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Student Assistant Appreciation
Every semester, we at the library
like to give back to our student
assistants and give them a party to
celebrate their work. This
semester’s party, however, was
especially fantastic due to the
hard work of Brandi Schur,
Assistant to the Director.
Thanks to her hard work and
marketing skills, we were proud
to offer gifts
for students
donated by

and snacks brought by staff.

Bookstore; Tim from Hastings; Terry from
McDonald’s; Amy Ford from ECU
For these donations, we’d like to
Communications and Marketing; Tenecia
thank the following people: Kim,
Miller from ECU Campus Involvement; and
Jennifer, & Tia from Artisan; Dale
from Wal-Mart; Michaela Stein from finally Brandi Schur for her own donations
and her tireless campaigning for library
Sonic; Jeremy from Chicken
Express; Tim from Applebee’s; Zach student assistants.
from Chili’s; Donna from Braum’s; Don’t feel left out—join the library team!
Michael from Santa Fe; Dustin from We’re always taking applications for
AutoZone; Nicky from ECU
employment. Check out the Student
Employment page for the

questions for
prizes, and
ate pizza
donated by
the librarians

Research Day Report
On March 11, over 225 square
feet of posters came from Media
Services to Talequah to commemorate Oklahoma Research Day.

fore on the unified feel of the posters—all
of them use official ECU colors, have the
logo in the corner, and follow the same
overall pattern. This year was much the
More than 30 students, and several same, with comments on the professional
look of the posters.
faculty, headed to Northeastern
State University on a bus with a
A broad range of subjects were representbrutal 5 a.m. departure time. Ar- ed. As in most years, the majority of postriving at NSU’s gym, students set
ers were from the College of Health and
up their posters and proceeded to Sciences, but over 13 students from one of
present their research to passers- Dr. Christine Pappas’ classes came to show
off their work too. Even the School of Business, who are usually too cool for research
ECU has been complimented be-

enjoying the
spoils of the

posters, had two printed out at
Media Services for the event.
Find out more about this event,
and past Oklahoma Research
Days, go to their website. If you
want to admire the lovely templates, or download them for
yourself, go to the research posters page on the library website.



Get your wig
on straight
and find your
legal and

resources here.

Resources for Political Science/Legal Studies
From the amount of
sleeping students we
find on piles of American Law Reports and
Oklahoma Forms, it
seems that word’s gotten around about our
plethora of legal and
political resources.
However, if you’re just
getting started in your
research, or just want
to look up legal precedence for fun (if you
have a strange sense of
fun), you might want a quick introduction to the library’s resources.
You might have seen students and
instructors gathered in the middle
of the library’s main floor, gathering books. These are the legal reference books, holding everything
from historical decisions of the
Supreme Court to the appropriate
Work is in public domain.

forms to fill out when starting an
Oklahoma business. Look for call
numbers starting with J for political
science, KF for national law, and
KFO for Oklahoma law. However,
be advised that this might not be upto-date. There are big signs warning
you of just that on the shelves.
Maybe you want to dive deeper into
the world of jurisprudence or diplomacy. Perhaps you just want to take
something out of the library. In that
case, head upstairs for our massive
trove of legal and political documents. Since the federal and state
government send us their publications, and the legal system produces
a lot of documents, we have everything from transcripts of hearings on
cybersecurity to how to make your
business accessible to people with
disabilities. Even if you find the federal or state documents a little dry, you
can find something to your liking.

Find resources on careers as a
paralegal, marijuana legalization, or
how psychology affects legal decisions.
Maybe you really just want to
delve deep into the current resources on legal precedent. We’ve
got you covered on that.
WestlawNext is a one-stop digital
shop for all things law. There, you
can find a trove of legal reference
that’s up-to-date, including federal
and state laws. If you find it too
intimidating, look through the
secondary sources first. These
magazines and journals about law
will break down complicated rulings into simpler concepts.
For more information, head to the
Political Science and Legal Studies
guide, or stop by the library whenever we’re open.

New Name for Education
It’s the beginning of a new era in
the Education Building. The
home of Education and Psychology is now named after Mary
Pauline Lanoy and her late husband, Leon. The name was officially changed on March 29.
Paradoxically, this event was
celebrated in the Linscheid Li-

brary building instead.
After the oversized ribbon was cut in
front of the Lanoy building, over 150
people walked over to the library to
hear President John R. Hargrave and
Mrs. Lanoy speak
about the occaMrs. Lanoy speaks

to a rapt audience

What People are Saying About the Library
This space is reserved for what your peers—
students, faculty, staff, and the public alike—are
saying about our reference services. These are
actual quotes from library users.
Evaluate our reference for yourself—stop by the
library and talk to the person at the Reference
Desk, call 580.559.5371, or email for fast help.


My impressions of the librarians and
staff were good. They seem to really
love their job and seem like they really
want to help us students succeed.

Connect With Your Librarian
 Nick Demetriades, Technical Services
 Chemistry
 Computer Science
 History
 Mathematics
 Music
 Physics

Liaison librarians can help you find
information best suited to your area of
study. If you’re a student, a faculty
member, or just someone interested in the
field, there’s a librarian for you.
Find your librarian below, or go to our
student page for more.

 Dana Belcher, Library Director &

Interim Collection Services Librarian
 Accounting
 Business Administration
 English & Languages
 Human Resources
 Nursing

Contact your liaison librarian for one-onone help on anything in their liaison areas.
For students, try talking to your liaison
librarian about your class assignments, or
how to cite & format your papers.
For faculty, talk to your liaison librarian
about doing research, designing
assignments, helping with classes, or any
materials you want to order.

 Katie Sleyko, Public Services Librarian
 Art
 Biology
 Communication
 Political Science & Legal Studies
 Psychology

The librarians are your guide to the best
resources, so make sure that you use them!

Image from The National Archives UK. Image is in public domain.

Did you know that all departments have a
librarian assigned to them?

 Patrick Baumann, Media Services

 Cartography/Geography
 Education
 Environmental Health Science
 Family & Consumer Sciences
 Kinesiology
 Sociology

Though libraries have classic style,
we’re more than just books. Find out
more about our databases, e-books,
and digital library services at

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