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(seated, l to r) Carole Azran-Dickstein,
Stephen A. Kolodny, William J.
Glucksman, Harlee M. Gasmer,
(standing, l to r) Heidi L. Madzar,
Marina Zakiyan Beck, James A. Dooley,
Alexa S. Wolff, Deborah C. Sun, Jeff M.
Sturman, Lauren S. Petkin

veterans issues, and there arent

enough advocates for their cases.
Veterans with PTSD are often
denied access to their children,
which adds to their problems.
We strive to create and be a
voice for those who otherwise
wouldnt have one.



Team Strength

Tackling the Toughest

Cases in Family Law
Kolodny Law Group

olodny L aw Group
c a s e s o f t e n a r e nt
your run-of-the-mill
d i v o r c e s . Ye s , t h e
firm sees its fair share of simple irreconcilable differences,
which it tries to resolve in a
friendly way, but far more common are the cases involving
large support requests, disputed
property valuations, abductions,
international custody cases and
sticky prenuptial agreements.
The depth of our firm gives us
the ability to handle a broad
spectrum of needs in our community, from smaller cases to
very large, complicated cases,
says managing partner Stephen
Family law is unique because
it covers a wide range of issues
relating to money and intense

emotions. We handle many

cases involving domestic violence and protective orders for
spouses of powerful, highly
visible individuals. Because
of that, Kolodny notes, our
firm represents captains of
industry, billionaires, celebrities and people like you and
me, all in a low profile, highly
confidential manner. We do
not give press conferences on
the courthouse steps.
Kolodny Law Group was
ahead of the curve long before
same-sex marriage became
legal in California. Kolodny
refers to a same-sex settlement
conference in the mid-1970s as
the most contentious he ever
participated in. We have litigated same-sex couple issues
relating to support, property

division and custody, says

Kolodny. Now we add divorce
to the roster of services we provide for this community.

In the Community
Motivated by a passion for justice, the firm additionally provides pro bono services for
various community organizations, including the Harriett
Buhai Center for Family Law
a n d t h e C o u r t s
Domestic Violence
Project, which assists
underprivileged vict i m s of d om e s t ic
Especially near to
Kolodnys heart is the
firms work for veterans: The courts
dont u nder s t a nd

Each case at Kolodny Law

Group is handled with a synergistic approach and assigned
a hand-picked team of professionals selected for the clients
particular needs.
We are conscious of cost and
are efficient by use of support
staff, says Kolodny.
Although the firm has a reputation for fierce and successful
litigation, Kolodny also notes
the firms skill in settlement
conferences and mediation. A
high priority is placed on clients being informed about the
law and their options.
Were not afraid of intense,
aggressive litigation, recognizing that settlement conferences
and mediation are an important part of family law, he says.
Our purpose is to be strong,
effective advocates for clients
using our expertise and skill to
achieve their goals, needs and



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Practical, Full-Service
Employer Representation
with Competitive Pricing

The team: (standing, l to r) Kelly ONeil, Natalie

Rougeux, (seated, l to r) Briana Novian, Lilia Marek

people-oriented. We put our clients problems on our shouldersand we have very

broad shoulders.
The firm exclusively represents employers, most with 50 or more employees but
some with as few as one employee or as
many as 8,000. Clients industries are
diverse, including warehousing, veterinary
care, communications, and oil drilling.
We embrace the challenge of learning
a clients industry quickly, Rougeux says.
We make it our business to know and protect yours.

A Firm with Personality

Rougeux & Associates PLLC

ougeux & Associates offers an approachable

culture, affordable rates, and unparalleled
community-outreach programs. But the New
Braunfels-based firm is anything but small town.
Photo: Zach Villafana, steadyprime Photo & Video Production

CEO Natalie Rougeux and her handpicked team were trained with big-firm
sensibility and are equipped to find practical solutions to the toughest scenarios.
Their scope includes virtually anything
under the umbrella of labor and employment law: discrimination and harassment,
medical leave, noncompete agreements,
labor and union relations, workers compensation retaliation, and private arbitration, to name a few.
In this area of the law, you have to
exercise every legal muscle a lawyer could

possibly exercise, says Rougeux. Were

the go-to firm for representation in any
type of HR problem, and weve handled some bizarre cases. To be successful,
you have to be very analytical yet very

On any given Friday afternoon at Rougeux

& Associates, the attorneys are likely to
be found enjoying a glass of wine with
their team, their clients, and Waldeaux,
the firms dog.
Its a great culture here. We love what
we do, and that translates to the client
experience, says Rougeux. Our focus is
never the billable hour; its the client.
Competitive prices enforce the sentiment that clients come first, as do weekly
newsletters that educate clients on pertinent changes in the law.
The firm also hosts an annual conference that extends helpful knowledge and
resources to HR directors and business
ownersfor free. The event welcomed
160 guests in 2014 and continues to grow
each year with rave reviews.
We want people to have access to the
knowledge that can help grow and protect
their businesses, says Rougeux.
Natalie has a great understanding of how HR works
on a day-to-day basis. Her
advice is always very relevant and very timely.
Tracy Brutcher, VP Human Resources
of Grande Communications
Natalie Rougeux and her team have been
absolutely fantastic to us. They dont just get
us out of trouble; they keep us out of trouble.
Judson Holt, President and CEO of
Lupe Tortilla Mexican Restaurants

59 5 S . C A S T E L L AV E N U E , N E W B R AU N F E L S , T X | 8 3 0 - 3 5 8 -75 4 3 | W W W. R O U G EU X P L LC .CO M

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he best relationshipspersonal and professionalare built

on trust, understanding, and communication. When challenges arise, you want to know someone has your back. When
you own or operate a small business in Central Indiana, that
someone is Clements & Shackle LLC, a firm focusing on government and entrepreneurship law.

Growth Experience
Drawing on 30-plus years of experience in the public and private sector, the attorneys at Clements &
Shackle advise growth-stage companies, startups, and
aspiring entrepreneurs looking to take the next step.
We work hand-in-hand with companies on economic
development possibilities, Founding Member Michael
Clements says.
The stage of the business, the businesss current
financial situation, and opportunities within the market are all factors, adds Managing Partner Daniel
Shackle. We consider all of those factors to determine the best
strategic approach for the individual company.
The partners are no strangers to the intricacies and nuances of
collaborating with the government at the local, state, and federal
levels. Clements has been involved in $1.1 billion worth of municipal and state bond work. Shackle served as an Army officer and in
municipal and state government before joining the firm.
The government is one of the largest buyers in the world, but
there is an administrative process you have to navigate, Clements

It isnt about a billable hour.

Its about the confidence you
get knowing we understand your
situation and are there to help
and support you.

says. We make sure that a partnership is properly developed and


Success at Every Stage

The firm provides counsel to clients at every stage of growth because,
as Clements points out, new opportunities can develop at any time.
Examples of clients the fi rm has assisted include: a
tech startup seeking initial funding, a manufacturing company looking to break into a new market, and
an accounting firm wanting to change its perspective.
In the realms of business, growth is a result of moving forward as the market allows, Shackle says. We
have the ability to effectuate our clients growth while
eliminating potential problems.
Shackle spends half his time managing the firms
operations, so he knows fi rsthand how difficult it is
to start and run a small business. Ive been there, so
I can relate to our clients issues and relay my experiences, he says, adding that the firm treats its clients businesses
as its own.
In addition, the lawyers advise clients in matters of employment,
financing, contract drafting, litigation, and government relations.
But no matter the client or service, it is the relationship that reigns
supreme at Clements & Shackle.
It isnt about a billable hour, Clements says. Its about the confidence you get knowing we understand your situation and are there
to help and support you.

(l to r) Adam Lappin, Michael Clements,

Daniel Shackle, Zachariah Phillips

P O BOX 3 618 4, I N D I A N A P O L I S, I N | 317- 426 - 0 581 | CL EM EN T SA N DSH ACK L E .CO M

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(l to r)
Rick Fancher, managing partner
F. Edward Barker, partner
Todd A. Hunter, partner

Tough Litigators Who

Know South Texas
Hunter Barker Fancher | Attorneys at Law

or a defense attorney, having a solid understanding of

your jury is crucialespecially if that jury is in South
Texas. Fortunately for their clients, thats exactly what the
attorneys of Hunter Barker Fancher bring to the litigation table.

It means something to be a
South Texan working in South
Texas legal matters, says partner Todd Hunter. Were not
outsiders; were part of this
community. We know the
area, we know the issues, and
we know the people.
You have to know how to
speak respectfully to local
jurors, which includes knowing how to correctly pronounce
Hispanic names, adds partner
Ed Barker. We like to think
were not just local lawyers,
were trusted partners with the
right legal connections to get
the job done right.

Tricks of the Trade

responds: Theres not a case

not proud of. We fight
A boomtown of economic
expansion in recent years, until we accomplish what
needs to be accomplished.
South Texas is a hub for oil
But the f irm does have
and gas, and a deep knowledge
some unique feathers in its
of these industriesand their
hat. In August 2012, Barker
related industriesis critical
earned a verdict for a truckfor success.
i n g c omp a ny i n a S out h
Youre dealing with not
a s cou nt y t hat had nt
only the substance of the case
but also the different person- awarded a defense verdict in
alities involved, partner Rick 10 years.
In 1988, Hunter became a
Fancher says. To be successlegislator in addition to being
ful, you need deep knowledge
a practicing litigator. Im
of the law, the industry and the
very pro-business, he says,
geographical area.
When asked to name his and my goal is to make Texas
a business-friendly state.
proudest moments, Fancher

Conscientious of Clients
Open communication, accurate analyses, clear plans and
sensitivity to clients individual concerns are all characteristics the firm strives to
Wit h over 180 yea rs of
combined legal experience,
the attorneys have fine-tuned
their processes to deliver not
only exceptional outcomes
but also exceptional client
We work closely and personally with clients. We dont
pass them off to somebody
else, says Hunter. When you
hire us as your attorney, you
get us.
And the work is rewarding,
Barker says: Ive had some
great experiences over the years,
and I like to think Ive done
some good.

Todd Hunter, Ed Barker

and Rick Fancher are
rated AV Preeminent at
Martindale-Hubbell by
their peers for superior
ethical standards and
legal ability.

5 5 5 N . C A R A N C A H UA S T R E E T, S U I T E 12 0 0, CO R PU S C H R I S T I , T X 78 4 01 | 3 61- 8 8 4 - 87 7 7 | H B F L EG A L .CO M