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Nominees for officers in 2016

The following persons have been nominated for positions as officers of the Weinland
Park Community Civic Association (WPCCA). Each term of office is two years. The
election of officers will be at the WPCCA meeting on Wednesday, April 27, at 6:30
p.m. in the Schoenbaum Family Center, 175 E. Seventh Avenue. Because no other
persons were nominated at the WPCCA meeting on March 23 and there is only one
nominee for each office, the election is likely to be by acclamation.

Jennifer Mankin
Lives in 1500 block of
Hamlet Street
As a resident of Weinland
Park for more than seven
years, Jen brings passion,
concern, deportment, and integrity vital to the
office of WPCCA president. Jens commitment
began with regular attendance at the civic
meetings, participating in the Safety
Committee, chairing the Communications
Committee, and contributing to the Community
Conversations. She briefly served as a district
commissioner and recording secretary for the
University Area Commission.
Jen graduated from the Citizens Police
Academy and United Ways Neighborhood
Leadership Academy. Jen provides the
leadership and commitment necessary to work
with residents and stakeholders.

Vice President
Omar Elhagmusa
Lives in 1200 block of
North Fifth Street
As a former branch
manager and registered
representative for
Huntington National Bank, Omar was
successful in helping many Weinland Park
residents with their financial needs. Omar

brings experience in consumer and business

lending and in developing investment and
business partnerships. His passion for
community engagement, coalition-building and
neighborhood revitalization grew through
active involvement in the Weinland Park
Community Civic Association where he served
as chair of the Housing Committee and as a
member of the Steering Committee.
In his current role as the lending officer for the
Finance Fund, Omar will deploy loan funds
statewide with emphasis on projects that
provide underserved communities with healthy
food, health care, small businesses, education,
affordable housing, manufacturing, and
community facilities. He focuses on growing
small business lending to for-profit businesses
and nonprofit organizations statewide. This
includes deploying capital through Finance
Fund Capital Corporations Small Business
Loan Fund, which includes the Small Business
Administration Community Advantage Loan
Fund, Healthy Food for Ohio, and Community
Health Loan Fund.
Omar hopes this background can help support
some of the initiatives that are being carried out
in the Weinland Park neighborhood.
His career experience includes the work in the
public, non-profit and private sector. He earned
a bachelors degree in business administration
from The Fisher College of Business at The
Ohio State University and n MBA from Ohio
Dominican University.

Ed Chin
Lives in the 1300 block of
North Grant Avenue
Ed is a new resident of the
Weinland Park community
and a new member of the
civic association. He
currently serves as a community advisory
committee member for the Mid-Ohio Regional
Planning Committee (MORPC), providing
comments on current transportation planning
efforts. He has volunteered as a tax preparer for
TaxTime through the United Way, volunteered
as a pharmacist at the Charitable Pharmacy of
Central Ohio, and, most recently, served as
colony advisor and chapter advisor to reactivate
the Phi Delta Chi Fraternity Xi Chapter at The
Ohio State University.
Although never given the formal title of
secretary, Ed has volunteered on a few
occasions when he was responsible for taking
and typing minutes for meetings and sending
them for approval in smaller organizations
when documentation needed to be detailed
concisely and in a timely manner. He looks
forward to being a part of the Weinland Park
Community Civic Association.

Strategic Insights (a real estate market analysis

firm), as well as freelance writing and editing.
She also serves as the executive director of 934
Gallery, a volunteer-operated performance and
exhibition space in Milo-Grogan that is
organized as an Ohio nonprofit LLC. She has
regularly attended the WPCCAs Housing
Committee meetings over the last year. She
looks forward to serving her community
through further civic involvement.

Civic associations current officers

(terms expire at April 2016 meeting)
President: Brandyn McElroy
Vice President: vacant
Secretary: Marchon Hughes
Treasurer: Ross Antonacci

Civic associations committees and current

chairs and co-chairs


Abigail K. Hartung
Lives in 1200 Block of
Hamlet Street

Abigail has resided in

Weinland Park for the past
three years and has
previously resided in other
central-city neighborhoods,
including Milo-Grogan, Victorian Village and
Hungarian Village. Her work experience
includes the positions of assistant editor for
(614) Magazine and managing editor for Vogt

Steering Committee (elected officers and

committee chairs and co-chairs)
Beautification Committee: Michael
Wilkos, chair
Business Development and Land-Use
Committee: Omar Elhagmusa and Susan
Colbert, co-chairs
Festival Planning Committee: Diane
Dixon, chair, and Ashley Dixon, co-chair
Food and Wellness Committee: Julie
Orban, co-chair
Housing Committee: Matt Martin and Sean
Storey, co-chairs
Mobility Committee: Chris Orban, chair
Safety Committee: Ahmed Ebady, chair,
and Georgina Stevenson, co-chair
Youth Committee, Jennifer Cheeks and
Kauwe Caldwell, co-chairs
April 2016

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