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Salient features in Leonova infinity

1. Storage Capacity:
Upto 1GB storage is available in Leonova. This enables to store more data
2. No of Lines:
The number if lines in Leonova is 12800. Hence In Leonova spectrum can be
viewed in software with the maximum resolution.
3. Touch Screen:
Saves unnecessary key board operation and eliminates mis-operation by
pressing the wrong key.
4. Nyquist Plot:
A nyquist plot is very useful in determining the stability of a system with
respect to its natural frequencies. This plot combines two types of Bode plotmagnitude and phase,with frequency as a parameter along the curve on a
single graph.
5. Long Time recording:
This function enables to record three different parameters continuously helps
serve as an online system. This will truly be applicable in areas where
process parameters influence the behavioral pattern of the equipment.
6. Zoom:
True Zoom is possible in infinity where spectrum can be expanded to view
distinctive peaks within selected narrow band frequency. Here the spectrum is
actually expanded without just stretching the spectrum lines. The advantage
is better resolution.
7. Automatic Transducer Line Test:
This program helps in understanding whether the probe cable assembly is in
proper order for making measurement. This enables that any measurement
made is a genuine reading.
8. History of 100 sets of measuring results:
While making data collection in the field the past 100 measurements for that
point will be available for comparing and checking the trend. This helps in
making quick on-field analysis and decision-making.
9. Run up/Coast Down test
This program helps to track the machine vibration pattern with respect to the
varying speed. The amplitude and phase are plotted at each speed and helps
to understand the natural frequency pattern. In areas where electrical and
mechanical unbalances have to be differentiated, this program can be used

10. Single Axis Transducer

Single axis transducer mounting location

Tri-axial sensor

The figure on the left shows the mounting location of transducer at three
different directions on the bearing housing. The measurement made at these
locations will help to give a complete understanding of the machinery
vibration pattern.
The tri-axial sensor on the other hand has three inbuilt sensors and hence
measures the vibration for all three direction at one location where it is
mounted. This does not represent the actual vibration behavior.

11. EVAM with Criteria

EVAM-Evaluated Vibration Analysis Method
A unique function which helps convert the vibration analysis techniques into a
method enabling even a new user to carry out machinery diagnostics. The
evaluation procedure turns the measured value into condition values on a
Green-Yellow-Red scale.
EVAM turns the vibration spectrum lines into parameters for specific machine
faults, such as misalignment, looseness gear problems. All fault symptoms
are available in the software.
Also EVAM provides 9 different condition parameters describing the rotational
and frictional forces in the system.

Measured RPM
Value and match

Spectrum line pattern

for gear mesh

Input no. of
gear teeth

A Typical EVAM Spectrum

Evaluation Criteria:
A batch of measuring result is used to create a standard evaluation and is called
criteria. The base line for this evaluation is generated based on the six sigma
1000 Hz















1. Two Channel Simultaneous Vibration Monitoring

After measurement, Leonova displays the RMS values for DISP, VEL and ACC for both
channels. Three graphs are available for each measurement:
Phase spectrum: The phase can be recorded without using tachometer as a
Time signal

As an option, the frequency range can be extended to 40000 Hz, the number of
spectrum lines to 12800.

3. Run up/Coast Down test

1. Run up/coast down records the
changes in vibration while the
machine is run up to operating
speed or after it has been shut off
and is slowing to a stop.
2. For each individual
measurement, a spectrum can be
called up. Another list and diagram
show the phase angles in
degrees. Finally, the user can call
up diagrams for vibration
amplitude and angle, showing all
measurements in time

4. Bump Test-This test is employed to check out typical vibration response of a

machine or structure:

5. Condmaster Nova User Selectable Functions:


Balancing & Alignment Functions

1. Single 4 run method & 2 run method
2. Double Plane Balancing
3. Horizontal & Vertical shaft alignment
4. Feet Locking feature available
5. Data can be stored and printed.

The resulting orbit graph shows the
movement of the shafts centerline
and is used to detect failures like
rubs, unbalance, misalignment or oil
whip on machinery with journal
During measurement, the result
window shows displacement
in the x and y direction per revolution.
When the measurement is complete,
the average of the measured
number of revolutions is shown.

8. Complete Bearing Catalogue-The complete catalogue is available in the software

9. Rounds created in data base can be accommodated in infinity without the

need to transfer the round every time measurement needs to be made.