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Hijacking the Environmental Movement

Wrong Kind of Green Apr 25, 2016 / 1Sky, Avaaz, Ford Foundation,
Nature Conservancy, Non-Profit Industrial Complex, NoVo Foundation,
Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Whiteness & Aversive Racism, World Wildlife
Fund (WWF)
Just Say No to 350

April 25, 2016

By Jay Taber


When the oil industry tycoon Warren Buffett poured $26 million into TIDES foundation, he was
making a strategic long-term investment in hijacking the environmental movement. Like the
Rockefeller Brothers and Buffetts close friend Bill Gates, they know how important it is public
relations (PR) wise to appear as benefactors of humanity, while scheming to cash in on the
gullibility of young, impressionable activists.
Financially compromised non-governmental organizations (NGOs), i.e. World Wildlife Fund,
The Nature Conservancy, and 350, promise the largest return on investment Wall Street has ever
seen. While some international NGOs still take money directly from corporations, it is more
effective to launder money through foundations, i.e. NoVo, TIDES, Gates, Ford and Rockefeller.
This investment induces self-censorship and fraud by NGOs that appear genuine to the public,
while kowtowing to their Wall Street funders agenda. In terms of climate change activism, the
funding by foundations like NoVo (Warren Buffett), TIDES (an oil industry money laundry) and
the Rockefeller Brothers enables cons like the college campus fossil fuel divestment scam, in
which 350 and friends function as grassroots front groups.
350 began its dark career betraying the G77 at COP15 in 2009, and continued its shady dealings
by sabotaging the 2010 Indigenous peoples climate conference in Bolivia, then proceeded to
choreograph the KXL PR campaign, with funding from oil train magnate Warren Buffett,
laundered through NoVo and TIDES. More recently, 350 has come out with new propaganda to
mislead climate activists. As they did with the KXL charade and the fossil fuel divestment hoax,
350 will no doubt promote ineffective disobedience as a means of diverting activist energy from
reality-based social change that might threaten the 350 funders fossil fuel investments.
As a fossil fuel industry-financed organization, 350 is the most insidious Wall Street Trojan
Horse since Avaaz and Purpose. The 350 followers, like most activists, are utterly clueless.

Just Say No to 350

When 350 targeted Bolivia and The Peoples Agreement on Climate Change for subversion in
2010, it was an act of aggression with roots in the 2009 attempted coup funded by the U.S.
State Department in reaction to the 2008 constitutional revolution of Bolivias Indigenous
peoples. The inspiration for the Indigenous uprising, that saw the worlds first Indigenous head
of state elected, was the 2005 attempt at privatization of Bolivias water by the US-based Bechtel
Corporation that foreshadowed the new economy promoted by 350 in 2014.

That new economy builds on other privatization schemes on a global scale; REDD and other
carbon-market shell games, like fossil fuel divestment, are the ultimate institutionalization of the
theft of public resources by the finance sector. The finance sector that in 2008-2009 devastated
the US and EU economies through loan fraud and bank bailouts has now set its sights on
privatizing all aspects of life on earth.
Cheerleading global privatization enabled by UN agencies like the IMF and World Bank
are financier-sponsored NGOs like 350, Avaaz and Ceresall of which have fundamental ties to
Wall Street moguls and finance sector criminals. Having hijacked the environmental movement
on behalf of Wall Street, these false fronts are currently pressing for changes in international law
that would give the finance sector carte blanche in privatizing all of nature.

With the 2007 UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples a threat to globalization
the finance sector immediately began co-opting the Indigenous peoples movement through
foundation grants to compromised NGOs approved by the UN. These compromised NGOs and
individuals are paid to legitimize the annihilation of Indigenous nations via UN agencies in
partnership with Wall Street.
As Indigenous nations challenge Wall Street and the UN over globalization, compromised NGOs
like 350 distort reality through social and mainstream media. The new economy they promote
is essentially what used to be called fascism. While finance sector puppets like Naomi Klein
charm gullible liberals with bromides and syllogisms about sustainability, what they are in reality
sustaining is totalitarian corporate control of world governance and human survival.
KXL Hype

The tribes that kept KXL out of their territories are understandably pleased by the momentary
suspension of that pipeline project. Their illusory victory, however, requires that we temper the
euphoria around the KXL rejection with a dose of reality. To not do so only sets up the naive to
be hoodwinked again.
Delaying KXL does not halt the annihilation of the Athabaskan peoples, whose territory is a
carcinogenic wasteland. It merely means the Tar Sands toxic bitumen will make its way to the
Gulf of Mexico by other routes, which incidentally are already operating, making KXL
redundant for nowthe real reason for the celebrated KXL rejection.

The suspension of KXL coincides with a glut of oil reaching the Gulf, necessitating development
of greater storage and terminal capacity there. That, and plans to develop pipeline and oil train
terminal infrastructure on the West Coast of Canada and the Northwest US, is why KXL
rejection no longer matters to oil exporters, but made Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and their Tar
Sands pals a bundle.
The reason for the glut goes back to 2012, when Obama opened up millions of acres for gas and
oil in 23 states, ushering in the fracking boom that brought us chemical injection aquifer
contamination, and bomb trains owned by Obamas friend Warren Buffett since 2009, when he
purchased Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad (BNSF) for $34 billionthe same year Tides
Foundation funded 350. In 2010, 350 launched the campaign to reject KXL; by 2014, crude-viarail in the US soared to 500 thousand car loads per year, up from 5 thousand in 2008, with trains
exploding across Canada and the US.
As noted in Railroading Racism, BNSF is embroiled in conflict with the Affiliated Tribes of
Northwest Indians that opposes Buffetts bomb trains and associated oil train terminals in
Washington State. BNSF has responded by helping fund Tea Party-led political action
committees (PACs) deeply involved in promoting anti-Indian white supremacy.
To refresh readers memories, the KXL grassroots hoax was funded in large part by Tides (flush
with Buffett money) with 350 at the helm. Funds laundered through Buffetts foundation NOVO
and the Tides Foundation a money laundry used by Tar Sands investors and other elites to
control NGOs helped finance the KXL NGO charade, thus eclipsing any discussion about
shutting down the Tar Sands, and making possible the explosive growth of bomb trains and other
As noted at Wrong Kind of Green, There Was Nothing Key About Keystone XL Except
Diverting Our Attention For More Dirty Profit. As noted at The Real News Network (TRNN),
regardless of Keystone XL, Tar Sands Oil Will Still Flow to the Gulf.
Interestingly, the TRNN cover-up of the Klein/Buffett charade remains for the most part
unexposed by all media other than CounterPunch. As I observed in April, Distorting Reality is
what liberal gatekeepers like TRNN do. Thats why two-thirds of its ongoing operating revenue
comes from the rich, i.e. Ford Foundation. Ford, Rockefeller, and Buffett essentially own the
entire grassroots KXL NGO milieu.
Charms of Naomi

Hypnotic induction getting a person into a trance or state of increased suggestibility during
which critical faculties are reduced and subjects are more prone to accept suggestions, might
help to describe the current fascination with Naomi Klein. While the popularly-expected cultural
rituals of celebrity worship in America are familiar to anyone who watches television or reads
People Magazine, its application to social media has become a powerful new tool of social
engineering by Wall Street. The process of influencing a mass audience to respond reflexively to
induced prompts like marching in parades or flooding financial districts wearing the color
blue requires looking beyond the civil society fad of I-pad revolution, and examining modern
social movements as cults. Icons like Klein are as interchangeable as Hollywood starlets, but
mass hypnosis of social activists by Wall Street titans using foundation-funded NGOs is a
troubling development.
When Klein and McKibben herded thousands of college students across America to fight climate
change by forcing their schools to divest in fossil fuels, no one stopped to ask if that would make
any difference. Using the emotive force of the idea of divestment as people power based on
an intentional association with its use in South Africa and Palestine 350 inducted hypnotic
behavior that omitted any critical judgment. The fact that apartheid was opposed by a
combination of boycott, divestment and sanction by national and international institutions in
support of armed insurrection was lost on the climateers. Instead, they were hypnotized into
believing that colleges selling back fossil fuel shares to Wall Street (where unscrupulous
investors could then make a killing) was part of a magical social revolution. The same could
apply to the nonsensical demand to end fossil fuels.

The mystery of the KXL distraction, revealed by Cory Morningstar to be a choreographed hoax
funded by Warren Buffett, is yet another example of hypnotic behavior absent critical judgment.
As noted by Morningstar, the KXL protests and hoopla promoted by 350 made it possible for
Buffett to develop an oil-by-rail empire, now threatening communities across North America
with bomb trains, like the one that devastated the town of Lac Megantic, Quebec in 2013. As a
diversion calculated to lessen effective opposition to fossil fuel export and over-consumption,
seductive energy tales and celebrity-laden photo-ops in front of the White House substituted for
popular education and political organizing. By the time Kleins followers figure out they were
duped into being Buffetts pawns, he and his friend Bill Gates will have made a fortune shipping
Tar Sands bitumen and Bakken Shale crude. For the present, the climateers have taken up postercoloring and holding hands.

Susan Rockefeller, Co-Executive Producer of the This Changes Everything documentary film
and founding partner of Louverture Films, LLC. Louverture is the production company for the
documentary film This Changes Everything (with The Message Productions, LLC / Klein
Lewis Productions ). Photo: Rockefeller at her home on the Upper East Side in Manhattan, New
York, on Sept. 8, 2015. Samira Bouaou/Epoch Times) Further reading: Financing The
Message Behind Naomi Kleins This Changes Everything Project

Kleins aura, meanwhile, has taken on a life of its own. Having memorized her mantra This
Changes Everything, climateers and other devotees are now all abuzz over her mesmerizing
campaign against capitalism. No one asks how that meshes with Kleins 350 being the darling of
Warren Buffett and the Rockefeller Brothers, but suspension of disbelief is nothing new to Klein
groupies. As gullible left-wing media begins yet another social media gossip fest over how far
left the new incarnation of rhetorical revolutionary fervor might go, 350s Blue Team and other
Klein followers double down on dubious diversions. As Klein and her colleagues work feverishly
in creating cover narratives that lefties can flog as insightful op-eds to coincide with the neverending anti-capitalist revolutionary historic Rockefeller-financed 350 events, it is hard to avoid
comparisons with George Orwells Ministry of Truth in his novel, 1984.
After the groupie chatter and celebrity banalities of climate week subsided, trite starlets like
Klein carried on with their Wall Street-backed charades. The question is whether their adherents
will reject the fantasy world of vapid luminaries become famous by stating blatantly obvious
platitudes, or continue to be wowed by their cult-like mastery. For now, the hoax endures.
Clean Energy

Clean energy. Above: The Tampakan mining project for copper and gold (Mindanao island,
southern Philippines). The push for solar and wind will ensure global copper markets (and many
other mining projects of rare Earth minerals) will continue to expand along with the further
plundering of the planet. This mining project threatens to displace thousands of people and
destroy 10,000 hectares which are home to rainforest and the source of five rivers. Security

forces have committed atrocities against local Blaan indigenous communities which oppose the
BDS against Israel, and formerly against South Africa, used the three-part formula of Boycott
Divestment Sanction. Divestment, as used by 350, omits boycott and sanction, and limits
divestment to meaningless, symbolic acts.
When it comes to the 350 agenda, they leave out the boycott of fossil fuels, and the sanction of
fossil fuel corporations, and instead press for divestment by institutions like colleges and
universities. All this divestment does is make once publicly-held shares available on Wall Street,
which allows trading houses like Goldman Sachs to further consolidate their control of the
BDS, when applied against apartheid states by other states and international institutions, includes
cutting off access to finance, as well as penalties for crimes against humanity. What makes 350
so devious, is that they hijack public emotions (and ignorance) using phony divestment as a
disorganizing tool to redirect activism away from effective work.
The inheritors of the Standard Oil fortune (Rockefeller Brothers) would not be funding 350 were
they not thus disempowering their naive followers.
Enchanting as the chimera of clean energy might be, it doesnt scale to meet energy demand, and
its use by marketing agencies like Avaaz, Purpose and 350 is to perpetuate the misbelief that
Wall Street which caused all our social and environmental problems is our only hope for
salvation. Sort of a New Age Ghost Dance.
Consumerism as Activism

The cult of consumerism, through which 350, Avaaz and Purpose adherents identify with their
brand, is similar to religion, in that becoming a follower is an act of faith. By unquestioningly

accepting the propaganda as truth, they form beliefs that comprise the doctrine supporting this
ideology of false hope.
It is not unlike hierarchical religion, in that it is patronizing of the believers, who desire to
remain infantile in their psychological and financial dependencies. Political illiteracy reinforces
this relationship.
It is, to say the least, unhealthy.

Social engineering in the digital age is amazingly simple for those who have the money and
media at their disposal. Wall Streets Mad Men can easily herd millions of progressives via social
media to support catastrophic environmental policy, war, and crimes against humanity. Sold as
conservation, humanitarian intervention, or development, globalization can then be marketed
as a progressive choice, albeit leading to totalitarian corporate control of all life.
The driving force behind privatization through social engineering is the non-profit industrial
complex, funded by Wall Street derivatives, and disbursed through tax-exempt foundation grants.
Hundreds of millions have been invested by these foundations in the last decade to convince
progressives that war is peace, conformity is unity, and capitulation is resistance.
Slogans like 350, New Economy, and Sustainable Capitalism are promoted by Mad Men
via foundation-funded front groups, and echoed by media, thus generating enough noise to
overwhelm critical judgement. Symbols that appeal to progressives emotional vulnerabilities,
like rising sun logos used to symbolize hope and change, are recycled to mean This Changes
Everything, thus creating the impression that neoliberal reform is socialist revolution.

Privatization Strategy

World Business Council for Sustainable Development is part of a Wall Street strategy to dislodge
the United Nations Center on Transnational Corporations, and prevent enforceable rules
governing the operations of multinational corporations.
A partner of WBCSD is Ceres (Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies), whose
funders are associated with Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley and
Bank of America. Ceres and 350 are funded in part by TIDES, whose largest donor is NoVo
Warren Buffets private foundation.
Recently, WBCSD launched another initiative to privatize ecosystems Natural Infrastructure
for Business and to capitalize on the Breakthrough Energy Coalition boondoggle hyped by the
financial elite at COP21.
The privatization of public process and policy which led to economic collapse in the US, and
bank bailouts from the U.S. Treasury that eviscerated the general welfare is now being
enacted at the UN.
The Clean Energy Ponzi Scheme and the new economy false hope marketed for the
financial elite by Havas, Avaaz and 350 now has its sights set on privatizing the planet.
Fossil Fuel Divestment

As a Wall Street shell game, the global fossil fuel divestment campaign is a PR masterpiece.
As noted in the November 4, 2014 Harvard Business Review,
Were divestment ever to succeed in lowering the valuations of fossil fuel companies, an
unintended consequence could be a shift from public markets to private markets Such a shift

could hurt transparency; companies that go private have minimal reporting obligations and they
typically become very opaque. This could limit everyones ability to engage the management of
these companies in a discussion around climate change.
As an indicator of the scale of fraud perpetrated by the divestment campaign led by 350, Exxon
in 2014 spent $13.2 billion buying up its own stock. As I noted previously,
Discursive monoculture is the result of investment in private equity media, university
endowments, and NGOs. The energy industry understands production and consumption cycles,
and makes just as much on low prices as high. When the glut from fracking is burned up by
frolicking consumers, theyll double the price again, and make a killing on the divested shares.
Using hedge funds and other non-transparent private equity trading firms, the aristocracy that
is heavily invested in fossil fuels is betting on increasing oil and gas consumption, long into the
future. Corporate media rarely discusses the American aristocracy and how their agenda affects
society. Consumers blame banks, but they have no idea how financial institutions are used by
private equity traders to constantly replenish aristocratic wealth at our expense.
Private equity funds are not openly traded in any public stock exchange system, and therefore
face considerably less regulatory oversight from institutions such as the Securities and Exchange
Commission than their publicly traded counterparts.
Buying energy assets on the cheap as a result of fossil fuel divestment by universities and
pension funds, investors such as Goldman Sachs Capital Partners wield an immense amount of
political influence that divestment on college campuses helps to increase. While students
celebrated divestment at their schools, private equity in 2015 raised $34 billion for oil and gas
fundsa 94% rise from 2012.
Meanwhile, 350 promotes its ongoing Wall Street-funded revolution. As someone wise once
said, A half-truth is a whole lie.

[Jay Thomas Taber is an associate scholar of the Center for World Indigenous Studies and a
contributing editor of Fourth World Journal. Since 1994, he has served as communications
director at Public Good Project, a volunteer network of researchers, analysts and journalists
defending democracy. As a consultant, he has assisted Indigenous peoples in the European
Court of Human Rights and at the United Nations.]