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English in Common 5
Unit 1 Test
A Complete the sentences with tag questions.
1. Youve lived here for two years now, _____________________?
2. She doesn't have any sisters, _____________________?
3. You are sure of your responsibilities, _____________________?
4. You were looking at my diary, _____________________?
5. The phone didnt ring, _____________________?

B Write any, every, no, or some to complete each pronoun.

6. I take my dog _______where. Even to the movies!
7. I need _______thing hot to drink.
8. They have _______where to live. Theyre homeless.
9. Can we go _______where nice for dinner?
10. We didn't have _______thing to do today.

C Circle the best modal to complete each sentence.

11. He can't / may go wrong if he follows the instructions. Its just not possible.
12. There is a possibility that the train must / may arrive early.
13. He could / must have taken the money. Im certain of it.
14. There is a chance that he could / must change his mind.
15. Its very late, so I am sure that he must / may be in bed.

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A Match each word with its definition. Write the letter on the line.
_____ 16. co-worker

a. one of two people who are married or who live together

_____ 17. step-brother

b. someone who works with you and has a similar position

_____ 18. acquaintance

c. the son of your step-mother or step-father

_____ 19. close friend

d. someone you know but who is not a close friend

_____ 20. partner

e. someone who you know and like very much


B Complete each sentence with a word from the box.






21. I _______________________ with her right away. We understood each other perfectly.
22. She made a good first _______________________ during the job interview.
23. Working on the project was easy because Syd and I are on the same
24. He quit his job because he didn't _______________________ eye to eye with
his new manager.
25. My sister and I don't have a lot in _______________________.

C Change the adjectives to nouns.

26. artistic


27. responsible _______________________

28. important


29. skillful


30. lonely


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Read about Daniela's family. Then mark each statement True (T) or False (F).
My name is Daniela, and I have a large family! I have two brothers and two sisters. After my
mother died, my father remarried. His new wife has five children, too! She has four boys and
one girl. I really like my step-sister. Her name is Melanie and we are both 12 years old. That's
ten kids. Wait, there are 11 kids--I forgot my half-sister, Emma. My father and step-mother had
a child together. She's two years old and very cute. My step-brothers are 4, 6, 8, and 10. My
brothers and sisters are all teenagers.
We live in a big, Victorian house that has been in our family for a long time. My grandmother
(Dad's mom) lives with us, too. She's helps out a lot with the kids and she loves to cook. She
bakes lots of cookies and pies all the time. There are always other people staying with us, too.
Sometimes our house feels more like a hotel! Right now, my Dad's close friend Carl is visiting.
He doesn't have any children of his own, so he loves coming here and playing with us. My stepmother's co-worker Kathy is staying with us for a while. She has a little boy who is one. Emma
plays with him all day.
Our house is really noisy most of the time, and it certainly is crowded, but I dont mind that.
Ive always grown up with lots of people around me. It makes me feel secure to know theres
always someone around if I need help. All my brothers and sisters say the same thing.

_____ 31. The family is unusually large.

_____ 32. There are 11 children in the family.
_____ 33. Emma is Daniela's step-sister.
_____ 34. Carl and Kathy are members of the family.
_____ 35. Daniela finds the noise in her home annoying.

On a separate piece of paper, write two short messages:
to a close friend; apologize for something
to a roommate/ spouse/ or family member; remind him / her to do something

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