HPE Unit Plan

By Sarah Wright for Mannum Community College

Unit Overview Unit Title Netball Unit Summary The students will gain skills and knowledge of netball; by playing games, practicing specific skills and working in groups. The students will learn how to pass, shoot and participate in whole games of netball. The students will work in groups to create/teach each other different skill games. Subject Area Physical Education Band Middle Years Approximate Time Needed 80-120minutes a week Unit Outcomes Key Ideas Students enhance their sense of self and group identity through the development and application of specialised movement skills in an increasing variety of preference physical activities, individually and in teams. Future Learnings and Key Competencies Identity Interdependence KC 1: Collecting, analysing and organising information. KC 4: Working with others and in teams Student Objectives/Learning Outcomes Week 1: Students are introduced to the game of netball. During the lesson they will learn to pass and catch correctly, demonstrating these in drills and games. Week 2: Students will learn the basic rules of how you are allowed to move with the ball in netball. Students will demonstrate footwork (pivoting, stepping, grounded foot), passing and catching in game situations. Week 3: Students will learn the positions of the netball games and learn about attacking and defending. Students will have to use of problem solving to discover multiple ways and the best way to attack and defend in different situations. Week 4: Students will practice shooting in netball both when they are and are not being defended. Students will also learn the skill of defending a shooter. The students will learn the Outcome 4.1 Reflects on the use of specialised skills in various social contexts (including teams) and is able to modify skills to improve performance. Standard 4 Year Level 7&8 Strand Physical Activity and Participation

reminder of the basic rules;


Week 5: Students then use all of their knowledge in the game of netball. Students practice their skills as teams as they play netball games against each other. Students will have to work successfully in teams as well as their individual abilities. Curriculum-Framing Questions Essential Question Unit Questions Do the students have a wide range of skills specific to many different sports which are specialised while being individual and team movement skills? Have the students demonstrated a range of specific skills both individually and in a team for netball? Week 1: Do the students have the knowledge and skills in different kinds of passing? Week 2: Are the students able to catch, pivot and pass the ball without stepping? Content Questions Week 3: Can the students both attack and defend efficiently? Week 4: Do the students recognise and undertake the skills needed to shoot and defend in the goal area? Week 5: Are the students able to put all of their knowledge into practice in the game situation. Assessment Plan Assessment Timeline Before project work begins Students work on projects and complete tasks After project work is completed

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Students will need basic catching and throwing skills. Students will need to know how to work in teams. Students will need to know the basic of netball (who plays, movement around the court)

• • • • •

Observe students skills improvement. Observe students behaviour with other students (how do they work together) Students create an understanding of all the skill which are needed play netball. Students need to work with different people during each lesson. Observe students team work (participation, input and interest)

• •

A written test (attached) A checklist of skills Y Chart (they learnt, did well in, needs improvement)

Assessment Summary A majority of the assessment will be observation of the students but they will have a written test to check their understanding of the game in general. The students will complete a Y Chart to see what they think they have learnt, did well in and still might need some improvement. Unit Details

Prerequisite Skills Basic passing, catching and group work skills Instructional Procedures During this time there is activities/drills/skills/games which can be completed these are all attached. (From Kristy Charles & Samantha Becker ‘Netball Unit’.) TO FIND: Google ‘Netball Unit plan.doc - lesson plan’ its a doc. Materials and Resources Required For Unit Week 1: The Game of Netball (2 Page) information sheet Week 5: Test your knowledge ALL LESSONS NEED: Netballs (as many as possible) - coloured bibs (3-4 sets) - Stopwatch Equipment Week 2:- Acromats (2) Week 3:- Students whistle Week 4:- Cones (4-8) Week 5:- 2 students whistles - Mini whiteboard -Whiteboard marker Week 1: Week 2: Area/Space Week 3: Week 4: Week 5:

Printed Materials

(Blackall, 1992)

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