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Hypertrophy of the uterus

condition; androgen therapy can reduce


blood volume. Conservative treatment

fails, may consider hysterectomy. Ovarian

Hypertrophy of the uterus (hypertrophy of

normal under the age of 50, should be

uterus), the uterus is even greater, muscle


thickness of 2.5 cm above , ranging from

level with a bleeding disease.



(A) more maternal chronic uterine

involution incomplete: more women

More maternal, menstruation and more

within the myometrium elastic fibers in

than one of the uterus and increased

smooth muscle and blood vessels around

endometrial thickening normal or

the inter-proliferation, causing uterine

individual with a polyp, but the majority of


normal pathological examination, a few

shows that proliferation can be diagnosed

(B) of ovarian dysfunction: continuing to

as hypertrophy of the uterus. Should pay

stimulate estrogen can myometrium

attention to and identification of uterine

hypertrophy. On the clinical features of the

fibroids, especially for a single nuclear

common uterine bleeding patients,

intramural muscle or under the mucous

especially longer course, have different

membrane, increasing its Palace uniform,

levels of the uterus increases.

and often not easy identification of the

uterus mast, scraping through consultation

(C) cause inflammation: slow Annex Yan,

and exploration of intrauterine B-

pelvic connective tissue inflammation and

examination can help diagnosis. But there

chronic myositis uterus, uterine muscle,

are still a small number of cases in order to

caused Collagen fiber proliferation, uterine

laparotomy when diagnosed.


In addition, attention should be paid with

(D) pelvic bleeding, uterine caused

adenomyosis, endometrial cancer and

connective tissue proliferation, can also be

other diseases identification.

caused by uterine mast.


(5) myometrium vascular sclerosis:

primary vascular diseases, such as the

Chinese medicine treatment can control

menorrhagia, and improve the general


[Pathological changes:

the period shortened to about 20 days, the

number of days of continuous and no

The disease is the basic pathological

significant change or extend the period of

changes in the uterine muscle and smooth

performance for the period, but the small

muscle cells in the vessel wall.


(A) general view: a uniform increase of the

For many patients with the maternal, and

uterus, muscle hypertrophy of 2.5 ~ 3.2

the majority of three-over. Sick a long time

cm. cut off-white or pink, hardness

and who was more bloodshed in anemia

increase, a woven-fiber arrangement. 1 / 3

Maung gynaecological examinations

muscle vascular eminence, normal or

increased uterine uniform, the general size

endometrial thickening, and sometimes

for the six weeks of pregnancy, a small

that the merger of small leiomyoma

number of more than eight weeks of

(diameter of less than 1 cm) or endometrial

pregnancy size, texture more tenacious.


Bilateral ovary can be slightly increased,

there are multiple follicular cysts.

(B) examination: Image see

inconsistencies, the following form:


simply smooth muscle hypertrophy.

Microscopy and normal myometrium the

As are many reasons for the disease, and

same, no collagen fibers hyperplasia, there

some can prevent its occurrence, such as

is no significant change in vessel walls;

doing a good job of family planning,

myometrium in the collagen fibers

prevention of post-natal infection, post-

hyperplasia, a uterine fibrosis; muscle

partum uterine contraction delinquents

within the vessel wall changes:

should be given timely uterine contraction

arteriovenous significant expansion , The

drugs. Appropriate attention to post-natal

new blood vessels around the success of

prone or supine knee-chest and postnatal

the mission fibroelastosis.

movement to prevent the uterus after

down, to reduce pelvic congestion.


Positive treatment of ovarian dysfunction,

to avoid hormones, such as the continuing

The main symptoms are excessive

menstrual volume, continued extension of
the number of days; some performance for