JOHNSTOWN PUBLIC LIBRARY 38 South Market Street Johnstown, New York 12095 (518) 762-8317 February 24, 1994

Honorable Hugh Farley Legislative office Building Room 412 Albany, New York 12247 Dear Senator Farley: Thank you for the opportunity to submit a proposal for a legislative grant. As Chairman of the Subcommittee on Libraries you are well aware of the challenges that public libraries face, particularly in the area of facilities management. Our community has made it clear that they would like us to remain in our 1902 Carnegie building which is a rich resource in the downtown environment. We therefore are undertaking an estimated $2,000,000 renovation and expansion long range program. The Board of Trustees with the assistance of Architecture + of Troy. New York has divided the initial Phase into two components. Phase 1, Part I addresses compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and is estimated to cost $500 - $600,000. The following elements of new construction and renovation to the existing facility will be included in Part 1: 1. New handicap entrance 2. New elevator to provide 3-floor access 3. New accessible reference shelving 4. New accessible circulation desk 5. New accessible bathrooms. Phase 1, Part 2 addresses the correction of deficiencies in the existing building which are considered high priority. They are estimated to cost $225,000 and include exterior and interior tasks such as: 1. Window replacement 2. Foundation repair 3. Masonry repointing 4. Interior wall repair and/or replacement 5. Lighting system update

6. Installation of new heating system

01-03045 ​ JOHNSTOWN PUBLIC LIBRARY 38 South Market Street Johnstown, New York 12095 (518) 762-8317 The Mayor and Common Council recognize the worthiness of Library renovation and expansion, but face numerous State and Federal mandates which stretch the community's tax base to the limit. We therefore respectfully request a legislative grant of $100,000 to assist us in the funding of our project. Other avenues of funding are being explored, including an application for a Library Services and Construction Act grant. Enclosed are letters of support written by a representative sampling of community leaders and library users. Thank you again for the opportunity to present our proposal. We are confident that you will assist us whenever possible. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to telephone me at 762-9776. Also, we would be pleased to offer you a tour of the facility in order to more clearly illustrate the renovation and expansion needs. We look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely yours,

Barbara Germain Director Enc. CC: Assemblyman Anthony Casale 01-03046