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John Lennon

Hello, Im John Wiston Lennon. I born in Liverpool on 1940 and I die in

New York on 1980. I was a british Singer, songwriter, musician and
founder of the legendary group The Beatles, a quartet that I formed in
Liverpool whit Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. My
father, named Alfred, was a sailor who recently visited the home, until it
disappeared completely. Then it was my mother, Julia Stanley, which
disappeared, leaving me in the care of an aunt named Mary. It was she
who taught me the first chords on an old banjo that belonged to my
In 1956 I met a boy who, like me, felt fully realized only with a guitar in
his hands: James Paul McCartney. With Paul I formed my first amateur
group, The Quarrymen, ushering in a period of accelerated learning the
rhythms of rock and roll.
Paul and I are dedicated to compose our own songs as if it were
entertainment. Two years after George Harrison joined us and we dared
to act in some small venues. We called on Johnny and the Moondogs and
The Nurk Twins. Times were difficult: my mother died in 1958, hit by a
drunk off-duty police and the little money he had disappeared.
Throughout 1959, I looked for work and lived as a normal worker. But my
life, my youth and my love of music did not lose hope.
In 1961, the owner of a record shop we discovered called Brian Epstein
at the Cavern. It was a revelation, though I had no experience in this
field, Epstein offered as manager in return for 25 percent of revenues.
From that time, the Beatles career skyrocketed to success, with the
incorporation as drummer Ringo Starr in 1962. Brian Epstein died in
1967 from an overdose of barbiturates. And I got married in Gibraltar the
following year with the Japanese Yoko Ono, enigmatic woman whose
name means "Daughter of the Ocean". Both events were milestones
announced separation. Financial problems, artistic jealousy between Paul
and I, wish to create without the burden of accommodating the group ...
all these elements together dissolution enacted in April 1970. I will give
the epitaph of the group and of the "prodigious decade" with another
terse and expressive phrase, "The dream is over". With Yoko had formed
the Plastic Ono Band and with it publicqu a dozen LPs. My talent as a
composer and lyricist continued to appear in songs like "Give Peace a
Chance", "Power to the people" or "Some time in New York City." But my

success was indisputable Imagine an intensely personal LP, released in

1971, which contained the song of the same name whose text would
become a manifesto peace in that troubled decade.
In 1975 Sean Ono Lennon was born, only child of the marriage,
disappeared completely from the show to devote myself entirely to
family mivida. But after five years, return to record with Yoko Double
Fantasy album.