liberty oot ITIIIH'ly out of artistIC
Some 300 ye.tor1l before Barthold;
o;nuued hiJ IlI>tue or the French
thought abor.n gMI'I9 iI to Anwriol. tM "Flaming Changes"
form of an 1nd0n queen was used to
odentify t.... new American r~public.
Fox has put together an exhibitIOn 01 Actually, lheoldest part oItMstatue.
85 objects dating from 1750 to 1984 in the torch a!:>Que lhe handko, IS aho one
wluch $CItIW of 1M 0Ilwr female fomw of the Meas molt l""'PI"'ed WIth
.00..,. a range In painllng5, KUipture. tluOll!P:>ut the \IW'S. At linl a 50Iid
texttles. etc . of wlnc;h represent copper flame, ~ WiIS redesigned in 1916
to be more of a i9lt beac:oo. The
BMthoIdi WM no! neces&a:iy _ e
e.:.rIier drpic:noo. of I.iberty as a
Ct:>ppel was cut and rep0ced WIth glass
......ncIowI so that 1000""," bghts could
woman. The crown can be traced 10 shine tluough Unfortunately. the
~ ollMh He is said to have his w,ndows were never completely
mo1her's face and the owrSIUd Kale 01 wat~proofed and fo, years ""'t~ gol
1M CoIussu. of Rhodes to lhese det4ill; .-.side, dribbl.>g down lAdy Li>erty's
to rnaIu. 1M stalUl! lhal was di>dicated 1Iml. catISlt'EI o;or,.-.o, and further
In 1886 by the presidml. ~ an already 5Oi'e 'POI. nu.
ar~ was closed to tourists . With the
'<!SIOI'lIhOO. a new copper ICY"
""thout ...'ird:MS it be.ngmado!. but •
rwne gikIed ""'h gold and ilbnulaled by
....arby 5POIid>ts. Tlus ohould make
1m. flame of lhe torch "PPIUI' ~I~
IhIm ever!
Goes On" Hail Miss Liberty,
by Virgin;D Rooney We Salute You!
( Perhaopa Kenr>edy c..rpent~, official
histonan fo< Butler ~ and .u. "Ther, iI a pOit card of the first
'ft!a. resdent, may never be quite christerong 01 MISII.iberty. 11 IS II rq,t
&/ItiI.fied WI he hu found OUt 5<:"'" ""th AiIloIIts 01 the period in the
a.-eryth"'ll about Richard Butlerandhis harbor, and an umbrella. 01 rockets
relationehip with the famous Auguste illwninahTl9 lhe sky,
Ba.rtholdi. Kulptor of the Sulh.oe oi. ~ M. Decker, a member oI tr.e
Liberty, so the research contir.ues. Heritage Commissoo, would like Ie.
Youll find stOriel about these two simulate this tcene Ih;5 coming 41h of
friends in another 1>"'.1 of lhi! cir~ular. July with his prelly bile sloop W<1aving
This 'eselIrd, wall ...~ponsible for in and OUT 01 the Tall ShiP!ll, ...Uirog on II
Corpenter'. awakened interest in stllr~rd U>ck ,n Ironl of the .tlIlue
history, and connn,," throug. """il unfurling II biu'ner reading!
exchanga to Franclt ..,;111 its newT· HAll MISS UBERTY
ending excIting disco...e:'oes ..•.,._ The Me."i. CounlY Heritage
Mer earning college: deg.e<!s ~\
l.a/IIyelt~ College in Easlon, Fa. and
CoIumbill.Jnivll!mty III New York, he """"""'"brou!itt
If tl\I$ IS
off the bartner will be
camI! 10 a...,Ier,~r ....... $Wtoo returned to the Herttage Commission
tuchmg ScWnce in \943111 Bu~ I-li!tI in MonisIOWT'l for edtibil and then
Sch<xll and retired in \975. pre&efV/ItlOO ...... mponam archiw 01
While leaching there, he started the Stllrtmg in 1943, he SliD helps. He was thIS memorable event, 10 be brOU!lIl
Sciencf! Fairs and I\iId the first one in oxhauman of Butler's Bicenlennial out and duplaye<l eachaubsequent4th
the Slale 01 New Jersey. Butler High Commission, Civil Defome Direclor for I _"::"'::::'~._ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _,
was also the first IQ haw II ~lOr 5 ,..ears, member of the N.J. Science t
50 which is used toirr;>diate ....mtever is Teacher's Assoc. and gave leclures al
put in il. ilS conventions in AIl<>nti<: City on Bumper $Iw:kers, decals, posters, \l'IC.
Kennedy was awarded the princeton UFOS SplICe TraVO!I,Atomic. Radi3tion, lire available from the New Jersey
( Univ<!rslly Prize for C,~\i"", Science Solar Energy, F\!riodic ~Iems of the Stalue of Liberty Centenni~1
T"adung in 1954 lIond rec<'iwd it al the Ekrnenl$, using: IIides for illustrations. Commission. Event$ arc being
Grad..... tion that year Thr~ Ius ~h, r.e foond out scheduled and you can ""ile 10 the
During his very busy life, he t.asbeen thai BIIrthoIdi rnIJode e liIe-S>l:e bronu al;:oue orgaruz,allon a~ Room 415, CN
Involved liS chairman of the bust of Richard Butle!- which he 064,36 S. Broad STreel , Trenton, N.J.
TerCenltnafJ/ Ccwrrnin"" for Bulkr, prOfT"06ecl Ie. Mrs. Butlet. The bust was 1lI62S" you need publicity,
and developed II Coat of Arms (bk>e rnIJode, bul rnystery5Uf'l";I, because , _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _J
and gold) "'*'ich ...... adQpted by the no one seems 10 kflOUo' where ;1 is. It r
borough officials and is used would C05l $6.00J 10 make another 01
~,etoday. piasler from the ori!jnal mokI. Bullet
For arotmd 2S yurs, during the
Summelll, Kenn \11M acounselorlor the
had !"'"" daughler$ bul wry ~m.. can
be found aOOolthe descendants. II any
N.J, a-... ,ConI /rom P9'

"~ Kila" Camp on lake Morey. of you readers could help Wt\h
Vermon!. The camp "arne, in information e.r you kl'tOU.> c:I. an~eIse The laws ..." h.u been recently
HawaMn, mo):allS "vic:!0~~, "The boys wOO mighl help. please call Kennedy cbm1issed by SoJpeoor Coon Judge
a!«!nd,,'9 enjoyed II kl! of hiking, plus Carpenter at 838-62.56. BurreD lues Humphreys wOO slaled
canoe !rips on the c.,.,ooc!icu! River, For your ddigenl .....;Irk on Richard lhill he did not hilve iurisdichon 10 rule
actually golOg as flor "" Car.adll one Buller'S history, and ;n apprecialion OIl the w,1 broughl by len New Jersey
lime, Carnp 1IOIl9', food lind dress (for from Morris County', Cili~ellS, ~ residents The liligants, he e~pIair.ed,
special urerroooia) followed !he salute you, Ke-nnedy Carpenler, for a do not MVO! the legal ItlIndmg 10 sue
Hawalllln !hemoI, 1II!houdI the camp job ...eI donel because they lire nol harmed
I'IIId V>k1Og gods lind lhe boys re1umed penooaIIy and h"VO! no property rights
each ~r 10 won. up Ie. Odm., the lOp on lhe lsIards. This lawsuit, he
god. ThiI; iI ike Boy Scouts earning IIlIIintained, is a cliwi<: """ lor the u.s.
-rn 1w'ge- Speaking 01 se<>uhllg _~Coort

Kenn __ .... Eagle SeOUl. the camp Fnonk Gw.... called the ruling
was wry quiet lIocI IlIIlural, no radios All Sialue Pic , ... , .... Throu.ghc.ullhe unfortunale. "The people of New
allowed Doesn't.aund 6ke today! Ci, c ... lar are COurt ....y of Dover Jersey hilve a "!itl to be heard on this
Three years ago, he ""'" awarded PubJ;caliont Inc., N_ York. iswe," he malfltained, Guarini pia ... 10
"Citizen 01 the YearM by the Buller take the case 10 the U.S. Supreme
IIFW, He had lak<!n ROTC his first Courl Ihrough lhe federal juddal
year in colltge b\at couldn't golurther in syslem.
the milila~ becaU5e 01 visual problems.
A lencing coach lor many years,
New Jersey Claims
Liberty and Ellis
by Fm""es D. Pingeon
Border disputes have plagued New
Jersey and New YOTk since the 17th
c~·n1ory when tN..>y we.e bothcolonoes.
The !"t..-.;t on<' began in 1984.....twn Rep.
Frank GUIlnni (D. 14 Dis.) and rune
other New Je.seyans claimed that
Uh<!ny ~nd fJlis Wand.. lay In New
Je, sey wate,s. Jurisdiction 0"''' these
I;y.oJ islonds had been giwn to New
York In 1834 in a T,eaty ...ruch was
,atif....:! by both states. 1he SUit. med In
tho, U.S. District Cou.t in Novemh<!r
1984. asks that the Co",t declare the
1834 Treaty invalid and thilt sales ta~es
charged on Liberty Island by New York
for more thiln twenty years be I\llumed Milp IS lo<...-k 01 one '" ,he Siile Ubr.ry In T,enlon tn.t occompam•• tn..
10 New Jersey Although the Federal 1!89 !>g'_tO! r:J the Joint Boundiot;' ~ The ootid line .hows the
gOvernmenl now owns both islands·, b<>unc!ory.r.::! tho- ",1~"""!1!!9 <i<sht. mdiat~ su"",yo,... ,ef"",nc:~ !>Oint1
New York has pfOfited from its Trenton. written to 1889, which stale should have jurisdietion over
jurisdiction over them by sa1<ls ta~es, sUPlXlrted their case . According to tillS Uberty and Ellis Islands '·lIiesin tke face
jobs and tourism_ With the restoration document. a joint boundary of law (referring to lhe 1834 Treaty
of the Srat~ of uberty and the possible commission appointed by the New which assigned the Island. to New
convet!;lOn of fjlU; Islond into a mUSllum York and New Jersey legis!atures in York) and histofY. which assoeiates the
and corner"""e cen1er, much more will 18SS. determined. after muck Golden Door with New York City and
be at stake. rese~rch. that Bedioes (now Uberty) its harbor."
Tho litigonts claIm thilt the two Island and Ellis Island were clearly it; 1he New Jersey contestants be/
islands have always been a par! of New New Jersey t€rrilory. thilt N€w York has nol only exple
JCTSI'Y and cite !heir proximity to the 1he law sui, has stirred up ~ great New Jersey fiflal"lCi>tUy on the issue 01
New Jer54!y &hore!ine: as proof. Liberty deal 01 conlrovef5Y_ New Yorkers Utwrty and Ellis Islands but thaI New
Island !ies only si~ hundred yards from dismiss is as ludierous.lhe New York Jersey pride is- also al stake. ·'Other
Liberty State Pari< in Jersey City and Os POSI writes that "'Ions-last lteatlCSlike slates celebrate the national
mor" than a mile from BattefY pari< in Iong-kl!;\ wills invite suspicion." The monuments thaI lie within their
Mi>nhallan. And their .ul1 suddenly Daily N ..... s insists thaI, "Possession bound.lries," historian Kevin Wright
became more dramloc when Kevin isn't ru ..... points of Ike law, It·s 10." points out. "Why not New Jer54!y?"
Wright, New Jen;ey historian and bnmigrants, it stales. came to New Espec",lly. he insists. when "New
eurrator of Ihe Steuben House at RMl' Yo,k Harbor oot Newark Or Hobok~n. Jersey as tke crQS8,,)IIds of the
Edge, discovered an unknown lhe New York TImes maintaillS that Revolution is a perfect selling for a
agreemen1 in the Stale archives in the claims of New Jerseyans that their monument to Liberty enlightening the
",,,Id. c-,,,,.,..;! on """" 5

Mo rris Coun ty He ritage Commissio n

Mo nil; Coun ty Courtho use
Mo rris town, N.J. 07960
(201) 2SS·1952

M",. Sharon M. Dor~mu~. Chairman

M",. Frances D. P~e<>n. Voce·Chairman
Mr>. "irgi nia K. Rooney. SeC .... lary. Editor
Dr. Herory Citron
Henry W. Pitch
A.<li .... o.,mpMy
J 05<!ph D...:ker
(;eo'!!e J . Szalko..-s\< i. Jr., Frnooldcr Liaison
o..vid Mi,ros. Arch;,,,.
Mary ChBlf"nt. Co",""""," s.,cr~'.ry
QIount!! QIircular
~icentennial of QIoll£ltitution


Constitutional Tidbits
Much has been """Hen On lhe ConsUlUI""" 10 Arline
E. Do>mPf'!V, membe. of , he Morn. Counw Heri,*
CommiS$Oon !!<Ids some In'ere&lIrog "dbo,s:
This ye~r has been one of our hallell summers - very
61mll~r ,0 lhe Ipringand summer 04 1787 The ~'eI
:l<>t at tables ~nd swealcd 8y noon the air wM lifelus.
WIth wm<lowa ""u, klr pnvllCY, or in,oIetabie Wllh Ilia
when lhey we.e open. (Ahl for ,he ICreeni and IlIr
cond,uoners) Pe.hapo the delegaiU ....oo..lId newt haw
re...:hed ~9Jeemen" had the heal flO' b. oken on July
16th. Even ,11£ mo.qu,'Ooe$ were Inl>ClJVe oll,llough ,he
SI' ileIS &t noon we. e ~Ued wllh hon;efl!es. VJhen the
---}iu... leh ,he Sta.e Ho~ fo< the day, they sirolled
, '0 Cheslml! Sin"" where they hopl'd 10 lee/lhe_
m"",ns from the n\IeT_
TheStateHou6ewasflOt ill ;tsbes' thaI ~r. The
~,~eple had been ""kim down when" gr,"",,~ky. G",wl
had 10 be mewn along Chestnut Slrftl to deiocIen the
sound of wheels and horws PilU'''9. There was a dosed
weI! in the PIIvement near ~:Kh corner. WI,h a wooden
pump s ,anding high Wo,k had begun on the new county
cou rt house but tiO la. there was on/y a large hole ,n lhe
eon""..od "" " - 2

Mountain Lakes, First Planned Commuter Town

Herb<:.1 J Ho.pgood, a developer and promoter. tl"aMformed wry rit:h could lIffon:l estates designed by individuaillo.chltl!<:ts.
one lhouoand acres of s ....... mpy wilderness inlo an affiuent and Bul tMtdul homes, based onst"ndard pt.ons, were an ~ffordable
unique archic: '~luroll commurulyof 5OOhortws in Morris Counly_ substilule in c""nlry li"lllg for o.",",s.
The scenario could b<: an update on the lales. real estale action in
Our Counly, bUI ,1"$ no,. II happened 7$years ago in 1911, and lhe I-bpgood grabbed theopponu,,"W; ConVlnced,t would succeed
name of Ihe development was Mounlaln Lakes. It w.u this He h.>d exPl'''''''''~. building qualily homes 0[1 hilly CO[1.1<ucl,on
Coun.y·s r,.s. planned cOmmu'er town. sites (In Shorehiom. on Longl5!and's presligous No,th Shore. he
The dewlopmenT eme,ged I,om a woodland "rea tha, was h;o,d btnll ~ fo< prospe,ous clienlSon a $Iopmg lerral" simiLlr
surveyed ,n 1896for lhe Je.sey C"y 1Wse"''OIr ,n Boon,on At lha, 10 ,he New Jersey s<te). ConstfUC1l0" workers couk! nde to work
lime t...e....'15 Van Duj,i1>e. t"," local .... rveyor from Boon.on. on a ......... 'TOIIey~ne rouled a1onslhede ...... lopment's ma,n road.
shrewdly i;>o!gan bUYIng up land al $1$ "" acr~ In 1908 he I3ou\ewIrd TranspnrlaHOn to N""" Y<;>rk Ci'Y. the key '0
~r..,d Long Island d~""IoJl"1'. H<!rb<!"rl I-Llpgood. pe!'$Uoldmg "llToIICIl"9 prospecttW home _'s, was handy "",'n n~Mby
.,,," ,M. !he land waS a good ,nves,ment and ideally sWlecI for a Lackau.,.,n"" Radroad C~.,01". And, last bu, nol leasl. lhe
plan l....:! res .... "''''1 park Vlmture would be bankrolled with .hecred" back,ng ot Hapgood's
The timin9 was nghl In Ike meltopo\tlllon Mello!he u",," nuddlt!
class tladjoined lh~ _a1lhy inllon exoduslO lhecoum .... On/l.t ,he ......
falheHn .l"",. ,.;.,a.Ilhy Brooklyn man"I&C luTe •• Cna.lo:s J T "gl,-
Todb", Con' ho .. p~ ,

1'lw rulo5 al HCf«\I ret\"lol:l1fd 11u:""'Itl

OUllke eo.......",KJn ahhoush d&lficull al
"mes_ W,lh 1111 'he enlellll""ng
,n Ike la ...... '" and lhe pa.lot, delegale.
we.e queshoned on 411 oodn. II ......,
~Imosl ,mpoM"hIoi: '0 kmp old Dr
Franklon q.... , Snllria ........ pIKed al
lhe Slal" Huur.e doors .nd IT\4!'m~ ...
cuuld not copy lhe daily jou'''''' ""thoul
WasI-ongronlUtyfd..."h R"ben Mom.
w<lll Dr Frankl"" '/')"d In9<'uoll.
T"homas M,ff," ~nd G\'O'I!<I Clymil"
,~. nvrnbn-soltho- Conwnl","
Dun...... "P«..tiy ItyIrlg _k."
dowgr_Ill. Franklon ptopoted lhal.
,. ,tit> C,""I'~: -.. 01 n. F~., s.q,., ~,"=,nw::.:~c.=CC:-_--::--C_7'"
d ..,pirun b<! ''''''llld to OJ>"' tM COJ\WI.
tir.>n e~IV mornIng WI,II pr&~S How Aug 16, ]717 _ ConwnlrunQranled Mo.rn'~n 1.aI<..C~n' 1"0"' t'll I

<!\o'e', Il\I;:r~ ""'" no money 10 pall II

lhe bM..: ""UI!

01 thor Con...."","
Cong.... _lo,O!9"I,,'.k"f'9J'Iand
If"I'ft~'dt''' cOt'nflVrce
Au9-24. 1767 _ Conwrot! .... pn:I[)OHCI
H"pgood plunged In, lCooP"'91lP "II
~vaol.blt- land. CaI\ildoM lumb<>. ~"Io,~
.......ebfoughl ",to de... ,hehrll* Road,
,~ITIoI,""dIhloug/ .. nd w,..
small ,hal Congr_beptohtb:t~ homba,," '-'ft" lard OYI. ~nd In.. """.nw.nriI
~'~'e. as-"".'Large, len iI9""'*1 Ih.H "'!I cWrw tl~ before 1800 ."c...... weredammedlocr.~le M<lunt
"bny 01111:. hugl' and "'1.01 qUU1H)1\& Aug 30. 1767 _ ~h,)ndobal~d ~'" and Wddw>ood ~kuo th" C~nlp,
_.~; SllM'ry ""'r~ tJa\oti ~h"" - "'0\ Iflor.ldrl _'""Iof ""'" .!.ttt'S , JM<-t'S at lhe comm"nrIy In ]910 ~Lap
Or P,, lhe Weste," Coulllry A..g 31. t;I:l1 ConvomtlOndf,cdod 1J,)Od Of14t\Iled Moun,,,," Llkd. h:
many ~",e'ellOWmosr.!<ng. Tiwy lhal "''''' ""'n"""'e
lhe Contl,lurlO
need~d 10 '."1'1 and -.lillIe<! COllllru<llQll of ~
modo-I homes. Ternpo"'''ly he lrwd u.
debdlcd O""r the ""lull' and dllpOl.rlJOn
01 lhe people at "'.~ WhoiII dod In.. So-p. 8. ]7111 Com""UH",,·SIY~ In.:- I'-1""n'"", 14kH Inn. s.:.~u ",,-,,e
treOI>Ie do."e. whal did lhel/ ~ -.l Arr...... t~~ ~II!'d 10 put t ... promo,<.'d from No M..nMU"n o!tK fOodl
and ~I would I ...... o'>CCepl~ ~"r_1nIO fiR.!O k><"T! 170e.~.andthlOUglr""", ..... pe-,
Jc,hn.w,., r10I a """"""'" all~'" eor.....n Sep. 16, 1711 Prm'", ptep.>r"d ads la',,""led al New York C"v apol"
non, $;\'" "Ih~ ~ who own .Iv: !>OIl copt<'. of lhe CO,,"trtul:on 10< ,.... menl.uld home """"""
On M""h 17. 1'.111 Law.ence W
coumry sr.ould gov.,n '1'· G...,.~ offici.lI"<PfI'TTlOn\l.
M..5on (V" ..,n ... ) ~I&led '-W" Ouglll to s..-pl 17. 17111 _ Srgnrng of I~ Luelle". hio ...,Iund IWOtnfantsl>..u"",
,,"end 10 Ih. righl' oIl!\,'I!fl,/ 'au 0/11 Co'>ltitL.',... ~·19""~tH'<'I>I'eMN M"""'MfI Uk" Inc·, In$l ,ntdent
~Ie - pt<>v><\e no In6 u.ehuly lor ''9 12 """'n.. n-)IionHr.;~ flIO\«I'd to 46 [)",I
lhe lIapp'nell 01 lhe 10",,,,, lhan of s.,pt ]8, l-;il7 _ Th. ConsI"utlOll rnoulh RoOO. a 5tr~t named ~fte. H"p
Ihe higlw51 o,de.olc'nun"· W~shlng .. "" .ead", Irw P" ~'I"'~ g<>:>d'sa.lnu """e,_ Thf« """,.h$ talcr
tOn .....-ole 10 t...fal"llle ,n Ft.. nc:e ~1iM!$re Sept 19.17KJ Pa. G,az<'TOepnn,.,s ',.,Ir",y tTIOfe t.c.ut. .......,. b".1! ~nd
"reeIDrgsv.ould de-rerrnnewhether Amn "'SI_~com""" aryonConstl o,,,upoecl I-Ltpgood tnQ<.,w h,.. " ....n
rca WiiS 10 have a goo.'eJnmern ....t.dt lutlOn- tarnily."oalar-ge homeC .... I• ...,. iocilled eed IIII' , Ilberly and propn 1'1. Of Jeife.son st~.~ "n,.. 1'~~ of b1K'ny- al 195 Bouln>ard
whelher lhe counlry ....... 10 dnlt inlO nn,,' be Ielrnh<'d lrorn IIlIW ,0
lune" BUSIness boomed "'T)~ly
anarclly. confu5io:m and the &ctalJOn of Hop..!uIilralof ~WllldottDdunngthe houw. _,e bull! annually tn lhe prl>
010me asJlinni dm-...gogue Bt-C:..,.,lermMrloilhor ConsI"~1IO<>. M.>rI!r "",I", 'drill ~'~a,~_ E~ry ..."",k~nd "ea!.
Tool h.brulhe~ """.~
,omlng Iflt< thongs .re ",-.Ji\atole tor us . "om -. Ihy cu-,II>mers from N..... Yo.k C,ly
1~5hion. lhough """"",, 'lW/ffeclive_1f \O<>Unge51 10 the okk., "Tho? Amomc - ..."""..Q ,n. ~Iouru<.o lakes salesolfrcH
~ gentleman wiolled ,0 ""_len hIS legIOn ha.s pul out ~ Color"'9 Book 101 "'mgt,,,
..... limollSllK.' ",Uto at the dew:1op
bf1"alh hor rubbed his 'I'<'lh WIth it , _ thorJ,O)UJ'l9S'<'n c,,_ Boo.......n's'· ...t.. nI<I"~ Muddy ,O<>d5. "ump hlled lake.,
dtP[)ed on $fluff ....., f't-rr4edrIph ... - .. a''-'t)lln: ... ~ ~nd cknudftI hdlJ """r~"'1 a del .... ",,1
Aug. ]2. ]787 EI\mdgo Gerry booitcon!.,...~ 01 tho! Con,.... P .... ~t· O...ldn·, """'t to pul I~. . PItY
(Mass,) Wfo,e fila, he had I~l<"" In$ WIfe I"," :b.r.-n f...- H,.,pguud'. hou"-'5.
~nd I"f~nl 501110 NY. III ltw heal of Many 01 O<U lawnS WI" b.> haw'S VJh", \... r~ tl'ww lin" .... hke? EMir
Ph.b.. in A~I mrght p.ove .",uriO<>. p.OSt_ ... pan ;of hiJ ""[)On""1 w.o. ~ 'l .Iom ve.$I0n 0/ 0". 01
to 111$ ",IAnI c~lebt-al"," (' -...I.. IF 6
Thirty Nine Municipalities
Will Participate
~ re ... nklment of the CoMututional Cotwention If) PhMdelplua, 7OOyl!arsago, will bit held On September 19,
in the Student Center Au<tilonutn at Counly ~ d Moms, at 12:30 p,m ,
Eac:h Iown '" Morris COIJnly wiIllend a delegate, ....,j,o will t onoI of lhe 39 _ s of the Col'IStIlU lion, Or
one of lhe Ihree reprewnt.)IIIIU....oo attended bul chd not J.I9rI
Or. Gordon Woods of Brown I..lru<.ief:luy will open the COfNOention n... de~ta wUI debale ISSues and vole
bdrue an 8uchence of the genomol public.ltudenl body, and before t~1evwon cameru, In lheaftemoon. Ihe ent"e
8udoence will become Ihe "Ole.. of New J<,rsey and. fo1l0"'1fl9 a briel discussOon about FeOe.aIO$t$ and anl\·
F~e.alionalO$1A g,votn by Dr. John J, o'Con....,. of the NevJ ~ lnsmutR of T<I(:hnoiogy, ""U YOte on ",hether
New Jersey should ralify the Consl!tuhon.
Dr LouI" A M>iyo, "'"lOt CIwrpe.M')n of Hilrl<lry.' Pohtical Sc~. at County CoI~ of Morns, ;. ""'" of lhe
event's major coo.d,nators He. UIislant" Richa..d hwm, Maditon, .ep•....emlng lhe Morril County Historical
Socrety. Co-IPOI'OIOI'I,



,.,.•• ,.. ".

W.. hin9,gn, G.o'go
F" n' lin, hnjamin
M.di,en, I.",.. •••
'" M.Hon')', I......
Ii. ~ .. d,G.elr
, .. ..... tt. ~,c ~.d
"'0., 27. lan9don.lohn
a. Gil""'n, Ni< ho! ..
M. UYin9'lon. W,lIiim
)..10"" , Gouve,neur ...••
N. Y. 11. Sr,.igh!. R"hardDo bb.
II. ! aunt, W,IIi . ...
)0. "I,,,on, W,lIiam
31. Mlltlin. ThoI'M'
Mo"i',l'.obort It. Wlllia,,",o",lIugh )2. (Iy ....... Goolgo

Pincknoy. (n .. (oluworth ••
10. lon,lo"D~ni.lofSL Thoma.
11. lCint."ul~. "'
1). fillSimQn',Thomu
)4. t"vrnoll,I.,*d ".
•• ~'M~~01,Cn~oI .. ,.< 22. Gal am.. N"haniel ~a ... 35. ,.dlo,d, G""n,n9, J., Del.
". ~u11.d9., John
• ~tI."P'e',"
,< "" D.ylo".lonath.n
Ca"oll. D.ruel
N. J.
16. J,<gb

"" Conn. row. W,lIiam 39. "urley, David N.J.

Sh."".n, R0p'.'
Jon",on, W,j I'm Samuel (0"'" "
n. '.!, Ab .. ha",
". 40. 1.0..0", W,lh.", (S"IOI"1)


NH N",hoiM G,hNn Kalhryn UNto

John l.olIngdon Robe-rl Sloil Ch;uham
eN WIlliam S Johnson ~n""h Ebnoor Mi... Hdi

- "'-
Rogt"r SIwr"",n MaoJnlilln Lo....
"""'" W"'"
MA Nathanod Gorham Unda fa_hale

RuI .... Kms Stepnen M.u ilb(h L.mcoln Park
AJ.xander HamIItOll
WdIwn .........,on .....
W.Jrrwr ~on

"""" ....., Rulh SpeInwI
!loNkl .... Roo"""
Jon.othon DaylOfl Jooe_
PA 8enJamm Franklrn
Thomat MJfLn
O-" ..b
Sand ..... T Stn"h
Morn. PWns
Chaw 80<0

"""" """"'"
RQIw.. MorN Boonlon Town
G••". a,m. WoIbam· Mun,,:.e Roc:klo""'V 80'0
"010..,... FilzolmOflS Elunot T P~,;"c
Gouverno. MorN WiIWn Calvm Morns
J&.""" WIlton VrrgoNII Roooey Moo.Int Albll910n
Ja.ed Ingersoll Ma.lln Tr~ngow Wh.lrtOfl
0' G«>,lI" !Wad Ro::hard Karrun Mount ~
Gunn,ng Bedford. J. Mane Ru.u:iw Ct-tn
John Doclunson ~K.t .... Panapp.llny TrOV Hou.
"'"'" ....
Ja.:ob Broom DoNId Koddoo

...... "''- ..... -

RocNord BMHn 0-
''''"' ""-
Daniel of 51 Thomat JenoIe.

.,."'" "'"'"
M J.cQ. . . .
c...... _ ~

Chatham &.0



... """""

Roc:ha.d Dobbs Spaight
L.o.en KIrkwood
M.a..... f ..... ton
Boo •...cct CUCCJnd>i
Grlyce MllSC>pol.llo5
W...... oo
Florham Park
Wt Har>O\lel"
Hugh Williamson DeWiu Remec~ tt"dlllS
sc John Rutledgo: Cothmne Emmans Mendt>.:lm 8oro
Charles Cotel,..,. th Pinckney ~ne Coutine Voc:rory Ga:dI!""
Cha.1a Pinckney
Plerc. Butle.
Evdyn Moran
o.ud. Post """"-

Abraham BaIdwm
WoIbam F_
Ma,or W6am Jaodrson
Wnnn Fettn"
Mary P"... .... ,
George SU-rkowsln. Jr

AI.~r ..... o.lool.'~' Sullo •. Ja .... F_~. a-'e< 80m. At! ""-, F1orhom PM~. fdirh fbnlo.~. Te"YSchb".... John
Pat.sU"n. and Oaor Kl.c/wl; ~ AJ. Dot>or". Mltw HIll. ~ z.,.,.""",~ Ernoo-ol~; M<>um .... iongIan. JoArvo (;ar_ .
Moun ..... We>. r..... ~ & John Hcok_ ~k. a.- &op1. Momo PianI. M..-IW»/ Burdrl<<>, Monl\lOlo. Na",,~
Condor. ~. Cornftut H"",",",; ~ Gardono. CatroI. &.bIrn, DOd Rae"""' ...... K..... ~
Colorful life Of ExecUllve CommlttH of 1M NiI'ional
Fedoer~I"'" of lWpub/ican Women. In
Josephine S . Margetts 197J, .t>e ..... ilppoorUed .. member 01

C: Mrs, Jowph,rw S M..l"gIrllS. BL..:., HiI

Road, New Vnnon, has umed 'M
the P!tiidt •• t'sComrr.s.on onIV Qual

In 1964. Mrs Ma'9fttS .....u ",,_d
gratItude 01 men;mel ~ IhI'Ol,J9houI "Oultt.mding Mol", Cottn,.., R<'J>Ubir-
Mor ... Counly"od 1M ltal~ ilSalea<kr e .... " bo,o ,he Mo. ... COIInry VOIIng
,n rh~ fight fo, hUmiln decency and Re!>ubloc..... In 1969. the was named
hon.!,ty ,n 9O"'!mment "Republican Wonwn 01 the VeJ." bo,o
Her "",n"'!XiI ,n the communny and ,he New Jerw.., Fede'~IIon 01 Republi
he, '1QIabl~ "~J>('''''nc~ In public hie aU e.... Women. In 1970, .h8 Wilf clIed for
_mea <QI'Mu~'9(oninbuloon IOvoiun het tn trod""t ..... 01 numer~ (01l5e1'V~
reer wrvi<"H in v~nou. organizabon•• liOn and hUmanor"lliIn ""'... ures ro 1M
ahh<>ugh ..,., hoo, "1"l'd from poll1o<<>I New .... rwy lAgaoL'IU'~ by the Con
hIe _,>On and En""onmenral flucbo/$
M.. M"rgeUI "". "Ienec! to the c.nrl!r ~ 1971.~,~€'Nedthe-Award
$,,,,,,A_mblliln ~.1961and 0( Men," from I"" North JerSl'y Con
w,,,", Ih,,,,cunwcIJI,,,,, 'I!'fms Dunr.g MfVal,.,., Founda,_ Mel lhe "DIana-
l'-e ~....... ~ "'... ch.w1n/ln 01 U. _·ard for.XC~I""" _ _ I' ,ohurnan

"~Al;r.c.uhur,.eo.-rv"IIOnMd S M.r II, ,ty by the Epeoion Sogm.a AJphIr Inler

~ ....
Nan".1 R~.ou"ft, Comrn,ue.. fof r....

Born and .~scd ,n ~I. Penn. Mr. M&rgrr1r. two. bem Ktlve III ..
n.o,>OMlln 1m, Mn. Mls9l1l1'~
tho! • M..ItrPo: Sclf..... Serw:e Org/rrl>Z.'l
honol.heNewJnseyA",... rd" In I97J.
,yWa.rnII, MI1I, MII'~n·. lathe-r wM .. ...nell! 01 Morna County _~'urlOnt 'It. was Clled by F""i.togh DIckinson

poooe<!' COrtR'WlI00nOSl arwl .. lumbe1. and or9/l1'll~r..,... ~ a Trufla> 01 U""""I"O"'" for OuISMndlflg A<:h~~~
rna" ""Ih holdlT'!ll of hmlx. thoughout Monia,own Mim(l'r.aI I-Io$prtal; New n"", ..
Je.""1I Camp for Blrnd Chrld.~. Inc. Bo!.w:IeI .11. Holly NUl",>, "' Ni.'w
Afte. publ><: ..,hooI., ohe g,adua!ed ~ MonitCouruy;FiIIrIedl J:lIdm>. Vernon. IN opot'.'H " <;commerelltl
,...f,om 1M Ogonl, School In Philadetpi'na IOn lirwtrwtv; F!OI! Vdty As5oc0rlOn apple and pluKh Q.dlolrd rn Newport.
\... .Id later thor Ambler School 01 Ago WMCA.NNI~HwonQll~y. PfMly/v....... She II a member 01 tM
Cull",,, In AmbWt. P.... 1IIong lho: ....... NNI~A9ncultur. Soc~y. Moms Amcncan Holly Soc."y. IIw Arnonean
" ' - Ilud~ at CoIumI:>oI U"".nuli. Aru Arts Council; and Newa:rk .Acad NUrierynurn'. AMocIl'\Ofl and 01 u·~
Rulg.-". and Dr_ any st. hatllllobftn a Board ~ 'euGe. New Jersey effira,.
llIe "- for poiI!« ..aned .u an 01: S&lvallOn Army, Morna>"""". New lin doecUMd l\u$band. Wall ... T
early. A gr"'"
granctlarheu"...m.., ~sey. Allocco Founr:Iirl>Ol'l; f\b,it_ Marsl'ru. J •. wau 10<ml'l Sla,e T'1'''''
.. R~ ..n ~bIyman III ~ NJ_~erNal>onal M~~OIOi 'JlI!r r.ondoo. c;",....nnr AlJr...! OnscoU
bu.g. Pa., nd",S horMback 10 lho. st..u Society; and ~ Board 01 New and '''l'Il1a dwfmol n of IIw S'ille So..rd
capitol ',om h,. ",,&I home. lin uncII'. Jersey Womm', Eqlll'''' Ar:1>On ~ of """"'lion
/1 Oo>moc,~t .•an for (;o...e"'o< 01 P" (WEAL). The Mal"lJ"lh had lour children_ Mrs
to.. w.o ... Ie<: red <I Jus!!ce 0( 'he Supreme ActlveIy IIlli.nled in lho! arts and Richard Doremus. Moms Townsh,p.
Court and be-c/11!le Choef Justice 01 the hrghe-r educa,_, M",_ Mar!l<'lIS IIh\S a Mn_ Cha.1es Rob"'..... , Mendham; Mn
St/11e of p., ""'mba- 01 rhe New Jersey OozellS C .... rles Con~n. Jr .. N_ VcYnon;"nd
After her In/l'n.l!l<' 10 Walt.. T Marg- CommrU" of Higher Educ.-.non (the Wah ... T. Mar!!<'uI, lll. New Vernon;
etli, Jr_. ~n auo.My, lhey lived for and eIevrn gl'andchildren
•,lIne II"M$ .n P/1ISl1ic, ~ Jer""Y_ lin pobtlClll KIM' ......... n""""o.... As along I\me aq .... nl"nce. I"m sure
While tile .... _he W;!$ a ~. and She served ua ~ 01 the RrpubIi. tha, Mo ..... Cottnty onuns will/om me
p.«..wnr of .he PaM/lic Valley Garde-n can Sral. CornmrUH from in ~ Jos.e. In/lll~. rnan~, more
Club; eha,,1I'I4Il 01 CONe1'ValJQn 01 the 1953.0 1963, and wu c"-man of the happy and prod""trYe ........-.s Mi>y God
Gardm Dub 01 N J., &recto< 01 the W........,·.Onnaon. She ...,.. ~ bie.- ~ and YOU''
~ YWCA. Salvdl.,.,",. Sra... ddegI ...... Yrge to the RepoNican
~c""" m p.....,,,,
.he Boys Club and 51 NahOnal
irt 1964 and
John', EpQ.;0p&I ChuIC --.d as praicltnr 01 the New Jnwy
In 1%3, M ...'Ili ~ ""'h FedoerallOn d. ~ Women from
he. ro New Vernon, a ru.aI area 1964 10 1967 In 1913, Mrs Miltgetrs
C of MorrIS Coun.y, wlwn Ihe Opo!r.>led __ apporn'ed. rrcmt>erol Sla,e ~
.. r",ensed Holly nuu.ery_ He< gardrno
M~ been on uhrbtt.n $Iale 1011,. and
Mil<! 'K~I""d not.:e by ,he Garden
0fJI COIInc~ on 'he FUlure 01 New-
On ,he ""'IOf"IaIItveI, Mrs Mar!J'!tts
Club 01 Amrnca RtWd as , mrmbe~·al·lar!J'! 01 tM
-, Did You Know? 0YeI" 1M balanc. of po<oW1' MIII.U" the
thrM braneM. of gDW1'U'Winl5. the Cornrnul\lly Club brcame added perk.
s,g,.a,_. the U«uINe, and the JUdi. lor would-be .uburbanitO/$_
The Freeholdeu aI Mom!; County '''''Y. But on "",'I 01 200 years of ConstrucllDn and Ales dropped. off
WIth II special commtltH. wifed by lechr>okoFa!ldvanc:e and other chan- 10 about 40 housn per year dur
Frftholdt. Fredeock Knoll. will cde: ga mour country. the fUond...rds ott by World W... J aM lhe following ..
brate the Socltflt~ dlhl Consbtu- the Const>tulJONl ecr...ntJon
~ae· economy. Hapgood few-nshly Slepped
lion on Si!pu,mber 26 ., lhe He.od-
quar te •• PIau m Moni61ClWn. Thorre ,...,.
aled a oyslem I .... t it llil dI«t .... up P<OfIIOhooll and ~""ncing efforts_
Sanlu. ompraacd ""'Ih his WM13rlUal
""II be II New JerloeY Symphony Pops II II.IM ThomiIoI Jeff""",," who dedlr«I .~tlllK)n. uI,nded 10>01"1$ on hOUHS
Coocef1 ~«I by MorT. Counry euorry !iIt.... f~tlOr\ ha$ an obIigatiorl
t .... , thill we •• neve. ~nlShed. By 1922 he
tile Hern age Commlssion plans to have 10 . _ the Conslllutoon to ensu.e ""'" b,)nkrUIl1 I..a<;k,ng today's c\l!ihion
a displaoy table ....",h brochures, booI<s that" fen'llllf\l ~anl 10 the tune5. In 01 C .... ptft II ...... was ""ned profes
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Regarding the Conslllulion cdebra- hom $3.800 up 10 525.000
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I~II ",he debate continuos today c...,. J R""___
cOmn'lutft town. Shortly alt"~rds.,,

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(201- 2&5-1952

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Dr . Henry CItron
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