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50 Best Books for Accounting Students!

The integration of technology in accounting makes it easier for us, students who
burn midnight oils doing our accounting homework. And for crunch times, there are
online accounting services that can do my accounting homework for me, groups of
accounting professionals who render online services for accounting students like me.
The following article contains a list of top 50 references to bring help with accounting
homework problems.!

Best Accounting Books for Students!
1. Accountants' Handbook 2009!

This book is accounting homework help for students that covers a comprehensive
discussion of accountants work and provides answers to every possible question you
might have. !
2. Accounting!

A combination of accounting and business reference that expands your accounting and
business knowledge by using practical tools like organizing, maintaining, recording, and
analyzing the financial activities. !

3. Accounting: A Very Short Introduction!

An introduction to accounting that guides students in comprehension and application of
accounting data. This explains the essential parts of accounting and uses timely facts,
analysis and ideas that can be very helpful in our accounting homework. !
4. The Controller's Function: The Work of the Managerial Accountant!

This focuses on the essential competencies for accountants like budgeting, fund
management, corporate ethics and fraud prevention. It also introduces the use of
electronic spreadsheets and other accounting software. !

5. Accounting & Auditing Research: A Practical Guide!

This is a practical guide for students in accounting and audit research. Its updated form
includes discussion on fraud investigation, tax research, AACSB accreditation and
improved international accounting. !
6. Accounting and the Global Economy Under Sarbanes-Oxley!

This is a practical guide for international auditing and accounting standards. This is a
great reference for working in a firm in maintaining audit standards and the competitive
global financial system. !
7. Accounting Ethics!

This is a helpful reference that discusses ethics and responsibilities of an accountant. It
uses current issues as samples and recommendations on how to address such. !

8. Accounting for Success: A History of Price Waterhouse!

It introduces the history of accounting and how it evolved. It highlights the important
central themes in PW's history, the laws, the nature and challenges of accounting, and
continuously developing business environment. !

9. Accounting Handbook!

A reliable reference for accountants, students, bookkeepers, business managers and
administrators for financial accounting, taxation, IT, audit, financial planning,
government and forensic accounting, international accounting and non-profit
accounting. !

10.An Accounting Thesaurus: 500 Years of Accounting!
When you need help with accounting homework that involves terminologies and their
definition, consult An Accounting Thesaurus, a reference that contains over 5000
quotations. !

11.After Enron: Lessons for Public Policy!

It discusses auditing, taxation, accounting and corporate management and how it
affected the down of Enron. It challenges accountants, lawyers and other financial
practitioners to serve better for the public. !

12.The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Management. Vol. 1, Accounting!

It focuses on the role of studies and research to the current practices and their
respective analysis. It covers financial reporting, accounting management, social
accounting and auditing. !

13.Building Public Trust: The Future of Corporate Reporting!
It contains best methods and practices for international financial reporting and how they
affect performance auditing. This discusses the benefits and disadvantages of GAAP v.
IAS. !
14.Accounting Best Practices!

An advanced methods and policies on productivity development, cost reduction and
accounting monitoring. This is a great source for accounting homework when it comes
to billing, capital management, payroll, accounts payable and collection and inventory.!

15.Business Fairy Tales!

This is an analysis-based on the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This
book explains accounting tricks in detail through engaging stories. It aims to prepare
readers like students to spot possible fraud in the financial industry.!

16.Called to Account: Fourteen Financial Frauds That Shaped the American
Accounting Profession!

This discusses accounting scams and fraud and ways that they affect practices in
accounting both locally and internationally. It uses several current samples in
understanding forensic accounting. !
17.Comparative International Accounting!

This provides a comprehensive view on international financial accounting from different
international finance individuals. !
18.The Development of American Public Accountancy Profession: Scottish
Chartered Accountants and the Early American Public Accountancy!

This is a compilation or collection of the success stories of well-known accountants who
moved to the US to pursue their professions in the later part of the nineteenth to early
20th century. !
19.Dictionary of Accounting!

This covers a comprehensive list of over 4000 financial management and accounting
terms and concepts that can provide help with accounting homework, especially when it
comes to accounting jargons. !
20.Digital Accounting: the Effects of the Internet and ERP on Accounting!

This source introduces students like you in the field of digital accounting and how
information technology (IT) changes the game. !
21.The CPA's Guide to Professional Ethics!

This helps students and professionals to learn about the AICPA Code of Professional
Conduct, and other ethical values of accounting profession. !

22.Double Entry: How the Merchants of Venice Created Modern Finance!

It keeps track of accounting from the olden to modern times. It traces back accounting
practices and history and explains how it evolved to what we have today. !

23.Fair Value for Financial Reporting: Meeting the New FASB Requirements!

This is a great reference when it comes to pricing, value, appraisal processes and
services and how items get their fair value in the market. !

24.Financial Gatekeepers: Can They Protect Investors?!

This is about financial gatekeepers like auditors, financial analysts, accountants and
credit rating groups and how they shape the financial world. !

25.A Financial History of Modern U.S. Corporate Scandals: From Enron to Reform!

This provides a lesson learned on the major catastrophes of American financial
corporations in early 21st century. It is essential for students and professionals of
business law and finance. !

26.Financial Reporting and the Global Capital Markets: A History of the International
Accounting Standards Committee!

This studies the history of the IASC from foundation to leadership. !

27.Financial Shenanigans!

It provides strategies to avoid accounting frauds in firms and companies by educating
auditors and managers about such practices. !

28.Financial Statement Analysis!

Helps to evaluate financial statements and provides guides on how to understand
balance sheets, income and cash flow statements. !

29.Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigation for Non-Experts!

A dependable reference to identify, prevent and prosecute fraud through forensic
30.Foundations for the Future: The AICPA from 1980 to 1995!

It discusses significant events that affected accounting profession in 1980-1995 and
reviews the changes in American business and financial community. !
31.Gatekeepers: The Professions and Corporate Governance!

This discusses the modern business and accounting landscape and the roles of the
gatekeepers (accountants and financial people) play in the arena. !

32.Handbook of Cost Management!
If you need homework help accounting on cost and financial management, consult this
book. It also discusses current marketing and economic values and their marketing
costs. !
33.Handbook of Management Accounting Research!

This three-volume book discusses accounting management in global scale. !
34.The History of Accounting: An International Encyclopedia!
This encyclopedia-type focuses on accounting concepts used in history and in modern
times. !
35.How to Read a Financial Report: Wringing Vital Signs Out of the Numbers!

This gives you ideas on how to understand and prepare financial reports, which can be
of great help for you in the future. !

36.The Information Mosaic!
This is perfect for accountants and managers in the field of production and marketing
functions. !
37.Inside Arthur Andersen: Shifting Values, Unexpected Consequences!

It discusses the social structure of finance and how it affects the economy ever since. It
focuses on culture and personal relationships of people in the society of finance. !

38.The Institute of Accounts: Nineteenth Century Origins of Accounting
Professionalism in the United States!

It focuses on Institute of Accounts (IA), and how it was established and attracted
members over the years. It discusses the organizations goals, membership, and
professional characteristics. !

39.Intermediate Accounting!

This book prepares you for the actual workplace and the challenges it brings. It also
discusses international accounting practices. !

40.International Accounting: Standards, Regulations, and Financial Reporting!

This converses a wide range of topics about international accounting, its standards,
regulations, and processes from experts worldwide. !

41.International Finance and Accounting Handbook!

This is an excellent source to do my accounting homework in the topics of international
accounting such as reporting, and financial management. !
42.International Financial Reporting Standards: A Practical Guide!

This book summarizes International Financial Reporting Standards with corresponding
case studies and application manuals. !
43.International Financial Reporting Standards Desk Reference: Overview, Guide,
and Dictionary!

It focuses on accounting rules and standards, which can be of great reference for
managerial accounting homework help as it is designed for managers, accountants and
executives. !

44.More Than a Numbers Game: A Brief History of Accounting!

This is a great source for auditing, interpreting and understanding corporate financials. !
45.The Number: How the Drive for Quarterly Earnings Corrupted Wall Street and
Corporate America!

It examines the common denominator on the collapse of major business and accounting
firms in America. !

46.Routledge Companion to Accounting History!

This shows the history on how capitalism starts, the controlled of labor, gender
inequality, exploitation and military conflicts and how they are intertwined in accounting
practices. !
47.The Smartest Guys in the Room: The Amazing Rise and Scandalous Fall of

This introduces you to the business world from rise of one of largest business Enron,
up to its downfall.!
48.TRANSACC: Transnational Accounting!

This revised and expanded edition discusses the huge changes that happened in
international accounting systems. It discusses guidelines on international accounting
and business.!

Accounting Policies and Procedures Manual: A Blueprint for Running an Effective

and Efficient Department, 5th Edition!
This provides a manual guide on department policies and procedures like inventory,
billing, pricing, credit, and collections, sales returns, financial budgeting and forecasting
and payroll.!

50.Financial Accounting!

This allows readers to understanding business analysis through financial statements. !
Most of these sources have electronic version, which can help students like me to do
my accounting homework online. Aside from these sources, there are also professional
accounting homework help that we can seek online for all our accounting questions. !


Refer to this guide for manual of accounting students today!!