Attn: John Wodatch American Disability Act Civil Rights Division United States Department of Justice P.O. Box 66738 Washington D.C. 20035-9998 Dear Sir: Accept this letter as an expression of concern, placing of a formal complaint and the need for me to receive further direction regarding my obligations and responsibilities, if any are applicable. I am a Physical Therapist and owner of a company providing rehabilitation services by physician referral. My company is located in the State of Missouri and the company employs approximately 30 individuals, one of whom is deaf. My therapist who is deaf had requested to travel out of state to an educational seminar--in fact on two occasions. The first occasion was a total disaster and the company sponsoring the seminar did not produce an interpreter. The second seminar, again, was a disaster and frankly embarrassing to both me and my employee. We requested an interpreter in August, 1993 for a seminar to be held in October, 1993. The company failed to provide the interpreter and failed to notify us of this until the evening before. Travel had already been scheduled and my employee was on her way. Obviously, she did not actually "go in" into the seminar as she could not read lips for 16 hours and aspects of the seminar were with slides and in a dark room. She requested the written material so she may at least read it and was denied. It was not until a formal letter of complaint was made that the written material was submitted. The company sponsoring the seminar did refund the registration fee, but no other expenses. My point of concern is now focused for future rather than the past. My questions are: 1. who is responsible for the interpreter when out of state seminars are scheduled? 2. what can be done to assure that my employee is not faced with another situation such as these? 3. what responsibilities do I have as the employer to assure that out of state functions such as seminars are handled properly for my staff? Currently,

on premises any formal meetings will have an interpreter for my employee and a TDD on premises for my employee's use. 01-03023 Page Two November 122, 1993

The two companies that have sponsored seminars and not produced availability of interpreter services for my staff are listed:

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Should you need further information from me, do not hesitate to call on me directly. I may be reached at the following address and phone number: Elena Wahbeh-Foster, PT MS President American Rehabilitation Centers, Inc. 6724 Troost Suite 310 Kansas City, Missouri 64131 (816) 361-3135 Thank you for your time and attention to this matter. I look forward to a response soon and if I may expedite the process for you in any way, do not hesitate to contact me. Sincerely, Elena Wahbeh-Foster, PT, MS President 01-03024