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La Educacion Es Libertad: Living the Excellence of Universidad de Zamboanga

Universidad de Zamboanga living in with their motto Education is

Freedom. Indeed, a dream to bring out globally competitive graduates of this institution.
An institution that gives quality education that every child has ever dreamt of.
Universidad de Zamboanga upholds that education is for all. An education that gives the
beacon of hope to the poor children of Zamboanga a hope to have the dream they
ever wanted.
Universidad de Zamboangas virtue continues to provide the youth with
the freedom to be educated. Universidad de Zamboanga promotes that we as students
have the right to choose what is right for us. Universidad de Zamboanga together with
the youth deal with challenge to promote that education is freedom. With that,
Universidad de Zamboanga continues to nurture every childs dream which is to be
educated. UZ, indeed, uphold the legacy of being excellent in catering the youths
freedom to be educated.
Gearing up for greater heights, Universidad de Zamboanga continues to
live up with its motto. This institution lives up with international standards and
competencies that made it an international certified school. With this kind of devotion, it
continues to give its students the best education to become globally competitive
graduates of UZ. This is an institution that doesnt only give the students the education
they want; but it gives you the preparation of greatness in the near future.
Considering the roster of topnotchers, Universidad de Zamboanga, indeed
continued to promote its excellence through its motto. Universidad de Zamboanga gave
its students not only the critical thinking abilities but also the splendid skills in the fields
of medicine, technology, engineering and management. These kinds of achievements
can tell us that this institution always highlight its excellent endeavor in the board
exams. Thus, UZ really lives its excellence with the virtue of Education is Freedom.
The legacy of AE III continued the vision of Universidad de Zamboanga to
produce graduates for others. Graduates who still have the virtue of the institution in
their hearts. Being a student of this institution wearing the seal with its motto gives you
the responsibility to have the values of being men and women for others. Being a
student of this institution, it gives us the responsibility to uphold the dignity, and become
a men for god and the country.
Education is indeed a freedom. When young minds come to its shelter, our
Alma Mater gives its nurture and giving them the education that we ever dreamt of.
Universidad de Zamboanga living the excellence with its motto La Educacion es