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Republic of the Philippines SS

City of Manila

I, ROGER NARAS, of legal age, married, Filipino, and a resident of
1234 Catherine St., San Andres Bukid, Manila, after having been sworn to in
accordance with law, hereby depose and state that:
1. I am the respondent in I.S. No. 123455 for the Violation of Sect. 5e(2)
of RA 9262 otherwise known as Anti-Violence against Women and
their Children Act of 2004 filed by MICHELLE H. NARAS at the
Manila City Prosecutors Office;
2. Undersigned is executing this affidavit to vehemently deny all the
accusations of MICHELLE H. NARAS in her complaint.
Complainant is deliberately misleading this Honorable Office as there
was no proof of said allegations;
3. The truth of the matter is that on the date that she mentioned in her
complaint, sometime in 2014, I was scolded by herein complainant for
I have a hard time looking for work. A friend of mine called to inform
me that her employer in Dubai offered her job opportunities in which I
might be interested in. When I asked the complainant if she would
allow me, she refused and worse, attempted to get all my documents for
travel placed in our cabinet. She went to bed and did not talk to me
anymore that night. A copy of screenshot of call logs made by the
defendant during that time with his friend, attached as Annex 1;
4. I likewise deny all her allegations as to my violent behavior for the
reason that in the years 2009-2015, I was then in and out of the country
for work which would justify the impossibility of executing violent acts
to her. A copy of my employment contract which is already renewed
twice is attached as Annex 2;

There is no truth to the complainants allegation that I left our

conjugal dwelling, for in fact our conjugal dwelling is my present
domicile, which we are then living with my parents and my siblings. I
never abandoned my family and have any intention to do such thing, in
fact after being employed I always do my best to give support to my
children, and sometimes I extend my support through my niece. A copy
of a letter from my niece validating the receipt of money to be given to
my family every time I was out of the country for work, attached as
Annex 3

6. And also there are no truth to the allegation that I am living with a
woman, for it is impossible for me to maintain such fact for I am
presently living with my parent and siblings;
7. It should be noted by the Honorable Office that all the allegations in the
compliant are without any supporting evidences, making it self-serving.
8. By the reason stated above the complaint against herein respondent
should be dismissed. The undersigned thus prays that the instant case
be dismissed.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I hereunto affix my signature this 7 th day of
April, 2016 at the City of Manila.


SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me this 7th day of April, 2016

at the City of Manila.
This is to certify that I personally examined the affiant and I am fully
satisfied that she voluntarily executed and understood her Counter-Affidavit

Administering Officer