JOHNSTOWN PUBLIC LIBRARY 38 South Market Street Johnstown, New York 12095 (518) 762-8317 February 1, 1994

TO: Mayor Dr. Robert Valachovic Alderman-at-Large Jack Papa Alderman Nicholas Cannizzo Alderman John DiSpirito Alderman Robert Kumpan Alderman Sam Greco From: Barbara Germain, Director RE: Phase I Project On behalf of the Board of Trustees I would like to thank you for taking the time to meet with us and discuss the proposed plan to bring the Library into compliance with the Federal mandate known as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The plan presented represents the outcome of 6 months of diligent reviews and evaluations by Library Trustees and Staff and Architecture +. It is the most cost effective option for addressing ADA and building code deficiencies. The next steps in the decision making process are for the Common Council to: 1. Determine what work you would like to be included in the Project. To that end, I will be sending you shortly a listing of all other building deficiencies that are known to exist but were not included by the Board of Trustees in the proposed Phase I plan. We ask that the Common Council review the listing and determine which of these work tasks you may want to include in the Project. The Library Board encourages the Council to include these items in the Project because they represent serious deficiencies that need to be addressed. Once the exact scope of the Project is de-

fined, an asbestos survey could be completed. As was explained at the meeting, the Library 01-03049

Board does not want to proceed with conducting an asbestos survey until the specific areas of the building to be renovated are defined. This will allow the survey to focus only on those areas. This will help to hold down the cost of the survey. The cost estimates presented on January 31 did not include any funds for an asbestos survey or asbestos removal work. 2. Pass a resolution endorsing the Project, which will authorize Architecture + to proceed with the final design, and authorize the financing for the Project. 3. Determine what work, such as site work, could be completed in-house by the City's Department of Public Works and to project a schedule to have the work completed. The timeline in which these decisions are made is important. As was presented to you at the meeting, it will take approximately 7 months to proceed from the final decision to the start up of construction. If the desire is to start construction in 1994 and have it proceed through the winter of 1994/95, construction should start by October 1, 1994. This would allow the addition to be enclosed in time to allow interim work to continue through the winter. In order for this timeline to occur, a decision to proceed to final design should be made around March 1, 1994. The longer it takes beyond March 1, 1994 to make a decision, we are jeopardizing the ability to allow the project to proceed through the 1994/95 winter without higher construction costs being incurred to pay for winter protection measures.

The Library Board of Trustees and Staff are prepared and ready to provide any additional information you may need or desire to help in your decision making process. Please feel free to contact me at any time for any information. Thank you for your continued interest and commitment to the Library. I look forward to working with you on finalizing the scope of the Phase I Project. CC: Frank Kovarik Charles Ackerbauer Board of Trustees Architecture + 01-03050